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BONUS News: A Virtual Tour of the Outdoor Kitchens at the 2021 EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

Sunshine Griddle 2021 Food at the Flower and Garden Festival Photo (c) Disney Parks Blog
Funnel Cake at the American Adventure: 2021 Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT Photo (c) Disney Parks Blog

Flower and Garden Festival Menu:


Chris  0:02 
Hey, podcast family. So here we are another bonus episode for supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:09 
And I’m Kelly.

Chris  0:10 
And we’re doing one of our favorite favorite things. We are talking about the food at a festival.

Kelli  0:17 

Chris  0:17 
this is now the 2021 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival which starts on March the third. And it’s going to go until July the fifth. So this is one of the what I consider one of the two main festivals here. Absolutely this and the Food and Wine Festival. And then they’ve got a couple of smaller arts and holiday. But last year, the Food and Wine Festival began on July 15 when the parks opened. So really, this thing goes for like, a month. Yeah. And then it’s gonna start I imagine that they’ll just start the Food and Wine Festival. So you know, the year can really fly by fast if you count all of your years By Epcot festivals. Who doesn’t do that? Why wouldn’t you do that? I think that that is a new thing for me in 2021.

Kelli  1:04 

Chris  1:05 
So here’s some of the highlights of the Flower and Garden Festival. Incredible, obviously topiaries and flowers and garden displays throughout future world and world showcase. For example, Buzz Lightyear can be found right out in front of them as a topiary right in front of mission space. So you don’t necessarily think about the topiaries in future world. It’s very easy to find them around world showcase. Right? They’re all over the place. Okay, they’ve got the big butterfly tent, usually,

And my favorite thing when it comes to the flower gardens, is the banks of those ponds between future world and world showcase. They’re just always so beautiful.

Kelli  1:45 
It’s so hot in Florida. IHow do they keep them that beautiful.

Chris  1:48 
Oh, it’s it’s incredible. It’s really great what they did. We’re here to talk about the outdoor kitchens. That’s right, which is for us. Why yes. Right. And this is a staple now of all the Epcot festivals, yes. And is what allows you to basically eat and drink your way around the park. So so we’re gonna do our thing. And so here’s what we do. We take a virtual tour around world showcase and a couple in future world this time, and use our imaginations to dig into the amazing food that you can expect to find it this year’s Flower and Garden Festival. Now, there’s also a lot of beverage options. But what we’re going to do just know that most of the beverage options at the booths are various micro breweries around the United States, and in some cases, international micro breweries also. So just assume that most of the drinks that most of the booze are beers of various shapes and sizes and flavors. Where there is a really interesting drink that we want to try. We’ll give you that in detail. Right. Okay. All right. So, also, we’re gonna do our favorite thing, and we’re gonna start at the International gateway. Yes, right. So that’s our favorite entrance. We’re coming from the boardwalk or walking across the bridge. And we go to the international gateway and we turn left because we like to end in France. So we’re gonna turn left. England has Zilch when it comes to these festivals usually right. So sad. It is sad they could do better, but the very next stop is the world showplace which is the event pavilion between England and Canada. And so we start out there in the Cider House at World showplace. Yes, so enjoy buzzworthy ciders and artisanal provisions that are sure to hit the spot to foods their house made potato and cheddar biscuit with salmon tar tar and a dark chocolate raspberry tart with whipped cream.

Kelli  3:39 
I’m having the raspberry tart.

Chris  3:41 
are you, I knew. It’s a chocolate raspberry tart, man? I don’t have it on my thing because I’m about to kill one of these booths in here. But But yeah, so you’re having the dark chocolate raspberry tar?

Kelli  3:52 
Yes. with cream with whipped cream and

Chris  3:55 
whipped cream. You know it’s handmade. Anything else? I got lots of ciders there for their drinks, by the way. Yeah, tons of ciders. Then they’ve got the Epcot farmer’s feast. This is a new one sample from a rotating member menu of farm fresh flavors. Spring Onion soup with crispy shallots and micro chives, duck confit with carrot puree roasted root vegetables and rainbow chard and Off the Beetin’ pass a whole red beet mousse, golden beet pastry cream and whipped goat cheese and candy walnuts anything here?

I mean I love how you just brushed over the plant based one.

Unknown Speaker  4:32 
I gave it its due

Kelli  4:33 
No you did not this is off the beeten path was profiteroles with red beet mousse, golden beet pastry cream a whipped goat cheese cream. candied walnuts. Yes, yes, I’m having it having the beat. Beats don’t always sit well with me but I’m definitely going to go with that one just give it a shot. And I am also going to have the hibiscus lemonade cocktail featuring our merata beverage and distillery hibiscus gin, the gin stuff To Nomad lounge really sold me on the hibiscus stuff I’m embracing the hibiscus,

Chris  5:04 
embracing edible hibiscus things okay? Yes this for you. Alright, so

Kelli  5:09 
I’m having fun at that one good for you.

Chris  5:11 
I love that I’m gonna knock this next one down though. The festival favorites discover guests favorite dishes and microbreweries and other beverages. Here we have a watermelon salad with pickled onions fetta and balsamic reduction gluten and wheat free into that one.

Unknown Speaker  5:27 
I’m not getting anything

Chris  5:28 
out okay, well I’m not going to be this one is me all day. beef brisket burnt ends and smoked pork belly slider. Holy baloney. With a cheddar fondue of with garlic sausage and Teresa and a house made pickles.

Kelli  5:43 
I’ll eat your pickle.

Chris  5:44 
I’ll give it to you. You can have that. You’re not even gonna have this next one. The fried green tomatoes with blue crab.

Kelli  5:51 
blue crab on it. Okay, well

Chris  5:52 
Nevermind. And then I’m going to have the key lime tart with toasted merengue I can’t I can’t say no to most Key Lime anything.

Kelli  5:59 
I know you do love key lime. I love it. I am going to have the frozen lemonade with

Chris  6:02 
the Firefox blackberry moonshine me too. I love the sound of that anything with moonshine? Alright, so now we’re out of the world showplace. We’re on to Canada. We’re making this trip quick. So our Canadian booth here the food’s seared scallops, wood, French green beans, butter potatoes, brown butter vinagrette and applewood smoked bacon. Oh my gosh, that sounds so good. beef tenderloin tips with mushroom bordelaise sauce and whipped potatoes and garden veggies. Grilled Maple pound cake was griddled griddle, sorry, griddled Maple pound cake with warm peach compote. Sweet Corn gelato? Yes. Yes. I’ll have that

Kelli  6:41 
I’m having that was like you can’t just rush over that called grill. This is griddle. Yeah. Are you not getting the scallops?

Chris  6:47 
And I’m not getting any of the proteins there.

Kelli  6:49 
Oh, my goodness. Oh, what a waste.

Chris  6:52 
Listen, I had to give some thought to what is feasibly possible. It’s

Kelli  6:56 
virtual honey. There’s no calories.

Chris  6:59 
That’s true. I’m also gonna have the maple popcorn shake with Tap 357 rye whiskey. Yeah, that’ll be we know that. I’ve had that before. It’s delicious. Okay, Pineapple Prominade on showcase plaza so this is a they’ve got, get your tropical fruit fix. spicy hot dog with pineapple chutney and plantain chips. mixed berry buttermilk cake. Dole whip.

Kelli  7:26 
The dole whip is plant based. Yeah, did you see that?

Chris  7:29 
I did. Yeah,

Kelli  7:30 
I don’t understand how they’re making the dough whip plant but

Chris  7:32 
they always do I believe it’s always

Kelli  7:34 
I don’t think a dole whip is always plant based, there’s definitely in the ice cream.

Chris  7:39 
I had to look that up

Kelli  7:40 
whatever I’m not getting anything here.

Chris  7:42 
Okay not getting anything there. You know what me either but that’s only because the Honey Beestro by the National honey board is also in showcase Plaza. Quell your cravings with an incredible menu of all natural food and drink infused Okay, we got to get on to the food here because Tupelo honey and sweet corn spoon bread with jalapenos bacon and house made with honey butter. Yes, I’ll have that.

Kelli  8:08 
I know. I would love to have that if it didn’t have bacon. Maybe I

Chris  8:11 
get it without bacon said nobody would since ever. Maybe I get that without the bacon. They also have a lavender honey mustard marinated chicken flatbread with honey whipped honey whipped honey ricotta cheese marinated vegetables and Purple Haze lavender goat cheese. Great Day. That sounds good.

Kelli  8:30 
Why do they have to put chicken on them? Yes. And then I’m gonna have the local wildflower honey marscapone cheesecake with orange blossom honey whipped cream. Whipped honey, crystallized honey, honey comb, dehydrated honey, and a fiddle pollen. merengue kiss.

Chris  8:48 
I’ll have it.

Kelli  8:49 
Yes, that’s

Chris  8:50 
a lot going on.

Kelli  8:51 
my goodness, the kitchen sink little thing if I’ve ever seen it, but I’m having it.

Chris  8:57 
I’m also gonna have the honey peach freeze with blueberry vodka that comes with that? Yeah, citrus blossom. They’ve got the Meyer lemon poached lobster salad. They usually have the citrus braised crispy pork belly and kumquat with kumquat and carrots, and the citrus shortcake orange chiffon cake with lemon curd, mandarins and whipped cream. I’m skipping. I’m skipping, skipping. We gotta shake. We gotta shake up the citrus blossom, man. Yeah, we’ve got our orange bird. Yeah. All right now we’re up into futureworld east. Epcot sunshine griddle. Here, this is a brunch type place. Yes. avocado toast with marinated toybox tomatoes and fresh goat cheese on toasted chiabatta. Amen. You gotta have it. I’ll take two. That’s you all day, all day. They also have shrimp and grits black and shrimp and cheddar cheese grits with brown gravy and sweet corn salsa. I almost said absolutely.

Kelli  9:51 
Not getting that

Chris  9:52 
because because of it. No, it’s the next thing. I’m getting the corned beef brisket hash with housemade potato barrels or onions. peppers, cheese curds, cheese curds, cheese curds, cheese curds and soft poached egg with Tabasco Hollandaise.

Kelli  10:07 
Well that’s cool because I’m gonna have the fried cinnamon roll bites with cream cheese frosting, and I’m gonna tell him to hold the candy bacon. You can have the candied bacon, fried cinnamon rolls.

Chris  10:17 
I know it was I honestly I almost got that one to me,

Kelli  10:21 
you know and just because this brunch I’m also going to go with the Joffrey’s cold coffee cold brew cocktail with milk Kahlua rum, coffee, lukewarm vanilla vodka. I actually think I’ve had that before. I think they sell it right outside of Hollywood Tower.

Chris  10:35 
So they also got a Froot Loops shake there I don’t know what that is non

Kelli  10:38 

Chris  10:38 
Okay, Future World West we got the flavorful kitchen hosted by adventhealth grilled baby vegetables with hummus cream and red pepper

Kelli  10:46 
coolly I’ll take it.

Chris  10:47 
Oh wow. Good for you. seared Forlasso salmon with farro risotto and micro herbs and then a strawberry mousse with chocolate crisp pearl

Kelli  10:57 
we’ll have that too. I don’t know what a chocolate Chris pearl is but

Chris  11:00 
I needed it put those pearls on everything in the last festival.

Kelli  11:03 
I need it.

Chris  11:04 
Okay Good for you. All right. We’re back then in the showcase Plaza on the other side at travel and trellis hosted by impossible.

Kelli  11:11 
I’m gonna have it all might have a booth. Okay, Really? Yes. The grilled street corn on the cob with a savory garlic spread the impossible sausage and kale soup. A boneless impossible Korean short rib with cilantro lime rice dimucci slaw and kimchi man I haven’t had

Chris  11:30 
to. I marked that one.

Kelli  11:31 
The lavender pot-du-cream was blueberry cake pink peppercorn and lime whipped cream and I’m gonna wash that down with the Twinings of London. Energize Macha, cranberry and lime green tea with hangar one makrut lime vodka served in a mason jar. I’m not normally a fan of the matcha, but I’m going to give it a go.

Chris  11:49 
Gosh, that’s a good booth.

Kelli  11:50 
That’s a good booth. I’ll have the impossible if

Chris  11:52 
you will. Okay, over to Mexico where we have Jardeen de fiestas. In this food booth we have a tostada de cochinita braised pork on crispy corn tortilla black beans topped with pickled onions. Taco Pyro which is a braised beef on corn tortilla with crispy grilled monterey jack cheese and salsa Ranchero

Kelli  12:14 
and look at Mexico with a plant based item they do Sopa de Chorizo is a plant based ground chorizo on fried corn dough with black beans and avocado mousse. I’m going to have that yes. And I’m going to wash it down with the garden Margarita. This is Ojo de Tigre mezcal. That’s I have the Tiger mess called lettuce juice. I mean, let us use an array chili verde liqueur, lime juice, Grazia ideas. I got a gin and a sprig of time.

Chris  12:42 
I’m also gonna have the passionfruit Margarita. They’re

Kelli  12:45 
sort of zone they got a Blanco tequila. Yeah,

Chris  12:48 
yeah. A Lotus house China. I’m not eating anything in here but they really gave it a good go. I almost went for something in here. Papa cakes which is potato cakes filled with shrimp and water chestnuts served with a house made strawberry sauce. That sounds delicious. BonBon chicken skewer with sesame and peanut sauce. And house made crab and cheese wontons. It looks good. It looks all looks really good. But I’m going I was I knew I was gonna hit Germany hard so

Kelli  13:16 
yeah, I’m gonna get a beverage at China. I’m gonna go with Marco Baba. Okay. Pareto iced coffee milk and boba. I love

Chris  13:23 
Do you love iced coffee and you love Amoretto.

So there you go. Yeah.

Okay, I’m gonna skip over the refreshment outpost I do have a little pineapple skewer with tajin there which sounds really nice.

Kelli  13:35 
I’ve got highlighted so go ahead and get my item sorry.

Chris  13:38 
Refreshment outpost

Kelli  13:41 
pineapple skewer with tajin think that’s so interesting because Tajin is Chilean Lime. And you’re gonna sprinkle that on a pineapple skewer. I bet de carmelized that a little bit. It’s gonna be that’s gonna be amazing.

Chris  13:52 
I’ve had pineapple with Tajin and

Kelli  13:55 
it’s delicious. Of course it is. Okay, go ahead. I know you’re excited about Germany.

Chris  13:58 
Our marked farmers market in Germany, for Bavarian bites. I’m going with the very first food item potato pancakes with housemade applesauce.

Kelli  14:06 
Yeah, me too.

Chris  14:07 
I’m gonna have that. Yeah, it’s great. That sounds great. And the next one is a potato pancake with carmelized ham onion, herbs sour cream. It’s hard not to get that one. They also have a toasted pretzel topped with black forest ham and melted gruyere cheese.

Kelli  14:20 
Are you not getting that? Wow, I

Chris  14:22 
know. I know. Because I’m gonna get the warm cheese streudel with mixed berries. Honey,

Kelli  14:26 
that’s a mistake. You let me get one in four. And you get a potato pancake with him on us and sour cream and you get the toasted pretzel bread with black forest ham. You can have bites of mine, but you’ve got to order the ones with meat. That’s such a shame.

Chris  14:39 
I think that I think we both get our own cheese streudel. I don’t trust you.


The Primavera kitchen in Italy. I am not blown away by anything I saw in Italy. And I think I’m jaded with Italy so

Kelli  14:54 
you’re missing the second bullet there. That’s your Arancini sweet sausage fried risotto balls with pomodoro

Chris  14:59 
I know ball sounds good, but I’m worried that they’re gonna mess it up like they mess up that they’ve got

Kelli  15:06 
that same Sicilian cannoli that they have every single time. Come on Italy get a new booth, and Margarita which is your rustic Italian flatbread with tomato sauce and mozzarella. I’ll give that a go. No, because I’m

Chris  15:17 
walking back to via Napoli and I’m getting a pizza back there.

Kelli  15:21 
I think I am going to get their Italian Margarita with lemoncello and tequila but that’s good. Stanley Tucci had lemoncello last night. It made me want to try it. Goodness with Stanley

Chris  15:31 
Okay, on to the American adventure where we have Magnolia Terrace. Get a nice cozy feeling with some comfort food in the Gulf region. I like this. crawfish ettoufe with andouille sausage and dirty rice. I’ll have that.

Kelli  15:43 
Yeah, I want that. There you go.

Chris  15:44 
Cajun style roasted oysters. You want those? held off? housemade boudine two ways with spicy mustard.

Kelli  15:55 
I am going to have the pecan cake with maple whipped cream and the pecan praline? Yeah, me too.

Chris  16:02 
American bringing the pecan Yeah, they are they okay on to Japan. I’m getting something in Japan.

Kelli  16:08 
Me too.

Chris  16:08 
I’m getting the fruit sushi, frushi, is obviously great sushi, strawberry pineapple and caneloupe wrapped in sweet rice and pink soy wrapper, served with whipped cream drizzle berry sauce and toasted coconut adore sounds great. So

Unknown Speaker  16:24 
excited about that one.

Chris  16:26 
They also have a shrimp and crab with shrimp and crab with spicy mayo and cucumber slices finished with creamy avocado and violet sauce. Soy glazed pork shank with truffle mashed potatoes crispy lotus flower and garlic chips and green onion really gave that a

Kelli  16:42 
surprise you’re not hitting them.

Chris  16:44 
Taste of Marrakech in Morocco you go in with anything in here i

Kelli  16:47 
am i’m gonna have the lemon Magdalena cake with orange and fig compote and a sangria gel.

Chris  16:53 
I know that sounds really weird. Sangria gel,  speaks right to that I love sangria. I love gel.

Kelli  17:00 
sangria good

Chris  17:02 
gel good. They also have a Moroccan seafood couscous with shrimp mussels, olives, preserved lemons and chili bread crumbs. I can literally taste that right now. And shakshuka which is Moroccan baked eggs and a spicy eggplant and tomatoes. Alton brown and Alex guarnaschelli made this on an episode of Good Eats one time and it looked amazing.

Kelli  17:21 
Okay, yeah. All right.

Chris  17:23 
All right on to between Morocco and France. We have Isla fresca nibble on Caribbean seasoned dishes. Lamb curry with sweet plantains and rice, sugar cane shrimp skewer with steamed rice and coconut lime sauce. I’m actually going to have that. I love a shrimp skewer. Okay, tropical mousse cup layers of passion fruit cake, coconut mousse and tropical fruit glazes fresh pineapple.

Kelli  17:47 
Yeah, I’m not getting anything. Okay, your next

Chris  17:50 
France is next and I’m bringing it so the best for last which is why we walked this way to begin with France. Okay.

Kelli  18:00 
Yeah, I’m gonna have the Tarte aux Oignons Caram√©lis√©s et Ch√®vre: Goat Cheese Tart with Caramelized Onions on a Flaky Pastry Crust

Chris  18:08 
so what was really nice about what they did here was that right after the colon, they tell us what it is in English

Kelli  18:14 
goat cheese tart with caramelized onions on a flaky pastry.

Chris  18:17 
That does sound delicious.

Kelli  18:19 
Are you gonna get the duck confit?

Chris  18:21 
I am I’m gonna get the Canard Confit √† l‚ÄôOrange aux Gnocchi √† la Parisienne: Braised Duck Confit √† l‚ÄôOrange with Parisian Gnocchi I’m also going to have

Kelli  18:31 
oh shoot Yeah, go ahead. The Macaron au Chocolate en Sucette: Large Chocolate Macaron Lollipop. This is a large chocolate macaroon lollipop.

Chris  18:42 
I love it. Oh

Kelli  18:43 
my goodness, friends. I’m saying like Italy is constantly doing that little cannoli. Yeah, France is bringing something different every single time. A freakin chocolate macaroon lollipop. I

Chris  18:54 
love that cup. Oh, that’s that’s that’s bonkers. right it

Kelli  18:58 

Chris  18:58 
I am I’m gonna have that also. I’m also gonna do Beignet Caram√©lis√©, Fourr√© Cr√®me Vanille, Glac√© au Caramel Fleur de Sel: Caramelized Beignet Filled with Vanilla Cream and Glazed with Caramel Fleur de Sel

Kelli  19:08 
you know the beauty is they also say it in English right after the colon.

Chris  19:13 
Caramelized Beignet Filled with Vanilla Cream and Glazed with Caramel Fleur de Sel. Yes.

Kelli  19:19 
Caramelized Beignet Filled with Vanilla Cream

on. I mean, and naturally. I’m gonna get La Vie en Rose Frozen Slushy

Chris  19:27 
I’d selected that too. I mean,

Kelli  19:28 
vodka Grey Goose, la orange vodka, St. Germain liquor, white and red. Cranberry juice. Yeah, I

Chris  19:33 
mean, we cannot we can’t not go there any

Kelli  19:35 
not yet.

Chris  19:36 
The least two of those. Yeah, at least or more or more or more, more. So there you go. We have we have toured all of Epcot Flower and Garden Festival for this year.

Kelli  19:49 
I don’t know if I’m stuffed or hungry.

Chris  19:51 
Oh, we did it virtually. So I’m hungry now. So hey, I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you get the chance to go experience this And tell us was it as good as we think it’s going to be Absolutely,  if

Kelli  20:04 
you eat any of our things then please tag us on the socials and let us let us see it.

Chris  20:09 
I’m excited about it, right so with that, go register, go subscribe to our channel on YouTube supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast and press the bell so you get notifications and go check us out on the other socials at SCFADP. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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