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Disney News (7/11) – the Incredicoaster at Disney’s California Adventure, and the 10 best places to get ice cream at Disney World

Episode 4

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In this week’s episode, Chris covers the storied history of the Incredicoaster at Disney’s California Adventure park and Kelli covers the 10 best places to get ice cream at Disney World. Friday, July 16th is National Ice Cream Day, so if you’re at Disney, be sure to get yourself some amazing ice cream!

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Show Notes:


Chris  0:28 
Welcome aboard Disney fam. Hello out there podcast family. We hope you are having an awesome day. We are. Welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:42 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:43 
So happy to be here today. We’ve got a lot of fun things to talk about. Yes, not the least of which is your fabulous new ears.

Kelli  0:54 
So exciting. I mean, I found them on eBay. $12.99. Okay, these are haunted mansion grim grinning ghosts ears, and so it’s not a bow across the top, the madam leotta ears have a bow. Okay, these don’t so it says grim grinning ghosts on the side here. And then my grim grinning ghosts across the top. Which by the way, is my favorite part of the ride.

Chris  1:19 
Of course.

Kelli  1:20 
They glow in the dark.

Chris  1:21 
It’s incredible. Because they got the guy with his head knocked off.

Kelli  1:26 
I love it so much. Excited about these years $12.99 on eBay. But they’re legit. They’re legit Disney with tag and everything. But anyway.

Chris  1:38 
Hey, we saw you this week. I can’t believe we haven’t named Savannah, Georgia before.

Kelli  1:44 
Wow. Hey Savannah, we love Savannah.

Chris  1:47 
A beautiful town.

Kelli  1:48 
It is.

Chris  1:49 
Montgomery, Alabama. Naugatuck, Connecticut is where this was. And Cartagena, Colombia.

Kelli  2:03 
Oh, now that’s fun.

Chris  2:05 
I know. I like for some reason that I’ve really loved seeing Cartagena, Colombia, I think cuz I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Jewel of the Nile. It’s one of my favorite movies. It is such an 80s thing. Yeah. And Cartagena is where the closing of that movie is.

Kelli  2:19 
So that’s awesome. Yeah.

Chris  2:22 
Okay, well, here we go. Let’s ready for the news. So just a general thing that’s happening out there. The US travel Association, which Disney is a major player in or has urged the US to open its international travel up to letting people come in from other countries.

Kelli  2:45 
I didn’t realize we still had that closed.

Chris  2:46 
Well, I don’t know how closed it is. But it’s closed enough that US travel Association feels like it should be opened up. Obviously, the Delta variant with COVID. Even in Florida, the rates are rising over 5% I think this week. And then but it’s even worse in the UK and some European Union locations. Probably Greece.

Kelli  3:09 
Don’t be mean to Greece. I love Greece.

Chris  3:14 
But these folks feel like they’ve they provided a whole framework around how it should be done in phases. And their argument is the we’re losing $1.5 billion a week, which equates to about 10,000 jobs. So yeah, I believe industry so you know, yeah. Anyway, that’s something so if they get their way more people come into Walt Disney World. So by the end of the year, all the resorts at Walt Disney World will be open. Okay. The whole slew of them. Polynesian is opening up July 19. Disney’s Animal Kingdom lodge in August, all star music in September, Port Orleans, Riverside and port Orleans French Quarter in De Pere separate dates in October. And the last one will be the All Star Sports Resort. On December the ninth, okay, then all the resorts will be open, right 600 and something days after they all closed? It’s incredible. crazy to think that. So I don’t know if you’ve heard about the idea that people staying at Deluxe resorts will get extended on select nights. You can stay in the parks later, right. DVC members will also get to take advantage of that, which is…

Kelli  4:29 

Chris  4:30 
I mean, I’m biased but happy. But Yay, happy for us. So DVC members, as long as they’re staying at a DVC resort or to Deluxe resort, right. We’ll be able to take advantage of that. Okay, awesome. Yep. Um, this is an exciting rumor. But right now it’s pure rumor. There appears to be some construction going on in that space between the transportation and ticket Center and the contemporary resort. Okay. The rumor is Could it be another monorail resort in the Magic Kingdom area there?

Kelli  5:05 
Oh, wow.

Chris  5:06 
And this is in the area where they originally wanted to do that Venetian resort or that Mediterranean themed resort. Okay, there’s some construction going on out there that but they haven’t announced anything would be big construction. That’d be a lot. But apparently an Imagineer was on a broadcast or something recently, the the story was always that that plot of land was a little too marshy. It was a super expensive. This particular Imagineer who’s fairly high up and is only semi retired says, Oh, no, they could build something there if they wanted to.

Kelli  5:40 
Wow. Okay, so that’s exciting. Maybe it was too marshy 30 years ago, but we’ve got to be technology and blah, blah. Who knows?

Chris  5:49 
I believe Disney can do anything. If you can dream it.

Chris & Kelli  5:51 
You can do it.

Chris  5:56 
Docking bay seven at galaxy’s edge in Hollywood Studios. I don’t know about on the West Coast has a refreshed menu.

Kelli  6:03 
But please tell me they didn’t get rid of the Kefta and Hummus platter. I saw that they added some things and I’m totally okay with that. But don’t take away my kefta and hummus platter. Don’t say it. You’re looking at me like they removed my kefta and hummus platter.

Chris  6:16 
They didn’t.

Kelli  6:17 
Don’t do that to me. You know how much I love that.

Chris  6:22 
I know man. It’s love how much you love that platter.

Kelli  6:25 
I love it so much.

Chris  6:26 
No, it’s still there. It was one of three things that for sure got spared.

Kelli  6:32 
Because it’s amazing.

Chris  6:33 
It is amazing. It really is amazing. Yes, it is. So yeah, it’s there. But a lot of the other stuff looks great.

Kelli  6:40 
Looks great. Docking Bay seven is amazing. I mean, don’t sleep on docking bay seven.

Chris  6:45 
It really is a great.

Kelli  6:46 
Great food in there. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, whatever. You need. Docking Bay seven. Way to go.

Chris  6:55 
This is cool. The flag retreat ceremony has returned to the Magic Kingdom.

Kelli  6:59 
Aww, nice.

Chris  6:59 
That’s a that’s a wonderful tradition. Yeah. I’m so happy for that. Hey, the Food and Wine Festival is back this week.

Kelli  7:08 
This week! So excited!

Chris  7:10 
So excited. This year. Looks like they’re going to be opening in two phases. Lots of booths as of the 15th. But then they’re going to introduce some new booths on to coincide with the 50th on October the first right. And then a phase. The second phase will start. They released like the American gardens theater bandstand lineup for the phase one portion. Okay. You know, the the la times they do the eat to the beat, right. Oh, yeah. Series. Yes. That’s still a possibility for phase two. Okay. But we’ll see. We’ll see. Harmonious will include a Moana segment.

Kelli  7:49 
Nice. Which it should, because she’s going to have a whole little water area.

Chris  7:54 
Yes. A whole little water area. Yeah. They release some pictures of harmonious this week, some testing. Okay. And there was a clear Moana theme. In one of the images. There was another image they also released, which I think is the section there is just general awesomeness. Okay. It looked amazing. So I cannot wait to see that. Okay, that’s exciting. Disney Land. Hey, did you know that we’re going to Disneyland in just a little under two weeks? Unbelievable.

Kelli  8:27 
Honey, the Excel spreadsheet. It’s surprisingly blank. You’re so far behind on that.

Chris  8:33 
Yeah, it’s just a little over a week.

Kelli  8:35 
But we can’t get any reservations at restaurants. We can’t book any fastpasses What are we supposed to put on the Excel sheet?

Chris  8:43 
We’re supposed to do that’s the that’s the that’s the issue there with the spreadsheet. They say that they for their Halloween offerings this year. They’re going to be doing the holiday like glossy gloss over the glow up what do they call it? I don’t know what they call that when they when they they up something glow up? I don’t think that’s what they call it. But in any case the the holiday Haunted Mansion…

Kelli  9:09 
Plus it, they plus it.

Chris  9:11 
That’s it they plus it. Thank you. That was gonna kill me.

Kelli  9:15 
I can see it on your face.

Chris  9:16 
Yeah, so they’re gonna do the holiday maker for Haunted Mansion guardians galaxy monsters after dark. Okay for Halloween and they’re gonna be launching the Oogie Boogie bash again in California Adventure Park. Okay, which is apparently a lot of fun. Oogie Boogie bash. You know, Ooogie Boogie.You know who he is?

Kelli  9:33 
It’s a person. He’s from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Chris  9:36 
He’s the bad guy.

Kelli  9:37 
I didn’t know he was the bad guy.

Chris  9:38 
Yeah, he’s really scary looking. Okay. You know how Disneyland has been dressing Loki in the Marvel’s adventure campus. They’ve been dressing Loki up and this this week they’re gonna launch president Loki from this last most recent episode, okay, where he was the one that had like the low key pin on his chest.

Kelli  10:00 
Oh, that’s funny.

Chris  10:04 
Alligator Loki. Oh, spoilers sorry, spoilers.

Kelli  10:07 
Oh my goodness.

Chris  10:09 
Um, Disneyland paris has introduced the Disney premiere access pass which is going to replace their Fast Pass plus all that this is you can buy passes up to a certain point for rides in the parks to skip those standby line. They’re also offering like for free what they call a standby pass, where he it’s almost like a combination of the old original Fast Pass where he just went and got a ticket that said, Come back between this 30 minute time period. Oh, okay. And sort of like that and reservation system, where you go online, and you see and they say, Here’s when we’ve got space, come back during this 30 minute period and come stand in line. Okay, so I mean, keeps I guess it keeps the standby lines shorter.

Kelli  10:54 
Yeah, whatever. I’m for that.

Chris  10:56 
Yeah, me too. I’m actually for both of them that the paid Fast Pass thing is getting a lot of like, debate online. I’m for it.

Kelli  11:03 
Yeah, whatever. People are willing to pay for it. I get that.

Chris  11:06 
Yeah, that’s right. Disneyland Paris will resume annual pass sales on July the 15th. That’s exciting. D23 Gold members will have the opportunity for a sneak preview for the new Jungle Cruise. That opens up officially next on Friday the 16th. They’re doing a soft opening now where you can stand in line and just go ride the ride.

Kelli  11:29 
Like an out of town preview.

Chris  11:30 
Yeah, that’s right. Just like that. But for $75 bucks, plus $7 shipping of you know handling fees. You can actually go into the park at like 5:30am you have a private you have breakfast served. You have a private panel with Imagineers, who go into great detail and answer all your questions about the the redo of Jungle Cruise. And then you get a private ride through Jungle Cruise with the Imagineers. Wow. And it ends at like 7:30am so you’re in the park way before anybody else. Wow. Yeah. Real quick. Black Widow launches the night we record actually. So hey, probably watching that later. A show called “What if” is launching. It’s a Marvel show. So excited about this.

Kelli  12:21 
I’ve seen some of that.

Chris  12:22 
And if you haven’t seen the teaser for Encanto watch it. Go watch it. I am truly excited about this movie. I don’t know why, but it just made me smile.

Kelli  12:33 
Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a good one. I hope so. They have recast it several times, but I hope it’s gonna be a good one.

Chris  12:39 
So also set in Colombia.

Kelli  12:40 
Yes. Colombia!

Chris  12:41 
Colombia. Are you ready for a Minnie Take now? Are you sure?

Kelli  12:45 

Chris  12:47 
Thank you to Sayara Santos, one of our listeners and Instagram friends gave us so many good discussion topics. We’ll hit on them in the coming weeks. This one was what is your favorite table service restaurant and all of Walt Disney World? It’s a really hard question.

Kelli  13:03 
It’s super hard because honestly, I have a favorite per Park.

Chris  13:06 
I know.

Kelli  13:07 
And there are some at each park that we try to book every time Yep. So to put to rank my favorites and find a top favorite is very difficult. Very difficult. But I’m, I’m gonna go with Skipper canteen.

Chris  13:24 
Okay. Sure. Favorite restaurant? I mean, that’s not fair to every ask that question.

Kelli  13:30 
It’s not really you don’t think it should be my favorite. It’s my favorite. I get to have my own favorite. Skipper Canteen has some amazing vegetarian meals. Their menu by the way is just phenomenal. It’s a really great really different menu. You don’t see anything else like that Magic Kingdom. Honestly, there’s not anything like that in a lot of places. I mean, it’s really a one of a kind situation. We almost always can get a reservation there. We have phenomenal service. I’ve love Skipper canteen. I just we’ve never had a bad meal there. Sure.

Chris  14:03 
I’ve had something different every time.

Kelli  14:04 
I have not. I’ve had the same thing every time and it’s been consistently good. I’ve had a different appetizer every time. How about that?

Chris  14:11 
That works.

Kelli  14:12 
They switch those out. Yep. Yeah, no, I love Skipper canteen. Okay. They fry tofu like nobody.

Chris  14:21 
That’s a fact. That is a fact.

Kelli  14:23 
Yeah, it’s good.

Chris  14:25 
I’m gonna I’m gonna have to go with just pure unadulterated pleasure. Put me to sleep is the way I eat there. Is Art Smith’s homecomin’.

Kelli  14:38 
I knew you’re gonna say Art Smith. I knew you were that’s why I went a different route. Yeah,

Chris  14:43 
I would have no shame. I would have said Art Smith.

Kelli  14:44 
It is phenomenal. Yes. It’s phenomenal.

Chris  14:47 
I know. There’s no way that we posted the picture on on the ground this week. Who was fried chicken are you I’m definitely Art Smith’s fried chicken. Yeah.

Kelli  14:55 
But you’ve gotten the fried chicken at Skipper Canteen. That’s how we had the picture.

Chris  14:59 
That’s right. Fried chicken with doughnuts. All right, you ready for Tomorrowland.

Kelli  15:05 
Tomorrowland. All right.

Chris  15:07 
Okay, so I’m feeling a lot of pressure to get some tomorrowlands in related to Disney Land.

Kelli  15:14 
Because they’re actually tomorrow.

Chris  15:17 
Also in two weeks they’re not going to be tomorrow and they’re going to be world showcases okay so I am talking today about the Incredicoaster. Oh yeah so the so when you go to California Adventure Park The Incredicoaster is highly visible. It is this big beautiful roller coaster that you see and all the pictures for for Disneyland California Adventure. So let’s go back in time a little bit. Disney California Adventure open because this thing’s got a little bit of a history considering how new the park really is. California venture opened on February the eighth 2001. One of the original I know. It sounds 20 years maybe. Yeah. One of the original rides on opening day was California screamin. Right. Okay. That was the roller coaster. When it was built. It was the eighth longest coaster in the world. Wow. Maybe it still is. It takes a good little over like a minute and a half to ride the thing I think 6000 feet long. 120 feet at its highest point with 108 foot drop. Wow. The coolest thing for me is the overall look. Yeah, it is a steel roller coaster. Yeah. But it is designed to look like the old wooden roller coasters in the amusement parks yesterday.

Kelli  16:43 
Yes. I love it.

Chris  16:45 
I absolutely loved I love the looks of it. Yeah. It’s the only coaster at Disneyland with an inversion. Was that mean? It goes upside down?

Kelli  16:55 
That’s it. Yes. That’s interesting. Because when you look at it, and it looks like one of those old wooden roller coasters, you don’t think it does that?

Chris  17:00 
Didn’t think it could do that? Right?

Kelli  17:02 
I didn’t realize was the only coaster with an inversion at Disneyland. Oh, it doesn’t need land. Okay. Okay.

Chris  17:08 
Yeah. And so the the big the biggest Hill used to have a Mickey Mouse head on it. And, you know, just as decor right? And the the inversion would happen in inside the Mickey’s head. Oh, God, right. And it wasn’t really inside Mickey’s head. It’s just that the inversion was situated so that from a distance, it looked like it was going inside of Mickey’s head. Okay. Um, so it’s one of the fastest coasters in the world clocking in at 55 miles per hour. In fact, this is one of those cool roller coasters that launches from a standstill. Oh, that’s cool. Right. So you literally go from zero to 55 in four seconds. That’s awesome. Aerosmith. Yeah, yeah, there’s just like Aerosmith. also said like, Space Mountain. So I’m wondering now, especially the one we ride but maybe

Kelli  18:10 
the one at Disneyland. Yeah. It doesn’t start from a stop it

Chris  18:14 
does. uses the chain system to pull you up a hill. Yeah. That’s interesting. So I’m interested to hear about the you know about that. Which space mountains of the world launch from a standstill,

Kelli  18:25 
right. That’s interesting. Yeah.

Chris  18:27 
So we actually last week, I think, no, two weeks ago, when I did the cars segment, we talked about how Disney’s California Adventure went through like a five year refurb from 2007 to 2012. Where they just they just spent billions overhauling the park. They spent tons of money on the cars area and ride right?

Chris  18:49 
Well, at that time, they took off the large Mickey Mouse head they put on a big sunshine and change the name of that area to paradise Pier.

Kelli  19:01 
Right. I thought it was Pixar Pier.

Chris  19:03 
It is now Oh gosh, right. It became paradise. paradise pier at that time. And then the loop would coincide with the sun on the okay in the logo or whatever. Then on January the a 2018, California screamin closed as part of what has now become Pixar appear. They turned it into The Incredibles and all of this was to coincide with the opening of Incredibles two. Okay. All right. So the sun is gone. And now it’s like a circle with the Pixar ball in there. And it says Pixar pier and the loop go inside that logo there. Okay, so Oh, very cool and storied history to only be around for 20 years. Usually they really don’t really build this thing up. And so the so let’s talk about the ride as it is today. By the way at one point. They even changed out the person reading the It instructions on when it was California screaming to Neil Patrick Harris just reading the instructions.

Kelli  20:06 
Oh my goodness. That’s random.

Chris  20:08 
So the ride as it is today, of course like all rides they have a story around it right? The story is there this is in the this post Incredibles two okay, right now the par family The Incredibles have saved the city multiple times now. And the city municipal org is honoring them by renaming and re theming the local amusement parks roller coaster Oh, how cute. And so we’re there as part of the grand opening. And we’re there the incredible families there and the mode is there and we’re all going from the renaming of this roller coaster. That’s fantastic. Yeah, it’s cool. The problem and like the pre show is interviews with the power family and how excited they are about the ride and all day. But jack jack and Edna are too short to ride the ride. So they had to wait in the VIP waiting lounge, which is totally been redone. And as there but as the ride starts for us jack check escapes which prompts a race around the coaster to catch him while he does what he does best. Which is to wreak havoc frankly.

Kelli  21:18 
Just burst into flames randomly.

Chris  21:20 
Exactly, exactly. So during the ride we go through a series of tunnels where the family is either trying to not get killed by jack jack or just trying to contain him the first tunnel is dash we see he’s barely dodging the lasers that are shooting out of jack Jack’s eyes The second tunnel we see maybe it’s your brother man the second tunnel we see Alaska girl stretching to try to catch him while Mr incredible offers him cookies. Oh which by the way check our Instagram feed we made those cookies. Cookies are so good and in the third tunnel violet is trying to contain flying baby jack jack with her forcefields

Kelli  22:05 
Oh my goodness.

Chris  22:06 
right cuz the whole thing’s full of flames and right we’re gonna get burned up right? So ultimately he ends up back in the room with Edna but now he’s huge baby jack jack and he’s torn up the whole room Oh while we zip in zoom across what is an amazing roller coaster ride oh my goodness I’m super excited about jack jack

Kelli  22:27 
He really needs a nanny.

Chris  22:29 
Really special very special nanny. A few fun facts about this ride Elastigirl in her sing in the tunnel she stretches 53 feet from head to toe tried to jack jack himself which I said jack jack so many times

Chris  22:51 
when you name a kid jack jack and then you ride a bike you say his name a lot he appears 19 times throughout the ride okay I don’t know if that includes all the like multiple versions of himself that he makes pop up during one part of the ride it took eight people to carry the MR incredible figure up to the up the coaster to his final spot where he’s offering cookies to jack jack.

Kelli  23:17 
Oh my goodness.

Chris  23:19 
Is there not a crane for that?

Kelli  23:21 
I mean I feel like there’s…

Chris  23:23 
a tool right there just the right tool makes it easier now according to some people online do not know the validity of this please message us and tell us if this is true. Let me know before we get there and 10 days when you pass by where Mr. Incredible is offering him cookies. Supposedly you can smell cookies.

Kelli  23:46 
Oh, that would be a nice.

Chris  23:48 
That’s a pretty good touch. If that’s the case that

Kelli  23:50 
would be a nice touch. And you know if we do that and I smell cookies were totally posted about it. Oh,

Chris  23:57 
that’s tricky. And I also going to buy some nomnom cookies.

Kelli  24:00 
Gosh, no, I don’t think I can’t eat another one of those for at least a year.

Chris  24:08 
Yeah, so yeah, so that’s the Incredicoaster.

Kelli  24:11 
Can I make a motion that we start calling Elastigirl Elastiwoman.

Chris  24:15 
Well just go ahead and write to somebody and make that motion Let’s call her, name Helen.

Kelli  24:22 
I don’t know. But she’s a woman she’s not a girl.

Chris  24:28 
She’s got a G on her shirt.

Kelli  24:30 
Change it to a W. She’s a grown woman. Or Her name is Ellen then change it to an E.

Chris  24:37 

Kelli  24:38 
I don’t think it’s Helen. Helen whatever make it an H.

Chris  24:43 
Sometimes the ride closes

Chris  24:51 
sometimes the ride closes early on nights when they’re having the world of color Show. I really had to close because.

Chris  24:57 
I want to see that. It’s one of my favorite segments that you did.

Chris  25:05 
Are you ready for your World Showcase.

Kelli  25:08 
So ready. All right. So in case y’all didn’t know, national ice cream day is this coming Friday, July the 16th. So I thought it would be fun to talk about the 10 best places to get ice cream at walt disney world. Now I have to, you know, freely admit that as I was putting this together today, I went and ate ice cream. Like, I want to apologize if this is a trigger for anybody. This is amazing. This stuff is amazing. Okay, so the 10 best places to get ice cream at Walt Disney World. These are in no particular order, because I think they’re all number ones. They’re all great. And I love them all. So we’re going to start at the beaches and cream soda shop.

Chris  25:53 
Of course.

Kelli  25:54 
Like you’ve got to start there. They’ve got that kitchen sink, if you haven’t seen it the $35 it’s got scoops of vanilla chocolate, strawberry cookies and cream and mint chocolate chips smothered in every topping they have. They also have that available in chocolate lovers or Neapolitan.

Chris  26:11 
Oh my gosh, I know I read the the ingredients to you guys recently and it took 35 minutes so it’s $1 for every minute it takes to read off the ingredients. Gosh,

Kelli  26:21 
Well it’s fairly amazing. They also have those specialty shakes that have to be the most instagrammable desserts in all the parts so whatever their specialty shake happens to be at the time. It’s $15 you can also get like a basic shake just a vanilla shake or chocolate shake or whatever for $8 and so I will say these are sort of expensive here beaches and cream, but I was pretty impressed by the prices of ice cream at some of these. Park Yes. Okay, so the last one at beaches and cream. By the way, it’s not the last one their menu it’s just the last that I’m mentioning as things you might want if you go to beaches and cream. This is the smores shake $13.25. Chocolate and vanilla Ice cream Aramula cream liqour, and creme de dark cacao, top with marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and graham crackers.

Chris  27:19 

Kelli  27:21 
Creme de Dark Cacao. That’s horrible. I’m so sorry y’all. Look, go to beaches and cream. They’ve got amazing stuff. Okay, those are the three that I see everywhere and that I would that I would be choosing from if I were you. Okay, next I’m going to move over to Magic Kingdom. We’ve got two places at Magic Kingdom one is obviously aloha isle. All right. That’s gonna be your classic dole whip. I personally prefer the dole whip float, which is usually $6.99. I like the the specialty one with pistachio cherry and hot chocolate. But you know you do you but I do like the dole whip float. Right now they have a Kakamora float with Tiki sipper which is $11.99 and that’s going to be your Dole whip vanilla with coconut on top of pineapple juice. Blue Curacao. Garnish with chocolate cake kakamaura cake pop. Served in a Tiki sipper.

Chris  28:23 
Kakacacamora Okay.

Kelli  28:25 
Served in a tiki sipper. You can get a lot of this stuff over at the poly the biggest difference is that the poly you can add rum or you can because you’re not in Magic Kingdom. So you know highly recommend a lot of times the Polly will test out some things at pineapple Lanai before they launch them like advantage Kingdom so it’s a fun place to go. Okay, the second place at Magic Kingdom is going to be again fairly obvious. That’s going to be your Plaza ice cream parlor. The Sunday there, you got to get it. The classic sundae is $6.99 has hot fudge whipped cream to hand scoops of ice cream and a cherry all served in a freshly made waffle bowl. And Frankly that waffle bowl that really makes it really is I mean, this is made waffle bowl. I mean, that’s the smell that’s whafting out…

Chris  29:14 
You know we talk about the kitchen sink but they’re really you cannot beat a simple hot fudge sundae in a waffle…

Kelli  29:20 
in a freshly made waffle bowl! I mean really, so that’s your to at Magic Kingdom, aloha isle or the plaza ice cream parlor. Okay, now we’re gonna move over to Hollywood Studios. So this is my personal favorite. This is going to be at Hollywood scoops. A personal favorite is the ice cream sandwich.

Chris  29:39 
Oh yeah.

Kelli  29:40 
Now it’s not currently on the menu because they’re still pared down because of COVID but when that ice cream sandwich is on the menu, it’s only $4.19 which is such an odd price point. But I’m telling you that is the perfect thing to eat while you’re waiting in line for fantasmic.

Chris  29:55 
It is very true, perfect.

Kelli  29:57 
Also great to grab before you go into Beauty and the Beast. Either of those are awesome. They also right now have a chocolate peanut butter explosion shake. Which is $9.49

Chris  30:10 
That seems like a deal too.

Kelli  30:11 
We’re gonna need to lock the freezer after I finish this segment. Chocolate ice cream layered with peanut butter sauce topped with whipped cream garnish with chocolate peanut butter crumbles and a chocolate dipped peanut butter cake.

Kelli  30:30 
$9.49 cents. That’s dinner. Man that is dinner. Screw veggies. That is dinner. Okay, so we’ve got another one at Hollywood Studios. Now I’ll be honest, you know, I did a lot of research on this. I looked at a lot of other like thing, top 10 top seven and top 10 blah, blah. I look just to see what they would say. Nobody said this one. And I’m like, epic fail. Yeah. Epic fail. The sci fi dine in theater. Yeah. And Hollywood Studios.

Chris  30:58 
You wouldn’t think you the average person wouldn’t think ice cream when they think of it.

Kelli  31:02 
Oh my goodness. That’s all I think about. They’re not offering their standard shakes, because of COVID. But when they have those, they bring them out to you in the metal cup. Essentially like two milkshakes and why really is and they’re so good. But right now what they have is a warm glazed doughnut with cinnamon apples taught with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce for $10. Oh, like the fact that nobody else had this on their list. I’m like y’alls lists suck.

Chris  31:38 
Yeah, they’re really doing some special ice cream work there at the Sci Fi.

Kelli  31:42 
They are now I’m gonna give a special mention to their vegan shake, which is $7. It’s non dairy milk and cookies topped with coconut whipped cream. It’s completely plant based. So now let’s head over to Epcot. We’re going to start in Italy. This is at the very new gelateria.

Chris  32:02 
Okay, okay.

Kelli  32:03 
So, first of all, they have waffle cones, cups, floats, all kinds of stuff with gelato, and then they have a section on the menu called creations. And so I’m gonna give you two of those. The first one is the Afogotta espresso gelato. This is $11.75 fresh Italian espresso poured over vanilla gelato. And Ammareto cookies. Gosh, this one hold it Coppa Delizia $11.75 fior di latte strawberry and cookies and cream jilani with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Hmm, I know. So they got some stuff going on there at the gelateria. Okay, and then now of course y’all know my love for France runs fairly deep.

Chris  32:49 
So excited to hear you say this.

Kelli  32:51 
So we’re gonna hit over first of all L’Artisan Des Glaces. I’m so sorry y’all. I’m sorry. I don’t speak french. If you listen to this podcast, you know that.

Kelli  33:09 
Okay, first we’ve got the ice cream Martini $13.95 you get two scoops with a shot of Grand Mariner, whipped cream vodka or rum. Okay, but don’t leave L’Artisan Des Glaces because they also have the macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich $7 you can get the chocolate or the seasonal Ice Cream Sandwich and when I see on Instagram is the strawberry all the time. Still don’t leave L’Artisan Des Glaces as you can get the croque glaces which is $9.50 This is one scoop with your choice of sauce in a homemade brioche bun. Pressed warm.

Chris  33:52 
This is like your next level Ice Cream sandwiches like almost like a fried ice cream.

Kelli  33:56 
Oh my goodness.

Chris  33:58 
That does look over the top.

Kelli  33:59 
I’m just gonna stay in L’Artisan Des Glaces next time. Yeah, but when you walk out, you’re gonna find the crepe booth. And there you can get a crepe with ice cream. And I’m just gonna say go ahead and have them put some of that chocolate syrup on top.

Chris  34:12 
Why not?

Kelli  34:13 
I mean, at that point if you’re totally stuffed from the L’Artisan Des Glaces. Okay, next, Animal Kingdom the Anandupur ice cream trucks. Not your average ice cream truck. Don’t sleep on this. They have a mighty mist soft serve ice cream for $5.49 strawberry and vanilla and a blue tinted white chocolate waffle cone. They also have floats. Okay, real quick. I’ve only got a minute left, at Disney Springs – Aristocrepes.

Chris  34:43 

Kelli  34:44 
bubble waffles, salted caramel bubble waffle $8.99, topped with chocolate ice cream pretzel pieces, whipped cream, crispy pearls and caramel sauce.

Chris  34:54 
Can’t get enough crispy pearls.

Kelli  34:55 
And now if you’re really craving the gelato Vivoli il Gelato at Disney Springs, the flavors and options whatever meats crazy, but they have this section on their menu called Bombolatos. This is a butter pecan Bombolatos $9.75 butter pecan gelato caramel sauce and candy pecans and a warm Italian donut. Mic drop. Now honorable mention goes to the boardwalk ice cream, which recently replaced Ample Hills Creamery. And don’t at me about Ghiradelli or Haagen dazs.

Chris  35:36 
There’s a new ice cream place coming to Disney Springs but

Kelli  35:37 
it’s not there yet. This is world showcase. Do not ask me about those y’all. Man.

Chris  35:44 
That’s true Bombolatos.

Kelli  35:45 
Mic drop.

Chris  35:48 
That’s the show for this week folks. Go out and get yourself whatever ice cream you can get your hands on right now we know you need it. And you know what? deserve it. You know what to do now though before you go get that ice cream. Go out check us out on whatever platform you get your podcast from and like us Subscribe. leave us a review it really helps us a lot.

Kelli  36:14 
It really does. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. We are going to have a bonus episode this week, we’ll be doing our virtual tour of the food and wine booth. You don’t want to miss it.

Chris  36:31 
Absolutely not keep an eye out for that. Keep an eye out for all the new videos. There’s a bunch more coming out here in the next couple of days on YouTube. So you can find us there at supercalifragilistic awesome listening podcast. subscribe to that channel, like us ring the bell all the things you’re supposed to do there. Find us on all the socials at SCFADP. And with that we hope to see you real soon.

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