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Disney News (4/25), the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Disney’s California Adventure, and We Revisit Walt Disney’s Oscar for Snow White

Episode 18

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In this week’s episode, we visit California! We daydream a little about the top 10 things we’d like to do when we get to visit Disney’s California Adventure and revisit the Oscars from 1939 to learn about Walt Disney’s award for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. All that and more, on this week’s show!

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Show Notes:

WDW to build 2 new solar arrays and will power 40% of all WDW operations through solar power

Boardwalk Inn is reopening July 2

Disneyland Re-opening in just a few days (4/30)

IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Study suggests that theme parks can reduce physical distancing to 3-feet

Construction Begins on the connection point between the new Starcruiser Resort and Galaxy’s Edge

Replacement Scene for the Jungle Cruise finale is revealed / what prompted the new story

WDW has begun hiring for more positions in merchandise, quick service restaurants, attractions, and custodial.

Magic Kingdom gets upgrading lighting stands along the nighttime parade routes

Disney Cruise Lines will require proof of Covid-19 vaccinations in the UK

Slyliner Crash, no one hurt

Drawn To Life (Cirque/Disney collab) to open “sometime this fall”

Track the Disney Parks slow return to normal at

Disney and the Oscars:

Disneyland California Adventure:


Chris & Kelli  0:05 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:45 
Hello, everybody. Welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:50 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:50 
And I cannot even believe we are doing it. We are. I think we’re gonna actually put out a show every week through the move. Yes, we’re two days late.

Kelli  1:00 
We’re two days late.

Chris  1:00 
But we are we’re on it. We’re recording and we have a TV on the wall.

Kelli  1:05 
A TV on the we’ve got computers equipment, a table like we’re we’re doing stuff up in here.

Chris  1:10 
That’s right. And you’ve got new ears!

Kelli  1:15 
These were brought back to me as a gift from your folks when they were at Disney the other week and I believe they are officially called Minnie’s Poppies and Lace Ears. And I have to say right now after having moved and unpacked and installed and done 1000 billion things for the last four days, I am nothing but poppies and lace.

Chris  1:38 
That is the first thing that comes to mind every time I think about you. Poppies and lace.

Kelli  1:43 
I know it is.

Chris  1:45 
Well, there they are. They’re transcendent.

Kelli  1:50 
Oh, nice. Thanks Hun. Transcendent. That’s what I was going for.

Chris  1:58 
Okay, so yeah, we’re a couple days late. We apologize for that. It’s just been a hot mess up in here. And it’s still a hot mess. We’re looking at a pile of boxes. But we love this show. And we want to absolutely get one out this week. Yes. Also, we’re still on pace to surpass our all time monthly high. So we need to get one out before the end.

Kelli  2:20 
Well, and I wanted to get one out this week. Because next weekend, we’ll be announcing our our May prize pack. So I wanted to make sure we got one out this week. So that next week you guys were surprised that we got a prize pack and and just as a hint, oh, can I give a hint?

Chris  2:37 
It depends. It is likely just to be telling what it is.

Kelli  2:40 
It’s a hint. We are launching it on May 4th.

Chris  2:47 
That’s a giveaway.

Kelli  2:47 
That’s a good hint.

Chris  2:49 
It’s a giveaway. It’s a giveaway to the giveaway, but it doesn’t matter. It’s gonna blow up anyway. People are gonna love it. So keep your ears out for that. Hey, so we saw where some downloads came in this week. I’m gonna get a lot wrong on this one today. So I apologize to all of you folks in these towns. Creve Coure, Missouri.

Kelli  3:20 
I think you nailed it.

Chris  3:22 
It’s a suburb west of St. Louis.

Kelli  3:24 
I think you nailed it.

Chris  3:25 
We drove nearby there. Waxahachie, Texas.

Kelli  3:29 
I love that.

Chris  3:30 
Just directly south of Dallas, San Francisco, California. Okay, and we love Frisco. And okay. I’m gonna get this. This is a little town, northwest of Naples, right on the Italian coast. Mondragone, Italy

Kelli  3:48 
Did Stanley Tucci go there?

Chris  3:50 
I’m sure he probably did. I’m sure he did. Um, so hey,

Kelli  3:55 
Have I managed to mention Stanley Tucci on all of our episodes since…

Chris  4:00 
…you started watching Stanley Tucci, probably.

Kelli  4:02 
I think I have.

Chris  4:04 
So we are so grateful for all the downloads. We are so grateful for all the folks out there for all the cities. If we mentioned your city, or if we don’t, at us, we still got stickers, right?

Kelli  4:17 
We have stickers and I’m gonna find them. They are… They’re in a box somewhere. In a box, and I will find them and I will send you a sticker. I’ll definitely do it this year.

Chris  4:30 
I just realized that the Mickey is not here. The Mickey Oh,

Kelli  4:36 
He’s right over there.

Chris  4:38 
Oh, gosh. If only I could use the Force.

Kelli  4:46 
Was that a hint on the next giveaway?

Chris  4:49 
Oh, was it? Hey, you want to talk about what’s going on on Main Street?

Kelli  4:56 

Chris  4:57 
All right. So, Really cool thing, while disney world is going to be able to new solar arrays something that cool solar arrays? It looks like Mickey Mouse. Yeah, on property at Walt Disney World. You’re not aware of it.

Kelli  5:15 
Did you call it a solar array?

Chris  5:17 

Kelli  5:18 
What is a solar array?

Chris  5:19 
It’s a whole farm of solar panels for solar energy.

Kelli  5:23 
And they’ve got one shaped like Mickey?

Chris  5:25 
Oh, it’s only enormous. It’s on every map we’ve ever looked at for Disney World. We drive by it every single time we’re down there.

Kelli  5:31 
You know, I don’t do maps. No, I’m not good at maps.

Chris  5:35 
Yeah, so they’re gonna go to new solar arrays on property. And once done, it will power 40% of all Walt Disney World operations.

Kelli  5:44 
Wow. That’s fantastic.

Chris  5:46 
Yeah, I think that’s pretty strong. boardwalk in his opening July the second, I mean, it’s been open for all these places I’m about to mention I’ve been open for DVC to a degree, yes, but everybody can go to the boardwalk in on July 2, Disney’s Beach Club may 30 Disney’s Wilderness Lodge June 6, and Disney’s Polynesian village in July. So you know that means that means all that my Moana stuffs gonna be done.

Kelli  6:16 

Chris  6:17 
I’m for it. Disneyland is reopening in just a couple of days now. Hey, for the is only for California residents based on the last thing I saw. For now. The parking decks will open at 6am and they are not offering tram service. The Blue Bayou has started taking reservations.

Kelli  6:38 
So that means you’re park in the parking decks and you’re huffing it to the parks?

Chris  6:45 
Right. If you start at 6am you’re fine.

Kelli  6:48 
Well, I mean they offer the the trams and stuff or they didn’t do trams at Disney we don’t know we don’t do trams. I am not being Disney elite. I thought we did the trams I was thinking about the buses. We don’t really do the buses. Take an Uber.

Chris  7:09 
Rise of the resistance virtual queue times were announced for Disneyland 7am and noon.

Kelli  7:15 

Chris  7:15 
You can do it kids. Yeah, you can 7am is only available to guests with reservations at Disneyland not California Adventure. It changed and it caught your attention.

Kelli  7:30 
This is not going to be a permanent setup here. We’ve got a whole plan for the permanent setup but I’m loving this this little get up that you that you made it for this week.

Chris  7:38 
Credit to Ambient worlds on YouTube. We’ve got it muted but if you look them up, they’ll play Park music while it does this. So kudos Ambient Worlds. Construction begins on the connection point between the star cruiser the galaxies galaxies their star cruiser resort and galaxies edge you know the Star Wars…

Kelli  8:00 
Right right okay.

Chris  8:02 
They’re gonna make the transit so you walk right out of the starcruiser in the galaxy’s edge that’s the idea see right you you you right because your crews were staying on earth.

Kelli  8:16 
Oh right.

Chris  8:17 
And then you take off

Kelli  8:18 
in space the whole cruise and then

Chris  8:21 
Get an excursion in galaxies edge and black spire outpost.

Kelli  8:28 
They can’t see your face light up like that but it was cute.

Chris  8:34 
It’s cool. Okay, so you know they took trader Sam out of Jungle Cruise?

Kelli  8:40 
Right, yes.

Chris  8:42 
So they’ve they’ve told us or they may have already installed was replacing trader Sam. trader Sam the character is not going away necessarily just the depiction of character saying Oh, yeah, right. So the idea now is Alberta falls has partnered with Sam to run a jungle navigation company Lost and Found booth at the end of your cruise. Things get lost in the jungle things get lost in the dry Sam being the entrepreneur that he is though he has put a sign over the jungle navigation company Lost and Found and now it says trader Sam’s gift shop so I guess trader Sam’s not seen there at the gift shop he’s out in the jungle looking for more Lost and Found stuff looking right he’s looking for more inventory really and and it looks like maybe the animals the jungle have taken over the booth okay this is really really that’s inventive yeah cool idea I get this is exciting also speaks to moving towards normal Walt Disney World has begun hiring for more positions and merchandise quick service restaurants, attractions and custodial nice. So you know, all good All good things are moving back towards normal. Thank you, God. Yes. Magic Kingdom is getting upgraded lighting stands along the nighttime parade routes. So that’s exciting. Absolutely haven’t had a nighttime parade in a minute.

Kelli  10:15 
Right. So you’re saying that means we will have a lights on the nighttime parade routes, implying that there will soon be a parade?

Chris  10:24 
I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m implying. Definitely. It gives me the Vapers a little bit. Disney. There are gonna be some people that just clutch their pearls crazy over this but Disney Cruise Lines will require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations in the UK assuming they ever start running again at all. But when they go to the UK they will require proof of COVID-19 vaccines. It might be more of a UK thing the Disney Cruise Lines thing. Hey skyliner crashed.

I heard that a few days ago.

And we’re only laughing because no one was hurt. Confirmed no one was hurt.

Kelli  11:06 
Those things have massive bumpers on them.

Chris  11:09 
I mean I cannot believe they haven’t crashed more.

Kelli  11:11 
They come flying in!

Chris  11:14 
They’re bringing in hot man they bring it in bring it in. You’re gonna love this one, drawn to life in the fall.

Kelli  11:25 

Chris  11:27 
There’s no no specific date that’s drawn to life in the fall we’re drawn to life in the fall that is super exciting which means if we go in January, Drawn to life. So, I get a lot of the news stuff from Blog Mickey, they do a wonderful job of curating all the news stories every week and so a really great place to go to keep up with everything I highly recommend them. There’s a thing on there you can actually track the Disney return to normal on their website, they’ve got a there each week anytime something new changes even as small as this I noted this because this was an interesting thing. This week, Walt Disney World is allowing guests to refill and get their own soft drinks and stuff at drink machines.

Kelli  12:18 
Oh wow.

Chris  12:19 
Right so we went to the DVC lounge right and ginger was getting drinks ginger or was getting drinks for people right? Well, I’m wondering now if that means it’s just go get your own drinks again, like it used to be in the food court. You can and quick service places, your own drinks and refills and all that. Okay, so just just another it’s a little thing, but it’s a sign of returning to normal. Okay. And obviously you’re celebrating this last little bit. Ladies and gentlemen, the saga is over. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority people mover is officially moving people!

Kelli  13:01 
I wore my peoplemover t shirt.

Chris  13:03 
It’s great.

Kelli  13:05 
Apparently this episode is now sponsored by French’s mustard. Watch it on YouTube. The TV just flipped to YouTube ad which was for French’s mustard, implying that this episode is sponsored by French’s. It’s not it’s not, but French’s but we use you exclusively if you would like to sponsor us then feel free.

Chris  13:25 
That’s right man. We will loop that thing like crazy.

Kelli  13:30 
I’m wearing a T shirt in honor I bought this People Mover t shirt The last time we were at Disney and I have not worn it while the peoplemover has been down. I wasn’t wearing it like in protest or anything. But I will just say I have not worn it while the peoplemover has been down now that it’s back up I feel that I can represent.

Chris  13:50 
Good for you, and good for the peoplemover.

Kelli  13:53 
Good for the people mover I’m very excited for the people mover.

Chris  13:57 
Can we come up with a Minnie Take on the fly here?

Kelli  14:01 
Well, you said you wanted to redo the the last one that we had which was…

Chris  14:06 
yeah that’s right. I had a little bit of time to think about Aaron see had given us a Minnie Take question. By the way our dogs are going crazy in this room and there is it’s just a matter of time for the knock down all of our nightstands and cameras and everything.

Kelli  14:23 
Yes, I give it about 30 seconds.

Chris  14:25 
Yeah so just be prepared everybody. So, AaronC came up with a great Minnie take question. It was your favorite easter eggs in the park and we you know I felt bad about our answers because we we couldn’t really come up with anything other than what he had already come up with. So I thought of one though Yes. And the good one I love this. So if you’re in the skipper canteen offers a lot of great easter eggs.

Kelli  14:57 
Yeah, they do.

Chris  14:58 
From Mrs. Disney’s butterfly collection to some of the titles of the books in the library room, pictures on the wall but my favorite thing is I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. And Jock Lindsay’s hanger bar is dedicated is based on Indiana Jones his pilot friend from the first movie. Well in Skipper canteen, if you’re sitting in just the right spot on the shelf above the seats, there is a like a toolbox, like an old school green metal toolbox. And on it says J. Lindsay, caution. Snake inside. Yeah. So if you’re if you’re Indiana Jones fan, you’ll recognize that Jock Lindsay helped him escape at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. And there was a snake in Jock’s plane it was it was his pet snake, Reggie. Yes. And I love that easter egg.

Kelli  15:58 
So last time we were at Skipper canteen, and you just about died.

Chris  16:02 
I loved it. I love this. And I was like, Oh my gosh, you’re that much wiser. And you were like, that’s the lunchbox.

Kelli  16:08 
Yeah, okay, I’m ready for tomorrowland.

Chris  16:10 
All right, man.

Kelli  16:11 
Let’s go. Okay. So I have been trying to convince you since we, you know, have been in the process of moving to the middle of the country. That now we’re in between Disneyland and Disney World. And so I’ve been trying to convince you that we need to go to Disneyland this year.

Chris  16:30 
Are you about to tell me that you’ve already booked everything?

Kelli  16:33 
No, because it’s only for California residents right now.

Chris  16:36 
Right now.

Kelli  16:38 
But I’ve got 10 reasons we need to go to Disney California Adventure because neither of us have ever been there.

Chris  16:45 
Okay, I love this. Okay,

Kelli  16:47 
So I’m only mentioning things by the way that we can’t do at the Florida Disney parks. There’s some duplicates? Sure. So I’m just mentioning things we can’t do. So I’m going to go backwards and work to number 1.

Chris  16:57 
Just in California venture?

Kelli  16:58 
Just California Adventure. So I’m going 10 to one with one being the main reason we have to go.

Chris  17:03 

Kelli  17:04 
All right. And this is food snacks and attractions.

Chris  17:07 
I would expect nothing else.

Kelli  17:09 
Right. Okay, so number one are actually number 10. Okay, number 10. Is Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout. Yeah. Okay, so this was Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and they got rethemed. The general consensus is that Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was better. Okay. But I’d like guardians of galaxy. I mean, I love Guardians of the Galaxy. And so I think it would be fun just to see how they did that. Twilight Zone is one of my favorite rides, mostly because of the function of the ride. Yeah, that doesn’t change. Okay, so it’s just the store in the theming around it, and I think that would be fun to do.

Chris  17:45 
Yeah. Okay, so that’s number 10. Oh, wow, man, this is gonna be good.

Kelli  17:49 
It’s gonna be good, right. Okay, number nine, lamplight lounge. Okay, lamplight Lounge is known for two, three, let’s say three main things. Number one. This is for you, honey, lobster nachos.

Chris  18:04 
Yet it’s for me.

Kelli  18:06 
Lobster nachos.

Chris  18:07 
Two great words put together.

Kelli  18:09 
Yeah, I’m gonna be having the mini doughnuts with dipping sauces. They also have cocktails, and a view of Pixar Pier. Like supposedly, it’s just great views of Pixar, Pixar lamplight lounge. Awesome. So you can have the lobster nachos. I’m gonna have the mini doughnuts with dipping sauces. Okay, lobster, lobster nachos, honey. You’re welcome. Okay, the next one, a smoothie from schmoozies. They have really cool like fruit smoothies there that are crazy. I can’t really describe it until you’ve seen the pictures. Like you’ve seen the pictures of some of those milkshakes that come out of the Beach Club.

Chris  18:58 
Cakes and stuff.

Kelli  18:59 
So it’s not quite that because these are fruit smoothies, but they’re not. They’re not trying to you know, they’re not trying to be healthy. They’re not trying to call it a healthy smoothie. Okay, so a smoothie from schmoozes. They have mango madness, strawberry banana sensation. They all also have coffees, teas, milkshakes and more. And the pictures that I saw of the smoothies just look phenomenal.

Chris  19:22 
This is better than the Guardians of the Galaxy, right?

Kelli  19:27 

Chris  19:28 
Oh, wow.

Kelli  19:29 
Yeah. It’s okay 2, you’re gonna love this one. I mean, seven. I’m not good at going backwards. Seven, paint the night parade. This is not currently running. It actually stopped in the spring of 2019. So I don’t want to say it’s not currently running because of COVID but I’m just gonna go ahead and say it’s not currently running because of COVID and let’s just assume that they bring it back. Okay, soon this this ran Disneyland for a couple of years it now runs at Disney’s California Adventure is described as the Main Street Electrical Parade for a new generation with technically modernized effects, new music and characters, so it’s..

Chris  20:14 
It’s got to really be all of that to win me over.

Kelli  20:17 
It’s all of that, okay. It says it’s all of that. It is Main Street Electrical parade. 2.0 Honey.

Chris  20:27 
I can’t I can’t tell you what Spectromagic did to me, like how I had to grow into that. I did.

Kelli  20:33 
Man, who moved your cheese, you’re not gonna change. Okay, number six. This one This. This restaurant name is fantastic. So the restaurant name is called award weinners. Now, I will just say looking over some of the restaurants at Disney’s Disney California Adventure. I feel like they offer a lot of hot dogs and corn dogs. So I’m gonna be honest, that’s not what I expected at California. I was I mean sorry total stereotypical. I was expecting like, you know, avocados and Quinoa. But no, it’s a lot of hot dogs out there.

Chris  21:10 
I think maybe the is the pier vibe is what’s producing the hot dog.

Kelli  21:14 
No, there’s more. This is just one of the hot dog corndog stations. Okay, but we’re not going there for that. That’s not what we’re getting here. Okay, okay, but this this restaurant called award weinners. It is located in Hollywood land. And here. They don’t just serve mouthwatering hot dogs. They are also known for their warm funnel cake fries. Often topped with lots of yummy sweets like fruity cereal cookies and cream crumbles, whipped cream, sprinkles and other fun seasonal toppings. So I mean, that’s what we all need. Right is funnel cake fries topped with sugary cereal.

Chris  21:53 
at breakfast.

Kelli  21:54 
Breakfast on a plate. It’s breakfast! Okay, and award weinners. Okay, number five.

Chris  22:05 
This was number six?

Kelli  22:06 
That’s number six. Number five. World of Color Nighttime water spectacular.

Chris  22:10 

Kelli  22:10 
We covered that. If you’re watching on YouTube and you missed that face – Fantastic. We covered that. What two weeks ago. I must do here it is April’s a blur but it’s a definitely a must do.

Chris  22:24 

Kelli  22:25 
Number four. Okay, that was five. Wow. The Carthay Circle restaurant. Okay, the must eat at the at the carthay.

Chris  22:37 
I think it’s Carthy circle. Hey, I’ve got it in mine too.

Kelli  22:42 
That is weird. We must eat carthay signature fried biscuits. These little balls of dough are stuffed with white cheddar, bacon, jalapeno and served with apricot honey butter.

Chris  22:57 
Holy moly.

Kelli  22:59 
Right. So we got to go there.

Chris  23:00 
Yes, we do.

Kelli  23:02 
Okay. Number three.

Chris  23:04 
You’re bringing it with the food.

Kelli  23:05 
Okay, these are all attractions now. Number three. The Radiator Springs racers. Oh, yeah. Yeah, supposedly, like 10 out of 10. This is one of the best things to do.

Chris  23:15 
Yeah, I’ve got it on a future Tomorrowland list to talk about.

Kelli  23:19 
So it’s like test track but with a lot of outdoor sequences and they say it feels like you’re in ornament Valley, which is that like Arizona? It looks kind of desertish. Okay, we’ll go with it. Supposedly, it’s the best ride at Disney California Adventure.

Chris  23:35 
Best ride. That’s a strong statement.

Kelli  23:37 
They say use your Fast Pass for that hands down. That’s what you need to ride. Yeah. Number two. The incredicoaster roller coaster. Yeah, this used to be are you gonna pronounce? You’re gonna correct my pronunciation on everything. This used to be California screaming, which is described as one of the best coasters you’ll experience at a US Disney park. It looks like an old wooden roller coaster, you know, like the up and down hills. Like it’s not a twirly kind of thing. It’s like up and down hill stuff. But it’s been rethemed to The Incredibles. And everybody says right, it’s been lightly rethemed with The Incredibles but it doesn’t really matter because it’s still an amazing coaster.

Chris  24:17 
Okay, that’s cool. That’s what they say. That’s the one I guess it’s like behind the big Mickey wheel that…

Kelli  24:23 
Yeah, yeah. So when you look at a picture of Pixar Pier, as you see, you see the Ferris wheel and you see the incredicoaster right. Okay, right. Okay. So number one, would you like to guess what number one is? What have I not mentioned that you feel like we have to do there?

Chris  24:38 
The big Ferris wheel thing?

Kelli  24:42 
Hello? Avengers campus?

Chris  24:46 
Oh, yes. Right. Avengers. I just talked about that last week.

Kelli  24:49 
You just did that last week. It feels like it’s been a month.

Chris  24:56 
This week has been a long year.

Kelli  25:01 
The Avengers campus you covered this last week that is a must.

Chris  25:04 
It is absolutely a must.

Kelli  25:05 
It’s a hard must do. Yes. And I would guess that this gonna pull some people from the Radiator Springs racers.

Chris  25:12 
Right, because there’s multiple areas.

Kelli  25:14 
Does that mean the entire campus is immersive?

Chris  25:17 
It’s Yeah, you know, it’s it’s multiple locations. Yeah, the dora milaje right. I mean dora milaje isn’t anywhere else it’s just the Avengers campus.

Kelli  25:27 
I remember what the dora milaje is. Don’t pretend like I don’t. It’s those women that can kick your butt from Wakanda.

Chris  25:32 
And take old boys arm off.

Kelli  25:34 
I know dora milaje.

Chris  25:40 
You have the same sensibilities.

Kelli  25:45 
Okay, so there you go. Number one Avengers campus. And number 10 was Guardians of the Galaxy. So that is a strong, strong, strong top 10.

Chris  25:53 
And right in the middle, the fried biscuits.

Kelli  25:56 
So at what point do you cave and agree to go to take me to Disneyland this summer?

Chris  26:01 
Ready? Go.

Kelli  26:05 
At what point in the process are you in?

Chris  26:07 
Contemplative. Oh boy, I love you. All right. I’m just getting myself ready. Okay.

Kelli  26:23 
World showcase.

Chris  26:25 
We’re going to try to go this summer.

Kelli  26:28 
Why don’t you carry me anywhere?

Chris  26:30 
I carried you to Nebraska. So Sunday, two days ago, normal or normal recording day, the Oscars were held? Did you know that?

Kelli  26:45 
I think I saw something about that on Twitter. Yeah.

Chris  26:47 
So Disney. Walt Disney Company had a heck of a night they had 15 Oscar nominations. Wow. Yeah. Nomad land, which I didn’t even realize was Walt Disney production through Searchlight Pictures. Yeah, we talked about it like last night.

Kelli  27:07 
I mean, you talked about it last night.

Chris  27:09 
We talked about how Francis McDormand.

Kelli  27:12 
Well, we talked about Francis McDormand. I don’t remember the words Nomad Land.

Chris  27:16 
I told you what the movie was about. The van remember the woman in the van? Traveling okay. Because of stuff like this. So yeah, that it was it had six nominations and it won for best picture. Best Director and Best Leading Actress. Okay. Yeah. That was Francis McDormand and a woman of color won best director.

Kelli  27:44 
Frances McDormand is not a woman of color. She was the director for Nomad Land?

Chris  27:48 
No. The best director, is a woman of color.

If y’all don’t already feel sorry for him.

All the time. All the time. It’s like this. I love it though. Also nominated word for various categories was so Muan, the one and only Ivan, onward and the United States versus Billie Holiday. Oh, and a short film called Burro. Soul won for Best Animated Feature and best picture.

Kelli  28:26 
As it should have.

Chris  28:27 

Kelli  28:28 
I loved Soul.

Chris  28:29 
I love Soul.

Kelli  28:31 
Clearly, I loved it more. Okay, but um, what did you think should have won?

Chris  28:36 
Soul. It’s fine. Fine, fine, Soul should have one. All Disney things should win.

Kelli  28:43 
I said as it should. And you’re like, Okay.

Chris  28:47 
We’re bias. That’s all. I’m saying. I’m biased. So so I thought it might be fun to go back and look at it wasn’t their first. Oscar wasn’t Disney’s first Oscar, but it was probably the most groundbreaking Oscar that Walt Disney won. So in 1939, this is the 11th Oscar ceremony, while Disney was presented with a special award for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Wow. Yeah. It was honored for Okay, this is a quote from the Academy, a significant screen innovation, which has charmed millions and pioneered a great new entertainment field for the motion picture cartoon. Because Snow White was the first feature length cartoon.

Kelli  29:40 
I did not realize that. Yeah. So they got a special award. They didn’t get an Oscar?

Chris  29:46 
Because there was no category plus it came out like two years earlier.

Kelli  29:51 

Chris  29:52 
Right. It came out two years earlier. So it had been such a thing for two years that they like we got to give this guy a special award. Famously, they gave him a full size Oscar and seven miniature Oscars.

Kelli  30:06 
Oh no, that’s fantastic. He didn’t get an Oscar?

Chris  30:11 
It was a, it was a special Oscar right it was it was an Academy Award an honorary Oscar. It was a major award!

I’m glad we crack ourselves up because I don’t know if anybody else finds it funny at all. So well, Disney had always wanted to draw as a story about Snow White, or to draw Snow White’s story. Since he had been a newsboy back in Kansas City. He saw back then he saw a silent film adaptation of the story, which is a Brothers Grimm story. If you know anything about Brothers Grimm stories, they are grim.

Kelli  30:55 
They’re grim.

Chris  30:56 
Yeah, they don’t they don’t have happy endings and all that.

Kelli  30:58 
Right. It’s like tales of Beedle the Bard.

Chris  31:01 
Just like that. Yes. Except also real. I’m getting choked up here.

Kelli  31:07 
Choked up over Snow White animation. Okay.

Chris  31:11 
Rightly so. Which is scary. So, um, production began,

Kelli  31:18 
Right, she scared you in the ride?

Chris  31:19 
Like I peed a little bit. So, production began on the movie in 1934, and premiered in December of 1937. At the Carthay circle Theatre in LA.

Kelli  31:37 
Oh, now look, I was wondering how you’re going to have, oh, he’s not even in the same state. But then I guess you’re in the same state,

Chris  31:45 
I am actually in the same state. The state of confusion, clearly. So this is what was cool. They were they were innovating. Disney has always been known for innovating right in there, especially in their animation. And so they were innovating the entire three years coming up with new things all the time. And so the artists that were working on Snow White, were also working on the silly symphonies, just their regular shorts that would play at the beginning of movies in theaters. Okay. And so they were used those silly Symphony shorts to, like, practice some of these innovations that they wanted to put into Snow White, just to see if they would work. So that was new and different.

Kelli  32:35 
Like, for example,

Chris  32:38 
well, for example, they pioneered the moat, the one famous examples that are in my notes. Well, I thought it might be they pioneered the multi plane camera for the first time in a feature length movie, but they had tested it out in 1930, sevens short, called the old mill. The Old Mill won an Oscar for the Best Short subject, cartoon category.

Kelli  33:05 
Okay, multi plane camera, so like 3d, like,

Chris  33:09 
they go around in like this. It makes it seem like you’re walking through a forest, but it’s animation. Okay, yes. Okay, right. I got you. And so in that in 1938 Oscar ceremony, they actually won the Oscar for the old mill, and short subject. Okay. Right. But then that same year, they also received a special scientific and technical category Academy Award for creating the multiplying camera. And then they use that in the making of Snow White.

Kelli  33:44 
That’s cool. I always love it when animated films get awards for like, camera, and lighting. Oh, yeah.

Chris  33:53 
Well, and you can see it when something really happens. You can.

Kelli  33:57 
Yes, yes, absolutely. But I just I love that they get those kinds of awards and Snow White.

Chris  34:01 
She’s the first Princess, right? She’s the first Disney Princess. And so she looked…

Kelli  34:09 
Very marginalized.

Chris  34:10 
So yeah. So you know, all those things we’ve come to associate with princesses, their movements, their hand movements, their walks, all these things, these elegant style. The the artists invented that all with Snow White. Right. So how do they do that? Well, a they drew from their experience in 1930, fours drawings of the goddess of spring, which is another short story. And they made and they had realistic looking humans in that short story in that cartoon. And so that was part of what they had practice doing real people as opposed to these cartoon characters. But they also had Marge champion, who is their live action model. For Snow White, and white. On the YouTube we are to show like there’s an actual Snow White esque bodice that she wore as part of a costume. Wow. So she would walk and she would move and they would capture all that and try to mimic that in Snow White.

Kelli  35:17 
Oh, wow. That’s really cool.

Chris  35:19 
That is cool. So think about that, though. Two years after the movie, they give them an award. Right and this the major award a major award that Oscar and because they could though, this thing must have been so you know, mind boggling to audiences, right? How he did how they did that. Right? And then look what it has spawned, right? We now have multiple, multiple dozens of entry possible winners of of of feature length animated movies every year. Right. And just Disney movies alone. Look what you know, we have. We did a whole segment once on Disney princesses. We’ve all been in feature length movies. That’s cool. Yeah. So okay, cool. I had another little piece here, but we don’t really have time for it.

Kelli  36:14 
Is it enough for a bonus?

Chris  36:15 
It’s enough for a bonus or we just save it till next year’s Oscars.

Kelli  36:19 
Okay, we’ll see maybe a bonus episode this week. Maybe? It sounds good.

Chris  36:23 
Maybe a bonus. But we love our listeners. So we’ll do that. Maybe we’ll leave this stuff right here. Right? Yeah, maybe they’d be fun. All right. Okay. Sounds good. All right. sold.

Kelli  36:38 
So how about that we’re both in California.

Chris  36:40 
We were both in California. And we both talked about Carthy circle. Or carthay. Circle.

Kelli  36:46 
Oh, we are just we like this or like this.

Chris  36:51 
We think we’re going to Disneyland this summer too. Apparently. Very excited about that. Well, folks, that’s this week’s show. We are super happy to bring it to you. We’re frankly a little bit amazed that we brought it to you. I’m happy I’m thrilled to be here. Yeah, absolutely. You know what to do now go out and subscribe to this show on your favorite podcast platform. And that way it comes to you automatically give us a rating or review and it’ll other users will be able to find us.

Kelli  37:19 
Absolutely And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast, we may have a bonus episode this week so be on the lookout.

Chris  37:36 
Keep an eye out for that we’ve been pretty lacks on social media just because we’ve had so much going on. So you know I’m gonna lean on that for a little while but we will try to get back out there on the socials and and engage with all of you. We love you for sure.

Chris & Kelli  37:50 
And with that, folks, we hope to see you real soon.

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