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Join us as we enjoy dinner at Les Chefs de France in the French Pavilion in EPCOT. Whether you are looking for a quintessential French salad, luxurious steak, or patisserie quality desserts you cannot go wrong at this popular dining destination. With ample views of the World Showcase promenade, the ambiance is magnificent!

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Chris  0:02 
Hey everybody, welcome to another bonus episode. Today we’re talking about Les Chefs de France and the French pavilion at Epcot. So this is the place we’ve never been before. And all of our trips, we take these, these great pictures of they’re all glass and lit up on the inside. It’s a beautiful restaurant. It’s very inviting. I’ve always wanted to try and luckily this time we decided to make that happen. Yeah, right. So as I said, it’s located in the French pavilion at Epcot world showcase. They do have a slightly reduced menu right now, as a result of the pandemic. They asked you to the on the menu, they asked you to quote delight in French nouvelle cuisine at this family friend, family friendly brasserie, as you drink in views of the world showcase, probably not. And truthfully, if you’re sitting in the right places, which is hard today, we didn’t sit in one of these. But if you’re sitting in the right places in the restaurant, you do get these great views of the province. And all the people walking by Yeah, that’s cool. So so the menu is the thing here so yeah,

Kelli  1:08 
so let’s jump right on in so what they had for appetizers and it’s sort of what you would expect at a French restaurant. There’s a casoulet with escargo baked in parsley and garlic butter. There is a French onion soup. And there is a charcuterie board with imported cheese and house made bread. So I actually ordered one of the appetizers as my meal. Why did you do that? We had just finished eating five cookies from the cookie straw. And I had also had the cheese fondue from the Bavarian kitchen booth. Yes. So I was not that hungry. But it was very intentional because I knew there wasn’t a lot on this menu as a vegetarian that I could eat. So I had sort of eaten beforehand. But so I had the bait goat cheese salad, which was just lovely. It has walnuts, fresh grapes, tomatoes and dives in a mix salad. It was beautiful. It was a French salad. I mean, you know, eat with your eyes first. And it was gorgeous. And the baked goat cheese was phenomenal. It was creamy. It was lovely. I mean, and honestly, if you’ve spent the day eating around the world showcase, it was a great sized dinner.

Chris  2:17 
Sure. I saw that so that people beside us who got the French onion soup in it. It lives in one of those crocs you know yeah. And the cheese was just covering the top and yeah, that was supposed to do yeah, French onion soup. So that that looked that look. Wonderful tip and you got an entree? I did I got the I got the filet. I got the beef filet. And it was perfect. You know, when it comes to steak, we’ve always in the park we’ve always gotten to Lysa. Yay. But I gotta tell you, the steak here was better.

Kelli  2:49 
That’s what you said.

Chris  2:50 
The steak at Les Chefs de France was was better than what I’ve gotten pretty much at any in park restaurant. Even Brown Derby over Hollywood studios, where I’ve had their steak. It was perfect. I could have I could have cut it with my fork. It was the temperature was perfect. The peppercorn sauce was was spicy, tangy, delicious. I’m not a green bean fan. But these were so delicious. And then the classic garlic mash that came with it. Yeah. They’ve also had a, a, a I’m gonna say chicken salad. But this is a salad with grilled chicken. Tomato, celery, onions, horrible dag, Swiss cheese, romaine lettuce with French red wine vinegar dressing. They also had a a a salmon filet that was served with white wine lemon marinated salmon served with rice and a champagne sauce and a book bargain Yo, and you will get you know that if they’re serving a book bargain. You’re in the French Pavilion. It’s gonna be it’s gonna be over the top. Yeah, absolutely.

Kelli  4:03 
Absolutely. And they also had desserts. But again, we had just had the cookies.

Chris  4:08 
We did not order dessert order dessert.

Kelli  4:10 
But they had what looked like a lovely crumble a a chocolate tart. And a berry fruit salad with mint syrup. So they’re their desserts looked very light. Yeah, honestly, French. They were beautiful. They looked like they looked absolutely lovely. They also have a prefix meal, where you get your choice of an appetizer and entree and a dessert with a glass of wine or soda. Yeah. And that’s $49.50.

Chris  4:38 
And I was looking at the prices of that of the of the entrees and the apps and everything very simple. It’s a very reasonable price for a prie fix meal.

Kelli  4:45 
Yes, absolutely. They have a few kids entrees. You can get a seared salmon for the kids grilled chicken tenderloin and also a ground beef steak. So they’ve got some interesting things for kids other than you know, chicken fingers and they have a very Extensive wine menu we went with the how Chardonnay but their why menu was extremely expensive, extensive, not expensive, and they have plenty by the glass and the bottle. Yeah. They also had some great looking cocktails and has specialties and some fun non alcoholic beverages that the kids might enjoy.

Chris  5:18 
Yeah, absolutely. And as with everything at Walt Disney World Service is so important. And that’s saying here, right. The server that we had was it was a older gentleman from Europe, spoke five different languages, and was just delightful. Right?

Kelli  5:40 
I think he could have done it with his eyes closed.

Chris  5:41 
It was easy. This was easy for him. Yes, bro. He was in he was just so it was like, it was so friendly. And I wanted to give him a hug. And I felt like he wanted to hug me too. So, so nice to be served by him. And, you know, this is not totally nos terrorists. This is not this is not one of the this is as nice as you’re going to get in one of the parks. Yeah. Right. So in the parks, very nice, very nice for in the parks. But I feel like these restaurants are especially those that Epcot so many of these kinds of places. I feel like they’re at a disadvantage. I don’t mind the reduced menu that they had. The pandemic is hard enough. But being one of these restaurants in Epcot, where especially during a festival, which now they basically have festivals all year festival, the arts is about to start up, right. So they have these festivals all year. It is built for people to show up and do exactly what we did twice, eat and drink your way around the park and all these little booths that are so wonderful. And then these restaurants are also expected to be so good that you still want to go in there and eat there. Right. And it is it’s good enough. So, so kudos to all these restaurants, but especially with chefs de France, who’s putting out an absolute quality product. And you should absolutely go and experience this. Yes, it was fantastic. Yep. And so that’s our review of les chefs de France you should we absolutely recommend it. And go check that out. We hope you get to see this on our YouTube channel supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Also go check us out on the other social medias, Instagram and Twitter at SCFADP. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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