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BONUS News: What to Expect at EPCOT’S 2021 Festival of the Arts

Episode 14

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Food from the France Booth at EPCOT’s 2021 Festival of the Arts
Food from the Pop Eats Booth at EPCOT’s 2021 Festival of the Arts

Daydreaming of yummy Disney Snacks? We are too! In this bonus news episode, we take a virtual tour around the World Showcase at EPCOT and visit each booth for the 2021 Festival of the Arts. We discuss what we would eat, what we’re dying to eat, and what we think we can pass on. Join us as we snack (and drink) the 2021 Festival of the Arts at EPCOT!

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Chris  0:00 
Hey folks, welcome to a bonus episode of supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. This is Chris. And

Kelli  0:06 
I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:07 
And today we are excited to talk about the 2021 Epcot festival the arts. They do this each year right about this time. And they started in 2017. They bring in artists of all sorts of genres, throughout both Future World and World Showcase. But we’re here to talk about the art they make with the food

Kelli  0:25 
Yummy, yummy food,

Chris  0:26 
right? So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to virtually walk around the world showcase promenade, we are going to stop at each booth and determine if there’s anything there that we would eat or drink while we’re there.

Kelli  0:38 
Absolutely. Remembering of course that I’m vegetarian. And Chris is meat-atarian. That’s a fact.

Chris  0:43 
That is a fact. So you’re ready. Yeah. Ready? Okay. So it is our want to start with Mexico. That’s the direction we typically go. Okay, so we’re gonna stop off at El Artista Humbriento.

Kelli  0:55 
The hungry artist.

Chris  0:57 
Beautiful. So here at the hungry artists. They have a chili reinjo, they had a pork belly pastor and a taco de chocolate and then they’ve got a number of different drinks. I’ve got a Mexican craft beer, a Diego pomegranate Margarita. And a fried carrot Margarita, huh? You don’t want anything in Mexico?

Kelli  1:17 
I am. I’m gonna have the taco de chocolate. That is a chocolate candy shell filled with Mexican chocolate mousse with a touch of chili topped with tropical fruit. Yeah,

Chris  1:29 
I will have two of those please.

Kelli  1:30 
Yeah, that looks really good. I’m also going to have the Frida carrot Margarita. You know where that name comes from? That’s a play off of Frida Kahlo.

Chris  1:41 
Oh, cute in that cute.

Kelli  1:43 
I love Frida Kahlo. So I’m going to have her Margarita that is a casa noble Blanco tequila with carrot juice, a ginger cordial lime juice and agave nectar. I think it’s gonna be fantastic. It looks beautiful. I

Chris  1:54 
saw it. Okay, that’s beautiful. Yeah, I’m gonna have the chocolate taco thing to. It Looks great. I like chocolate with some with some chili in there. That’s always good, but no drinks for you know drinks for me here. Okay. Okay, the next we’re moving on to China. No booths in Norway area. The painted panda. Okay, here you’re gonna find an old Shanghai shihtzu cheesy to

Kelli  2:18 
shitzu is a dog.

Chris  2:22 
Pork and water chestnut meatballs is what that is. Yeah. And I Sezchuan Red Hot mala shrimp, and then they’ve got some beverages panda bubble tea, Jasmine, draught beer fortunately, drink. pina colada mix sort of thing. kung fu punch. And a Sea butterfly going with anything in China. Absolutely. Nothing.

Kelli  2:39 
I will say though, that the the see thing was the last one. See butterflies, the butterflies beautiful.

Chris  2:48 
There’s lychee flower infused cocktail with like sea serpent vodka.

Kelli  2:51 
Yeah, I’m against lychee. Yeah. At a very, like, visceral primal level. But yeah, no, it’s beautiful. It looks like a purple and white layer drink with real flowers on top. Oh, yeah.

Chris  3:06 
I’m going with the red hot mala shrimp. Okay, it just looked awesome. It was served in a martini glass refreshment outpost is there is I think it’s just gonna stay serving. They’re warm butter sugar stuffed, pretzels, which is great for them. As we

Kelli  3:22 
said we wanted last time we didn’t

Chris  3:24 
know we’re gonna move on to cuisine classique in Germany. Here. They’ve got a red wine braised beef short rib. They’ve got Cocque au Vin, an opera cake. And a lot of the booths we won’t call this out every time a lot of the moves are serving this artists palette jumbo chocolate chip cookie, which is a huge chocolate chip cookie. shaped in the shape of an artist’s palette. That looks like it’s got big paint swatches on it.

Kelli  3:50 
I just found it interesting that every booth had that same like a lot of the

Chris  3:54 
cookie. Yeah, yeah. Okay. So mascot cookie for the event I guess. Okay, so what you go with anything here?

Kelli  4:03 
I am actually going to have the opera cake. Yeah. Yeah, this is opera cake with Allman Joconde. Got it right coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache. Frankly, I just want to add the opera cake because they made it on Great British baking show. And I just want to see what that tastes like. I’m also going to do their play on rose a flight.

Chris  4:24 
Okay, have three

Kelli  4:24 
different rows. And one of them is frozen. Yeah, so I’m going to give that a go.

Chris  4:29 
Yeah, I was gonna do the opera cake to even though I’m not really much for coffee flavored things. And I’m going to do the Cocque au Vin, which is their Chicken roulade with violet mustard, candied carrots, pen cheddar crisp marble potatoes, and Beure rouge sauce. It was beautiful. Yeah, it’s gorgeous, gorgeous. Anything they roll up. I’m for chicken roll up. All right, moving on to Italy who I’ll be honest, is just perpetually a disappointment at these festivals Italy should be able to do so much better than they do.

Kelli  5:09 
I was very disappointed.

Chris  5:10 
Yeah, I’ve got nothing there. They they are serving an arancini which is a sweet sausage fried risotto ball, Langostini which is a lobster ravioli and a Bumbuloni, which is a cream filled Italian donut and raspberry sauce with powdered sugar. I actually did choose that. I was going just by reading it. I was going to go with the sweet sausage Rosetta ball. And then I saw a picture of it and I’m like, man, it was just gonna disappoint me again. But those little donut balls, I’m gonna give them a shot. They looked almost

Kelli  5:41 
exactly what Morocco had in over the holidays. Sure, and I was like, again, I thought Italy could do better. I didn’t even pick any of their beverages, right. They have a lot of wines. proseccos. Moscato sangrias. Yeah,

Chris  5:56 
but others. So here’s the thing. I’m doing a virtual tour. I really haven’t had any of that yet. So I did go with the amoretto billini, which is white. That was

Unknown Speaker  6:05 
ready. Yeah, that was pretty good. Okay.

Chris  6:09 
Okay, of course you will. Okay, next, the American adventure. The artists table. I thought they did a really good job here. They’re offering a Beef Wellington, a pan seared scallop with chorizo and the artists palette cookie. They got something there in the beverages, though. I think we’re both gonna go for

Kelli  6:26 
I’m going to go for the symphony and chocolate flight, which is Mozart cream, the course paired with sipping chocolate. So they’ve got the sipping chocolate flight and non alcoholic version, which is white milk and dark chocolate. You just drink? Oh, yes, I mean, but I’m gonna have the symphony and chocolate which adds in your cream liqueur. Yeah,

Chris  6:49 
and each cream liqueur matches three different cream liquid

Kelli  6:52 

Chris  6:53 
I’ve got but I’ve got literally the non alcoholic and the alcoholic version selected, both of them just due to alcohol. And I’m gonna have that with the Beef Wellington, which comes with a mushroom duxelle I don’t know if I’m saying that right procuitto and a puff pastry with a red wine Demi glaze. You serve

Kelli  7:11 
fennel cream.

Chris  7:12 
Yeah, you serve. Frankly with me though. You serve beef inside of a puff pastry and I’m sold every day all day. See them? Yep, for sure. Okay, goshiki, which is in Japan. They’ve got some called stone garden, which is a red bean mousse with chocolate rocks. That sounds cool. A sushi doughnut, which is a doughnut shaped sushi featuring shrimp. It was pretty It was really gorgeous. It was gorgeous. And then a vegetable filled spinach Giza with tofu. And then I’ve got some Haiku draft lager, and sake is available as beverages. I didn’t

Kelli  7:50 
have anything in Japan. I actually have two things in Japan. So first of all that stone garden that you just you know, it’s meant to look like a Zen Garden, you know whether sand Zen gardens and so it comes looking like that. Like they give you a little flat ball that looks like a Zen like a bowl of sand. That’s their rice.

Chris  8:09 
cracker pebbles.

Kelli  8:10 
No, no, no, no, no, that’s the that’s the red bean mousse. With like a white topping. It looks like the sand. Okay, but underneath that’s the red bean mousse. Then they give you a little plastic cup with the chocolate rocks and the rice cracker pebbles and you put them in there and like make your own little zen sand garden and then eat it. That is totes adorbs and I want to do that so bad.

Chris  8:37 
It’s like an activity.

Kelli  8:39 
Artist activity, which is the whole point. I think that totes adorbs and I want it. I’m also going to have the pink snow beverage which is Saki peach snobs. Cranberry juice, kalpa code dusted with snowflake confetti.

Chris  8:53 
Sounds great.

Kelli  8:54 
I mean, that is just a catastrophe. But what I will say about the Saki in the traditional personalized wooden cup, you sort of brushed over that. It’s a really pretty wooden cup that they write your name on in Japanese. Oh, that’s nice. It’s personalized. It’s a personalized wooden cup. With your name and Japanese totally rushed this booth decided I’m so excited about it.

Chris  9:22 
You are but you love something extra and free. You got the free. Nothing free. You got the free activity with you with your food and you got your free name on a wooden cup.

Kelli  9:33 
I love Zen Garden. I love a good Zen Garden. I don’t own one. I should own one and love a good zen garden.

Chris  9:39 
Why not have one that you can eat? Amen.

Kelli  9:42 

Chris  9:44 
All right, so moving on to Morocco. Okay, the mosaic canteen. I didn’t do anything here either. They got a Mediterranean flatbread with pesto and artichokes, roasted peppers, her risotto roasted rack of lamb with Baba Ganoush and There’s a I don’t know, orange cake. I’m not even gonna misquote you. I think I said that right? Machu

Kelli  10:10 
Picchu. But whatever. That’s cool.

Chris  10:12 
It’s an orange cake with cinnamon chocolate mousse. And then they’ve got a couple of they’ve got a blackberry hard cider and a dark amber lager there. I didn’t get anything here.

Kelli  10:22 
I got the moose kichu miska

Chris  10:24 
I’ll bet you did I bet you and Epcot they do call it the mouse kutchi Why wouldn’t you

Kelli  10:28 
think they should, but the orange cake with a cinnamon chocolate mousse actually gorgeous. This was a beautiful little dessert. And it looked to me to be reminiscent of orange bird. And I gotta say, I really bought into the bird I bought into the Orange bird over the holidays, um, for him. And so this reminded me a little bit of that and so I thought that would be good. But I am for orange and chocolate,

Chris  10:51 
you know? For sure,

Kelli  10:52 
yes. For that combo. So I saw that and I was like, I’m gonna support you Morocco.

Chris  10:57 
Okay, so between Morocco and France, they’ve got a new booth called the Vivante and Vivido

Kelli  11:02 
Yes. And it’s beautiful. Basically, this is where they put the La Chaim booth. Yes. Right. Or Hanukkah? Yes. And I think they had the Brazil booth there.

Chris  11:14 
They did. Yes.

Kelli  11:14 
When we Were there in July or August. Yes. And so it’s not a new booth. It’s a new menu menu. I’ll say the booth looks much more La CHaim or Greek.

Chris  11:25 
Well, they’re serving Latin flavors here.

Kelli  11:27 
Yeah. Okay. It’s beautiful. What they’re serving is gorgeous. Yeah.

Chris  11:31 
So they’ve got a chilled seafood cocktail with octopus scallops, shrimp and garlic aioli looked amazing. blue corn pupusa Yes. A passion fruit mouse and dragon fruit jam. And then they’ve got a coconut and passionfruit smoothie, pina colada and a free Daiquiri. passionfruit Daiquiri. So anything here

Kelli  11:54 
I’m going to get that passion fruit mousse with the dragon fruit jam. If you’ve seen any pictures on the socials of the this festival, the arts that’s what you’re seeing, because it’s so brightly colored. In this thing. Everything at this booth is like BAM in your face colorful like bright yellows, bright purples, bright pinks that moves with the dragon fruit jam is gorgeous. It’s so bright, has like a mirror glaze on it. So good. And then I think it has a white chocolate mask. You know, like the drama mask that you see like the little icon. So you see one of those on the plate. It doesn’t say that it’s white chocolate, but I assume that it is because it’s like painted okay. No, so I want that just because it’s so instagrammable

Chris  12:43 
Oh, well. I’m gonna go with the blue corn potatoes stuffed with cheese and topped with shredded pork. Well, he arbol chili sauce. Cabbage slaw and aji amarillo cream. Yeah, we love it.

Kelli  12:57 
Yeah, I was really interested in that one until they smothered in shredded pork shredded

Unknown Speaker  13:02 
pork, man.

Kelli  13:03 
I mean, who doesn’t want something stuffed with cheese but I wasn’t really feeling the shredded pork. He stuffed

Chris  13:09 
something with cheese and throw some pork on top of it and you might as well just read the dinner bell for me. Alright, so we’re moving on to France who always does like the opposite of Italy. They always do their job. That’s what I’m saying. L’Art de la Cuisine Francaise. Okay, so here we’ve got on this first one it says Cr√®me de Brie en Petit Pain, which is creamy Brie and a bread bowl. Croissant √† la Truffle Noir d‚ÄôHiver winner truffle croissant. Moelleux √† la Framboise et aux Chocolats Valrhona molten chocolate cake.

Kelli  13:58  

Chris  14:00 
trio. They make a home. Uh huh. Which is a house. macaroni I’ll have it. Okay.

Kelli  14:06 
I’ll have it all.

Chris  14:07 
Yeah. Did you select it all? I

Kelli  14:09 
liked it. Everything at the frickin booth

Chris  14:12  
so did I.

Kelli  14:15 
Creamy Brie and a bread bowl. A black winter truffle croissant, a molten chocolate lava cake and three housemaid macaroons

Chris  14:23 
is a fine that is a MENU is a fine meal

Kelli  14:27 
France is bringing it and I’m gonna wash that down with the frozen French Martini which is Grey Goose vodka. Chambord lacouture. Pineapple orange and grape juice with a lemon lime foam. You guys know I love a foam. And so that’s it. I’m washing that down with the frozen French Martini. I’m

Chris  14:43 
going to have the booth we were meant to be honey cuz I went with the same drink. Dude. We will have to have it all France

Kelli  14:50 
is because we love France. Yeah. Yeah, we love France. And that’s

Chris  14:55 
that croissant. It’s got something on the amazing.

Kelli  14:58 
Yes. All that looks amazing. I will have the booth thank you for him we’ll have

Chris  15:04 
to have all these please have to have this Monsieur got to always Okay, so we’re going to take a nap in France probably on that bridge between there and England and and then we’re gonna walk through England cuz they don’t they don’t have anything

Kelli  15:21 
I know

Chris  15:22 
yeah it’s they’ve got that Joffrey’s thing there but we walk up the little ramp there to the world showcase right inside the special events building there right and we find two two real booths there this year festival favorites. And here we have Remy’s Ratatouille, right? Which Hello. Why not do that in France? They have a charcuterie board a lemon blood orange tart. And then they got the artists palette cookie.

Kelli  15:52 
Right? I’m gonna have to try the Ratatouille. Its famous. Well, it’s famous and we screwed it up and in the movie. I just want to see what it’s supposed to taste like. I’m also there you’ll be shocked I’m gonna get the blue sky black cherry boba freeze sing non alcoholic beverage people Hello. A little bit shocked by that. And it is it’s white. Like it’s it’s frozen. It’s a frozen white drink with like colored bubbles on the top.

Chris  16:19 
Yeah, but you know, I love boba.

Kelli  16:21 
I love a boba. And I saw that for so first. I’ll be honest, I thought it was blue sky vodka.

Chris  16:26 

Kelli  16:29 
Red It was not. I was like it’s okay I’ll still get it.

Chris  16:39 
Really hold that against the Ratatouille to me. Looks I can’t believe that it looks so much like what he serves in the movie. Oh, yeah. It’s like it is he is

Kelli  16:48 
literally making 1000s of perfect Ratatouille every day, but we could not have thought you’re

Chris  16:54 
really making fun of us.

Kelli  16:55 
We couldn’t make one in three hours. Now. Yes, festival favorites. Okay, so

Chris  17:00 
also at the world, showplace pavilion there, they’ve got the painter’s palette. I can’t imagine you’re gonna get

Kelli  17:07 
I’m getting zero there.

Chris  17:09 
So they have a prime steak tartare with pickled vegetables. A salt roasted beet tartare. pistachio cake and cherry mousse, and then a few frozen drinks there,

Kelli  17:22 

Chris  17:23 
I’m gonna try. Try the steak tartare. I don’t go anywhere where I really get the opportunity to try such a thing. I

Kelli  17:31 
don’t want to be near you when you do. It does. Is it actually still moving?

Chris  17:36 
No, it’s not tar tar. I know. But it’s not it’s

Kelli  17:40 
I’m gonna make a mooing sound. Okay, eat it you when you go out and be like,

I don’t give for the record. I don’t give him a hard time for eating meat. I’m totally fine with that. But the idea of eating raw meat.

Chris  18:02 
So I’m gonna moo. You’re gonna moo. Okay, so we leave there. We’re on our way to Canada. Now we’re rounding up here. We’re rounding out on the world showcase promenade masterpiece kitchen in Canada. Yeah. wild mushroom risotto. Salmon and with cream gateaux. Vanilla, rosewater and pistachio. pannacotta.

Kelli  18:26 
So I never get anything in Canada. But I’m gonna get some stuff here. Oh, really?

Chris  18:31 
Yes. Good because I am getting nothing.

Kelli  18:33 
Yeah, I’m gonna try them out. Mushroom mushroom risotto. Okay, with ah Parmesan, truffle shavings and Zinfandel reduction.

Chris  18:40 
Okay, that does sound good. It sounds

Kelli  18:41 

Chris  18:42 
I love like, putting a meatball in there. And you know,

Kelli  18:47 
I love a good mushroom risotto. And that one sounds fantastic. I’m also going to get the vanilla rosewater and pistachio. pannacotta do you see a picture that is it looks like a pink rose. And then you cut into it and it is gorgeous on the inside and the outside. I need to try that. I’m also going to have the beverage which is a classic sidecar with a chocolate twist.

Chris  19:11 
Yeah, I’m marked that one as a possibility. That’s that’s the one that out of the out of their beverages that I was interested

Kelli  19:18 
in. I don’t think I’ve ever had a sidecar. But you put a chocolate twist on something and I’m for sure you’ll give it a shot and I’ll give that a go.

Chris  19:25 
You have really eaten with your eyes on this trip to a trip. Well that’s the whole point is this this The art is art is art. That’s right. If you

Kelli  19:33 
want to truly experience the art

Chris  19:37 
look at it before you eat it. So the refreshment port is serving lobster poutine. I’ll be honest, I’ve had the poutine at refreshment port, the fries are a disappointment. So I’m just gonna put that out there. And so if the fries are disappointment, it doesn’t really matter what kind of poutine they’re making, right? Honestly, the bummer. Citrus blossom. Are you are you going it’s the same

Kelli  19:58 
citrus blossom thing They’re still selling the same beverages and the same little orange bird and I got him I got him three festivals again. Orange cream shake. Yeah, I got a three festival goes he’s fantastic but I mean, it’s like wah wah

Chris  20:13 
mix it up man put up give the orange bird something else to serve right? decadent delights in promenade refreshments satisfy your sweet tooth here they’ve got basically a soft serve booth they’ve got raspberry soft serve lemon soft serve, and then the wonderful Walk of color, cuisine redemption cookie

Kelli  20:37 
getting nothing.

Chris  20:39 
I got nothing here, though. But at the deconstructed dish and showcase clauses things are pretty they are I went I got some things here. So this is discovered the delicious dishes that dazzle with deconstructed take some classic favorites. So a deconstructed Reuben, a deconstructed BLT and a deconstructed strawberry cheesecake.

Kelli  21:01 
Which one of those you’re gonna get

Chris  21:02 
two of them. I’m gonna do the deconstructed Reuben, which is a rye popover hello that cool. corned beef, which, frankly, I don’t care if that’s all I eat on the plate, right? gruyere pannacotta Oh, yeah. And brined brussel sprouts with broken 1000 Island dressing.

Kelli  21:20 
That the broken 1000 Island dressing looks so interesting. While these dishes were gorgeous. Okay, and then you’re gonna get the strawberry cheesecake.

Chris  21:29 
Yeah, definitely. deconstructed strawberry cheesecake with New York style cheesecake with fresh Florida strawberries and sugar cookies.

Kelli  21:36 
Yeah, that was really pretty. It was really pretty good. So while you’re eating that, I’m going to have the deconstructed breakfast, which is one of their beverages. Twinings of London chai tea shake aha with cream bourbon, garnished with a vanilla crisp, I mean a waffle crisp and it’s supposed to have candied bacon mama say no bacon. Okay.

Chris  22:00 
Now that that thing is beautiful, and it looked like luscious.

Kelli  22:04 
Yeah. Look at that, by the way they sell that non alcoholic as well.

Chris  22:08 
So our last booth here, the pop eats. Okay, so this is unearth the tasty treasures and tantalizing textures of Modern Art inspired treats. So really cool ideas here. This is really cute. Made a soup with grilled cheese, tomato soup with French onion, bacon, grilled cheese. shrimps of ej, almond, French pancake and popped art. Like a pop tart, like a pop tart. And it’s popped art, which is a modern design sugar cookie with strawberry filling.

Kelli  22:40 
Yeah, yeah, this booth looks so much fun. And so the idea is everything pops. Yeah, right. So I’m gonna get the tomato soup with grilled cheese for sure me this tomato soup comes in a can I can serve in a can and the grilled cheese is so stinking adorable. It’s like these little tiny squares of thick bread with plenty of cheese. I have to have that. And I’m going to go also with the almond frangipane cake with a layered raspberry jam and Belgian chocolate also again because on Great British baking show they made frangipan. Yes. And so I need to taste and they’re and they’re beautiful. Yes. And I’m going to have the popping bubbles cocktail to wash that down. I seriously considered the tomato soup can Bloody Mary because oh really stinkin cute. Yeah. But I’m gonna go with the popping bubbles cocktail for sure. I

Chris  23:29 
had to. I couldn’t say no to the tomato soup and grilled cheese. I knew you’d get that but I couldn’t say no to that. And then I’m gonna go with the pop tart. The the basically the cookie that looks like a pop tart.

Kelli  23:40 
Yeah, it looks like what they sell and Woody’s lunchbox I

Chris  23:43 
think what he’s lunchboxes a bigger thing. I think it’s much this is more like a cookie. I think that’s more like an actual pop tart. But it’s beautiful. The design on it is beautiful. It looks amazing. Yeah. So that’s it. That’s all the booths.

Kelli  23:57 
Yes. And I will say the food is gorgeous. This goes from January the eighth through February the 22nd. Yeah, from Park up into Park close. And it is it is beautiful. They also have amazing sidewalk chalk art that they’ve done. And like you mentioned, the other week the paint by numbers that everybody

Chris  24:14 
can participate in and they’ve got people they’ve got artists, they’re actually making art Yes. As you walk around and you can literally buy the art directly from the artists on site. It’s a great festival. The chefs have outdone themselves with making food that you eat with your eyes first. It looks beautiful. That’s the show and hope you enjoyed it. I hope you get the chance to go and if you do, let us know send us something tagged us in the pictures and we will live virtually through you. Go check us out on all the social medias at SCFADP join our YouTube channel supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Everybody join in, the more the merrier. And with that we hope to see you real soon

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