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Disney News (5/2), Take a Virtual Tour of Disney Cruise Line’s Newest Ship, and We Celebrate the Magic Kingdom’s PeopleMover

Episode 19

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This week Chris reviews the amazing details from Disney’s new cruise ship, the Wish, and Kelli covers the history of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, including what makes this ride so amazing. All that and more on this week’s show!

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Show Notes:

Orlando International Airport reduces Physical Distancing to 3-ft

Florida Surgeon General Announces that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks anywhere

Disneyland Resort “royal” refurbishment at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Is Open!!!

Blog Mickey posted pictures from a tour of Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure

Buzz Lightyear at MK is boarding every car as some COVID restriction begin to lessen

New mask-free relaxtion station at EPCOT

Disney Cruise Line Unveils the WISH

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover:


Chris & Kelli  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:41 
Hello out there podcast family. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:44 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:45 
Welcome to this week’s show. Gonna go ahead and give a warning now there’s a lot of activity outside the back window of our new house and never know when Miles, The Big Red Dog, is gonna go nuts.

Kelli  0:56 
He might have to take security into his own hands, or paws.

Chris  1:00 
He’s always protecting us from trouble. Big and small. So um, hey, look at your ears.

Kelli  1:08 
I’m wearing Remy’s Rattatoui Adventure ears. These are not foreshadowing anything.

Chris  1:16 
Okay. They’re just new and cool.

Kelli  1:18 
They’re just new and cool. And I thought they match the shirt that I’m wearing which I love by the way. I don’t wear this shirt enough.

Chris  1:24 
You say it every time.

Kelli  1:26 
And so I just wanted to wear them. They’re new. I’m very excited about these ears. I will say they’re comfy.

Chris  1:31 
Oh, that’s important. They’re cute.

Kelli  1:33 
I had seen online that that there was a shadow of Remy in the chef’s hat. Yeah, but there’s not.

Chris  1:39 
There’s not in these ears.

Kelli  1:41 
But I love the little mousy years. He’s got whiskers. I’m so in love with these ears.

Chris  1:47 
So these are in the least these came from the France France pavilion right outside the new Remy ride.

Kelli  1:55 
I’m excited about them. Awesome. And you’re wearing a captain’s hat.

Chris  2:00 
I am wearing a captain’s hat.

Kelli  2:02 
Is there a valid reason for that that you would like to share with with the group?

Chris  2:07 
Um, no. I think a lot will be made clear.

Kelli  2:17 
Okay. All right. Well, then let’s hit it.

Chris  2:20 
Okay. So hey, where did we get downloads from this week?

Kelli  2:27 
Or where did we get downloads?

Chris  2:28 
Yeah, we so this week, we were, by the way, April was our all time highest download month ever.

Kelli  2:36 
Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you all for that is awesome.

Chris  2:39 
It is humbling because we put out… We had we had surpassed our all time downloads. We did put out one bonus episode last week. That was the only bonus episode we put out in April. We had we had surpassed our all time monthly downloads before the bonus episode. Thank you all for that. So humbled by that and this week, we saw downloads from Bonita Springs, Florida, which is on the southwest coast of Florida near Sanibel Island, and that’s a highly sought after vacation spot. That’s beautiful. Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Yep. Humble Texas. Just north of Houston.

Kelli  3:14 
Humble Texas?

Chris  3:16 
and Santiago, Chile. Yay. capital city of Chile,

Kelli  3:21 
Which is fantastic.

Chris  3:23 
I noticed they always have bad pollution and Santiago so maybe we’re clearing the air there.

Kelli  3:29 
Okay. Odd fact for you to know about Santiago.

Chris  3:33 
I know there’s just one little thing I see on the news every morning about air quality in Santiago is always wretched.

Kelli  3:39 
I don’t know why, sorry, Chileans.

Chris  3:42 
Um, and if you listen to the podcast, versus on YouTube, there was a little hint into the contest.

Kelli  3:54 
Yes, but the contest launches on Tuesday, Tuesday. So be on the lookout for that. That will launch on YouTube. Well, Tuesday…

Chris  4:02 
it’s Tuesday, but what day is…

Kelli  4:04 
That is May the fourth okay. And we’ll tweet that out and Instagram and all that fun stuff. I’ll try to do some previews for this one, like I did for the last contest. Sounds good. So yeah, I’m pretty excited about it. I think it’s gonna go crazy on Tuesday. Your little spreadsheet is not gonna know what hit it.

Chris  4:21 
It’s making me tired just thinking about it already. Alright, so onto Main Street. So this week, Orlando International Airport reduced their physical distancing guidelines to three feet. This comes on the heels of Florida officials making the same declaration and CDC has sort of been hinting towards that. They’ve been talking about how as long as masking stays in place, three feet inside schools might be okay. This seemed like one of the more likely things to go first. In terms of moving towards normalcy, the Florida Surgeon General announced that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks anywhere, anytime.

Kelli  5:15 
I don’t feel great about it. Yeah. I mean, I saw a map today that said, Florida is like one of the top three states for new cases in the country.

Chris  5:25 
Well, it definitely feels a little bit political to me that they would go that route that is not in line with the recent CDC guidelines.

Kelli  5:33 
It is not.

Chris  5:38 
You can you can go without a mask and outdoor areas that’s not very crowded if you’re vaccinated. Right. That was the new CDC guideline what that’s not desired as a Florida Surgeon General just said. But nevertheless, Disney says there’s there has absolutely no impact on their mask policy. Okay. Florida officials have also said temp checks are no longer necessary. Temp checks for a long time felt fairly iffy in terms of being able to predict if someone’s got COVID.

Kelli  6:11 
I know but you know my feelings about temp checks.

Chris  6:13 
I know.

Kelli  6:13 
I say check ’em. And I also say especially check the children. Children will spike a fever and they will bring diarrhea into those parks. Like it is their job. They lick their hands touch everything. I say check the children.

Chris  6:31 
Just Just temp check the children,

Kelli  6:33 
the children,

Chris  6:34 
I think that’s probably going to be the first thing we see leave the parks is the temp checks.

Kelli  6:38 
Honestly, I think that will have a direct impact on the amount of hand sanitizer I use. I enjoy the temp check. I appreciate the temp check.

Chris  6:46 
Yeah, I think it’s probably gonna be the first thing to go.

Kelli  6:48 
I know a lot of people are like, you can’t check my temperature is violating my rights. I mean,

Chris  6:54 
I don’t know. It’s just I don’t know. I mean, like, you know, previously the mayor in Orlando said that Orange County was considering dropping all masked mandates in in June or July who Bergen does are likely to not have any impact on Disney right? You’ll be excited about this. Okay, Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris is getting a royal refurbishment. Ah, this is a this is a actually part of a hugely ambitious undertaking by Disneyland Paris to refurb for 30 years or just all of their resorts.

Kelli  7:40 
Okay, so it doesn’t have anything to do with the 30th anniversary.

Chris  7:42 
I don’t know that it does or not because this this is gonna take a minute to do this one. But they they just finished their Hotel New York dash the art of Marvel which is a new resort over there. Okay, I remember that. And they they just completed a cars theme Pixar is cars theme at Disney’s hotel Santa Fe over there. Okay. They had not long good completed a toy story theme at Disney’s hotel Cheyenne. Okay, over there. And now this one will be royal thing. Now this is this is a this is considered a five star

Kelli  8:25 
It’s like their Grand Flo?

Chris  8:27 
By French standards five star resort.

Kelli  8:30 
Yeah. Are you implying that the French standards are higher than the American standards?

Chris  8:33 
This article I read flat out said that.

Kelli  8:34 
Okay, nice.

Chris  8:36 
Sorry about that. Yeah. And then and the new Hotel in New York is going to be a four star resort. Okay. So you know, we go we’ve keep all that in mind.

Kelli  8:46 
So see you next year Paris.

Chris  8:50 
I don’t know if anybody heard but this week Disneyland opened. I heard that. Yeah,

Kelli  8:55 
I heard it was. A couple people mentioned in social media. One or two.

Chris  8:59 
One or two. One or two pictures taken might have saw this great shot of of Bob Iger taking pictures inside Disneyland and one of the people I follow one of the reporters I follow on Twitter was like, This is amazing. Bob Iger takes pictures just like we did. It was it was pretty cute actually. So they have obviously it’s California residents only for now. He’s opened that up to us later this summer. And they are they are moving to 25% capacity up from the 15% capacity because it’s a California going well right now, right? They will have a few restrictions that Walt Disney World doesn’t have though. Like they will have no indoor cues and no attractions will be available that lasts longer than 15 minutes. So if there are shows that last 25 minutes, those probably will not be available at all. Okay. Yeah.

Kelli  9:57 
Can you eat inside? Can you sit at a table and eat inside Cuz that sounds like no, that sounds like they’re not allowing any kind of gatherings inside. You can’t be indoors for more than 15 minutes.

Chris  10:07 
Oh, that just said attractions. So I don’t know how they’re how they’re feeling about food. It’s interesting. So I would recommend, by the way, going out to blog Mickey and checking out there they posted some pictures from a tour of Avengers campus. And they’re really cool. Yeah. And we talked about Avengers campus California Adventure a few weeks ago. And the pictures that blog meki posted are really, it looks really cool. Okay, awesome. At Magic Kingdom, Buzz Lightyear is now boarding every car. Previously, that was one reason why they had such a long line, like a legit long line not just appeared to have a long line, right, while we were there. They’re now boarding every car so…

Kelli  10:52 
They were skipping cars?

Chris  10:54 
Just for distancing. Yep. Okay. Um, and there is now a new mask free relaxation station at Epcot in Morocco.

Kelli  11:05 
They really are doing some stuff in Morocco.

Chris  11:08 
Well, Askerhaus is still there. And then there’s an air the area outside of mission space…

Kelli  11:14 
Askershus is in Norway. Yeah. You just said akershus is still in Morocco?

Chris  11:20 
No, no, it’s still a relaxation station. It’s still there, at EPCOT, as a relaxation station.

Kelli  11:24 
I thought we were talking about Morocco.

Chris  11:29 
We’re live here, so yes, Morocco. Askerhaus In Norway, we used delightfulness loved it might have been my favorite relaxation station. Air conditioning.

Kelli  11:41 
Their restrooms were such a great experience.

Chris  11:45 
And then right outside of mission space. Let’s do a Minnie take.

Kelli  11:51 
Let’s do it.

Chris  11:51 
All right, little Mickey popcorn bucket. The one thing is is hard. Okay. Okay, so one thing you must eat or drink at Epcot. Crap, that’s a hard one.

Kelli  12:09 
The one thing I must eat or drink at Epcot…

Chris  12:12 
Epcot and you haven’t eaten or drink or drank this one thing?

Kelli  12:18 
Gosh, okay. I mean, I’m like scanning it virtually. I’m gonna have to go with the Froze in France.

Chris  12:28 
I thought that might be what you went with.

Kelli  12:30 
I always get the Froze in France. I mean, several times.

Chris  12:36 
This isn’t the one thing you must drink four times.

Kelli  12:42 
Well, and it’s something that’s always there to like, you can’t pick something that’s there for a festival it’s got to be a regular thing. I mean, I would say I almost always get some type of Margarita, right? I like that tri colored frozen Margarita that they have. I don’t know what it’s called. I like the chips and queso, so I mean, I usually hit up Mexico for that combo. Yeah, just to start things off. No. But I never missed the Froze.

Chris  13:05 
Okay, what about you? You know, that’s really hard. I am going to I think that what I’m going to add up I don’t eat this every time I go. I don’t eat this every time but I would eat this every single time. Okay, is the the troll horn at the Kangrila bakery at Norway.

Kelli  13:31 
Oh my goodness. I did not see that comimg a mile down the road, and the build up to it was insane.

Chris  13:36 
I would eat that every single time.

Kelli  13:38 
The troll horn at the at the Norway bakery? Okay, yeah. I mean, I I’ve seen you eat it once. But my goodness, if they took it away, you’d protest.

Chris  13:54 
I would protest for the troll horn. Um, bummed that the kringla was an open the last few times we went because of the troll horn. There’s a million things I want to eat in France, but I’ve never even eaten. Like the the macaroon ice cream sandwich or you know, the creame brulees that they sell that are just like nice ice cream relays troll horns. Way to go. I’ve never had those things. I want them but I’ve had the troll horn, troll horn. You’re being mockatory.

Kelli  14:29 
I am being a little bit mockatory because I’ve only seen you ever eat it once.

Chris  14:35 
It’s It’s delicious. You’ve only sent me the key lime pie on a stick once to but I’d still go for that. Okay, you’re ready for my Tomorrowland. Maybe you heard the Disney Cruise Lines.

Kelli  14:49 
Oh my goodness. You’re the captain of a Disney Cruise Line.

Chris  14:55 
Disney cruise lines unveiled their latest ship the wish.

Kelli  15:00 
I did see that it looks gorgeous.

Chris  15:02 
It’s It’s amazing. looks amazing. It really? Yeah. It is scheduled to set sail in the summer of 2020. Okay, and it will it will make 2020 I’m sorry 2020 to 2020 scheduled to set sail next year. Let’s put it that way next summer but you can start booking trips. Thursday May the 27th Okay, yeah. And it’ll it’ll make birth out of Port Canaveral and I think its first trip is like a five night deal to the Bahamas, including Castaway Cay. Alright. Um, so we love cruises. And, but we’ve never been on a Disney Cruise. And I don’t know when we will.

Kelli  15:55 
I don’t either. I’ve got some you got some reservations, I know. Nothing to do with quality or amazingness I’m sure it’s all phenomenal. I’ve just got reservations regarding you know, being confined on a cruise ship with 1000s of small screaming I mean, I get it we go to we go to the parks. I get it. I get it. Okay, it’s just not I don’t know that that’s the cruise experience. Well, I’m open to being convinced.

Chris  16:26 
Hopefully this is gonna, this will help with that. Because there’s some things here that are really cool. I mean, I like a cruise ship with a casino too. And they don’t have that.

Kelli  16:33 
Right. Yeah, no, I’m open to being convinced otherwise.

Chris  16:35 
But they say that they expect to bring Disney Pixar Marvel and Star Wars to a cruise ship like they’ve never accomplished previously. And I think maybe they…

Kelli  16:46 
Oh, yes, I saw that. Yeah. Okay. Well tell us about it then.

Chris  16:49 
Yeah. But I think their Disney Cruise ships are the most beautiful cruise ships on the ocean.

Kelli  16:54 
Oh, yeah. And I’m very I’m sure they’re the best appointed the food is the best. I mean, if Disney launches, something like that, it’s gonna be top tier stuff.

Chris  17:02 
They’re just beautiful ships that they harken back to like old school like turn of the century cruise ship.

Kelli  17:09 
I get it. I get it.

Chris  17:11 
So first things first, the great hall in this thing. The commentaries of the ship are they’re they’re based on a single idea of enchantment. The idea is that they that you should feel like you just stepped into a fairy tale. And so the Great Hall of this of this ship is Kristin barbeau she’s the area manager for Disney Cruise Lines describe this as a castle on the sea. Right so this thing is all it’s all pristine white this great hall area. It’s got gold trim someone online actually like in the it’s three levels and they like in the the gold trim around the railings and the the stair case that comes down to Rapunzel hair. line and it does if you look at this picture, it looks like Rapunzel hair could be okay wrapped around the entire Great Hall that’s cool. But then they also have these twinkling lights they go up the up the pillars around the place and it looks almost like like when Elsa has dumped her foot and ice sheets from the floor up to the walls.

Kelli  18:32 
Okay, so nice touches.

Chris  18:34 
You got this beautiful golden chandelier in the middle and you come down the stairwell the staircase and you’re met by this golden statue of Cinderella at the bottom.

Kelli  18:43 
Cindy makes a presence as well!

Chris  18:45 
t’s beautiful. It is really beautiful. Okay, this Kristen Barbara says when you walk into this space, your senses just force you to stop and take it all in okay? The state rooms also carry forward this storybook theme the this this particular ship doubles the number of concierge state rooms and suites including Disney’s first ever state rooms located above the bridge of the show. Wow so those state rooms have these floor to ceiling windows that look out over the bow shell wow imagine that those are amazing.

Kelli  19:25 
You know I will just say your Disney cruises are significantly more expensive than any other cruise line. I mean significantly.

Chris  19:32 

Kelli  19:32 
So you got to believe that these these upgraded concierge areas and this amazing room over the bow of the ship is just awesome.

Chris  19:42 
They’re beautiful.

Kelli  19:42 
I mean a pretty penny.

Chris  19:44 
They also have these their debut these Royal Suites, which sleep up to six guests in a two storey suite with a spiral staircase.

Kelli  19:51 
My goodness.

Chris  19:52 
First class amenities Yeah. Okay, so on to some of the fun stuff to do. Another first for Disney Cruise Lines. The first attraction aboard of Disney vessel, the Aqua mouse. Okay, this is a themed water ride that I think they’ve had slides before. But this is a themed water ride that brings the the cartoons like those of the wonderful world of Mickey Mouse to life. It features special effects and lighting and seeing new animated scenes. So you join Mickey and Minnie and a completely new story called scuba scramble as you zip through 760 feet of water tube above the upper decks of the ship. Pam Rollins is executive producer Walt Disney engineering says you could say it’s going to have a splash tacular ending.

Kelli  20:40 
Oh gosh.

Chris  20:43  
There are also six other polls spaced out and staggered across multiple tiered decks. There’s a toy story thing pool that with a family waterslide and a splash area for the kiddies. But with you in mind, there’s the quiet Cove, the adults only sundrenched infinity pool with a chic cafe and a poolside bar.

Kelli  21:04 
So you know that is nice. Yeah, I’m very much for things named Quiet Cove.

Chris  21:09 
For sure. Dining. Here’s where I think they’re making their bones. Okay. Dining aboard a Disney vessel has been taken to the next level anyway. You can find all these videos there. It’s amazing and they and they continue that with with restaurants that are all you’re only going to find on this ship. In most cases. Arundale is a restaurant, it’s actually called Arundale, a frozen dining adventure. I think it’s poorly named because the food’s not frozen. They say that implies ice cream. What this actually is is an immersive meal with live entertainment, featuring Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf, and offers world class cuisine infused with Nordic influence.

Kelli  21:50 

Chris  21:51 
Then there’s the world of Marvel the worlds of Marvel. This is a first ever Marvel Cinematic dining adventure, where guests play an interactive role in an action packed Avengers mission that unfolds around them.

Kelli  22:03 
Okay, so like, like a mystery game.

Chris  22:05 
That’s my impression.

Kelli  22:07 
Okay, that’s fine. I would do that.

Chris  22:08 
Then a restaurant called 1923. Named for the year The Walt Disney Company was founded pays homage to the golden age of animation. Obviously, there’s casual dining, specialty treats, 24 hour room service. Then there are three adults only locations inspired by beauty in the beast. Okay. One is sort of on every Disney ship. It’s called palo. And it’s an Italian restaurant. But on this ship, it’s palo steakhouse, where they take the elements of a modern Steakhouse and combine it with the Italian restaurant that is already aboard every ship. Okay. All right. This one is inspired by Cogsworth from beating the beast. Alright, precision and elegance. Okay. Okay, so where precision and elegance. Define pelo on Shantae is defined by romance and intimacy. Just like Lumiere from beating the beast.

Kelli  23:06 

Chris  23:07 
So this is where the chef is a three star Michelin chef.

Kelli  23:14 
Look at you with your little french.

Chris  23:17 
This is considered the most luxurious dining experience on board. Okay, yeah, featuring a gourmet menu crafted by this Michelin chef. And then you have the rose which is inspired by the rose from beating the beast. This is a lounge that sits out in front of both pelo and Asante a so you can have a pre cocktail or post meal cocktail. Okay, before you go into where it’s nice yeah.

Kelli  23:44 
I’m for this zone.

Chris  23:45 
Again, adult totally for adults only.

Kelli  23:46 
I’m totally for this zone.

Chris  23:48 
Speaking of lounges, we cannot leave out the first ever Star Wars inspired location on a Disney vessel. The hyperspace Lounge is an immersive experience will be reserved for adults in the evenings offering interactive tasting experiences from batty tattooing and mustafar um, for that they have a Walt Disney theater where they show Broadway type shows. They’ve got Luna which is friends and family entertainment area in the daytime but in the evening, it turns into adults only hub of them retain entertainment. Okay. And obviously, they’ve got lots of areas for just the kids to go.

Kelli  24:25 

Chris  24:26 
Kids three to 13 can go to the oceaneer Club. There’s a Walt Disney Imagineering lab which awesome Marvel superhero Academy where kids can learn to be superheroes from Spider Man, etc. This thing is freaking sweet.

Kelli  24:43 
Yeah, I can see like as parents watch a Disney Cruise Line would be very appealing.

Chris  24:50 
Okay, you can take the whole family but you could…

Kelli  24:52 
You can go do other things. Right. They’ve got tons of childcare. Yeah. Tons of good childcare on a Disney Cruise Line vessel and so I can get I can get behind that. Yeah, I can get on that.

Chris  25:03 
Yeah, it is expensive.

Kelli  25:04 
It’s super expensive. Do you have? Do you have price price?

Chris  25:07 
I don’t not for this ship yet. By May 27. We’ll be able to find that out. Okay.

Kelli  25:12 
All right. That’s exciting. Yeah. It’s exciting.

Chris  25:15 
Are you ready?

Kelli  25:15 
Tomorrowland, I’m so excited.

Chris  25:16 
No, you’ve got world showcase.

Kelli  25:18 
I’ve got word showcase. Yes. I’m so excited. Yeah, the reason I screwed that up is because we’re talking about the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover!

Chris  25:25 
Oh, Lord.

Kelli  25:29 
I was looking at my notes. I was like, Yes. So you know, we’ve had this ongoing saga really, you know, since they were a year ago, down, right, of When is it going to reopen? And I get upset every week. And, you know, whatever it is, I’m not gonna lie. It’s one of my favorite rides. Yeah, Magic Kingdom. It’s wonderful. It’s a wonderful ride. And so I thought it would be fun to talk about what makes it so great. Okay, but also to give a little bit of a history on it. Like channeling Chris here, and giving history on a ride.

Chris  25:59 
It’s weird to hear you say that.

Kelli  26:03 
I’m channeling Hun here. And I’m gonna, like, give him a ride. Okay, so first, this ride was originally launched at Disneyland. Okay, but they ended up screwing theirs up. So in the 90s, they decided to turn it into these rocket launcher things, okay, and make the turn the cars into what like rockets that got launched down the track. Oh, but the problem was it made a really jerky ride because they didn’t change the track. And so it would launch and then go really slow around the corners and launch and then go really slow. And so it caused a really jerky ride. But also it caused a lot of like, build up on the tracks like where cars were bumper to bumper waiting to finish. And that takes away the entire beauty of the people mover.

Chris  26:49 

Kelli  26:49 
Right, so Disneyland screwed theirs up and turned it into rockets in the 90s people hated it. They closed it and it’s never been refurbed.

Chris  26:56 
They don’t have a people mover at Disneyland?

Kelli  26:58 
Disneyland does not have a people mover.

Chris  26:59 
Oh em gee.

Kelli  27:00 
Now it would have celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017…50th anniversary in 2017 was launched there in 1967. So was originally developed or he deployed the idea for what would become the people mover at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair course he loved to do that at Worlds fairs he did with his magic skyway, a Ford vehicles. He was a huge hit a huge hit. And so it originally opened we’re just talking about the one in Disney World. Okay, so we’re just at Magic Kingdom. And originally open as de wed way people move I remember on July the first 1975. And it was based on the people mover attraction at Disneyland in California, which closed in 1995. Now the one of the biggest differences between the wed way and the one and California was in California, they had enclosed vehicles with roofs. Oh, and so the one in Florida was not enclosed, which is one of the reasons it’s so great. But in any case, wed w Ed stood for Walter Elias Disney. Yes. Okay. So this became the Tomorrowland transit authority on June the 12th of 1994. Around that same time, it was also referred to as the TTA Metro liner by the narrator that really never caught on with the attendees. I’ve never heard the TTA metroliner but it became the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. And then it changed the title we know today which is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority people mover. On August the sixth of 2010 most people just call it the people you’ve ever Yeah, and I think it’s because that’s when you walk up to the ride people mover is really huge and Tomorrowland Transit Authority kind of goes across the top of that. But anyway, so during the first refurb in 1994, you’ll love this part a new backstory was launched.

Chris  28:51 

Kelli  28:52 
There were three different lines, the blue line, which was the actual ride, the red line, which would take people off planet and the green line which provided transportation to the Tomorrowland local hover burbs so there was actually a sign on the outside of the the track on the outside of the ride that said blue line.Do you remember that?

Chris  29:16 

Kelli  29:17 
If anybody was going to remember that it would be you. Okay, so the original host was jack Wagner. He was the narrator from 1975 to 1985. Okay, he’s big name in general, but a big name for Disney. The Korean it changed a couple of times. Now the current narrator is Mike. I’m gonna say Brasil who has composed music for several parks, but he also narrates living with the Land.

Chris  29:44 
Living with the Land.

Kelli  29:48 
You also hear now from a few Disney characters so when you go over Mickey star traders store you hear from Mickey Okay, yeah. You hear by you hear from Roz, when you pass the monsters in laughs floor and you hear from buzz when you go through Space Ranger spin ice. My personal favorite other than Mike is the female voice that pages Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow. I love her so much. So here’s some stats. Okay. First of all, it is 5484 feet long. Okay, which is a little bit over a mile. Okay. Okay, it’s about 200 feet longer than a mile. It goes when we have you guessed this, do you know how fast it goes in miles per hour?

Chris  30:37 
I’m gonna say not much, four?

Kelli  30:41 
6.84 miles per hour, which is good.

Chris  30:44 
That’s great.

Kelli  30:46 
It has 32 vehicles with 20 riders per vehicle.

Chris  30:52 

Kelli  30:52 
right. So it’s not one continuous.

Chris  30:55 
Yeah, that’s right like

Kelli  30:56 
a vehicle and then a vehicle on the vehicle that it’s a continuous spaces between the vehicle Okay, so 32 is a lot it’s a lot 32 vehicles with 20 riders per vehicle. Fun fact, you’re gonna love this fun fact if you don’t already know this is gonna blow your mind and we so excited. Mambo. The below ground subway at the george bush intercontinental airport in Houston, Texas was built by Walt Disney’s Imagineering, wed transportation systems in 1981. To provide efficient transportation between the terminals. It operates in a circuit, and it is the only wed way peoplemover built by the Walt Disney Company outside of Disney property.

Chris  31:35 
That is really cool. I want to ride that whether or not I need to fly.

Kelli  31:44 
That’s awesome, right? So D23 describes it as this. They said, from the beginning, the emphasis was not only on moving guests from one place to another, but to contribute to a sense of nonstop movement for guests watching from the ground while affording passengers a bird’s eye view of surrounding attractions. Right. So it’s actually an event for the people on the ground to nonstop movement in tomorrow.

Chris  32:10 
Yeah, it creates a sense of energy in the parks.

Kelli  32:14 
It really does. And so according to my mom, when we went when I was young in 1981, all I wanted to do was ride the peoplemover like she and I apparently rode that for hours. It’s somehow it’s magic. Yes, we wrote it for hours and hours that and the monorail. We were like frequent fliers for the people who were in the monorail in 1991. So why is it so great? I’ve got five reasons. Okay. Number one, simplicity. Yes, it is simple. There is nothing about this ride that blows your mind. It’s not thrilling thrill ride. It’s not daring. There’s nothing about it. That just blows you away. But I think a lot of times simplicity is gold.

Chris  32:57 
For sure.

Kelli  32:58 
Right. Keeping it simple. This is the ride this is what to expect, right changing into rocket launchers screwed that up Disneyland. Yep, you screwed it up. Okay, simplicity is the way to go. One of my favorite things is it offers a guided tour of Tomorrowland. Yeah. And it takes you inside several attractions. So you get to go inside Space Mountain can’t really see anything but you hear people screaming, you know what’s going on. And you get to go inside Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin. You go past the queue at Monsters Inc. Laugh floor, and then star traders. Yep. So getting to see like inside those buildings is cool to me in the way that the monorail going through the contemporary is cool. Absolutely. Like transportation in a building. That’s right.

Chris  33:42 
That’s awesome. Yeah, they’re transitions in and out of buildings.

Kelli  33:45 
Yes. Like, that’s awesome. Cool. Great Park views. It’s one of my favorite ways to take a picture of the cat. Oh, man. Yeah, you get great views of the castle.

Chris  33:55 
It’s awesome.

Kelli  33:55 
I love it so much. No line. This is number four. No line. Yeah. You can typically walk right on, right? Because it’s constantly back. Yep. So again, there’s like space between the vehicles. But there’s rarely any more than a five minute wait. Yeah.

Chris  34:10 
Even if there’s a long line it moves.

Kelli  34:13 
Which is why mother my mother could take like a four year old just in round trip round, round, round round round. And I was just thrilled. Right? Number five. This is I think, other than the simplicity and the guided tour, okay, really, I like all five of these. But this one’s probably it’s in my top five.

Chris  34:36 
It is in fact in your top five.

Kelli  34:37 
Maybe it’s in my top three. Okay.

Chris  34:39 
It is in fact in your top three.

Kelli  34:41 
Definitely about top five. relaxation. Yeah, yes. So no matter whether it’s cold or blazing Florida hot, nope. Right. It is the perfect way to relax. There’s a nice breeze always a good breeze. You get to go through some air conditions. area. I love to take pictures of us on the people mover because we always look so relaxed. Yeah. You can’t not be relaxed on the people mover for sure.

Chris  35:11 
It’s it’s a magical ride in that every you don’t find anybody that doesn’t love it. Right. But, you know, it’s just not a thrill ride.

Kelli  35:21 
It’s not It’s perfect. But like if you’re riding with, say, four people, you’re facing each other. You can talk the whole time. You can take pictures of each other across the aisle. I mean, I love this ride.

Chris  35:33 
You know, my favorite thing about the ride is we

Kelli  35:35 
kiss in the dark places!

Chris  35:38 
You can steal a kiss when you’re in the dark.

Kelli  35:43 
I do like that. I mean, there’s something to it. You know,

Chris  35:47 
it’s a great ride, which is it really speaks to what Disney has, I think because there’s this there’s this arms race among theme parks to put out the most, you know, thrilling rides. And this is like, you know, we’re gonna put out the peoplemover it’s gonna be 50 years old and you’re gonna love it. You’re gonna love it.

Kelli  36:05 
Yeah, that’s it.

Chris  36:07 
Like that. So that’s our show for this week. We hope you all enjoyed it and you know what, here’s what you can do. Go out to the your your source for podcasts. Click subscribe so that you don’t have to worry about downloading every week it automatically downloads give us a rating leave us a review. And that will help us find new listeners and we’ll maybe we’ll break our record again next month. Yes,

Kelli  36:32 
We’d really appreciate that. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. People, be on the lookout this Tuesday when we launch our third and final contest for season three. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s gonna be awesome.

Chris  36:56 
Keep an eye out for that. Follow us on all the social medias at SCF, ADP on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast is what you want to subscribe to on YouTube. So, you know, the more the merrier. Yes, we’d love to see you. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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