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Disney Food Review: Eating ALL of the Crazy Churros at Disney’s California Adventure Park

Do you love Churros?? Of course you do! So do we! In this episode we are reviewing all the crazy churros at california adventure park! And there are SO MANY crazy churros at this park. It is incredible. Disney has so many creative churro concoctions.

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Kelli  0:05 
Hey there Disney fam. Welcome to another episode of the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. I’m Kelli and today we are at Disneyland technically we are a California Adventure in the Disneyland area, and I am going to be eating every churro in the park. So we’re going to start with just your basic churro. This is cinnamon sugar, no dipping sauce. We’re going to start with the original. See how that goes.

Kelli  0:37 
Let me just say I’m a huge churro fan. I’ve eaten a significant number of churros in my life. This one is not as warm as I would prefer. And I would actually say it’s maybe a little stale. So that’s a little bit disappointing. If I had a dipping sauce. I think it would be spot on. But you know what gives us a good baseline because the other churros are a bit. Let’s just say different. So I got high hopes for today. Next up, we have the caliente churro from Senor buzz’s cart. And so when we ordered this, the lady asked, Are you sure that you want the spicy cinnamon caliente churro? So let’s give this a go.

Kelli  1:57 
So I’m not a huge spice fan. But what I will say about this is I it doesn’t taste like spicy cinnamon to me. It’s just heat. It tastes like a regular churro with some heat. It’s not bad, but not gonna be in my top 10. Okay, our next churro comes from the Terran treats booth. And this is the coffee sweet spiral ration. It is a spiral churro that is green and definitely covered in sugar. And it is supposed to taste like pineapple. So let’s see how this that measures up.

Kelli  2:41 
This is the greenest churro that I’ve ever seen. So apparently a pineapple churros. Great. So let’s give this a go. Okay. That’s what it is like.

Kelli  3:05 
It’s like a green churro with pineapple with a pineapple zing sort of at the end. I don’t know if I’m here for it or not. But it’s not bad. It’s not bad. And it was more of a warm churro. So I give them Terran treats points for keeping these warm. So interesting. I don’t know if I’m recommending it or not, but I will say it’s an interesting churro if that’s your thing. Our next churro is the churro shake from Schmoozies. Now this one I am super excited about. I’ve seen this all over the gram. And it looks amazing. So I’m going to start with just eating one of these little baby churro that are stuck in my whipped cream. If you’ve ever had like cinnamon toast crunch cereal is very reminiscent of that just in churro form so here we go. Oh my goodness. It’s amazing. So good. So far, this is my favorite. You’re by far the best churro I’ve had all day. It is blazing hot here and nice cold cinnamon sugar milkshake with whipped cream and these little things on top.

Kelli  4:40 
I needed this. But I’m doing it for y’all. For y’all for the audience for Disney family. Get the shake. Okay, surprise. I thought this was a cracker, but here with all my little baby churros in the whipped cream, it’s not. It’s the churro covered toffee that they sell here. That is supposed to be amazing. So let’s give this a go.

Kelli  5:24 
Toffee covered in churros is a Revelation. Okay, y’all. The next stop on our churro Adventure around Disney’s California Adventure Park is in Hollywood land. This is the strawberry cheesecake churro. I’m going to say I’m pretty stuffed at this point. And we’re just now getting to what I would call the fun churros. We’re gonna see it’s like, a strawberry cheesecake.

Kelli  5:53 
Okay, so I will say it’s warm. It’s got sauce that is literally dripping off. So, so far, I’m going to say it looks solid. Right. So here we go. Good. So imagine like a strawberry jam with kind of a really light cream sauce. I wouldn’t call it liquid sugar. I would definitely call it cream sauce. And I think there’s still cinnamon sugar on this. It still has that churro base. But I believe it’s been dusted with cheese cake crust. Like the shortbread crust for cheesecake. Or graham cracker crust free cheesecake? I think so. It’s a little bit right here.

Kelli  7:09 
It’s warm. It has sauce. Good, man. Sure. I was like cotton candy. Right? This one’s good.

Kelli  7:22 
This one’s good. Hey, y’all, yet another churro here in California Adventure. This is the Fluffernutter churro. From Willie’s churro cart. As a Willie’s got something going here. I can already tell. I’m gonna love this. It has a marshmallow sauce, a peanut butter sauce and chocolate chips. It is warm to the touch. And they make these right when you ordered them like so I saw her drizzling the sauce and I was like yeah, okay, that’s gonna be that’s gonna be good. All right, so I got a good feeling about this one. But let’s go ahead and take a bite.

Kelli  8:19 
If a churro and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and baby. This would be it.

Kelli  8:30 
So good. Great. The marshmallow sauce is fantastic. The peanut butter sauce, everything about this is good. mini chocolate chips on a churro it’s a revelation. I love this so much.

Kelli  8:54 
Easily in the top two that I’ve had all day. Okay, y’all we are winding down our churro tour here in California venture today. This is the milk and cookies churro in the cars lane in the cone motel area. And it comes with this cream sauce. And the interwebs told me to get to so I did. So let’s give this a go. Yeah.

Kelli  9:46 
This is their take on an Oreo churros. So this is dusted with Oreos like I was supposed to have a light flavor of Oreos. And I’ll say that it does. It’s bright. It’s excellent. It’s definitely one The best sort of standalone churros that I’ve had today. I’ve already mentioned that I love sauce. So this is great. I love a nice creamy sweet sauce. This is excellent. It’s a solid churros. Is it in my top? Three? Probably not. Because I think more toppings are always better on ciera but it’s solid. It’s a good juror like if you’re craving a churro this one takes it next level. So I definitely recommend it. Y’all. This is the last show of the day. I have I’ve never been more excited to say that I’ve worked I love churros, churros, but I believe I’ve had eight today and that’s what four was enough. But here we have the smores cheero. Now this is from a booth over in the grizzly area Grizzly pass grizzly bear Grizzly mountains, I don’t really know. What I want you to see from this is that you can’t even see the churros. Lady cut it into three sections, and then smothered it in chocolate sauce, marshmallow sauce and tiny chocolate morsels. I thought she was finished. And then she took a spoonful of graham crackers and sprinkled that over the top and handed it to me and said Enjoy your churros. And so that’s what we’re going to do. But this one I’m going to try with a fork

Kelli  11:51 
Okay, last churro is a messy churro.

Kelli  12:16 
How could I still like another but I do this one’s great. So we have our we’re gonna rank much churro today. I’m gonna go with the ones that like really blew my socks off the ones that I can remember after having eight churros.

Kelli  12:33 
and that’s gonna be the churro milkshake from Schmoozies. The fluffernutter churro and then this S’mores churro. Strawberry Cheesecake churro was not my favorite the cookies and cream not my favorite. The the basic churro was slightly stale. The calorie intake churro was not my speed. But in any case, this one’s in the top three so we’re gonna go in fact isn’t the top two we’re gonna go Schmoozies Churro Shake, this S’Mores churro, and the fluffernutter as number three. I think the more sauce and the more chocolate and the more toppings you got, the better it is. So there you go people your tour of churros.

Chris  13:33 
So we have had a blast today doing this has been the best day and if you liked it, subscribe and ring that bell so that you get automatic notifications every time we release a video and there are more coming way more coming and if you want more of that please be sure to join us on the podcast every Monday morning. Visit us at or SCFADP on all the socials. We love Disney. We love y’all. And as usual, we’ll see you real soon.

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