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Disney News (7/25) – Five things WDW folks need to know about visiting Disneyland (and what we’ll do differently next time)!

Episode 6

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This week, we have a special DisneyLAND episode featuring the 5 things WDW folks need to know when planning a trip to Disneyland in California, and 5 things we’ll do differently on our next trip.

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Show Notes:


Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:29 
Welcome aboard Disney fam. Hello, Disney family. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:37 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:37 
Welcome to this week’s show. We got a really I hope you think cool episode this week. We’re coming off of a trip to Disneyland. So we’re gonna do a little bit of a different thing this week. So we’ll get into that soon. I’ve got a variant with me today.

Kelli  0:56 
Well, technically, we’re all variants. But yes, so we were walking through World of Disney at Downtown Disney and California. And they were restocking these ears. And the cast member told me that they had not been in stock for over two months. They just got them and people were literally taking them out of her box before she could even get them on the shelf. She’s like, I don’t think they’ll make it. I said, Well, I’ll just go ahead and do my part. And I got a pair. These are variant ears from the Loki series. And we believe that they are the alligator.

Chris  1:31 
They’re either the alligator or president Loki.

Kelli  1:34 
Yes, they’re one of those two variants. I think they’re the alligator variant. But in any case, I’m super excited about these.

Chris  1:41 
They’re really great. We did actually see a lot of them around Disneyland they got they’ve got gold embroidery along the headband “mischievous.”

Kelli  1:51 
Yes. Awesome. And they’ve got gold horns and then like a nice alligator leather headband. I love these ears. They’re great. The details are fantastic. They’re amazing.

Chris  2:02 
Yes, they are. Hey, we see you in this week in Kansas City, Missouri. Which is awesome. I cannot believe we haven’t had this before but I’m so excited. It’s so apropos for this week. Anaheim, California.

Kelli  2:14 
Yes, that’s fantastic.

Chris  2:17 
Park forest, Illinois we see you also and I’m going to give you a minute to say whatever the What I know is gonna come out of your mouth. Istanbul, Turkey.

Kelli  2:27 
Istanbul was Constantinople, Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople, Been a long time gone, oh Constantinople Why did Constantinople get the works? That’s nobody’s business but the Turks!

Chris  2:36 
Anytime in the 18 to 19 years that I’ve known Kelli and the phrase Istanbul comes up at all. She is forced apparently by law to sing that, so well.

Kelli  2:49 
You’re welcome.

Chris  2:50 
Grateful for it. So yeah, we are so grateful for all the downloads we are on pace to set another record this month. Oh Thank y’all so much so excited. So honored honestly.

Kelli  3:01 
Yes. We’re having a blast and we’re just so glad other people like it.

Chris  3:06 
We are we are absolutely having a blast so thank you all and keep spreading the word yes go out there and subscribe on whatever podcast channel you use and leave us a rating or review because that’s really helps find the news.

Kelli  3:19 
It does.

Chris  3:20 
Okay, you ready for the news? All right, Main Street USA. So a little bit of resort is Poly has revealed its new look Moana so much. Yeah, very classy. They are beautiful.

Kelli  3:34 
They are gorgeous. They’re lighter. Yeah. In the previous poly rooms like, brighter.

Chris  3:39 
Yeah, they’re brighter. Yes, they’re more upbeat, but still very Hawaiian and Polynesian vibe.

Kelli  3:45 
I’m totally here for it. I think they did a phenomenal job.

Chris  3:49 
Sticking at the poly, grog grotto opened on July the 19th says Trader Sam’s grog grotto and I’m sure we’ll mention it but we did Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar while we were out in California loved every second if the grog grotto is anything like it at all. It’s gonna become a regular for our home resort there.

Kelli  4:11 

Chris  4:13 
Okay, a little bit of entertainment news. Disneyland this weekend actually hosted the premiere of Jungle Cruise. So Jungle Cruise is releasing on Friday both in theaters and I think on Disney plus. And it was cool. They actually shut down land they stopped the fireworks and had literally the red carpet event at Disneyland. So while we were out there, the rock and Emma bought made a surprise I’m using air quotes surprise appearance at Downtown Disney. And there’s been some photos that have been released of of the rock on Dwayne Johnson on one of the ships that Jungle Cruise which is cool.

Kelli  4:55 
So as a heads up on Monday, the toy 26 at 7am apparently shop we’ll be launching a special Dwayne Johnson captain’s hat.

Chris  5:10 
Oh come on, I’m going to have to have that.

Kelli  5:13 
I got the email and I was like oh that’s gonna be an alarm set situation it is. Yeah, so yeah 7am tomorrow morning y’all don’t go out until after Chris gets his.

Chris  5:27 
Everybody could just maybe wait until after…

Kelli  5:32 for Captain our Skipper Skipper hat I guess Skipper has Mickey ears.

Chris  5:38 
Oh, gonna have to have it. Yeah, I thought you might. Um so I don’t know how many you know Monday Night Football fans there are out there but I am a huge Monday Night Football fan. And this year they’re ESPN broadcast which is a Disney owned company. They broadcast Monday Night Football on their their brought their flagship station ESPN and it’s hosted by Steve levy and a couple of other Brian greasy and a couple of other guys. But this year, they’re going to actually host a simulcast on ESPN two that will be hosted by Peyton and Eli Manning and I love those guys so I supposed to be much more casual like they’re just watching the game like you would watch the game and having random conversations like you would I am excited about that because I think the Manning family is great.

Kelli  6:24 
I can’t wait to see it. I think that’d be a lot of fun.

Chris  6:30  
Yep okay so um Park news just a few construction and or refurb starts here some new vertical structures being raised at the Tron light cycle ride you know they they’ve had the canopy sort of visible now for a while impressive very impressive. Wait till you see that thing at night. Yeah, it’s going to be ridiculous. Yeah. Refurbishment begins on beast castle.

Kelli  7:04 

Chris  7:04 
Some refurb going on there on the outside. Okay, towards the entrance of the Be Our Guest restaurant. Okay.

Chris  7:12 
I think all this is spruce it up a spruce everything up. We got to look our best right. It’s for the the 50th anniversary crest has been added to Cindy’s castle.

Kelli  7:21 
I like it. There’s some controversy out there on the interwebs as there always is. Yes, I like it.

Chris  7:28 
I do too.

Kelli  7:29 
I think Cindy would love it.

Chris  7:30 
It’s not a birthday cake.

Kelli  7:33 
There was controversy over that too. I enjoyed the birthday cake.

Chris  7:37 
Everybody else hates it. Unpopular take here from scfadp. We liked the birthday cake like as long as it wasn’t permanent you know? I did get the partner statue. This is the statue in the hub and Magic Kingdom with with Walt & Mickey holding hands.

Kelli  7:55 

Chris  7:56 
Very popular photo spot is also getting refurbed Yep. And construction has begun on the kite tales show at Animal Kingdom.

Kelli  8:05 
Okay, construction. Wow. That means it’s big, okay.

Chris  8:11 
Very exciting. Alright, excited to hear and see that show when it opens up. Yes, for sure. Reopenings: Prince Eric’s village market and Magic Kingdom cat sokos kettle at Hollywood Studios. I like that place. The Peter Pan refurbishment is over and it has opened back up at Magic Kingdom. The main street train station there at Magic Kingdom has been open but they had this big scrim over it looked like the train station but behind Canvas that’s being taken down now. The full flight of passage pre show is now back in action. So you remember you get decontaminated and all this kind of stuff. Yes. Yeah, that’s all full, full bore again. Okay. And but most excitingly for us is that the Cheshire Cat Cafe is now ready to open.

Kelli  9:10 
The pandemic’s over people!

Chris  9:12 
Officially looking back at July the 26th which is tomorrow morning after we’re recording you can actually go back to the Cheshire Cat Cafe and buy those cat tails supposedly they were for sale it cosmic rays we tried. We tried we asked even the cast member said oh yeah, you can get them here. Just go over here and no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. So this ought to be legit now. Yes, cat taills are back. Yes. And that’s really all that matters. As Zack really showcased the latest from the world celebration area of the Epcot refurb the blue popcorn stand man, I love this guy’s excitement over the details. The details. Like this is we’re celebrating with a blue popcorn stand.

Kelli  10:02 
I like Zack to me and he’s great. Yeah, he’s fun.

Chris  10:06 
The Golden fab 50 characters are showing up and they liked it. It’s sort of a trickle trickling out the reveal of each character that’s coming out. Mickey was obviously the first. They’ve revealed Cogsworth and Lumiere’s statue. I think they’re together in a statue. Okay. Poomba and timon are together on a statue at Animal Kingdom.

Kelli  10:29 
Does that count as one or is that…

Chris  10:31 
I think that’s one I think.

Kelli  10:32 
Okay, so there’s going to be 50 statues not 50 characters.

Chris  10:35 
I think, I think there’s going to be 50 statues. Okay, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s maybe it’s not it’s still 50 character characters, but they just released or they just revealed the daisy will be the next one that goes up.

Kelli  10:47 
Right. So is she with Donald?

Chris  10:49 
No she is not with Donald she’s got her own.

Kelli  10:51 
Good job Daisy. Get your spotlight girl. Got her own statue. Yeah, get your spotlight girl.

Chris  10:55 
She’s technically a fab fiver. Right? So she ought to have her own.

Kelli  10:59 
No, she’s very marginalized. Who’s in the fab 5? Mickey, Minnie, Goofy… is Minnie a Fab Five.

Chris  11:05 
For sure.

Kelli  11:06 
I thought it was Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy.

Chris  11:09 
I don’t think Pluto is in the Fab Five. Oh, let us know people.

Kelli  11:14 
Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy. And one other that I can’t think of right now.

Chris  11:20 
Maybe Minnie, and or Daisy. It’s got to be Minnie.

Kelli  11:23 
It’s got to be man. You’d have the Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy, I believe is the Fab Five. I don’t I don’t think that I think Daisy is marginalized. She’s basically sitting at the back of the cafeteria with Snow White.

Chris  11:36 
She’s first one out if there’s a fab six she’s in.

Kelli  11:40 
But I’ll just say I enjoy Daisy. I think she has an extremely fluffy tail. And I love seeing her like she’s just got a cute little waddle in the park with her little fluffy tail. And she does have beautiful eyelashes.

Chris  11:52 
She really does.

Kelli  11:53 
I love Daisy. I’m here for you Daisy. And we see you.

Chris  12:00 
Disney Cruise Line said to start sailing again in August. So out of Florida out of Florida. I saw that vaccination is not required.

Kelli  12:09 
But masks all interior spaces. Yeah, that’s what I saw.

Chris  12:13 
Yeah, there’s there’s some sort of a fight there with the governor down there about

Kelli  12:20 
I don’t think they’re gonna require vaccinations because there’s so many kids on that ship that are under age to be able to get the vaccinations. Maybe.

Chris  12:28 
But you know, whatever. The happily ever after fireworks show set to end forever on September the 29th. Don’t go on September 29. The day you don’t want to go to Magic Kingdom is September 29. We saw some stuff go down the night that wishes ended at the Magic Kingdom.

Kelli  12:55 
We didn’t even know it was a thing. Right at about sunset all of the annual pass people that live in Florida started showing up with their wishes t shirts.

Chris  13:03 
Farewell wishes t shirt.

Kelli  13:05 
It was brutal.

Chris  13:07 
It was madness.

Kelli  13:08 
I mean, they almost had a fist fight in front of us right in the middle of Main Street. Yeah. And that was shoving cussing.

Chris  13:13  
It was, it was a madhouse

Kelli  13:15 
Unlike anything I had ever experienced.

Chris  13:18 
So don’t go on September 29. folks do not. Hey, last thing Hall of presidents reopens in August with Joe. Okay. Joe Biden takes over the Hall of Presidents.

Kelli  13:28 
Okay, well, that’s something.

Chris  13:31 
Okay. Ready for a Minnie take?

Kelli  13:33 
Yes, Minnie take me.

Chris  13:34 
This is something that someone asked us to cover, but we’d never been to Disneyland. Okay. Now we have now we have what’s your favorite food at Disneyland?

Kelli  13:44 
The kefta and hummus platter.

Chris  13:46 
That’s a weak answer.

Kelli  13:49 

Chris  13:50 
Because that’s your favorite food at Disney World.

Kelli  13:52 
It’s my favorite food in the world. I love the kefta and hummus platter. You’re saying I’ve got to pick something that’s unique to Disneyland?

Chris  13:59 
That would have been more fun. That’s not what the question is not what the question said. I know.

Kelli  14:04 
What is your favorite food that you only get at Disneyland would have been that question. That’s not the question that you asked me.

Chris  14:11 
Do you have an answer for that?

Kelli  14:12 
Tell me your answer. How I don’t know. Oh my goodness.

Chris  14:15 
I really struggled here. But I think I’m gonna go with that beignet.

Kelli  14:21 
Okay, those are classic.

Chris  14:23 
Yeah, that Mickey shaped beignet. Yes, I love I love fried dough. You know what? They give it to you a little white paper bag with extra powdered sugar in there and I just can’t tell you how much I enjoy shaking. Knowing that when you open it up is just chock a block covered…

Kelli  14:46 
with powdered sugar. Yeah, actually, I ate so many plant based items for our video this week. And I’ll be honest, I can’t remember everything that I ate. We ate so many churros. Yeah, we did so many plant based items rose. I would say like if I had to pick I would say that smores Churro was pretty spot on.

Chris  15:12 
Yeah, some of those. Those were those were really good churros where they cover them up with sauce,

Kelli  15:19 
Man that was a good churro.

Chris  15:20 
I’m gonna go with if I would have gone with the ronto wrap but then I…

Kelli  15:25 
look at you. look at you. I do like the ronto wrap. It’s fine. We can like docking bay seven and ronto roasters.

Chris  15:31 
Because it’s harder to get you had to work a little harder at Walt Disney World to get the beignet. Yes.

Kelli  15:36 
Okay. Well, I would just say I think does California ventures really bring in the special churros as they are now and I’m there for them. And so we’ll say that that’s my favorite the specialty churros at California Adventure.

Chris  15:46 
Okay, that’s nice of you. Alright, so we said we’re gonna do something a little bit differently this week. So we are we did as you have now guessed, we have just come back from a trip to California, our family vacation to California. And we spent some time at Disneyland. And just had a wonderful time. So what we thought we would do is a we’re gonna flip Tomorrowland and world showcase around this way. We’re gonna do a world showcase, and highlight the five things we think Walt Disney World people need to know about Disneyland and four of them are really things that you have got to do. Once you are these are these are reasons to absolutely go to Disneyland. If you’re a Walt Disney World person. Yes. And then tomorrow land. We’ll talk about the five things we’ll do differently next time. Yes. Okay. Absolutely. Are you ready to take us on this…

Kelli  16:43 
World showcase. All right, here we go. Okay. Okay, so like you just said, we’re doing the top five things Disney World people need to know about Disneyland. I want to start off just by offering a blanket apology to Disneyland as an entity. I’ve been pretty harsh on Disneyland on this podcast. I mean, I will say when I went It was 20 years ago. So California Adventure was not there. Or it had very…

Chris  17:10 
early just 21 years ago. Really?

Kelli  17:13 
Yeah. And there were places in Disneyland that did not exist. So what I remembered of Disneyland is very different than Disneyland today.

Chris  17:24 
I don’t think Downtown Disney was there.

Kelli  17:26 
Downtown Disney wasn’t there, some resorts weren’t there. Yes. So I’ll just say what I was remembering is very different from today. And we did have an absolutely lovely time. I would totally go back. But you’re still apologizing for your I’m apologizing that? I’m not gonna beat them up anymore. Okay, I liked Disneyland. I like you Disneyland. I love you. Okay, I will come back. Great. Alright, so first, the first thing you need to know ahead of time is transportation for sure. If you are a Walt Disney World person then you are accustomed to the Disney transportation in and around Disney property, buses, monorail all of the different transport boats, all the different transportation all Yes. skyliners all these different transportation options. The monorail is there, but not like what you have at Disney World. Okay, so the first day we drove in, and we had to park essentially what felt like 10 miles away. It felt at least 10 miles away. At the end of the day. It felt like 20, you’re dead. I mean, going in, you’ve got that this is parking, Disney parking for both parks. Going in, you’ve got that surge of energy, we’re walking into Disneyland.

Chris  18:41 
You don’t feel it quite as much

Kelli  18:42 
you don’t feel it. But when you’re leaving, man it is

Chris  18:45 
1000 steps in

Kelli  18:46 
it is a long day a long walk and so the second day we went back we Ubered just to avoid that walk. So that’s what I would say is make sure you plan for transportation. There is a real benefit to staying on property because on property there at Disneyland you can just walk into the parks like the hotels are attached to the parks. So like right at the end of the day in California venture I was just about to kill over and I walked past the main hotel there that’s attached to the wilderness Grizzly area.

Chris  19:20 
Yeah, the California grande California.

Kelli  19:22 
Yes. And I saw people just wheel in their strollers right into that front door jealous. I almost sat down in the stroller and just let them wheel me in. I thought I can’t make it anymore. But so that’s a big deal.

Chris  19:34 
Yeah. And so a couple of things on that. A we’ve never been out there. I didn’t know if maybe if you Uber or cab it and the drop off spot was any better than walking through the garages. Right? It is it is it is much better than walking through the garages. And but I will say that my other concern was a I was already worried about parking in the garages because at the end of the day, you didn’t have an extra long walk to The car that I was right about the other thing I was worried about was when you’re leaving those garages you know is you’re gonna be stuck in traffic is out of a garage like you often are after a concert or something that’s not true that

Kelli  20:13 

Chris  20:13 
They have gotten the infrastructure for their garages is such that you get hour in and out of there man has figured that out. Yes. Good on them for that. It’s just that extra 2500 steps you’re gonna pile on at the end of the day. It’s brutal.

Kelli  20:30 
Okay, so that’s the first thing you need to know is transportation is different plan for that. The second thing you need to know is don’t assume that you know, the rides because the same rides are at Disney World, for example, pirates. It’s a small world Space Mountain, anything you think, you know, at Magic Kingdom that you know exists at Disneyland. Do not assume that you know that ride because they are different. So just a couple of things. First of all, pirates is way longer way long. I loved it right? More pirates is always better. It’s a small world loads outside, right, which is very interesting. And I thought Space Mountain was lightyears better than the Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom.

Chris  21:10 
I love Space Mountain but it was just simply better.

Kelli  21:13 
It was better. I mean, it was so much better. So that’s what I want to say is don’t think you know those rides. And it’s not just Disney World picked up and put in California or I guess technically it’s not Disneyland picked up and put in Florida. That’s right. Yes. So don’t think you know those. The third thing is there are things you can’t see at Magic Kingdom. Yep. Right. So entire lands. critter County, your country, your country the toon thing. We didn’t even make it to those. Yeah, storybook land, there’s a Roger Rabbit ride there. There are places and corners of Disneyland that we didn’t even make it. Exactly. There are different rides. There are rides that exists there that don’t exist anywhere in Florida. Exactly. So that is there is unique things to do in Disneyland that you just cannot do.

Chris  22:06 
And that’s not even including California Adventure.

Kelli  22:09 
Right? That’s not including California venture, which we loved. But yes, it is a very unique place. That is not the same as Magic Kingdom. Yeah. So don’t make that assumption which I honestly, I thought it was a Bobo Magic Kingdom.

Chris  22:23 
I’ve always just assumed that I mean, wrongly, that Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom was Disneyland except they learned from all the mistakes at Disneyland and just made it all but everything that they had an opportunity to make better they made better at Magic Kingdom. I was wrong. There are significantly better things in some cases at Disneyland that are just open and or California Adventure Park that are absolutely must. It’s just better.

Kelli  22:53 
Yeah. The third thing is they are making their own food magic.

Chris  22:58 
They absolutely are.

Kelli  23:00 
I had the mint julep in New Orleans Square. Yes, that was just delightful. Yeah, I mean, so refreshing. And the only place you get that at Magic Kingdom is it Casey’s that they’ve got it. It’s several places at Disneyland. This is a non alcoholic Mint Julep. $5.49 easily the most refreshing drink I had while we were there.

Chris  23:22 
Yeah, that’s right. And the I had the Beniget is much easier to get you don’t think the Beniget said Walt Disney World around at one of the resorts like the port Orleans resort or something, right?

Kelli  23:33 
You had that half of a monte cristo.

Chris  23:35 
That half of a Monte Cristo where and it was enormous

Kelli  23:40 

Chris  23:41 
jumper jumpers grill. Oh, yeah, that’s

Kelli  23:44 
right. Yes. Yes. Smokehouse jumpers grill. I had that’s where I had the plant based waffle fries.

Chris  23:50 
That’s right.

Kelli  23:50 
So good. I mean, they’re doing some really good stuff out there, y’all. Things that you cannot get at Disney World are on Disney property in Florida. So again, they’ve got they’ve got foodies out there, too. They got Disney foodies. Those don’t just exist in Florida, because of Epcot. So they’re making their own food magic there for sure. They really are. So one of the things that we were a little bit bummed about was the ability to get into some of the restaurants because COVID Yeah, that’s right. So I think our experience with the food would have even been better and better if we had been able to eat at some of the restaurants for sure. Okay, so we’ve got transportation, the classics are different. There are things you can’t see a Magic Kingdom. They’re making their own food magic. And finally, they are owning the fact that they are the original Disney magic. That’s right. I can’t the own the best way I can explain it is if you feel nostalgic when you go to Magic Kingdom, you will also feel nostalgic at Disneyland because that familiarity is still there. And you It feels like home in a totally different way.

Kelli  24:43 
It really does. You feel nostalgic and so happy for Disney.

Kelli  25:03 

Chris  25:03 
Right. Somehow you just feel so happy that there this is here that you had the opportunity to see and feel where it all started. Yeah. And that it is still trendsetting in so many ways. Yeah. I don’t know how to explain how grateful I was for Disney. You know, in the parks,

Kelli  25:27 
it still felt like home. Yeah, it still felt like our Disney home in California. And nostalgic, even though we had never actually been there before. That’s right.

Chris  25:37 
It’s really hard to explain if and like I was worried that they just don’t have the ability in the middle of downtown Anaheim to provide the same level of excellence that I’m used to at Walt Disney World. Wrong. Yeah, they are killing it out there. They I feel like they’re working harder to kill it. Yeah. And we have to work a little bit harder to get in there to experience it. Yeah. But they they achieve it. And I’m proud of them for it. And I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

Kelli  26:07 
So I’ll give one example we were we shut down Disneyland and we were recording one of our podcasts videos. Right there at the end on Main Street and a security guard came up in the middle of the video. While we’re recording. She did not stop us. She did not stand in the frame. She stood outside the frame to let just let us know. Yeah, you know, we’re shutting this down. But she stood there as we finished. And I saw her face change like she was listening to us. And by the time we got to the end, talking about how much we love Disneyland like her chest puffed out a little bit.

Chris  26:41 
She was proud of it.

Kelli  26:42 
Feeling that pride of you know what people? Yes, we are there are the original, and we’re doing it.

Chris  26:48 
Yes, that’s right. That’s right. They are still setting they are still today setting the example they didn’t set the example in 1955 they’re setting it today. Yes.

Kelli  26:57 
is wonderful. Yeah. So if you are WDW person Yeah. Then making a special trip out to California.

Chris  27:05 
If you had to get out there. You will absolutely not regret it.

Kelli  27:09 
You won’t. Yes, you will love it. Awesome.

Chris  27:13 
So okay, tomorrow and tomorrow land is since we know we’re gonna go back. What do we do different next time? Oh, they do different? Yeah. Okay, so a first and foremost, we will stay on a Disney property. Right off the jump. There’s only three true Disney properties by the way. Speaking of transportation to the park, there are other resorts there are Disney friendly resorts that offer shuttles and stuff to the park that our options to to get to the park that are even better than Ubering. Right or walking 1000 miles from the garage, right. But next time we will stay on one of the three Disney resorts. I’d like to personally stay at the Disneyland Resort because we had dinner at Trader Sam’s the last night we were in California, and I loved the Polynesian vibe they’ve got going on there. Yeah. Um, but it just makes access to Downtown Disney and the parks. So easy. It is very expensive.

Kelli  28:19 
That’s what I was gonna say it is. It is not cheap, y’all. And even if you think Florida is expensive, if you think staying on Disney property in Florida is expensive. Triple that. That’s for California. In fact, anywhere in Anaheim is going to charge out the wazoo for those rooms, which is why we stayed 30 minutes outside of Anaheim. So, you know, I get why you wouldn’t stay on Disney property.

Chris  28:40 
We’d like we did this on.

Kelli  28:41 
But that’s what we talked about, like we stayed for six days, we could have stayed for three on Disney property.

Chris  28:47 
That’s right, for the same budget. So it’ll require planning for us like significant plan ahead planning from and saving up and budgeting properly. But that’s one of the things we will do differently next time is we will say on Disney property and sort of experience that all three of these will be considered a deluxe resort at Walt Disney World in terms of pricing. Yes. So they’ve got the Disneyland hotel. You’ve got paradise pier hotel and you’ve got the grand Californian which is a DVC resort. Right? Maybe we go that route. We still had to plan to budget those points. Yes, absolutely. Because they are expensive.

Kelli  29:31 
Yes, yes. Yes. Okay.

Chris  29:31 
So we’ll stay on our Disney property next time. Yes. Next time we would do two days for each park with a down day to to enjoy the resort in the middle.

Kelli  29:45 

Chris  29:46 
Apparently at California Adventure. I felt like we were able to get to everything in a day that we wanted. And we even were able to ride the incredicoaster, which I love.

Kelli  30:04 
You can smell the chocolate cookies y’all!!!

Chris  30:06 
Chocolate chip cookies on that ride. But I love that right? We were able to ride it twice. We probably could have done single rider if we’d really pushed it again on the Radiator Springs racers. But just to make sure we fully experienced it, we would probably try to do again. This requires budgeting and, and planning way ahead, but we would probably try to do two days in each Park especially Disney Land. Yes. Again, they are bringing it there. There is a lot to do.

Kelli  30:37 
There were lands we didn’t even see.

Chris  30:39 
We never did do Critter Country or a storybook area. Yes.

Kelli  30:45 
Or the toon area we Roger Rabbit. Yeah, there was so much we didn’t do and honestly at the end of both days, we were looking at things we still wanted to do. And we sat down at the end of both days and said okay, what if we don’t do this today? What is the last thing we have to do have to do? Right? Because there were three or four things we still wanted to do. And it was okay. What is it we felt like we have to do before we leave this park? And it California venture that was riding incredicoaster again? Yep. There we didn’t ride the Ferris wheel. That’s right.

Chris  31:17 
We wanted to ride the pal around, but we didn’t.

Kelli  31:19 
Disneyland that meant Space Mountain. That’s right. I couldn’t do Space Mountain and Star Tours or or Peter Pan or right. So we had to we had to make choices. And I think we felt a little rushed. If we’d had two days, we probably wouldn’t have felt as rushed.

Chris  31:33 
Absolutely. We could do them the way we would have wanted to do them in two days for each one. Yeah. So just that’s something we would do differently next time. Also, I’m eating in at least one table service restaurant we probably would have done again, it was a little tougher because you can’t get reservations hardly because of COVID. And they flat out told us at Blue Bayou that you really need reservations, you can go over to the hostess and try. But you really need reservations. That’s the one I really wanted to experience. We talked about Pirates of the Caribbean being different. But it literally goes through the restaurant. And he is very he has a very much of a grand Fiesta tour in Mexico feel when you’re going but but even more so I felt like where you’re eating at Blue Bayou. And you felt like you are sitting outside, which was just a wonderful vibe. And I wanted to experience that. So we just weren’t able to do that. I don’t know, New Orleans cafe was is that a sit down? I can’t remember now that was outside. I think it was a counter service.

Kelli  32:43 
But yeah, we couldn’t get into any reservations on the app. Right? Probably again, because the COVID and everybody was coming back. Sure. But the table services are special.

Chris  32:55 
Yeah, they really are. In fact, the only table service we were able to get our hands on was at Catal in Downtown Disney. And even then that was it was hard. It was hard device. Yes. So I’d love to do that inside the parks because like you said those are special. The next thing we would do is next time we would rope drop Disneyland.

Kelli  33:13 
It’s a big deal.

Chris  33:14 
It is a big deal. Especially Disneyland. Yeah, the first we went to California Adventure Park The first day and we walked right in there. We got there a little earlier than we did get into Disneyland. We just were dead. We needed to sleep in a minute. Yeah. And we were able to walk right into California Adventure. Even that day, we looked over at the entrance to Disneyland because they the entrances face each other across this wonderful courtyard. And there were a line. Yeah, you know, I don’t know 30, 40, 50 people deep. Yeah. At every stall at every stall. Yes. Getting into Disneyland. We’re like, oh, did they just open or what’s going on? Well, when we went back and went to Disneyland, we were late. Yeah, we didn’t get to what? 10? Yeah, something like that. And it was still, the line was way back.

Kelli  34:06 
Yeah. And I think rope drop is important because the lines gonna be shorter. Yep. And you get in and you can get on some of those rides with the longer queues.

Chris  34:15 
Exactly. We had a friend that was in town who did rope drop that day. And I got a text message from him. Like at the entrance to adventure land at like 7:45 in the morning. Yeah, so it was it’s a big deal.

Kelli  34:29 
Yes, it is for sure.

Chris  34:31 
Okay, so we will next time we will plan ahead. The last thing that we’ll do differently is that we will plan ahead for the nighttime shows. Yes, a Disneyland’s nighttime firework show is bringing it dance art is a huge dance majority, you know on Main Street. Yes, lasers smoke, no spotlights fireworks projections. Yeah, it is.

Kelli  35:02 
It’s a long dance party. It’s something special.

Chris  35:05 
We’ve heard about the projections that are coming for the 50th anniversary at Magic Kingdom down Main Street and we’re expanding the projections all the way down Main Street big deal. Oh, Disneyland’s already doing are you doing that? projections go all the way down Main Street. They’re using projections on the Matterhorn mountain. And on the castle. The fireworks are wonderful. It is a party. Yeah, I’m in the hub.

Kelli  35:29 
It really is like house dance music.

Chris  35:31 
It really is. They are having a blast, right? Elsa comes out does the thing. And then it’s snows. I mean, I just can’t stop talking about it.

Kelli  35:38 
Yeah, it was it was a good time.

Chris  35:40 
I can’t even imagine what their version of fantasmic must be like, or the world of color, which hasn’t launched yet. Right. I want to plan ahead to make sure that next time we get to experience Yeah,

Kelli  35:52 
I really wish I could have seen World of Color. Okay, seeing sort of that Bay is

Chris  35:58 
where it would be Oh, that

Kelli  35:59 
would be that would be amazing.

Chris  36:01 
It absolutely would be amazing. I get a little bit giddy thinking about it now. So hey, and one other thing I just sort of a bonus thing here. Don’t sleep on Downtown Disney is smaller than Disney Springs, but it packs a real punch. Just like most of the other Disney stuff. They’re really piling a lot of great stuff in there. Yeah. We had a wonderful time there. We ended up doing Downtown Disney. Really almost like three nights where we went to Downtown Disney for dinner one night when we didn’t go in the parks. I spent the evening there. We we walked through there after Disneyland and then we went back out there Friday night at dinner at Trader Sam’s which is at Disney hotel, right? He’s new and hotel. But the cool thing is even if you don’t go in the parks, you can walk out into the courtyard between California Adventure and Disneyland and watch the fireworks with a whole bunch of your favorite Disney friends.

Kelli  36:57 
Yeah, it’s fun to be able to see the fireworks from downtown. Yeah, it was fine and we needed just a little bit more Disney we had to go and that’s so we went back out there on Friday night and we were all so glad we did.

Chris  37:10 
Absolutely, it was the perfect topper to our vacation.

Kelli  37:13 
It really was.

Chris  37:15 
So look. We hope that this has been helpful for you. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this episode. I was super excited to do this special Disneyland episode. Yeah, I’m glad that we’ve we visited and have all of our misconceptions corrected.

Kelli  37:30 

Chris  37:31 
If you enjoyed this you know what to do. Run out to your favorite place to download podcasts Subscribe, leave us a review

Kelli  37:38 
it helps us a lot It really does. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. We are doing some fun things on YouTube, y’all. We have we took so many videos needs so much food in the parks. And all of that is going to be out on YouTube. So make sure you’re visiting our website because we link to all the YouTube videos and there’s a lot of stuff coming.

Chris  38:05 
That’s right subscribe to the channel. Ring the bell all that will be very helpful for all of us. It’ll be a win win situation.

Kelli  38:12 

Chris  38:13 
I’m lost now. So Yes. So either way Yeah. I’m dizzy from Disneyland. Join us for on all the social medias at SCFADP everywhere that you get social media and with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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