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Making the Cheshire Cat Tail Snack at Cheshire Café in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Making Disney’s Cheshire Cat Tail Treat from the Cheshire Café at Magic Kingdom

In this video, we attempt to recreate the popular Chesire Cat Tail snack from Disney’s Magic Kingdom. We couldn’t find an “official” recipe, so this is a compilation of a few things we saw online and then some things we wanted to try! Our goal was to include 5 main ingredients: puff pastry, cinnamon roll dough, cinnamon/sugar, chocolate chips, and royal icing.

We halved this cinnamon roll dough recipe from Ree Drummond (as you can see in the video, I totally botched her instructions and we thought it all turned out fine!):

We used this recipe from Alton Brown for the royal icing:

And we used store-bought frozen puff pastry sheets for the ones where we included puff pastry.

Our verdict: Puff pastry + cinnamon/sugar + chocolate chips + royal icing make the perfect Cheshire Cat Tail from the Magic Kingdom! If you like a chewier version, use cinnamon roll dough on the bottom layer. Don’t skimp on the chocolate chips or the cinnamon/sugar!

Disney’s Cheshire Cat Tail Snack at Cheshire Café at the Magic Kingdom
Our homemade version of the Cheshire Cat Tail Treat from the Magic Kingdom

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