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Disney News (8/8), Staying in Cinderella’s Castle, and Catal at Downtown Disney

Episode 8

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This week, Chris takes us behind the scenes to see what it’s like to stay in Cinderella’s Castle (over the top, as you might imagine), and I cover an amazing meal we had at Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort – Catal. Catal Restaurant is part of the Patina Group of restaurants (which we know we usually love), and Catal was no different. SO GOOD!!! All that and more, on this week’s show.

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Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road.

Kelli  0:25 
Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:29 
Welcome aboard Disney fam. Hello out there Disney family. Welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:38 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:39 
And we are really just rocking and rolling our way right to the the heat, doldrums of summer we are on our way to feel good fall.

Kelli  0:50 
Is that what we’re calling it?

Chris  0:51 
We’re gonna go for it. You know we’ve got a… by the way you are clearly doing something different with your ears today.

Kelli  0:59 
I’m wearing my Remy ears. These are the ones with the Remy. Like literally Remy ears.

Chris  1:06 
Yeah, the whiskers…

Kelli  1:08 
and a little chef hat on top. I love it so much. Yes. So I mean, I’m staying on brand this week. I’ve been on brand all season. And I’m staying on brand this week with food and so I thought I’d bring chef Remy to the table.

Chris  1:19 
Sure. Okay. You know, we have got another prize pack do we have to do?

Kelli  1:25 
We’ll do that in August, we said…

Chris  1:28 
because it’s all things hot. And but I think maybe we just do it in September in honor of

Kelli  1:33 
all things. All things hot being behind. Yeah.

Chris  1:37 
Keep your eyes and ears out for that announcement.

Kelli  1:40 
Yeah, be on the lookout never know when it might come. I

Chris  1:42 
t’s definitely a different prize pack than what we’ve experienced in the past. It’s got some really, really cool stuff.

Kelli  1:48 
Oh, yeah. No, and it’s super unique.

Chris  1:50 
I’m for it. Hey, we see you who downloaded our podcast. We are so grateful for you in Coalville, Utah. Very tiny little place. East of Salt Lake City, Boise, Idaho. Okay. I want the Broncos and the blue football field football field. All right? Mission Viejo, California. Oh, that’s fun. Just inland of Laguna Beach.

Kelli  2:13 
I love Laguna Beach.

Chris  2:14 
I know, we just went and we all I love it. That’s why I put it on here. So I pulled it up on the map and there was Laguna Beach in Dana Point. I had to include it. And then sure I’m gonna screw this up. Megan, Switzerland.

Kelli  2:32 

Chris  2:33 
I think so Megan. So that’s why I chose it. There was a number of international downloads that I could have chosen. But I chose this one because phonetically it looks like Megan and we love Megan so…

Kelli  2:46 
Well, how much fun is that?

Chris  2:47 
So it’s near Lucerne, Switzerland.

Kelli  2:50 
She’s got a town in Switzerland.

Chris  2:53 
It’s not spelled the same, but we’re saying at the same. Hey, you ready to check out main street?

Kelli  2:58 
I am.

Chris  2:58 
Okay. Not a ton of things. But some important things. I think. Orange County, California has surpassed 20% positivity, positivity rate in their COVID infections and this is rocket high man. And as a result, consumer confidence in theme park visits is down to a three month low. We were like at pre pandemic levels and then people decided they won’t wear masks or get vaccinated.

Kelli  3:29 
I just I want to just say I just ordered more masks today. Yeah. So I mean, it’s not over people. It’s not over. I don’t want it right. I don’t want it and I’m about to be around a whole bunch of undergrads who we know have questionable hygiene practices. And I’m vaccinated. Hopefully a lot of them are vaccinated. But you don’t know. And I got myself some masks that I’m going to be totally comfy in on campus

Chris  3:56 
is it’s free. It’s safe. Um, reservations and pricing. I didn’t see the pricing but coming soon for the Mears Connect program.

Kelli  4:14 
$16 One way, $32 both ways.

Chris  4:17 
per person?

Kelli  4:18 
Yeah. Michael does Disney posted this. He was like, don’t you think there should be some, like $1 discount even if you do both ways? Right. Right. I mean, he’s like some sort of volume pricing.

Chris  4:32 
like $16 one way $32 both ways. You know, you get $1 off?

Kelli  4:38 
Not even $1 off. You don’t even get $1 off. And you can also get a private transportation for $200. Or you can just do Uber. just Uber. Just because by the time you pay $16 per person, I know you just Uber and then it’s private, right. I feel like this price is set up to discourage use.

Chris  5:02 
Well, on top of that it doesn’t I don’t think it includes like the luggage transfers and all that stuff that was such a huge benefit oh wow right there I don’t think they’re picking up your luggage. That is what made that was the only thing that made the magic Express magic!

Kelli  5:19 
That’s what made it magical yeah the whole luggage thing right?

Chris  5:23 
Yeah, no I know I’m not going I’m not gonna go pick up my own bags and a bus is gonna take me forever to get there. What are we? Are we animals raised in a barn?

Kelli  5:39 
Uber or rent a car Michael does Disney absolute he says hey Matthew always rent a car. But I say one or the other. Yeah, right.

Chris  5:47 
I’m not renting a car they stay off property. So well then that might be worth it. We’re just all over the elitism right now. So the monorail and skyliner is hiring more cast members. I say that’s good. Yeah, more people around in our COVID infested Orange County.

Kelli  6:10 
I do hope they keep those walls up in between on the monorail for the seats now. So if it’s still spreading right let’s don’t take the walls down Don’t take down the doors.

Chris  6:19 
You love the walls you love all kinds of walls.

Kelli  6:21 
I don’t love all kinds of walls but I do love the wall. They separate

Chris  6:26 
situations physical walls,

Kelli  6:28 
a wall that separates me from any kind of a code V situation on the other side of that monorail. That’s

Chris  6:33 
true for for a COVID or code v

Kelli  6:37 
code V and I don’t want my hair to touch the hair of the person that’s right behind you. people that listen this podcast know I’ve got a lot of issues being in public. So I just want to say my I’m for the monorail barriers.

Chris  6:54 
Okay. All right. So we talked about the things that are supposed to open in August at Walt Disney World. And we saw this past week or in the next by the time this podcast release. Hall of Presidents has opened. On Wednesday. It opened with Joe with Joe. Fun. August 1, we got some more stuff. I think about that later. August 1. The Wonderful World of animation product projections. Come to Hollywood see you know the show on the Chinese Theater Okay, which I have no idea pizza fari is open. Yachtsman Steakhouse is open. Columbia harbor house is open. Supposedly, the Atlantic dance hall opens tonight.

Kelli  7:43 
I’m gonna be honest, I want you to stop talking about that. Until it’s jelly rolls. I don’t want to hear anything else about it.

Chris  7:48 
nNext time we go. In fact, we’re just gonna get out of jelly rolls is still closed and we’re just gonna go dance the night away and Atlantic dance.

Kelli  7:55 
We’re not I’m gonna I’m gonna piket in front of jelly rolls with signage.

Chris  7:59 
Open up open up these people can open you can open this. And Monsters Inc. Lab floor opens I think the day that we released this okay. So there’s a thing was put out online of real lightsaber testing. Did you see anything about this real real lightsaber testing lights lightsaber? I said lightsaber real lightsaber real lightsaber. Testing. So an experience on the Galactic starcruiser apparently lets you train with a lightsaber. But like this is much more realistic than anything that we’ve seen in the past.

Kelli  8:43 
Can I kill people?

Chris  8:44 
I don’t know if you chop their head off.

Kelli  8:47 
Can I throw the saber across the room. Have it land next to somebody I hate. And then with my mind, open it up and make it stab them through the side.

Chris  8:58 
Are you really like calling back to a scene in the movie?

Kelli  9:02 
I know you’re shocked. That was really the only time I’ve been impressed with lightsaber technology.

Chris  9:11 
Really, it was whoever

Kelli  9:13 
it was Kylo Ren when Kylo Ren did that I was like now that is the best use of the lightsaber technology I have seen in any of these films. The rest I mean, lightsabers just look very big and clunky. They’re not easy to carry. And…

Chris  9:28 
We’ll stop this right now. I mean, we don’t have people that typically at us and trash talk us about anything but you’re really getting into the realm of Star Wars people now and they absolutely will come at us.

Kelli  9:40 
Trying to argue that a lightsaber is not a clunky weapon.

Chris  9:43 
Yes, please just stop.

Kelli  9:45 
We’re talking about math. I can measure the thing and tell you that it’s clunky What about measurements and math and I will do it don’t don’t at me people.

Chris  9:54 
Okay, okay. They’re all different sizes. They are like one so like, do like

Kelli  10:00 
Now let’s talk about wands I think wands are better.

Chris  10:03 
annual passholder sales for Walt Disney World will be resuming soon. It was a whole thing, you know.

Kelli  10:08 
Is it gonna be called the annual pass? Or the magic key.

Chris  10:12 
My next item is…

Kelli  10:13 
I’m just saying, but we’re sure this is gonna be okay. All right. All right.

Chris  10:17 
Annual pass holder sales. Okay, just as we’ve always known them. So far as we know today. Okay. All right, that’s fine. But as you mentioned, Disneyland did launch its magic key program, which I read through, it’s a little bit weird, but I think they offer a version that’s just for Californians. And then they offer three other levels, the increasing price, the top one, let she go to either park on any day of the year.

Kelli  10:43 
Yeah. So the top one basically is going to be the same cost as your typical annual pass.

Chris  10:49 
And the other ones,

Kelli  10:51 
other ones are gonna blackout. They have blackout dates. And so the other ones are going to be people maybe who don’t live in California, or they don’t go that regularly or they’re willing to not go on blackout dates. Right.

Chris  11:00 
Exactly. So I mean, aggressively more blackout dates than others. Yeah,

Kelli  11:04 
I can get behind that.

Chris  11:06 
Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure has announced that they are doing their previews for DVC and passholders.

Kelli  11:13  
Like you said they were going to like somebody just toying with us. Yes. I mean, sometimes so lovey with Zack, and sometimes I’m like, Zack, open the ride.

Chris  11:26 
Hall of presidents did reopen on Wednesday. With Joe up front. They’ve done a couple of interesting things. Then the president the new the the current president no longer gives, like a speech that they had to record and get to Disney. Now the President will just do the oath of office. So those 35 words.

Kelli  11:46 
So who does the recorded speech?

Chris  11:47 
Well, Lincoln has always done a recorded speech. Okay, speaking to the greatness of America, but the current president usually also some smaller speech, right. But what they’ve done with Joe is there they’ve just recorded his oath of office and that’s what will be…

Kelli  12:06 
What did the last president do?

Chris  12:08 
He gave a short speech. He is now but you know, his face was all jacked up and that animatronic they had really jacked up his face it’s

Kelli  12:17 
got to be a hard face to do

Chris  12:18 
is I suppose

Kelli  12:20 
their skin color than what they’re typically using. Hair. Had to be very difficult thing.

Chris  12:31 
They have fixed the face facial problems. And he isn’t he’s back there where they put a lot of the most recent presidents. Hey, the golden fab 50 characters have few more those released Mad Hatter coming to Magic Kingdom. Donald coming to Magic Kingdom. Cheshire Cat coming to the Magic Kingdom nice and Woody and Bo Peep share a statue.

Kelli  12:56 
Woody and Bo. Now that’s presh. I’m for that.

Chris  13:02 
Do you have any quick thoughts on Jungle Cruise?

Kelli  13:06 
I liked it.

Chris  13:08 
But it wasn’t didn’t knock your socks off.

Kelli  13:11 
It didn’t knock my socks off. Okay.

Chris  13:13 
I liked it.

Kelli  13:14 
It was good. I don’t I mean, I might turn it on.

Chris  13:18 
It was entertaining for background if I was working okay. It will draw your attention away from

Kelli  13:22 
I’m not gonna memorize any lines.

Chris  13:26 
I don’t know about that. Um, you want to do a Minnie Take? I do. I’m super excited about this one okay. I gave you the heads up before what it was gonna be I will post also to remind people but we need more Minnie take ideas so I’ll put that out on the on the socials. But if you’re listening to this send us a message through any one of the socials giving us Minnie take ideas. We need some more, because these have been awesome. This one is Walt Disney World has asked you to create a new ride for any character or a movie that does not currently have one. What do you create? You go first? Yeah, sure. I’ve got like three options.

Kelli  14:03 
I had three options. But I narrowed it down to follow the roles. Okay.

Chris  14:08 
So for sure, follow the rules.

Kelli  14:11 
I’ve mentioned this before. But I think it should be Elena of Avalor, and here’s why. I think first of all, it should be at Magic Kingdom. It should be Elena of Avalor, or it should be using the same technology that we use in flight of passage at Pandora. Okay. So the idea is that we would all be riding on one of the jacquins. Yeah. Right. And so we’re riding on one of those and we’re flying over Avalor for because Avalor is gorgeous, yeah waterfalls, you could have people like you know, fighting near the docks or whatever like with swords or something. But either you know Elena is saving, you know, Avalor as she likes to do, or maybe she’s late for her coronation or something and we got to get her there. Naomi is with us. You know Matteo. Riding on their own to do some magic. Oh, right. So magic can be involved with Matteo. I think it should be bilingual. It should be a bilingual ride. And I think you know, Magic Kingdom doesn’t really have what I would call a true thrill ride. Like this. Right.

Chris  15:18 
Space Mountain.

Kelli  15:19 
Space Mountain. No, no, no, that’s that’s likely to send you to the chiropractor. Hello. Did you listen to our bonus episode? No. I mean, like new technology, a real draw kind of a ride.

Chris  15:30 
Yeah, sure.

Kelli  15:32 
So I think it would be great. And it would be an excellent sort of link between Disney Jr. and an adult level thrill ride. Right? So you could make it so that it’s good for any height? Sure, right. Change the technology or whatever, so that it’s good for any height, make it bilingual, make magic involved and Avatar avatar, but just be gorgeous to fly over. I think that’s, that’s totally the way to go. And I’m sure you know, we’re gonna listen to your ideas too, but…

Chris  15:59 
Okay, all right. I’ve got I’ve got two ideas. I’m gonna run through real quick. One is some sort of a that’s great. Honey, you did a wonderful job. I love you. One is a tangled ride, mainly because I feel like they’re trolling Rapunzel I gave her by giving her a bathroom. She’s got this beautiful tower there but it’s a bathroom. It’s the prettiest bathroom in the parks. But I think the thought you’re just trolling her. So let’s actually you know make up for that, you know, decade of trolling Rapunzel and give her a ride that is a cross between the Tower of Terror in terms of the thrill technology and rise of the resistance where you’re on a you’re on a you’re in a car and you are working your way up the tower. And along the way you you know you had or you’re working your way through the magical forest to her tower, up the tower. You get to the top of the tower and you Leapt Through the window and the top of her tower holding on to her hair and you are bouncing on her hair.

Kelli  17:14 
Wow, that’s interesting.

Chris  17:15 
You don’t like it? Okay, so we want to get rid of Matterhorn.

Kelli  17:20 

Chris  17:21 
Matterhorn has no link to any Disney movie or anything Disney.

Kelli  17:27 
Dynamite that thing.

Chris  17:28 
I’ve got a way to keep it but also attach it to the movie. Okay, redo the entire roller coaster portion so that it is not chiropractor inducing. You won’t compress your spine anyway and turn it into the rail type roller coaster ride it is in Emperor’s New Groove that Yzma uses. So you can totally reskin the whole outside. Yeah, you’re on your way to that her secret. Her secret lair?

Kelli  17:58 
I like that one better. Yeah.

Chris  17:59 
Okay, well, I came up with two.

Kelli  18:01 
I like that one better. You’re ready for Tomorrowland.

Chris  18:03 
All right, here we go. So I don’t know that we’ll ever get to do this. But I would love to do this. Using a lot of jazz hands today. I don’t know why. I’m staying in Cinderella’s castle.

Kelli  18:17 
I would love to do that. I would be so for it.

Chris  18:21 
So you you generally have to be invited to stay there. You don’t just have to like win a prize or anything like that. They have invited like Uber VIPs to stay there before say like Mariah.

Kelli  18:34 
I was about say not VIPs from the from the company of Uber, but but

Chris  18:41 
yes, right. like super VIP. Okay, Mariah

Kelli  18:46 

Chris  18:47 
Okay, Tom Cruise people like that. Like they need it. I know.

Kelli  18:51 
Like they could actually give it to us, man give it us poor people.

Chris  18:56 
This is absolutely the most exclusive lodging and I think probably any Disney park or combination anywhere. And it was really developed in around 2006 for their year of a million dreams campaign. Do you remember that? And it was it was sort of one Disney park guests every day probably Magic Kingdom guest each day got selected to stay at the castle that night. Right right super cool thing. But prior to that, you know it was it was a storage room.

Kelli  19:30 
Oh no. Cindy. What did Cindy have to store up there like crowns dresses and stuff?

Chris  19:36 
Probably Christmas decorations like anybody else. What was before that it was actually curve sort of like an office and phone bank center like the phone operators would work up there.

Kelli  19:49 
That’s insane.

Chris  19:50 
That was right after right after Walt Disney passed in 1966. Originally it was supposed to be an apartment for Walt Disney and or His family, and he passed in 1966. Park wasn’t even open didn’t open for another five years. And so they just turned it into like, up phone operators. Oh, wow, that while

Kelli  20:12 
I mean, you know, the phone operators always seem very happy.

Chris  20:18 
Great view, right. Wonderful commute to work. So it has also along with being part of this million dreams campaign, it was also once auctioned off as part of the foundation auctions that they do every year. Okay. Right. So it wasn’t just the the room it was it was one night in the room, but you also got three more nights. Two or three more nights in another, you know, accommodations on Disney property where you got a four day Park hopper pass $2,000 in Disney, you know, spending card, a VIP tour, all sorts of stuff. That thing had a retail value of almost $11,000 because it came with like flights for for round trip flights for Wow. was a really great prize. retail value of about $11,000. Can you guess the winning bid?

Kelli  21:17 
A million dollars.

Chris  21:19 
$75,000. Oh, yeah, okay. Yeah. But you could like it was a fun thing. You could watch it during the day, like as the bids came in on that prize,

Kelli  21:28 
they should make it a DVC room. I mean, just an outrageous amount of points. You know, like 2500 points.

Chris  21:37 
One night, people would do it. You’re right, people. That is a good idea.

Kelli  21:44 
It’s a great idea.

Chris  21:47 
So yeah, you cannot book this room like you cannot just pay it the rumor is that they have actually turned down $40,000 offers for one night to stay there and then they turn it down.

Kelli  22:00 
Well, they don’t need that. $40,000?

Chris  22:03 
What is that? That’s how much money is in Cindy’s cushions.

Kelli  22:07 
Cindy dropped that out of her dress last night while she was scrubbing the floors.

Chris  22:12 
That’s right. If you’re outside of the castle, and you’re walking the you’re walking on the bridges that are closest to the castle out to towards Tomorrowland or Liberty Square. You can actually see windows of the apartments on either side. The castle there these are more than one apartment. No. Okay, this apartment you can see the windows above. Can you can everybody see how I’m doing my hands?

Kelli  22:41 
I can see how you’re doing your hands. Yeah, it’s like a field goal.

Chris  22:44 
Yeah, they’re like they’re above where Cinderella’s royal table is. And you see these little stained glass windows up there and those are on either side of the apartment.

Kelli  22:55 
So I mean so great. Are you going to tell us what you have to do to get up there or is this just aspirational?

Chris  23:02 
Really aspirational tomorrowland I’m afraid, because they’re not using it for much at all right this minute.

Kelli  23:08 
I thought you’re gonna have to start a podcast.

Chris  23:12 
Although if they do invite you to stay there they give you a glass slipper like a life sized glass slipper as a as a as a commemorative thing token of your of their appreciation for you accepting their invitation I guess. Okay, that supposedly that thing is worth $18,000 but a glass slipper? I doubt it. That same seems like a glass that seems like tales of lore and myth.

Kelli  23:42 
Well, I mean, we know somebody who is a glassblower I got to believe he could whip up a couple of glass slippers if he’s gonna make $18,000.

Chris  23:49 
Per slipper. Yeah, and if he’s not making glass slippers he really ought to go there.

Kelli  23:54 
That seems like the wave of the future. $18,000 per slipper!

Chris  24:02 
So it’s not a it’s not a huge apartment by any stretch as they say it’s about the size of of a DVC studio room. Deluxe to do it not necessarily shaped that way but about the same size as a as a deluxe studio for DVC Okay, it you can only get there by a special elevator ensure that has to have a special key to the world card to get up there.

Kelli  24:28 
Oh wow. They haven’t given out key to the world cards in years.

Chris  24:31 
And it’s a tiny little elevator but it’s got like this like the royal crown is sitting there in the elevator which seems like a weird place to store the royal crown. It the suite contains a salon a bed chamber a foyer and a bathroom.

Kelli  24:47 
Wait a salon. So…

Chris  24:49 

Kelli  24:50 
Okay. I thought you mean like like the bibbidi bobbidi boutique. Den okay.

Chris  24:56 
Den, a bedchamber for you and a bathroom. Okay.

Kelli  24:59 
I’m going to start calling our bedroom a bed chamber.

Chris  25:02 
I like to have made sure to write that every single time I get here.

Kelli  25:07 
I’m going to retire to the bed chamber. Yeah.

Chris  25:08 
Okay. I think it’s like it’s gonna stick here. I think that is sleeps up to six people. Wow, dedicated concierge service. Yes.

Chris  25:20 
It’s got two queen size beds in the bed chamber.

Kelli  25:24 
Can I get room service from Casey’s? Can I get some cheese?

Chris  25:29 
I think that’s what the concierge is for. I have questions I couldn’t get answered. Like what time Can I get up during the day and start enjoying that park without everybody there? Right. You know, all that fun stuff. Can I get something from, you know, the Columbia harbor house at 3am?

Kelli  25:43 
I’ll take Churros for breakfast. Yeah, I’ll take Casey’s cheese sauce with fries from midday snack…

Chris  25:49 
Opposite of the of the beds, there is this beautiful fireplace and above that is this portrait of Cinderella and the when called upon the portrait of Cinderella will magically turn into a television.

Kelli  26:02 
Oh, now that’s a nice touch Cindy.

Kelli  26:05 
And there’s a mirror in the den that does the same thing. turns into a TV or like turns into a TV. Okay, yeah, yeah. Let’s see here. The core is exactly what you would expect. The beds are draped in regal canopies and beautiful stained glass windows not good fireworks viewing because most of the windows are stained glass well, and it’s everything’s over your head. Everything’s a little too close. To the walls are all stone and pillars and

Kelli  26:34 
Oh, wow. Okay, very castle.

Chris  26:36 
Very castle-esque marble floors, the most ornate transom ceiling I’ve ever seen.

Kelli  26:42 

Chris  26:44 
But the most beautiful space in the whole apartment is the bathroom.

Kelli  26:49 
Well, of course, Cindy’s got to have a good bathroom.

Chris  26:51 
This is a Jacuzzi, a huge jacuzzi tubs and is sort of surrounded by three mosaics kind of like the mosaics that you see down in the walkway, right? I’m not even started yet. You turn out the lights and there’s ambient lighting inside the tub. So like the water moody green color. By the way, thank you to Disney tourists blog for all of this information. You were amazing. As always, the mosaics have a moody green light, but the best thing is that above the tub, it’s painted like the stars and we turn the lights out. It looks like the night sky.

Kelli  27:28 
Cindy totally gets me. Cindy totally gets me. Yeah, that would be a dream.

Chris  27:37 
I think a glass of wine in that tub.

Kelli  27:40 
I would need a pillow you need to tub they make those tub pillow. And then like one of those tray things that just sits over the edge of the jacuzzi that you can sit your drink and like a book tray holds up. The concierge has probably heard that before you think bring this to me. And dollar cheese sauce from Casey’s.

Chris  28:02 
We keepin’ it classy.

Kelli  28:04 

Chris  28:06 
Oh gosh. All right. You ready for World showcase?

Kelli  28:08 
World showcase.

Chris  28:09 
All right.

Kelli  28:11 
This one’s exciting because it’s a world showcase from California.

Chris  28:14 
Oh boy.

Kelli  28:15 
We’ve been to California. I’m going to Catal.

Chris  28:19 

Kelli  28:20 
So when we were at California the other week we got reservations at Catal which is in Downtown Disney. This is described as celebrate Old World romance at this relaxed yet elegant eatery where gourmet cuisine needs homespun hospitality. Entrees are $15 to $35 per adult. And I think the coolest part about this is it’s owned by the patina group. You mentioned that before. But that’s the group that has Tuto Italia, Maria and Enzo is the Edison. I mean, just amazing.

Chris  28:52 
We think space 220.

Kelli  28:53 
Space 220. I didn’t say it because it’s such a pipe dream. But if you look at the patina group’s website, like we’re talking some of the most amazing restaurants in the world, honestly. So we love the patina group. I mean, all the restaurants we’ve ever eaten that that were run by them. They’re fantastic. So those are just to name a few. We’re fans. So we knew that we were going to love Catal. It’s a two story restaurant we ate on the upstairs balcony overlooking Downtown Disney, which was just fantastic. I loved that whole vibe and being outside. And so I want to run through the menu a little bit. Okay. So it says it is old world romance in a relaxed yet elegant eatery that is be honest with you, Catal that’s pretty vague. Like what kind of what kind..

Chris  29:41  
of which Old World?

Kelli  29:42 
Right, what are we what are we expecting here? So, um, and I can tell you, it’s sort of a hodgepodge their menu, but maybe that means it’s something for everybody. But we did our best to eat the menu there. And so we’re gonna sort of go through it and I’ll let you speak to what you had. For starters, they have a crispy calamari. With an Aleppo spiced aoli and grilled lemon, we did not get that. Ahi avocado toast which is ahi tuna avocado, grilled rustic bread, sesame seeds, white ponzu and a spicy al de Pon corn Tamati which is grilled rustic bread vine ripe tomato puree, sweet garlic, California olive oil and sea salt. I thought that would have been good. I mean, it’s bruschetta. Sure. roasted cauliflower. This is what we got. Tahini, sumac, smoked almonds, golden raisins, sesame seeds and parsley. Yeah, I loved it crazy.

Chris  30:38 
Yeah, cuz the thing is about this, it didn’t really look that special, like some roasted cauliflower florets. But then you put it in your mouth and gosh, it was delicious.

Kelli  30:49 
I think cauliflower is very underrated as a vegetable. And I think restaurants have really embraced cauliflower these last couple of years in their restaurants out there that are doing things with cauliflower that should be illegal in 48 states. True. I mean, there’s just so much that can be done with cauliflower. And I just cannot sing the praises of cauliflower enough. I love it.

Chris  31:09 
Well and Catal is doing their fair share.

Kelli  31:12 
Catal is doing their fair share. So well done Catal on that. They have three different salads. We didn’t get a salad but they have the Manchego salad which is kale Manchego cheese, granny smith apples, dates, candied walnuts and mustard vinaigrette, which sounds lovely. A beet salad. I’m not for beets. I think they taste like dirt. But this is golden beets. red beets. Lemon Quinoa cucumber, cilantro and Taziki. So you’re not eating this one either. But that has a very Greek vibe of you know for sure. The wedge it’s a very unique wedge, Iceberg lettuce, maple glazed bacon, delicious red onions, sun dried tomatoes, blue cheese, and dill Ranch is in a very unique…

Chris  31:58 
I mean, it’s okay, it’s got a little more going on there than your average wedge.

Kelli  32:00 
It does. I think it’s a unique wedge. You can get any of those salads with chicken shrimp or salmon. So you can sort of turn those into an entree. We both got paella.

Chris  32:10 
Yes, we did.

Kelli  32:11 
Right so they got two paella on the menu you had the traditional which is mussels, clams, shrimp, roasted chicken cerrito de Bilbao, Saffron bomba rice and peas. What did you think?

Chris  32:21 
I thought it was over the top. Amazing, delicious. I really talked about this. In the video. I actually forgot to mention chorizo. But that actually is what makes this thing is so delicious. It’s got just the right amount of spice. It’s not hot. But it’s got that Spanish flair. It was so good.

Kelli  32:43 
Yeah. And so I got the vegetarian paella, which I’ve never seen on any menu. So I’ve actually never eaten paella in my whole life. And so I saw that on the menu and I thought, well, I need to get that. And so it’s fideo broccolini vegetable, sofrito peas and chard, carrots, the fideo blew me away. Great. blew me away. Like when they delivered. I was like, What in the world? And then it hit me. Oh my goodness. This is what Bobby Flay had to make last week. The Bobby Flay show had literally

Chris  33:12 
seen a TV show where they

Kelli  33:18 
It was amazing. I couldn’t put a dent in it because I had eaten so much cauliflower, but it was phenomenal. Our waitress told me it was her favorite dish on the menu. And the guy that came to take our plates was also super excited that I had ordered the vegetarian pie. I was like, What did you think? I was like, it’s great. So those areas then you’ve got entrees. So you’ve got the schooner bar salmon, which is the Spanish a Spanish pepper, pepper pepper aid. Pepper. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, a grilled lemon and fresh herbs. Mary’s free range chicken which is fingerling tomatoes, sweet garlic chard, carrots, mango peanut cole slaw, Chef Steakhouse burger, caramelized onions, garlic, and only white cheddar, arugula, candied bacon and tomato

Chris  34:07 
love candied bacon. I mean, it’s bacon, bacon.

Kelli  34:10 
Filet, obviously roasted garlic time snap peas and fingerling potatoes and a skirt steak with romesco sauce fingerling. Potatoes broccolini, chimichurri and sweet garlic. Sure. They have other sides, right. So you can order some sides to share with the table Brussel sprout leaves. Yes. We didn’t we

Chris  34:30 
We did. And we just, I don’t know. We were so excited about our paella. We did. We didn’t order them, but they look crazy delicious. Sounds cuz it’s the best part of the Brussel sprout,

Kelli  34:42 
right? Yeah. No, it’s fantastic. sauteed mushrooms, chard, carrots, fingerling. potato and three cheese, mac and cheese. All of that sounds crazy.

Chris  34:53 
Why didn’t we get all of that?

Kelli  34:54 
I know. I mean, well, we didn’t get sides with our paella but we..

Chris  34:59 
They wouldn’t have said no we’re not gonna let you order them.

Kelli  35:02 
No they would have I just didn’t honestly I didn’t

Chris  35:04 
you didn’t finish your paella so you were already full anyway but yeah,

Kelli  35:07 
I mean I’m looking at the sides. desserts they have a creme brulee and a corn bed a corn bread. I’m gonna say Madeline, many many Madeline Madeline Okay, and so that’s what they hope on Great British baking show that has the hump there. And so this comes with like a sweet glaze and some fresh berries. So we should have gotten those just to check in make sure it had the proper height on the hump. It’s true. We watch too much TV, which we don’t

Chris  35:36 
Really but it seems like we do. We just watch the same things over and over again Bobby Flay, Food TV.

Kelli  35:42 
So they also had an amazing selection of drinks specifically crafted cocktails. Some are barrel aged in house and so I got the barrel aged mai tai. Yes, it blew my socks off. It was phenomenal. I mean, who barrel ages a mai tai?

Chris  36:00 
Well, I mean they barrel aged their whiskey. It was so good. It was because I had you had the old I had the old fashioned with their with their because they had a regular old fashioned also made with your traditional Maker’s Mark or something like that. But they I had the one with their barrelhouse barrel aged whiskey. And they really did have just that something extra something

Kelli  36:22 
else and when we order them our waitress literally she’s grin She’s so happy and she was like the barrel aged is totally the way to go. They are the best. She was right. She was right now that was the best match I’ve ever had. Well, their kitchen also serves Uva bar, which right down but it’s outside and it’s more casual. It’s not cheaper, y’all it’s still $15 to $35 per adult entree. But I think maybe you’re more likely to get in there if you’re a walk up

Chris  36:49 
most likely to get in there and walk up it’s also got a much more a little more energetic vibe but

Kelli  36:53 
more energetic vibe. It’s right at street level in Downtown Disney it’s got umbrellas a really cool bar. I mean, it is an awesome

Chris  37:00 
set up almost like an island in the middle of the walkway.

Kelli  37:03 
Yeah, it’s it’s really cool. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner. At Catal, it’s just dinner. Yeah, that’s interesting. And so they have burgers flatbread salads, tacos, gyros and a couple different types of fries. Yeah. So again, more casual foods, but not necessarily cheaper. It’s eating breakfast there, though.

Chris  37:21 
On your way into the park.

Kelli  37:23 
Yeah. And so Uva bar had much more of a Spanish vibe. Yeah, I mean, I realized we order pay as Catal. But yeah, which was still overbore it was really good still, but overbore had more of a Spanish vibe with their tacos and things like that. Then Catal did. But I love Catal, what did you think?

Chris  37:42 
I thought it was really great, amazing service. And it did have sort of a very sort of laid back Have a drink sort of feel, you know, have a have a an old fashioned type feel. You know, we’ve I felt like we could have sat through on that balcony all night. They wouldn’t rush. No, they wouldn’t rush us. You know, just keep ordering more of those amazing sides and people watching over the balcony would have been a really good night.

Kelli  38:09 
Yeah. Now, sitting on the balcony was amazing. And I think it totally made it for me. Yeah, they have

Chris  38:15 
indoor seating, which is really nice. But their balcony seating was next level.

Kelli  38:19 
Yeah. And the waitstaff was high end waitstaff? Yes. Wearing like solid black and you know, you’re really taking great care of us

Chris  38:28 
really interested in what we ordered and why and making sure we did the right thing.

Kelli  38:31 
Yes, exactly. No, so I highly recommend Catal anybody’s ever in Downtown Disney, California, California.

Chris  38:38 
So that’s it for this week, folks. We hope you enjoyed it. As always, you know what to do next? Run out to your favorite place to download podcasts and leave us a rating leave us a review can’t tell you what that does to help drive other people to our show.

Kelli  38:56 
Yes, absolutely. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. We will have two videos coming out this week on YouTube and one of them is going to be us at Catal so if you want to see what we were just talking about, then be sure to check out that video on our YouTube channel.

Chris  39:17 
That’s right. Keep an eye out for that. In fact subscribe to all of our or follow us on all the social medias. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, at SCFADP and all of those locations. Were running through our Disney attraction Olympics in the stories on Instagram right now. So jump out there and take part in that. We’d love to hear from you. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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