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5 Things You Need to Know About Disneys California Adventure

We recently returned from our first trip ever to Disneys California Adventure. We thought it would be fun to share 5 things to know about disneys california adventure, especially if you are big Walt Disney World (Florida) fans like we are.

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Chris  0:00 
Hey Disney fam. Welcome to another episode of supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. We have just finished our very first day in California Adventure Disneyland Resort. And we loved it. It’s amazing. We have had such a great day is everything we have good would be more and more. So we thought it might be fun just immediate first impressions, what were the top five things in no particular order that we’ve loved about our first day at California adventure?

Chris  0:33 
Okay, so first of all though, before you start in the top five, I just want to say we dogged Disneyland a little bit, a little bit on the pod and I want to apologize. We are in love with California Adventure. The notion that this park would have been lesser than anything of Florida is completely wrong. The ambience here is amazing. Every land is unique and fun in its own way. There’s a really high energy vibe. And it has been a great a great day a really wonderful, a great day and so I highly recommend coming to Disneyland California Adventure. We loved it and it’s totally different than anything in Florida and you will not regret it.

Chris  1:16 
Yeah, I can’t wait to come back. Okay, so in no particular order the first thing I want to talk about is the newest thing is the Avengers campus here at California Adventure they have knocked it out of the park as per usual the overall vibe the feel the immersive experience. Yeah although you know there’s no employees there’s a cast members these are all Avengers campus employees right. And like the the interaction with the character the characters Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Loki, who all did we see,  iron man we saw the Dora Milage today like their like their black panther we know they did not skimp on this at all you really get to see it.

Chris  2:02 
And you don’t just see them they are putting on constant shows so when we walked in we saw Spider Man putting on a show he’s talking to a huge crowd everybody can see it he’s up high enough everybody can see him we saw Black Panther we saw Black Widow, Iron Man, Loki I mean so many different shows going on not constantly but enough to sort of stop the flow of traffic.

Chris  2:25 
And they’re the right length. Yeah, when they’re not doing shows. They’re they’re still on balconies just checking things out waving at the crowd.

Chris  2:34 
Yeah, so the Avengers campus is what you want it to be. If you’re an Avengers fan. It’s amazing. It is what you want it to be. It lives up to the hype. We had a blast at Avengers Campus, loved it. And so next up is the food, of course.

Chris  2:50 
So much food.

Chris  2:52 
So much food. I ate every churro in the park. I every plant based item.

Chris  2:58 
And then we just had some snacks for snacks.

Chris  3:01 
We drank every cocktail at Pym’s tasting lab. That was great. It’s again, it’s nothing like the food that you would find at Disney World. This is very unique to California Adventure Park the plant based items out of this world. They had the best churros here of any, any park I’ve had yet, right. It was really unique and amazing churros. So what I had was awesome. Everything that we got in the Avengers portion, the pym’s tasting kitchen, the pym’s tasting lab, all of that. So so good.

Chris  3:34 
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I was amazed at the variety of the foods the the number of different places like behind corners. There’s a whole there’s another garden grill back here that’s got their own, like Asian bahn mi sandwich. I mean, it was amazing, the wide variety of foods, it doesn’t matter what your taste sensations are, you’re gonna find it here.

Chris  3:57 
Yes, absolutely. Allergies, allergies. Don’t worry about that. Don’t worry about that. options. Don’t worry about that. It is an amazing park with amazing food.

Chris  4:08 
So now we’re going to talk about rides. Three of our top five are rides, and we really wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeah. So the first ride we’re gonna talk about is the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission breakout. The idea here is that Thanos has captured them all the guardians are in his, his, his collection, and we’re breaking out thanks to rocket. And it’s the technology is the thrill is similar to Tower of Terror Hollywood Studios. But the story of course is totally different. I have read online that people it’s okay, but they liked Tower of Terro better. I think I might be on the other end. This is much more high energy. I feel like the drops last longer and you get more of them. Yes. And the music and the vibe is just so hectic and chaotic. It’s awesome. Yeah.

Chris  4:59 
I think Tower of Terror is a great story and I think they spend a lot of time on a story where a Guardians of the Galaxy there’s a story the story’s there and it’s great but the ride is the center and it’s up and down and up and down and you think it over and not as it was you got more ride with Guardians of the Galaxy then you get with tower to get more story.

Chris  5:22 
Yeah, absolutely. That’s what I felt.

Chris  5:24 
Next, another ride is the web slingers ride in Avengers campus. So, you know, I’ve watched some stuff online, and I’ve read some of the things I don’t I did not understand what this ride was, I had no idea what this ride was. I knew that you could buy things and you know, interact with the ride and stuff like that. Imagine if Rise of the resistance and Toy Story mania had a baby.

Chris  5:51 
It’s so crazy.

Chris  5:54 
It’s an amazing ride from a story and a technology perspective. But you are also competing with the people in your webslinger vehicle, but also as a team against all of the other vehicles on the ride. And I just want to say like he lost, he came in third. He gives a lot of crap that Toy Story mania and Buzz Lightyear he was I mean big time lost he wasn’t even competitive. So that’s like the first round he was like oh my goodness, I didn’t know this was a score thing I’m gonna get really serious. Still lost. Still lost by a lot but I mean I came out there my arms were sore.

Chris  6:31 
It’s true. This ride is while that doesn’t quite use all the technology that say Rise of the resistance does you’ll get like drops and things like that. But the between the story in the 3d and and the interacting with the screen characters by webslinger you are literally webslinger while love it, yeah, it was a lot of fun. Okay, so our last one is another ride. It was our favorite ride today. We’ve read online that like some of the most people like the cars land the radiator springs racers. That’s the best route in the world that might be the most technologically advanced right? Very, very cool ride. Absolutely. But our ride maybe we’re just old school is the incredicoaster behind us. Man. I laugh from the start to the finish. It is exhilarating. It is awesome. I love The Incredibles anyway in the story within this ride that they had love. It is such a blast.

Chris  7:33 
Right so when he says he laughs He doesn’t mean that it is a funny ride. He always laughs on roller coasters. So where everybody else screams he literally giggles.

Chris  7:45 
But this is also a really cute story centers around jack jack and all that.

Kelli  7:50 
No, it’s awesome. So we rode it twice. Right and we rode it first in the morning and not our first ride. But it was one of the first things we rode and then it was our last one at night. I loved it at night. Because the lights she goes through the tunnels you can really see the story. And I just want to say for those of you that listen to the pod, you can smell the nom nom cookies and when you get to that you can smell it was so awesome. We loved it so much more at night. But it’s one of my favorite rides in all of Disney.

Chris  8:21 
It ranks right up there with every coaster anywhere else. So you know what to do now like and subscribe to this channel you’ll get all that notifications whenever we release a new video and we did a lot of video work today in the party so there’s gonna be a lot more videos coming out and more videos from the parks right so don’t miss those.

Kelli  8:40 
And if you want to see more Disney visit us on Visit us on SCFADP on all the socials Twitter, Facebook instant all the socials, we’re out there. We’re always posting more in the parks and when we’re not too, right.

Chris  8:55 
Don’t forget to download our podcast on Mondays we get really more in depth 30 minute podcast, it’s a blast. We have a really good time on it.

Kelli  9:03 
Yes, we love Disney. We love y’all. And as usual,

Chris & Kelli  9:07 
we’ll see you real soon.

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