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BONUS Disney Food Review: Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort

Episode 9

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On our last trip to Disney, we enjoyed an AMAZING dinner at Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort, and in this bonus episode, we tell you all about it. From the amazing branch-shaped bread you must dip in peppered ricotta to the secret vegetarian menu items and amazing desserts, this is a drool-worthy episode you don’t want to miss.

Two glasses of Chardonnay at Topolino’s Terrace
Wine menu at Topolino’s Terrace
Topolino’s Terrace Winter Cocktail Menu 2020
Topolino’s Terrace Ricotta and Bread
Topolino’s Terrace Secret Menu Item for Vegetarians – Custom Pasta Bowl! So wonderful!
Topolino’s Terrace Salmon with risotto and the most amazing artichoke hearts we’ve ever tasted.
If you don’t get this chocolate lava cake dessert at Topolino’s Terrace you’re making a HUGE mistake. Seriously.


Chris  0:00 
Hey everybody, welcome to a season three bonus episode tonight we are talking about Topolino’s Terrace is a brand new technically brand new restaurant that sits on top of the Disney’s new Riviera resort one of their new DVC resorts it just opened in December 2019. The restaurant opened right along with it shiny and pretty, it is shiny, it is pretty, the whole resort is beautiful. So this was this, this restaurant Topolino’s Terrace, Topolino is Mickey Mouse and Italian and it and the Riviera is is French Riviera Italian Riviera themed. And so that’s also the theme of the dinner service that they have is is Mediterranean Italian fare. And so the restaurant sits atop one of the towers at Riviera, and it’s got all these wonderful grand views of Walt Disney World Resort. In the morning, they actually offer a character breakfast from 7:30 to 11:15. It features a delicious fixed price menu including pastries, bread, quiche, sour cream, waffles, smoked salmon a lot more, and you’ll be treated to the amazing views that are a hallmark of this restaurant, as well as parades, Mickey, Minnie Donald and Daisy in artful outfits. So that’s always a good time. The charming cafe breakfast transforms into pure elegance for dinner service that’s inspired by the cliffside restaurants of France and Italy that look out over the Mediterranean. In this case, the views include the lake between Riviera resort and the Caribbean Beach Resort across the way and further in the distance you can enjoy views of Epcot and Hollywood Studios. I imagine the firework shows look amazing from this view. By the way, there is a technically a dress code for Topolino’s Terrace. But they’re not strict about it. They make you feel warm and welcome, just as you’d expect at Disney would. We came directly from Hollywood Studios for our reservation, wearing shorts and sweatshirt that we wore to the park. It was fine.

Kelli  2:06 
Yeah, they were really nice. They were really nice about it. And speaking of which location, location location, this restaurant is so easy to get to. So we were at Hollywood Studios. The day we went we hopped on the skyliner my favorite mode of transportation and popped right over to the Riviera. It was a lovely trip from Hollywood studios to the Riviera. 15 minutes total. Oh, it was relaxing. There was a breeze. It was fantastic. Highly recommend. It’s just so easy to get to this restaurant from really anywhere.

Chris  2:34 
Yeah, it really is. The real show here is the dinner menu. I was a little skeptical of how nice Topolino’s Terrace could be given that it is also the destination of a character breakfast not to take anything away from the character breakfast, but they can be wild and crazy. Yeah. So I wasn’t sure was this going to really reach the elegance standards that I might have been expecting. And truthfully, this is a step above any of the nicest restaurants you’ll find in the parks. This is this is definitely above even the Hollywood brown Derby or anywhere like that in the parks. This is a place that you will go and you want to feel like you’re having a nice meal. It was Yes,

Kelli  3:19 
it was very nice. So I’ll cover some of the menu. First of all, they have several antipasto things that are phenomenal. But what our waitress told us is that everybody gets the ricotta. It’s what we got. It was lovely, right? She was so right, that it came with a plate of ricotta with some aged balsamic tomatoes, cracked pepper and basil. It was just perfection was light and they served it with this these breadsticks that looked like a tree with branches. I can’t even explain it was kind of like

Chris  3:52 
pretzel bread but it wasn’t quite.

Kelli  3:55 
It was beautiful and it tastes really good. Oh it was perfect was perfection in bread which you guys know I love perfection and bread. And let’s just smear some ricotta on it. It was fantastic. So good. We didn’t have any of the starters but they do have several like a bisque and escargot if you’re interested in that. So again, like what you were mentioning, sort of top tier stuff there. You don’t get in a lot of Park restaurants. They have handcrafted pasta, so they make their pasta there in the in the restaurant every day. And so I as you guys know, I’m vegetarian and I had heard that there was a secret menu option that you could tell the chef you’re a vegetarian and he would make you a pasta. Like special like he would just whip that up. And so I asked our waitress and she was phenomenal. And he did. And so she told me I recommend this particular pasta. You can have one of these different sauces. And I went with an Alfredo sauce which was very light. It was perfect. And then some amazing amazing root veggies. Yeah,

Chris  4:55 
yeah, it was. Oh, it was beautiful. Good. I’ve never seen it was Alfredo But it was like this handmade like

Kelli  5:03 
perfect. And I told the waitress, they also have a bean casole there that is plant based and I was totally fine trying that. That’s also plant based sausage, trumpet mushrooms and root vegetables. I was sure that would be phenomenal. But I was really feeling pasta like I saw the pasta when we walked in and I was like, I really want the pasta. So she did a great job there. What did you get?

Chris  5:27 
Yeah, so I got the the salmon dish the king salmon Micuin. I’m sure I’m saying that wrong. This was the most luscious, beautiful, perfectly grilled medium piece of salmon sitting on a bed of artichoke Risotto. It was so precious. I mean, it was so beautiful. It was great. It was it was grilled perfectly. The the risotto was creamy and soft and luscious. These artichoke hearts I’m not an artichoke fan, but I was devouring these artichoke hearts. They were so good. So I mean I would highly recommend the salmon there it was it was perfect. And they also have they’ve got you know sole on the menu  they’ve got lamb shank and veal chop and a what appears to be a beautiful Filet Mignon. But then there comes the desert

Kelli  6:25 
there comes the dessert right and so we had sort of been saving up for this when we knew it was gonna be a great meal. We went with the chocolate lava cake now they call that the warm valrhona I’m sure I screwed that up chocolate cake with a caramel center Chantilly cream and raspberries. They also have like mousse and pistachio mousse chocolate cake. They have lovely desserts. I mean, I’ll say I didn’t think these were overpriced, right? The dessert was $14 that’s as far as you know, pricing goes I thought that was very reasonable. So the chocolate cake, the chocolate lava cake was phenomenal. There’s no other

Chris  7:04 
way to put it. So over the top

Kelli  7:06 
I just about licked the plate I would have

Chris  7:08 
if it hadn’t been such an elegant place

Kelli  7:10 
yet. We’ve and we were sitting in like a booth that was sort of like a semi circle. So we were facing outward and I would have felt bad about lifting the plate. But if we had been in more of a closed off situation, I’m

Chris  7:24 
gonna give that a shot. That’s amazing. Yeah, it was good. It was warm cake. It was fudgy chocolate cake and you crack it open and it just deliciousness all over the place. They had a little a little circle of ice cream there and then you just I didn’t even get to taste Chantilly. I went straight for that. So yeah, I can’t really I mean, I’m sure the pistachio mousse and the fruits of the forest are delicious. But get the chocolate cake. your your your waiter or waitress will not lead you astray.

Kelli  8:00 
It was great. And I mean I will say too We had a couple glasses of Chardonnay. I thought their wine prices were very reasonable.

Chris  8:06 
Yeah, we should have gotten the bottle. We should have gotten about we had enough. Yeah, glasses to pay for the bottle. And but

Kelli  8:11 
by that I mean two. Right. So prices were very reasonable. But ya know, the dessert, the food, the wine, the ambience, the location, the service. It was phenomenal. Absolutely.

Chris  8:24 
We’ll go back the service was perfection. I can’t say enough about how pleasantly surprised I was about the entire elegance that I’ve loved here. It’s my

Kelli  8:35 
new favorite. It was it was wonderful. Absolutely. My new favorite for top tier dining.

Chris  8:40 
Yeah, so So hey, if you want to see how not to do that chocolate cake, by the way, we actually tried to make it before we actually went on our most recent trip, and it was an utter catastrophe. The way they actually serve it Topolino’s Terrace is on point and much better than the one we made at home. So go check that out, too. In fact, follow us on all the socials at SCFADP on Instagram and Twitter. Go subscribe to us on YouTube supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. And with that, we hope to see you real soon

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Episode 9