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Disney Review: Top 5 Reasons you need to eat at Casey’s Corner on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom

Everyone loves lists! In this episode we launch our suite of “Top 5 Reasons” vlogs. Today we list our top 5 reasons to eat at caseys corner on your trip to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

For many people, a trip to the Magic Kingdom isn’t complete until they scarf down a footlong hotdog with all of the fixin’s from Caseys Corner, or maybe the Corn Dog Nuggets? With the news that Caseys is reopening we expect it to be a very busy spot. But it’s not just about the food. So join us as we present The Top 5 Reasons to Eat at Caseys Corner.

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Kelli  0:11 
Hey, everybody. Welcome to another supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast video. I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:18 
And I’m Chris. And today we’re going to share our top five reasons why you need to make Casey’s corner a must do on your next trip to Magic Kingdom. Yes. So first a little history.

Kelli  0:29 
Yes, please.

Chris  0:30 
So when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, the spot where Casey’s is now was actually the Coca Cola refreshment corner. Do you really I had no idea, I would have guaranteed you that from the time I started going to the Magic Kingdom in the early 80s, that it was always Casey’s,

Kelli  0:49 
well, that’s interesting, because it was reimagined to Casey’s corner may 27 of 1995. So that actually makes it the second Casey’s corner on Disney property, the first one open in 1992. at Disneyland, Paris, I’m shot. Naturally, this restaurant is named after the famous poem, Casey at the Bat, which was written in 1888. And if you look closely at the signage, you’ll see a little circle 1888 inside the C.

Chris  1:17 
I love little easter eggs like that all day apart. What’s really cool is that in 1946, Walt Disney Animation actually adapted the poem into a short animated feature. I’ve seen it. In fact, that was my introduction to the point. It’s wonderful.

Kelli  1:31 
That’s awesome. That’s very cool. So I mean, obviously, it’s named after baseball. It’s famous for its hot dogs. It’s famous for its bleacher seating. And it also has a really awesome pianist playing Ragtime music. But let’s get to what we’re here for the top five reasons you need to go on your next trip.

Chris  1:47 
So Reason number five, location, location, location. It’s right at the end of Main Street, right in the hub. So it’s a wonderful spot to grab a bike for parades, fireworks, all that kind of fun stuff.

Kelli  2:01 
You know, you love sitting on the hub grass watching people, if you’re going to people watch it with a hot dog. That’s right.

Chris  2:07 
That’s right. Where are those little nuggets?

Kelli  2:10 
nuggets? Right? But you’re walking through like from Tomorrowland over to adventure land. What a great little stopping point you pass right by there.

Chris  2:17 
Take a break. Listen to the guy play the Ragtime music itself a coke hot dog, and then get jazzed for what you’re gonna go through an adventure way.

Kelli  2:26 
Yeah, it’s an isover Reason number four, the Ragtime music.

Chris  2:29 
We just mentioned it. You’ve got a live pianist there. Jim Omohundro has been playing there for over 30 years, several times a day. And supposedly he’s really the draw. He really is the draw. I’ve seen him and you can’t not watch this guy work. If you’re if you’re in the vicinity and you hear it, you’re gonna stop you got to stop and you’re gonna be amazed at where that guy can do with the keys.

Kelli  2:53 
He takes requests. He loves talking about Walt Disney World History and you’re already on YouTube. So after you watch this video, make sure no end but after you watch this video, Google him man because there’s some awesome videos on YouTube of him playing.

Chris  3:08 
Reason number three, the frozen Mint Julep lemonade, super refreshing a hot Florida day and a steal for only $6.49

Kelli  3:19 
Right this is Magic Kingdom. So this is a virgin lemonade. There’s no alcohol in it, but I’m telling you right now you’re sitting in that hub grass with corndog nuggets and your french fries. You want this frozen Mint Julep right next to you. Well, show can’t properly people watch without a frozen medulla. There we go. People getting towards the top. Reason number two, you can get a side of cheese sauce for $1. Where else in Magic Kingdom can you get a side of cheese sauce for $1?

Chris  3:49 
And where else on the internet with two people rank cheese higher than a live human being who’s been playing magical piano for 30 plus years?

Kelli  4:00 
Here, right here on the internet. These two people would do that.

Chris  4:04 
It’s $1. I’m not sure it’s cheese. But it’s delicious.

Kelli  4:09 
It’s a value. It’s a true value is a cheese value for $1. You can dip your fries in it. You can dip your hot dog in dip your crocodile nuggets.

Chris  4:19 
I challenge you to find something in Casey’s that you won’t dip in this cheese.

Kelli  4:23 
I’m saying get yourself a mint julep, some fries, three sides of cheese sauce and a seat on that hub grass. Happy as a lark that’s what you are.

Chris  4:33 
Number two cheese, cheese sauce. And the number one reason to go to Casey’s corner. The dogs. He got hot dogs Chicago dogs barbecue dogs corn dog nuggets. Yeah, all kinds of dogs.

Kelli  4:48 
I saw that they used to have a fried pickle dog. They had a fried pickle dog. I didn’t see a sign for that. But I’m telling you fried pickle dog. Interestingly, they also have a vegan dog. Right You know, this is A lot of plant based options at Disney these days. They have a vegan dog, which I’m super excited to try in that hug grass with the cheese sauce and the fries and the frozen Mint Julep

Chris  5:09 
while listening to Joe. What’s his name? play piano?

Kelli  5:13 
It’s Jim. Look, you guys know the drill. If you want more of whatever this was, make sure you like and subscribe. Make that bell ring man. It makes him super happy.

Chris  5:26 
Yeah. Have you ever eaten at Casey’s? What was your favorite thing? Tell us what you learned about Casey’s corner.

Kelli  5:31 
Take a picture of yourself with a mint julep on the hub grass.

Chris  5:37 
And post it with your dollar cheese.

Kelli  5:42 
You can find more of our videos and links to our podcast episodes on and be sure to join us on all the socials at SCFADP.

Chris  5:52 
Right. And join us for our weekly podcast that comes out every Monday morning. And you can find us on whatever platform you use for podcasting.

Kelli  6:00 
Absolutely. We love Disney. We love y’all. And with that, we will

Chris & Kelli  6:05 
see you real soon.

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