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Ronto Wrap Showdown at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge

Lunch at Disneyland? Yes please! But not just any lunch. This is a Ronto Wrap Showdown!! It’s hard to beat the champ, the OG Ronto Wrap at Ronto Roasters at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. But the newcomer, the upstart Plant Based Ronto Wrap is making a serious run at the throne.

Who will come out on top in this Showdown to see with Ronto Wrap is the best.

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Chris  0:08 
Hey, Disney fam, welcome to another episode of supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. I’m Chris. And today, we’re going to be finding out which ronto rap is best, the original or the Vegan. Let’s get ready to rumble.

Chris  0:31 
First, the traditional one here, you probably know this is a nice little weenie there with some roasted pork under here, and some small. Right all wrapped up in this wonderful little feet. So there we go. I get this all the time, because I love it. It’s great. The weenie is almost like a hot link, pork is very tender. And there’s some acidity with that Slaw and everything, which is really great. This particular one is a little stale. So we’re going to consume this whole thing. That’s not gonna detract too much. It’s delicious. It always is. Okay, the next one is the ronto less ronto wrap meaning that this is some sort of a plant based sausage here. He’s got some, some slaw that looks a little, you know, like it’s got more involved in the small on the regular run through regular regular South Carolina. But we’re gonna give this a try. You know, I’m very much a carnivore. But I have a lot of respect for the meatless meats that are coming out with so…

Chris  2:22 
Totally different texture, obviously, they’re just not the same. But it is a delicious little morsel in there, a plant-based meaty morsel. There’s a real spice, like I can feel level spice with their slaw. I really love that Disney took the effort to create a different slaw for each ronto wrap. Man, it’s all in the details. This is delicious. If you went up to most people and told them that it was entirely plant based and would not believe they think they gave me the wrong thing to counter. It’s, it’s wonderful.

Chris  3:03 
Okay, so I, I am, I am very much partial to the original ronto. This I would get this just as often as I get the original. But I really do like as a meat eater that I am I do love them. In particular. I like hotlinks we don’t get them a lot and have them in this sandwich is wonderful. And so I’m gonna go with the original.

Chris  3:33 
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