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We’re big Olympic fans, so this week we thought we’d do something a little fun as a bonus episode. We’ve come up with 10 categories for Disney attractions, and we’ve ranked them based on length and Imagineering. Totals have been tallied, and we’re ready to present the medals! Join us as we present Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals to 10 different Disney Attractions!

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Chris  0:02 
Hey out there Disney family. Welcome to what we hope is a super fun bonus episode of the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:13 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:14 
Okay, so we love the Olympics.

Kelli  0:17 

Chris  0:18 
And as you all know, unless you’ve been living under a rock, we are at the basically I think the midpoint of this year Summer Olympics. Go USA. Yes. So we thought it might be a lot of fun to create our own Disney Olympics featuring the attractions at US based Disney parks.

Kelli  0:41 
That’s so much fun.

Chris  0:43 
US Disney attraction Olympics. Yes, this is going to be so much fun. So we we put some work into this man, we created 10 categories of Disney attractions. And we have ranked them on two basic criteria. One is the length of the attraction. And the longer the attraction the better it scores,

Kelli  1:07 
more points it gets.

Chris  1:08 
Because we’d love being on an attraction we we always want more of the attraction when we’re on it. Yes. And the second is Imagineering. Imagineering consists of everything from the effort of the tech not of the of the imagination of the Imagineers the technology that might have gone into it the mechanics even the queue here right if they put up you know all these details that Disney so famous for? We we include all of that into Imagineering.

Kelli  1:38 

Chris  1:38 
And then Kelli and I ranked them they got a score based on the rank and then the combined score of the length of the attraction and where we ranked it. We have a gold silver and bronze metal for the attraction categories. Yes. So without further ado, without further ado. Give us your feedback to if you disagree or whatever. If we left something out please let us know. We tried to be thorough category number one. Okay, dark ride. Classic format. There are three dark ride formats here. So dark ride classic format. These are the ones with the basic cars that are pulled on a track usually. So we have Spaceship Earth. Haunted Mansion. Because the Haunted Mansion is so similar between Magic Kingdom and Disneyland we combine those into one there are some Disneyland specific and Magic Kingdom specific. But in this case Haunted Mansion under the sea, the Little Mermaid, Mr. toads wild ride, which is a wild ride. Snow whites enchanted wish something, Yeah, the new ride Peter Pan Disneyland which is basically the same as Peter Pan Magic Kingdom and the seas with Nemo and friends. Right now we recognize that Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway is also would be considered a classic dark ride most likely by most people. But we’ve got that in another category later. Right. So those are our categories. And based on the length and our rankings. The gold medal…

Kelli  3:29 
You can’t start with gold.

Chris  3:30 
Am I going okay,

Kelli  3:30 
I think you should start with bronze.

Chris  3:33 

Kelli  3:33 
No, I think you work up to gold. There’s got to be you know, some type of tenion. Okay, right.

Chris  3:38 
We should talk about these things before we start. Alright, bronze. I think these I think these are going to be surprising, by the way.

Kelli  3:45 
Oh, yeah, I do too.

Chris  3:46 
I think these I think we’re gonna have a lot of surprises. Yeah. I agree. The bronze went to under the sea with the Little Mermaid. I think probably we ranked high on Imagineering because of those scenes that you float through. I mean, Ariel’s hair alone, right? floating, her hairs floating in one scene. And then she and Eric had the most beautiful strands of hair.

Kelli  4:09 

Chris  4:09 
Her hair is different in every scene. And it’s but it’s beautiful in every scene.

Kelli  4:13 
Yes. But the imagineering that went into like tipping the car or the shell. Yeah. So that you feel like you’re going underwater? Yeah. The under the sea song is that whole scene

Chris  4:24 
is just so much so

Kelli  4:25 
great. Yeah, no, I love the Imagineering that went into that. So I think it’s

Chris  4:28 
good to the queue is really good. Fantastic. Interactive crabs that are collecting things that you can say yes or no to.

Kelli  4:34 
Yes. Yeah. So great. So I think it’s well worth the bronze.

Chris  4:38 
Under the sea. And then we gave Haunted Mansion, the silver. And, you know, just unbiased. You are biased. But I love the Haunted Mansion too. And they’ve they’ve worked hard to update it. But the queue they’ve updated significantly in the last five to 10 years. Yes. And it’s the Hatbox Ghost is in the Disneyland version that’s not in the Magic Kingdom version. He’s really cool.

Kelli  5:04 
He’s great. But Magic Kingdom has better hitchhike,

Chris  5:06 
they have better hitchhiking ghosts, the Magic Kingdom ride which tells you they’re still putting a lot of effort into the ride. So

Kelli  5:11 
but I would say if you question our silver ranking there, then go out and listen to our podcast episode where I gave the backstory on the Haunted Mansion. Yes,

Chris  5:19 
because a lot more. There’s a lot

Kelli  5:21 
more going on there than you realize. And so when you get into the story in the Imagineering, it’s well worth a silver, well worth the silver. Okay, gold. Should there be a drum roll or so I

Chris  5:30 
think this is I think this is going to shock people.

Kelli  5:32 
Okay. All right, go for it.

Chris  5:33 
Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth got our gold in large part on the length of the ride. It’s a 15 minute ride, which is, you know, 30% more than the next longest ride, which is the Haunted Mansion out in Disneyland. But it ranked very high on our Imagineering also just the idea, I think of that ball. Yeah, seeing a ride,

Kelli  5:59 
You know, and are going through history.

Chris  6:02 
I mean, all the scenes they create, yes, this I mean, they sell Rome burning as a candle. I know, you know, right. So it’s great.

Kelli  6:11 
That’s fantastic. And then you get to interact with the ride by creating your own future. So you see the history but then you can create your own future. I just think I love that ride. It’s very I love the Imagineering behind it. I was excited to see the update. When we had heard they’re gonna update it but I do still love the ride.

Chris  6:30 
You love Dame Judi Dench.

Kelli  6:32 
Oh, I always called her M. I did love her. Okay, category number two. I’ve got dark ride boat division, right?

Kelli  6:42 
So this is going to be living with the land, pirates that’s at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. Those two rides are markedly different. So they’re both ranked here. The NaVi river journey, Jungle Cruise Magic Kingdom, frozen Ever After the grand Fiesta tour, and it’s a small world also, again, ranked differently between Disneyland and Magic Kingdom because they’re markedly different. Yes. So I think this might be surprising to I think maybe so I think the gold especially. Okay, so dark ride boat division. Bronze goes to NaVi river journey.

Chris  7:18 
Yes. Right. Good for NaVi.

Kelli  7:20 
Which I will say we like. We love it. But we rarely wait in line for it.

Chris  7:26 
No, if there’s much of a wait we don’t we don’t we don’t do it.

Kelli  7:29 
It’s nice. It’s cool. It’s relaxing, has some really cool features,

Chris  7:34 
you know, amazing technology, riding through the rivers of Pandora.

Kelli  7:40 
Right? But I mean, it’s a solid bronze. It’s a five minute ride.

Chris  7:45 
We ranked it high for Imagineering. It’s a pretty short ride.

Kelli  7:50 
Yes. Okay, silver. Pirates Disneyland. Yes. Now, this is critical, y’all. The pirates Magic Kingdom is eight and a half minutes. Pirates. Disneyland is a 15 minute ride. Yeah. And when I tell you you feel every ounce of that you do. It’s so much better. Like you don’t feel rushed. There’s two drops. You get to go through the blue Bayou restaurant. Yep. I mean, it’s just it’s a better ride.

Chris  8:19 
More time looking at dead pirates.

Kelli  8:21 
So pirates Disneyland Absolutely. Got a lot of points for length. But we ranked it really high for Imagineering too, because we love it that it goes through a restaurant and that you get two drops and it’s just a much more thorough ride.

Chris  8:35 
Yeah, okay. Yeah, totally. Okay, gold medal.

Kelli  8:38 
Gold medal for Dark Ride, Boat division goes to livin with the land. And again, that’s a 14 minute ride. Yeah, so it ranked really high on length. But we also ranked it really high on Imagineering. Yeah, I mean, while the boat itself isn’t pretty old school, pretty old school. Right?

Chris  9:02 
All these boats are pretty old school frankly. Right.

Kelli  9:05 
But you’re driving through what is still the farm of the future is

Chris  9:10 
still the farm of the future. I am fascinated every single time one lady was so fascinated, she jumped out of the thing and got a cucumber cucumber,

Kelli  9:16 
right. So it is if you look at it being so far beyond its time when it launched still beyond its time and when we go through it I’m still amazed at everything.

Chris  9:28 
They’re growing Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins and lemons and and they’re using the food we eat at the garden grill or the Four Seasons food court. You are eating what they’re growing right there. Yes. Hydroponics I mean, aquaponics they’ve been doing in there for decades now. And it’s still cutting edge right in third world countries. It is it’s amazing.

Kelli  9:51 
Yeah, it’s the living with the land right is amazing. When you think about they did Imagineering on fruits and vegetables and plants. Yes.

Chris  9:58 
Right. They have Imagineers plants and vegetables and fruits and the same facility hosts the behind the seeds tour. It’s not the same attraction but that’s how cool the facility is.

Kelli  10:09 
Yeah, it’s still really cool. So gold of the Dark Ride Boat division is going to Living with the land.

Chris  10:14 
If any of these things you find to be controversial, we would love to hear from you.

Kelli  10:18 
Please, I love to argue.

Chris  10:19 
You sure do. Okay, category number three, category number three, dark ride thrill division. Okay, so in this division, I’m gonna go out of order here because I realized now that we sorted these things so that we’re saying we’re giving it away or we’re giving it away.

Kelli  10:34 
Okay, yeah, okay, no, go out of order.

Chris  10:35 
Okay, so thrilled the vision or am I going to go out of order? Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout, test track, dinosaur, Hollywood Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones Temple of the forbidden eye, Splash Mountain, Radiator Springs racers. Some good ones.

Kelli  11:00 
This was tough.

Chris  11:01 
Yeah, these are all tough frankly. Yeah. But the bronze goes to I think this is gonna be a surprise. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

Kelli  11:11 
I loved that ride.

Chris  11:12 
And we totally forgot this was even a thing at Disneyland. Yeah. Good queue. A great queue good queue there’s some easter eggs in there. Yeah. long ride yes 10 minutes and some really great Imagineering within the ride.

Kelli  11:32 
Oh yes. I mean some scary stuff.

Chris  11:34 
It’s awesome some like lava temple ghosty events or it’s just like the spaces that you’re in same cavernous and huge man the vehicle that your vehicle is awesome. And that’s gonna come as a surprise to people later that I think the vehicle was great.

Kelli  11:55 
Yeah, cuz you hate dinosaur.

Chris  11:56 
I hate dinosaur with the heat of 1000 suns.

Kelli  12:00 
But yes, I did love Indiana Jones and the Temple of the forbidden eye. I didn’t think it was a rough ride. I thought it was fun.

Chris  12:06 
I thought it was fun to Yeah, I thought it was fun. Yes. And I was worried about it because once I realized it was a Jeep ride. I thought oh, Lord, this is gonna be dinosaur right. I’m gonna have to go to the hospital. Right. But we all liked it. We did. Okay, silver, silver. Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout. So again, it’s our first time on this ride. And did the energy the music and the drops of course, the story story. Love it.

Kelli  12:32 
It’s funny how the technology is so different than Hollywood Tower Hollywood Tower, and

Chris  12:38 
it’s the same drop technology but I feel like you get a lot more drop drops. A least it feels like it.

Kelli  12:44 
And the story is fun.

Chris  12:46 
The story is fun. I love the Guardians of the Galaxy. Anyway, rocket’s Awesome. Yeah, they just did a great job of reskinning this they did more than just reskin this thing

Kelli  12:56 
they did a really good job.

Chris  12:58 
Okay, the gold medal

Kelli  13:00 
Gold medal dark ride thrill division…

Chris  13:02 
Goes to the Hollywood Tower of Terror, right? Yep. So loved. This ride is actually one minute shorter than guardians. So maybe that’s where the extra drops come in. Or maybe we just start dropping faster on guardians. Do we do we definitely do Yeah, but the story is the a the queue is fantastic, right? Yes. That Hollywood Tower and the story is second to none. Yeah, the whole Rod Serling thing how they did that is so good. Yeah. Just a wonderful a wonderful and worthy I think gold medalist.

Kelli  13:40 
I think so too. Okay, category number four. Best simulator ride. So here we’ve got smugglers run, Soarin, Star Tours adventure continues, and flight of passage. So not a lot in the simulator category.

Chris  13:58 
One one ride one attractions really just left holding the bag here

Kelli  14:02 
Fun fact, they’re all exactly five minutes long. So that’s really interesting.

Chris  14:08 
It really came down to what you and I thought.

Kelli  14:10 
Exactly. So the bronze medal goes to Star Tours. I love that Star Tours you sort of get a different version each time. I love C3PO in that I like Star Tours. I think it’s underrated. But you know it almost never has a wait.

Chris  14:28 
Right I think Disneyland I think underrated is the is the key word. It’s been around a long time now. Yeah. And it’s still packs a punch.

Kelli  14:37 
Yeah, it’s still cool. Silver goes to Soarin’.

Chris  14:43 
Yeah. I love Soarin’, It is such a joyful ride.

Kelli  14:48 
Isn’t it though? I love Soarin’, like the smells that you get when you’re over the African savannah. It smells like freshly cut grass that smells like Friday afternoon to me I love Soarin’ the smells the sights that you get to see you know when the the Big Whale splash or the polar bear jumps in.

Chris  15:11 
Right at the beginning when you go over the matterhorn and you come over that top edge. I literally feel in my stomach the same way we felt coming off of, you know, Jackson Hole coming off the mountain there on that gondola it literally feels the same way. Love that ride is just such a you is perfectly named perfectly themed. I love the queue like the whole you’re boarding a flight idea is great.

Kelli  15:35 
It’s fun. Okay, and gold medal goes to my gosh, Who could it be? Flight of passage of course. I mean how can it not be fun to feel your animal is breathing. You can feel it breathe between your legs. Yes. I mean, who doesn’t love this? Right? I know. I know. I love this ride so much, like you You truly feel the ride. And when you like swoop up and you land on the…

Chris  16:02 
It literally feels like your animal is breathing. The imagination.

Kelli  16:08 
Yes, they killed this ride and I love it. So so much. So gold medal best simulator flight of passage.

Chris  16:14 
You know, we don’t want to put you on smuggler’s run. It’s cool. But there was some things I just feel like they, they just missed on some.

Kelli  16:22 
Unless you’re in the front row, you get no view, right.

Chris  16:25 
It’s hard if you’re not in the front row. So you know, but side note, there’s they’re doing some cool stuff with smugglers run related to the new hotel, the galaxy. This

Kelli  16:36 
now the hotel. Okay, all right. That’s cool.

Chris  16:40 
So, kudos to flight a passage way to go NaVi. Okay, category five, coasters. Oh my gosh, I could feel your excitement out there. Okay, so what are in the coasters category here? We’ve got Big Thunder Mountain. Those are effectively the same in both places. You got Everest, Expedition Everest, the Matterhorn bobsleds, Slinky Dog dash, rockin roller coaster. Space Mountain Magic Kingdom. Because these are very different very different Space Mountain Disneyland, seven dwarfs Mine Train, and the incredicoaster. Yep. I mean, these are all good things. This is a murderer’s row.

Kelli  17:28 
It is, man. This was hard.

Chris  17:30 
Okay, we had to make some brutal decisions. really tough decisions here. things. There was a fight in the house. It was it was wild. Okay, bronze medal, goes to the relative newcomer. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Kelli  17:44 
Which I mean, come on, you’ve got to recognize the Imagineering that went into that. The coaster rocks!

Chris  17:49 
It like, literally rocks back and forth. Yeah, this is like, one of the shortest rides in the list. Yeah. In terms of duration. Yeah. So that’s tells you how much we love this ride. But it’s not just the coaster. It’s also the dark ride element of this of this ride. I mean, you could almost put it in dark ride territory. But because they got the that was like one of the first times they used the new projection technology on the faces of the dwarfs.

Kelli  18:17 
It is amazing. The queue is fantastic, in a non COVID world.

Chris  18:22 
Yeah, that queue is so weird. Like literally gives people entertainment within the queue. That’s awesome.

Kelli  18:30 
Yeah, just I mean, you’re going up the hill. We dig dig, dig, dig, dig. Right. I mean, how do you not sing that for the rest of the day? Exactly.

Chris  18:37 
I will be singing it for the rest of the night. Thank you for that.

Kelli  18:40 
You’re welcome.

Chris  18:40 
It’s a great ride. It is a wonderful bronze. Yep. Congratulations. Okay. Silver medal. I’m conflicted on all these three. We just rode this for the first time. The incredicoaster. We wrote it twice. We literally had to this is the one ride we had to ride at least twice when we were at California Adventure. I don’t I don’t know why people aren’t just raving about this roller coaster I loved. I loved this thing. It was so good. So fun.

Kelli  19:13 
Yes great.

Chris  19:14 
The story behind why you’re riding the incredicoaster.

Kelli  19:18 
Yeah, the story is fantastic. The Imagineering is great that the tunnels that you go through Yes, you can smell chocolate chip cookies!

Chris  19:24 
Smell the chocolate chip cookies that they’re trying to lure in jack jack with.

Kelli  19:29 
Of course, they sell those chocolate chip cookies right when you exit the ride.

Chris  19:35 
They don’t miss a beat at Disney. I mean and and was the dash is starting you off. And of course you start off on the incredicoaster from zero to 55 in four seconds. And you’re you’re hovering over a little water and you see what his dashes footsteps as he’s running on the water beside you. It’s insane. Such a such a key details the details. Yeah, way to go on credit coaster worthy silver. I believe that leaves us with just the gold medal – Space Mountain Disneyland edition.

Kelli  20:09 
I mean, I love that right it was awesome.

Chris  20:11 
I loved it so is doing so many things right? Yes at the Disneyland. I mean the Magic Kingdom version is not I love the Magic Kingdom version.

Kelli  20:21 
I do not is I mean I do it because it’s a classic and I feel like I need to do it. But I’ve never truly gotten that ride. Yeah, like the story behind it. I’ve never gotten

Chris  20:32 
and there you know there’s not really that much a story in the one in Disneyland but you can tell what you’re supposed to be doing. Yes, it’s not just a roller coaster in the dark. Right. And by the way, it’s twice as long as the one in Magic Kingdom. Yes, it’s five minutes compared to about two and a half minutes. It’s excellent. And I don’t know it’s it’s a six seater car instead of their riding seater car.

Kelli  20:56 
I think that contributes to a much smoother ride. The ride is there’s a part where you feel like you’re floating through space. And then suddenly you feel like you’re a rocket that got shut off in space, right? It’s I mean,

Chris  21:06 
I loved that. Music is louder and perfectly timed with the music. You’ll have this weird run around well well one thing that you have on the one in Magic Kingdom is just as thrilling music I love that right it’s it loves it. Truly. Yes. Wonderful. Yes. Way to go.

Kelli  21:28 
Okay, I am category number six. The best ride with scare elements.

Chris  21:35 
So this is a ride that would not necessarily scare like thrilling hills, but scare as in skeletons and boo and stuff like that.

Kelli  21:42 
Right? And so some of these are repeats we’ve had them in other categories, right? A lot of them were in the thrill category. Some of them are in the dark boat right but here we are category Best rival scare elements. Hollywood Tower of Terror. Pirates Magic Kingdom, also pirates Disneyland. Mr. toads wild ride which is such a wild ride. Haunted Mansion Magic Kingdom, Haunted Mansion Disneyland, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of the forbidden night. Okay, so our bronze goes to… and this was this was tight. This is very really

Chris  22:17 
tight, very tight.

Kelli  22:19 
Goes to Haunted Mansion Disneyland. Yeah. And the main reason that it sort of creeped out above Haunted Mansion Magic Kingdom like we mentioned, Magic Kingdom does have a better queue. The Magic Kingdom also has better hitchhiking ghost Disneyland has the Hatbox Ghost the story and the concept of the ride is relatively similar but Haunted Mansion Disneyland is nine minutes Haunted Mansion Magic Kingdom is seven and a half right? So that contributed to it sort of just bumping up slightly ahead of it when I mentioned Magic Kingdom was a close fourth. Haunted Manion Disneyland takes the bronze, well done.

Chris  22:53 
Yep, I think it’s I think it’s worthy you either one of those would have been worthy Yes.

Kelli  22:58 
Silver goes to Pirates Disneyland Yes. For all the reasons we just mentioned. Why pirates one in the other category it’s 15 minutes long it’s such a great ride.

Chris  23:09 
And there’s there are there are you spend a lot more time a in the dark? Yes. And like like legit dark. And a lot more time with some really creepy skeleton pirate.

Kelli  23:22 
Yes, really? Creeptastic Okay, and number one gold, gold metal best right with scare elements.

Chris  23:29 
It’s not pirates and it’s not Haunted Mansion. Who could it be?

Kelli  23:33 
It is Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden eye. Shocking, right? Yeah, there was one time I mean that ride you truly several times feel like you’re gonna run into another vehicle. You’re gonna run into the wall. You’re gonna the Jeep is gonna throw you out. I’m pretty sure one of the elements was the devil himself.

Chris  23:50 
Pretty sure

Kelli  23:51 
I think it was a massive devil.

Chris  23:53 
Yeah, there was a huge snake here lots of huge snakes lots of skeletons Yeah, lots of like, like apple

Kelli  24:01 
and Hellfire if you

Chris  24:03 
don’t get don’t get it confused with Mr. Toad

Kelli  24:06 
was oh my goodness.

Chris  24:08 
There are different kinds that look more like an LSD bad trip scary. But yeah, I mean, temple the forbidden eye is coming in strong with some scary elements.

Kelli  24:19 
It’s a really good ride and when we were in Disneyland it had a long wait the whole time. Yeah. We went when it had like a 55 minute wait, we were thrilled with that. Yeah, that’s right. And I know why it’s it was worthy it’s

Chris  24:30 
really it’s a long ride. And you know like so there’s some really there’s some scary elements the same way that like Raiders of the Lost Ark is scary when they’re in the Well of Souls and all that fun stuff. So that kind of scary.

Kelli  24:41 
Yes. So congratulations to those three on winning your second medals. All three of them with their second medal.

Chris  24:54 
Okay, I’ve been taking a little bit of a turn here. This is a best show and we’re getting to a couple Live Show attractions. So this is the best show attraction in what we’re calling the recorded category. So these are not like live performance or don’t require a live performer. Right. Okay, so recorded. We have the Hall of Presidents. Your favorite the country bear jamboree. It’s tough to be a bug. Mickey’s philharmagic, I do love that, Carousel of Progress. Did I say Hall of presidents? Muppets, 3d Muppet vision 3d. The American adventure. The Enchanted Tiki Room.

Kelli  25:40 
The tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room.

Chris  25:43 
And great moments with Mr. Lincoln. Which notably, we did not see we did not see that

Kelli  25:49 
you watched it on I did on online or something?

Chris  25:52 
Yep. That’s right. So winning the bronze. I think I think some of these are going to be surprising.

Kelli  26:01 
Absolutely. I think so.

Chris  26:02 
Okay, coming in with the bronze medal, the Carousel of Progress. Last it’s it’s classic. A all these have pretty decent lengths. But Carousel of Progress was actually the second longest one, the third longest in this category at 21 minutes. Long. That’s good. And, again, I thought back to what the Imagineers were doing. Back when this thing was introduced that the World’s Fair.

Kelli  26:31 
But it’s where we are just now to the point of the last family.

Chris  26:36 
Yeah. And I think they’ve updated that one. I think that one has truly been updated in the last 15 years.

Kelli  26:41 
Right. But with the virtual reality reality and stuff that the stove that can respond to voice commands, we are just now to that.

Chris  26:48 
But think when this came out the the Imagineers were doing exactly what the Imagineers right, are there to do? Imagine the future and show us what people were thinking every time we get to a new scene in that ride where he says, it just can’t get any better than this. Right. Right. Love. I love the whole idea of that. Classic, strong performance by the Imagineers. There. Okay, second. Silver metal I think is going to be surprising to people. Muppet vision 3d.

Kelli  27:20 
Yeah, I think that one will be a shock.

Chris  27:22 
I think that’s a surprise to people. A I think that Mickey’s philharmagic and it’s tough to be a bug. I rely heavily on some ground that was broken by Muppet vision 3d.

Kelli  27:32 
That’s what you said. I really liked philharmagic there. Yeah. But philharmagic uses the technology that Muppets 3D started.

Chris  27:40 
So the whole 4d aspect, a lot of that stuff. And they just do more of it in 3D, I think it’s an underrated attraction at the parks. And gold medal.

Kelli  27:52 
Nobody is going to be surprised.

Chris  27:53 
I don’t I hope I hope people aren’t surprised by this one. Because it leads into this. You’ve really set it up the American adventure.

Kelli  28:00 
I mean, longest it was the longest of any of these shows.

Chris  28:03 
The longest. It’s 30 minutes long.

Kelli  28:05 
I’ll just say again, excellent nap.

Chris  28:09 
To the American story, then a Why are you here? But that’s fine. I get it. It’s a great opportunity. Great. Opportunity. That’s right. Yeah. And if you want to know about the Imagineering that went into this thing, go check out our episode where I break down where I’ll go into the American adventure, what it costs to produce and what’s going on behind the scenes which…

Kelli  28:34 
Gave me a new appreciation for it really did give me a new appreciation for some mechanics that are going on behind the scenes of this thing are just over the top right.

Chris  28:44 
So kudos to the American Adventure totally worthy.

Kelli  28:48 
Gold Medal there. Yes. Congratulations. Okay. Category eight best show attraction stage. And our participants our beauty in the beast, Monsters Inc. Laugh floor., Turtle talk with crush, the up great bird adventure. The Finding Nemo musical, festival of The Lion King, and the frozen sing along.

Chris  29:13 
I’m gonna have some surprises here.

Kelli  29:14 
I think there will be too. Okay, the bronze goes to…

Chris  29:17 
I think the Bronze is going to be the surprise.

Kelli  29:20 
The Finding Nemo musical.

Chris  29:21 
I think that’s gonna I think people are gonna pick themselves up off the floor.

Kelli  29:25 
So first of all, it’s a 40 minute show. Yep. And it’s a pretty big theater. Yep. I will say it’s indoors. It’s air conditioned. And we’ve already talked about animal kingdoms the hottest of all the parks. I will say that if you are at Animal Kingdom, and you think you’re gonna go see this, just you know, DM me, and I can give you some pointers on how to make it more enjoyable.

Chris  29:49 
You loved it because you were snockered.

Chris  29:52 
When we went in there, they made me chug an entire margarita.

Chris  29:55 
You chugged a margarita. For you, in there was a fantastic show.

Kelli  30:02 
I literally had to stand in the back and chug the Margarita or I had to throw it away.

Chris  30:05 
This is a huge puppet show. It is a musical they turned NEMO into a musical. Yeah. And they do that thing in here where people are dressed in all black a lot of times and then got neon puppets and all black lights. It is such a production to pull off. I just can’t even believe they’re doing it multiple times a day.

Kelli  30:25 
Yeah. But again, Margarita helps. But you know, it’s 40 minutes long. And like he mentioned there is some cool Imagineering that went into it. So it third place. Congratulations, Finding Nemo for the bronze. I think that’s one that a lot of people sleep on. Silver, the frozen sing-along. Yep, I’ve loved that since the day it opened.

Chris  30:46 
I’m surprised honestly, I’m surprised we ranked that ahead of beauty and the beast.

Kelli  30:50 
Yeah, I do love beauty and the beast.

Chris  30:53 
But that thing a is funny from the start to the finishes and if you get good hosts Yes, they make it completely. I’ve had some that had amazing chemistry up there and it totally made the show and then the the finale which is totally predictable. But it’s such a joyous like event. Like I know it’s coming and I still just cannot scratch the smile off my face. When I when I’m going through it.

Kelli  31:23 
Who doesn’t love fake snow?

Chris  31:24 
We all love it when it snows. We love it. Everybody loves it.

Kelli  31:29 
Right But the whole concept of a sing along just like there’s a beauty in the beast sing along over in France. Yeah, Epcot. Yeah. I love that. Yeah, yeah. Right. Let’s sit in a room with you know, 2000 other people seeing frozen in beauty and the beast at the top of our lungs. Yeah. Like Where else can you just belt beauty in the beast?

Chris  31:51 
No shame, with no shame and no judgment. Well, you do that everywhere.

Kelli  31:56 
I do, man. I’ll just burst into Mary Poppins at Target. I don’t care. But seriously, where else can you do that?

Chris  32:04 
Okay, so that’s silver is also an indoor attraction with you.

Kelli  32:09 
Yeah, so congratulations, frozen sing along on your silver. Gold goes to… I think this is easy. No brainer.

Chris  32:17 
No brainer.

Kelli  32:18 
Festival of The Lion King. Of course. I think that’s the best stage show.

Chris  32:21 
I think of all the stage shows, it is so good.

Kelli  32:24 
Yeah, it’s a 30 minute show. So plenty of time.

Chris  32:28 
Totally creative. Almost a theater in the round type experience

Kelli  32:32 
And it’s got amazing singers, amazing costumes, an amazing story, great story, great acrobatics. And they all interact with the crowd.

Chris  32:41 
Yeah, great interactions.

Kelli  32:43 
You know, again, there you stand making the elephant noise. Okay, for those 2000 people you don’t know let’s… what does the giraffe sound like? What does it It’s great. It’s great. It’s excellent. So congrats, Lion King on your gold medal.

Chris  32:58 
Yeah, I mean, I think I think that was the Michael Phelps in this.

Kelli  33:01 
Yeah, I think that was a good me. I think everybody loves festival of the lion king.

Chris  33:05 
Okay, I’m so excited to work out so that I get this. I really wanted this. This one is do you want to do the next one first? Do you want to switch? Yeah, I think that’s a good one. All right, thank you so much.

Kelli  33:16 
You just give give give honey.

Chris  33:19 
This is a fun category, the ride most likely to send you to a chiropractor. And we came up with the whole idea for this show, like on the flight out to California. It was immediately after getting off of a ride or going out to win.

Kelli  33:39 
I literally said we’re gonna do a ride most likely to send you to a chiropractor. And this one wins.

Chris  33:47 
So the contestants in this category are dinosaur at Animal Kingdom.

Kelli  33:56 
Which you’ve literally never let me ride.

Chris  33:59 
We’re not getting on it or you can get on it. I’m not ever getting on it again. Space Mountain Magic Kingdom.

Kelli  34:06 
Again, I’m not a huge fan of this. I do feel like it’s very jerky.

Chris  34:10 
Matterhorn bobsleds, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the forbidden eye. Now I also had on here when we did not rank this one there’s only four officials in this category. But primeval whirl which used to be really would have challenged for gold medal category.

Kelli  34:32 
Such a rocky ride.

Chris  34:33 
Hospital inducing ride.

Kelli  34:34 
I mean, it’s like a whiplash, right? Yeah.

Chris  34:37 
So okay, bronze metal in the in the chiropractor category here is Space Mountain Magic Kingdom.

Kelli  34:46 
You know, I don’t feel like these metals in this particular category are sort of like underhanded metals. Like they don’t really want these metals.

Chris  34:53 
These are passive aggressive metals for sure.

Kelli  34:55 
Passive aggressive metals. Yeah, but I’m sorry, Space Mountain Magic Kingdom. I think you have sent me chiropractor more than once, and I’ll be honest, maybe I wouldn’t have felt that way if the one out in California weren’t so much smoother.

Chris  35:06 
I know. I know. Honestly, I know.

Kelli  35:09 
But it just shows they can make a good smooth Space Mountain. So we get that crappy one in Magic Kingdom.

Chris  35:15 
It was so I didn’t think of it as crappy until I rode the one out there.

Kelli  35:19 
No, I already thought of it as crappy. But then I rode the one out there and I was like, I’m right.

Chris  35:24 
I’m right. Always look at that just right. Alright, silver metal in the chiro category. dinosaur.

Kelli  35:33 
Yeah. never ridden it.

Chris  35:34 
So Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Eye is the one that just didn’t get and I honestly I just put it in there because he had the same ride technology as dinosaur. But truly, it was not nearly as bad as dinosaur in my opinion.

Kelli  35:48 
Yeah, well, I mean, I’ve never ridden dinosaur but I didn’t think it was bad.

Chris  35:52 
I’m going to put you on it next time. Just so you can come on.

Kelli  35:54 
I don’t know.

Chris  35:55 
I’ve already told you. I was I was kind of good story. Dinosaurs got a good story behind it.

Kelli  35:59 
I was worried I didn’t have on a supportive enough bra for the Indiana Jones. Well, so if it’s much worse…

Chris  36:06 
It’s much worse. So dinosaur wins to silver which leads us to our gold medal which wins in a landslide going away. landslide? No. Seriously. Matterhorn bobsleds!

Kelli  36:21 
I hate that ride so much.

Chris  36:24 
I did a whole, I did, I did a segment of the show on the Matterhorn bobsleds and how excited I was to ride it and where they came from and the inspiration for another. Tear that shit down.

Kelli  36:44 
It is not good. It’s a crappy ride, y’all. It’s a really crappy ride. But you know what I think it is. I think it is authentic.

Chris  36:50 
I think it is very authentic.

Kelli  36:52 
That is what a bobsled would feel like.

Chris  36:55 
I think that’s the only reason they don’t think

Kelli  36:57 
if you were going down a mountain, and it would jerk you from one side of the little

Chris  37:02 
corner pile and land you and break your cockix.

Kelli  37:05 
Oh my goodness,

Chris  37:07 
you need an adjustment on your L four and five vertebrae when you’re done. I mean,

Kelli  37:13 
it was it was brutal.

Chris  37:15 
There are some elements in there like a Yeti and some things that they’ve added in recent years that I’m sure are cool. I don’t even remember…

Kelli  37:25 
I wanted that ride to end about 10 seconds after it started.

Chris  37:28 
I’m a big dude. And at first I had to wedge myself down into the seat. And my hip was hurting.

Kelli  37:34 
I had to wedge myself into the seat.

Chris  37:36 
My hip was hurting because of how I had to squeeze my legs in there. And we get we did the first turn and my hips stopped hurting. Yeah, it popped. Like you could hear it and it never hurt anymore on the ride. Everything else hurt. But I thought I we got off the ride and I told Kelli I either need a chiropractor for the rest of my life or I never need a chiropractor again. Yeah, it was it was brutal. I was the worst ride.

Kelli  38:03 
That ride is four minutes long and I wanted it to stop for three, three minutes and 50 seconds. Such horrible ride and every time we would go a little bit further down the mountain I would think and we have to please let this be at the bottom please let this be the bottom. The bottom. I hated it.

Chris  38:20 
At one point in time in Disneyland’s history, this was like a holiday Hill and people turned it into sort of like a lovers lane area. Let’s turn it back into that. Yeah, please. It was not the love. Let’s turn it back into lovers lane. So

Kelli  38:33 
congratulations Matterhorn Bobsleds on your gold medal.

Chris  38:36 
It’s the only thing you’re ever gonna win.

Kelli  38:41 
Okay, it’s I’ve got the last category, category number 10 This is the best new ride and these new rides have come out in the last five years. There we go. Best New ride in the last five years here we’ve got Slinky Dog dash, frozen Ever After, the NaVi river journey. Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout, smugglers run, Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway, flight of passage, and rise of the resistance. Okay, so these are some good ones right?

Chris  39:11 
All these are good. These are all strong. You said Slinky Dog dash and I’m like, Oh my god, what happened in the coasters but that’s just how strong because that’s how strong the coasters category was.

Kelli  39:20 
We love Slinky Dog dash but it’s only two minutes long. Yeah. It has really struggled to maintain itself here in these categories. So here we go with bronze bronze on the best new rise in the last five years goes to Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway.

Chris  39:36 
Strong Imagineering here.

Kelli  39:38 
Crazy man. The queue. The queue for this ride when goofy like bust through the wall blows up the theater screen and you walk from the real world into the cartoon world. So good as that’s next level and

Chris  39:52 
So good. So good. So the Imagineering for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is amazing.

Kelli  39:57 
But also the way the ride is built. I swear they can easily skin it for holidays for sure. I think they can ease because it’s simply I think a lot of a lot of it is projected as projections and they can definitely holiday. Yes. Yes. Or make it Halloween or whatever and update it in five years. Right.

Chris  40:18 
They basically took 2d cartoon images and made them 3d. Yes. Like literally 3d 3d cartoon images. So so it’s so strong. Awesome.

Kelli  40:28 
Well done on your bronze. This was a tough category making sure of category. Okay, silver goes to flight of passage.

Chris  40:36 
We’ve talked about what a glorious ride this is.

Kelli  40:39 
It’s an amazing ride. It’s such an amazing ride and, and so when you look at these rides, a lot of them still have like horribly long waits, even after having been open for four or five years. Yeah, that’s right.

Chris  40:52 
And flight of passage is one of those. The other thing about flight of passage and Mickey Minnie is they had to invent something new that had never been created before that the ride system like the thing you hop on to a flight a passage. That’s, that’s not anywhere else. Right that that was invented just for that ride.

Kelli  41:09 
Yeah, it’s amazing. Gold Medal, our last gold medal.

Chris  41:15 
Of the show, our last one.

Kelli  41:17 
Our last gold medal of the show goes to rise of the resistance. easy. I mean, and if you’ve ridden it, like, come on, but what I’ll say is, first of all, it’s an 18 minute ride. Yes.

Chris  41:30 
And all these other rides are two to six minutes long. And a lot of reason because parts of the queue in there are also part of the experience. It’s more of an experience than a ride. Yes, it really is. It truly is. Something else to the queue. is a it’s it’s themed perfectly, but they built in seats into the queue.

Kelli  41:53 

Chris  41:53 
Which is long overdue.

Kelli  41:56 
Yeah. Now it’s amazing. Yeah, it’s amazing. it’s mind blowing it’s all of that. And again, that’s what everybody else still wants I mean, it’s got a virtual queue.

Chris  42:04 
Yeah, that will that’s right a virtual queue that makes life easy if you can get it we’re going to put out a podcast on how to get it by the way. And it this ride a it’s immersive into the Star Wars world which is great. And it sort of uses this amazing technology from all the other rides it uses simulator technology uses drop technology, it uses dark ride the latest and greatest dark ride trackless technology. It’s It’s a wonderful experience.

Kelli  42:35 
It’s awesome. Yeah, well done. So there you go for our Disney attraction Olympics.

Chris  42:39 
That was super fun. We did a whole bunch of categories. We’ll try to come up with some more categories when when do the Winter Olympics.

Kelli  42:44 
congrats to all of our gold medal and silver and bronze medal winners.

Chris  42:47 
You’re all worthy. And hey, I am sure there’s some fighting words that have been said. So please speak directly to us. Yeah, get with us on the Insta get with us on our even go leave us a review on the on the podcast channel that you listened to tell us where we got it wrong. Tell us if you agree with us. I know you’ve got your favorites in these categories. Yes. So join us speaking of socials join us out there this week. SCFADP on all of the social medias supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast channel, on YouTube. You can find us in all those places, download the podcast and subscribe so that you get it downloaded automatically every week. You won’t have to go out there and remember to do that. And you know what, you all get gold medals in our heart.

Kelli  43:36 
Oh, feeling sentimental tonight.

Chris  43:40 
A thank you for joining us and happy Olympics and with that, we will see you real soon.

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