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Disney Food Review: Disney Family of Wines, Pinot Noir – Skywalker Vineyards & MacMurray Estate Vineyards Reviews

In this episode, Chris and Kelli try their hand at conducting a wine review. Specifically, they break out the MacMurray Estate and Skywalker Vineyards Pinot Noir Review. This is the first in a series of wine reviews dedicated to vineyards that have some connection to Disney, which can be found at Alfresco Tasting Terrace in Disney’s California Adventure Park.

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Kelli  0:00 
A bold red wine with a hint of sophistication not lacking in pretention.

Chris  0:05 
Yeah, that’s us. Hey everybody, this is Chris

Kelli  0:11 
and Kelli from the Supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast.

Chris  0:15 
We’ve got a special video for you today,

Kelli  0:17 
we’re gonna go through the Disney family of wines.

Chris  0:21 
And we’re going to start with three Pinot Noir’s. You might remember that recently, we did an episode where we talked about all the wines that you can get it Alfresco tasting terrace, at California Disneyland park.

Kelli  0:39 
So these are called the Disney family of wines. And I’m saying that like in all caps, but the reality is this, there’s no label on these as a Disney family of wines. The idea is that these vineyards in California are all owned by people who have a connection to Disney in some way. So maybe they used to work there. They were the CEO of Pixar or something like that. So they all have some kind of connection to Disney. You know, you can find these wines in restaurants all over the parks, that the restaurant that you mentioned at Disneyland Alfresco tasting terrorists is the only restaurant that has all of them on the menu.

Chris  1:16 
Right. So we’ve ordered nine bottles from the vineyards that you can sample at Alfresco tasting terrace. Tonight, we’re going to be sampling the three Pinot Noir is that we brought home. So very excited about this.

Kelli  1:32 
Yes. So one thing I want to say right up front is this is going to be a compilation video. Some of these bottles are significantly more than what we would pay for a bottle of wine. And I know it’s not even close to what we were paying for a bottle. I have no intention of drinking $400 worth of wine in one night. So we’re going to open these three bottles taste these. Once these are gone, then we’ll sample three more in a totally different video. we’ll compile them all together. So this isn’t gonna be let’s get smashed and have a video.

Chris  2:04 
Not this time.

Kelli  2:05 
Not this time.

Chris  2:06 
So for tonight’s Pinot Noir tasting, we’ve got two Pinot Noirs from Fred MacMurray, one from the rest of river valley and one from the Central Coast. Fred Murray Of course, a Disney legend, Herbie the lovebug shaggy dog, and we got scott walker vineyards, Sumida, Pinot Noir, and running so welcoming. There’s no further explanation.

Kelli  2:33 
One thing I will say is the reason we have two Pinot Noir is from Fred MacMurray is because on the menu, I didn’t know which Pinot Noir they had. So just to be safe to make sure we’re sampling exactly what’s on the menu, and we’re sampling from the Disney family I got both. I was like, wow, hashtag we can do both.

Chris  2:50 
Yeah, we are. Okay, so first up is MacMurray Estate’s Central Coast Pinot Noir.

Kelli  3:06 
All right. So let’s do it. You swirl it and such. And I’m gonna look here at the back and see what it says. This is supposedly evoking aromas and flavors of cherry and pomegranate. Our winemaker accented hints of vanilla and oak to create this Pinot Noir.

Chris  3:26 
Yeah, I think we’ve got bad glasses. I see no legs. The glass is bad. Alright, so great. Bottoms up three. Good. Bottoms up.

Kelli  3:43 
I just want to say first of all, we are biased. We love a Pinot Noir.

Chris  3:47 
We do.

Kelli  3:48 
And so I think I’m going to love all three of these. This is beautiful. I hope this isn’t one of the $60 bottles because I love it.

Chris  3:59 
it’s really good. Gosh, it’s good. On to the next one. Okay, so we’ve moved on to the other MacMurray estates. Pinot Noir from the Famed Russian River Valley. This one is supposed to be nuts, raspberry, cherry lavender and boysenberry whatever. boysenberry.

Kelli  4:22 
So it’s clearly none of the same berries. So we should be able to tell a difference in these two. Sure. With our sophisticated wine pallets. Sure. Are you not even looking at the legs?

Chris  4:37 
This is a little sharper, a little sharper.

Kelli  4:49 
It hits you kind of in the back? You know that’s interesting. I prefer the first one.

Chris  4:54 
Yeah, me too.

Kelli  4:56 
I would actually describe this as having a spice Instead of lavender, I’m not getting the lavender. I don’t know what, I don’t know what boysenberry is, what is the boysenberry tastes like, but I’ve never had a Pinot Noir I didn’t like so for sure. The second one is still a very solid option.

Chris  5:13 
I would not kick this one out of that for eating crackers.

Kelli  5:16 
Goodness, no, absolutely not.

Chris  5:37 
Okay, so we’ve got the Sommita Pinot Noir from Skywalker vineyard.

Kelli  5:40 
This is a handcrafted wine that carefully blends the nuances of atmosphere, Earth and elevation. That means nothing.

Chris  5:50 
Wine labels, one thing the other thing we learned at the wine tasting in France was the wine labels mean nothing.

Kelli  5:56 
It’s a marketing ploy.

Chris  5:58 
Yeah, so wine labels mean nothing.

This is a careful blend of atmosphere in fragrance, atmosphere Earth and fragments which is simply make sure so click No clink he really you’re not into the gift regard. Oh, that tastes like Millennium Falcon exhaust.

Kelli  6:26 
Oh my gosh. It is significantly better than milennium falcon exhaust. But you know what? This would be good with that kefta and hummus plate from docking bay seven That’s true. sell this and docking bay seven. Listen to me Disney. Skywalker. vinyards docking bay seven. I wouldn’t leave. If you sold this with the kefta and hummus platter. I’m there all day. And maybe that’s not your ideal customer. But I would I would tip well. I tip well.

So, favorite Pinot Noir.

Chris  7:02 
My favorite was the first one the Central Coast Pinot Noir from MacMurray Estates.

Kelli  7:09 
Why was that your favorite?

Chris  7:10 
It was smooth. So in what @ Alton Brown would call a good mouthfeel, it was more of a fruity flavor than an okie flavor. And that’s why I liked it the most.

Kelli  7:28 
Yeah, I totally agree. That was my favorite too. It just goes down easy.

Chris  7:33 
Yeah. Yeah, this bottle is gonna last about seven minutes.

Kelli  7:43 
I would say that my number two honorable mention close really close. Second is Skywalker Vineyards.

Chris  7:49 
I agree with that.

Kelli  7:50 
This one, this one from the Russian River Valley was my least favorite. It’s not quite as smooth as the central coast

Chris  7:59 
Or the Skywalker. You know, but again, it’s a Pinot Noir. So I ain’t mad at it.

Kelli  8:06 
I haven’t met a Pinot Noir that I didn’t like, but I’ll tell you, here’s how it’s gonna go down. We’ll finish this one tonight. This one tomorrow. And this one the next day. So if y’all have tried any of these ones, let us know which one’s your favorite. Let us know which one you want to try the most. Or even better if you’ve tried one of these at Disney. Let us know that.

Chris  8:28 
Because that would be super cool. Okay, folks, this is just part one of a three part wine tasting series that we’re going to do as we work our way through the Disney family of wines, Disney family wines that we spoke about recently on the podcast from Alfresco tasting terrace you should really check out our podcasts on the releases on Monday mornings can find this for every view like download podcasts. We are supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast, but we’ve had a good time. So check us out on all the social medias at SCFADP on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. interact with us there all the time. comment on this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel supercalifragilistic awesome does the podcast ringing the bell so that you don’t have to get go out there and download them each week? You enjoying that?

Kelli  9:18 
It’s good, right? This is Fred MacMurray by the way.

Chris  9:21 
Yeah, this bottle is gone. And with that we hope to see you real soon.

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