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BONUS Video: Top 10 Places to get Ice Cream At Disney World

Nothing beats ice cream on a hot day. How can you make it even better? Ice Cream on a hot day at Disney World. In today’s episode, we will share with you the very best Disney World places for ice cream! On your next trip to Walt Disney World, make sure your stop for ice cream is the best it can be.

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Kelli  0:08 
Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:14 
And I’m Chris. And today we’re going to be talking about the top 10 places for you to get ice cream at Walt Disney World.

Kelli  0:21 
That’s right. Because it is July and it is hot. That’s right. Hot, hot, hot. But more importantly, July the 16th is National ice cream day. And if you’re in Disney World, you need to celebrate.

Chris  0:31 
Okay, so these are in no particular order because all ice cream is good ice cream. But the first on our list is the beaches and cream soda shop at the beach club resort over near Epcot.

Kelli  0:43 

Chris  0:44 
this place is the quintessential ice cream parlor. It’s a must have for a lot of people. And one of the big draws is the kitchen sink Sundae. This thing has five different different types of ice cream and every topping they have every topping in the store. They put on this thing and they literally serve it in a container that looks like a kitchen sink. Done.

Kelli  1:09 
With straws and spoons. They also have what is probably the most instagrammable ice cream at the parks. And it’s whatever their specialty shake is. So these shakes come in like a mason jar glass with whipped cream on top and then some type of pastry, like a brownie a cupcake, an entire slice of like a cake with sprinkles around the top whipped cream and then some type of pastry. It’s massive, massive.

Chris  1:38 
But you need it. And lastly, beaches and cream they do have a milkshake for adults is their smores milkshake and it’s exactly what you might think, on overload. You’ve got vanilla ice cream, you’ve got chocolate sauce, you’ve got graham crackers, you’ve got marshmallows, but for the adults, they toss a little bit of alcohol in there, which just sets it off.

Kelli  1:57 
Yes. Next up is a classic. And there’s two places you can get this classic at the Aloha aisle at Magic Kingdom or at the pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian resort. And so this classic naturally is the dole whip. Now I personally recommend the dole whip float. They have a lot of specialty flows, they have a Kakamora Float with like a little cake pop.

Chris  2:19 
So we’re still in the Magic Kingdom for another classic ice cream stop. This is the plaza ice cream parlor right there on Main Street. What sets this place off is its simplicity. Just go in there for your regular ice cream sundae with hot fudge whipped cream a cherry. But what really sets this off? Is that freshly made waffle bowl that they serve it in.

Kelli  2:41 
Oh goodness, yeah.

Chris  2:42 
Everybody loves your traditional Sunday, but you put it in a waffle bowl.

Kelli  2:45 
A freshly made waffle bowl. And that’s the smell. That’s the smell that’s like wafting out as you walk down Main Street. You don’t want to miss this man. Classic, and it is so good. Now we’re gonna move on to Hollywood studios, this time for a treat that I think is perfect when you’re waiting for fantasmic or the beauty and the beast show. This is right across the street from fantasmic at Hollywood scoops. You can get an ice cream sandwich. These cookies are like this. And then they put several scoops of ice cream between them. This thing is massive and it’s an amazing value for less than $5.

Chris  3:20 
Absolutely right. So we’re gonna stay at Hollywood studios and go to a place that most people probably don’t think about when you think of ice cream at Walt Disney World. But it’s one of my favorite restaurants is the sci fi dine in theater. You go here you have your meal and it’s great setting, but then you finish it off with a glazed donut. Cinnamon apples, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Kelli  3:44 
Oh my goodness. And go ahead and get you one of those milkshakes they have too.

Chris  3:49 
They are famous for the milkshake.

Kelli  3:51 
Amazing milkshakes, and they serve it in the big metal cups so that you basically get two for the price of one right? I mean, let’s be honest. Just don’t get the dinner and get the donut with the milkshake. And now Hey, you might say Guess what? I’m vegan. I can’t have a milkshake. You can they have a vegan milkshake there? So shout out to sci fi dine in for the vegan milkshake. Now we’re going to scoot on over to Epcot and visit Italy in the world showcase. They have a new stand there called the gelateria Toscana, where you can get it in waffle cones and cups and floats. What you want to look out for is the section on the menu called creations. That’s where you’re going to find things like gelato mixed with espresso, maybe mixed with some liquors. Have some fun. This gelateria man because they’re doing it up right.

Chris  4:40 
From Italy in Epcot, we’re going to scoot over to France for what might be the best place for ice cream and all of Walt Disney World. Yes. And we’re gonna try to say it. Go for it. L’Artisan des Glaces.

Kelli  4:55 
I think that’s great. I was gonna say L’Artisan des Glaces.

Chris  5:00 
It’s the ice cream shop in France. The first thing you got to get at this place is the ice cream Martini. This is two scoops with a shot of liquor.

Kelli  5:09 
I got three words for you. Whipped cream vodka. Next up is the Macaron ice cream sandwich is what I got on my ears here. And it is exactly what it sounds like. It is two massive macarons with ice cream in the middle of it. OMG, this thing is to die for.

Chris  5:29 
Chocolate and some other flavor?

Kelli  5:30 
Normally a seasonal flavor. The one I see on Instagram is almost always strawberry.

Chris  5:35 
Lastly, is the croque glace, this is a scoop of ice cream, and your choice of sauce inside of a sweet brioche pressed warm.

Kelli  5:47 
I think I just blacked out for a second.

Chris  5:49 
But seriously, man, this is an ice cream sandwich on the next level.

Kelli  5:55 
And let me just be honest, you need all three of these things at the shop.

Chris  5:59 
Only if you want to be happy.

Kelli  6:00 
So don’t think I’ve got to pick one or the other. No, no, get all three, get all three and then you can do them all and then leave and step out of the crepe booth and get yourself a crepe with some ice cream in it. And I highly recommend you tell them to just drizzle a little chocolate over it too. Yeah, for sure. Winning. Don’t mess this up. Don’t mess it up. Now we’re going to hit up Animal Kingdom. And I gotta say I think Animal Kingdom is the hottest of the parks for some reason. And there’s only one little ice cream truck is the Anandupur ice cream truck over near Everest and on a hot day that line is long because this is another good value. You’re getting strawberry and vanilla ice cream swirled in a blue tinted white chocolate waffle cone.

Chris  6:46 
So what she just described was the mighty mist soft serve, but don’t miss out on all the other flavors and concoctions that will come out of this food truck.

Kelli  6:54 
I’ve seen some with like worms coming in dirt. They also have floats. Don’t Don’t sleep on this ice cream truck. It’s what you needed Animal Kingdom.

Chris  7:04 
Okay, now we’re headed to Disney Springs don’t sleep on Disney Springs. There’s lots of great things to enjoy there.

Kelli  7:09 
It’s hot there too.

Chris  7:10 
It’s still in Florida.

Chris  7:13 
So the first place to hit up at Disney Springs is Aristocrepes. Specifically, Aristocrepes sells the special what they call bubble waffles. These things look super cool. They’re exactly what you think they are in your brain. You just can’t believe they’re making it and then they stop it with all kinds of ice cream and sauces and toppings to meet your pleasure. Right? So it’s like a cone like a waffle that’s turned into a big bubble cone.

Kelli  7:41 
Just stuffed with ice cream goodness. So good. Okay, we’re still in Disney Springs. You don’t want to miss the voli ill gelato, the flavors, the options. Oh my goodness, their menu goes on for days. If you like gelato, this is where you go but I’ve got one word for you bombalotto. Now they have several of these but I’m going to describe just one for you so you get the idea. The butter pecan bomba lotto, so this is going to be butter pecan gelato, caramel sauce, and candied pecans inside a warm Italian donut.

Chris  8:26 
I just got diabeetus. Lastly, honorable mention here don’t sleep on boardwalk ice cream. This replaced ample hills Creamery at Disney’s boardwalk resort. We love boardwalk resort, so this place couldn’t possibly be bad.

Kelli  8:43 
All right, Disney fam. You know what to do? Go get yourself some ice cream. Wow. But also love is if you leave a comment below telling us which of these is your favorite. We couldn’t rank them one through 10 and there are some other options out there too. So we would love to hear what your favorite is. And while you’re at it, go ahead and like and subscribe this video.

Chris  9:01 
And don’t forget to join us on all the social medias, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you can find us on all those locations at SCFADP. And if you like whatever this was, go check out our podcast. It comes out every week on Monday mornings, and you can find us wherever you like to get podcasts from.

Kelli  9:20 
That’s right. We love Disney. We love y’all and when that we will see you real soon.

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