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Disney News (9/5) – New season pass options at WDW, and 5 ways to enjoy Disney music all year long

Episode 12

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This week is possibly the most educational podcast we’ve ever produced. Chris gives us all of the details on the new season pass options at Walt Disney World and Kelli gives some amazing options for enjoying Disney Music all year long. All that and more on this week’s show!

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Chris  0:32 
Welcome aboard Disney fam. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:35 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:36 
And Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to this week’s show. Where Kelli is wearing the most stylish floral pandora years ever.

Kelli  0:48 
I don’t know the way you just described don’t make them sound very, very floral. I will say what what they no I get it. They’ve got flowers, whatever. But I think what they actually are is if you’ve ridden the boat ride in Pandora, it’s meant to be reminiscent of that. The lights this sort of flicker on and off. Yeah, I think that’s the idea there and I’m here for it.

Chris  1:11 
They are great.

Kelli  1:12 
I like them. Yeah, I haven’t worn those yet. They have zero to do with my segment today. Okay. I literally would just stand in the closet. Like whenever I’m not worn. Oh my gosh, I’ve never worn these that kind of situation.

Chris  1:22 
Beautiful. We’ve got little, little avatar, avatar, but NaVi ears. Flowers lights. Yes. It’s nice. You know what else is delightful?

Kelli  1:35 
People who joined us.

Chris  1:37 
People who joined us on the podcast. That’s absolutely what is delightful.

Kelli  1:43 
And where are they from Honey?

Chris  1:44 
Thank you for this cue for the prompt. This week we saw folks downloading in Washington DC.

Kelli  1:51 

Chris  1:53 
Pretty sure it was somebody in the White House. We also saw downloads from Caledonia, Michigan. Okay, which is population 1500. Just south of Grand Rapids.

Kelli  2:09 
Well welcome Caledonia.

Chris  2:11 
I saw that name on there. And Caledonia is one of my favorite golf courses in Myrtle Beach. And I thought well, Looky there. Hey, Downey, California.

Kelli  2:21 
Like the fabric softener?

Chris  2:22 
Yes. Or Robert, Jr. This is between LA and Long Beach is good. This the birthplace of the Apollo space program. I don’t know why that is. But it is what it says on their little bio. also home to the oldest operating McDonald’s in the world.

Kelli  2:47 
Wow. So not the first operating. It’s just the oldest, the one that has survived the longest.

Chris  2:52 

Kelli  2:54 
So by the way, I’m not using those restrooms.

Chris  2:59 
Congratulations Downey, California. Okay, and then our international friends in Hachiohci Japan.

Kelli  3:09 
I think you nailed that, honey.

Chris  3:10 
It’s western part of the greater this township in the western greater Tokyo area.

Kelli  3:15 
Okay, I think you nailed it.

Chris  3:17 
Great. Well, welcome. All of you in Hachiohci Japan. Okay. Nice. You ready for some mainstreet?

Kelli  3:24 
Give me the news.

Chris  3:25 
All right. So the following on the Googles and the interwebs and all that fun stuff for Twitter’s. But crowds, the parks have been like astoundingly low. I am sure that it is the rise in delta variant mixed with the kickoff of school in most places mixed with Florida.

Kelli  3:50 
Yeah. And Florida is just eat up with Rona.

Chris  3:54 
Whatever the case, the Disney parks, which are your they’re not super incentivized to shut things down again, because they’ve now reached agreements where before long 100% of their staff are going to be vaccinated. Right. So right that says crowds are low, man. Yeah, they’re so low that they have cast members walking around, like roaming around with signage, advertising, instant access to restaurants.

Kelli  4:24 
You know, but I also wonder if like, everybody’s just waiting for October 1?

Chris  4:28 
Maybe? Well, I bet that’s part of it.

Kelli  4:30 
This is the month before the 50th. Why would you come this month when next month?

Chris  4:34 
It’s the 50th, very valid.

Kelli  4:37 
Right. So you’ve got Florida eat up with the Rona. You’ve got kids back in school, you know, September still just oppressively hot in Florida at a start and we are in four weeks. So why would you go to Disney now why do you go to Disney right now?

Chris  4:53 
Solid, as per usual honey solid right?

Kelli  4:56 
I mean, I don’t want to totally blame Rona because I think people are crazy. And they’ll go in the midst of a global pandemic. Sure.

Chris  5:02 
I mean we did we did twice.

Kelli  5:04 
So I don’t know that it’s just wrong I think it is 100% people just waiting because you and I are on a waitlist for to get in in October and we haven’t been notified that we got it yet. So if people were pulling out of reservations then we would have gotten in I think Sure. So I think it is just the whole in a month it’s gonna just be doing you know

Chris  5:25 
Just chock a block full.

Kelli  5:28 
I think they’re about to descend on Orlando like crazy.

Chris  5:31 
Look if if the 50th anniversary isn’t just absolutely a must for you that now is the time to go.

Kelli  5:39 
Now’s the time to go.

Chris  5:40 
Rise of the resistance virtual queue was open for two hours.

Kelli  5:44 

Chris  5:46 
Cuz normally I think closes in seconds. Some entertainment news. It’s pretty cool. Disney plus has announced that they’re going to be in production of a couple of things, one movie and a series that I’m pretty excited about a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea reboot. Not really a reboot, but it’s a series like I think a 10 part series called Nautilus. It’s basically going to be the origin story of Captain Nemo.

Kelli  6:21 
Okay, that’s…

Chris  6:22 
fine, which will be pretty interesting, I think. And the other thing is that they’ve announced that they’re going to create, they’re gonna bring back the Rocketeer Did you ever watch Did you ever see the movie The Rocketter?

Kelli  6:35 
I think I just got your connection between Captain Nemo and Nemo the fish. Do you think they named Nemo the fish after Captain Nemo?

Chris  6:46 
I’d say that’s probably

Kelli  6:48 
never once did that ever crossed my mind? Okay. Well, so sorry.

Chris  6:53 
Not that there’s not a lot similar between them except the notion.

Kelli  6:56 

Chris  6:57 
But, but I mean, you know, Nemo is a complicated Captain Nemo is a very complicated character.

Kelli  7:03 
Well, so was Nemo with his little fin.

Chris  7:06 
Yeah, sure. The Rocketeer Never heard of it. One of my I won’t say one of my favorite movies, but a solid action movie from the 90s. Okay, kid friendly, lots of fun. Great characters, and they should have done a sequel but it didn’t get a great response in the theaters. So they scrapped the sequel. David or yellow, and his wife, along with Disney plus, are looking at producing the return of the Rocketeer for Disney movies specifically for Disney plus, David Are you lay Whoa, oh, yellow. Played Martin Luther King in Selma. Okay, so that’s a very interesting thing that I will be keeping an eye on. Oh, that’s awesome. takes me right back to my childhood. Okay. Lightning line signage has shown up in the Disney parks. I saw some of that on the webs. So Florida Blue, which is what like the Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield group. If you are a member of Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield, then you can actually use Aqua shoes as sort of a resting spot or lounge. They’ve yes weird seems very weird.

Kelli  8:28 
So that implies it’s not going to be a buffet anytime soon.

Chris  8:32 
anytime soon, right?

Kelli  8:33 
But I’ve already said I’m for that. Fantastic place to rest. Relax, take your mask off, use a clean, cool restroom. Take a nap if you’d like those seats are very comfy. But what why do you have to be Florida? BlueCross BlueShield to do that,

Chris  8:49 
sure that Florida Blue paid mightily for that.

Kelli  8:58 
I feel very discriminated against. Well, because I’m not from Florida and I can’t possibly have that insurance.

Chris  9:05 
Right. So now you know what you won’t be experiencing they’re living with the land has reopened

Kelli  9:11 
Living with land.

Chris  9:14 
No, no real details on why it closed. They just said they did some infrastructure.

Kelli  9:18 
Replant those cucumbers.

Chris  9:21 
Some infrastructure work is all they said.

Kelli  9:23 
fencing, barbed wire

Chris  9:29 
Systems to keep your butt in the boat. That is exactly what we’ll say they need it clearly, clearly. Imagineer Joe Vitale is a senior production designer shared some details of the new fringe expansion in the roomy themed area in France. Lots of great new details there almost doubles the size of the French Pavilion. But one thing I love is if you’ve ever been to Paris and ever been lucky enough to go to Paris and walk along the, the the Seine river there, they have endeavored the little walkway from the current French part of the pavilion to the new Remi expansion area. They endeavor to sort of get the border waterway there. Okay, make it sort of feel like that. And just again, those details, there’s attention to details I love. Okay, so we didn’t just create a walkway, you know, not an alleyway over there, right. That gave some thought to Hey, this could sort of feel like walking along the Seine.

Kelli  10:36 
I love the idea that they’ve doubled the French pavilion because frankly, I mean more France is better. It’s always better for food.

Chris  10:42 
I agree. Zack really himself says that space 220 will open on September the 20th.

Kelli  10:49 
I saw that and I did see him he like took the little elevator up and what have you is wearing this little vest. I mean, I’m just saying Have you seen a menu? I haven’t seen a menu. That’s what I’m saying. So come on patina group, get it together, put out your menu. You put out a menu and I see Zach with a glass of wine in his hand and when totes believe that it’s open. Alright, so if that’s in 15 days then sweet.

Chris  11:17 
Spaceship Earth Points of Light testing continues at Epcot. I all that super excited about that. Exactly. I think that’s gonna be amazing.

Kelli  11:25 
Yes, I agree.

Chris  11:27 
Did you remember a few weeks ago we talked about the historic clock that sits on mainstream disappeared they set up for refurbishment because

Kelli  11:34 
we thought that was no longer going to be sponsored by citizen or something.

Chris  11:38 
right but it’s back and it’s gold.

Kelli  11:40 
Yeah, that’s what they said. They were like we need to we need to gold this up for the 50th.

Chris  11:44 
Yeah. And right. We’re just it’s beautiful for plus and everything. Diamond horseshoe review is reopening on September the 12th. That’s a little restaurant because it was for quite a while. Yep. So it’s and reservations are actually open now for that. Okay. Um, a backstage launch site for the Magic Kingdom fireworks actually caught on fire earlier this week. Oh, gosh, just a little bit of damage. But within a couple of nights, they were back up and running or they weren’t. And they’ve actually started construction on some new launch areas, which there was some permits pulled not long ago that people thought that might be what they were doing. And so I think we’re just gonna get an even broader firework show.

Kelli  12:25 
It’s great. I think I’m for it.

Chris  12:29 
Disney Cruise Line is offering 25% off select sailing for September, October and November following their Vax mandate.

Kelli  12:37 
Of this year? Yes. Okay. Yeah, I mean, 25 I gotta say 25% off Disney Cruise Line is huge.

Chris  12:41 
That’s a big deal.

Kelli  12:42 
That’s a big deal. Yeah, man.

Chris  12:44 
The kite tails show launches on October the first animal kingdom I’m excited about so that’d be pretty cool. Lots of fat 50 statues announced this week. So here we go. Miguel at Epcot, y’all. Yeah, that lady in the tramp at Magic Kingdom. Rocket and group so group at Epcot, Simba as a cub at Animal Kingdom. Chip and dale and Magic Kingdom, okay. gustan shocked little mice in these mice at Magic Kingdom. Pluto and Magic Kingdom. Wow. Bambi and Thumper and animal kingdom. Okay,

Chris  13:20 
BB eight in Hollywood studios and frozone and Hollywood Studios. Well, that was my super simple to do. Do you want to do a minnie take? Alright, so here we go. Another wonderful idea from one of our favorite people in the whole world. What Disney smell needs to become a Disney scented a Disney scented candle.

Kelli  13:50 
That’s such a good one.

Chris  13:51 
It is so we got another question that since I’m moving from her to but so there’s a broad scope so I’m gonna give you some some possibilities or you can narrow it down for you turn on all these are not all attractions but the idea…

Kelli  14:05 
You know these currently do not exist as a candle.

Chris  14:08 
Not as a scented candle. Okay for like, you know for Disney. Right? You can get some of these smells elsewhere. Okay, but we’re gonna go with Main Street USA. The smell of the confectionery and the bakery. Okay. The apple pie from Mickey’s philharmagic Ah, strong.

Kelli  14:30 

Chris  14:32 
not that it’s a great smell but neither is wrong burning the elephants from Soarin’

Kelli  14:38 
I actually kind of like, like freshly mowed grass smells like Friday afternoon to me.

Chris  14:44 
The caramel sifting wafting out of caramel place in Germany.

Kelli  14:50 
I didn’t know that was thing.

Chris  14:53 
I’m the only one that ever goes in there. Okay. The what what I saw online someone called the mushroom cave in flight of passage This is that that spot in flight of passage where you’re where you’re banging she has landed to rest and you’re inside this cave and suddenly, things just start lighting up pink and there there’s a smell that comes along with that. Okay. And the I’m sure this scent exists because we’ve used it before when we’re selling a house, but specifically the nomnom cookies smell from in credit coaster.

Kelli  15:22 
Yeah. Okay, so wait you had…what was the third one?

Chris  15:26 
It was the elephants from Soarin’.

Kelli  15:29 
For me, it’s between the apple pie from fantasmic I mean philharmagic and the elephants from Soarin’ Okay, that’s good. What are your like top two? I can tell you that confectionary exists? Yes. I mean, not specifically Mainstreet USA but the confectionery totally.

Chris  15:48 
Does it? Okay. All right. Well, okay. The main street bakery. Okay. Well, so then if that exists, then that I’ll take down because I was gonna be in my top two. I think then I’m also with you. I’m gonna go with the apple pie from

Kelli  16:00 
I didn’t say I was going with the apple pie. I said my top two with the apple pie. I’m going with the elephants from Soarin’.

Chris  16:06 
Well I’m much more decisive.

Kelli  16:09 
Okay, well, then I’m going to go with the elephants from Soarin’. Just so that we get two different candles here.

Chris  16:14 

Kelli  16:14 
I love the smell of freshly mowed grass. And when you say the elephants I think of that scene, I get it. That’s the same but really it’s the safari from Soarin’ or the African plains from Soarin’ like, when you say the elephants it sounds like their butts.

Chris  16:30 
Like elephant butts call it almost call the elephant from Soarin’.

Kelli  16:36 
And I know all we really see are their butts. But it’s not that either. It’s the African plains. Okay. It’s almost like freshly mowed grass and

Chris  16:44 
we’re gonna put elephants on the on the outside of the candle. Okay,

Kelli  16:48 
well, I’m going freshly mowed grass. All right, that’s good.

Chris  16:52 
All right, let’s jump over to Tomorrowland. Okay. So Disney has announced that they are. Last week, I said that they were still selling the annual pass. They’re not really still selling the annual pass as it used to be. And they’re not selling the new version yet. The new version goes on sale September the eighth. Okay, so this week, yes. And just a few days, the new version of the annual pass goes on sale at Walt Disney World. This is not to be confused with the magic key program at Disneyland. But what I thought I’d do is I would try to demystify and deconstruct what’s making up the new annual pass program. This is, you know, this is not fantastical, this is by being droll, but whatever it’s, you know,

Kelli  17:42 
give it to us.

Chris  17:43 
It’s a real thing. All right. So a first and foremost, if you are, if you currently are an annual pass holder, and like us, like us, and you’re within your renewal window right now, which is like 30 days, okay, after your annual pass expires, you get a certain number of days to renew that, okay. If you’re in your renewal window, and it’s not yet September the eighth, then you can renew your annual pass, and just and get exactly what you have today. Okay, right. So if we were going to renew our annual passes today, we can get same thing, we would get exactly the same thing. And they would go for a year with that, even though anybody that buys annual pass after us is going to have the new thing. Right. Okay. But then if we renew next year, then we got to pick a new thing. Exactly. Okay, exactly. So if you if you’re within your renewal window, and you wait till September the eighth, your only option is one of the new options. Okay, so what are those new options? You’ve asked? I’m so glad you did.

Kelli  18:49 
What are those new options?

Chris  18:51 
Let me help you out with this. For the vast majority of the world, there really is only one option. Okay, this is gonna be a short segment. But I will there there are, there are effectively four total options, but three of them are designed for Florida residents or DVC. Members now tell you which one Okay. Okay. And then the other one, really, frankly, the most expensive but also, the one that gives you the most is available to everybody else. Okay. It’s a non Florida or DVC Okay, awesome. Okay. So the first one, the pixie dust pass.

Kelli  19:33 
It’s cute.

Chris  19:36 
This one is…

Kelli  19:37 
I love that they didn’t just call it gold, silver,

Chris  19:39 
right, which is what they did with the old passholders Right, right. These all have cute names. The pixie dust pass, this is $339 Plus, I’m going to give you the base price all these are plus tax. Okay, so this is $339 in the United States, right or $31 per month with a 12 month payment plan in Florida. Okay. So, most of these points are the same for every one of these passes. I’ll tell you where they become different. I’m not gonna read every point every time. Okay, so this was just for Florida residents visit one or more Disney theme parks on the same day is your reservation. Okay? Park hopper? Yep, that’s right. The pass is valid for most week, days. Subject to blackout dates, we’re going to talk about block eight blackout dates, specifically, later, but this is the one with the most blocked out dates. Okay.

Kelli  20:37 
No, considering all weekends will be blocked out.

Chris  20:40 
Right, exactly what days zactly?

Kelli  20:42 
Yeah, you can’t come on the weekend at all at all.

Chris  20:45 
That’s right. You can hold three Park reservations at a time. This was confusing to me at first, because I’m not I didn’t you know, I didn’t understand we’ve always held more than that. If you’re not staying at a Disney Resort, you can hold three Park reservations at once. Okay, if you’re staying at a Disney Resort, you can hold Park reservations for the entire length of your stay right. But if you’re a Florida resident, probably not saying you may not be staying at a Disney Resort. And so you can hold three Park reservations at a time. Right. Then you got if you are staying at a Disney Resort, you can have the the entire length of your stay plus three Park reservations. From time to time, they will release the opportunity for bonus reservations on top of your three. That’s the case for every Park pass. Okay. And then you can customize your park pass again, this is true for all of them with additional Disney photopass or water parks and sports options. So there’s no pass here. That automatically gives you access to the waterpark water parks, right? But you can add on Disney photopass for $99 plus tax. And that gives you photopass for the entire length of your annual pass. Another $99 will get you access to the waterpark for the entire length of your pass. Okay. Okay. So and that all that’s true. You also get standard theme park parking again, big deal if you’re if you’re living in Florida, and discounts on dining and merchandise and more. I’m sure it’s similar to what the old annual pass. Yeah, most of that is going to be the same for these others. The other three differences are going to be the blackout dates and how many days you can hold or how many reservations you can hold. Okay. So then you’ve got the pirate pass. That’s the next level up. Again, Florida residents only, okay, $594 or $53 a month. Okay. And this one you can have this one’s available for most days, although still subject to blackout days. And you can hope for Park reservations at a time.

Kelli  22:59 
So you get you’re in a different

Chris  23:00 
a different additional reservation and you can come on most weekends. That’s right. There are seven days blocked out in October, the week of Thanksgiving. And then a couple more days in November. Two full weeks around Christmas in New Year’s are blocked out. Four days in January, three days in February, a full weekend March and then two weeks in April. I’m sure Randy sir. Three days in May July 4 weekend Labor Day weekend, like a lot of those long four day or five day weekends or on holidays are blocked out on this plan on this plan. Okay, then you’ve got the sorcerer pass. This one’s available to Florida residents and DVC members only. Okay. Okay. So, this pass is valid for most days subject to blackout dates and five Park reservation days. Okay. And this is going to be the maximum number of Park reservation

Kelli  24:01 
again, if you’re DVC you’re probably staying on property and then that doesn’t matter. Right. You’re really just looking at the blackout days at that point. Exactly.

Chris  24:09 
And the only blackout days on this one are Wednesday to Saturday of Thanksgiving week. Okay, so the day before Thanksgiving through that Saturday, and the weekend before Christmas through New Year’s Eve. That’s it.

Kelli  24:22 
Wow. Okay, that’s it. How much is that one?

Chris  24:25 
$764 plus tax or $68 a month? Wow. So that’s less than what we’ve been paying that is less than what we’ve been paying as long as we don’t mind skipping Thanksgiving weekend Christmas, which we’ve never done inour lives. Yeah, no, that’s fantastic. Okay, great.

Chris  24:41 
Finally, we have the incredipass.

Kelli  24:46 
That’s great. Yeah.

Chris  24:48 
So this one is $1,104. So $1104 plus tax, or $98 a month in Florida. No blackout dates at all whatsoever.

Kelli  25:00 
So the monthly payment is only available if you live in Florida.

Chris  25:03 
That’s right. And like that would make sense on the Florida resident monthly payment program, right? Yeah. Okay. And then just like the previous one, you can have five Park reservations at a day at a time. Or you’re staying on resort and you get as many days as you’re staying there.

Kelli  25:19 
And no blackout dates,

Chris  25:20 
no blackout dates at all. Okay, for this particular pass.

Kelli  25:24 
That’s interesting. Yep. Yeah.

Chris  25:26 
So definitely paying more than what we paid for the incredipass. Right, which is effectively what our what our pass was,

Kelli  25:33 
that’s what our pass was, but this one is more expensive.

Chris  25:36 
Yes. Okay, for sure. And but then, I mean, if it was us, I think we would go with the sorcerer pass and end up spending less, absolutely. No mention of DVC discounts that I’ve seen, which we did get with the

Kelli  25:51 
added discount on the pass on the

Chris  25:52 
passes itself, but they do say that you will get discounts on the past if if you renew. So like I said, if you paid full price one year, supposedly you will get a discount when you renew the next year.

Kelli  26:06 
Okay. All right. So and and it’s available, right? So it’s not available unless you’re DVC. Right, interesting. So essentially, you are getting a bit of a discount, because you have the right?

Chris  26:20 
Right. And again, if you’re if you are, if you’re not inside your renewal window, then you’re gonna just live out your current annual pass. If you have an annual pass and you are not inside your renewal window, which is us, we we live out our current annual pass. And when we renew, we will renew with the new program. If you renew right now, then,

Kelli  26:45 
or buy new right now or buy

Chris  26:46 
new right now. You’ll get the old program until you renew after September.

Kelli  26:53 
And that’s very informative one.

Chris  26:55 
I try to do a service here sometimes. Yeah,

Kelli  26:57 
that was very informative.

Chris  26:59 
All right. You ready? I am. Alright, let’s get world showcase.

Kelli  27:03 
So this is on brand for me. Although I don’t know how many people would realize that this is on brand for me. Okay. We’re going to talk about Disney music. Okay, so I’m going to give five tips on how you can enjoy Disney music year round. If you like it as much as we do when we listen to it all. It makes me so happy. makes me so happy. Okay, so there’s no sponsorship here, right? I’m just telling you what we love. Yeah. I will include links to all of this stuff that I mentioned here in our show notes. But again, we love to listen to Disney music year round makes me happy, especially on a bad day. So I thought y’all would just appreciate some tips. Sure. Okay.

Chris  27:44 
So the first is we’re servicing just like we just give services today.

Kelli  27:50 
Okay, so the first one is Disney music Emporium. And now this is Disney music This is interesting. I believe this site is run by Disney. But it’s very clunky. It’s slow. There’s not a lot of great things I can say about the site itself. But it is copyright Disney at the bottom of it. They have the actual Disney logo and everything. So I think this is going to be your best option for buying Disney music on vinyl. They also have a lot of old legacy music on CDs. I think it’s so great. They have some some March as well. But this is really your spot for buying Disney on vinyl. And we do have a lot of Disney on vinyl, because that makes me happy too. So here are a couple things I recommend on vinyl first is going to be the Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians of the Galaxy is probably one of my favorite vinyl records that we have. It’s fantastic. Because you get the awesome mix. Right? which is which is what you really want. also enjoyed the Star Wars galaxies edge symphonic suite. Yes, I think that’s fantastic on vinyl. So that’s going to be the music that you hear when you’re in galaxy’s edge. And then also I like marijuana on vinyl. Yeah, I think that’s that’s a fun way to listen to my Juana. Now. They also have some vintage remakes. They have lady in the tramp Snow White in the Enchanted Tiki Room slash the adventurous Jungle Cruise. So we have that one. We have the Enchanted Tiki Room in the adventurous jungle

Chris  29:18 
that’s really old school that’s like old really vintage looking right

Kelli  29:21 
That’s what I’m saying. And so same with lady in the tramp it’s know why these are like the original vinyl records that they would have put out I mean, obviously remastered remix what have you, but the cover looks like the original. Okay, so if you’re into vinyl, I recommend Disney music Emporium. Number two, if you have been to Alani, one of the best things about aulani is the music. Yes. So they have several different loops and I looked online, there’s a lot of debate on this. I think they have four different loops. Okay. I think they have the lobby loop, the elevator loop, the nighttime resort loop and the pool loop. Okay, I think they got four loops. So here’s a little bit of information I’ve got for you on some of these loops. So the lobby loop is called makalah. Allah, which is availabe maka, Allah, which is available on Amazon, and I’ll link to that. So they actually had this made by kiali. Rachel, she’s Hawaiian Great job, or he I’m sorry, I don’t know, shouldn’t have even used the pronoun there. But in any case, they hired someone to make this loop. And so the lobby loop is a little bit more active, you know, louder sort of in your face than some of the other loops. It’s meant for you to hear it when you enter that lobby. And so that’s, I love it. It’s great. But again, that’s on Amazon. A lot of the elevator loop is classic Disney tunes sung in Hawaii, right played with you.

Chris  30:51 
I remember those

Kelli  30:52 
loved it. I can ride the elevator all day. Yes, fantastic. So they sell a CD there in the store called Malay from Auntie’s beach house, which heavily implies that the elevator loop is the same loop that they play in Auntie’s beach house. there on the resort, we bought that. And it does have a lot of them. It doesn’t have all of them. But it’s a really good sample of some of those songs. And I think that’s probably not favorite. Sure. Is the is that loop. The pull loop? Is music from the why color? Hey, Valley, because the poll is the why color Oh, hey, pool. So they actually use music from that valley. They’re in Hawaii. And so you can google this, I’m not going to link to the discussion board post because I don’t know what that would do for the SEO on our website. But in any case, you can search for this. And there are people out there that have like listened to this so hard, that they have identified some of the songs but not all of them. And so they list the ones that they know, that’s great. So in any case, the Alani music is one of the best reasons to go there. And if you’re into Hawaiian music, and you’re in today’s me, then highly recommend Sure. Okay. Number three, Spotify loops. This is something I think you introduce me to Oh, I’m sure a while back, I’m sure you did, you’re cutting edge. So there’s a few Spotify loops that I love. And you can just search for these on Spotify. Again, I’m gonna link to them in our show notes. But you can just search for these on Spotify. One is called Disney aulani sounds. And so this is people who have found these songs out on the interwebs and sort of created their own playlist of what you hear at aulani. So it’s awesome. These these loops normally last like four or five hours. So it’s great if you’re working at home. Then they have the Disney boardwalk resort loop, which is fantastic. So

Chris  32:56 
good. So good. Old School jazz. It’s like Ragtime turn of the century. Yes. Yeah,

Kelli  33:02 
it’s fantastic. My personal favorite is the Disney’s Polynesian village loop. I love that loop. I think it’s a theme. I think it actually sounds more Hawaiian than the Alani loop that is out there. But in any case, that’s my personal favorite. If you’re into Hawaii music, highly recommend the Polynesian village loop. And then the grand flow loop, the grand flow resort loop, or it’s actually called I should say the right word Disney’s Grand Floridian resort loop. So again, I’m gonna link to these four, I think they’re the best four loops on Spotify. And they bring so much joy to my day, like when I’m writing or grading or whatever. Number for YouTube on behance loops. Wonderful, right? Love those because you also get the picture. Yeah, with it is and they’ll have like, you know, they’ll make it look like it just rained that day, and there’s reflection on the ground or whatever. So two YouTube channels that I recommend, and again, no sponsorship here. The first one is ambient ambient worlds. Yeah, ambient worlds does a fantastic job. They don’t just have Disney stuff. They also have Star Wars, they have Harry Potter. They have Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft

Chris  34:17 
video games like World Warcraft and Skyrim. And

Kelli  34:20 
yes, just they got a lot going on out their job, and they do an incredible job. The second one is cinemagic Park on behance. I like them too. And again, we’ll link to both of those. But I think cinemagic Park ambience does a really really good job finding unique places in the park to use as pictures for the loop that’s a

Chris  34:42 
little bit different, which is a big deal when you’re using YouTube as the loop and because you want an image you want

Kelli  34:48 
an image, right and so the ambient world I think are pretty standard photos. I mean, they’re gorgeous. Yeah, right. But it’s the castle. It’s Main Street. It’s this it’s that whereas the cinemagic Park You might have like the inside the queue for the Snow White ride or right so things like that park calming music. Okay, so number five is the Disney collection albums on iTunes. So Disney put this out I think a couple years ago and they they mentioned it an email and like I saw it in my Disney Parks email, and I told you about it, but you can still search for these. So these are Disney collections on iTunes. You’ve got Disney guitar, Disney piano, Disney plus Disney hits Disney Halloween, Disney peaceful place Disney instrumentals. Right, so these are all like collections that they’ve put together from soundtracks. Or like, for example, with Disney guitar and Disney piano, then they have, you know, hire to guitarist or pianist to play certain songs, or these are probably the amazing artists that are in the parks doing them that

Chris  35:54 
will be even better. But in any case,

Kelli  35:56 
there are some really great Disney collection albums on iTunes. That if you’ve got Apple Music subscription you can listen to for free, highly recommend those a few bonus things right so that’s my top five few bonus things. One, voices liberty, okay, I love the voices of liberty, I will tell you, they’re not as obvious to find online and on iTunes as you might think. And the fact that they’re not selling these in the American store is an epic,

Chris  36:24 
an epic fail, and I think they used to but for whatever reason, they’re not doing that now,

Kelli  36:28 
epic fail. Well, they’re known by a few different names because the group is made up of a bunch of different people. So search for liberty voices on iTunes, it’s mostly Christmas. Not a bad thing. Still good. But there’s also a group out on iTunes called vocative. And that is a central Florida acapella group. You can thank me later for this. So imagine pentatonic singing only Disney music. It’s phenomenal. They have a couple of albums called the corner of Broadway and Main Street. Excellent. Also on iTunes, the music from rivers of light and Tree of Life awakening. Oh, really good one. also highly recommend Black Panther soundtrack that is available on vinyl or on it. Yes. And the Grand Floridian society orchestra on iTunes this looks like an album from the 70s or 80s that they released on iTunes in 2010. Well, in any case if you like Disney music like we do hope you enjoy this.

Chris  37:37 
That’s awesome. Nice work, honey.

Kelli  37:38 
Thank you.

Chris  37:41 
Hey man. What a great show. I had a blast doing these hope you guys learned a lot. This might be the most educational so but that’s it for this week. You know what to do now? Call to your friends and tell them to come listen to our podcast and leave us a rating and review that helps us find new listeners so much.

Kelli  38:03 
Yes, absolutely. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. I think we’ve got a YouTube video hitting this week?

Chris  38:18 
Snacks of Disneyland. Gonna be great. It’ll be coming out on Tuesday afternoon. Yes, so look for that on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel hit the bell so that you don’t have to worry about getting notified whenever we release new videos. Absolutely. So join us on all the social medias SCFADP on Twitter, Insta and Facebook, the more conversation the merrier. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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