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BONUS Video: Disney’s Family of Wineries Wine Tasting – Chardonnays

Do you love wine reviews and tasting? Do you love Disney? In this episode, we combine both of those awesome conversations starters into the second of our series on the Disney Family Wineries. We are focusing on the wine that you will find at Alfresco Tasting Terrace at Disney’s California Adventure park.

In this video, we are tasting three chardonnays.
Don’t forget to check out the first video in t his wine tasting series when we reviewed three Pinot Noirs.

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Chris  0:21 
Hey Disney fam, this is Chris.

Kelli  0:23 
And I’m Kelli, from the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast and we’re here with another Disney family of wines review.

Chris  0:32 
That’s right. This time, we’re going to be trying out the Chardonnays that are on the menu at Alfresco tasting terrace at Disneyland California Adventure Park.

Kelli  0:42 
So first up, we’re going to try the goji wine, which is nicknamed Goldie. Kurt Russell is the winemaker in charge of this wine. Do you say that in charge of this wine?

Chris  0:52 
I don’t think that’s how we say it.

Kelli  0:54 
He’s technically the apprentice at this winery. And he names the wines that he creates after his family members and we know Kurt Russell has a long lasting love for Goldie Hawn. I have a long lasting love for Chardonnay. So I’m very thoughtful about this.

Chris  1:10 
We love a buttery smooth Chardonnay, very buttery Chardonnay This one is described as fresh, crisp and fun.

Kelli  1:18 
Very much like Goldie. right but that does worry me a little that we might not like it.

Chris  1:30 
But I’m smelling apples smelling apples people smelling apples.

Kelli  1:36 
You know what it’s not. Look, I don’t want to say this. This is gonna sound bad. I was gonna say it’s not bad. I think I went into thinking that it was going to be too fruity too tart. Too tangy for me. But there’s definitely a strong hint of butter there. It’s not too sweet. Okay, you don’t like it?

Chris  1:57 
I’m not a great fan of of this one.

Kelli  2:00 
I’m so sorry. Goldie we love you. Maybe misses the mark if you’re looking for a buttery Chardonnay.

Chris  2:08 
Listen. Coming off is very elitist here. There’s, there’s everybody’s got a taste for some kind of wine. It’s a great Chardonnay you’re gonna beautiful somebody out there is gonna love this. And a and part of the proceeds of these go to Goldie’s Minds Up program, which benefits children’s mental health, which is great.

Kelli  2:29 
That’s fantastic. Yeah, that’s lovely.

Kelli  2:50 
Next up is the Frank family vineyards, Chardonnay. Now I have to say already, I love Richard Frank. He was the Disney Studios president from 1985 to 1994. His tasting room at the at the vineyard is chock a block full of Disney memorabilia. But the reason I love Richard Frank is because he gives you no marketing puffery on the back of his label, we have no idea what to expect with this one.

Chris  3:14 
I mean, 85 to 94 that was some of the best Disney movies ever.

Kelli  3:19 
I mean, technically, the Disney movies, the animated films that were made in the early 90s, the women’s spoke less than those films, than they spoke in the 50s. And that’s research. I mean, there’s data to show that.

Chris  3:39 
I like it better.

Kelli  3:41 
It’s so interesting. I don’t get a fruity taste. It’s a little bit more buttery. But I would almost say cinnamon, maybe Yeah, for some kind of an an all spices, cinnamon, there’s something like that in there that you can definitely taste along with the buttery taste.

Chris  4:20 
Okay, so onto the last one. The Skywalker Sommita Chardonnay. High hopes for it.

Kelli  4:27 
Gotta be the most expensive of three for sure. One of the things I will say is it’s definitely yellower and it has a deeper color than the others that we’ve tried. So that’s interesting. But also something else I would like to point out if you watch our Pinot Noir video, where we mentioned that the Sommita carefully blended the nuances of atmosphere, Earth and elevation. Well, so does the Chardonnay. I mean if you’re going to phone in the marketing ploy don’t even try. I mean the least you could have done was blend sea and sky.

Chris  5:03 
I don’t know what’s got her so fired up tonight. So hey, let’s see what it tastes like.

Kelli  5:14 
We need to use these glasses more.

Chris  5:19 
Wow. That tastes like Dagoba swamp water.

Kelli  5:25 
I will give you that. It does. I don’t like it. Sommita Chardonnay is really fruity. Now look if that’s your thing, the more power to you man, all God’s children, but I’m just saying, it’s not for me.

Chris  5:38 
I have to say, I don’t dislike it. But it is very fruity. It is. Honestly, it almost tastes like a hard apple cider.

Kelli  5:49 
I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not atmosphere, earth and sky.

Chris  5:53 
But seriously, Wow, you really don’t like it for it. I really don’t want it. Okay, way too fruity for me. Make sure you drink something.

Kelli  6:07 
So look, y’all we got one more of these videos left and it’s like a red blend category. But if you want more of whatever this was the make sure you like and subscribe. Make that little bell ring. Makes us super happy. Yeah. And follow us on all the socials.

Chris  6:27 
Yep. SCFADP on all the social medias. And go check out our podcast that releases every Monday. It’s about 30 minutes long. Totally different from this. Yeah, totally different format. And we have a lot of fun on it.

Kelli  6:40 
We love Disney. We love y’all.

Chris  6:42 
And with that we will see you real soon.

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