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Disney News (6/27) – Radiator Springs Racers at Disneyland, and the Top 5 reasons Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom is a MUST DO

Episode 2

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In this week’s episode, we discuss what is widely considered the BEST ride at Disneyland, Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land, and the Top 5 reasons Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom is a MUST DO! Spoiler alert – it may be the only place at Walt Disney World where you can get a side of cheese sauce for $1.00!

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Show Notes:

News Links:

MK Fireworks Land Clearing for new Firework Launch Perimeter
Cast Member Preview of Happily Ever After set for June 29

Casey’s Corner Casey’s Corner preps to reopen at MK (updated menu)

Food Waste Disneyland will Pilot Food Waste Cans for Farm Feed

Boo Bash Capacity Increased Massively

Brightline Railway from Airport to Disney Springs Construction starts in early 2024, launches 2026

D23 FanEvent coming to WDW (Contemporary in Nov. Tickets available starting in July

Contemporary Resort Offered First Look at Incredibles Makeover

Steakhouse 71 to replace the Wave of American Flavors

FastPass Kiosks are Uncovered and Turned On Disney hasn’t spoken

Traditional Rope Drop Returns to MK No Characters yet

Fantasmic Will Not Return Until 2022

50th anniversary updates Main Street Projections
Harmoniuos launches Oct.1
Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade (EARidecent costimes)
Fab 50 Character Statues
Disney Kite Tails coming  to AK

Salt and Straw Ice Cream Shop coming to Disney Springs 2022

Baby Giraffe Born at AK Mom is Lily

Guest jumps from a Living with the Land Boat Steal a cucumber

Delish Magazine partnering with Disney 50 Legit recipes

Rise of the Resistance in Disneyland hit 330 borarding groups in one day… new record by A LOT

Casey’s Corner Links:

Radiator Springs Links:


Chris  0:07 
This is the Supercalifragilistic Awesome Disney Podcast where each week we discuss, you guessed it, Disney.

Kelli  0:13 
Things you know, things you don’t know and things you didn’t know you needed to know.

Chris  0:17 
Well, as Walt would say, the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doin’.

Kelli  0:21 
Oh, wait, I wait. I can do this. Okay, please stand clear of the doors. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:28 
Welcome aboard Disney fam. Hey, welcome to the show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:37 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:38 
So excited to be back for week two of Season Four. Yes, yes, yes, yes. And I think these are actually the ears that I’ve said before I like most following you in the parks.

Kelli  0:48 
Yeah, you stop me constantly when I’m wearing these years. These I just got on our very last trip. I saw them on Instagram and I was like I need those ears. Sorcerer Mickey ears. In between, it’s a tiny little sorcerer hat.

Chris  1:02 
It’s a headband.

Kelli  1:03 
It’s a headband with ears and a tiny little sorcerer Mickey hat with like glitter stars. And most adorable little gold like rope going around his hat. Again. You know, I love comfort. I love ears without a bow. These rank fairly high for me.

Chris  1:20 
It also matches the crocs you were wearing today. Your Make A Wish Crocs.

Kelli  1:25 
My Make a Wish crocs. Yes, I do love those crocs.

Chris  1:28 
Well, it’s adorable.

Kelli  1:29 
Yes, thank you.

Chris  1:30 
So hey, we see you from all the places that you have downloaded our show over the last week. This week, we saw downloads from Salinas, California, just north of Monterey. Not your little ways north of where we’ll be in about a month. Okay. West Linn Oregon just south of Portland. This is like Li n Li n n

Kelli  1:53 
okay interesting.

Chris  1:55 
Ocoee Florida which is right outside of Orlando. Okay near Lake Apopka. Right on right on like, all right. And here we go. Walsal, England. Wall, Sol. W L. S, a LL.

Kelli  2:11 
Okay. Walsall. Right. Right, England. Yeah. All right.

Chris  2:16 
So there you go. Wausau, England. That’s very exciting. Hey, folks, just an announcement. If you didn’t see it on the socials, we launched our new YouTube format. We are super excited about it. We’re still playing with the sound we got to get that right. But we are really happy with the format. We are We hope you enjoy it.

Kelli  2:33 
Yes, we is totally different, totally different. So for those of us that listened to the pod, and thought that the YouTube channel was just another version of the pod, you know what it was we screwed that up, we should have done different things. And we know better now here we are. In Season Four, we’re learning we’re growing. And so the YouTube channel is gonna be totally different from now on. The content, some of the same content may be out there but we presented a totally different way. But if you’re interested in those wine reviews, YouTube is the place to go because all of our Disney family of wine reviews are going to be video format out on YouTube and then we’ve got one coming out one coming out on Monday and I’m pretty excited about finished editing it last night and it’s awesome.

Chris  3:13 
Love it. Awesome. Okay, well are we ready for the news?

Kelli  3:17 
Yeah, Main Street.

Chris  3:18 
Here we go. Okay, very excited about all the fireworks coming back. Okay. The cast member preview for happily ever after is on June 29. So just a couple days right and they have actually found permits to expand the launching areas of the existing fireworks wow so the per the firework perimeter will be bigger, wider Okay, it’s going to be bigger and better which when it comes to fireworks that will be always want.

Kelli  3:54 
I just think what we need to do is spread them out so that everybody’s not standing in the hub No need right I think that’s why they’re projecting stuff on the buildings going down through Main Street. Yep.

Chris  4:07 
So that’s another news item. Is that part of the 50th anniversary celebration they’re going to we’ve seen projectors being installed along Main Street in the windows and now we know that they’re doing Main Street is actually gonna take part in the projection show.

Kelli  4:23 
Yes. Which I think is brilliant, right? Because now people can be standing all the way down Main Street and still see all the show it’s not the show is not just focused on the castle. So in fact, you miss half of the show if you’re not on the other end of Main Street, right. And so I think that’s that’s really important, but if they go and expand where the fireworks are to, you know, maybe you could be an adventure land right, watching the fireworks eat one of those waffles filled with fruit Nutella from that Sleepy Hollow hollow place. I mean, that’s a firework show, waiting to happen.

Chris  5:00 
So yeah all that’s very exciting. Since we’re talking about the the 50th anniversary of dates, harmonious launches October the first but we got some real live previews. Online Disney Parks blog posted them, man, Big Bang, it looks amazing.

Kelli  5:18 
Again, huge so like with the other show, everybody sort of had their favorite spot to watch. This is I think truly going to be a show that you can watch all over.

Chris  5:29 
Sure , but we will still go find our favorite places.

Kelli  5:32 
Well. That’s for all you other people that don’t. Yeah, sorry, that’s mean.

Chris  5:38 
Also part of the 50th anniversary stuff. A new Mickey celebration cavalcade with EARidescent costumes. fad 50 character statues that these remind me of the little statues that are around the hub, the little gold statues, 50 different characters scattered throughout all four parks and there’ll be interactive.

Kelli  6:01 
So that’s nice. All throughout all four all four parks. Okay, that’s nice. So interactive probably with your smartphone, I’m assuming.

Chris  6:08 

Kelli  6:08 
Okay. All right.

Chris  6:10 
Yep. And also a new show is coming to animal kingdoms. Water amphitheatre, Disney kite tails, I think is what it’s called during the day during the day. Yes, it will be. jet skis, pulling kites, amazing kites around I

Kelli  6:28 
mean, that obviously doesn’t answer their problem there. They were trying to make Animal Kingdom a full day Park. Right. That’s what they wanted to do. They added the night shows and all that right Animal Kingdom a full day part and Kingdom just not a full day part. Right. And I think this will run multiple times throughout the day. Yeah. Yeah.

Chris  6:45 
Oh, my gosh, if y’all can hear. I don’t know if you can. I don’t know if you can hear the dogs. But eventually you will, because they’ll start barking but there they are.

Kelli  6:51 
I mean, they’re just about the knock stuff down is what they’re doing. They’re literally running circles around the room chasing each other and grilling.

Chris  6:56 
They’re ridiculous. Casey’s corner is rumored to be opening up. Yes, it is very, very excited about that. I saw that. Hey, this is a really cool thing. So they’re piloting a new program at Disneyland. It’s, it’s a foods food waste program. So like in some of the places where they have a trash and recycle bin, they will also have a food only ban where you can dump any excess food in there. And the idea is that they’ll collect that and give it to an organization that will turn that non human say food at this point into nutrient rich food for farm animals. Oh, wow.

So I love this. I love this recycling.

Kelli  7:38 
Fantastic. I thought you were gonna say they’re going to compost it or something. But Wow, yeah,

Chris  7:42 
this company turns it into a nutrient rich feed for farm animals.

Kelli  7:47 
That’s amazing. That’s a wonderful idea. I love it totally for that.

Chris  7:52 
So the boo bash has been bashed a lot actually lately, because of the pricing. Like prices range from $129 to $200 for a three hour thing, but they are they must just be bursting at the seams with people that are willing to pay because they have just exponentially increased the capacity. In fact, there were days that were boo bash was sold out that they have now reopened. more visitors. So is surprised so so you know, a lot of complaining in the Disney universe around the cost of just doing Disney. Yeah.

Kelli  8:33 
And people will pay for it. I mean, in the end, you know, supply and demand, right? But that’s the thing. It’s how much where’s the price point that we need to set this to get the part to a capacity level where you can essentially walk on the rides. I know that’s what a lot of people want to do. That’s really you’re essentially paying for an amazing fast past where you get there and there’s not long waits at the rides you can do the whole park.

Chris  8:57 
That’s a solid point. Bright line, that’s the railway company that’s doing the the train from the airport I think there’s gonna be a train that goes from like Miami to Orlando, bright line is going to do a train that goes from the airport in Orlando to Disney Springs. I think they said construction will start in 2024 and will launch in 2026. So that’s got, that’s gonna take a minute.

Kelli  9:23 
I mean, it’s gonna take a minute but I guess I expected it to be sooner than that since they’re stopping the magical Express?

Chris  9:29 
Can you imagine though the, the permits and the planning and the construction? Just the construction planning alone.

Kelli  9:40 
You’re digging some deep holes into that. Yeah. Jungle water.

Chris  9:44 
Right. Um, contemporary resort offer their first look on the new room upgrade.

Kelli  9:50 
Oh my goodness. Those look amazing.

Chris  9:55 
I know. It looks so good. So good with the idea that like, I think Scott Gustin on Twitter said, Can you know the rooms now like the kind of place where the monorail should come through?

Kelli  10:07 
Yes, exactly. Finally, now is Disney vacation? Can you stay Disney Vacation Club?

Chris  10:14 
I think they’re temporary. They I think these are all regular resorts day. Yeah,

Kelli  10:19 
yeah. Yeah. Gosh. I mean, I don’t want to I want to pay for a hotel.

Chris  10:23 
Well, I’ve got, I’ve got an idea. Okay, you can send me to the D 23. Fan event that’s coming to Walt Disney World contemporary resort this November. But I’ll take some pictures and I’ll send it back to you.

Kelli  10:37 
But that’s not me too. That’s not me going. That’s just you. Do you get a free room as D23?

Chris  10:47 
I don’t know if I don’t know if that allows a plus one. Who else is gonna be in the room with you? If it’s just me? I’m no I’m the I’m the fan. I’m the D23 fan in this house.

Kelli  10:57 
I bought it for you.

Chris  11:00 
We’ll talk about it. We’ll chat about it. Hey, so you know that wave of American flavors you told everybody to go?

Kelli  11:09 
Yeah, it was great breakfast.

Chris  11:10 
Great breakfast. Well now right. Apparently, it’s gonna get upgraded. And you were right. They agreed. It will now become Steakhouse 71 I’m sure named after the year that Walt Disney World came to be.

Kelli  11:23 
That implies no breakfast. It implies no breakfast buffet. Steakhouse 71 that’s not a breakfast.

Chris  11:32 
No, but contemporary’s already got two other places for breakfast right upstairs from there.

Kelli  11:37 
But okay, let’s just revisit my segment where I talked about how they had unique contemporary things that you couldn’t get at other places. So sweet potato pancakes with the pecans. The avocado toast. bottomless Mimosa, you can’t get that and like tusker house Alright,

Chris  11:55 
I’m talking about going a bit. Well, maybe not.

Kelli  11:58 
What I’m saying. That was the whole point of my segment was to say that a lot of times these breakfast buffets have you know, location unique offering.

Chris  12:08 
I’ll call somebody, I don’t know what to tell you.

Kelli  12:11 
They’re gonna switch it to Steakhouse 71, which heavily implies dinner only.

Chris  12:15 
And we’ll go. We’ll enjoy it.

Kelli  12:17 
Where are those sweet potato pancakes gonna be? Where’s my avocado toast gonna be? Where can I get the bottomless Mimosa?

Chris  12:23 
We’ll have to find another place.

Kelli  12:25 
They might not just shift a menu item. I know you want me to stop. You think I’ve gone on about it. I can see it on your face.

Chris  12:34 
I just want to make sure I’ve got a few other news items here but I want to make sure I hit this one. Lily the giraffe gave birth to a little baby boy.

Kelli  12:42 
Oh, what’s his name?

Chris  12:43 
They haven’t named him yet.

Kelli  12:45 
I don’t like that. Why do they do that?

Chris  12:46 
I know that. Well, maybe they like to see his personality a little bit first.

Kelli  12:49 
You say that every single time and…

Chris  12:51 
I’m right they named Ranger and that was great.

Kelli  12:53 
No, I think they’re being lazy with their naming.

Chris  12:57 
Did you hey, I want to shout out the delish the magazine partnered with Disney to release a Delish loves Disney magazine only available on Amazon with Park recipes with part with 50 Park recipes.

Kelli  13:13 
Oh my goodness. We’ve been talking about that for like two days.

Chris  13:16 
I know. I know. Did you see that a guest jumped off the boat and living with the lands and stole a cucumber? And she couldn’t get back on? I mean, it’s not great.

Kelli  13:30 
It’s not great. Don’t do that. People this is why we can’t have nice things.

Chris  13:33 
You ready for Minnie Take?

Kelli  13:34 
Yeah, Minnie Take.

Chris  13:35 
All right. You sure? Okay, what is your must do attraction at Epcot.

Kelli  13:44 
Okay, so hypothetically speaking. Like why is this thing hypothetically speaking? Can it be something that I haven’t yet done? Yeah, this be like the most my must do for the next time I go?

Chris  13:59 
Sure. Why not?

Kelli  14:01 
Okay. Remy’s Ratatouille adventure.

Chris  14:03 
Okay, all right.

Kelli  14:04 
That’s my must do for the next time we go. I mean, I was leaning towards Spaceship Earth because you know I love spaceship or of the Phoenicians I love the Phoenicians Thank you Phoenicians, but I think the next time we go it’s going to be Remy, 100%

Chris  14:17 
All right. You know. I was gonna say something like Soarin’ but that’s not true. It’s not true. I love Soarin’ but we skip it. Honestly. Honestly, I cannot not go there and feel I feel like I’m less of a patriot if I don’t go into the American Adventure. And watch. Love to go I love that. I love that show.

Kelli  14:38 
Well, and that’s something that we agree on.

Chris  14:42 
We don’t agree on that.

Kelli  14:43 
We both love that show. I love it.

Chris  14:46 
It is I must go see that show and I must time it so that I can see the voices of liberty right before it.

Kelli  14:54 
I do enjoy seeing the voices Liberty before it. I also prefer that you time it so that it’s afternoon. And an appropriate time for a nap. So that while you are just crying as they talk about golden wings,

Chris  15:07 
Easy, I don’t know what golden wings but when they talk about them two brothers killing each other in Civil War, I do get a little verklempt.

Kelli  15:18 
You do every single time we walk out and you are singing the golden winged song like that

Chris  15:23 
picture and they’re both in the picture then later they’re not both in the pit

Kelli  15:26 
singing that Golden’s wing song like it is your job. And I’m thinking, Man, that was a great power nap. We both loved the American adventure, right?

Chris  15:35 
It’s not like you were going on. All right. I’m super excited about this tomorrowland.

Kelli  15:41 
All right.

Chris  15:42 
So we’re going, if people haven’t caught up on this yet, we’re going to Disneyland in less than a month. Disneyland.

Kelli  15:50 
Yeah, I am excited.

Chris  15:52 
Man. We are going out to California for a week. And we’re going to spend a day at California Aventure park in a day at Disneyland and I’ve never been to either of those parks. Yeah. And so what that that sort of hit me that I’ve only got like a couple of opportunities between now and then to hit some smart lands and those borrowings. Oh, okay, right.

Kelli  16:11 
Yeah. So time to plan some things, honey,

Chris  16:14 
I know. We got to get our junk together here. Okay.

Kelli  16:17 
Make it happen.

Chris  16:23 
Okay, so I keep hearing or reading over and over again that the best ride in either of the two Disneyland parks is the Radiator Springs racers.

Kelli  16:35 
I’ve heard that too.

Chris  16:36 
I mean, everybody keeps telling me this thing. It must be a thing. So it I also hear that it’s got to be done at night. And in fact, you should go because it’s it’s more beautiful at night. And that the Radiator Springs area Cars Land is just beautiful at night. Okay, in fact, I’ve been told that you should go at twilight, to see the shift with all the lights coming on in Cars Land because it mimics a scene in the movie that and I’m not, I’ve not done a lot of planning. I haven’t seen cars like I’ve seen a lot of the other Disney or Pixar movies over and over again. Admittedly, but that seems pretty cool.

Kelli  17:20 
It I mean, I have seen pictures of that at sunset and it is beautiful. I’m just saying from a planning perspective. That takes a lot of effort to get there at twilight already trying to mess up I’m just saying I think we have to have fast passes for it. So you’re gonna try to schedule wincon should we be scheduling Fastpass?

Chris  17:37 
I think those are not around. There’s another thing.

Kelli  17:39 
Oh my gosh, honey, we don’t have fast passes.

Chris  17:43 
So the basic idea is that this is a slot car dark ride in cars land at Disney’s California Adventure Park. Okay.

Kelli  17:52 
A slot car.

Chris  17:53 
So think think test track, okay, you’re in a car. It’s got a six seater and you are on a track. That’s That’s right.

Kelli  18:02 
It’s like test track but way better.

Chris  18:04 
because like test track, in fact, they built it on the technology that has like, is it set to later generation? Okay. Okay. Um, cars, land centers around the Radiator Springs location and the characters from the Pixar movie cars, obviously. And it get this it cost over $200 million to develop and build this attraction. Now I’m gonna give you some context for that. So back in 2007, Disney made the decision to go all in on Disney California Adventure Park, we’re going to expand this thing. We’re going to add one of us to street and we’re going to add Cars Land. Okay. This one attraction required almost 20% of the entire budget for all of that expansion. That was a five year expansion, man. Yeah. Well, I

Kelli  18:49 
mean, it ought to be good then. Exactly.

Chris  18:52 
So we’re in a six person car takes us through Radiator Springs. Well, which is a very cool, dark ride. Ultimately, were delivered along with another ride car to the start of a race. We race the other car through the canyons with a 50 50% chance of winning. It’s totally random. I’m just gonna…

Kelli  19:08 
You never know. That’s fine.

Chris  19:10 
Yeah. So here’s the history of the ride. Originally, Cars Land was to be a general overall celebration of California’s car culture. Okay, it was going to be called car land. The main attraction was going to be a coaster, maybe dual racing coasters called drag racer. The lead Imagineer on the project Kevin Rafferty heard about Pixar has plans for a film based on cars racing and route 66. And he decided to revise the attraction so that it was based on the new film, and use the technology that was similar to test track instead, instead of more instead of a coaster. Later, john Lasseter of Pixar fame, and some other not so great stuff to lately, suggested that the entire Cars Land project be overhauled. overhauled. Gosh, the Cars Land project was gonna get an overhaul into cars land with a full recreation of Radiator Springs.

Kelli  20:14 
To be honest, that seems pretty obvious. It does.

Chris  20:17 
I mean, they were planning these you are

Kelli  20:18 
planning a whole whole pretty much the same thing to Disney park and it wasn’t going to be Disney thing. Well, the thing is,

Chris  20:25 
yeah, well, but before they did these big expansions at California Adventure, written in 2000. And it was very much just California. I mean, it was it was designed to celebrate California, California, through and through, not so much Disney stuff, right.

Kelli  20:45 
So I think Disney needs to hit you right in the face when you completely immerse into Disney.

Chris  20:52 
They announced the attraction along with the rest of Disney California Adventure multi year expansion in October so on October 17 2007. They after they didn’t actually open it to the public until June 15 2012. That’s how long it took to do all this work. They did have a soft opening though. Gosh. So so alright, spoilers ahead for the ride, but I’ve never written the thing and I don’t care about the spoilers. I know what we I’ve never written it but I’m gonna go with the spoilers. So first, we board the ride at comfy caverns motor court. Okay. We hop in our six seater car feels very much like the test track car. Okay, but looks like the cars from the movie, right? We take a leisurely ride through ornament Valley in the desert. We enter the dark ride portion where we have a few near misses with other cars and characters from the movie like Mac the Mack truck. Okay. We cross over some railroad tracks just ahead of a speeding train. We’re then we’re told to follow Mater into town for the big race. So then we meet up with Mater. Okay, Mater, of course takes us into the pasture to do a little tractor tipping. Okay, it’s Cal tip and right. This wakes up Frank the combine who chases us out of the field because he says we’re trespassing. Okay, that’s a lot of fun. Then we head back into town where we say hi to a bunch of the other characters including Lightning McQueen and Sally. Okay. At this point, you experienced one of two different events. Okay, depending on where you are on the right. Both of these are intended to prepare you for the race ahead. Okay, okay. You will either go to the left where your car is going to receive a tire change from luigis Casa de la tires okay? Or you go right where your car gets a fresh coat of paint from Ramones House of body art.

Kelli  22:50 
I want to go right so bad.

Chris  22:55 
Then the two cars pull up to a starting line where doc Hudson another one of the characters introduces himself as our new crewchief.

Kelli  23:02 
So we are not Lightning McQueen.

Chris  23:04 
No, we are not lightning. We’re just two other racecars. Okay. Luigi starts the race and both cars accelerate on parallel tracks in and out of a cave into an outdoor setting with bunny hills and high banks. And all throughout ornament Valley. One car will finish just ahead of the other but there’s no telling which car will finish first. Okay. And then there’s a short pleasant ride through taillight Valley. I’m using quote air quotes so

Kelli  23:33 
everybody’s loving it.

Chris  23:35 
And then back to the motor core where we disembark. That sounds fun. I’m super I’m super excited about this. The cars eventually get up to 40 miles an hour. Wow. Yeah. So that that ought to be fun. the steepest bank is 45 degrees. I can’t tell you that the car that goes through the Ramones house the body art is higher up on the bank. Okay, the other side

Kelli  23:56 
I want to go to zoom around so bad.

Chris  23:59 
so bad. Each car on the track is estimated to travel more than 36,000 miles per year. Wow. Which is enough to go to take 14 trips down the original route 66

Kelli  24:14 
so when we go through Ramones, how somebody art does the car actually change colors?

Chris  24:20 
I you know, I tried to see if it did that would be really cool. I don’t think it does. Okay, but we’ll see. That would be amazing. We’ll see. Right? Yep. So one of the cool little facts about this is there’s mountain ranges all throughout this area, this Radiator Springs area and the peaks of the ranges from left to right are intended to represent classic Cadillac tail fins from 1957 to 1961. Oh, wow.

Kelli  24:52 
That’s crazy. Now is this is this sort of based in like an Arizona type place?

Chris  24:59 
I think it’s a Yeah, there are Utah I think I almost looked at where ornament Valley is because that’s a real place and Okay, I think it’s in Utah, but I could be wrong. It looks very desert s very, very much is okay. Yeah. Canyon valleys and whatnot.

Kelli  25:13 
Do you think I should watch the cars movies? Before we go?

Chris  25:16 
I feel like you know this honestly, looking at it, this made me want to.

Kelli  25:20 
I mean, like, what’s

Chris  25:21 
the first one?

Kelli  25:22 
I’ve never actually seen it. There. Even the first one I’ve never seen the first one came out, I think when I remember column or kollywood,

Chris  25:29 
that really GFC kollywood with Michael J. Fox, basically kollywood Pixar Cars version? Really? Well. Now I watch both.

Good. Okay. All right. You ready for your world showcase?

Kelli  25:44 
I’m so ready. All right. So you teased it a little bit in your news segment, when you talked about that Casey’s corner is rumored to be reopening. Well, I’ve also seen those rumors, okay. And so there’s been a lot of buzz lately, a couple things have happened. So first of all, some of the sheets they had over the windows inside have come down. They’ve put up some seats inside. So they’re more

Chris  26:09 
Definitely suggests butts in there.

Kelli  26:11 
Heavily suggest butts in seats, and a mobile order sign went up on one of the exterior doors, but that was back in March. Right. So again, there’s nothing official, no official word, but there’s a lot of speculation that is going to happen whenever indoor masks are sure you know,

Chris  26:29 
officially and we know they’ve been hiring a lot of counter service staff.

Kelli  26:34 
Right. So I want to give a little history on it because it’s pretty cool. And then I want to tell you all the top five reasons that Casey’s corner at Magic Kingdom is a must do and I say at Magic Kingdom specifically because it’s not the only case he’s corner. Okay, so a little history First of all, so first of all, originally, the space was called the Coca Cola refreshment center when the park opened in 1971. Did you know that? I did not know you didn’t remember the Coca Cola refreshment center. Wow. Okay, so it was reimagined and opened as Casey’s on May the 27th of 1995. Fun fact, the original Casey’s corner open in Disneyland Paris in 1992. What Yes,

Chris  27:15 
you, I would have bet every dime I’ve got to my name that Casey’s corner has been there since I would have to first time I really

Kelli  27:22 
would have to, but no, the first one was in Paris in 1992. Current one did not have any Magic Kingdom until 1995. So naturally, I think we all know this is a nod to the famous baseball poem, Casey at the Bat. There’s a tiny little reference to this in the signage. that poem was written in 1888, by Ernest Steyer. And inside the see on the signage, there’s a tiny little circle. This is 1888, right in the middle of the C.

Chris  27:51 
Oh, no kidding.

Kelli  27:52 
So there’s a little bit of a call out there. And Fun fact, that’s the dog. I know y’all hear that when Casey at the Bat was adapted into an animated feature by Walt Disney in 1946. So there’s a little bit of the bad stuff going on. Yes. So it’s fun. It’s a fun place. It’s famous for hot dogs, what they call designer dogs. I’m doing air quotes too, because you know, everybody can see that. corn dog nuggets, ballpark nachos with chili and cheese, and a live pianist playing Ragtime music. Love that guy. Yes. There’s also bleacher style seating showing classic baseball themed Disney short films

Chris  28:35 
home yeah, forgot about that. Yeah,

Kelli  28:38 
I don’t think I would want to sit in the bleachers style seating but I can totally get behind that. I like the concept. Okay, so here we are the top five reasons that Casey’s corner at Magic Kingdom is a must do. But hey, when we go to Paris for their 30 next year, will must do it right out there too. Okay, so here’s number five. Okay, location, location, location. Lots of great outdoor seating, love the vibe on Main Street, easy access to the hub grass, and a fun quick service option while you’re walking across the park, right? So like, if you’re going from tomorrow, land over to adventure land, whatever. It’s a great place. If you like to hit up the stores around lunchtime or at Starbucks or whatever right there. It’s perfect. It’s a fun little quick service option while you’re walking across can be quick. You can mobile order on cases they do a great job at that. It’s ready really fast. It’s good for people watching. I mean Get yourself some of those nuggets sit down on the hub grass seriously and make it make a lunch out of it.

Chris  29:38 
Yeah, because that’s some good stuff.

Kelli  29:41 
And it’s a fun place to be during the afternoon parades. So they have both inside and outside seating. Which is why a lot of people were really confused as to why Casey shut down over COVID because of all of the outdoor seating.

Chris  29:55 

Kelli  29:55 
So they were like you know you can get rid of the indoor seating and still have mobile pickup for Casey’s and let everybody sit outside. Yeah, but they didn’t in Casey’s is always so popular. Yeah, that caught me off guard to put the corn dog nuggets on like Pecos Bill’s menu,

Chris  30:13 
spread it around the same spot. And you know, the only thing I can figure is it because it is so popular. It’s hard to get in and out of there without being all over people.

Kelli  30:20 
You know, I guess. But if they did all mobile orders, I guess you know, some of the other did that they were managing that really well. Right? I mean, cosmic rays. They didn’t even let you into the restaurant to your mobile order was ready. You can only order by mobile order. I felt like they could have done some stuff with Casey’s, but whatever. Again, location, location, location, that’s number five. Okay. Number four, the live music. You mentioned this guy, Jim Omohundro. He has been playing piano at Disney for 30 years.

Chris  30:53 
Oh, my gosh. I’ve heard people talk about him on when he’s very popular. Yes.

Kelli  30:56 
I hope he comes back after COVID you know, so many of those older than musicians, musicians. But in any case, he several times a day he plays Ragtime at Casey’s people say Jim totally makes it. He takes requests. He talks to the audience. Anybody that wants to talk to him about the history of Walt Disney World, like he’s there for it, he loves it. And you can find some great videos of him on YouTube. He’s fantastic great he’s he’s photo worthy Jim is okay, so location was five live music is for. Are you ready for three?

Chris  31:32 
I don’t know these are those are two great ones.

Kelli  31:34 
Those are great right? If location live music are five and four. What could possibly be number three, you might say.

Chris  31:39 
I would say that go ahead and say it. What could possibly be number three?

Kelli  31:43 
A frozen Mint Julep lemonade. This is this is virgin, there’s no alcohol in this right? We’re at Magic Kingdom. Okay, this is a classically blended Mint Julep featuring minute made premium lemonade and topped with fresh mint leaves cherry and lemon $6.49. Oh, that’s a steal. That is a steal is what that is a frozen Mint Julep lemonade. Brilliant.

Chris  32:13 
Let’s come get one now.

Kelli  32:14 
Disney brilliant. Okay, so that’s number three.

Chris  32:17 
Do they muddle it?

Kelli  32:18 
Doesn’t say if they muddle it, but you know, if you tell them you have some type of an allergy they were really work with you. It’d be like I have I’m allergic to all beverages that aren’t muddled. Could you please muddle the cherry and lemon? Okay, you ready for number two? I don’t know. Cuz this has got my name all over it. You won’t take a guess what number two might be

Chris  32:39 
It’s got to be a vegan something? It’s a it’s a vegetarian option.

Kelli  32:43 
No. You can get a side of cheese sauce for only $1.

Chris  32:51 
This is number two? Cheese Sauce?

Kelli  33:00 
Cheese Sauce for dollar. So you can buy like fries with the side of cheese sauce.

Chris  33:06 
Jim was a four and this is two?

Kelli  33:10 
$1! Tell me something else that cheap. Tell me something that you get Disney for $1 you can’t get queso in Mexico for $1.

Chris  33:22 
It’s a value I agree. It’s cheese.

Kelli  33:27 
But what are they getting? A lot of people online refer to it as the plastic cheese that they sell. But whatever like that’s what you’re there. It’s $1 it’s $1 and it’s what is what you get it like a baseball thing. Our to the side of cheese sauce for $1. You’re all welcome. Who didn’t know that was on the menu. I’d be like I’m gonna add the fries and three sides of cheese sauce. Give me was mint juleps I’ve seen on the hub grass with my fries cheese sauce.

Chris  34:00 
$12 bucks and happy as a clam.

Kelli  34:03 
I am on the grass. Like this is the life and I’m just gonna mobile order myself some more cheese sauce. All right, you ready for number one?

Chris  34:12 
Hot Dogs, right?

Oh isn’t really yeah, I would never thought you would have said hot dogs. Well, we’re gonna get there. So it’s it’s all I’m calling number one dog option. Okay, okay, that’s fair. Hot dogs. Chicago dogs barbecued dogs. For a limited time there. They actually had a fried pickle hot dog. And you could get that with fried pickle loaded french fries that had like Chipotle a ranch on it. I’m like, Hello. Where was that billboard? Because I didn’t see any kind of signage on Main Street that said fried pickle loaded with Chipotle ranch.

Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t see that either. But I would have pointed it out to you.

Kelli  34:49 
Yes. A bacon and Mack dog. Also get a bacon and mac and cheese fries. Get yourself a side of cheese sauce with that. corn dog nuggets. Everybody loves the corn Dog nuggets there loves the corn dog nuggets.

Chris  35:03 
I do love the corn dog nuggets.

Kelli  35:05 
They also have a plant based dog. I can get their plant based weinie on any dog that I would like, but they have a specific plant based dog topped with pickled slaw barbecue vegan aoli and a roasted corn relish served with french fries or apple slices let me just be honest, I’m not getting the apple slices.

Chris  35:24 
We didn’t come to Casey’s for Apple slices.

Kelli  35:26 
If you don’t have those fried pickle loaded french fries and I’m going to get the regular french fries couple sides of that cheese

Chris  35:34 
A double on the mint julep center there where you can see

Kelli  35:36 
I’ll be on the hub grass deliver it out there to me, Casey. Right. I’m right. You know I am I mean, it’s all over your face. You’re thinking how have we not done that? How have we not ordered that?

Chris  35:55 
I have gone in there since then. I’ve run in there and gotten the nuggets before right you’re sitting on the street. We’re waiting for a parade.

Kelli  36:02 
Not the same. Not the same. You did not get me $1 side of cheese sauce and a mint julep.

Chris  36:09 
I will never fail to do it again.

Kelli  36:12 
Muddled please.

Chris  36:13 
I’ll never fail to do that either.

Kelli  36:15 
Casey has great fries.

Chris  36:17 
Good fries, folks. Man. Oh, how do you not enjoy that conversation? Cheese sounds coming in at number two. If you if you did love it, you know what to do next, a call five of your favorite people that you love in life and tell them you got to come listen to this podcast. These people are crazy. Go download us Subscribe to us on your favorite channel or mechanism for downloading podcasts.

Kelli  36:48 
Absolutely. And if you’re looking for more things Disney check us out at And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. I am linking all of our new YouTube videos out there on that website. So that’s a great place to go to sort of check out all of our new YouTube comment content if you’re not on YouTube actively.

Chris  37:12 
That’s right. And if you’re not on YouTube, actively get on there and subscribe to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Go check us out on all the other socials at SCFADP. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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