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BONUS Video: Trader Sams (Disneyland) Enchanted Tiki Room Review!

It has been a dream of ours to experience the amazingness of Trader Sams (Disneyland) Enchanted Tiki Room. We finally got to do just that this summer. It did not disappoint. Technically, we spent the evening at Tongaroa Terrace Tropical Bar and Grill, which sits adjacent to the oh-so-charming (and tiny) Trader Sams Enchanted Tiki Room.

It must be said that this little oasis around the Disneyland Hotel is truly wonderful. It would be so easy to hang out here ALL NIGHT (which we almost did).

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Kelli  0:07 
Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Tonight. We are at the Disneyland Resort at Trader Sam’s. We are super excited about this. If you listen to the podcast you heard my episode on tomorrow and on Twitter Sam’s just a couple of weeks ago. We are super excited about this. We’re getting food, drinks, souvenir mugs, and we’re here just as the sun goes down. All right, come on. Let’s check it out.

Kelli  0:35 
Okay, so first, we start with drinks. I got the Hippopota Mai Tai in this new lovely souvenir mug. Because frankly, when they say would you like the souvenir mug? The answer is always Yes. But these are really nice. It’s very heavy, glassy mug. So if you look at some of our previous videos, we tried to make the Hippopota Mai Tai at home and it turned out great, but I really wanted to try the original. So this has two different types of rum, orange Curacao, agave nectar. And Okay, so let’s give this a go.

Kelli  1:18 
It’s fantastic. Very citrusy. I’ve gotten definitely taste the orange Curacao and the lime juice. They’re both very citrusy. Let me stir it up a little bit…and get the rum. It’s a good solid strong drink. I mean, they didn’t skimp on this and I’m loving it.

Chris  1:38 
I ordered a trader Sam’s the shipwreck on the rocks. Okay, also with the souvenir mug here which is a really cool trader Sams barrel. Awesome, very heavy, very cold. Almost like it’s like it was kiln fired clay or something. And this is basically Maker’s Mark bourbon with agave nectar and muddled lemon and mint. You know, we talked about muddled stuff all the time. We don’t muddle enough. There we go. Holy baloney this is definitely Maker’s Mark forward. Beyond the Maker’s Mark, you can really taste them it. So this is a very interesting drink. I don’t know that I get it all the time. I’m probably gonna get something a little lighter so that I can drive home but this is very good. Very interesting taste.

Kelli  2:41 
Next up is the Rongo salad. This essentially the only vegetarian option on the menu but I’m totally here for it. It is marinated tofu and a fermented miso vinagrette. But here’s something that’s really cool there are actual flower petals in the salad, which I’m super excited about. I love a dish with edible flowers.

Kelli  3:19 
Really mild. really mild. definitely get the new miso taste and didn’t taste the flower and honestly eat flower too happens. No taste. I’m totally here with the edible flower. It a really light Asian plate there. Sesame seeds. There’s edamame a there’s tomatoes. There’s Iceberg lettuce. I’m here for it’s a very light Asian dish, which is what I wanted tonight. So I’m for trader Sam’s. Thanks for the vegetarian option Sam!

Chris  3:55 
We also ordered from Trader Sam’s the half pound Hawaiian burger. So this is a nice big half pound of meat with a pineapple on it. And so normally comes with butter lettuce and tomato onions. I’m not into putting salads on my burger, so here we go.

Chris  4:28 
Nice, sweet, big fat juicy burger. Really good. Closeness, like they’re telling you that pineapple actually has a teriyaki glaze on it, which is a really interesting thing I know it’s only a once a year thing, but a nice, soft, fresh baked fresh but absolutely wonderful. By the way. This has also served with delicious sauce. So highly recommend this. This is on the appetizer menu. This is a meal. This is not an appetizer. So next thing our group here at traders has also ordered the the wings that are on the appetizer menu. Beautiful little crunchy Hawaiian wings. Looks like they’re cooked well done with sesame seed on there. No skimp on the sauce. I’ve never eaten wings on camera before, but here we go.

Chris  5:32 
They just nailed it sweet and spicy wings. They are they’re very, there’s some sort of other flavor in there and a smoky smoky flavor and they’re crunchy but tender on the inside comes right away from the bone. Delicious. These are also served with a spicy aoli the same sort of alien that comes on the burger. Delicious, just delicious. Sort of like a Korean wing if you’ve ever had those. Very tasty. Nice and sticky. Everything on the menu is an appetizer here tangaroa Terrace, and Trader Sam’s. And so we ate our meals. We decided we wanted something else too. So we ordered the panko crusted long beans. They look amazing, because we saw other people eating them and I want to eat that too. I want to go to there. And it served with the same sort of aoili. The wings come with them around the Hawaiian burger. So there we go.

Chris  6:45 
Yeah. That is really good. So these beans are really thin. So that and long so the surface area for that delicious breading. You get a lot of that. This is a cross between an onion ring and a zucchini stick for something that is really delightful. And feels lighter than eating say a mozzarella stick or something. So I highly recommend these are delicious.

Kelli  7:15 
Okay, so drink number two. I’m having the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki rum. And this is really cute. I will say they don’t sell this in a souvenir mug. Okay, we’re having to get a second souvenir mug from previous beverage to have a full set. But this is some rum. I think like a cream type thing. There’s some nutmeg and cinnamon on top. I’m not real sure. But hey, I needed to say the name to a waitress.

Kelli  7:48 
That’s delightful. That tastes like a pina colada that’s not frozen. Very pineapple. Very coconutty very Rumy very Nutmegy. I’m here for it. This is fantastic. tiki torches. A pole. Three lights in the tree bar behind me. Tiki ramen. So way to go.

Chris  8:11 
Okay, drink number two for me because we’re just having a ball collecting souvenir mugs here. We just found that we can buy a D23 Pirana souvenir mug and we’re taking that home. I ordered the zombie. This is the one that was recently named change. Rightly So. So here’s the zombie. Okay, comes in this awesome zombie souvenir mug. super creepy. So this thing has three different types of rums I can’t remember them all one of the Appleton reserve, one of the Hamilton 151 rum and there’s a Bacardi, a cello reserver, rum, tropical juices, and cinnamon. Just to be fascinating. It also comes with an Orange and cherry. This is there’s a lot going on in here. So here we go.

Chris  9:18 
Oh man, that’s good. It’s a little bit spicy, and cinnamon and the tropical juices. But then there’s this little rum feeling right down here that we all love about rum. So I do not use three rums in this thing. The problem problem with this one is that this one can be eliminated within 30 seconds, which is going to cause a problem for your party that you’re with if you drink this in 30 seconds, but it’s delicious. We hope you enjoyed this review of Trader Sams much as we enjoyed being here, if you did, please like and subscribe so you get automatic notifications of new videos which are coming rapidly this summer. Don’t forget you can also follow us on all the social medias and stuff Facebook Twitter at SCFADP. And don’t forget this either. We have a podcast that comes out late Sunday night every single week, downloads automatically on Monday morning. Join us for all the conversation there too. We love Disney. We love y’all. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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