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Disneyland vs Disney World: 5 Things to Know if you LOVE Disney World

We have always been “Disney World People”. But this year we decided to visit the OG Disneyland park in California. We truly loved it. So we present “Disneyland vs Disney World: 5 things to know”.

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Kelli  0:02 
Hey there Disney fam. Welcome to another episode of the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:10 
And I’m Chris.

Kelli  0:12 
And we have just finished a day at Disneyland in California. And we thought it would be fun to give you the five things we think you need to know, if you are a Disney World regular, and you’re thinking about going to Disneyland. That’s right.

Chris  0:29 
First, talk about the transportation sort of the elephant in the room here. We have complained mightily about the buses and stuff at Walt Disney World.

Kelli  0:40 
We meaning me.

Chris  0:43 
But that’s a definite drawback here, there’s a there’s a lot of walking to get to the park, you were working hard, really harder to get to the park here, and then you would in Florida. If you drive yourself, you’re parking, it feels like 100 miles away. If you take an Uber or a taxi, it is much closer, but not that far of a walk. So we took an Uber today we’re much happier.

Kelli  1:13 
But it is a long walk to the parking decks here at Disneyland. So you need to prepare for that. Yeah, prep for it, we’re comfortable. But that was also a huge benefit of staying on property. Because if you’re staying on property, the hotels are actually attached to the parks. And you can just walk right out of the park and into your hotel. That does not happen in Disney World. So that is a huge benefit to stay on property here at Disneyland.

Chris  1:38 
Absolutely right to the second thing is, is that you are going to see things here in this park that you cannot see at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It’s true. There are changes in the rides there are there are whole attractions and experiences that you will not lands in fact that you will not get at the park in Florida, right?

Kelli  1:59 
It is not the same park just in California. There are entire parts to this park that don’t exist in Florida. So it is a different experience. And they’re packing it all in here. Yes. Number three, the classics are also different. So the rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a small world, Space Mountain. Those are different in Disney Land than they are in Disney World. So for example, pirates is a much longer ride. It’s a small world starts outside Space Mountain is a two seater, two seater. And I love Space Mountain here. So it’s not don’t just think it’s the same rides picked up and moved to Florida. It’s not even the classics that you know and love are different at Disneyland, so it’s still worth the trip.

Chris  2:44 
That’s absolutely right. The next thing is the food. They’re doing their own food thing here at Disneyland and it is awesome. The the New Orleans Square area alone has got some options over there that are just mind blowing and delicious. You can’t get some of the things in Florida that you can get here. And that alone makes it worth coming out here.

Kelli  3:09 
I mean, I got two words for you. Mickey Bengiets. Mickey Bengiets can’t get those in Florida.

Chris  3:15 
As well as the Monte Cristo.

Kelli  3:20 
And finally, this place owns the original. Yes, they are the original Disney park, did you say Disney has 11 parks?

Chris  3:29 
I think there are about 11 parks worldwide. And whatever they’re doing however they’re doing it stems from what they did here. And let me tell you, these people know it. And they’re owning it and they are rocking it. Absolutely.

Kelli  3:43 
This is the original. So if you’re a huge Disney fan coming here feels like coming home. Even if you’re used to that home being in Orlando, Florida, guys, right.

Chris  3:53 
And don’t think that they’re doing it with less excellence. They’re not they’re doing it with absolutely the same excellence she can expect from Disney.

Kelli  4:01 
Yes, it’s fun being at the original is very, it feels nostalgic in a way that we’ve never been to this part, but it’s still nostalgic.

Chris  4:08 
Absolutely. Right. That’s right. So hey, look, give it a shot. Come out here if you’re gonna be considering it. It is totally worth it. You are going to be so happy you did it. And if you’d like this, hit the subscribe button. Ring the bell. Join us. Join us on all the social medias at SCFADP. And don’t forget to download our podcast every Monday. In fact, subscribe to wherever you’d like to get your podcasts and they’ll come to you automatically we release them every Sunday night.

Kelli  4:35 
Yes, we love Disney. We love y’all. And as always, we’ll see you real soon. Have a great week.

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