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Disney News (7/4) – Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel, and the best ways to celebrate July 4th at Disney World

Episode 3

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This week we celebrate 2 things – the RE-OPENING of the Disneyland Resort Hotel, and the 4th of July! If you’ve never been to Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar a Disneyland Hotel, Kelli tells you everything you need to know, including why you shouldn’t upset the bartender! Then, Chris spreads some patriotic cheer by sharing the 5 best ways to celebrate July 4th at Disney World.
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Show Notes:

Disney News (7/4):

Disney World is offering $1000 signing bonuses for select positions,staff%2C%20amid%20the%20labor%20shortage&text=Disney%20is%20offering%20significant%20bonuses,caused%20by%20the%20COVID%20pandemic.
runDisney announces in person races are returning
Disney names the new Ambassadors for 22-23
Meet The 2022-2023 Walt Disney World Resort Disney Ambassadors | Disney Parks
Deluxe Resorts will get extended hours
Dining Plan Will Return
Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course reopens
Disney Family Dinner Night
Poly begins refurb of DVC and Bungalow rooms.
Steakhouse 55 closing permanently at Disneyland Resort
Fireworks are Back!
Famous Main Street Clock has been removed
Coco Scene is coming to Mickey’s Philharmagic

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at Disneyland Hotel Links:


Chris  0:34 
Hello out there Disney family. Welcome to the show. How are you? We’re great. Thank you for asking. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:41 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:43 
I’m super excited. Hey, it’s July fourth this weekend.

Kelli  0:47 
It is July 4 this weekend. But also this is the month we go to Disneyland. So it’s officially as our vacation month.

Chris  0:54 
So you’re wearing Tiki years to celebrate that.

Kelli  0:57 
I am wearing Tiki years in some sort of celebration you will see in my Tomorrowland segment.

Chris  1:06 
Well, awesome. I’m looking forward to that. Yes. Hey, we see you for downloading us in Tampa, Florida.

Kelli  1:12 
Yay to Tampa, Florida area!

Chris  1:17 
Logan, Utah which is north of Salt Lake City. Okay. I cannot believe that we’ve not called out Charleston, South Carolina before. But I couldn’t find them in my list. Hello, Charleston. I know. We love Charleston. And Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ooh. A Winter Olympics back in the day. Right.

Kelli  1:40 

Chris  1:41 
There’s a rumor was that they they pronounce it Calgary but I don’t know that. That’s true.

Kelli  1:45 
That would mean we went through the entire Olympics mispronouncing it, which is a very American, American thing to do.

Chris  2:02 
For those of you listening in Calgary, let us know!

Kelli  2:04 
Let us know. Let us know if we just screwed that up, man. Correct us. We’re open to that. We see you.

Chris  2:08 
I know somebody is listening. So let us know. I’m saying. Awesome. You ready for mainstreet? I’m so ready. Awesome. Okay, so this I’m sure this is in some corners of the political universe. They’re gonna say…those stimulus checks and blah, blah, blah. But Disney’s offering $1,000 signing bonus for slight positions. I didn’t really go in there to…

Kelli  2:33 
Wow, you really did get political with something that should have just been a celebration.

Chris  2:37 
It is a celebration, but I think $1,000 signing bonus is a cop out when you could just give them more pay on the other side.

Kelli  2:43 
Wow. But seriously, let’s give them both can we not just give them both?

Chris  2:47 
Let’s give them both.

Kelli  2:48 
A signing bonus and to get them out of debt for what they went into during COVID because they had no income and then also increase their hourly pay.

Chris  2:56 
I think that that would be winning

Kelli  2:58 
Hashtag you can do both.

Chris  3:00 
But that wasn’t in the article. Right? But hashtag you can do both Disney.

Kelli  3:03 
I’m just saying, Ken Potrok, think about it, man.

Chris  3:07 
He’s over in California. He’s Disneyland Well, I’m just I’m just Yeah, all God’s children. Run Disney announces that they’re returning to in person races. I cannot wait to celebrate the people that go and do that.

Kelli  3:24 
We are just not runners. But you know what? I have seen the people at Disney before on like a run weekend. We’ve been there for the what is it the wine and dine the run and wine or whatever?

Chris  3:35 
I would run and why.

Kelli  3:36 
That’s exactly what I’ve seen people there with their shirts on Yes. And their their full outfit. It’s like they dress up for it. And then we’re in the little run and wine shirts. And I just want to say good for you. And that’s what I say when I see you in the parks too man. Good for you. Cheers to you.

Chris  3:51 
I’ve got a great friend slash partner at work that makes an event out of these every year real Yeah, so many people do. Yeah, it sounds like a good time for those people.

Kelli  4:01 
For those people that run it sounds like an amazing good time. So again, cheers to y’all. I will be celebrating you from afar.

Kelli  4:09 
That’s right. In spirit. Disney has named their new ambassadors for 22 and 23. They will they will start on October the first they’ll take over that role. Allie Mannion and Raven Reading. Yes. So these are cast members that have been chosen out of 800 applicants. Oh, wow. Okay, these are the Walt Disney World ambassadors. This tradition was started in 1954 just as Disney Land was coming up on its 10 year anniversary, and Walt was getting like a million requests for appearances. So to help carry some of that load, he decided to name Julie Ryan i think is how you say her name as the first Disney Land Ambassador chosen from the pool.

Kelli  5:01 
I follow the ambassadors on Instagram and I do love seeing them out in the parks and stuff. So that’s a fun thing.

Chris  5:08 
Yeah. So some resort is Deluxe resorts are going to get extended hours not a lot of details yet but select nights of the week they will be able to stay in the park later these are Deluxe resort, right. So they’ll be able to stay in the parks a little bit classes, but you know,

Kelli  5:25 
It is a little bit elitist but…

Chris  5:26 
you know, the dining plan will return but not a lot of details yet about when a lot of folks bar what it will look like or what it will look like. That’s a good point. Yeah. Um, the winter summer land mini golf course has reopened. Mini golf is something that… People we love it. Poor and poor, unfortunate podcast. In their group, someone posted the question, it was like, Never have I ever in a whole list of things that you get points for how many things you’ve never done. Uh huh. And I scored really great, by the way. Connor and Caroline, and I only had two things that I hadn’t ever done. But one of them was play mini golf. Okay. And I don’t know, I feel like we love mini golf. I thought maybe we haven’t done because I went all the time.

Kelli  6:16 
No, we haven’t done it because we have other things on the agenda when we’re at Disney.

Chris  6:21 
And we do we do make an agenda.

Kelli  6:23 
We make a full agenda. I mean, there’s an Excel spreadsheet involved and it does usually does not have space for mini golf. Although I’m sure it’s lovely.

Chris  6:30 
I think it’s probably good time. They’re introducing Disney family dinner night where you can like order a three course meal that’ll serve three to four people. Right now it’s at Grand Floridian or Caribbean Beach Resort looked really cute. Well, it’s mobile order. I think you pick it up but

Kelli  6:54 
Right yeah, you get I saw you get like decorate the cookies that come with Yeah,

Chris  6:58 
right. And it comes with an original card game. A Disney themed original card game. No, that’s fine, but you can sort of make it dinner in a game night.

Kelli  7:07 
So you know, that’s fine. That’s nice. very inventive. Yeah, I like it.

Chris  7:11 
I think they would have killed that if they had offered that earlier. Like during pandemic when the parks were closing early.

Kelli  7:17 
Right. They might not have had the staff for it. But no, I like that idea. That’s that’s fun.

Chris  7:22 
Poly has begun the refurb of DVC and bungalow rooms.

Kelli  7:27 
Do you think it’ll be finished when we’re there???

Chris  7:28 
I don’t know. That was literally the first thought that went through my mind.

Kelli  7:31 
Disney, we need a timeline on that.

Chris  7:35 
But but the Poly is opening to regular guests this month. So that’ll be exciting. Exciting. So you know, we talked I think we talked last week about Steakhouse 71 is going to open up in the spot where wave is now it contemporary. Yes, well, Steakhouse 55 at Disneyland hotel out in California is closing for good permanently. Wow, that is interesting. That’s weird. Yeah. So no details on what’s gonna replace it.

Kelli  8:04 
I bet it’s gonna be the wave.

Chris  8:10 
With all of your suggestions. Parks news, the fireworks are back.

Kelli  8:17 
They’re back. I mean, Instagram blew up yesterday. I couldn’t keep up with all the stories. I felt like I literally watched the fireworks. I know. I know.

Chris  8:26 
But my favorite story that came out was the night two nights before when they did the cast member previews. And like the stories of the cast members that were there just them like literally crying Yes. And has awesome. gotta feel real. Finally Finally, that’s got to be like it’s real now.

Kelli  8:44 
Keeping the parks open until dark and having fireworks yeah.

Chris  8:48 
That’s right. It makes it feel exactly, I love walking down that dark after the fireworks I love walking around world showcase at night it’s it’s wonderful. Yeah, Epcot forever has been revamped so that it has no more kites and no lasers. But in three months or so we’re gonna be we’re gonna be getting harmonious so I can’t really blame them. They’re interesting move before the firework show where they would normally say ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, that’s actually been removed from the announcement for inclusivity

Kelli  9:20 
Look at that Disney.

Chris  9:22 
That’s a very thoughtful move there.

Kelli  9:24 
What a nice touch.

Chris  9:26 
Yep. All this though, and fantasmic still sits quiet a little bit.

Kelli  9:32 
No, I saw they filled the water back up. I saw some stuff on that honey, just hang tight. I definitely saw some things on that that saw that they put water back in the area where they’re supposed to be water and things of that.

Chris  9:44 
Don’t tease me.

Kelli  9:45 
I’m not teasing you I really saw that. I really did see it.

Chris  9:49 
You know the clock on Main Street and make sure you said that cool old school looking clock. Yeah, it’s been removed likely for refurbishment.

Kelli  9:58 
Oh, that’s interesting. Yeah. Wasn’t there a logo? Didn’t it have like the brand Rolex on it.

Chris  10:01 
Citizen, citizen. Yeah. So it was part of that was added as part of a parks wide branding initiative with citizen years ago.

Kelli  10:09 
Right. So I wonder if that sponsorship has been pulled back and maybe they’ll replace it with SWATCH.

Chris  10:17 
Yeah, and it’s just kind of a spiral. Um, no, I Well, the rumor is is just for refurbishment and that they’re just literally gussying up everything for the 50th. Yeah, yeah. Um, this is cool. A Coco scene is coming to do to Mickey’s philharmagic.

Kelli  10:36 
Ah, coco in there. Now. Isn’t that nice? I think that’s cool. I like it.

Chris  10:42 
Okay, real quick. A couple of things are entertainment front black widow is set to open on Friday.

Kelli  10:47 
So that’s in theaters.

Chris  10:49 
Yeah, but also on Disney plus, Disney plus and premier access. pay for it? Yeah. Um, maybe it’d be nice, good old theater.

Kelli  10:55 
I don’t know.

Chris  10:58 
So anyway, Friday, comes out. And I think early signs are it’s got pretty good reviews. Like I think some early stuff on Rotten Tomatoes is pretty good.

Kelli  11:07 
All right. I’m for her.

Chris  11:08 
Yeah, it’s just been so long since they said she was coming out. You know? What were your thoughts on the mysterious Benedict society?

Kelli  11:16 
I liked it. I will say, I mean, man, the episode was an hour long. Yeah. So Wow. I mean, like it’s essentially a movie movie every week. Yeah, no, it’s a big deal. I mean, I thought they stuck really close to the books. I was impressed. I’ve heard good things from other people that have watched it that haven’t read the books they also liked it.

Chris  11:38 
You know more about it than I do. Only from your video that you put out go out to the YouTube channel folks and I enjoyed it. Quite as it was entertaining had they had a little bit of a lemony stick vibe, but yeah, happier funner funner more fun

Kelli  11:57 
it is it’s happier and more fun it where we left it at it does get a little bit darker. Yep.

Chris  12:04 
So are you still liking Loki as it goes on?

Kelli  12:07 
I am liking Loki but I mean, you know I went into it just knowing I can understand any of this.

Chris  12:13 
Well, good cuz it’s, it’s a wild ride man. Which expect nothing less from Loki. So. Okay, well, I’m ready for a Minnie take. All right, this is a little bit of a heady topic we so one of our amazing awesome beautiful lovely fans posted this is a possibility on on a comment on one of the YouTube videos. Okay, so here we go. What is your take on Disney IP replacing non IP products at Epcot. So example for everybody. They they removed Maelstrom from Norway, highly cultural focus for Norway and replaced with frozen ever after. Right? So just as an example, but I know Remy is coming to France is not really replacing anything but Remi is coming to France. They replace University of energy with a Guardians of the Galaxy. motif and whatnot. Moana is coming. What are your thoughts?

Kelli  13:19 
So I think people go to Disney. I’m an educator. Right? So I mean, I’m for anytime you can, you know, educate somebody without them knowing. But you know, I think people go to Disney to be fully immersed into Disney. Yeah. And so the reality is those things were probably not drawing a big enough crowd. And from a crowd management perspective, you need for everything to draw a crowd. Yeah, they need for everything to be great. And so if maelstroms not drawing a crowd, skin that thing with Elsa and Ana, and people are gonna be fighting to get in. Sure. So I get it from business first practical perspective, practical business perspective, I get it. From an education perspective. I think the idea is good to keep it non Disney IP. But I don’t know that people are going to feel on that.

Chris  14:08 
Sure. I think my take on it is similar. I think that Disney is smart enough to be able to do it in a way that highlights both their property and kind of the cultural as I think Remy for example, is the movie Ratatouille celebrates French cuisine and I think that there’s so much of that in France that augments what’s already there. It heightens the cultural experience. Yeah, I don’t know that frozen Ever After heightens the Norwegian experience. But I think there’s a way to do it. And you know, it brought more

Kelli  14:42 
people to Norway which I have to say that’s where they

Chris  14:45 
had people sprinting to Norway sprinting

Kelli  14:47 
literally stretching in sprinting, yeah and in that back entrance,

Chris  14:51 
but like what they’re gonna do in Moana and and you know the, the information about how important water is to the planet, right. I think that they can do They can do both.

Kelli  15:01 
I think they can do both too. But I’m for more Disney.

Chris  15:05 
Yeah. More Disney in the parks generally just for more Disney. Yep.

Chris  15:09 
Okay, good. Well, are you ready for your Tomorrowland?

Kelli  15:12 
I’m excited. So excited. So I was really in the mood to look up something that I want to do when we’re at Disneyland. And so I decided to go with Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland hotel. So the Disneyland hotel just reopened. And just for, you know, kicks and giggles, I decided to just go out there and check and see if there were any rooms available while we were there. I have been on the Do Not refresh or hit back page of the Disney website for three hours. And I decided okay, no. But anyway, so here’s how. So this is at the Disneyland hotel so that’s not on. It’s not in one of the parks. And this is how Disney describes it. Mystery romance and adventure await you at this bewitching Tiki Bar inspired by the world famous Jungle Cruise. Welcome brave adventures to the wonderous watering hole of trader Sam, head salesman of the Amazon. Sam is an expert at concocting head shrinking potions and his travels far and wide allowed him to amass intoxicating ambrosial ingredients for his bubbly brews. Skip on over and try them from yourself if you dare.

Chris  16:31 
So, head salesman

Kelli  16:33 
“Head” salesman, yes. So the idea is when you go in, you’re fully immersed into trader Sam’s world, you’re going to be immersed into his humor all of his exploits everything that he’s like stolen from other people on the ride. The idea is they want you to literally laugh just looking at the wall.

Chris  16:52 
Yeah, sure.

Kelli  16:54 
And so they say watch in wonder at the walls. Now it only seats 47. So they say you expect to wait, that’s fine. And the recommendation is to go during the day, which I’m totes for Yeah, I’m totally for that. Okay, so why is this a must do at Disneyland? Okay, I’ve got five reasons for us. You know, I’m just really loving a five list these days. Well, that’s good. First of all, it’s very gaggy you know, like Skipper canteen? Yeah, I love Skipper canteen. I’m just all for the dad jokes. So first thing is there’s hundreds of things on the walls and the shelves. Many of them are equipped with sight and word gags or special effects like you can interact with the things on the wall right? There are the Tiki people on the wall have eyes that move when you walk past. So people say it’s reminiscent of the old pleasure Island adventurers club.

Chris  17:48 
Oh, well then sign me up.

Kelli  17:52 
Very reminiscent of that. Okay, number two. If you annoy the bartender, he can actually lower your seat below the bar. You’re sitting at the bar for some reason your seat is just suddenly sinks. I saw a picture of it. I mean, your head is like down in everybody else’s leg, like you think

Chris  18:16 
I desperately now want to see this.

Kelli  18:22 
So one of the Windows is a massive like video screen of Krakatoa. And it’s beautiful. Like you’re looking at it a Hawaiian scene of this beautiful, you know, volcano. It’s gorgeous. If somebody orders the Krakatoa punch, the image turns into a volcano and erupts. Love that kind of stuff. Love it, right. Yes.

Chris  18:46 
That is so great. So much fun.

Kelli  18:48 
It’s so much fun. Like the actual place is an experience. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s an experience. Okay, so number four drinks. So I’m gonna just go through some of them. I can’t possibly list all the drinks. Okay, but the first one is called up. Oh Ua, this is light and dark rum, orange passionfruit. guava and grapefruit juices. Fowler numb, cinnamon, lime juice, and it is served in like this big Tiki tight bowl with four straws. It’s recommended for two or more guests. If you dare. There’s a video out there’s two of us. Yeah, there’s a video out there online of Lasseter. What was his name? JOHN Lasseter? I think so trying to drink the whole thing.

Chris  19:36 
Oh, that seems like a bad idea.

Kelli  19:38 
Hippopotamai Tai we made in a video. Yeah, I’d love to have the real thing. The Ka Blue Ei, it’s like a blue, blue rum drink. You can also order a shrunken zombie head.

Chris  19:55 
is that the one is that the one that like interact like it interacts with the wall.

Kelli  20:00 
Oh, I don’t know that.

Chris  20:01 
I think there’s one. I

Kelli  20:02 
think that’d be the Krakatoa punch.

Chris  20:04 
Well, no, there’s a I think there’s a cup. There’s an actual vessel that you can order that also interacts with the bar.

Kelli  20:11 
Oh, that’s interesting. No, I based on what that looks like. I don’t think it’s the shrunken zombie. Okay, the Parana pool, which is in sort of like a cup of a pina colada, okay, like a cup and you see like red dots all the way through it, which I assume are Parana. Or where the product has seen somebody and it’s their blood.

Chris  20:33 

Kelli  20:35 
But this is what I’m going to order just because I’m dying to order it. The tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki RUM.

Kelli  20:49 
Its reserve rum cream of coconut pineapple and orange juices dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Chris  20:55 
Oh yeah, that’s right in your wheelhouse.

Kelli  20:57 
Shipwreck on the rocks. This is going to be your bourbon with freshly muddled lemon and mint and an organic agave nectar. That’s your’s honey. Shipwreck on the rocks. Now, this is not on the menu, but you can ask for it. This is from the old adventurers club. The Kungaloosh.

Chris  21:14 
The Kungaloosh yeah. Yeah!

Kelli  21:15 
You can ask for it, but it’s not on the menu. That’s gonna be strawberry daiquiri orange juice Captain Morgan spice rum and blackberry brandy.

Chris  21:23 
Interesting. Don’t they serve a Kungaloosh at Skipper canteen?

Chris  21:28 
I think they do? I feel like they do. But you can anyway, it’s not on the menu here you can ask for It’s awesome. They also have beers wines, red, white, sangria and three no booze brews that are still really cool. Schweitzer falls, jungle river sunset and Skipper Sipper. It’s cool that all that like a lot of fun. But that’s not all right. That’s not all. They’ve got food, which is number five. So let me just tell you about the cheeseburger.

Chris  21:55 

Kelli  21:57 
1/2 pound Hawaiian cheeseburger, with grilled pineapple, apple wood smoked bacon, havarti cheese, butter lettuce, tomato, onions, sweet and spicy spread, served with sweet potato fries.

Chris  22:11 
Wow, that sounds amazing.

Kelli  22:13 
So it looks amazing Tikka burger. It looks amazing too. They also have the Hawaiian pu pu platter, which is seasoned Thai jasmine rice and macaroni salad served with your choice of roasted pork belly or poached chicken breast. It comes in like what looks like a bento box.

Chris  22:33 
It’s so, oh, that’s beautiful.

Kelli  22:34 
It’s so cute. Yes. They have tempura shrimp, which comes with UNagi sauce. I mean, I can’t say UNagi without thinking about without thinking about friends. UNagi sauce free cockade goats Wang aoli. Dried togarashi crispy garlic and ponzu sauce. Yeah, they have a poke bowl. grilled salmon salad.

Chris  22:57 
This is great.

Kelli  22:58 
Yeah, this is what I’m interested in the Tonkatsu ramen, which is a rich pork based broth, wavy noodles, pork belly slices, fresh green onions, wood ear mushroom, fish cake, black garlic oil, and soft boiled flavored egg. Wow. I know. And so I want to be like, Can I get that without the pork belly slices and cake and do you have a vegetable based broth? And they’re probably gonna be like order something different. The next is the sweet and spicy chicken wings served with the togarashi aoli Mx. They also have a poached chicken salad. This is what they’re probably going to tell me to get when I asked them to make all those changes to the ramen book. This is the rongo salad, the tofu salad, edamame a green papaya, Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, gooseberries crispy shallots, sesame seeds and marinated tofu with a fermented miso vinaigrette. Wow, that sounds delicious, doesn’t it though?

Chris  24:04 
I mean, this is not your basic bar fare.

Kelli  24:07 
This is not your basic bar fare and word on the street is it’s right next to a counter service Polynesian type place that looks very much like Captain Cook’s at the Poly. And that you can also order things off of their menu if you would like. You know, I also love when a Disney restaurant does not dumb things down for the kids. Yeah, right. You know, and so this Disney restaurant you can get a salmon or chicken and rice bowl. Oh, nice. Right. I love that. Right. So we’re all eat asian tonight. Buy into that kids. You want salmon or chicken?

Chris  24:40 
Right? Right. Yeah, I like that too.

Kelli  24:42 
But you need to carry me here.

Chris  24:44 
I think so. there’s a there’s a version of it at poly and Walt Disney World at Polynesian resort.

Kelli  24:51 

Chris  24:52 
I don’t think it’s a full restaurant not quite to the level of this lounge bar. Well, I’ll tell you though, that Brooke McDonald and if you’re not following at Brooke g McDonald on Twitter and you love Disney you should be she was like, I see your Casey’s, but I’m just looking for try to Sam’s.

Kelli  25:10 
Yeah. If it’s anything like this, I’m for it.

Chris  25:14 
Yeah. Awesome. I can’t wait.

Kelli  25:16 
So this is gonna go on the Excel spreadsheet. Okay.

Chris  25:19 
Stand outside.

Kelli  25:20 
Wait, are we going in the middle of the day?

Chris  25:22 
Yeah, as long as we’re good to stand outside and wait, you just let it you know, put on the puppy dog guys. Yes. Here we go. Well, I am going to for World showcase. I am going to talk about July the fourth. Okay. And it’s a super, super busy time at Walt Disney World. But I’m going to talk about five ways to celebrate July 4 at Walt Disney World.

Kelli  25:51 
Why did it just hit me that they brought back fireworks the week before July 4? Why did that just hit me?

Chris  25:58 
Because you’ve heard me talking about July 4.

Kelli  26:00 
Yeah. Maybe that’s it? I mean, that’s obviously that’s why they did it. Right.

Chris  26:05 
It’s is plays a role for sure.

Kelli  26:07 
Okay. All right. Tell us about it. I’m excited about this. Okay.

Chris  26:09 
So yeah, five ways to celebrate July 4 at Walt Disney World and Disney World sort of celebrates on July 3, and fourth. Usually the things that they do for the fourth they’ll often launch on the night of the third maybe. First things first, like I said, boatloads or main crowds are enormous for July the fourth, maybe only to be rivaled by the Christmas season. Okay, I did not realize that. Yeah, it’s very because they have a special firework show just for July for usually. So make a plan to hydrate because obviously it is Molaison, Laysan hi and you’re going to be in longer lines than normal. This is even before pandemic but it’s probably worse now with no, no fast passes or whatever. And prepare to be patient because there’s so many people. It’s bonkers. Both in the size of the crowds and the sensibility of the crowds. We saw people you know, just get into fistfights practically that last night of wishes,

Kelli  27:14 
Man that was that was brutal. It was brutal.

Chris  27:17 
So when there’s crowds, yeah, you just got to put on the patient hat. Yes. So Alright, so five ways to celebrate July 4, we’re both doing top five. We are five ways to celebrate July 4. Okay, one a patriotic meal. Liberty tree Tavern 17 hundred’s vibe serving traditional American comfort foods are all you know it’s very colonial. They’ve got rooms that are dedicated to our founding fathers. Yeah. family style dining. They’ve got the Patriots platter, which is again this serves serves the whole family. It’s roasted turkey breast pot roast oven roasted pork with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, seasonal vegetables using our English today. Herb stuffing and house made mac and cheese right. Liberty tree Tavern is got one of the best vegetarian options. Also with their impossible meatloaf. It’s vegan. It’s vegan. Okay, wonderful. So nice.

Kelli  28:20 
It’s fantastic. Yes. And those mashed potatoes that come with it have no cream or butter. It’s which is mind blowing. Yeah.

Chris  28:26 
Because they’re still Yes, super delicious. Oh, they’re so good. And then you’ve got to go for the ooey gooey toffee cake. with vanilla ice cream.

Kelli  28:36 
That’s not vegan, but I highly recommend.

Chris  28:38 
It’s not but they do have a vegan or vegetarian dessert option. It’s like apple crisp or something. I think. So patriotic meal like that done. Okay. You may have to balance between Epcot in the Magic Kingdom to get these things done, by the way. Get pictures with the characters in their spirit of 76 costumes. The American Adventure The American adventure all night, right? Because very small opportunities to get the carry. I mean, you can go to Disney and come away with not a one picture of you with a character. Oh, yeah. Right. But to get them in a specific costume might be even trickier. Right? So that’s your really your best time to get a picture with one of the Fab Five.

Kelli  29:28 
We’re talking Fab Five. Are we talking Mickey? Minnie?

Chris  29:31 
Yeah, fab five. Goofy is definitely hanging out there and the spirit of 76 year Okay, so that’s awesome. Yeah, that’s, that’s something you can really only do at that time of year.

Kelli  29:42 
Yes, I like it. All right.

Chris  29:44 
This one is a little bit sketchy. Maybe depending on where you sitting, okay, the Hall of Presidents. I put in parentheses here, although maybe wait a few months for absolutely no reason at all.

Kelli  29:59 
Or maybe you just take You can nap

Chris  30:01 
You do love to take a nap in the Hall of Presidents gets a lot of guff and whatever, for the scene where we’re introduced to all the presidents. But there is actually a wonderful program that takes place before we meet all the Presidents on a big, huge, wide, wonderful screen. If that’s not your jam, it is air conditioned, and the seats are fairly comfortable,

Kelli  30:29 
right and it’s good nap.

Chris  30:32 
So, but here’s something else about the Hall of Presidents. I really hope that they bring this back they were doing it in 2019. But outside the hall, a president standing out in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom, above on above the marquee on sort of a ledge, you could be treated to great moments in history with the Muppets. So the Muppets would literally be up there above the Hall of Presidents marquee telling about a great moment in US history.

Kelli  31:04 
Now how cute is that?

Chris  31:07 
So there were two shows there was the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere that the Muppets would act or the signing of the Declaration of Independence and obviously it’s hosted by Sam Eagle.

Kelli  31:17 
I was about to say Sam Eagles got to be there. Oh, that’s fantastic.

Chris  31:20 
So hopefully they’ll bring that back. Because that is a really cute little way to celebrate. Yeah, it’s a lot for Yeah,

Kelli  31:29 
I’m for that.

Chris  31:30 
You know, I had these two things in one order, but I’m gonna switch them because it’s my list and I can do whatever.

Kelli  31:35 
Okay, calling an audible here.

Chris  31:36 
Yeah, because I think that most people would have what I’m going to have as number two as their number one. Okay, but I’m putting it as mine.

Kelli  31:43 
You’rereally building it up?

Chris  31:44 
Yep. The the fireworks either the firework shows at the Magic Kingdom or or Epcot. Epcot tags, their normal show with a short little patriotic firework show. But the Magic Kingdom actually does on July 3, and fourth, they have what they call Disney celebrates America, a fourth of July concert in the sky. Okay. Probably not going to do it this year. Because they just relaunched fireworks at all. likely going to be showing the happily ever after show. Okay, but normally on July 3, and fourth, they would have a special firework show just for the Fourth of July. And it is astoundingly beautiful as you might imagine. Yeah,

Kelli  32:31 
I can imagine.

Chris  32:32 
So get to the Magic Kingdom. Have your meal at Liberty tree tavern, check out the Muppets and then go camp out on Main Street for July 4 fireworks. My top thing to do to celebrate July. The fourth though, is to go see the voices of liberty absolutely must see the forest. On July the fourth, they come out of their colonial garb and they’re wearing red, white and blue modern attire.

Kelli  33:04 

Chris  33:05 
Right so a lot of the videos online, you’ll see that the women are wearing nice blue dresses, and the guys are wearing Navy slacks with red tops. But they’re still and then you know, the rotunda area is just decked out in all of its July 4 glory. And they do some special things that maybe they don’t always do, right. For example, there’s a there’s a something they call their echo set, okay, where the they’ll be performing their normal set, but then they will in that set with maybe the best thing to do by the way, I defy you to sit through a rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic by the voices of liberty and not get like completely flush with patriotic tears running down your face. I defy it, but you can go see it online. A million. We’re gonna we’re actually gonna post a link to one specific voices video. But this echo said they finished with the Battle Hymn of the Republic I believe. And the regular group is out there on the floor. And then they stopped singing but you can still hear voices of liberty singing and then they start appearing up above in the rotunda balcony there the whole there been other voices other voices singing up there and they then they pick up the singing and they come to the edge singing and and then all of them are singing together. Oh gee is is quite is how that sounds amazing is quite the thing. So that’s my top thing that I would want to do on July 4. I don’t think I’ll ever go to Disney again on July 4, just because I don’t want to melt but that will be my top thing.

Kelli  34:51 
I cannot believe you don’t have the American adventure show.

Chris  34:55 
Well, you know I was gonna put it on here. And I actually did put like a Double it and then go see the American adventure show. But I’m sick and tired of you giving me grief for the American adventure show.

Kelli  35:06 
I am fine with it. I see you. You do you. That’s what you like. I mean, I would definitely put that overhaul of presidents first of all American adventure show has even more comfy seats. It’s a much more comfortable area.

Chris  35:19 
Well, I’ll say this right after you watch the voices of liberty sing Battle Hymn of the Republic. Watch them sing golden dream. And then and then lock it down for the night because you were emotionally wasted.

Kelli  35:39 
I like your little plan that was really good. Yeah, I like that plan.

Chris  35:43 
Don’t waste the opportunity to to truly celebrate right it’s it’s the nation’s birthday. And you’re at Disney World.

Kelli  35:51 
Do it man celebrate July 4 there that is fantastic job honey. Well done. I like that.

Chris  35:57 
I always like the support. Alright folks, that is this week’s show. We hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July and safe holiday celebrating our nation’s birth. Have a great time.

Kelli  36:11 
Yes, absolutely. And if you’re at home on your day off and you think you want to see more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. If you missed last week’s Disney family of wines reviews on YouTube. There’ll be another one that comes out this coming week and I highly recommend those I think they’ll make great fare during the Fourth of July celebration.

Chris  36:37 
Absolutely, go check those out. Go sign up. In fact, subscribe to the YouTube channel supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast channel. Find us on all the other socials at SCFADP we’re having a great time out there these days. Absolutely. And you know what, subscribe to this podcast on Whatever method you get your podcast so that you don’t have to worry about downloading it every week please place the more the merrier.

Chris & Kelli  37:02 
Yeah, with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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