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Disney News (6/20) – 1 year anniversary of Regal Eagle Smokehouse, and our Top 5 Disney Dads

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Season 4 Disney Fam!!!! As we celebrate our 1 year anniversary of the podcast, we chat about something at Disney celebrating a 1 year anniversary – Regal Eagle Smokehouse at the American Adventure in EPCOT, and our top 5 Disney Dads in honor of Father’s Day!

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Kelli  0:03 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:28 
Welcome aboard Disney fam. Hey there. Welcome back to the show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:37 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:38 
Oh my gosh. It’s been. It’s been a minute in a minute. Yeah. So excited to be back.

Kelli  0:45 
Year two man. Year two.

Chris  0:46 
Can you believe it’s been a year?

Kelli  0:48 
You know, it feels like it but i think that’s just because of COVID.

Chris  0:52 
It feels like it’s been about three years.

When we started this podcast, we lived in a totally different house and we were in a totally different room.

Kelli  0:59 
A totally different house in a totally different state. I didn’t have a job.

Chris  1:06 
I mean, so much has changed but you’re still wearing ears. And I know these are your favorite years.

Kelli  1:13 
These are my faves these are the pizza, Disney, pizza, ears pizza. Mickey ears. Yes. Right from Italy pavilion.

Chris  1:19 
They’re the most comfortable.

Kelli  1:20 
They are the most comfortable. Start year two with comfort ears.

Chris  1:23 
Ears of the Gingam cloth. So hey, we’ve been working hard over the last couple of weeks. We have been learning a lot. We’ve got a lot to debut. You’re you’re hearing the the new intro music. We’re very excited about our new music. And we’ve been doing a ton of work specifically on our YouTube presence. So keep an eye out for that. Tell your friends to subscribe to our channel that’s already out there but doing some more fun things out there.

Kelli  1:50 
Yeah, it’s gonna be totally different. Totally different things.

Chris  1:53 
Yeah, that’s right. Look. So you know, here we go. We’re starting off year two, year two here with with a new Tomorrowland and world showcase.

Kelli  2:05 
And you know, I hate to be this way, but mine’s gonna be better than yours.

Chris  2:09 
Might as well start year two that way. Hey, we did get some new download locations for our last episode. It is always one my favorite things. Indian Head, Maryland, huh? I know. Given that we came from Indian land, South Carolina. I’m just glad to know that there’s somebody else out there with a terribly named town.

Kelli  2:31 
I know. I thought we were the only one in a town that was incredibly racist.

Chris  2:35 
Named named.

Kelli  2:38 
Sorry, Indian Land.

Chris  2:40 
That might have been… they’re on the Potomac River. They’re in Maryland, right below DC. Also Imperial, California.

Kelli  2:49 
Oh, that’s a fun one. Imperial city.

Chris  2:51 
It sounds like that. Yeah. It’s just north. Actually. It’s east of San Diego and just north of the Mexican border actually. Okay. That’s fun. Warsaw, Missouri. Oh, yeah. Which is a like a cool little town and apologize to these folks in Mexico, Zapopin.

Kelli  3:09 
Zapopin? I think you probably screwed that up.

Chris  3:12 
I’m sorry. It is absolutely pronounced phonetically though. That town it is a poppin.

Kelli  3:22 
We love you Mexico.

Chris  3:23 
We do here ready from Main Street. Our first Main Street. So much news.

Kelli  3:27 
So much news.

Chris  3:29 
Yes. All right. Here we go. So just run through a lot of pandemic updates here really quick. Okay. State of California says fully backs cast members no longer had to wear masks. Disney has not yet weighed in, right? Yes. One would assume that that’s coming for the cast members out there. Yes. Single rider lines have returned to Walt Disney World.

Kelli  3:52 
So they’re filling in all seats?

Chris  3:54 
Yes. Yep. Olgas Cantina has fully reopened at galaxy’s edge in Disneyland okay with its with expanded capacity in there. While Disney World cast members that are fully Vaxxed can choose not to wear a mask outdoors. I think they’re still asking them to wear indoors indoors okay. While Disney work capacity continues to go up. Animal Kingdom lodge opens to non DVC attendee guests on August 26.

Kelli  4:23 
Okay. That’s exciting for them.

Chris  4:27 
And this is silly, but Walt Disney World Resort arcades the little arcade game rooms are opening back up at the resorts.

Kelli  4:33 
Oh, that is so interesting, I saw a picture on social media the other day that said all 17 Disney World parks

Chris  4:41 

Kelli  4:41 
are open again for the for the first time as awesome, are not all 17… ALL Disney parks are first time in 17 months.

Chris  4:51 
That’s right. Because Paris just opened up Yes, a couple of days ago actually. Yeah, they got some good stuff going on, too. And yeah, that’s super exciting.

Kelli  5:02 
Yes, very excited about that.

Chris  5:04 
By the way, there’s a lot of other like, coming out of the pandemic type stuff of changing signage around, distancing and all that kind of fun stuff. But just we’re coming out of it that’s what that’s the crux of that. Yeah. July 1 what happens on first?

Kelli  5:22 
July 1? Something about Disneyland.

Chris  5:27 
Fireworks are back!

Kelli  5:28 
Fireworks are back!

Chris  5:30 
Yes. Fireworks return. Hey, by the way in year two something that hasn’t changed is that we still have our dogs…

Kelli  5:37 
That’s not your stomach?

Chris  5:38 
No. Not this time.

Kelli  5:42 
Not making all those growling noises over there. What in the world…

Chris  5:48 
So yeah, fireworks are coming back on July 1 just in time to celebrate Independence Day, which is again really exciting.

Kelli  5:54 
Yes, it is.

Chris  5:56 
So Disneyland Paris apparently has in their Walt Disney World studios Park because they’ve got two parks over there. I guess they have their own version of the rockin roller coaster.

Kelli  6:05 
Oh, okay. I didn’t know that.

Chris  6:07 
I did not either, but it’s getting re themed as Marvel as part of Disney lands version of Marvel campus

Kelli  6:14 

Chris  6:15 
Okay Avengers campus and so like they’re they’ve got their own web slingers ride just like they do ever in the one in California.

Kelli  6:23 

Chris  6:24 
They already had it, that’s my understanding. Okay, but they’re gonna be rethinking the rockin roller coaster to be Marvel theme so like some of the concept art that has come out has got like Iron Man and Captain Marvel flying through space or whatever

Kelli  6:36 
I know this is gonna make you hurt a little bit but I almost just said that could be the Batmobile.

Chris  6:42 
Oh gosh.

Kelli  6:43 
I know that makes you hurt. I’m so sorry honey. But hey, the good news is is I stopped myself.

Chris  6:47 
You did.

Kelli  6:49 
And I corrected that mistake. I’m learning, I’m growing.

Chris  6:54 
I love that. Ohana is coming back on July the ninth and I’m sure that you saw…

Kelli  7:01 
Oh my goodness

Chris  7:03 
…Online outrage around the noodles

Kelli  7:04 
What in the world. I’ve never had them but my goodness. The interwebs blew up.

Chris  7:10 
Over the noodles. Yes. So ohana is like one of the signature restaurants at the Polynesian resort at Disney World and yes, they are opening backups last night. They said all of your favorites are back and they listed out all those favorites excited didn’t have it. And the interwebs exploded the interwebs die and apparently scared the crap out of the people at Walt Disney World and they released a statement saying hey The noodles are gonna be back. I’ve never had them either but…

Kelli  7:43 
Thank goodness, thank goodness.

Chris  7:47 
The first round of the college program cast members have arrived at Walt Disney World which is exciting how exciting just to trade places within will be great. Um the standby wait times have been added to the My Disney experience app which makes people sort of theorize or rumor that either Fastpass Fastpass plus is coming back or there’s going to be some sort of extra paid option where you can get on the rides faster,

Kelli  8:17 
Right? Because otherwise it would just say wait times, not standby wait time.

Chris  8:21 
Right. Right. It says Standby.

Kelli  8:23 
That’s probably reading into it.

Chris  8:24 
It’s reading into it a lot. Yes.

Kelli  8:26 
Really reading into the cracks between the lines. Yeah.

Chris  8:29 
So you know, we’ll see. Some just some quick hit up cotton is construction is underway for the journey of water, the new Moana attraction.

Kelli  8:40 
Very excited about that. I can’t wait until Zach starts tweeting about that.

Chris  8:43 
Seriously. Rope drop is returning to Epcot. I think rope drops are returning to a lot of the parks actually. They are repainting the creation shop, which you’re super excited about.

Kelli  8:56 
I mean, I appreciate all of Zach’s updates on the flooring and the wall choices that they’re making very eco friendly and all that and I do love that exactly. I love you. I’m just saying.

Chris  9:09 
Space 220 is opening up this fall.

Kelli  9:12 
Right, whatever.

Chris  9:13 
Okay. Construction continues. With new permits filed for cosmic rewind. That’s the Guardians of the Galaxy ride that’s coming. They’re in the old universe of energy. Okay. And this is exciting. Can’t wait to do something on this eight new food booths at this year’s Food and Wine Festival.

Kelli  9:29 
Oh, wow. Thank God for more food booths.

Chris  9:31 
I know who doesn’t need more food booths. I need them all. All the food booths supposedly skyliner continues to crash over and over again.

Kelli  9:44 
Look, I will tell you it’s not gonna stop me from riding it.

Chris  9:46 
Heck no, I hope it does crash while I’m on it. It’s already pretty exciting when that thing comes in for a landing.

Kelli  9:51 
Now as long as I don’t get stuck like just hanging somewhere. I’m totally fine with I mean, you call me like I’m hanging on the skyline. I can’t make my reservation. Yeah.

Chris  10:02 
Um, something they’re doing at Loki obviously was released started releasing last week. Yes, we’re in episode behind. But something they’re doing cool that Marvel’s The Avengers campus out in Disneyland or California Adventure Park. Is your lucky is one of the characters right now especially and last week they had him in his, like prisoners uniform, but he was wearing to the show. This week show he puts on like a variant jacket. Okay, so they got him dressed like that. Now the Avengers so he is his car. Right? Like it’s going.

Kelli  10:39 
Well, that’s been during the show. That’s okay. That’s fun. Nice.

Chris  10:43 
That’s a lot of fun. Yeah,

Kelli  10:44 
That’s a nice touch.

Chris  10:45 
Hey, you ready for our first Minnie take of year two?

Kelli  10:49 
Let’s do it. I hope it’s a good one. I hope we start with something like you know, food or bathrooms or snacks.

Chris  10:54 
Bathrooms and it is bathrooms. It is bathrooms. We are discussing bathrooms. Best bathroom at Animal Kingdom.

Kelli  11:04 
Do you want to go first?

Chris  11:05 
Yeah, I think I will. I think that the best? I think there’s two but I think the best bathroom. Which is the ones that get used the least right in my view and that aren’t near food and that aren’t near food. is the is the bathroom that is sort of tucked in behind the NEEMO theater. Like where the theater where they have. That’s a good one. The NEEMO show. That’s sort of like tweens there and that Carnival area.

Kelli  11:37 
Yes. That’s a good one. Yeah, you would think it would have a lot of kids because the carnival area but it really does. It’s tucked back there.

Chris  11:43 
I think it’s like behind the dinosaur ride or something. Yes,

Kelli  11:48 
I do. Yeah. I kind of hate that. We’re telling everybody where the good bathrooms are. Yes, mine’s tucked away, too. I’m gonna go with the one that like as you’re walking towards Pandora from, say, Harambe market. It’s tucked tucked away sort of on the right. down a little bit Hill before you get to the wooden boardwalk area. Okay, yes, that’s in like Africa or something. But again, I think people are looking straight ahead when they walk in, they completely miss it off to the side. And I think it’s a fairly clean bathroom.

Chris  12:21 
Well, I mean, let’s be clear. The reason people talk so much about Disney bathrooms is because they are famously well kept.

Kelli  12:28 

Chris  12:30 
Just especially considering all the traffic they get. Yes. But I would agree. I’d say that you’re the one you chose is the other one that I think. And it may just be because that’s the one for whatever reason that that we seem to go to the most,

Kelli  12:44 
which and we’re sitting here saying people don’t know about it. But I bet if

Chris  12:47 
we know about other people, lots of people know about it. I’m for sure

Kelli  12:49 
Now that we’ve said it on the podcast.

Chris  12:52 
Well, I mean, I think I think a lot of people have started taking that wooden walkway to

Kelli  12:57 
I like that wooden walkway. It’s very peaceful. Seems like there’s not a lot of people on it. You know, I’m always looking for a way to get away from people.

Chris  13:09 
Well, we went to Disney World twice during pandemic, so success. Oh, dear, are you ready for your Tomorrowland segment?

Kelli  13:18 
I’m so excited about my Tomorrowland segment. Hang on. Let me just get a little quick sip of water. Are you ready for my tomorrowland?

Chris  13:27 
I don’t know, guys. It’s got a little bit of a build up but I’m not used to.

Kelli  13:31 
I don’t want to over build it. Maybe I’m over. I’m over building it. Maybe. We’ll see.

Chris  13:36 
I’ll let you know when you’re done. Okay, ready?

Kelli  13:40 
All right. Let’s hit it. Okay, so I’m going to talk about something else at Disney that is also celebrating one year. Oh, like us like us. That would be the Regal Eagle smokehouse craft drafts and barbecue.

Chris  13:54 
Wait, you’re sure you’re gonna go with food again this year?

Kelli  13:57 
Start year two with food, you know, be different. Sure. So first of all, it opened February the 19th 2020. And just as a little side note, I would like to say that it was on the same timeline to open as space 220. And the Regal Eagle smokehouse did open February 19 of 2020. And you’re still telling me that space 220 is coming this fall. So I’m gonna hold my breath on that one space 220 but whatever. So regal Eagle smokehouse. their mascot is the blue Eagle. Sam the eagle?

Chris  14:34 
Yes, you know, Sam, Sam Eagle.

Kelli  14:36 
He’s got the unibrow he’s like their sensor or something.

Chris  14:40 
I think it’s kind of funny. That’s awesome.

Kelli  14:43 
Anyway, okay, so it was a replacement open in February 2020 as a replacement for liberty Inn which let’s just face it was very meh.

Chris  14:51 
I mean, I’m down for corn dogs, hot dogs and burgers and chicken fingers.

Kelli  14:56 
Is that really what we’re known for?

Chris  14:57 
I mean, when you got all those other amazing food And all those other countries, let’s do better than this. And I think maybe they have.

Kelli  15:04 
No, they have. So I’m gonna go over their original menu that was launched. They don’t have everything still on the menu menu. And I’m gonna say it’s because of COVID because I’m going to tell you the things that have been removed and honestly, I take them very personally. So I want to say that it’s because of COVID that these things are not on the menu.

Chris  15:25 
You take it personally? Yes.

Kelli  15:26 
So we’ll cover the original proposal and use the entrees are like 12 to $19, which I would say is fairly standard. As far as Park food goes, yes, that’s fair. Um, but first, before we get into the food, I want to talk about the smell. So I’m not a meat eater. We’ve been through that but but who hates the smell of a good barbecue? Nobody. I mean, and when you won’t pass the American pavilion now and that thing is going it’s like a magnet really is.

Chris  15:52 
Honestly, I have started walking through it because they’ve got the outdoor seating there. Yeah, I’ve started intentionally just walking through that outdoor seating.

Kelli  15:58 
I love it so much. I mean, they’ve done such a great job, sort of revamping that area and making it a place where you want to stand there and watch the pitmaster cooking the barbecue or smell it? I mean, it just it smells fantastic.

Chris  16:12 
I feel like one of those cartoons you know where the, the smell of something off the ground?

Kelli  16:18 
Exactly. That’s a fantasy. Yes. That’s a great example. Okay, so this is called a salute to barbecue. This is how Disney describes it. Step inside a smokehouse celebrating the regions of American backyard barbecue and craft beers. Join us for a delicious meal is our pitmaster uses techniques from classic barbecue regions to smoke our selections over oak wood. upon request, try any of our four delicious house recipe sauces, you can on request asked to try the sauces. Blue Ribbon brisket sauce sizzlin pit dry rub coalition. Oh, Glory mustard guild and Blue Ridge vinegar league. Interesting. Okay. So this is supposed to be obviously American fare. So essentially, you’ve got all these barbecues from across the United States. And as we all know, everybody across the United States does barbecue differently. So I’m not going to go into the itty bitty details, but I’m going to sort of give you the highlights of what they’ve got there. So the first is the Kansas City smoked half chicken. Now apparently Kansas City barbecue is a sweet sauce. I did not realize that. Okay, there you go. sweet sauce. Then you’ve got the Texas beef brisket sandwich, which is a dry rub which is then smothered in spicy mop sauce. Yeah, but served on garlic toast. Now I’ve watched some stuff on Food Network. And when you see them like literally taking a mop and like just great. I think that’s what we’re doing here. Literally mopping the meat which at that so whatever. The next one is a Memphis dry rub pork ribs. And then we’ve got the North Carolina chopped smoked pork butt, which is a vinegar based sauce. And then the South Carolina smoked sausage sandwich which is a tangy mustard sauce. Now I’ll just say I wouldn’t consider South Carolina to be smoked sausage.

Chris  18:20 
I wouldn’t. But the mustard sauce…

Kelli  18:21 
The mustard sauce is spot on. Well, of all the ones that I’ve just mentioned. The South Carolina one is the only one that is not currently on the menu. In case you’re wondering why I’m taking that a little bit personally. The only barbecue that they removed from the menu is the South Carolina barbecue. Okay in this what we’re calling a pared down COVID menu.

Chris  18:41 
Well, we live in Lincoln, Nebraska now so…

Kelli  18:44 
Well there’s no Lincoln, Nebraska barbecue on the menu. We’re supposed to go with Kansas steaks here. Okay, well, so for me, the reason I’m fairly excited about the Regal eagle is because they also have a plant based jackfruit burger on garlic toast.

Chris  19:01 
Who woulda thought?

Kelli  19:01 
Jackfruit is is a marvel, a culinary marvel.

Chris  19:05 
Absolutely a marvel.

Kelli  19:07 
I mean, it really does taste just like barbecue texture,

Chris  19:10 
everything they had at one of their booths during festival. And literally my mind couldn’t process what was going on.

Kelli  19:19 
Yes, I mean jackfruit is a culinary Marvel. Okay, so this they also have like a standard burger topped with barbecue pork, you know, blah, blah, blah blah. They also have a salad with mixed greens, fresh citrus fruit, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and radishes and a fresh citrus ninigret you can get that topped with or without chilled pulled chicken. So they’ve got a lot of different offerings. That’s one of the things I do like that. I think what is the world is still doing a phenomenal job of is trying to have something for everybody at every restaurant. I think that’s great. They also have some kid meals. Okay, so then they got sides, beer battered onion rings, creamy coleslaw. Now. I do believe They should have a parentheses here after this, which lets you know if that coleslaw is sweet or sour.

Chris  20:06 
That does matter to us. And this is based in South Carolina care about that kind of a thing.

Kelli  20:10 
We do care a lot about that kind of thing. I’m wanting to know if that creamy coleslaw is sweet or sour. I don’t know, doesn’t tell us. They also have garlic toast, mac and cheese burnt in baked beans. And yes, that’s the burnt end of a pig but the end like is… But no, don’t tell me. Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me. French fries, and house made pickles. Again. The house made pickles is currently not on the menu. I would love a good housemade pickle. I’m taking this very personally. You removed the tangy mustard sauce. And the house made pickles which I think you need pickles as barbecue. So I’m right. dessert. Okay, we’re ready for dessert, banana pudding, s’mores brownies and a fresh watermelon cup.

Chris  20:58 
Oh, yeah.

Kelli  20:58 
They need to have like a dessert flight. Cuz I think I need all three.

Chris  21:05 
You really don’t honestly, the banana pudding is exactly the thing to have.

Kelli  21:10 
I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that banana pudding is not baked. You know, it’s not a baked banana pudding. That’s gonna be called banana pudding with nilla wafers and whipped cream on top. No, no real banana pudding is a…

Chris  21:22 
I’m a big fan of pudding. If we’re doing the American thing, the American adventure. Right then we need to have the fake banana pudding in the real banana pudding with our slot in the when we launch the podcast. It’s all about how Chris and Kelli fight. That’s always the first topic.

Kelli  21:40 
I’m not gonna tell Clarice that you don’t want a baked banana pudding. Okay, so then beer. By the way, Clarice is the mother in law in case you’re wondering, she makes a phenomenal baked banana pudding. Beer. Interesting here, they’ve selected beer from all across the states, which I like so you’ve got angry orchard crisp apple hard cider from Cincinnati, Ohio, a beer from Tampa, Florida, a beer from Comstock, Michigan. And then Samuel Adams Boston lager, which is naturally from Boston, Massachusetts. I’m gonna be honest, I thought that was just a marketing ploy. I did not know it was actually made in Boston, Massachusetts. That’s what you get when you get some kind of marketing advanced degree. You become cynical of all marketing tactics.

Chris  22:27 
Marketers are liars.

Kelli  22:29 
That’s a book. Okay, and wine. They have a Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington. And they have seven daughters Pinot Noir from California. Again, I’m going to take it as a personal affront that they have removed the Chardonnay they had on the menu, which was the surf swim Chardonnay from California. Because I like Chardonnay, the specialty cocktail Listen to this. Tennessee lemonade.

Chris  22:56 
Oh yeah,

Kelli  22:57 
this is jack daniels, Tennessee whiskey with Odwalla lemonade and peach gets muddled peach because you know, we’ve talked about how much I love muddled.

Chris  23:07 
People don’t muddle enough.

Kelli  23:11 
Maybe that’s like an Odwalla flavor. Odwalla lemonade and peach.

What I think is that is before the end of this week, I am going to need some barbecue and a muddled cocktail.

Well, I’ll just say I think they did a great job. I think this is a definite upgrade from Liberty Inn. I think it was needed. Well, we should give it a shot on our next trip. And they sell Sam the blue eagle merch. Which Honestly, I just need.

Chris  23:39 
That’s awesome. Yeah, we’ll do it next time. Okay.

Kelli  23:43 
World showcase. Let’s have it.

Chris  23:44 
All right, here we go. So yes, we’re celebrating our anniversary here on the podcast. But we are also celebrating Father’s Day this weekend.

Kelli  23:55 
Happy Father’s Day Hun.

Chris  23:56 
Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.

Kelli  24:00 
And others grandfathers, the fathers and spirit. Father figures, everybody.

Chris  24:06 
That’s right. Absolutely right. Good call there. Yeah. So what I thought I would do is I would highlight my top five Disney dad’s great idea. Top Five Disney. Okay. Now this is not to you know, poopoo any other Disney dads by any stretch.

Kelli  24:26 
These are your own personal thoughts.

Chris  24:28 
Okay. So, I’m going to sort of go in order, but okay. First of my list, so it’s this number five, this would be number five. Okay, number five. I’m going with and I was very much debating between this guy someone else. I’m going Maurice Belle’s father from Beauty and the Beast. Oh, really. What we know of Maurice is in the person that we see Belle has become as a young woman. Okay. Bella is unlike any other young woman in town, but you don’t see Maurice Pressing her to be anything other than who she is. That’s true. He’s clearly instilled her with a passion for reading and thinking for herself. She has absolutely no qualms about calling the beast out on any of his, you know, baggage that he’s carrying.

Kelli  25:14 
Misogynistic thoughts, Yes.

Chris  25:16 
He’s uses his creative inventor brain to rescue them from capture. And he’s also willing to stay locked up in the Beasts tower to protect Belle, if that’s what he needs to do.

Kelli  25:27 
But he doesn’t I mean, he lets her take his place.

Chris  25:29 
He does. Well, Beast doesn’t really give him a whole lot of option. He tosses him out on his tail.

Kelli  25:35 
It’s true. That is very true.

Chris  25:36 
So I feel sorry for Maurice.

Kelli  25:38 
Yeah. Very misunderstood in his village.

Chris  25:41 
Absolutely. Right. So Maurice’s number five, five. Okay. Okay. Next on my list. I’ve got Bob Par. That is

Kelli  25:51 
I have no idea who Bob Par is.

Chris  25:53 
Mr. Incredible. His last name is par. Yeah. Yeah.

Kelli  25:58 
Now that’s interesting. Is that like a take on the fact that he’s well below, above average?

Chris  26:04 
You know, maybe I had not really given a lot of thought to his last name, but maybe?

Kelli  26:08 
Okay, that’s fascinating.

Chris  26:10 
The reason I had him on here is because he he grows as a father. In both movies, in the first one, he he really learns that it doesn’t really matter how strong he is. That without his family, the idea of losing his wife and family could just bring him to his knees. Yeah. And in the second one, he learns like how hard being a parent really is, right? That you miss incredible or elastigirl goes out and is saving the world. And he’s at home with the kids. And it’s hard. He has to go through that but he does. So I appreciate the that Mr. Incredible is supposed to be this incredible guy, right? recognizes his own room for growth. And and that’s hard for a lot of men to do, right.

Kelli  27:03 
Like oh, Bob.

Chris  27:04 
Yep. Next is Marlin. Nemo’s Dad.

Kelli  27:09 
Oh, gosh, I didn’t know his name was Marlin ether.

Chris  27:14 
That’s it about Disney dad’s.

Kelli  27:15 
Do they call him Marlin in the film at all?

Chris  27:19 
I don’t know. What I do know is like they cast…

Kelli  27:23 
That’s a type of fish.

Chris  27:24 
I know that’s funny, but not him.

Kelli  27:26 
No, he’s not a marlin. He’s a clown fish.

Chris  27:28 
He’s clownfish.

Kelli  27:30 
What an identity crisis.

Chris  27:34 
Marlin is neurotic as it is. Don’t give him any more monkeys for his back.

Kelli  27:38 
I am surprised he’s on your list because he was he’s a very neurotic.

Chris  27:41 
Very much so. So in this sort of theme to for some of these folks. At least two of these guys is they grow as fathers really in their roles. Marlin is absolutely neurotic helicopter parent maybe the best casting job of all time. By the way, Albert Brooks was the voice for Marlin and there’s never been a better casting job if you know anything about Albert Brooks neurotic helicopter parent which conveys how much he loves Nemo and doesn’t want to lose him right?

Kelli  28:12 
But it’s really not mentally healthy.

Chris  28:17 
Turns out not physically healthy either. Considering how many times he almost died trying to save him he literally crosses the ocean and defies death multiple times to find out he would not be deterred from from Finding Nemo. And he learns that he can let Nemo explore and he can cut those purse strings a little bit a little bit a lot. A lot. Really. Cut them a lot Marlin. By the way, shout out to another awesome dad in that movie crush is in that movie and is like the power loss of Marlin in that yes. So I like the way crush is handling it right let little squirt learn from his own mistakes and all that. So he was a great influence on Marlon. Yeah. Um, if crushes had had had more of a part in that movie, maybe crush was on my top five.

Kelli  29:11 
Okay, yeah, now he needed a bigger part.

Chris  29:13 
I think this one’s good. I think number two is gonna surprise you. Okay, number two is not surprising. Pongo, from 101 Dalmatians. He’s the he’s the dad Dalmatian.

Kelli  29:24 
Maybe you dug a little deep for these. There might have been some more obvious father choices.

Chris  29:29 
There’s not actually.

Kelli  29:31 
Now here’s the problem, right? I’m not saying they’re wrong. I’m just saying you’ve got significantly fewer Disney moms to pick from. The Mom always dies.

Chris  29:41 
So or is just assumed dead.

Kelli  29:44 
Okay. All right. So that’s fine. Go pongo, the end of your list before I…

Chris  29:50 
Rip it to shreds?

Kelli  29:52 
Consider who’s missing. Okay.

Chris  29:53 
All right. Um, so pongo literally crosses London. to an end to the countryside with pretty pretty does back pongo sad the whole time to find their puppies that have been stolen by curless. People insulin obviously would clearly do anything to bring them home safe going so far as to disguise them all as black labs 1.0. Right. Pongo shows a real willingness to ask for help and accept it when needed. That is not a trait that men are known for.

Kelli  30:31 
I’ll give you that right.

Chris  30:33 
But my favorite thing about pongo is that he was able to rescue his 15 puppies, but there were at four other puppies there too. And he said, You know what, come on. We got you. Love that. love that about pongo. So that’s why he came in at number two. Okay. And what was number one? I think I think this is pretty obvious, frankly, is Mufasa.

Kelli  31:00 
Yeah. Gosh, that’s is a good one. No, you’re right. I do. I have a lot of respect for Mufasa.

Chris  31:09 
Yeah, I’m literally gonna see if I can get through this one without getting all verklempt here. Okay. When it comes to imparting wisdom, you cannot beat Mufasa. Frankly, anything. James Earl Jones could give you directions to the bathroom and you would just be awed by it.

Kelli  31:24 
Oh, gosh, I would, I would listen to him read my grocery list.

Chris  31:28 
So anything he really says in that voice is going to come across as Super wise. He warns Simba about going to the elephant graveyard, Simba defies him. And he where he comes in and rescues him. And Simba just inala both assume that someone’s about to get his butt kicked. What does? What does he take that opportunity to do? He takes that opportunity to show forgiveness and love and they have a playful wrestling match. But it does show you that Simba assumed he was about to get his butt kicked, which means it’s happened before. Right? Right. Um, and then of course, ultimately, he gives his life aside. Yes, for saving Simba. So which is what any father would do. So yeah, so those are my top five Maurice bhatpar. Marlin, pongo and Mufasa. Now, I don’t think any Disney dad’s list could be complete without acknowledging the fact that the original spark of an idea for Disneyland came from Walt Disney being bothered by the fact that there was nowhere that he could take his daughter’s Diane and Sharon, where they could enjoy a park together. And so, he it took a while for that spark to manifest into what became Disney Land. But that was the spark for Disneyland was Walt Disney wanting something more fun to do with his daughters? Other honorable mentions Fa shu.

Kelli  32:58 
So you’re saying Walt Disney is an honorable mention himself.

Chris  33:01 
I just don’t think that I think we have to acknowledge what was created because of his desire to be good for Absolutely. Other honorable mentions. Fa zu, Milan’s father.

Kelli  33:13 
Yes, I think…

Chris  33:14 
King Triton starts out pretty bigoted against the humans, but he works his way around. Yeah. And, um, this was the one I almost put in there. Number five chief Banga who is rayas father.

Kelli  33:26 
That’s the one I thought was missing from the list. I really loved him. No mom at all in the picture there.

Chris  33:34 
I know. I know. And I read up I you know, I did a little bit of like comparison between him and Maurice. But I decided to go with Maurice because he’s a little more unconventional.

Kelli  33:43 
Okay. Yeah, no, I’m with you. I really liked Raya’s dad. Yeah. Well, you know, honey, Happy Father’s Day. Thank you. And I think you’re every bit the dad that all those guys are all are so sweet. You’re my favorite Disney dad.

Chris  33:57 
Aww, thanks hun. All right, folks. Well, that is that is this week show. Welcome to year two. That’s right. And as always, hey, go tell somebody about our podcast, had them subscribe on any of the methods that they’d like to use for podcasts. And that way it comes to them every week. They don’t have to go out and remember to download it. And go check us out on the YouTube go sign up for our YouTube channel. Supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast.

Kelli  34:29 
Yes, absolutely. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. As we start you know completely redoing the YouTube channel. The website is also going to be completely reorganized and redone. So keep a lookout out there. Y’all worked a lot on it. So please go check it out.

Chris  34:52 
And check us out on all the social medias. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, at SCFADP Yes, the more the merrier, man. Absolutely.

Chris & Kelli  35:03 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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