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BONUS Disney Food Review: Nomad Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Episode 12

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In this bonus episode, we tell you why Nomad Lounge (at Tiffin’s restaurant) is a must-do on your next visit to Animal Kingdom. Two words: bread service. And don’t sleep on their churros. All of the lounges at Disney are amazing, but Nomad combines food with views (some of the best at Animal Kingdom). If you love eclectic food and drink, you’ll find this 12-minute episode to be drool-worthy.

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Show notes:

Nomad Lounge Menu:


Chris  0:01 
Hey there podcast family. on today’s bonus episode, we are going to be talking about the Nomad lounge and cocktail bar, affectionately called the Nomad lounge. Look as a general pro tip when it comes to Disney, don’t sleep on the lounges. Okay? Many of the higher end restaurants at Disney have an attached or nearby lounge that offer many of the same menu items as their restaurant counterparts. But without the need for reservations. The Nomad Lounge is one of these options and absolutely worth the visit.

Kelli  0:35 
Yes, definitely. And during COVID they are doing a waitlist on the app. So when we were there in December when we got to the park, we immediately checked the waitlist and it said the waitlist is full and we were pretty bummed out about that. But we just kept checking back and checking back and literally within 45 minutes it had opened up and we had a reservation within five minutes. Yep. So don’t give up on it. If it says it’s full. Just keep checking and checking and checking you can get in we had no issues walking right in and getting an amazing seat near the water. Absolutely.

Chris  1:06 
And really all it took for us to want to try the Nomad lounge was the words bread survey man. Bread service were sold. But, but it offered so much more by way of small plates and wonderful libations Nomad Lounge is located right next to tiffins, which is easily the nicest restaurant Animal Kingdom. It’s one of the nicer restaurants on Walt Disney World property. If you’re walking towards Pandora from discovery Island, it’ll be on the right just before the bridge over the water to go to Pandora. So you’ll see tiffins and then you’ll see the Nomad lounge. It includes an indoor and outdoor seating area. And if you sit outside, you have actually a fantastic view of the river that runs through Animal Kingdom. Which means you get prime viewing of the floating character cavalcades that are so cool.

Kelli  2:01 
It was fantastic.

Chris  2:02 
So relaxing, beautiful. And there’s so many details in the banks of the river, that you can just try to spot things. It’s amazing. The decor speaks to the heart of those with wanderlust, which we both have. They hear these, the inside has these large banners hanging from the ceiling in the center of the lounge that pose questions about traveling and the thrill of discovery. in normal times non pandemic times the cast will provide you with a decorative little tag and you jot down answers to the questions on the banners and your the people that work there might display your answers on the quote tag chandelier that hangs up on the bar for all to see your answers.

Kelli  2:46 
That’s really cool. But as always, the menu is the star here right? We went for the bread service but we knew it was going to be a phenomenal menu. And at Nomad lounge, it’s a collection of small plates. There’s a decent selection of beers, wine, specialty cocktails, the wine and beer options as well as the cocktails not extensive. But they are all quite interesting. And you can tell that was very intentionally selected. So let’s go down through the small plates. They have and this is sort of on their standard menu. There’s also a specials menu will hit that too. So on the small plates they had the chicken Manchurian Nomad bowl, and all these are meant to be shared. So this is steamed rice, red cabbage kimchi and ginger scallion oil and cremini mushrooms that’s $13 the togarashi spice tuna Nomad bowl which is steamed rice, red cabbage, kimchi, Ginger scallion all and cremini mushrooms as well. We had the other three which are the impossible sliders with chipotley aoili and yuca fries, the tiffins bread service which comes with four different types of bread,

Chris  3:55 
There was the pomegranate focaccia there was naan lavosh and there was another one that I can’t

Kelli  4:01 
really crispy one Yeah, yes. And that comes with red pepper, hummus, spicy coriander yogurt and ginger pear chutney for $12. And then churros, which are somehow gluten free. Yeah, I don’t know how they do that with vanilla crema and chili strawberry, which I’m gonna be honest, those things were just amazing.

Chris  4:20 
I could’ve just drank those.

Kelli  4:22 
So we got the impossible sliders obviously because I’m vegetarian, but what did you think about them?

Chris  4:26 
I thought they were fantastic.

Kelli  4:27 
Yeah, they were delightful.

Chris  4:30 
Yeah, there was an impossible there was like a vegetarian booth at the Epcot festival last year. That that’s what they reminded me of. Yeah, but the the slaw on them just set it off. It

Kelli  4:41 
was Yeah, absolutely. The yuca

Chris  4:42 
fries. Not only that, but the bread was you could tell the bread was fresh baked. Oh, yeah. And these little rolls and bread will make a sandwich or break a sandwich and they just killed this.

Kelli  4:53 
Yeah. So they brought out our impossible sliders at the same time. They brought out the tables next to us. Regular slide.

Chris  4:59 
Yes. On the specials, we have beef sliders

Kelli  5:01 
and beef sliders. And so we were like did we get the beef or do we get the we couldn’t we honestly couldn’t tell the difference by looking at which one they had delivered to us. But

Chris  5:09 
I’ll tell you though, ours were bigger. Ours are bigger. Ours are prettier. Yeah,

Kelli  5:14 
they did what I thought they must be the real beef because they looked like a prettier little slider. Yeah, absolutely. Sure. The bread service was as amazing as we thought it was going to be. It is tiffins bread service. Yeah. So you’re getting the same bread service at Nomad lounge that you would get if you had reservations at tiffins. That’s right. And it was just phenomenal. The dip, the bread, everything about that service. Amazing. And the churros.

Chris  5:38 
I don’t even know what to say the best churros I’ve ever read in my life. And let me tell you, I’ve eaten a million churros. Whether at Disney, not a Disney. We tried making them at home one time and baseball games. If they sell a churro I tried to eat it were for churros. But no churro will ever stand up to these.

Kelli  5:57 
They were they were the best churros I’ve ever had. How are they? How are they going for it? And

Chris  6:01 
we had churros in Lima Peru at a place that specialized restaurant. Yes. And these were better. These were better that chili spice strawberry so good. Oh my gosh,

Kelli  6:11 
the sauces did with a kid and man they made it. So yeah, so we highly recommend those three on the regular menu, the bread service, please don’t miss the bread service. Don’t sleep on that. Don’t skip the impossible sliders just because it’s impossible me and if you go and don’t get the churros just you’re messing up and go to just get the churros if that’s if you get nothing get the churros and the bread service. Well then so they had several specials while we were there. They had a squash soup, some beef sliders, smoked pork ribs with a sweet soy glaze and an apple hikma slaw charcuterie board and a lobster mac and cheese with Black Diamond cheddar cheese Sherry in orange Yeti pasta. Yeah.

Chris  6:50 
So you got the lobster Mac and the smoked pork ribs and tell us all about so there’s smoked pork ribs were just fall off the bone. Just there were massive. They were massive. They were they were meaty. They were sticky. Sweet. That little umami flavored sticky sweetness like Korean barbecue almost

Kelli  7:12 
they were beautiful.

Chris  7:13 
Oh my gosh, they just I can I’m just thinking it was like

Kelli  7:15 
gorgeous and I would not I mean it I get it. They’re defined as a small plate but man

Chris  7:20 
Yeah, you could you could have walked away full these were these were massive. But we were there to eat man. So I also got the lobster mac and cheese. Which is everything you want lobster mac and cheese to be plenty of big chunks of lobster and there’s a crock. It wasn’t a it wasn’t a crock that you know they baked it right in that rock. It was a layer of cheese on top and just it was so decadent.

Kelli  7:44 
It was yes rig. beautiful, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. We also went for the cocktails right? No lie. These are cocktails you can’t get anywhere else on Disney properties. These are unique to animal kingdom, right? So a lot of them use liquors that specifically have a tie into some something to do with animal catcher. That’s right, right. So for example, the Lamu libation has star African rum. And so then you’ve also got the spice trader classic, and Annapurna zing, the lungs delight, which also has the star African ROM timpe, attempting Tigris. In that gray it’s Russell’s reserve 10 year bourbon with an all spice drum, tamarind syrup and lime juice.

The night monkey the night monkeys fantastic plantation original dark rum guava puree, coffee, simple syrup and lime juice with a hint of cilantro. Yes, I am seriously considered the Mustang coffee, which is Crown Royal brown sugar and butter with hot coffee. Yeah, sounds good. Yes, but I ended up getting the Sinaloa sangria which is a South American sangria may with Susanna Bow Bow creos rosae, Barstow, K, branta, Pisco and fresh fruit. They had me at Pisco.

Chris  9:08 
Pisco was was the selling factor there.

Kelli  9:11 
They had me at Pisco and it was it was delightful it was refreshing again, you’re sitting out on a porch on a perfectly perfect day with like people, you know, characters coming by and cavalcade and I’m sipping on a Pisco, sangria. It was fantastic. They also had a botto Rita and a high tower rocks. You had the snow leopard salvation, tell us about that.

Chris  9:34 
It was great, very refreshing. And so this was a snow leopard vodka, bed debris, a pear liqueur, so pear liqueur. Mint, lime juice, topped with ginger beer reminded me a little bit of like a mint julep, maybe like a mint julep and, and, again, we’re sitting on a porch, the sun sort of coming down. It was cool, but You had the radiant heat from the sunshine and that refreshing drink. It was pretty it was just delightful.

Kelli  10:08 
And it Yeah, Snow Leopard salvation. That vodka in particular donates money to help keep the snow leopard alive.

Chris  10:15 
Well, I’m sure that’s why I ordered it.

Kelli  10:17 
I’m sure. I also had the Jenn’s tattoo just because I really loved the name and that was a huge win it’s Ketel one vodka, watermelon hibiscus and lime juice. That is an actual candied hibiscus flower sitting on top of that, and I gotta tell you, it made my day. They have several wines all coming from the southern hemisphere, and several beers again, these are all very intentionally selected. They also have some non alcoholic beverages for the kiddos. They have some ala carte small plates for the kiddos including falafel with garlic yogurt, and they have an opportunity for the kids to create their own entree and slide like build your own entree and slides things which is really cool. Now I will say this is a lounge it’s meant to sit and chill This isn’t a run in and run out place. So you know you know your kids the best and just decide if that’s something that you want. But this is one of the most relaxing places in animal kingdom and I can’t see us ever going back to animal kingdom and not doing Yeah,

Chris  11:13 
this is they these is couch seating and easy you know wicker chair seating. Yeah, this is not sitting at a table and dining the services wonderful, lovely but this is this is a place to go to relax.

Kelli  11:25 
Yes, absolutely. Yes.

Chris  11:26 
I loved every bit about it. So look, if you if you’re going to animal kingdom do not sleep on Nomad lounge man. Make it make a plan to get in there just to relax for a minute. You will not regret it go in there. If you do nothing else. Get yourself a beverage, get the red service in the churros. And you will be thanking our podcasts are giving you that idea. So when Hey, if you enjoyed this, go out to iTunes and write us. Give us leave us a review. Run out to our YouTube page supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast and subscribe. We’ll put out more stuff like this. We hope you enjoyed it. And with that, we hope to see you real soon

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