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BONUS Video: Preview of the 2021 International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot!

We LOVE the festivals at EPCOT!! The 2021 International Food and Wine Festival will run from June to November and it is always our favorite. In this episode we do one of our favorite things; we take a virtual festival tour.

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Chris  0:03 
Hey Disney family. Welcome to this episode of the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast.

Chris  0:08 
My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:09 
And I’m Kelli.

Kelli  0:10 
And today we’re gonna be doing a virtual tour around the 2021 Epcot Food and Wine Festival booths. Now it’s very important to note, we’re not going to hit all the booths, we’re only going to hit the booths with things that we like. So if you want to hear about the foods at all of the booths, then make sure you listen to our podcast because we’ll go booth by booth there. We’re also not going to cover the booths that will open on October the first in conjunction with the 50th anniversary. We’ll do another episode on those when they open right. Alright, so let’s get started.

Chris  0:38 
So when we visit the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, we like to enter through the international gateway between England and France and go left towards Canada. The idea is, if we go that way, and hit all the booths we like we will finish in France, which is our favorite place for the Food and Wine Festival.

Kelli  0:56 
Yes. And so since England never has a booth. We’re gonna start with Canada. Right? So Canada this year has two offerings. They have their cheddar and bacon soup with a pretzel roll, which is lovely. And they also have their filet with mushrooms and a truffle butter. This is pretty much what Canada always has.

Chris  1:12 
Yeah, the same thing they usually have. But that doesn’t matter to me. First thing in the morning, we’re hitting Canada and I’m getting some cheddar and bacon soup with the pretzel roll. It’ll be great. So our next stop is the apple seed orchard, which is in the Canada theater this year. They’ve got two food offerings, the apple crumble tart and the apple chips. We’re not going to hit any of the food items. But we are getting a couple of drinks here.

Kelli  1:34 
Yes. So I’m going to get the frozen apple pie which is non alcoholic and I think it’s going to be amazing. I’m also going to pick up my first corkcicle tumbler. So corkcicle is sponsoring the Food and Wine Festival this year and I love to pick up event beverages and event cups when I can. So I’m gonna pick up my first here.

Chris  1:53 
I’m also going to get a drink here. I’m gonna get the Apple Blossom sky. This thing sounds crazy but delicious. It’s fanta Apple, ginger beer, Apple brandy maple syrup, and mini marshmallows, lions and tigers and bears.

Kelli  2:06 
Oh my! Next up, we’re gonna hit Australia and Australia has three offerings this year. They have a grilled shrimp dish that looks lovely. They have a roasted lamb chop and they have a deconstructed Pavlova. I’m gonna go with the deconstructed Pavlova.

Chris  2:20 
Me too. It looks beautiful, looks amazing. You love something deconstructed.

Kelli  2:24 
I love a deconstructed thing. I don’t know what that’s about. But it looks great. It’s got like a sweet like berries and a sweet cream sauce underneath it. It’s beautiful. At this point, I’ve basically just had fruit.

Chris  2:34 
Yeah, and I’ve had cheese and you’ll find that that becomes a theme. Next up on our journey is the refreshment port this year hosted by Boursin cheese. They’ve got two offerings. They’ve got the braised beef poutine, and they’ve got a maple Boursin cheesecake. I’m gonna go with the maple Boursin and cheesecake, which is Maple bourbon, cream cheese with candied pecans, OMG. buyer beware on the poutine at refreshmentport, they always have poutine, it always looks amazing. And the toppings really are good. But the fries leaves something to be desired. So I’m just gonna stop in here for the amazing cheesecake.

Kelli  3:15 
Next up is the shimmering sips booth. And this is hosted by corkcicle. And so here I can get another event cup. And this is the corkcicle flute. So it looks like a champagne flute, but it’s a corkcicle. How exciting. Now they have two food offerings here. They have a plant based banana bread, which I’ve had before and it is delightful. And they also have a shimmering strawberry soft serve, which sounds great. I’m going to skip the food because they also have three amazing mimosas. And you can get a mimosa flight. So I’m gonna be having the most of flight this booth.

Chris  3:51 
So the next stop on our tour would be the noodle exchange. It looks amazing. Lots of fun dishes there. But neither of us are going to get anything there. So we’re going to skip right past and go to Earth eats right outside the land in that part of future world.

Kelli  4:06 
Yes, as a vegetarian, this is always one of my favorite booths. And they have this little impossible burger slider that will rock your world. I think we’re both getting that. Totally. Yes, they also have an impossible three bean chili and I’m going to skip it because I’m not interested in chili in July, but I’m sure it’s delightful. I’m also going to have the iced Chai Twinings of London beverage.

Chris  4:30 
So after Earth eats we’re going to head across futureworld to the test track side where they’ve got a couple of booths. First stop over there is the donut box. This place sounds super cool. Some donuts you’ve never seen or heard of before. Like for example, the candy jar donut, I think you’re going to have that. There’s a Sriracha glazed donut. There’s a chef’s donut of the day, there’s a four pack of four daily donuts, but then there’s mine I’m going to go for the crispy chicken on Sriracha glazed donut.

Kelli  5:05 
That sounds great. I’m also going to have the black and white coffee cocktail. I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds fantastic.

Chris  5:12 
What is the candy jar donut?

Kelli  5:14 
Oh my goodness. It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a doughnut that looks like it was covered in a candy jar. It’s got Twix. It’s got m&ms. It’s got Snickers. I mean, it literally looks like somebody just grabbed a candy jar and stuck it on top of a doughnut. Beautiful. I need it. Next up is the flavors from fire. The and this is interesting. I don’t ever remember seeing this before, but the food is pretty special. Right? So you’ve got a corned beef with potatoes, a chimichurri steak. And a smores whoopie pie. You guys can guess which one I’m getting. I don’t care that I just had the donut with the candy jar. I’m getting the smores whoopie pie, and I’m winning.

Chris  5:53 
It’s made with a smoked chocolate cake.

Kelli  5:55 
Yeah, it is.

Chris  5:56 
Yeah, I’m going for the corned beef and whipped potatoes. It also comes with cheese fondue.

Kelli  6:06 
You do have a cheese thing going on.

Chris  6:08 
I have cheese things going on today. So the next booth on the tour is the brew-wing experience which is held at the Epcot experience or the Odyssey building. This is wings and flatbreads. We’re not going to go for that on this trip. So our next stop is the Hawaii booth. So when we get to the Hawaii booth, we can choose either the kalua pork sliders, the teriyaki spam hash, the tuna poke or the passion for cheesecake. I am really really tempted to get that cheesecake. But I’m actually gonna go with the teriyaki glazed spam. I know that’s a huge thing in Hawaii. I’ve never really taken advantage of that. So I’m going to go for it.

Kelli  6:49 
Yeah, and I’m just going to get the Aulani sunrise. This is an amazing drink that you can enjoy when you’re at aulani. You can also make this at home, but I’m going to get it because you know when at the food and one food one that’s right. Next up we have the swanky saucy swine. And as you can guess I had to practice that a lot. And this is a lot of pigs. First, we’ve got the barbecued pork rinds with pimento cheese. Second is the roasted porchetta with potatoes, third is ribs. And then finally we have wait for it. A crispy pig ear salad.

Chris  7:32 
Which one are you getting?

Kelli  7:38 
I’m sorry, swanky saucy swine. I practiced your name so many times, but I’m not gonna buy your food. I think you’re getting something there. Okay, what are you getting?

Chris  7:47 
God bless the pig man. And I’m gonna go for the pork rinds and pimento cheese. Next is everybody’s fan favorite Mexico. Okay, so there’s three food offerings here. There’s a Chorizo chilaquiles is a ribeye taco. And a chocolate bread pudding.

Kelli  8:05 
Yes. And I am going to get that. Yeah, I’m going to have the bread pudding. I’m also going to have the white sangria, which I’m super excited about.

Chris  8:13 
I’m definitely going for the bread pudding too. There’s never been a bread pudding that I wouldn’t turn down.

Kelli  8:17 
Next up is China. Again, three offerings. You’ve got a pan fried chicken dumpling, a beef bao bun, and a crispy shrimp noodle dish. I’m going to skip these but what are you going to get?

Chris  8:29 
I’m going for the beef bao bun. I had this last time we were there. It was delicious. It’s a sweet little beefy morsel. I love it. So we’re gonna bounce past the next two stops which is the refreshment outpost, and Germany. We love the food in Germany. We’ve had it every year. It’s the same stuff this year. So we’re gonna skip past it and move on to Italy.

Kelli  8:52 
Yes, and the refreshment outpost has a lovely vegan dish if you’re interested in that but again, we’re just going to skip past it. Next up is Italy and I will just say thank you Italy for changing your menu. They’ve had the same menu at all the festivals for like two years. They have changed it this year and it looks great. So the first thing they got is a Crocanti now these are basically fried ravioli stuffed with cheese. They also have a grilled chicken ravioli with Alfredo sauce that sounds lovely. And a Bombolini which is a small Italian donut stuffed with cream and a raspberry sauce which sounds delightful. So I’m going to try the Crocanti which is the breaded ravioli stuffed with mozzarella. I think I’m also going to need those bumblebees.

Chris  9:38 
Yeah, for sure. I am actually going to go with the chicken ravioli and Alfredo sauce and I’m also going to go for the little Italian donut. So we just take the booth seriously. Our next stop is the American adventure. They actually have three locations that are really killing it at this year’s festival, the first of which is the rotunda bistro, this is the new location they’ve set up literally in the rotunda inside the building and American adventure. They have a chilled shrimp salad. They have a crab and avocado parfait with a caviar. Omg. And they’ve got something else that I can’t even remember, but I think you’re gonna eat it.

Kelli  10:17 
I am. It’s the wild mushroom truffle tart.

Chris  10:21 
With gruyer cheese.

Kelli  10:23 
Yes. I’m totally eating that. That sounds lovely. Next up is the hops and barley booth. And here they’ve got their traditional lobster roll, which you always love. They also have a hot beef sandwich with horseradish, and a freshly baked carrot cake which sounds great.

Chris  10:39 
Yep, I’m actually going to go for the beef sandwich with horseradish. That’s one of my favorite flavor combos. I’m going to hit that this year. Last booth at the American adventure that we’re going to hit this year is really always there is the funnel cake stand. We honestly just sort of walk past this place usually, but this year for the festival, they’re offering something pretty special. It’s a mini candy bacon smores funnel cake with vanilla ice cream.

Kelli  11:06 
I want to be clear there’s nothing mini about this except for the funnel cake. I think maybe the funnel cake is smaller than the size of the traditional funnel cake. So they’re calling it mini, but then they are loading it with a significant amount of toppings. There’s nothing mini about this funnel cake, but I think it’s gonna be fantastic. Really great. I’m gonna love it. Next up is Japan. They’ve got three offerings this year too. First is a teriyaki chicken bun. They’re not calling this a bao bun, but that’s what it sounds like. Second is a tempura shrimp sandwich. And third is a spicy haka sushi. What are you gonna get?

Chris  11:42 
I’m actually gonna go for the shrimp sandwich. This is a crunchy shrimp with uzu crab, green onions, eel sauce on a bun. That honestly sounds amazing. We’re getting close to the end here. But next up is Greece. They’re offering three things this year spanakopita, grilled cheese with pistachios and honey. Can you tell which one I’m going to give? And I’ve got a lamb moussaka. I’m definitely going for the grilled cheese. I mean anything that says grilled cheeses screaming my name, I mean.

Kelli  12:14 
I’m going to get that too. But I’m also going to get the spanakopita and spanakopita is basically like layers of filo dough with spinach and cheese and so it’s going to be amazing as well. Next up is the tangerine cafe in Morocco and they have a lot on their menu this year. First up is a fried falafel pita. They also have some grilled kebabs with couscous, a grilled chicken, a lamb, I mean, they’ve got so many things going on. They’ve also got beef tips, a stone baked bread that looks phenomenal. And a pistachio cake. I’m going to hit this booth pretty hard. I usually love Morocco, Morocco has a lot of vegetarian dishes. So I’m going to get the fried falafel pita, this stone bake bread, which is essentially a massive loaf of bread with some sauces to dip it in. And I’m gonna get that pistachio cake. I mean, why not?

Chris  13:03 
Yeah, I’m getting the stone baked bread. I also love the idea of having just bread and cheese I just ate. Okay, our last official stop on the food and wine tour is France. Oh, finally got here. This is our favorite. And since this is all imaginary, we can still eat as much as we want. So the tons of things needed in France but the official food and wine booth has four offerings this year. One is warm cheese filled begniet. OMG three cheese is three, three different cheeses. We’ve got an escargo croissant. We’ve also got Coc au vin. And we’ve got a creme brulee.

Kelli  13:49 
I mean I’m getting that three cheese begniet. And the creme brulee. You didn’t mention the drinks, but they’ve also got like six beverages. I’m going to have their rose, their champagne, and their Martini. Now these are not just your basics, right so this is like a specialty made rose a specialty made champagne with you know, muddled fruit and things. And then a specialty Martini. I’m just going to have the booth.

Chris  14:13 
Yeah, I’m definitely going with the three cheese begniet and the Coc au vin. I’m super excited about it.

Kelli  14:18 
Now while we’ve hit all the official booths, I want to just give a shout out and an honorable mention to all of the Joffrey’s beverage carts and say don’t sleep on these. Every Joffrey’s cart in Epcot, and there’s four of them has their own individual specialty beverage. None of these are alcoholic. They all look amazing. Everything from chocolate to a fruity tea. Please stop at the Joffrey’s carts. You will not be disappointed on these specialty beverages, get yourself jacked up on that caffeine. And so if you enjoyed this tour of the Food and Wine Festival, then please be sure to like and subscribe because we love producing these kinds of videos and it really does help.

Chris  14:52 
Absolutely. And tell us what your favorite food item might be at this year’s Food and Wine Festival in the comments. We’d love to hear what you’re most looking forward to this year. Absolutely. And don’t forget to check out our podcasts it releases every week. You can find it wherever you’d like to download podcasts. And if you enjoyed this video, we actually have a bonus podcast episode coming out where we go into even more detail at every food and wine booth.

Kelli  15:18 
We love Disney. We love y’all. And with that, we will see you real soon.

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