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Disney News (5/16), Lucasfilm Easter Eggs at Disney Parks, and Why The Princess Bride is Amazing!

Episode 21

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This week is all about film – really awesome Lucasfilm Easter Eggs at Disney Parks, and The Princess Bride! You may be thinking – “What does The Princess Bride have to do with Disney?” We’re glad you asked! This month, The Princess Bride is celebrating 1 year on Disney+, and if you haven’t watched it, WHY??? Seriously, watch it. All that and more, on this week’s show!

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Show Notes:

Disney News:

Refurbishment coming to DVC rooms at Poly including the Bungalows

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser construction completion set for Jan. 2022

Disneyland Paris to announce re-opening date “very soon”

Returning to normal: Trash can lids

Easter Eggs at Disney Parks:

The Princess Bride:


Chris & Kelli  0:05 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas. 

Chris  0:44 
Hello out there podcast family. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:47 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:48 
And welcome to this week’s show. So excited to be here. Your donning the weirdest I mean, Yoda ears ever that like the other ones better.

Kelli  1:02 
Okay, I think these are Grogu ears. Okay, I don’t think they’re Yoda ears.

Chris  1:06 
They’re Grogu. The other ones are are actually Yoda years. Or Yoda ears and I’m sure I’ve got some gray hairs or the ears…

Kelli  1:13 
…hair sticking out of the ears. I’m gonna wear them again. I’ve worn them before. They’re fairly fragile.

Chris  1:20 
The ear hair specificly.

Kelli  1:21 
Yeah, the ear hair is very fragile. So these are more sturdy years. I think they’re really cute. They’re super comfy.

Chris  1:29 
Okay to wear around so they’re comfy and keep your ears okay. Yeah, I think I saw the pups were wearing them.

Kelli  1:36 
They tried them on earlier for Instagram. I thought they hated them pretty much every second.

Chris  1:42 
Well, they look great on you. Thank you. Um, so this week, we had downloads from Auburn, Maine. Ah, Auburn, Maine, and Asheville, North Carolina. Oh, yeah. I’m happy to see Asheville. I have a special place in my heart for Asheville.

Kelli  2:01 
I know, I love Asheville.

Chris  2:03 
Manhattan! I also have a special place for Manhattan.

Kelli  2:07 
Live show there! People I know it would be great.

Chris  2:11 
And Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nice. Yeah.

Kelli  2:14 
No, I’d like to go there.

Chris  2:16 
 I don’t know about Auburn, Maine. Maybe it’s lovely. But I’d like to go to all these.

Kelli  2:19 
Absolutely. Absolutely. And it does all sound great for a road trip, for sure.

Chris  2:25 
Um, the contest is ongoing.

Kelli  2:29 
The contest is ongoing. So on YouTube, yeah we’ve got it out here. You know, I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough conversation out there regarding the lounge fly bag. And so I’m gonna pimp that out a little bit. Because I think, you know, that’s normally sort of the draw for the contest. And I don’t know that people fully appreciate how awesome this Grogu bag is. Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. So we’re gonna, I’m gonna do some, some work on that here in the next couple days. Okay, it’s really, really make that’s out there.

Chris  3:00 
Talk that up a bit. Make sure people really understand how awesome this is.

Kelli  3:05 
Yes, exactly.

Chris  3:06 
All right, that seems fair. You’re ready for some Main Street?

Kelli  3:10 
Let’s go to the news.

Chris  3:12 
So this past week, Disney had their investor call their regularly scheduled investor call and Bob Chapek said a few very interesting things. Number one, the they have a metric called intent to visit, which I love. This is right in my data analytics wheelhouse. Intent to visit metrics that they track are back to pre pandemic levels. So they’re seeing intent to visit match what we saw in 2019. Yeah, So I love that. I’m just so happy that people are are feeling not just seeing that light at the end of the tunnel, but feeling that light. All right. Yeah. He also hinted at face coverings could go away by summer. Now, interestingly, today, well, on the day we’re recording, universal eliminated their mask mandate.

Kelli  4:07 

Chris  4:08 

Kelli  4:09 

Chris  4:10 
For vaccinated people. And so, I don’t know, I don’t know how we’re gonna tell how they’ve asked who’s right.

Kelli  4:16 
I mean, you gotta show proof of vaccination?

Chris  4:18 
People are not sure that they’re not going to. Right, that’s gonna be an honor system thing, I bet. But in any case, Bob Chapek says, probably by the summer, he is he didn’t say it in so many words, but he said, I think people are gonna feel a lot more comfortable in the parks this summer, considering the heat. All right. And he also mentioned that capacity levels, you know, last we heard capacity was at 35%. He sort of mentioned that capacity levels had been increasing already. People sort of felt like the parks had to increase capacity, right. But he didn’t say like to what point capacity levels were right. They’re right. So there you go. So that’s the big news that came out of the investor call that and they managed to they lost a bunch of money but they’ve they’ve managed their money well through this time. Sure. It’s what we’ve basically learned. Sure. Well, this is Disney World Guest Services Twitter account has relaunched. That’s good news. At WDW Guest Services, okay has relaunched. It has been down since March of last year. So that that’s, you know, one of those little nods towards things are coming back around, right. And I don’t know if we ever give enough credit to things coming back around to the way they were.

Kelli  5:43 
I know. I know.

Chris  5:44 
It’s just what we went with the whole world has been through just Yes. just seems like a blur. Yeah. The Walt Disney World college program, acceptance letters went out. I don’t know if this is important to anybody else in the world. But I I love this. Yes. I think it’s great. I love the college program. I love the idea of it. And they are expecting June 14 arrival day. That’s fantastic. college kids coming on campus get for them. That the housing will support gender neutral housing this year. Oh, wow. That is cool.

Kelli  6:17 
Well done Disney.

Chris  6:18 
So yeah, you you choose gender neutral housing, then you may anybody from any gender can can be in those rooms. They are set aside as gender neutral housing. Right. But it’s, it’s cool. It’s it’s progressive thinking. Yeah. refurbishment is now coming to the DVC rooms at Poly. Ah, okay. So which, you know, you could sort of expect I guess, right, they weren’t going to make the whole resort Moana themed and leave out the Disney rooms in the bungalow, the DVC.

Kelli  6:54 
Yeah, yes. I assume they were already doing those rooms.

Chris  6:56 
They were not.

Kelli  6:58 
Because they were nicer, I guess, than the bungalow?

Chris  7:00 
They? Well, no. Well, the DVC and the bungalows, the bungalows are out on the water.

Kelli  7:05 
Okay. So they were nicer than the standard rooms.

Chris  7:07 
Yeah, they’re larger. They’ve got the extra bathroom. But the theming is now totally different from what it was. Yeah. So though, they’ll bring those I think now up to speed. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with DVC. reservations. Yeah. Because, you know, when I go to Poly, I expect to have that extra bathroom. Yeah. So we’ll see. I don’t know. Um, they’ve also accelerated the construction on the entrance venue. The main entrance to poly is they’re speeding that up to get it done. Okay. Star Wars galactic starcruiser construction is they’re saying it’ll complete in January 2022. So I think that’s a little bit later than they originally intended. But okay. So you know, start saving up.

Kelli  7:56 

Chris  7:58 
Scott, Scott gustan, who we follow on Twitter, we love him. I highly recommend following him and Brooke Gyger McDonald for any Disney fans. Really anything? fans but there’s particularly great at Disney. He caught harmonious testing like from outside the park the other night.

Kelli  8:21 
Oh, wow.

Chris  8:22 
So you can see sort of in the distance the lights and you can hear the harmonious music Okay, for the for the new show at Epcot.

Kelli  8:28 
I mean, as big as those barges are he was probably, you know, 20 miles away.

Chris  8:34 
Yeah. And just a few nights prior to that there was Epcot forever testing. That’s exciting, because that suggests that they might actually run Epcot forever again before they launch harmonious.

Kelli  8:49 
Because harmonious launches October the first October 1 for the 50th.

Chris  8:53 
That’s right. That’s right. And so the question my question was, will they just leave all of this down until then? Well, it doesn’t sound like it now.

Kelli  9:04 
Yeah, I’d say no.

Chris  9:07 
Disneyland Paris to announce Park reopening very soon. Air quotes very soon. Very sad for the Parisians.

Kelli  9:17 
Paris, see you in 2022.

Chris  9:20 
I hope so.

Kelli  9:20 
I hope so too.

Chris  9:23 
For me and you especially. It’s gonna be their 30th anniversary and they’re making some updates and things like that and hopefully things go back to normal. And yeah, that’s that’s my hope right now. Hopefully they’ve got that castle in order. Yeah, by the time because it’s you know, it’s covered in scaffolding.

Kelli  9:40 
Right now. I want it to be perfect Paris. Perfect.

Chris  9:45 
Want it to be perfect, man. Hey, this last little segment is just like, so ridiculous. But again, it’s one of those little things that says we’re getting back to normal. The trash can lids or flaps are coming back. In the hilarious, yes, it is. The last time we went to bring that full circle the last time we went, the trash can flaps had been tied back so that you you didn’t have to touch them.

Kelli  10:16 
But I mean, I’ll just say I kind of liked it.

Chris  10:18 
I know because it’s trashy.

Kelli  10:21 
But I’ve got to believe that it does help with you know, sanitation to keep bugs in such out of the trash cans and, you know, smells or what have you. But I mean, they’re emptying those trash cans like every 30 minutes. I mean, they are on it. And so I kind of preferred them being up, I thought it was a better experience.

Chris  10:43 
Your trash throwing away experience was better.

Kelli  10:46 
It was better, because I wasn’t worried that I was gonna have to touch the can. I don’t think people realize that’s something I worry about. You know, chick fil a has launched those new cans that are like auto where they sense that you’re there and you don’t have to touch them. I appreciate that chick fil a heads up. And so I mean, I’ll just say it for somebody that’s a germaphobe like me, I appreciated the trash can flaps being gone.

Chris  11:11 
I think it’s amazing, all the things that you have strong opinions on.

Kelli  11:14 
You know, I don’t think I don’t think you fully understand what it’s like to be me. The things that I worry about on a daily basis from a germ perspective, and this was pre COVID.

Chris  11:27 
I know.

Kelli  11:28 
I was against trash can lid flaps pre-COVID. Covid has only heightened things.

Chris  11:38 
Are you ready for a Minnie Take?

Kelli  11:39 
Might as well be okay. Is it gonna be about trash can flap?

Chris  11:41 
No. Here we go. You ready? All right. What is your absolute? This is a gimme for you. What is your absolute must do attraction at Magic Kingdom?

Kelli  11:53 
Haunted Mansion.

Chris  11:54 
Yeah. Easy for you. So easy. I don’t know why you even go for anything else.

Kelli  12:03 
My favorite ride. I would say we always do Pirates of the Caribbean.

Chris  12:07 
We always do pirates.

Kelli  12:08 
I love both of them. And I’ll do fastpasses for them in a heartbeat. I love both of those rides.

Chris  12:14 
I know I’m gonna say Pirates of the Caribbean.

Kelli  12:17 
I love that you specifically said the Caribbean after I just called it Pirates of the Caribbean.

Chris  12:23 
I didn’t do that on purpose.

Kelli  12:26 
Is it Caribbean or Caribbean?

Chris  12:28 
Both are acceptable.

Kelli  12:30 
But in this particular situation? Sure. It’s Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s not Pirates of the Caribbean.

Chris  12:35 
I do not believe that. Although both are acceptable if you want to be wrong parts of the Caribbean so I think that’s my answer.

Kelli  12:51 
When things get back to truly normal in the parks. I think we definitely need to do that Pirates of the Caribbean interactive game, so get the free Fast Pass for it. Right.

Chris  13:03 
Cuz it’s all about the free fast pass.

Kelli  13:05  
Well, yeah.

Chris  13:05 
It’s not just fun to play the game.

Kelli  13:07 
Sure. It’s fun to play the game. It’s about the free pass pass you can get for fast passes, although they’re doing away the Fast Pass thing, right?

Chris  13:14 
Yeah, I think.

Kelli  13:16 
Well then I better get a good I better get a good prize at the end of that. Something the equivalent of a Fast Pass.

Chris  13:24 
Okay, I know you like a free thing. Okay. I’m gonna move on to my Tomorrowland, which is at the very least Lucasfilm themed. Okay, although there’s a lot of Star Wars action, obviously in the Lucasfilm world, right. So D23. The fan? What?

Kelli  13:45 
The official Disney fan club.

Chris  13:47 
Yeah, they’re on their website. They are celebrating 50 years of Lucasfilm. Okay, that’s fun. It is fun. I had no idea was 50 years. Gosh, but I think they’re, they’re obviously including his first film in there, which we’re gonna talk about just a little bit. Okay. So one of the things they launched, so there’s that there’s the Lucasfilm was 50 years that D23 is celebrating there’s also this thing where I’ve just been obsessed with giving Aaron c a good answer to his easter egg question.

Kelli  14:16 
Goodness. AaronC, dude. That’s worn you out.

Chris  14:21 
That’s kept me up at night. But so D23 did something awesome. Okay. put out a list of all of the Lucasfilm easter eggs that you can find in the park.

Kelli  14:35 
Oh my goodness. And I this is all for AaronC then?

Chris  14:39 
Yeah. Well, I enjoyed reading this article. So I thought that this will be my so on our next trip to these places. We need to be on the lookout or on the listen out.

Kelli  14:53 
Is that a thing?

Chris  14:53 
I don’t know. I don’t think that’s for these easter eggs in the parks. These Lucasfilm related easter egg Are you ready? I don’t know if you are.

Kelli  15:01 
I’m probably not.

Chris  15:03 
I think that all of the Star Wars talk and Indiana Jones talk is just gonna make your ears bleed and I’m okay with that. So in the Star Tours, attraction,

Kelli  15:15 
I know that attraction.

Chris  15:17 
And I’m wondering if you do

Kelli  15:19 
I do too. Okay. It’s it’s like the old Star Wars ride before all the new stuff was launched.

Chris  15:24 
Okay, you do.

Kelli  15:25 
Thank you. Always a tone of surprise.

Chris  15:30 
So in the Star Tours attraction in Disney World, over the intercom, you may hear an announcement for someone being paged Mr. Egroeg Sacul, which is George Lucas backwards.

Kelli  15:51 
Oh, my goodness.

Chris  15:53 
So you’ll hear you’ll hear that. Also, in the end, there is a deep cut.

Kelli  15:59 
That is a deep cut.

Chris  16:00 
Tokyo version of Star Tours. The starspeeder 1000, which is technically the ride that we’re in. The vehicle we’re in is created by the Sacul industries which is Lucas backwards.

Kelli  16:13 
Oh my goodness, I thought you were gonna say that for us in Japanese.

Chris  16:17 
If you think that is the deep cut, by the way. You might as well just take him out for the rest. Another announcement and Star Tours related to is related to a landspeeder that they reference as a license plate number THX 1138. That is of course I mean, as you well know, a reference to…

Kelli  16:38 
Absolutely nothing.

Chris  16:41 
it’s a reference to George Lucas’s first film. Yeah. It did start Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasance, and some other folks but that was the title of the first movie George Lucas ever made in you know, not a huge hit like Star Wars, man, the title THX 1138 came from the phone number that he had when he was living in San Francisco.

Kelli  17:03 
My goodness. randomness.

Chris  17:07 
I know, the the spaceport on the Tokyo version, the spaceport that you’re supposedly in for Star Tours is named THX 1138. Okay, so And when you’re in Star Tours at Disney World, Hollywood studios, and you’re walking out of the star port, you’re walking through this hallway. And there’s all these like, they’re almost like movie posters, but they’re ads for like vacation destinations. And they’re all located.

Kelli  17:33 
Like Tattooine.

Chris  17:34 
Exactly. So one of the ads running in the terminal is is for Tattooine. And it says, If adventure has a name, it must be Tattooine. That is literally almost word for word, the actual tagline for the movie Indiana Jones on the Temple of Doom when it came out in the movie theaters back in the day. It was if adventure has a name. It must be Indiana Jones.

Kelli  18:08 
You think, did they do that on purpose?

Chris  18:09 
They did that on purpose? Absolutely.

Kelli  18:11 
Because they assume that there’s like cross pollination between…

Chris  18:14 
Well, they’re all Lucasfilm.

Kelli  18:16 
Okay, I thought you meant like the people who like Indiana Jones, like Star Wars?

Chris  18:20 
Well, I would say that that’s probably true. But George Lucas in particular, made both.

Kelli  18:25 
Okay, I didn’t realize that.

Chris  18:28 
And you’ll see a lot of that cross pollination of Star Wars and indie stuff in here and in the movies. Okay. In the queue for Star Tours. We get to see a little droid he’s he’s jeetu and he is scanning luggage to go on the ship. Okay. And in the luggage specific to Lucasfilm stuff. We actually see the major Domo character from cattaneo inside a piece of luggage. Course George Lucas.

Kelli  19:00 
Oh, is that the little orange thing with the long tail?

Chris  19:03 
No, he’s one of the musical devices. Yeah. We also see a bag that has a fedora and a whip. like Indiana Jones wears.

Kelli  19:16 

Chris  19:17 
There’s also call outs in those in the luggage to the black hole and Toy Story movies, which are not Lucasfilm but Disney related. Don’t watch the black hole. It is not great. Take your word for that. So over in Disney Land, they have the Indiana Jones adventure. Okay, okay. It’s a ride over there. It sounds great. Once, but I’ve never written it and so I’m talking about something I don’t really know here. Once you exit the projector room. You find yourself in Indiana Jones’s office, which looks like it was made out of like old shipping crates and stuff in on one of the shipping crates is stamped club ob one. Now that’s obviously a double cut right? You know why? Right. Obi Wan is a throwback to Star Wars Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi. But also in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Damn. The very beginning of the movie. They are hanging out in club Obi Wan. Like in the movie.

Kelli  20:18 
Obi Wan owns a club?

Chris  20:19 
No, but that was the name of the club.

Kelli  20:21 
They like run the club. And that’s what everyone does like for a living.

Chris  20:25 
No, it’s a whole different universe of movies, the Indiana Jones movies and Star Wars movies. Okay, I’ll be once a Jedi man.

Kelli  20:32 
So you’re saying they don’t happen simultaneously, like Indiana Jones is not happening during the same time.

Chris  20:39 
At the beginning of all the Star Wars movies. It says a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Kelli  20:48 
Okay, so a long time ago. That’s not very specific. But so you’re saying that the Star Wars stuff happened before Indiana Jones? They did not happen concurrently?

Chris  21:00 
Yes, that’s what saying. Try to keep up.

Kelli  21:05 
This doesn’t make sense. I feel like maybe Obi Wan did have a club on earth than Indiana Jones.

Chris  21:12 
In Hong Kong? No, I don’t think so.

Kelli  21:15 
Was it? Did you say something about it being in Hong Kong?

Chris  21:18 
Yeah. That’s where the that’s where the I think that’s where the opening takes place. I think.

Kelli  21:22 
Gosh, I’m trying so hard to keep up.

Chris  21:28 
The so when you’re in the queue for the Indiana Jones adventure at Disneyland, okay. You walk past a minecart and the truck and both of those are actual props from Indiana Jones movies.

Kelli  21:41 
Okay, that’s fine.

Chris  21:42 
It’s cool. I’m sure people have walked by those tons of times and never

Kelli  21:46 
just assume they were just there. Yep, not real.

Chris  21:49 
In the area of Tokyo Disney Sea called The Lost River Delta. Along the riverbank is parked a sea plane and the call numbers the call letters on the side of that seaplane are C3PO.

Kelli  22:02 
Oh, is that is that the same sea plane that Jock Lindsay flew?

Chris  22:06 
It’s not but I’m so glad you brought that up. Okay, so wonderful segue.

Kelli  22:10 
I knew that Jock Lindsay flew a seaplane.

Chris  22:13 
You certainly did. Jock Lindsey’s hanger bar is next.

Kelli  22:17 

Chris  22:17 
And it is his we have been there his plane in the movie and in the bar has the call letters OB-CP, which is sort of a call out to Obi Wan and C3PO. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. But apparently if you look closely, you can see those call letters in the in the movie to Indiana Jones movie. Okay. Obviously Jacqueline’s whole hanger bars are filled with stuff. It’s just filled with Lucasfilm stuff. There’s a call out to it overhead if you sit in one of the booths, as well as RX24, which was the very first pilot in the first Star Wars Star Tours attraction.

The name of the pilot was RX24? Like a he was a droid? I’m trying so hard right now.

Obviously, there’s so there’s Jock Lindsay snake lunchbox and Skipper canteen. Yeah, that was not in the article. And I’m gonna write them about that one.

Kelli  23:18 
Seriously, but you also haven’t said anything about that too. Or they’re not easter eggs. And to me the whole place is the Star Wars.

Chris  23:30 
Well, that was fun.

Kelli  23:31 
Yeah, it seems like you enjoyed it. I struggled so hard. I tried so hard to sound interested and to listen. But I think I would just say I think you’re spot on with that section for this month. Specifically, since we’re doing the Star Wars giveaway.

Chris  23:48 
Howard The duck makes an appearance in guardians of the galaxy and you…

Kelli  23:55 
I knew that. I knew that. Okay.

Chris  23:57 
Did you know that he that he was in mission breakout?

Kelli  23:58 
No, I didn’t know that.

Chris  23:59 
In the movie. Yes.

Kelli  23:59 
I love Howard the Duck.

Chris  24:00 
He’s there with the collector and that’s part of the ride out in California Adventure.

Kelli  24:10 
Yes. I love how the movie.

Chris  24:13 
Howard the Duck is a Marvel property.

Kelli  24:15 

Chris  24:16 

Kelli  24:16 
I did not realize that.

Chris  24:18 
Well, but the movie was it was turned into a movie by Lucasfilm in 1986.

Kelli  24:22 
Didn’t realize that either. Well, but I think I’ll just say I think your segment was spot on. I’m not your target audience for that segment. But I tried really hard.

Chris  24:31 
Yeah. Thank you. Are you ready?

Kelli  24:34 
I’m totally ready for a World Showcase. You’re gonna love it. You’re okay, so we’re going to talk about another film. This in, in world showcase, and we’re gonna talk about it’s one of my favorites. It’s probably one of my top three films of all time.

Chris  24:50 
So not Star Wars or Indiana Jones movie.

Kelli  24:54 
It’s The Princess Bride. And so why are we talking about the Princess Bride, you might say? Well, that’s because it was released on Disney+ May 1 of last year. Okay, so it’s been out on Disney plus for a year now, and I just want to say if for some reason you’ve been under a rock since 1987. And you’ve never seen this movie spoilers, spoilers, but also go out and freakin see it.

Chris  25:20 
Yes, because it’s an amazing movie. It’s wonderful. It’s one of the most quotable movies ever.

Kelli  25:26 
Okay, now look, Hush. Stop trying to steal my thunder. Okay, so, we’re gonna start with a little background. First of all, the movie poster. This was how the movie was described on the poster, scaling the cliffs of insanity, battling rodents of unusual size, facing torture in the pit of despair. True Love has never been a snap. The movie was produced in 1987. The book was actually released in 1973. And natch, people say the book is way better than the movie that you can bet that’s already handed to me on Amazon. So it was shot in England and Ireland. Okay. Now, here’s the fun part. The screenplay was written by the original author of the book, William Goldman, which I think is a huge deal. When the author writes the screenplay. I think it just sure it’s, it’s fantastic. Now, it was directed by Rob Reiner. Fun fact. William gulman is Reiner’s favorite author and The Princess Bride was his favorite novel. And so this is from an article and variety it says, Rob Reiner’s father Carl Reiner gave him the novel about the beautiful Buttercup and the love of her life, Wesley, who with the help of a Spanish fencing master and a massive wrestler from Greenland, rescues her from the evil Prince humperdinck, to whom she is engaged. When All in the Family actor Reiner became a filmmaker with 1984. This is spinal tap. He had his heart set on making the Princess Bride as a movie.

Chris  26:53 
That’s awesome.

Kelli  26:54 
So after he became a success, everybody was like, Okay, so what’s the next movie you want to make? He’s like Princess Bride.

Chris  26:59 
That’s awesome.

Kelli  26:59 
Nobody wanted him to do it. It was such a hard sell. He fought for this movie for years, for years. So on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s rated at 97%.

Chris  27:10 
Wow, that’s great.

Kelli  27:11 
It’s fantastic. Right? The budget was $16 million, which I get is a lot in 1987. But it was shot in England and Ireland, and it grossed 30 point 8 million. It was not hugely successful in the box office, right. But it became a cult classic is a home movie. Sure. And Rob Reiner said that on its 30th anniversary, that people would still come up to him quoting the movie at restaurants or parties or in stores on the streets or whatever, that that is the one movie he’s made that everybody’s still quotes to him. That’s That’s right. And he said, so even like 30 years after the movie was released me it took years before it made a profit. Sure. And then once the home movie market hit, and it became a cult classic. Yeah, then it suddenly was profitable churches so fascinating to me. It stars Fred Savage, who for those that don’t know me was my personal teenage crush. I had Fred Savage on my wall.

I was a huge Fred Savage fan. Billy Crystal, Andre the Giant, Cary Elwes. That’s Wesley. Peter Falk, which is the grandfather. “When I was your age television was called books.” Robin Wright, who was Buttercup. She was also in Forrest Gump. And she’s been in a lot of other things. Yeah. Chris Sarandon, Wallace Shawn and Mandy Patinkin. Yep. Right. I mean, so major stars.

Chris  28:42 
I think Christopher Guest was also in them.

Kelli  28:44 
Oh, there’s a long line. I just picked out a few. I just picked out a few. So here is the official I don’t know if it’s the official summary or whatever. Here’s the summary in a sentence. It tells the story of a farmhand named Wesltey accompanied by companions befriended along the way who must rescue his true love princess Buttercup from the odious Prince humperdinck. Yeah. All right. So again, if you haven’t watched it, it’s been on Disney plus for a year. What are you waiting on?

Chris  29:14 
I can’t believe it’s only been on Disney plus for a year. I guess Disney plus has only been around for a year and a half.

Kelli  29:19 
But so I’m going to tell you three reasons why it’s so great. Okay. All right. So number one. Swordfights.

Chris  29:26 
Swordfights are always great.

Kelli  29:29 
And these are good swordfights. These are really good sword fights. Really lovable human heroes, doing these sword fights here alongside really stupid villains. I mean, that’s like, that’s like what everybody wants? Is humans in a sword fight, right and Inigo  Montoya has been studying sword fighting his whole life to avenge his father’s death. And when given the opportunity, He’s not as great as you might think he would be.

Chris  30:03 
Sure. He’s good.

Kelli  30:04 
He’s beatable. He’s human. Right? But the villain is really, really stupid. And so here’s the fun part. This film is action plus suspense plus comedy plus romance. Yes. So the fact that you can get all of those in one movie is really insane.

Chris  30:28 

Kelli  30:28 
It’s insane. And do it. Well. Yeah, that’s the crazy part. I believe this is number two, I believe. And I’m gonna go on record we’re saying this, that The Princess Bride interview in created what is called the cheeky fairytale. Oh, right. So I don’t know if fairy tales are considered a serious genre. But there’s almost always villain and a princess who takes herself very seriously. Somebody needs to be rescued. Not a lot of humor in typical fairy tales. I mean, Beauty and the Beast was a bit dark. Not really humorous. But so typical fairy tales I’m going to call a mildly serious genre. Sure. I think they invented the cheeky fairy tale. Yeah, I’ll go with right so you might think that the cheeky fairy tale was invented by Men in Tights. Nah. Also starring Cary Elwes, right? He was Robin Hood, Men in Tights. Or Disney fans might think that the cheeky fairy tale was was created by Shrek. And so I would argue that it started with the Princess Bride. It was so successful that they went on to create Men in Tights also a huge cult classic that I loved. I could sing that song forever. And then Shrek became sort of the Disney version of the cheeky fairy tale. So I think that’s a big deal. Cary Elwes was Wesley in Robin Hood. Fun fact. He was also in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Chris  32:05 
Yes, Yes, he was.

Kelli  32:07 
He was in the he was like a theatre actor.

Chris  32:09 
Oh, yeah, that’s right. Yes.

Kelli  32:13 
Yes. Okay. So, as you said earlier, spoilers. It is the most quotable movie ever produced. I’m going to go on record as saying that too. It is the most quotable movie ever produced I can see by your face.

I mean, I can see that you don’t necessarily agree with that. And you and I quote movies, like it’s separate language. We are constantly quoting movies. But in any case, I’m gonna I’m gonna draw that line in the sand and say it’s the most quotable move ever.

Chris  32:42 
Who am I to argue with you?

Kelli  32:45 
Exaclty. Who are you? The dialogue and the banter between the characters is brilliant Wesley. I love so much. But a lot of the characters are really smart. So I’ve been quoting The Princess Bride since 1987. I quoted it heavily in high school.

I was really popular in high school, the number of people that I called a wart hog face buffoon in high school was just…

Chris  33:10 
Boy, you are really you’re deep into this.

Kelli  33:14 
Even the insults and the exclamations I think stand the test of time you can still say them today. So inconceivable. Yeah, that’s what he would say.

Chris  33:24 
I don’t think that means what you think it means.

Kelli  33:26 
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Somebody uses a word inappropriately, and that’s what I think.

Chris  33:36 
I do not think that means what you think it means.

Kelli  33:38 
I do not think it means what you think it means. Fred Savage. Is this a kissing boat? Yeah, yeah, right. And then of course, the number one it’s not my number one but the number one as you wish as you wish, as you wish.

Chris  33:50 
What’s your number one?

Kelli  33:52 
I’m not a witch. I’m your wife.

Chris  34:00 
That one become your number one.

Kelli  34:03 
The one that most people remember is Mawwiage is what bwings us togeda today. Yeah, right. That’s the one a lot of people quote. Yeah, another one I love. Never get involved in land war in Asia. Life is pain, highness anyone who says differently is selling something. Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line. I’ll use small words so that you’ll be sure to understand you Warthog Faced Buffoon! The number of people I said that to in high school is… Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Chris  34:43 
He was a six handed man. I mean six fingered man, six fingered man,

Kelli  34:50 
Still my favorite is I’m not a witch, I’m your wife.

Chris  34:55 
Carol Kane delivered that line in spectacular fashion.

Kelli  35:01 
And I’m not even sure I’m gonna be that much longer! it’s an amazing movie.

Chris  35:07 
I think people should know I don’t actually call you a witch

Kelli  35:11 
Yeah, you don’t. But sometimes I’d say that

Chris  35:15 
That’s awesome that’s awesome I think maybe we should watch that tonight.

Kelli  35:18 
I think we really should i mean i’m totally feeling it and I’m gonna I’m gonna revive the Warthog face buffoon and say it.

Chris  35:26 
Revive it honey.

I was really cool in high school. Seems like maybe you were.

Kelli  35:36 
Loved by all. A lot of opportunity to call people that.

Chris  35:46 
So folks that is it for this week show all of you warthog faced buffoons out there. We hope you enjoyed it if you did you know what to do go out to your platform of choice subscribe to the podcast so that you get it automatically you don’t have to worry about going on downloading it and give us a rating and review it really helps bring other people to the show.

Kelli  36:11 
Yes and if you’re looking for more things Disney please visit Now I’m going to use small words so that you understand you Warthog Faced Buffoons, that’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. No bonus episodes this week

Chris  36:28 
None that we’re aware of.

Kelli  36:30 
None that we’re aware of who knows? You need to enter enter enter the contest.

Chris  36:34 
That’s right. Like stuff comment on stuff share, share, share. Find us on all the socials at SCF ADP on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast is the channel on YouTube got subscribed to that. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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