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Disney News (1/3), Wine Bar George, and Relaxing on the Beaches of Walt Disney World

Episode 2

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Did you know there are at least 15 sandy beaches at Walt Disney World resorts and parks? This week, we tell you where they are and why you should visit. We also cover the amazing food and drinks at Wine Bar George in Disney Springs and answer our first “Minnie Take” – if you had to remove one country from EPCOT’s World Showcase which one would it be? Kelli voted to replace China with Korea and Chris voted to replace Canada with Greece! Join us as we begin Season 3 of the podcast and be on the lookout for an AWESOME giveaway this week!

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Show Notes:

Park Hopping is now active… 

The walls have come down from around the new fountain in  the entry plaza at EPCOT 

Physical Distancing Rules have been relaxed on a few rides and other rides are seeing Plexiglas barriers installed to hopefully increase capacity and reduce wait times 


  • Resorts With Beaches 
    • Coronado Springs Resort  
    • Caribbean Beach Resort (6) 
    • Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club 
      • This is where they also do their campfire activities 
      • Does the pool also count? 
    • The Dolphin and Swan 
    • Fort Wilderness has a patch of sand near the marina (good views of the water pageant) 
    • Disney’s Contemporary Resort (and Bay Lake Tower) 
    • Grand Floridian Resort and Spa 
    • Polynesian Village Resort 
  • Typhoon Lagoon Water Park 
  • Blizzard Beach 

    Wine Bar George:


Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hello there. Our podcast family Welcome to season three, three Welcome to 2021 blessedly, welcome to 2021 s. Welcome to our newest set of ears.

Kelli  0:59 
I really racked up on this last trip. You did but these are my favorites. These are pizza ears from the Italy pavilion at Epcot.

Chris  1:05 
And you you really at Epcot, specifically you racked up on some

Kelli  1:10 
I was trying to find some in each pavilion some really

Chris  1:12 
top heavy ears and these were you starving me saying we’re really comfortable. so comfy. I love these and I got the gangam at the kingdom we got we’ve got some we got a new sipper I see that you got here we’ve got some new members of the live studio audience.

Kelli  1:27 
I’ve got one particularly joining us here on my shoulder. I can’t tell you how popular he is. Walking around the park, so many cast members would say I love your child.

Chris  1:40 
That’s fantastic. A little weird.

So yeah, so we’re back is 2021 we’re super excited. since our last week. Last episode, we have been to Disney, we’ve experienced Christmas and New Year’s. And now I cannot wait to get going into season three because there’s some exciting stuff coming

Kelli  1:56 
Yes, absolutely.

Chris  1:58 
But as always, I took a gander at where we got our downloads from and in particular wanted to start out with two places where there are people listening to us that we absolutely love and adore Gastonia North Carolina. Shout out to our good friends there. And Buford, South Carolina effect lamb effect we love these people so much. Yes, we do. Also, though barberton, Ohio, Oak Grove, Oregon, okay. And I don’t know that I’m gonna say this right. lilienthal, Germany lilienthal, which is in Lower Saxony, in northwest Germany, not far from the North Sea. Okay. So hey, thank you, everybody who’s downloaded who’s listening who’s watching us on YouTube. We hope you’ll continue to hope you’ll invite friends. And we’re so excited for 2021

Kelli  2:52 

Chris  2:53 
So to really kick that off, we have got a super cool, big announcement, big announcement for a prize pack that we’re going to be launching this week.

Kelli  3:04 
Yeah, we’ve got a huge giveaway. We bought some really amazing things in the parks. This past trip with the idea we’re gonna do three big giveaways over the next four or five, six months. Yeah, this season. We’re gonna do three big giveaways this season. So we will not be doing the where’s it Wednesday contest. This is going to replace those who had a big, three big things instead of little weekly things. So be on the lookout. This week, we will have a video launching showing you what we’re giving away. It’s big stuff like about lounge flies. We’re talking about popcorn, buckets and ears and park specific merchandise. So be on the lookout for that because it will tell you how to enter. And all of the rules and details. That video will be posted on YouTube. We will share it on Insta and Twitter.

Chris  3:48 
Yep, absolutely cannot wait for y’all to see what’s in that prize pack. It’s gonna be really, really cool. Yes. So Okay, with that, let’s get rolling over to Main Street. A lot of news, I’m going to try to go quickly here. Park copying returned on January the first also, there are rules around it, you had to have a park reservation for at least one park that you do attend before you can park up. You Park hopping starts around two o’clock in either any of the parks but I’m sure that subject to change on any given day. It’s a good idea to call and there’s got a number that you can pick up in the parks to call the number to see if there is capacity at the park. You want to know that’s interesting. Yeah. So they made a really easy number that you can call when you’re there. And for Rise of the resistance, you cannot take part in the two o’clock. Like virtual queue sign up. If that’s where you’re Park hopping, that’s where you’re hopping that you have to have a reservation at Yeah, I think that’s Hollywood Studios. That’s a rise of the resistance. Yeah, there’s enough competition. We saw that while we were there. People stopped what they were doing it two o’clock and then there were screams of joy 201 our cries for tears. Yeah. So So Epcot we we’ve talked about a couple times, they they’re redoing so much of Epcot. And that that main entryway, they’re sort of throwing that back, there’s a lot more greenery, but spent a lot of attention on this new fountain now in front of the Spaceship Earth, they took the walls down, you can actually see that they literally took the walls down like two days after we left I know. But it’s beautiful. It’s it’s going to this beams of light coming up out of it. It’s just amazing. So they did a really good job there. They’ve been lighting up the barge out in the middle of world showcase Laguna for the harmonious fireworks and light show that’s coming that’s going to replace Epcot forever and illuminations. So they’ve been lighting that up at night. I’m sure that’s been exciting for those who have been there to see it. It’s interesting that in the parks, they have been relaxing some of the physical distancing rules on a few rides. So like on flight of passage, they’re now using all of the seats, so your elbow to elbow with anybody else on the ride with you. And the justification they gave was that CDC guidelines say you had to be within a certain proximity of someone for more than 15 minutes. And so the ride is now 15 minutes and you’re not really facing each other. Yeah,

Kelli  6:19 
I was gonna say that’s probably it is you’re not facing each other. So,

Chris  6:22 
but they’ve also been adding more Plexiglas to ride cars, in an effort to add more people to the cars and speed up the lines. Like it’s small world, they had not done that yet while we were there, right. And so they only had like two parties in those boats. With plexiglass, they should add more line moves fast. I think they’re setting it up to increase capacity again. Of course. In particular smuggler’s run needs to move faster. Rumi’s Ratatouille adventure feels imminent, it feels like it’s about to launch I saw some stuff on social media this week. And I was like, it’s about Yeah, they had some people like like testing it and previewing Yeah, stuff like that. I think it’s about the launch and yeah, they were about ready let people down that little passageway even when we saw but it does look like Tron and guardians of the galaxy. Cosmic rewind. Probably won’t launch for the 50th anniversary this year. Okay, probably go 2022 for those already.

Kelli  7:22 
Yeah, tron looked like it had a way to get a little ways to go. Yeah.

Chris  7:28 
This was true when I read this next one Gideons has opened in Disney Springs, but they have now re closed after 11 days for

Kelli  7:37 
unknown reason. Yeah, they didn’t say but you gotta assume it’s COVID speculation

Chris  7:40 
indeed. But they had like two and a half hour lines to get in there.

Kelli  7:45 
They were doing a virtual queue. Yeah, virtual key was had gotten up to four hours.

Chris  7:49 
Oh my word. Listen,

Kelli  7:51 
I would do it.

Chris  7:52 
We stopped Yeah, we stopped did the original Gideons on our way into town this past trip and those cookies are absolutely worth it.

Kelli  7:59 
I saw somebody say make sure you time your virtual queue properly because they only do the hot cookies and ice cream for one hour and one hour and you want to be able to time getting into the queue so that you get in the restaurant during that hour. Guys, so the math that goes into this seriously No, I

Chris  8:15 
think it’s worth just hope I get in there while I get the hot cookies and the ice cream. And within make sure that I take part in that

Kelli  8:22 
anybody that saying online it’s not worth the weight. You’re wrong. You’re wrong. You’re wrong.

Chris  8:26 
It just never I’ve never seen or tasted anything like it like what they are doing there. It’s it is straight up sorcery. Okay, so the resorts then the Mickey and friends themed decor for the Luna Park pool that boardwalk is up.

Kelli  8:47 
Yes. Thank you clown is down. God. That was the least that they could have done in 2020. Honestly, we did not need some kind of creepy clown in 2020

Chris  8:59 
it was time to go and it did. It does. It looks great. The kiester coaster looks wonderful, looks a lot better. The electric water pagent has returned to seven seas again. I don’t know you, but I like love it.

Kelli  9:13 
I love it.

Chris  9:14 
I think I love it the most because it catches me off guard every time. Yeah, I totally forget. It’s there. And then it shows up and I just get. I’m like six again. Yeah, it’s great. So that thing’s running again. So came out. And I loved it. So came out.

Kelli  9:29 
We watched it on the day it came out no spoilers, but I thought it was great. I’ve seen reviews online that didn’t like it. I loved it. I thought I think it’s an adult movie, but I really loved it.

Chris  9:39 
I think it’s I think it speaks to speaks to somebody. It definitely speaks to someone that’s 45 I can tell you that.

Kelli  9:45 
Yes. No, I think it speaks to someone middle aged. Yeah, maybe that’s going through a career change.

Chris  9:52 
Who could that be?

Kelli  9:53 
I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe

Chris  9:54 
me. Yeah, it speaks to it spoke to me. I’m not going through a career change but it definitely But it

Kelli  10:00 
spoke to me too for sure.

Chris  10:01 
I thought it was great. Hit just the right notes with me. Yeah. One division comes out on January 15. I really need to do some research on this thing. It looks bonkers. It’s the world’s one division one division is a Marvel TV show. It takes the Scarlet Scarlet Witch or Wanda from the Marvel adventure Avengers movies.

Kelli  10:24 
Like the Scarlet Witch. His name is Wanda. Yes.

Chris  10:32 
Yes, yes.

Kelli  10:34 
One not a very witchy name, you know, was not like a real hard name.

Chris  10:38 
You wouldn’t say that to her face. I wouldn’t. I’m just saying one of these numbers and I

Kelli  10:42 
was gonna be a really hard which

Chris  10:46 
Wanda? Her name is Wanda. And you wouldn’t say that to her face? vision so Wanda and vision they were saying right. Oh, okay. Their vision was the guy with this right?

Kelli  10:57 
Right. Not her name. They did not call her Wanda in any of those adventure movies. They did not.

Chris  11:04 
I would have thought that. I don’t know. I need to go and look at the backstory of what this thing was about. But it just looks bonkers. I had no other way. I have nothing. No way to explain what it’s like. It’s like they’re stuck in TV shows just like they’re stuck in black and white TV shows of the 50s and 60s and sometimes they’re stuck in like 70s Brady Bunch style TV shows. I don’t know I don’t I have no idea what’s going on with it. But Wanda vision starring Wanda envision so there you go. So that’s that’s it? I don’t know. I can’t I can’t tell you what it’s about. But it comes out

Kelli  11:44 
January show that came out in like the 80s or 90s that was similar to that. But not with superheroes. Like I can hear the theme song. Color in our monochrome. Now we laugh all day and spend our money we find this situation funny. Why does life seem so re runny? Hi, Honey, I’m home. What fun fact? I know a lot of TV.

Chris  12:13 
theme songs that you know actual names of TV shows.

Kelli  12:17 
But I swear it was about a TV sitcom family that was in a black and white TV. If somebody

Chris  12:22 
knows what she’s talking about, I’m going to look it up

Kelli  12:27 
in black and white TV show. That’s where they start and they got pulled out of the black and white TV show and put in real life. And so it was like them adjusting because they really thought they were the TV show. And so it was like them adjusting to I don’t have any

Chris  12:41 
idea. sounds fascinating. Oh, it might be your entire plot for watching.

Kelli  12:46 
I used to watch it in college for real goodness. I don’t remember the name. I will find the name it will be if somebody knows the name in the YouTube video. Add it to us and you get a sticker. Just saying half the TV theme

Chris  12:57 
song. Seriously. I’m blown away by that

Kelli  13:00 
while you were talking about it. I was singing the song in my head like what is the name of the show?

Chris  13:04 
I am blown away by that. That was awesome. Just off the cuff

Kelli  13:09 
all day and Spence my money. Situation funny. Why does life seem so funny?

Chris  13:22 
You got a skill set? Dude, that’s really great.

Kelli  13:26 
That is a special skill. So

Chris  13:27 
this this little mainstream segments coming to an end but we’ve got a new little segment. Yes. This season. No more trivia. No more trivia. Which I loved. I thought it was great. I was doing fine. No more trivia.

Kelli  13:40 
We’ve got it up negative honey that’s not fun.

Chris  13:44 
So point of view. This this season we’re doing mini Tex mini in in a right so so what this is is hidden deep within Christmas Mickey’s? It’s funny. We should have gotten a mini one should have gotten one but I didn’t see one. I didn’t see a mini Christmas bucket.

Kelli  14:08 
Okay, so many takes. Yes, random questions,

Chris  14:12 
random questions, hidden deep within Mickey’s head size here.

Kelli  14:17 
And so you’re just gonna pull one out? I’m gonna pull one out and ask it and then we’re both gonna give our answer. And obviously

Chris  14:22 
we’ve seeded these with questions, right? We don’t know what questions got no idea what questions gonna come out. But if anyone else, you’ll see what we’re about to do here if anyone else has any thing that they would like to see us? Yes. On. Just add us with a question. Yeah, it goes into the mini tech.

Unknown Speaker  14:39 
Yes. Okay, here we go.

Chris  14:41 
This week’s question is Oh, I know what you got to say here. Which nation would you remove from World showcase? What would go in its place? Okay.

Kelli  14:53 
Okay, so you’re gonna go first go for it. I would remove China. Now I want to say this is not Like, there’s no racist reasons behind this. I have nothing against China, except for the fact that there’s nothing to do in that Pavilion. Move on is hardly ever there. I mean, they do have what the, the dumplings that you enjoy. I do love the dumplings, right? Yeah. Right. You don’t ever balls at Animal Kingdom 10 times for you to get the Chinese dumplings. And China’s true, right? So blue line is hardly ever there. The only thing you can do in that pavilion is watch a movie in like this weird little movie place where vision,

Chris  15:33 
circle vision, whatever,

Kelli  15:34 
there’s like nowhere to sit. You do

Unknown Speaker  15:36 
have to stand up. Stand I

Kelli  15:38 
don’t want to stand up. You’re been walking all over the park. There’s not anything to do in that Pavilion. It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful civilian. But Japan is also beautiful. Right? I think Japan is gorgeous. Japan also has a store and a really cool Japanese Steakhouse. So there’s more. There’s

Chris  15:54 
a couple of different restaurants a nice restaurant,

Kelli  15:56 
yes, there’s more to there’s more to eat and more to do in the Japan Pavilion. And there’s just nothing in China, they either need to really beef that up and add more Milan, you know, cooler stores and cooler restaurants and really call it a destination or wipe it off the world showcase. And I think they should replace it with Korea. 100% I think they should replace it with Korea, because you would still be in that Asian theme because that’s over in the Asian section of the pavilion. But Korea is very distinctly different than Japan or China their food is distinctly different the culture is distinctly different. So I think there’s something you could do there that would distinguish it. I’ll be honest, I think a lot of people sort of blur Japan and China together in the world showcase

Chris  16:41 
so I’m not gonna miss anything if they decided to replace China with something else. I’m that’s not gonna be my answer, because that’s your answer. Hmm. But, but I’m fine with that. We can wipe away China replace it with Korea. I’m gonna go with Canada because I just don’t i don’t get enough bang for my buck in Canada. Yeah, no, not since they took out off kilter. Well, and and was that really Canadian? It was in the Canadian thing there but

Kelli  17:08 
whatever. That’s the only reason I went to Canada.

Chris  17:10 
Exactly. That’s my point. Right. And I mean, I like the little Maple drink they do at Christmas time with the with the with the Crown Royal one month a year. The butene is I could still serve that at the refreshment port they have right there near Canada. So that’s dead have to go away. Replace Canada and I’m going to steal something that actually Connor and Karolina actually said on the podcast, because it was just a great idea and great ideas. We need more of grease. Grease in the world. I think that would be so

Unknown Speaker  17:47 
that would be fun. Yeah,

Chris  17:48 
it was that was a great idea that really

Kelli  17:50 
cool. Santa’s rainy background. Yes. Oh, photo.

Chris  17:54 
Yes. So white stucco and, and they got those gardens back there. They’ve got like these foam mountains back there by counting the glyphs. Yeah, I think that that would be, that’d be a winner.

Kelli  18:06 
I like that idea. Yeah.

Chris  18:07 
Okay. So there you go. There was many take. Okay, so let’s move on to and until we’ll just thanks, Mickey, Mickey. Until next week, if you have any questions you’d like to see us, tossed back and forth. Feel free to add us with those questions on Instagram or Twitter. Yep, here we go. Tomorrow. There we go.

Kelli  18:24 
So I am doing one that we have talked about doing for a while now. winebar. George? Oh, good. I can’t wait

Chris  18:31 
to sit back and listen, you

Kelli  18:33 
might as well because I’ve got a whole list. So we were at Jacqueline Z’s when we were there this last trip. And it was fine. It was great. The drinks were good. The food was excellent. But the menu was pretty sparse from a drink or food perspective. And I found myself wishing there was more options. And winebar George has that. Okay, so Jacqueline Z’s, I loved you. But the next time we’re going to wine bar George. Okay, so first of all, it is owned by a master sommelier. George millo Tez. I’m sorry, George. I probably screwed that up. I did watch your video and how to pronounce it. But we’re just gonna call you George. It is way more than a wine bar. Okay, they have cocktails, food and everything looks amazing. So Disney food blog recently went during the pandemic to try out their you know, shortened menu. And they said every time they’ve been they love wine bar, George. Okay, but they said you would think it would be pretentious, but it is 1,000% not. Oh, okay. They call it a cozy yet modern vibe. Yeah, I think a lot of wine bars can come off as pretentious.

Chris  19:40 
a sommelier anywhere. Feels pretentious,

Kelli  19:44 
right. But if you saw George in some of his videos on his website, he’s not a potential summon a founder. Yeah, he’s very down to earth fella. So it opened in 2017. You have to follow them on Instagram. They are very droolworthy I love winebar Georgian Instagram. So we’re We’re going to talk about a couple of things. They have brunch, dinner and lunch. Now I can’t cover everything. So we’re just going to hit some of the highlights on these menus that I think are amazing. But so they have brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 1030 to two. Here’s some of the appetizers hummus. This is house made hummus with you get an amazing portion for a salad smoked salmon. And here it is people crispy mac and cheese bites. Oh, that sounds good. These are served on top Have you not seen these?

Chris  20:33 
I need to follow them and that

Kelli  20:34 
oh my goodness is certain type of tomato sauce. Sprinkle of pecorino cheese is a food blog describe it as perfectly crispy, creamy and Oso. Cheesy. And it looks phenomenal. They’ve got these bites at all their meals.

Chris  20:50 
Okay, okay, this is the you don’t have to go and brunch together.

Kelli  20:53 
No, no, no, this is the thing. This is the instagrammable dish when people Instagram and tag winebar George they’re tagging these mac and cheese bites, like and I just want to say thank you George because we need more wine and cheese pairings in our life. So he has three different cheese boards which I don’t have time to cover and then main plates so I’m going to run through the main plates for brunch because they sound phenomenal. Fried chicken biscuit with permitted cheese bacon relish and a sunny side egg. Did you hear me say committed cheese bacon relish? Yeah,

Chris  21:29 
he’s he’s borrowing but go ahead.

Kelli  21:33 
steak and egg fruits with siracha Hollandaise. No, I love Hollandaise sausage gravy and biscuits with bacon solid option. French toast with brioche bread marscapone cheese and caramel sauce. Oh

Unknown Speaker  21:48 
yeah. Here’s what I’m ordering.

Kelli  21:50 
And I’m telling you they got this in every meal. It but it’s different every meal. burrata.

Chris  21:55 
Yeah, you hear me say oh with a burrata with the burrata.

Kelli  21:59 
I love a burrata and again,

Chris  22:00 
cheese wrapped in cheese, man.

Kelli  22:03 
It’s a wine bar. Thank you, George. For more wine and cheese pairings. I love seeing a wine bar embrace the cheese side of things. This is what we all need in our lives. So at brunch it is a burrata with avocado bacon and ciabatta bread ciabatta bread. Hello, eggs benedict with housemade, chicken sausage, Hollandaise and a potato cake. Wine Country omelet with artichokes, asparagus, olive and tomato Medley and havarti cheese. George has cheese with like all of his meals. And again, I just want to say I think George is brilliant.

Chris  22:35 
They obviously

Kelli  22:36 
I think he’s totally brilliant. Okay, so they have desserts at brunch, which we all need more of in our life. an olive oil cake with candied olives and a lemon marscapone.

Chris  22:48 
Oh, that’s fascinating.

Kelli  22:50 
A key lime pie. Okay, but here’s what you want. The chocolate experience. This is a pairing demonstration of three wines with three chocolates. Hello, George. Chuck, this guy has my heart. We compare it with either chocolates or cheese. Come on in man. We got it on tap. Now they have several cocktails that I think are fantastic, but you need this one. The bacon old fashioned. This is a bacon washed Buffalo Trace. I don’t even know what that is. walnut bitters and aromatic bitters. I’ll probably get the wake up call which comes with espresso. Now they have frozen drinks, and they’re frozen drinks are complimentary if you purchase one of their corkcicle winebar George cups, which Hello Who doesn’t need that

Chris  23:41 
everybody needs more corkcicle in their life.

Kelli  23:43 
So they have some really cool stuff. They helped me to have a frozen but then they have a fro Scotto Mimosa with dole whip. And I froze you lay also on Instagram like if you follow them on Instagram, you’re gonna see mac and cheese bites and the cork sickles. Okay, dinner, a lot of small plates at dinner but they do have some entrees. So I’m going to run through the small plates. hummus, warm spiced olives for a salad, grilled romaine, crispy mac and cheese bites. shishito peppers, chicken skewers, grilled octopus salad, and Gohan. house made meatballs sitting in three cheese polenta. Thank you, George. Come on, man. More restaurants need to put cheese on the menu. You guys know that my love for cheese runs deep. And George is just singing to my heart. It’s true.

Chris  24:39 
I mean, he paired meatballs, but basically cheese grits.

Unknown Speaker  24:43 

Chris  24:44 
Come on.

Unknown Speaker  24:44 
Come on. Nobody

Chris  24:45  
ever done that before.

Kelli  24:46 
Here we go for dinner burrata with seasonal tomatoes and olive oil. Thank you, George. I can get a burrata at any meal. I had to look this one up sagen Yaki on Fire I know what this is. This is freakin flaming g it is flaming cheese. so crazy waiter sets it on fire table side and then squeezes a lemon over the top of it is served with crostini. Now this looks like a massive block of cheese Can I get the second Yaki on fire and the burrata and then whatever was he wants to bring us right bring me any wines you want. I love George this man knows cheese, and he knows how to parent with wine and I’m for it. He’s got cheese plates at dinner two entrees, short ribs with red potato mash and Carmela has veggies, chicken breast with mushrooms and a Yukon hash. Okay, at barraco pork tenderloin with Black Eyed Peas, braised chard and porcini mushroom sauce. They also have family style plates, skirt steak with roasted potatoes, seasonal veggies, grilled Greek sea bass. their lunch menu has a lot of the small plates as the same as the dinner menu but then a few entrees are more like lunch eat. Yeah, chicken salad sandwich with housemade chips, a BLT plus C on brioche. Now when I used to eat when I used to eat meat, that was my sandwich, I would get a BLT and I would tell them to add cheese and I used to always say guess what BLT is always the cheese. George understands that George is my man. A BLT needs cheese and please let’s put it on brioche. He also has steak fruits. Now here’s the cool thing. They actually have a counter service window under the upstairs seating area. Ah, and it’s called the basket. Now the basket plays the basket has some really interesting pairings. So at the basket, you can kaiso fries with frozen. Oh gosh,

Chris  26:49 
I love this guy. This guy. How did we not do this while we were there.

Kelli  26:54 
You can get you can get this honey buffalo fries paired with Frodo lay. They have some other things to go and some other drink options. Here’s the cool part about the basket. If you spend $60 or more, which is fairly easy, because those two little matches were 20 to $21. Okay to show you as easy, you spend $60 or more they actually give you a picnic basket. So they have other things like other to go things that you can get like already. They have a kid’s menu, but why would you they also have a really cool looking cocktail menu. An amazing wine menu with wines on tap. And they’re organized by whites, reds, champagne, outstanding whites, outstanding reds, and experiences. Now the experiences range from like 65 to $250. These aren’t necessarily flights. Some of these are like two ounces, or $250

Chris  27:53 
word so those okay?

Kelli  27:56 
And then there’s a section called Georgia’s finds

Unknown Speaker  27:59 
find find is

Kelli  28:01 
Yes, they’re not all expensive. Some of those are very reasonable. Okay, that makes sense. He also has a current cocktail that he found somewhere that he’s really into, I think called the hoot. It’s on every menu.

Chris  28:13 
I love George I can’t believe we didn’t do this.

Kelli  28:16 
I think it was a failed honey. And I’m sorry. Jacqueline says was great. This sounds amazing. I’m in love with George.

Chris  28:23 
Why wouldn’t you be everybody should be okay, awesome. Awesome. That’s a great way to start. 20 All right, here we go. So I’m gonna I’m just you know what, I’m gonna ease into 2021 Okay, I

Kelli  28:37 
mean, I went full bore. You did?

Chris  28:40 
I am. have already we’re done with Christmas. We’re doing new year. I am miser on spring and already come in with spring for me. Beaches. Okay, I love a beach. Okay, the feel of the sand between my toes. And so I decided to just take a look at and also on our last trip. I took a couple of mornings while we were at Polly and I just walked down the beach. Like I took the long way over to Captain cooks. So that I could take a stroll on the beach. And I found that I just I loved that. So what how many of the places or how many of the resorts at Disney have beaches?

Kelli  29:22 
Oh, that’s cute.

Chris  29:23 
Yeah, so so I’m just gonna run through the list of the resorts, that beaches and some of my favorite things to do on the Disney beaches now. Okay, that’s fun. Yeah, so Coronado Springs Resort, which is, by the way, I think that’s a I’ve never even been over there. But I think it’s a highly underrated resort. It is sprawling, it’s got a lot of restaurants. It’s got a tower. It’s got some, you know, some more spread out buildings. But they’ve got a beach and one of their in front of one of their older buildings. It looks like a pretty large beach that you can go and sign yourself. Have we

Kelli  29:57 
ever stayed there? No.

Chris  29:58 
We’ve never I’ve never I’ve never been through the gate there, huh? And but it’s and they got a nice convention center there. So I know a lot of conventions happen to Coronado springs, okay, but they’ve got a beach on their lake. Obviously the Caribbean Beach Resort, they got six beaches on in front of all every one of their resort areas. If you don’t know, the Caribbean beach is organized in like over 50 separate buildings and the buildings are clumped into, like islands islands, right? So you’ve got an area that is Martinique, an area that is Aruba, north and south Trinidad. Each one of those Island groups has their own beach on though I did not realize that yet. They each have their own beach. So if you’re staying in South Trinidad, there’s an area you can go and sit on a beach there but you’re not going into the water. You’re not going into the water,

Unknown Speaker  30:57 
right? alligator there’s

Chris  30:58 
alligators and you know there’s been some attacks from alligators in in recent years some horrific ones. So all the beaches now actually haven’t seen fencing. Yeah, and tell you to be aware. Yes, they’ve always had signs up anyway, but they’ve actually put up fencing but I found that for the activities that I like to do on the beach there that that doesn’t really mess up anything in terms of ambience or whatever. But yeah, so Caribbean Beach has got six different beaches. And then there’s there’s one of them is right there off of the main pool. They’re at their Port Royal House or whatever. Okay. The yacht and Beach Club. Obviously they’ve got a long beach right there on the water across from the boardwalk and you walk a pathway along the beach there guys you got to Epcot, so they’ve got an end does the pool there also counted as a beach Yeah,

Kelli  31:49 
it does. Thank

Chris  31:50 
you had to count that as a walk in pool there’s a slur sand the sand bottom pools and walk in bottom. All right. So I have to count that as a beach love

Kelli  31:57 
a sand bottom pool. Yeah.

Chris  31:59 
Yeah. The dolphin and Swan it appeared and I’ve never been really over there. But it appeared on their maps like they’ve got a beach which I think is pretty interesting. right between them. Right? fort wilderness has a has a patch of sand. They have a they have a very small beach right near their Marina. So when you take the ferry for the Magic Kingdom to Fort wilderness, like you’re going to see the hoopty do Music Review, right? There’s a there’s some sand there’s a sandy beach there right off the marina so that it counts, it counts. I don’t know if a lot of people realize that the contemporary resort actually has a pretty nice sized beach on the backside of their resort facing Bay Lake away from Magic Kingdom. I did not realize Yep, on the side of the contemporary where their pool and their fire pit and all that stuff is they’ve actually got a beach out there.

Kelli  32:52 
We didn’t go over there. And we stayed it by like we didn’t

Chris  32:54 
know we didn’t go over to that part of the grounds. No,

Kelli  32:59 
but it was Christmas time

Chris  33:00 
it was Bay Lake also has a small beach dedicated to right off there. Oh, that’s cute. And they all face away from the Magic Kingdom. And then of course you’ve got Grand Floridian has a beach. And in fact, I don’t know if you can actually do this but it honestly looks like you could walk on sand from the Grand Floridian down there beach all the way to Polynesian and just keep walking. Wow. Yeah. So I don’t know if that’s actually possible, but it looks like it. In any case Grand Floridian it’s got a nice sized beach, and then Polynesian except for where their Marina is. They’ve got sand they’ve got they’ve got a nice beach

Kelli  33:40 
amazing Adirondack chair. Yeah, great. volleyball court.

Chris  33:45 
They’ve got a volleyball court a lot. A number of these places, actually. firepower volleyball court. Yeah, Polly’s firepit most of these resorts all, almost all of them have a fire pit because most of the resorts do like s’mores or campfire readings. A few times a week. Every week they use these fire pits, right? But Polly’s is right on the beach. Yeah. And that’s that’s really nice. Nice. So and also two other beaches are that are not really resorts but typhoon lagoon. entire place is almost sand. And then there and then of course, it’s a big sprawling beach as it goes into the type of the right there wave pool there. And then Blizzard Beach has a nice sized beach going into their wave pool also, right? It’s not a resort so you can’t really take an early morning stroll on the beach, or do the nighttime activities there. But it is technically a beach. Yeah, I

Kelli  34:41 
think Polly’s probably my favorite. It feels the most like a natural beach.

Chris  34:45 
It feels the whole place feels tropical and it feels like I mean Florida’s tropical air. So any one of the beaches that you just decide to sort of chill on. You feel? You feel like you’re already Yes, yeah. But so some of the things that that specifically that I think you’re underrated activities, people don’t take the time to do them enough when you’re in the hustle and bustle of an average Disney trip is a those walks on the beach in the morning. Yeah, we’re

Unknown Speaker  35:15 
I mean we’re guilty.

Chris  35:16 
I’ve we are I did that this last time I made an effort just to go out there and take a stroll on the beach. There’s usually Music Playing because there’s always music playing. And it’s nice, it’s quiet, it’s a really great start to have what’s ultimately going to be a busy day probably. Specifically right now during pandemic because the parks are closing earlier, it actually opens you up to some nighttime activities that you might not normally consider doing. Sure. One, they’re not doing a lot of these right now because of pandemic but firework watching. That’s a big one at the beaches, especially at poly.

Kelli  35:55 
poly to the Magic Kingdom firework, we’ve

Chris  35:57 
watched the Magic Kingdom fireworks a couple of times from the beach at Polly and there’s a couple different experiences if you’re if you’re away from the pool where you can be well away from the pool and still be on the beach. You watch the fireworks, it’s beautiful. But if you’re actually near the pool at Polly, when they’re doing the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, they actually sink the music at the pool to the music that’s taking place in the park right which is a really cool thing.

Kelli  36:23 
So you can literally be in the hot tub. You can watching the fireworks and hearing this

Chris  36:28 
music you can you can and then oh I need to get out of the hot tub and we’ll put my feet on in the sand a little bit to watch these fireworks

Kelli  36:35 
but so one time you and I accidentally did it. And then the other time we planned it like we took our Adirondack chairs out there we got good spots. We had a lower level room. We were away from the pool. We had dinner. So one of my

Chris  36:49 
It was my one of my activities was actually dinner.

Unknown Speaker  36:52 
It was fantastic dinner on the beach.

Chris  36:54 
I actually put we ordered room service at Polly once and carried our deck furniture out to the beach in front of our building, ate dinner at a late dinner and watch the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom sitting on the beach and another couple did it too. They didn’t do it and they put stuff out there too. Yeah, that’s a lot easier to do when you’re when you’re on the first floor. Yeah. But there’s there’s furniture out there.

Kelli  37:15 
Oh yeah. There’s amazing Adirondacks and plenty of them.

Chris  37:17 
Yeah. So that that is absolutely something to do is to grab a quick service meal from somewhere. Go sit in the furniture on the beach at Polly watch the fireworks. You can do the same thing on the beach at the yacht club. There was one night while we were staying there. While you were at the pool area. I actually went out to the beach in front of the yacht club and was able to watch the fireworks at Epcot. Oh wow. And then literally turn around and see some of the fireworks that go up for fantasmic Oh, Hollywood Studios. So So firework watching from the beach pair that pair any of these would dinner on whatever beach because all of these beaches, you can get to a quick service by the pool. Yeah, pretty quickly. Maybe Caribbean beach. It’s tougher. The other one is the electric water pageant. Sit on the beach and watch the electric water pageant from Grand Floridian from Polly from for wilderness, contemporary. All of them offer wonderful views of the water Paget. Yeah. So So that’s, you know, that is an under appreciated aspect. It does. It’s a lot of effort to maintain a beach every day you go out there on the beach at Polly and it’s re sweat so that it’s pristine. Oh, everything. It’s so chairs are arranged, basically. Yeah, I think it’s under appreciated. And it’s something to take advantage of more. You’re right.

Kelli  38:39 
You’re totally right about that. So yeah, well done, honey. I

Chris  38:42 
really like that. Awesome. So there you go. Yeah.

Kelli  38:46 
So one thing I want to say about the beaches is if you’ve got a kid that’s sensitive to light or sound or large crowds, watching fireworks on

Chris  38:54 
the beach is a good idea is a great idea actually.

Kelli  38:58 
Or maybe you have a wife that’s sensitive to Mars.

Chris  39:03 
I wouldn’t know anything about that. But very good points. Yeah, great point beaches are relaxing. So there you go. In the can the first show of 2021 first show season three. So excited about it. And hope you all enjoyed it. If you did you know what to do. Go out to the iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts subscribe, give us a rating and a review. It really helps us collect listeners.

Kelli  39:32 
It does. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This season comes with more bonus episodes. So this week we’re going to be posting a bonus pod and bonus YouTube video reviewing our dinner at totally nose terrace.

Chris  39:52 
That’s right. Keep an eye out for that on the website. Keep an eye out for it on our Instagram. And Twitter feeds. Follow us there. chat with us there at SCFADP. The more the merrier. Yes, we would love to hear from you. And with that we hope to see you real soon.

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