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Disney News (8/1), Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White and Disney’s Best Friends

Episode 7

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This week, we look forward to the return of Character Dining at Walt Disney World by daydreaming about the Snow White dining experience – Storybook Dining at Artist Point! The food, the ambiance, the reimagining at Aritst Point are all AMAZING and what makes this character dining experience one to remember. Then, in honor of international friends day, Chris and I debate the best Disney friends!

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Show Notes:

Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White in Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge


Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:28 
Welcome aboard Disney fam. Hello out there Disney. We are so excited to have you on this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:39 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:41 
And we are the supercalifragilistic Awesome Disney podcast in case you did not know. So Gosh, I’m super excited about this week. Mainly, hey, you’re wearing your California Adventure Ears.

Kelli  0:55 
I am. So exciting. You know, I only bought two ears on this trip.

Chris  1:02 
So sad. But you did get yourself a pair of New ears recently through the mail.

Kelli  1:07 
I did. And I’m excited about those two but I got one that is like quintessential California Adventure, right? The ears look like the Mickey’s pal around Ferris wheel, which I love. And it says Disney’s California Adventure on the side. Perfect. And then I got the Loki ones which I wore last week. Sure. So I think those purchases were just on point.

Chris  1:26 
Those are very classic looking.

Kelli  1:28 
They are. I love it. They’re soft. There’s no bow. I mean, you guys know how I feel about all that. Okay.

Chris  1:35 
I’m also super excited, because we have broken our monthly record again.

Kelli  1:41 
You love looking at those stats.

Chris  1:42 
I love the numbers, man. And folks go out there and tell all your friends that people are coming to this podcast because it’s such a fun time. So likable.

Kelli  1:53 
So modest.

Chris  1:54 
So well. Yeah, so we broke our monthly record again. We are so grateful to the people that keep downloading our podcast. Never let it be said that we take any of that for granted. Yes, we absolutely do not. Yes. And this week we saw downloads from Smyrna, Georgia,

Kelli  2:15 

Chris  2:16 
Smyrna, Georgia, right outside of Atlanta,

Kelli  2:19 
Smyrna, Georgia.

Chris  2:21 
Hermitage, Pennsylvania, right on the border of Ohio and Pa, near Youngstown, Ohio. Okay. Cedar Springs, Michigan, just north of Grand Rapids. And one of my parents favorite cities in the world, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Kelli  2:39 
Now, how much fun is that?

Chris  2:40 
Yeah, I think that’s great. That is a lot of fun. That’s a bucket list place for us. Absolutely. And so it is thrilling to think there’s someone in Edinburgh is listening to us. That’s awesome. Welcome, Scotland. Also, congratulations for your scene in all the Marvel movies. Very excited for you. You’re really up and coming.

Kelli  3:02 
You are.

Chris  3:03 
Okay, so I’m gonna go straight for main street.

Kelli  3:07 

Chris  3:07 
Okay. Big, big, big news, literally. This happened on the night that we record, Disney along with Walmart, they do will mandate vaccinations for our salaried and non union cast members. Yeah, that’s huge. They give 60 days to come basically comply with vaccination if they’re not already. And they will have some carve outs for you know, those who have autoimmune issues that can’t get it. But, you know, look, you know, where we fall on this. Go get vaccinated.

Kelli  3:46 

Chris  3:47 
If they tell you to wear a mask in your area, because you’re you’re growing and delta variant thing where your mask mask, but get vaccinated, man and keep your job. Yes, absolutely. Um, but on top of that masking mandates are coming back to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Yep, indoor and on rides, I believe. And then obviously, in queues. We’re back to wearing masks because people won’t get vaccinated.

Kelli  4:13 
People get vaccinated. But you know what, you know, it’s honestly, it’s the easiest thing indoors in an AC.

Chris  4:18 
August 202 in Florida, it was, it was worse. Last time we went, we went last August, man. And it was it was worse. Still. It still was manageable. So yes.

Kelli  4:27 
It was. We wore masks in Florida in August 24/7. That’s right.

Chris  4:32 
It’s doable people. On happier notes. There’s a whole bunch of August reopenings at Walt Disney. So let’s go through those for a second. Let’s let’s do Hall of presidents. We don’t know exactly when in August, it’ll open but Joe is standing. And he’s speaking and it’s just a matter of time before we can hear it. So nice. So that’s going to open up sometime this month. But on August the first I didn’t even know this was a thing. Wonderful World of animation, which is a nighttime fireworks and projection show at Hollywood Studios. What am I? Have I been in a cave? I’ve never heard literally never heard of this. Never heard of it.

Kelli  5:20 
They had the Star Wars thing. Yeah, like on the stage and they had fantasmic.

Chris  5:25 
Wonderful world of animation. This is a projection show that shines on the Chinese Theater there. Okay. No. fireworks.

Kelli  5:34 
Yes. I’ve heard of it. Yes. Fireworks behind the Chinese Theater. Yes. I didn’t know that’s what it was called. But I have heard of that. We don’t go because we got a fantasmic we’re always fantasmic. But yeah, no, I’ve heard of that. Because we saw fireworks behind the Chinese Theater. Yeah. Okay. When they launched it, and I remember thinking okay, yeah, no, that’s worthy for fireworks behind the Chinese Theater.

Chris  5:51 
That’s pretty cool. Maybe just as exciting on August the second Pizza Fari opens. I’m sure somebody out there is just as thrilled about that. Good pizza. Sorry. August the fifth the yachtsman steakhouse.

Kelli  6:09 
Yacht Club. Okay.

Chris  6:10 
We like the yachtsman Steakhouse. Love Yacht Club. Toledo top of steak and seafood. This is a rooftop restaurant. Very nice looking place on the rooftop at Coronado springs. Wow, never heard of it. I think this is gonna have to be on the list to be a Tomorrowland.

Chris  6:28 
Yes. And an actual place that we go the next time? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And the Columbia harbor house. August fifth’s a big day. August 5 is a big day for Columbia harbor house opens at Magic Kingdom and nostalgia reasons. That’s always one of my favorites. Yeah. Although I don’t think we’ve ever been.

Kelli  6:44 
We haven’t because it’s rarely ever open.

Chris  6:46 
Yeah, it’s been closed for a while. Yeah, they have some this mostly seafood at least historically. August the 6, Atlantic dance hall at boardwalk which will just add to the excitement of the boardwalk

Kelli  6:59 
Jelly Rolls, jelly rolls, jelly rolls.

Chris  7:01 
I know every time I say jelly rolls. August 8 Monsters Inc. Laugh floor at Magic Kingdom opens up that’s fun. August 10. The after hours boo bash at Magic Kingdom talk in August. Well, you know right after October 31 they got to do Christmas. So right. August 15. Beauty and the beast live show comes back.

Kelli  7:27 
That’s great. Love Beauty and the Beast Live.

Chris  7:28 
August 21. Turtle talk with crush and August 26 Animal Kingdom lodge just in time for our animal kingdom video. Hey, destination D23 event are in Orlando sold out in about three minutes. Wow. So that whole conversation about maybe maybe we can go… negative. You gotta, you gotta be on it. Yes, yes. Wow. So sold out in mere minutes. But you know what, I love it because it’s cool. That just means people want to be there.

Kelli  7:58 
Yeah, that’s cool.

Chris  8:00 
Some resort news, the Galactic starcruiser released some details. I’m not going to get into all those details yet because I think that’s gonna be a good either bonus episode or segment or Tomorrowland or even maybe a video but they open in spring of next year. And they are going to integrate the mission and storylines the various storylines on the ship are going to interact with storylines in galaxy’s edge and back to like there’s legitimately a mission on the ship that coincides with the smugglers run ride. So while smugglers run leaves something to be desired, I think we’ve been very clear about that. The story of smugglers run it’s augmented by what’s happening on the collective starcruiser Hmm. Which I think it’s cool.

Kelli  8:48 
Okay, that’s interesting.

Chris  8:50 
There’s a special dining event coming to California grill This is the top restaurant at contemporary resort October the second there’s some sort of 50th anniversary special dining event up there okay, not a lot of details around that yet but they said that it’s going to be a thing

Kelli  9:06 
Probably like an invitation type thing. probably.

Chris  9:09 
Just for me and you.

Kelli  9:10 
We’ll we’ll wait for our invitation Disney. Sure.

Chris  9:14 
Um, they’re making some more inclusion and sensitivity updates to to Magic Kingdom. For example, the zippity doo da musical element has been taken out of the welcome street music show. And the Adventureland signage, the signage going into Adventureland from the hub is being updated. They’re sort of dismantling it now. And prep for a new sign that is more inclusive and yes, which is always good. Absolutely. Remy’s Ratatouille adventure will open before October firs.

Kelli  9:51 
Look, I mean, it’s been ready. Like it’s been ready. Anyway, just sitting back there behind all those walls. It’s been Ready? They could have opened it before now come on Zack. Stop making us wait, Zack.

Chris  10:07 
Oh, yeah, no specifics on the timing, but they are expecting a castmember preview this month and or this month in August. And if previous big, you know long expected openings, if this will follow suit with all the rest, like historically..

Kelli  10:25 

Chris  10:27 
there will be some sort of a special passholder event a special DVC event, maybe something for club 33 members, right. And then a soft opening, which is

Kelli  10:37 
like an out of town preview, right?

Chris  10:40 
Hope eventually people are catching on to that. But that’s sort of what the expectation is. Okay. And then the official opening on October the first

Kelli  10:51 
Well, I mean, they could still officially open it before October 1.

Chris  10:55 
That’s what I said. A preview and a soft open.

Kelli  10:57 
The soft opening, like an out of town preview. Oh my gosh. Come on, Zack. Stop toying with us. I’ve got the ears. Stop jerking us around.

Chris  11:08 
Ready a few more golden fab 50 character statues were announced this week. Dante from Coco The little dog. Okay. Joe Gardner himself.

Kelli  11:24 
And So Miguel is not with Dante. Dante has his own staff his own statue. Wow, Dante. Okay, good for you, man. We see you Dante.

Chris  11:35 
Joe Gardner from Soul.

Kelli  11:36 
Yes, he should have absolutely.

Chris  11:38 
Edna mode

Kelli  11:39 
Edit Mode. I love Edna mode. I was her last year for halloween.

Chris  11:42 
And Pooh and Piglet get to share a statue.

Kelli  11:49 
Wow. I mean it’s not surprising that Dante gets his own but Pooh and Piglet have to share. Eyeore’s probably just totally marginalized because of his depression, mental health issues.

Chris  11:58 
I’m sure he was gonna get his own thing. Did you see that Scar Jo is suin Disney?

Kelli  12:06 
I did. Yeah. Because she wanted them to just release it in theatres.

Chris  12:11 
Her contract says apparently Well, she would make more money that way more money and they’re not giving her a cut of that $30 Premium we paid. Plus I think she’s right. I think she’s got a case. I think they’re gonna settle out of court but I think she’s right.

Kelli  12:23 
I think she’s right.

Chris  12:26 
I think Emma Stone and Emily Blunt for Cruella and Jungle Cruise are about to jump right on that bandwagon.

Kelli  12:32 
Do it girls.

Chris  12:34 
Jungle Cruise opens tonight night we’re recording. Yes. So we haven’t seen it yet. We’re gonna do it this weekend. We are or tonight something like that.

Kelli  12:42 
Okay, we’ve watched watch that on Disney plus, yes. Okay, so I’m sorry Scar Jo but I do like the Disney plus thing because I don’t like to be around other people.

Chris  12:50 
You want to do a Minnie take? Best time of the year to visit Walt Disney World. Thank you to the lady that submitted this you know who you are.

Kelli  13:01 

Chris  13:03 

Kelli  13:05 
The best weather in Florida.

Chris  13:08 
No, that is not the right way to look at this at all.

Kelli  13:11 
Yes. Oh, honey. I have very strict weather restrictions.

Chris  13:14 
Yeah, but that you’ve never been in January.

Kelli  13:17 
Yes, I have. I’ve been in January. You know I also enjoy the week before Easter weather is still great crowds are super low. We my favorite time to go to Disney is when the crowds are at their lowest. And it’s the best weather. Yeah, so we’re looking for a temperature of about 72 degrees and park capacity at about 20%

Chris  13:39 
Well, that never happens. Maybe the 72 degrees but the park capacity is a pipe dream unless it’s the middle of a pandemic because we did experience that.

Kelli  13:47 
I’m just saying that’s…

Chris  13:50 
Do you look at it straight from a weather perspective? Yes, I look at what makes Florida so horrific. No the best time of year to go to Disney is either gonna say Christmas it’s Christmas or, and Christmas. It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas and Christmas. It’s actually Christmas when everything’s decorated for Christmas. But we have the International Food and Wine Festival still going on.

Kelli  14:15 
Yeah, that’s…

Chris  14:16 
the best time to go to Disney.

Kelli  14:17 
that mean I’ll give you that because…

Chris  14:18 
I’m right.

Kelli  14:19 
Well, it should give me the beautifully decorated right I love seeing all the Christmas trees and christmas decor and it’s it is still good weather. But the crowds are not super low. But I am willing to brave the crowds for the food and wine in the Disney christmas decor right

Chris  14:36 
because it’s the best time of year.

Kelli  14:37 
So if I were going to save that I’d say the first week in December right go before the kids get out of school and the crowds are still low.

Chris  14:44 
You’ve got the decor Thanksgiving people have gone home.

Kelli  14:46 
and people have gone home to unwind might not be going on then well question but it

Chris  14:51 
might be

Kelli  14:51 
could be, but I’m just saying. My two requirements is that

Chris  14:56 
there will be a festival going on Christmas festival.

Kelli  14:59 
The Eat the Christmas fest or something, eat the fest!

Chris  15:07 
Festival the holidays.

Kelli  15:09 
Yes, that’s what it is. Good job.

Chris  15:12 
Okay, are you ready for tomorrowland?

Kelli  15:13 
I’m so excited about tomorrowland.

Chris  15:15 
Let’s hit it.

Kelli  15:15 
Okay. So, today we’re gonna talk about a character dining that you and I have never done. Okay? Now we don’t do a lot of character dining. We’ve done some for very particular reasons like we love the tusker house breakfast to animal kingdom just because the food you know, Fab Five Safari, actually, it’s the sensational six. By the way, I meant to tell you that. Fab Five includes Minnie, Donald, Mickey, Pluto and Goofy sinsational six includes Daisy and Daisy is a tusker house. Okay. But also, we’ve been to others, like with Mary Poppins, I love seeing Mary Poppins. So, but this is one we’ve never been to. And it’s unique in so many ways. This is the story book dining at artists point with Snow White in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Chris  16:06 

Kelli  16:07 
Yes. So artists point is a restaurant and Wilderness Lodge that has been around for I mean, ever. Yeah. But also it is normally themed, like the Northwest, like that type, Pacific Northwest type food. Well, this was switched his artists point was reimagined. And they added in trees that like climb the walls, and the branches go up onto the ceilings, you can still see all the murals from artists point, right, that’s the name of it, but those are sort of like behind the trees. And then there’s also fairy lights. So it looks like an enchanted forest.

Chris  16:41 
Of course.

Kelli  16:42 
So, you’re eating in an enchanted forest. The people are dressed, you know, enchanted forest. Like they have, you know, different name tags that look, you know, Enchanted Forest esque, all of that. So this launched in 2018. Now, we’ll say it’s not currently available because of COVID. A lot of the character dining is not, but when this comes back, we’re going okay, and I’m going to tell you why. I’m excited. Okay, so first of all, it only counts for one table service. If you’re on the dining plan. That’s a win. That’s a huge deal. Character meals are almost always..

Chris  17:13 
two table services.

Kelli  17:15 
Okay. Adults are $55 children are $33. I’ve already said it’s located artists point Wilderness Lodge, you get to meet Snow White, dopey and grumpy, they all come to the tables. But the queen is also there.

Chris  17:29 

Kelli  17:29 
Yes. And so she doesn’t visit the tables because that would be way below her. It is unique. It’s hard to find the villains in the park. Yeah, especially the queen is only like three places very rarely, right? So it’s a huge deal. She’s there in her own little zone. And you can go take your picture of her if you want. She will be sure to point out that it’s rare to see her.

Chris  17:54 
It is rare to see her.

Kelli  17:55 
I’ve seen some of the pictures and she really plays it up. Like if you’re gonna go take a picture with the queen. You better be ready roughhouse.

Chris  18:02 
Sure, yeah.

Kelli  18:03 
No. I mean, she really puts it out there. She’s evil. She didn’t have a name. She’s Evil Queen. So here’s the story. So your napkin is wrapped up in a little card that has all of their autographs on it. And it’s even harder to get her signature. She never signs autographs because she’s always so pissed off. Her autograph comes on that card.

Chris  18:25 
That is strong, right? I mean, there are people out there that fight for autograph books. Yes. And that’s a big deal.

Kelli  18:33 
It’s a big deal. Okay, so you some great characters, some unique characters you can’t get anywhere else. And so here is how Disney describes it. Meet Snow White, dopey grumpy every evening while dining in a rustic setting. Inspired by the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs enter the enchanted forest to the sounds of delightful music that helped bring a storybook fantasy to life and if you dare meet the queen, and even pose for a photo with her. So why is this special? Well, first of all, the reimagining of artists point is a big deal. It’s got really cool like lanterns for lights, plus the fairy lights plus the trees it this is a really cool setting for a character meal. Unlike really anything else I’ve ever seen for character meal, like character meals are normally in the main restaurants, but the restaurants aren’t really themed around the character.

Chris  19:26 
And I’m gonna say this is not pimped out a lot, which I’m sure you’re gonna get to.

Kelli  19:29 
Yes, right. So you don’t hear about this. So I ran across it while researching something else. And I tagged it like this is a future tomorrowland. Because wait until I get for the food. But anyway. So why is this special? First the characters. You’ve also got shared starters and desserts with individual plated entrees. So on your table when you sit down, there’s a tree in the middle of the table that has three big leaves at the top of the tree. And when they bring out the shared starters in the shared deserts they fit perfectly on the leaves. So you’re eating off of a tree. I’m telling you it’s so amazing how they’ve done this the planning. The menu is written like a story. And it begins with long long ago in a forest enchanted the seeds of the story we tell had been planted. They grew from the soil. This place that stands here where someone like you might be wondering near with creatures and critters both friendly and foe, a princess, a queen and some friends you might know. We’ve got Merryman music and feasting to do and a place at the table that set just for you. So gather around, take a seat, settle in, your dinner adventure’s about to begin.

Chris  19:45 
It’s fantastic.

Kelli  20:41 
Okay, so we’re going to start with some of the drinks. They’ve got non alcoholic specialty drinks for the kiddos ranging from $4 to $7. They’ve got four of them, but I’m going to tell you about two. The first one is the transformation potion. And so this is just regular minute made lemonade, but comes with a blue potion in a separate like vial that you can pour into the lemonade and it turns it like this really cool purplish color.

Chris  21:07 
It’s really awesome.

Kelli  21:09 
Okay, and the second one is in the clouds. And so it looks like a big martini glass with a massive mound of cotton candy in the middle of it. And they pour a drink over the top that melt that melts the cotton candy. It is Powerade. Mountain berry blast. Blueberry cotton candy.

Chris  21:29 
Yeah, definitely for the kids.

Kelli  21:30 
Yes. wickedly refreshing cocktails. There’s six of those but I’m going to tell you about three. The Enchanted Apple These range from $13 to $14. The Enchanted Apple sky citrus pucker, sour apple and white cranberry juice. The smoking mirror this drink smokes. Johnnie Walker black wild berry lime and a roseberry smoke

Chris  21:56 
Oh my goodness. You had me at scotch.

Kelli  21:58 
Evil to the core, patrol silver tequila, habanero blackberry and orange juice.

Chris  22:03 
Those are serious man. Those are serious drinks.

Kelli  22:06 
I’m going to tell you about the adult menu. The kids have their own menu too, which includes prime rib, a veggie steamed bun, pasta and chicken.

Chris  22:12 
The kids have a menu with prime rib.

Kelli  22:14 

Chris  22:14 
Oh my gosh.

Kelli  22:15 
Okay, we’re gonna start with the adult menu. This is the starters. Crispy mushroom bisque served in individual black cauldrons, a wicked shrimp cocktail with soy Misa avocado, Thai chili and greens. And the hunters terrain which looks like a handheld chicken pie. This is chicken black truffle stone fruit preserves in house made pickles. So cool looking. Unbelievable entrees. You get to choose one these entrees are massive. Okay, cottage beef stew, tender beef, preserved vegetables spatzle mushrooms and aged cow’s milk cheese. Oh yeah. A stroll through nature. This is the only vegetarian option but I’m totally here for it. asparagus leeks or rubella gnocci. Sage and parmesan.

Chris  23:03 
Oh yeah, that’s right in your wheelhouse.

Kelli  23:05 
Magic mirrors slow braised pork shank. celery root mash wilted greens and Jus. Sorcerer spell of land and sea. chard, BBQ pork clams. daikon noodles. Spring Onion chimichurri.

Chris  23:23 
Did you say clams clams?

Kelli  23:25 
Yes. Royal prime rib roast. This is a horseradish mashed potato honey, with carrots a popover and Jus.

Chris  23:34 
That’s mine, that’s mine.

Kelli  23:35 
That’s yours. The Brothers Grimm roasted chicken herb crusted potatoes fire roasted petite squash and golden raisins. Bashful’s butter poached sustainable fish afero, fava beans, English peas and gremolata.

Chris  23:50 
Because he’s doing sustainable right.

Kelli  23:52 
And then you’ve got these shareable desserts. Okay, the Miners treasure which is layered is sponge cake with chocolate Bana pannacotta and with a purple buttercream on icing on top. So it’s like Layer Layer Layer. The poison apple looks so cool. It’s a dark chocolate Apple moose with a sour red center because it’s poisonous.

Chris  24:17 
Yeah, of course because it’s poison.

Kelli  24:20 
Fairytale gooseberry pie which has a gorgeous marange on top of the gooseberry. And then finally, a white gloved waiter or waitress comes to the table with the hunter’s gift to the queen. It’s a smoking wooden box that they open and inside it has cracked Maple popcorn and ganache hearts. So they open it up and inside is just like a little bit of cracked Maple popcorn with these ganache red hearts in their mouth and it smokes when they open it up.

Chris  24:53 
When it’s bedtime, will you just read this to me?

Kelli  24:58 
Amazing. This is the best themed character meal I’ve ever heard.

Chris  25:04 
This is this is not like just for breakfast. This is like…

Kelli  25:06 
This is dinner.

Chris  25:07 
This is dinner, dinner.

Kelli  25:08 
Yes. And still only one dining entitlement. That’s incredible. And I didn’t even talk any about how Snow White is so marginalized.

Chris  25:15 
I know. You had too much to talk about, but I thought you’d go there

Kelli  25:18 
And she’s got her own character dining.

Chris  25:19 
I thought that I thought Honestly, I thought you’d say this is why we’ve never heard about it because they marginalize Snow White.

Kelli  25:26 
She’s so marginalized. But she has the best character dining out there.

Chris  25:30 
It is pretty phenomenal. I think this is a definite must do.

Kelli  25:35 
I’m so excited about it.

Chris  25:36 
We know for sure we’re going in the next six months, either in three months or in six months.

Kelli  25:42 
Yeah, so we’re doing it. I want to do it. Absolutely.

Chris  25:45 
Okay, well save that popover for me. Oh. We’re running over to the world showcase. Yes. So that was awesome. I love to hear you talk about food.

Kelli  25:58 
I love to talk about the food. So it’s a win win.

Chris  26:00 
Today is the day we’re recording here is international Friendship Day. We’re friends. Right? So I thought I would take a look at the top five Disney friendships. Okay. And then I’m also going to give you five additional Disney friendships that you can say, Oh, I think that’s better than one of the five you’ve got. Right?

Kelli  26:23 
So I can tell you that you’re wrong. Okay.

Chris  26:24 
Yeah. I built the ability for you to say that I’m wrong right into my second list.

Kelli  26:29 

Chris  26:32 
I’m actually gonna go from bottom up here because i think i think it worked. I didn’t tend to do like a ranking, but I think I did rank them. Okay. So first here, I’ve got some might surprise you. Okay, Dory and Marlin from Nemo.

Kelli  26:46 
I think that’s great. You know, you had Marlin in another top five. I didn’t know his name was Marlin.

Chris  26:51 
You didn’t know his name was Marlin.

Kelli  26:52 
And I didn’t see that coming. But I see this one coming. He was like one of your best fathers.

Chris  26:56 
I think fathers Right. Exactly.

Kelli  26:58 
No, I’m down for that. I love Dory and Marlin.

Chris  27:01 
The most memorable friendships might be those unexpected ones that become lifelong companionships. Which is absolutely them. By the way, I think Dory has the most amazing plot element that like maybe didn’t have to be there in the fact that she’s got incredibly short term memory loss, right? That props so many things that like force them to grow together, which is a really cool plot element. There it is. And she helps Marlin learn to let go the apron strings there. And on the other hand, Marlin is something she hasn’t had in ages, which is a true person that cares about her. Yeah, so I like to Dory and Marlin. Okay. I don’t think I’m going to argue with you don’t know who the other five are. Okay. All right. Go ahead. This is totally for you. You know, these are copper and Todd. Do you know Copper and Todd?

Kelli  27:57 
Are they dogs? Cats. They’re in Aristocats.

Chris  28:01 
Oh, gosh. Are they… This is the fox in the hound.

Kelli  28:05 

Chris  28:08 
The Fox in the hound, copper and Todd. Have you seen the Fox and the Hound?

Kelli  28:12 
I think so I mean, years, decades ago.

Chris  28:16 
Yeah, sure. These two are obviously born and bred to hate each other right? hound dogs hunt foxes. Oh, right. So these two are all conventions by forming a strong bond that should not exist between hound dog and Fox. And so they automatically makes a very unconventional friendship. They play and they have a good time together and to grow this very strong bond. But eventually, copper learns to be a hound dog, and is sort of brainwashed into believing you know, I’m supposed to hate you, Todd. Right. And so they sort of split apart in the guy that owns copper wants to kill Todd and comes close couple times. It’s pretty sad story, actually. I mean, Todd gets gets sent out to the woods like the lady that raised Todd, he didn’t know anything about how to survive in the wilderness, but she lets him go out there because she thinks to stay on the way to protect them from the hunter. But at the end of the day, they both ultimately save each other from certain death. And they realize that they are true best friends forever.

Kelli  29:25 

Chris  29:27 
How about Aladdin and Genie.

Kelli  29:32 
Wow. I mean, that’s almost like a business relationship.

Chris  29:39 
I did. I did. This was pretty one sided for a long time.

Kelli  29:45 
I mean, I would say maybe they turn into friends in the end, but it is much more of a business relationship.

Chris  29:56 
I’d say Aladdin realizes what a great friend Genie is being right. From the very start genie is doing what we all want our friends to do is to have our best interests at heart, right? Yes. So I my note here was this was pretty one sided, one sided for a long time until Aladdin got his head out of his ass.

Kelli  30:13 
You are cussing like crazy.

Chris  30:18 
But Genie, despite the lack of reciprocation never goes halfway, right? You gotta wish, man. I’m fulfilling that. And then some I am. And I’m going over and above for you. Yep. So yeah, so Genie was a much better friend. But ultimately, Aladdin did sacrifice the thing he thought he wanted most to set Genie free. Yeah. Which was to be a prince.

Kelli  30:45 
Right, right. Yeah. Okay.

Chris  30:48 
So you’re gonna end up switching?

Kelli  30:49 
I might switch that one out. I think it’s much more of a business relationship.

Chris  30:54 
They had sequels where they were just friends. Yeah, Woody and Buzz.

Kelli  30:59 
Well, I mean, how’s that not number one, honey.

Chris  31:01 
That’s number two.

Kelli  31:03 
That’s number two. I question your list. I question your ranking.

Chris  31:10 
Okay, so tell us about what woody and buzz definitely started out as enemies, right. But that was mainly because Buzz didn’t realize he was a toy. They have literally saved each other’s lives. Countless times. I mean, that’s effectively the movie is about I’m gonna save your life. This movie. You saved my life in the next movie. Okay, that’s right. So, you know, literally and then and then when they are not saving each other’s lives. They’re saving someone else’s life teamed up together. That’s true. So they are just and, and a model for all of us because they could not be more different in terms of where they come from, and what they’re built to be like, Yeah, that’s true. But yeah, they they look past their outside differences to see well, truth matters. Right.

Kelli  31:58 
Okay. So your number one. I mean, let’s say let’s give it to us. Let’s have it.

Chris  32:04 
Timon and Pumba.

Kelli  32:06 
Really, that’s more Woody and Buzz? No, no.

Chris  32:12 
First of all, each has been ostracized from where they came from. Yeah, they found each other and and have built this incredible bond.

Kelli  32:21 
We don’t know anything about where they came from, or Pumba or their struggles to find a friend when we meet them their BFF eating bugs and dancing in the summer.

Chris  32:30 
He was ostracized because when he poots and people stand down wind nobody wants to be near him.

Kelli  32:37 
That’s true. Absolutely. But you don’t know what kind of struggles Timon went through and then they like well have you seen timon he’s done the likable guy.

Chris  32:46 
I haven’t they create they created this life together and what apparently is a paradise there. Honestly Mufasa didn’t have anything to do with creating it.

Kelli  32:54 
A desert oasis.

Chris  32:56 
And they they learn to live happily there and then what makes them great friends not just to each other but they find a lion who is born and bred to kill and eat them.

Kelli  33:07 
See, I would have given it to you if you had included Simba.

Chris  33:11 
Yeah but it’s their mindset is their friendship mindset. They’re a brought them together and be has them taken Simba and basically raised.

Kelli  33:20 
I know but that’s what I’m saying. You need to include Simba in that friend group and then I’m gonna give it to you.

Chris  33:26 
They’re a pair they’re a pair and then on top of that…

Kelli  33:28 
You can have more than one friend I say that all the time you can have more than one friend.

Chris  33:33 
On top of that they they also give all of that up at to go and help Simba.

Kelli  33:39 
This is exactly why Simba needs to be included in the friend group.

Chris  33:43 
Okay, here’s my honorable mentions that you might want to switch out.

Kelli  33:47 
Probably gonna switch out.

Chris  33:48 
Yep All right. Here’s one Lilo and Stitch.

Kelli  33:54 
I do love Lilo and Stitch

Chris  33:56 
Lilo sees something in stitch that a nobody else sees.

Kelli  33:59 
Even stitch doesn’t see it.

Chris  34:00 
He doesn’t see himself right. And then stitch basically changes for Lilo.

Kelli  34:05 
He does and when he starts singing Elvis,

Chris  34:08 
I know you love that.

Kelli  34:10 
That’s a good one. Honey. That’s very valid. Yes. Okay,

Chris  34:13 
Next is out. Okay, you’re not gonna you’re gonna get it but not gonna want to switch these anyway. Lumiere and Cogsworth.

Kelli  34:19 
Okay, yeah, no, I get it, but

Chris  34:21 
it’s more like a brotherly love.

Kelli  34:23 
It is more of a brotherly love and again, more of a professional relationship.

Chris  34:26 
But they’re forced together.

Kelli  34:29 

Chris  34:30 
What do you think about this one? Ariel and flounder? Ah, very one sided.

Kelli  34:37 
It is.

Chris  34:38 
Here’s what I think. I think they’re both creatures of the sea. Founder thinks he’s got a shot but he’s stuck in the friendzone.

Kelli  34:46 
Oh, that’s so sad. Really flounder and Sebastian is better. Ariel doesn’t want to be like girlfriend boyfriend with Flounder!

Chris  34:55 
He will do absolutely anything for her. He literally drug her to her to her wedding.

Kelli  35:01 
That’s it’s sweet but it is very one sided very one sided.

Chris  35:05 
She didn’t do much for founder she doesn’t get some killed the car.

Kelli  35:08 
It is a little bit selfish when it comes to her. I wish they didn’t have to make her redheaded.

Chris  35:15 
Pooh and Piglet.

Kelli  35:16 
Oh, see that sweet but again, why wouldn’t you say Pooh and Christopher Robin?

Chris  35:21 
That’s good point.

Kelli  35:22 
And you’re still marginalizin Eyeore. He doesn’t get to have any friends because he’s depressed he has mental health problems.

Chris  35:28 
But Christopher Robin and Pooh don’t live together but all the together all the time.

Kelli  35:33 
Friends don’t have to live together.

Chris  35:34 
They don’t want anything from each other. Okay, last one. You’re gonna like this one Sven and Kristoff.

Kelli  35:40 
I do love that one. See? Now that should have been in your top five. Over Cooper and Todd. Who’s even Cooper and Todd?

Chris  35:54 
You would change your mind if you saw it.

Kelli  35:56 
It should have been Sven and Kristoff. It should have been Sven and Kristoff. Period hard stop. Lilo and Stitch should have been your top five spin and Sven and Kristoff and Buzz and Woody and whoever else that’s top three right there.

Chris  36:15 
Hey, you know what? Everybody listen to this, which is all those wonderful people that have allowed us to set the record this month. Tell us what you think.

Kelli  36:24 
You need to put it out there on the Insta stories and let people that out. I’ll give that again. Do that make it happen? You’re the story person.

Chris  36:31 
I’ll give that a go. Hey, tell us what you think. But first go out to wherever you download your podcast from sign up and give us a rating and a review because it really helps draw more people to the show.

Kelli  36:45 
It does and if you’re looking for more things Disney please visit That’s s for Super C for Cali F for fragilelistic A for awesome D for Disney p for podcast. We had a bonus episode this weekend. And if you missed that, then go back out and check it That was our bonus Disney Attraction Olympic episode .

Chris  37:05 
And be sure to check out our YouTube channel this week. We’re gonna have some fun videos come out.

Kelli  37:09 
Absolutely right. We’re super excited about that.

Chris  37:11 
Go check us out on all the socials at SCFADP on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Probably going to be putting this out here to see what we got wrong with the friends list. And what we might have gotten wrong on that bonus episode also. Okay. And so join us for all that conversation. And with that we will see you real soon.

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