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BONUS Disney Food Review: Catal Restaurant at Downtown Disney

During our recent trip to California, we were excited to spend “non-park” evenings in Downtown Disney. So what better way to celebrate than recording a Downtown Disney Restaurant Review! Specifically, we enjoyed a wonderful evening at Catal Restaurant.

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Kelli  0:04 
Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. We’re here tonight in Downtown Disney where we’re gonna be having dinner at Catal, which we’re super excited about. So come on, let’s get in there.

Chris  0:23 
So tonight we’re eating at qatal at the Downtown Disney district of Disneyland Resort is very cool. It’s like there’s like a mini tries Disney Springs, and a lot of great offerings, some of the same ones. But we’re here at Catal, and this a Patina Group restaurant. So if that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s also the same restaurant group that runs Maria and Enzo’s and Enzo’s hideaway, they run tutto Italia and I think they’re gonna actually handle Space 220 don’t quote me on that.

Kelli  0:58 
Okay, so we’ve ordered an appetizer we went with the roasted cauliflower. Now this is tahini, sumac, smoked almonds, golden raisins, sesame seeds and parsley. This is vegetarian and gluten free. So we’re going to give this a go.

Kelli  1:35 
That’s like a flavor explosion. I did not see that coming through. It is roasted. beautifully. I can I can taste the roasting I could taste the raisins. Little tiny bit of spice. The tahini is smooth and soft. It tastes like it was just freshly grilled in the backyard. I guess that that kind of a roasted taste. I love this. I could eat this entire bowl. I’ve ordered their barrel aged Mai Tai. This is aged in oak casks, here on site So this ought to be interesting. I’ve never seen a mai tai that looks like this.

Kelli  2:17 
Oh my gosh. That’s the best mai tai I’ve ever had. It is the perfect blend of citrus and sweet. I feel like I just tasted the Hawaiian Islands. This is the best Mai Tai I’ve had outside of Maui.

Chris  2:42 
So at the top I went with the traditional paella, I love paella but I haven’t had it in four years, I think when we went on a trip to St. Lucia. So I am super excited to try this because it looks amazing. And it’s chock a block full of mussels and shrimp and clams. Chicken in this zesty looking rice. I’m excited to try it.

Chris  3:23 
So good. So I got some chickens and a little bit of bed of rice all just to soak up this amazing. Not spicy, but like warming sauce is delicious. I can’t wait to finish this.

Kelli  3:48 
So fun fact, I have actually never had paella because it’s got seafood and meat and other things I don’t eat. But on this menu Catal they have a vegetarian paella. Yeah. So for the first time in my life, I’m gonna get to try paella, which I’m pretty excited about. Now, I don’t know what paella is supposed to taste like. So let’s give this a go.

Kelli  4:29 
So just the other night we’re watching beat Bobby Flay. And the contestant wanted him to make this type of a dish essentially using these little these little little bits of noodles that are roasted and then cooked and that’s what this is. Like I can totally see these noodles, roasted and then I’ll do okay, so it’s not rice. It’s not your traditional rice. I’m going to assume this is vegetarian and gluten free. So this is not your traditional rice. It’s some type of a noodle with veggies in there. I see peas I see broccolini I see carrots and some long potatoes. This is great.

Kelli  5:22 
Again, I’ve got no base. I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like. what it tastes like is a really warm comfort food for vegetarians. I would love it I would totally get this again.

Chris  5:36 
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Kelli  5:49 
Also, if you like more things Disney please visit also join us at SCFADP on all the socials. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, all the social media, we’re out there. And if you enjoyed this, please be sure to join us each Monday morning on our podcast, the supercalifragilistic Awesome Disney podcast. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts. We love Disney. We love y’all. And with that we will see you real soon.

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