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Disney Food Review: The Best Disneyland Snacks!

You LOVE snacks. We LOVE snacks. And frankly, Disney knows this about all of us. That’s why they continue to put so much effort into providing some of the best snacks you can get in a theme park (or anywhere else).

So today, we are reviewing the best disneyland snacks! Enjoy the moment at the end when we are clearly defeated by the sun and the food.

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Chris  0:02 
Hey Disney fam. Welcome to another episode of supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. I’m Chris. And today we are so excited because I’m going to be trying all of the most popular and unique snacks at Disneyland Park in California. Let’s go.

Kelli  0:20 
This is the cold brew black cap. So it’s cold brew coffee topped with sweet cream cheese. And what they say are chocolate puffs. I’m here to tell you all these are cocoa puffs. Let’s give this a go. Everybody online is saying that saying that it’s topped with sweet cream cheese is a little bit misleading because it doesn’t taste like cream cheese. And I agree. It just tastes like cream. So a sweet sweet cream not a sweet cream cheese with the cocoa puffs I’m gonna try to get another sip with a puff.

Kelli  1:06 
My concern is that the puffs are going to get a little bit soggy. You want it to almost be like a boba ball so that you can enjoy it all the way to the end. I like the crunch. I like the cream I’m a huge coffee fan. So how I get it’s definitely different. So well done again docking bay seven.

Chris  1:25 
Next on our snack tour of Disneyland is really the French market over here in the New Orleans Square area. So we’re going to go with a mint julep in a very creepy looking but delicious looking Haunted Mansion wedding cake. Look at all that blood splatter. So the julep first.

Chris  1:53 
So good is exactly what you want on a day like today. It is it is really like the lightest lemonade you’ve ever had. Because this is a non alcoholic julep and it is so like it’s just a touch of sweetness. It’s a touch of mint a little bit of lemon. It’s delicious. Okay, so the next stop is the Haunted Mansion wedding cake. So this looks like a white cake consuming of butter cream or cream cheese icing. Definitely butter cream. And whatever all this is blood and guts are.

Chris  2:46 
scary. Thing is so good. Is this moist cake. This tanginess of these cherries just really are perfectly fine. So the next step on our snack tour of Disneyland is the warm Mickey beignet. From the mint julep bar. So still here in New Orleans Square. You might remember if you’ve seen our video, we tried to make these. They were delicious. I’m very excited to see what the real thing tastes like.

Chris  3:29 
wonderful little dough ball.

Chris  3:36 
Trademark signature of a beignet is very puffy. Actually, it’s a perfect beignet. Okay, so the next stop on the snack tour around Disneyland is tropical hideaway, every adventure land where they are serving a pineapple splint Sunday. Okay, so fine apples, too. You can get up to two types of dough. Well, you can get the classic pineapple dough lip here. And we also went with raspberry. This thing’s got gummies on and he’s got lacerated strawberries, blueberries, coconut, it’s got mandarin oranges over here and even has like dried banana chips in it. So pretty excited about this. Just going to some raspberry here was mango some strawberry

Chris  4:46 
Super tangy. Super refreshing. But he hit something that I love and ice cream or ice cream adjacent type foods. Yes, I love different textures in there. So you’re eating this and you don’t expect crunch on those banana chips which is very pleasant. So it’s a little bit expensive and almost $30 with this lovely Jungle Cruise boat that you can get with it. But I’d say on a day like today where it’s almost 90 degrees and you’re on your feet all day, this is a worthy worthy excuse to get off your feet and have something called so next we have the tiger tail from bingo barbecue. So there we go. This is a big massive breadstick with some 30 some cheese that has been grilled right on top of their split this guy up and see what we got on the inside. I don’t know is that just a luscious little brioche there?

Chris  5:50 
This tastes like focaccia. It’s got the italian herbs in there. My cohort here Kelli says that it should come with a salsa dip. She’s dead on. Something that compliment a compliment, but it’s a focaccia, that’s what it is. You definitely need something to take some of that dryness away. Okay, we’re still hitting that bengal barbecue with our next thing here. This is the jungle zoo. oses non alcoholic, and it mixes a lot of different juices, everything from Orange guava, great a whole bunch of things. And that sort of slushy form here, which again, it’s going to be perfect on a day like today.

Chris  6:50 
Grape juice is underrated in these areas, I think and is welcome here. I like it. It’s a great slushie except there’s a very citrusy get right in the hand. Very nice though. I love it. So lots of sweets. We’ve hit today on the snacks. I’m ready for something savory. Right there in the tropical hideaway where you can get that that don’t split pineapple split. They’re selling a whole range of barebones. And so this one is the Mako local bail bond. It is a just a little morsel of dough here filled with spice VM, ground beef egg, and they gave you a mushroom gravy to go with it. I am so excited about this.

Chris  7:57 
As good as good it’s really distinctly tasted everything that burger and a spice ham that you can think is mostly just a binary you don’t get a lot of taste of that in here. But then this little deli package is wrapped in so satisfying the need and this is the one of the bell button area of tropical hideaway. Do not sleep on it lots of options over there. So we’re rocking and rolling through our snacks tour of Disneyland. I don’t know that I’m going to make it through the day. But our latest stop here is a jolly holiday right on Main Street here. And we just had to try the raspberry rose Mickey Makarov which is coming apart in my hands. This thing is very delicate I can tell it’s got some sort of raspberry cream in there and legit whole raspberry. There we go.

Chris  9:03 
Never had a more raspberry or macaroon. And I grown is really soft and delicate. Just like you want a macaroni to be falling apart a little bit might just be from the size or my club hands maybe. But I was a little bit worried about the the texture of the raspberries blending in with everything else. I was wrong. It’s wonderful. And this cream just brings it all together. It’s delicious.

Chris  9:40 
Okay, next is the Matterhorn macaroon. This looks great. It looks like a maybe a coconut macaroon with some some denoble frosting on top. I don’t really know where to start eating it. But I’m just going to take the top Right off. It’s chewy on the inside cookie. It’s what it tastes like feels like but it is not to sleep, which I love. A little bit worried about that. A lot of cheese but not hard, just very chewy, which is I like the I like Glenfield. Want to go to the bottom down here? Especially soft bake sugar cookie with a little hint of coconut. For $2.99 This is the best deal in the bar for $2.99 out what can you get at Disney for $2.99 this because we’re apparently on the hunt to give me diabetes today. We’re now going for the 66th anniversary cupcake. Available at jolly holiday. So the first thing I think we’re going to do is we’re gonna take this little chocolate top off, and we’re gonna eat that because I love that.

Chris  11:28 
Chocolate. It’s delightful.

Chris  11:44 
Soft, smooth. It is so good. Okay, so upon further review this icing up here. It’s not just butter cream. It also has some cream cheese flair going on in there. And it gives it a really nice Tang. There. Okay, so let’s see what this thing looks like on the inside.

Chris  12:13 
Is that gray stuff? Does this have gray stuff in the middle? Oh, gee. You’ve seen Oh, yeah. That is great stuff. And it’s delicious. Oh, gosh. It’s fine. Fine. Fine. I rescued it. Alright, we’re gonna just try some of the cake here. Just destroying this cake. Okay, it’s all good. all God’s children as a dark chocolate fudge cake. And it is mysterious. Delicious. Good. Okay. I’m so thankful that now on the snack tour, we’re going to something savory, because I’m just about this, you know, my teeth are rotting out. So we went over to the little red wagon because they had something very interesting over there. They had these hand dipped corndogs but with some I can’t believe they’re coming out of my mouth. Ketchup bacon. I love ketchup. It’s really just all foods are just a delivery mechanism for ketchup. And I was thinking like, why have we never thought about putting these together before? This is definitely a hand dipped corndog because it might be the ugliest corndog I’ve ever seen. But that’s okay. You know we do not discriminate against corndogs maybe a little overdone but we’re going to go after it Here we go.

Chris  13:51 
Good. I don’t know if it’s Nathan’s or what but is it good? Okay. As you can see lots and lots of breading. Now we’re gonna try it with the ketchup, bacon ketchup.

Chris  14:40 
So that effectively tastes like 1000 island with some bacon and I’ve never thought about putting 1000 on my corn dog. But it’s great. If I can just narrow down these flavors a little bit.

Chris  14:59 
Maybe a little bit more like vinegar in there. That’s not what I’m here for. I’m good. Hey, Disney fam. We continue insanely on this tour of snacks in Disneyland Park, which I’ll tell you something about the snack options because we’re not even hitting them all. But we could not pass this one up. This is the gray stuff get from the red rose Tavern and fantasy land. This appears from the outside to be a big huge swirl of gray stuff on a shortbread cookie. I think there’s a cake inside here. So I’m just gonna taste the gray stuff, you know, do my due diligence here.

Chris  15:51 
scrapes cookies and cream, butter cream. I mean, that’s all the words you need. So I’m gonna cut this thing over.

Chris  16:14 
As you can see, there is a sweet little heart of red velvet cake is what it looks like in there. And the whole thing sits on top of a pretty crispy there, shortbread cookie But okay, he came away. That’s good. So, I’m just going to do this number. Get a little bit of cookie, a little bit of gray stuff. And a little bit of cake all together to make that happen.

Chris  16:53 
I don’t know if you guys remember, but I had these all the time growing up. little butter shortbread cookies that were like hearts. They had a hole in the center. We put one on everything in here like that. That’s what the shortbread cookie on the bottom of this tastes like and it goes wonderfully with this gray stuff in this in this red velvet cake. This is delightful. I need to share it with people tonight. But normally I probably would. This is great. Okay, more treats. More snacks. I don’t know who comes up with these but somebody’s got a wonderful job where they just sit around and think of this crazy new thing to eat. So here we had the Galactic parfait. It’s beautiful and looks like the galaxy. This is what I’m told is chocolate cake. with blue cheesecake. I love that it’s not a flavors to color a cheesecake. mousse a purple mousse and a and a raspberry marmalade. Like you weren’t seeing that come in and neither was I but we’re gonna taste that is not natural. Okay. Really good. The cheesecake is good. I love cheesecake anyway. I gotta get a little deeper here to get there. Oh, there’s some purple mousse there. All right, so this is not bad. What is this thing called chocolate ball. Back good. This is really sweet like sickly sweet. It almost hurts my teeth. But it’s really good. Give this your kids and then give your kids to your grandparents. Truly, really good. Just really really sweet. You’d like this, hit the subscribe button. Ring the bell. Join us. Join us on all the social medias at SCF ADP. And don’t forget to download our podcast every Monday. In fact, subscribe to wherever you like to get your podcasts and they’ll come to you automatically we release them every Sunday night.

Kelli  19:15 
Yes, we love Disney. We love y’all. And as always, we’ll see you real soon.

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