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Disney News (6/2) – An AI-Generated Disney vacation, and the NEW Doctor Who!

Episode 8

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In this week’s episode, Kelli uses ChatGPT to plan a five-day WDW vacation for two adults who focus on food and a family of four with toddlers who focus on experiences. The results are interesting! Chris gives us an update and raises some important questions about the new Doctor Who!

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Show Notes:

  • Tomorrowland
    • AI builds a schedule
  • World Showcase
    • We are talking about the new Doctor today. Doctor Who?, you ask. Exactly I say.
    • When it was announced that Disney was going to join the DW party, we did a segment that kind of scratched the surface of explaining DW.
    • But now that Ncuti Gatwa has a few episodes under his belt, I think it’s a good time to revisit and discuss what we know and what we don’t.
  • Who is the Doctor? Does he even know?
    • Jodie Whitaker’s 13th Doctor effectively re-wrote the lore/history of the Doctor.
    • In the epidose “The Timeless Child” we learn that a child was found by a Galifreyan scientist near a glactic monument. When the child suffered a deadly injury but then regenerated, she began to experiment on the child, ultimately giving the ability to regenerate to all Galifreyans.
    • This Doctor has now refered to himself as adopted multiple times.
    • We also learned from 13 that the Doctor likely had a number of lives/regenerations, before the one we and he are aware of the launched in 1963.
    • So, much of the lore that we are familiar with (that the doctor is the last of the time lords, that he’s galifreyan, is now open to new direction.
  • What are the full effects of the Bigeneration, having split his soul?
    • Is this Doctor operating outside the show? Outside the 4th wall.
  • Who is Ruby Sunday? Is she even human?
    • She makes it snow.
    • She seems able to defy the laws of time and physics, albeit unbeknownst to her.
    • The Tardis seems to have some issues traveling with Ruby.
  • Who is the Pantheon?
    • The Toymaker is a member.
    • Meastro is a member.
    • Is it the Trickster?
    • These are more supernatural, fantastical, villains than alien. And they were possibly released by 14 when he and Donna Noble recently visited the edge of the universe and the Doctor invoked a superstition. It was a throw-away comment, but Tennant did seem to wish he hadn’t done that.
  • Who is Ms. Flood? Who is Susan Twist?
    • Is one of them the one who waits? 

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Episode 8