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BONUS News: 6 Degrees of Walt Disney

In this quick bonus episode, Chris pays tribute to the Oscars by covering some information from D23 about the 6 degrees of Walt Disney. If you’ve ever played the game “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” it’s the same concept, but with Walt Disney! If you’re a movie or history buff, this special episode is just for you.

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Show Notes:
D23 info on the 6 degrees of Walt Disney:


Chris  0:00 
Hey everybody. Welcome to a bonus episode of supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. I’m Chris.

Kelli  0:06 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:07 
So I had an interesting idea. This week’s weekly episode I talked about Walt Disney’s The Oscar he won for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1939. I got all that information from D23 Fan Club, which is great.

Kelli  0:23 
great stuff.

Chris  0:24 
I know. It’s great. There’s lots of good material out there. Have you ever heard of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? I have. Okay, so the idea is because Kevin Bacon has been in so many different movies and has so many connections to so many co stars, you can basically get to any other actor or at any time within Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Okay, right. So Kevin Bacon started this movie with this person and that person started another movie with another person. Right? So D23. took a look at the the leading was it leading actor and leading actress nominees this year, and was in and took a look at how many degrees to get to Walt Disney. Okay, so it was an interesting little thing they did and I love the game six degrees. Like him. I love that kind of stuff. So Riz Ahmed was a these are all Best Actor nominee. Yeah. And the movie sound of metal. In 2013 closed circuit he started with Jim Broadbent. I don’t really know Jim Broadbent. But in 2003, he starred in bright young things with what D23 calls a Disney legend, sir john Mills. Okay, sir john Mills was in Swiss Family Robinson, which was produced by Walt Disney in 1960. Wow.

Kelli  1:44 
So that was in four degrees.

Chris  1:46 
That was in yeah really just Yeah, really just three degrees okay. Three most of these are less than or that or less okay.

Kelli  1:55 
So from the best actor nominees are winners.

Chris  1:58 
Yep, three degrees to Walt Disney.

Kelli  2:01 
So this what they did the best actor nominees are the best actor is your best actor nominees. Best Actor nominees. Six Degrees of Walt Disney. Yep.

Chris  2:08 
Okay, great. Chadwick boseman. RIP.

Kelli  2:11 
Well, one.

Chris  2:12 
Well, he didn’t work with Walt Disney. He was he worked on the Walt Disney Feature, but not actually Walt Disney himself. Also, Black Panther doesn’t count. Black Panther specifically doesn’t count because Walt Disney wasn’t around to work on that movie. Oh, Stanley Robinson was produced by Walt Disney.

Kelli  2:30 
So I get it. So even though Disney owns Marvel, right?

Chris  2:34 
Okay, that’s the actual Walt Disney produced.

Kelli  2:37 
Okay. Right. Okay.

Chris  2:39 
So Chadwick boseman. was in Avengers Infinity War with Gwyneth Paltrow in 2018. Gwyneth Paltrow was in 1991s hook. Yes, with Arthur mallet. And Arthur mallet was in 1964s Mary Poppins

Kelli  3:00 
Wow, wait, Who was he?

Chris  3:02 
He was young Mr. Dawes. Mr. Dawes, Jr.

Kelli  3:06 
Okay. Okay.

Chris  3:08 
So, okay, Anthony hops. So that was a, again, just three degrees. Really? Just two but. Okay. Anthony Hopkins. Okay. So Anthony Hopkins was in this issue’s the Father, what would you know, Anthea, he’s doing a million things. He was Thor’s dad and the Thor movies.

Kelli  3:27 
Gosh, okay.

Chris  3:30 
Yeah, he was. Just put that out of 1980s TV drama of the Hunchback of Notre Dame with a lady named Rosalie crutchley. Rosalie crutchley was in 1953. Is the sword in the Rose produced by Walt Disney. Wow, just two degrees there.

Kelli  3:50 

Chris  3:52 
Gary Oldman, you know, Gary Oldman, Sirius Black.

Kelli  3:57 
Oh, I did not know that was Sirius black.

Chris  4:00 
He’s one of those guys. That can be a million he can.

Kelli  4:02 
Yeah, he’s a good character actor.

Chris  4:04 
He’s in a movie called Monk. Two he starred in this year. He started in 2013. Interstate 60 episodes of the road with Disney legend, Kurt Russell. Wow. I so Kurt Russell would be one. That’s really he’s been with me, but he’s a Disney legend as a kid. Yeah. And so Kurt Russell was in 1966. Follow me boys produced by Walt Disney. Steven Yon, who was in a movie this year called menari. He’s really famous for being on the walking dead for years and years. He was in 2014 I origins with Michael Pitt. Michael Pitt was in 2000s. Finding Forrester with Sean Connery. Just Sean Connery was in 1959 Darby Oh Gil and the little peoples produced for Walt Disney.

Kelli  4:56 
I mean, they really shouldn’t have called it the six degrees of Disney. They should call it like three degrees. I know, it’s like an easier game than Kevin Bacon.

Chris  5:03 
Exactly. It really is none not one of these go further than two or three degrees. Wow. Best Actress nominees now,

Kelli  5:12 
Which I guess makes you wonder, are they hugely successful because of links to Disney?

Chris  5:19 
Or did he just have a knack for or to talent right

Kelli  5:23 
Or does he produce so many things…

Chris  5:26 
and Kurt Russell was a child when he first started starring in Disney stuff. Yeah. And I mean, he’s enormous, right? You know, Kurt Russell, no. Played the star Lord’s dad. In that second movie. Guardians of the Galaxy.

Kelli  5:46 
Wait, yeah, okay. You know, I’m saying like, if if you had if I had bet a million dollars right now, I would have thought that that was the same guy that played Thor’s dad. You can’t tell me they don’t look alike.

Chris  5:58 
They don’t look anything alike at all. Not even close. Serious, not even a little bit close. Now. Moving on to the next actress nominees.

Kelli  6:12 
I’m really questioning whether or not I know Thor’s Dad now.

Chris  6:15 
Me too. All right, Best Actress nominees

Kelli  6:27 
Should I mention that you did the men first?

Chris  6:30 
That was the first one that…

Kelli  6:31 
I just mentioned it.

Chris  6:34 
Anyway, Andra Day, who was nominated for her role in the United States versus Billie Holiday. She starred in Marshall 2017. Marshall with Riley. Okay. And she still can’t believe this one. She started in 2013 jobs with Leslie Ann Warren. Okay. Leslie and Warren was in 1967 is the happiest millionaire produced by Walt Disney. Do you know who Leslie Ann Warren is?

Kelli  7:02 
Is she kin to Liz?

Chris  7:05 
In the movie clue. Okay, she’s the redhead.

Kelli  7:11 

Chris  7:12 
I can’t believe it. I totally believe it. Viola Davis. She was nominated for marinis bike bottom, which is also what Chadwick boseman was nominated for, okay, the movie, which we need to watch. Clearly, it’s like it’s great. She was in 2000s traffic with Don Cheadle. You know, Don Cheadle? Yeah, sure. Yeah. Okay. He was in 1993. The Meteor man with Frank gorshin. Frank gorshin was in 1965 that darn cat produced by Walt Disney.

Kelli  7:50 
I mean the reality is I don’t know a lot of these movies like these are not big that aren’t those huge not

Chris  7:58 
these were This was when he moved into like live action movie phase when he was making Swiss Swiss Family Robinson and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins and all these darn cat was live action darn cat race to Witch Mountain a lot of these movies back then. Yeah, the shaggy dog. Okay. flubber or whatever that guy’s name is. Some Professor Nutty Professor Josh. Vanessa Kirby, four pieces of a woman. She was in 2014 Queen and country with Sinead Cusack. She was in 1969 David Copperfield with Susan Hampshire. And she was in 1964. The three lives of Thomasina produced by Walt Disney. Don’t you know many of those people honestly, Francis McDormand from Nomad land from Mrs. pedigree lives for a day from his his pedigree lives for a day. That’s right. She was in 1990s hidden agenda with Maurice Rove’s and he was in 1966 is the fighting Prince of Donegal produced by Walt Disney. Yeah, I get I take your point.

And Carey Mulligan she was in a movie called promising young woman this year. She was also in Wall Street Money Never Sleeps with your wallet and we watch that one together. You had Charlotte buff and Michael Douglas was in it. Eli Wallach started in 1964 is the moon spinners.

Kelli  9:39 
Michael Douglas also kind of looks like a Time Lords dad. If he’s not Time Lord, Star Lord. Michael Douglas also kind of looks like Star Lords dad. Star Lord’s dad is named Anthony Hopkins?

Chris  10:08 
Yes. I mean IRL Thor’s Dad is named Odin. So this this segment really served less as a six degrees of Walt Disney and more as a this is how, like all of our conversations go when even when we’re not recording.

Kelli  10:33 
It really, really is. Tomorrow I won’t remember anything.

Chris  10:40 
Partly I love it about you, but the other part of it just drives me crazy. Yeah, no, honey,

Kelli  10:44 
I know. I know. But anyway, this was a good bonus episode. So I appreciate you putting together that information. That was a lot of fun and thanks to D23 for putting that out there. That’s Yeah, good timing.

Chris  10:55 
If you if you’ve if you’ve got domains and if you’ve got the will day 23 as well or the membership. There’s a lot of great stuff out there. So give that a look day 20 And hey, follow us on all the social medias at SCF, ADP on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. go sign up for our YouTube channel supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast out there. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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