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Plant Based Food Reviews at Disney’s California Adventure

We’ve had the most fun checking out all of the amazing plant based food items available in Disney parks these days. What better way to celebrate than by doing a few plant based food reviews!

In this episode, we cover lots of the plant based options available at Disney’s California Adventure in California.

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Kelli  0:06 
Hey, there Disney fam. Welcome to another episode of the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. You guys know I’m a vegetarian. One of the things I love the most when we come to Disney is to try the plant based items and they are usually amazing. So today we are at Disney’s California Adventure Park where I’m going to eat all of the plant based items.

Kelli  0:29 
Okay, so we’re gonna start with the impossible cheeseburger, mac and cheese from the Paradise Garden grill. This is over on Pixar Pier. So when I look at this, I see a couple different kinds of cheese. I see what looks like a cheddar cheese, I see more of a white cheese, you can see the little bits of impossible meat. There’s also some bread crumbs on top and some sesame seeds, which I think is interesting. So I’m gonna try to get a bite with a little bit of everything. Okay, no, that’s interesting. Um, it’s great. But it has like a almost a sweet taste to it and which I did not expect I was just making very savory. It’s got a little bit of a sweet taste. I do like the crunch and the bread crumbs. The meat has a good texture the mac and cheese has a good texture. It’s not overcooked. It’s out into the cheese is nice and warm and melting. Let me try one more bite.

Kelli  1:40 
That’s right. It’s great. I’ve had better impossible dishes at Disney but it’s good. It’s a solid a great snack. I would definitely get it.

Kelli  1:51 
Okay, next up is the impossible falafel shawarma wrap. One thing I will say is the thing is hot, like really hot, to the touch. They just handed us these out of the cart, and they are on fire. Let me give it a go. Hmm, the meat is way down there, let me try again. It’s okay, nothing special. Meh. Let me give it a go with the tahini sauce now.

Kelli  3:13 
It tastes like something that has been sitting out a few hours. I think it’s a little dry. Or you need some more veg. Something to make it a little bit brighter and fresher that tahini sauce is okay, but it doesn’t rock my world. I probably won’t even finish it. Meh.

Kelli  3:36 
Okay, so now we are here at award winners to try their plant based filly dog. So this has a plant based weenie I guess is what you call it with what looks like peppers, mushrooms, onions and some kind of a cream sauce maybe a horseradish cream sauce. I can see little bitty mustard seeds in it and really interesting for tries. So we’re going to give this a go. Okay, here we go.

Kelli  4:18 
Wow. Here’s what I’ll say. If you’ve had a plant based hot dog before, this is the texture you’re expecting. is not a hot dog is a plant based hot dog. So if you’ve had a plant based hot dog, this is no surprise. If you haven’t had a plant based hot dog, you might think but the taste is spot on. I love the cream sauce. The the grilled mushrooms that are in there are amazing. I mean they seriously came off the grill, the onions and peppers so good I love how they serve this in like a split open like piece of bread. I’ve never had a hotdog and something like this. And I love it. It is truly delightful. So I would say well done award winners for this plant based option.

Kelli  5:16 
Okay, so next on our tour of plant based dishes at Disneyland California Adventure we have the impossible spoonful. So this is a right so this is a spoonful. And we’ve got two different types of pasta, some rigatoni pasta and then this massive meat bowl with this teeny tiny little fork. Okay, so I’m gonna take a bite now of the impossible spoonful from Pyms Test Kitchen.

Kelli  5:54 
Okay, look, y’all it has been decades since I’ve eaten meat. But I would tell you, any meat eater would struggle to see the difference between this and a massive meatball. It tastes like spaghetti and meatballs is exactly what it tastes like. It’s good. I do wish the pasta were a little bit warmer. But the meatball is amazing.

Kelli  6:17 
Get it. You’ve got to try it. Pyms Test Kitchen is really cool because everything is in like these. It’s oversized or it’s too small and nothing seems to match it stuff but it’s good, man. This is good.

Kelli  6:28 
Okay, here we are with our next plant based snack at Disney’s California Adventure. This is the plant based nachos again in Hollywood Studios. So this is sweet chorizo with a vegan cheese of vegan crema and green onions on top. Okay, now they did ask me if I wanted regular cheese or vegan cheese and I want the vegan cheese just to really feel the whole plant based vibe. So let’s give this a go.

Kelli  7:15 
Great, perfect. The best plant based nachos I’ve ever had the best vegan cheese I’ve ever had. I don’t not a huge fan of vegan cheese. And sometimes the melted cheese has like a nutty smell to it, which I’m not for. These are the best plant based nachos I’ve had. In fact, I would go ahead and argue that if you did not know these were plant based. You would never guess it. The chips are housemade and they’re Fantastic. Fantastic. You can tell it. They are so so good. Well done, backlot Express. You nailed this.

Kelli  8:14 
Another great plant based dish here at Disney’s California Adventure. So these are the chili cheese waffle fries from smokejumpers grill and I have to say they look amazing. They look absolutely amazing. So I’m gonna dive in and let’s see how this goes.

Kelli  8:41 
Man these are loaded. These are absolutely loaded. Okay, here we go. Spicy. Definitely spicy. Much spicier than the nachos. Definitely spicier than the nachos. But way, way more flavor. The flavor in these things are is off the chart. It’s off the chart now. I’m gonna tell you I’m not a chili fan. I am a waffle fry fan. And I’m fan of fries with cheese. So these are amazing. Again, I’m gonna say this for probably the 12th time today. If you did not know these were plant based you would not know these are plant based. This is these fries are amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Get them, get them.

Chris  9:38 
So we have had a blast today doing this. This has been the best day and if you liked it, subscribe and ring that bell so that you get automatic notifications every time we release a video and there are more coming way more coming and if you want more of that please be sure to join us on the podcast every Monday morning visit and or SCFADP on all the socials. We love Disney. We love y’all and as usual,

Chris & Kelli  10:06 
we’ll see you real soon.

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