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Disney News (4/18), Previewing the new Avengers Campus at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park, and 5 Reasons Why Disney should Keep MouseGear at Epcot

Episode 17

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This week, Chris takes us on a preview of the new Avengers Campus at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park, opening on June 4, 2021, and Kelli explains why MouseGear is the best store on Disney property including 5 reasons EPCOT should keep it open (in addition to the new creations shop).

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Show Notes:

Disney to partner with others to save Florida’s coral reefs
Disney’s holds a Moana Poly Sneek Peak
Pop-Up Disney Cruise Line shop open in Disney Springs
As Disneyland gets set to re-open in 12 days, they’ve issues a “Know Before You Go” guidelines on their website, which mirror mostly what has been working at WDW… except for one thing.
What to expect regarding COVID guidelines enforcement at Disney Parks
Disney announces an updated “Disney Look” for Cast Members
Over 50 points of lights now installed on Spaceship Earth
“Popular” structure modification in Morocco complete – it’s a door now
The Pole in the Trapped by a Rhino scene has been removed from Jungle Cruise and Skippers have updated their jokes
New baby Mandrill born at AK
Disneyland Marvel Avengers Campus
MouseGear Info:


Chris & Kelli  0:05 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:45 
Hello out there podcast family. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:49 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:49 
Welcome to this week’s show. Look.

Kelli  0:52 
We solidly made it through the intro. Well done Hun. You said that so deliberately. My name is Chris.

Chris  1:02 
We’re just going to have to beg forgiveness ask for grace whatever we need to do.

Kelli  1:07 
I mean this is it.

Chris  1:07 
Because it we are on fumes, baby

Kelli  1:10 
12 hours and we blow this popsicle stand.

Chris  1:12 
That’s right. We are out of here. So we are facing a warehouse full of boxes staring back at us across the way here.

Kelli  1:23 
That’s true.

Chris  1:25 
And a garage full…it’s been crazy here. But we’re at this now and we are super pumped for it.

Kelli  1:34 
I am so ready for it. So ready.

Chris  1:37 
I’m just saying this. If there’s any if you sense any lack of energy, it is not because we’re not excited to do this show.

Kelli  1:44 
I’m excited. I do not have a lack of energy.

Chris  1:46 
I do.

Kelli  1:48 
Well, my section is gonna be better than yours.

Chris  1:50 
I don’t know about that, though. Hey, look, we had downloads aplenty this week. In fact, I cannot tell you how grateful I am. We’re on pace to have our biggest download month ever with like no bonus episodes or anything. And I can only you know, chalk that up to people out there saying hey, listen to this podcast.

Kelli  2:06 
Yeah, thank y’all for that.

Chris  2:10 
I’m so humbled by it. This week. We saw downloads from I should I should have checked how to say these places. Oh gosh. Florissant, Missouri.

Kelli  2:22 

Chris  2:26 

Kelli  2:27 
Sounds good to me.

Chris  2:28 
Just north of St. Louis. We’re gonna drive right through there. Probably right through it. christiansburg Virginia, just south of Blacksburg, Virginia. Okay. Yep. Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina.

Kelli  2:40 
Oh, look at that!

Chris  2:43 
It actually picked up as just Leesville, which is just considered a neighborhood of Batesburg-Leesville, but just just outside of Columbia and Lexington area, they’re awesome. And Okay, here we go, Targowek, Poland.

Kelli  2:59 
Oh, Poland.

Chris  3:01 
This is a North Eastern suburb of Warsaw. Famous for its two mega malls.

Kelli  3:09 

Chris  3:11 
Thank you to the fine people of Targowek, Poland. Yes. grateful for your download. That’s fine. Okay. You ready for Mainstreet USA?

Kelli  3:20 
Let’s hit the news.

Chris  3:21 
Okay, here we go. Alright, so a little bit of goodwill building by Disney. They have partnered with others to save Florida’s coral reefs, right. So, Disney Cruise Lines calls Florida home?

Kelli  3:36 

Chris  3:37 
Technically. So they’ve partnered with SeaWorld at the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the NOAA Fisheries, the National ocean and whenever NOAA stands for fisheries, they’ve established the Florida coral Rescue Center. Disney over a number of years has already donated $17 million to projects spanning every ocean worldwide. Wow, including 70 grants dedicated to coral reefs worldwide.

Kelli  4:09 

Chris  4:10 
And in fact, they the Disney Corporation and Disney Cruise Line partnered on a similar project with the Bahamas not long ago, to preserve their coral reefs, and sort of proved that they could grow coral reefs in a controlled setting, and then transplant them into the ocean and watch them flourish and regrow reefs.

Kelli  4:31 
Oh, that’s exciting. Yeah,

Chris  4:32 
so it’s it’s pretty exciting. Coral Reef is like the largest organism on planet Earth.

Kelli  4:37 
Yeah, I mean, a lot of that is the sunscreen that we wear. And so I think the sunscreen companies need to buy into that. I think Hawaii does a phenomenal job selling reef friendly sunscreen. And so I think I think that’s a big part of it. So you got you know, Florida essentially, everybody’s in the ocean all around the whole tip there. I mean, the whole peninsula Yeah. So Let’s move more towards reef friendly sunscreens. And yes, I’m for that. That’s fantastic.

Chris  5:05 
Yeah, that’s great. Um, hey the, the Disney for cast members they hosted an open mouse for Disney’s new Moana themed Polynesian.

Kelli  5:18 
Is that like an out of town preview or…

Chris  5:20 
No this is this is just an open mouse. Like soft,

Kelli  5:26 

Chris  5:27 
soft opening. Yeah, so the cast members got a Poly Sneak Peek but the fine folks at blog Mickey must have had a mole in there because I got some photos. And I gotta tell you, man, those rooms are sweet.

Kelli  5:41 
Yeah, they look awesome.

Chris  5:42 
Yeah. Disney Cruise Lines has has pushed out new sailings till mid October at this point, I think October the ninth but Disney Springs has opened up a pop up Disney Cruise Line shop. So if you want Disney Cruise Line March you can buy to Disney spots for Okay, the next little while. Okay. It’s fun. It is fun. Okay, into the parks. Disneyland gets set to open in 12 days.

Kelli  6:13 
So happy for the California folks.

Chris  6:17 
They issued a know before you go guideline on their website, which mostly mirrors what’s been going on at Walt Disney World. But they’ve added something. They’ve seen how the guests have treated the cast members. And they’ve put it right out there. Don’t mess around. Don’t be disrespectful to the park to other guests or to cast members. We’re not playing around. We will boot your ass right out of here. Or even put you in jail if need be.

Kelli  6:44 
Are they doing that now in Florida? They’ve gotten stricter with that right? Don’t abuse our cast members. Absolutely.

Chris  6:50 
Absolutely. By the way, opening day at Disneyland is sold out at jobs. And the opening day for the Avengers campus opening which is June 4 has sold out. Wow. Which is cool.

Kelli  7:06 
So happy for them.

Chris  7:07 
Yeah, the tickets went on sale for Disneyland like April 15. And it totally overwhelmed their online systems like right away.

Kelli  7:15 
I think that’s awesome. I saw some of those pictures online.

Chris  7:17 
So I’ve seen some articles about what to expect with COVID guidelines at Disney World and Disneyland I’m sure. And you know in terms of enforcement, as as we progress through the year, now they’ve already relaxed masks while taking photos. They’ve already removed the hand washing stations like the mobile wash. Nobody was using those right, the hand sanitizer stations not the same thing. It’s the mobile washing station.

Kelli  7:45 
Nobody’s using those now. But I do love the hand sanitizer.

Chris  7:49 
Yeah, I don’t know why those would ever had to leave honestly.

Kelli  7:51 
They should keep them forever.

Chris  7:52 
So during the last investors call, Bob Chapek actually said that we should expect some sort of physical distancing and masking mandate all the way through the end of 2021. He did leave a caveat for a potential that time a potential hugely successful vaccine rollout. He says that would be a game changer, we would have to re evaluate everything with that. That happened to the same day that the Biden administration said that they wanted to have enough vaccines in distribution for every person in America by the end of April. So that would be a game changer per Bob JPEG. But we had to say, here’s what the speculation is. Temperature screenings likely will be the first thing to go. There. They’re not hugely effective at determining sickness or potential spread.

Kelli  8:41 
I mean, honestly, I’m kind of for them.

Chris  8:43 
I know.

You know, when people come on vacation, I still don’t want to get the flu. I don’t want to catch something else. If your kids got like diarrhea, and they’re running 100 degree temperature, I mean, keep them at home. You don’t say it. I mean, for real. A kid will spike a fever in a heartbeat. And when parents pay 1000s of dollars to take them on vacation kids in the parks. I don’t want sick kids in the parks. I mean, there’s a reason I don’t use the Fantasyland restrooms. But I’m just saying parents take kids on vacations. They spike a fever and they’re like, take some Tylenol kid we’re going to the parks. Yeah, right. And I get that I’m not judging. I totally I totally get that. But I’m just saying I’m for the temperature screenings. I don’t know that me personally will ever go back to normal like, quote normal after COVID. I’m going to I’m going to use hand sanitizer like a germaphobe.

Physical distancing. This is the this is the biggest blockade to going back to typical normal capacity in the parks. Right. Pure space is an issue. CDC has already suggested that schools could go to three feet. If Disney went to three feet, they could effectively double their current capacity in the parks. So I get that masks. still likely to be some sort of masking, you know, throughout the year pending pending vaccine driven herd immunity, right? So, yes, all for all that. And then they basically made it clear they’re just gonna continue to follow CDC guidelines. And most of that is speculation, but that’s what the folks in the blogosphere are sort of thinking. Yeah, I agree with all that. Disney announced an updated Disney look for cast members. Did you see this?

Kelli  10:29 
I love it so much.

Chris  10:31 
love it, that the biggest the biggest things are gender neutral hairstyles are our allowed tattoos, as you know, as long as they’re within reason, the size of the tattoo, not an issue. The content of the tattoo may be an issue. But that, you know, one of the images I saw was of a, of a cast member with a huge forearm tattoo with a Harry Potter definitely have as I know, I’m just saying it’s come. It was it’s a, in today’s world, it’s a competitors.

Kelli  11:10 
I think what I like the most is that they’re allowing people to express themselves as religious or, or, you know, gender specific. So for example, like, now a Hijabi woman could get a job at Disney.

Chris  11:23 
Yes. And she couldn’t before. Yeah.

Kelli  11:25 
Right, because they weren’t allowed to work in hijabs. So I think that kind of thing is very important. If they truly want to show an inclusive Park, then you’ve got to be able to hire inclusive cast members. Sure. Right. I mean, essentially, that would be saying, you know, if you wear hijab, you can’t work here.

Chris  11:44 
I don’t know that they could not wear a hijab. But that was one of the pictures I saw. It was Yeah, but but I think they could that was one of the pictures. I think that that was designed to say, hey, yes, but not because they were wearing hijab, but just because they can now wear more colors of a hijab or Sikhs can wear more color. headscarf

Kelli  12:07 
The one I saw was not a colored headscarf. It was plain.

Chris  12:11 
Yeah, they can wear black white or a color that matches their costume today.

Kelli  12:17 
The sketch I saw was of someone in a hijab, right? And like a guy in a head wrap to right implying that you know they couldn’t before something, but whatever. In any case, I’m for it.

Chris  12:28 
Yep. We’re all for the inclusion. Yes, I’m over 50 Points of Light now installed on Spaceship Earth. Which is very cool. I feel like that No, no, I don’t think they’re done there. That’s just progress man.

Kelli  12:44 
That’s progress. Wow.

Chris  12:45 
I got a lot to go the popular structure modification in Morocco is complete. It’s now adore the pole in the track in the tracked by a rhino scene of Jungle Cruise. is gone. making way for the new new people with the new people. Right and the skippers have updated their jokes.

Kelli  13:11 

Chris  13:12 
Last but certainly not least, a new baby mandro is born in Animal Kingdom.

Kelli  13:20 

Chris  13:24 
Born to first time mom Hazel. But apparently not first time dad Linus. Gosh. They’re like they’re like we would mistake them for baboons. You know, I don’t know that baboon dudes are monogamous. Gosh, the cast members picked out her name. I’m just saying Linus is playing a role there.

Kelli  13:52 
He played a role but he doesn’t have to play around.

Chris  13:55 
Cast Members picked out her name to coincide with her other colorful family members. Olives, Scarlet and snow.

Kelli  14:00 
Oh presch. That’s really so.

Chris  14:03 
Okay, you ready for a Minnie Take segment?

Kelli  14:05 
Let’s do it. Alright. And do our best here,

Chris  14:08 

Kelli  14:10 
Oh, this was somebody somebody gave somebody okay.

Chris  14:12 
Yeah, this was somebody get Okay. What’s the best easter egg in the parks?

Kelli  14:18 
I’m not so good at those.

Chris  14:20 
Yeah, this was Aaron See? Who Who says his favorites are the hidden Mickey’s he is her is her sorry. They’re their favorite. Are the hidden Mickey’s?

Kelli  14:33 
Oh, the best easter egg in the park?

Chris  14:36 

Kelli  14:37 
Oh my goodness. I think that one’s gonna have to be you as a solo honey.

Chris  14:40 
Well, I just don’t think it depends on what you consider an Easter egg. I too like the hidden Mickey’s because they’re super creative and just you never know even in the molana News themed stuff I saw hidden Mickey some of that stuff and so I’m gonna go with the hidden Mickey’s too.

Kelli  15:00 
Seems like a little bit of a cop out.

Chris  15:03 
But you have nothing. But I’m

Kelli  15:05 
not good with the easter egg thing you know that you’re constantly having to point stuff like that out to me.

Chris  15:12 
Um I like the I like the Ratatouille, scavenger hunt do they do? Oh, now that’s

Kelli  15:20 
a good one. Yeah.

Chris  15:21 
Because Because if you’re not paying attention you can, you can easily just run across for me. Oh yeah, we’ve all roof tops and gutters.

Kelli  15:31 
Yes, that’s a good one. I really liked that one. That’s well done. I agree.

Chris  15:35 
I concur. All right, so thank you for that. You’re welcome. Okay, um, so you ready for my tomorrow? I’m

Kelli  15:44 
so excited about it. I think I know what it is. What is what push good button? What is it?

Chris  15:50 
I think it’s the Avengers. It certainly is the New Avengers campus at Disneyland Resort California. Great Adventure. Part one. Yes. So we’re, we’re just right on the tip of the iceberg of talking about possibly hitting up Disneyland this year. Because we’re

Kelli  16:07 
We’re gonna be halfway between…

Chris  16:07 
We’re going to be halfway between both we I’ve never been to Disneyland, and really anxious to make it happen. And after reading up and researching this, I don’t know how you can keep me away.

Kelli  16:23 
Well, it was my idea.

Chris  16:25 
It was your idea. I know. So so look. This is completely immersive experience like galaxy’s edge right completely immersive experience dedicated to discovering and recruiting and training the next generation of superheroes Oh, it’s opening on June 4 this year at like I said Disney’s California Adventure Park incorporate incorporates new, cool, innovative technology along with the immersive experience. Okay. You know, at some point in time I need to I need to go figure out exactly how to say Disneyland President Ken Potrock.

Kelli  17:07 
Ken Potrock.

Chris  17:09 
Ken Potrocks name…

Kelli  17:10 
I like that he’s Pot-Rock on our show.

Well I don’t want to offend him. I’m just saying I think he’s he says he says here are cast members will unite to help guests of all ages, find their superpowers and create special memories.


Chris  17:29 
This land is made up of several different locations, each hosted by different Avengers, and they share their unique powers and technology and knowledge with the recruits. Right. Okay. So you should expect to see Avengers all over campus specifically, you will see the Dora Milaje you’re there. No, that’s Black Panthers personal bodyguard. Oh, you will see them all over. Oh, that’s interacting with the guests. That’s right.

Kelli  18:01 

Chris  18:02 
Okoye, the captain of the Dora Milaje actually has her own training encounter.

Kelli  18:09 
Yeah, cool. That’s fantastic.

Chris  18:11 
I see those ladies want to walk about to beat you up. Oh, it would be my honor to get my butt kicked by the Dora Milaje. So one of the you know, one of the first buildings you’ll see other than Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout that opened up in 2017. I think it was like actually their Hollywood Tower terror they rescanned it reworked the technology to be Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout where we help break the colorful gang of Guardians of the Galaxy out of a president or whatever.

Kelli  18:47 
Oh, okay. Okay,

Chris  18:48 
so that was already an immersive ride where we took on a role there in the story. But one of the other locations there is the worldwide engineering Brigade, aka web. Okay, this was created by Tony Stark to bring bright innovators together like Peter Parker. Okay, so we’ll see a lot of Peter Parker this this venue. He they work on technology’s there to bring everyday people into the world of superheroes, right to make us feel like superheroes. Okay, there’s a ride in this location called web slingers, colon, a spider man adventure. This is a totally new story, designed to work in conjunction with the Avengers campus, okay. They teamed up with comic book developers and the filmmakers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to create this and Imagineers all partnered up together to create this new story and ride. Okay, okay uses some new technology. And the idea is that, by the way, Tom Holland, who played the last Spider Man reprise His role in this ride and he teamed up with us recruits to help save Avengers campus from the spider bots that has gotten loose and are running around all over campus. Right? It all happens as we were involved in a test run of the new the new web invention this vehicle that allows regular non supers like ourselves to shoot web to sling webs like spider man does experience a few other superpowers. Okay, so we use those superpowers in our new web slinging capabilities with Spider Man. Tell round up all the spider bots that are running around all over adventure Avengers campus. Okay. All right. Speaking of spider man as we’re walking around of interest Avengers campus, we might see him swinging from the rooftop 60 to 65 feet above the ground.

Kelli  21:00 
Wow, cool.

Chris  21:01 
That that would be cool. That would be awesome. I love Disney for doing these kinds of things. Avengers headquarters is also here at Avengers campus, you’ll know it because you’ll see a quinjet sitting on top of the building. This area is hosted by Captain America Black Widow and Black Panther. So you’ll see hanging out at Avengers headquarters.

Kelli  21:24 
That’s a fun crowd.

Chris  21:26 
That is a fun crowd.

Kelli  21:28 
Which they’re, you

Chris  21:30 
know, I imagine she’ll make an appearance here or there. Maybe at this next location. Okay,

Kelli  21:34 
what’s next location

Chris  21:35 
the next location is an ancient sanctum. Ooh, so we were introduced to sacred sanctums and Dr. Strange dr. strange is the host of this location. Okay, so this is an ancient This is actually the ruins of an ancient sanctum dr. strange route trains recruits here in the mystic art so we’re recruits

Kelli  21:58 
sounds amazing

Chris  21:59 
sounds incredible I love

Kelli  22:02 
every single like area is totally different

Chris  22:04 
yes right and so in when you’re learning to use the mystic Arts in this ancient sanctum it it comes alive like with your command your spell casting the venue comes alive

Kelli  22:17 
oh that’s fantastical

Chris  22:20 
Yeah, so and they said that at night I got all of this by the way from the D 23. First Look at this campus so some d 23 membership really coming through strong here. Yeah, so and they said that at night, the ancient sanctum is even more wild.

Sure, it lights up with all these mystic forces and draw a circle walk through a wall through it to another part. What do they call the thing draw circle just walk What do we call that? Please wouldn’t let let

Kelli  22:58 
all the boxes through just draw a big circle.

Chris  23:01 
But still let the movers come do the shoving. Yeah, yeah. What do they call that thing that he uses to draw the circle as you call it?

Kelli  23:10 
His hand?

Chris  23:15 
I love you so much.

Kelli  23:18 
What do they call it?

Chris  23:20 
It’s not very mystical sounding… a sling ring.

Kelli  23:23 
A sling ring?

Chris  23:24 
Yeah, it sounds like more like something Spider Man would use.

Kelli  23:27 
it kind of sounds like they phoned that in, and I’m gonna be honest with you. Harry Potter would never call that a sling ring.

Chris  23:32 
You’re gonna love this next location. The the Pym test kitchen.

Right so Pym. Pym is the scientist that created the Pym particle can’t remember what his first name was Alexander Pym maybe I can’t remember his pen particle do it makes you really really tiny are really really big. It is what made Ant Man Ant Man

Kelli  23:54 
oh I thought you were gonna say is what they used to Alice in Wonderland.

Chris  23:58 
Maybe that’s where the cake maybe that’s what Stanley in the game got the idea? Now the Pym particle is what Ant Man uses to change sizes. Ant Man and wasp. Okay, so I’m the scientists here at the Pym Test Kitchen.

Kelli  24:14 
Oh gosh.

Chris  24:15 
They use that same shrink grow mindset as they create food items like the large and or micro meatballs made out of impossible meet the key by tiny micro or big ones.

Kelli  24:32 
You said a test kitchen, I don’t know why didn’t hit me that that’s a restaurant.

Chris  24:35 
Exactly. That’s fantastic. That’s awesome.

Kelli  24:39 
I’m telling you they got themselves something but those impossible meatballs they didn’t know they really have

Chris  24:43 
them. And they they must have heard that

Kelli  24:46 
like they need to go full IKEA on those things and start selling them in bags.

Chris  24:49 
The Pym meanie which is a Panini that served in either small slices or multi portion servings. They also serve a soda they’re called The pinga Dolce which is a deep cut, Bruce Banner. Hulk worked in a pingo Dolce bottling plant in Brazil when he was in hiding at one point in time in his life. Last the other place to eat and that’s a deep cut. The the last one of the other places to eat I love this is shawarma palace. You get this shwarma Sharma Palace

Kelli  25:24 
shwarma is a platter. We got that from the Tangerine Cafe.

Chris  25:30 
We did. But at the end of the first Avengers movie Tony Stark’s about to just bite it wakes up and ask them a follow up they want to go to the swarm a place around the corner. And the end the post credit scene was them just eating a swarm of palace. One last thing. David bush more vice president of franchise creative and marketing for Marvel Studios says Avengers campus will be a place where fans and guests can finally step into the universe they love and stand alongside some of their favorite heroes. The optimism inherent in The Avengers campus captures the diversity, power and teamwork these extraordinary characters possess. And now they come together to unite people from all over the world under one guiding principle. We are stronger together. Oh, I like love it.

Kelli  26:15 
So question for you. Did you have to Google the shwarma Palace thing? Or did you remember?

Chris  26:19 
No, no, come on. That was that was an easy one. I had to Google the Pingo doche, I had to get inside to Google that but the swarma Palace was easy. It was easy. That’s obvious hubs here ready, I’m so excited to ship a hard turn or what it’s…

Kelli  26:33 
It’s a hard turn. So last week, I kind of went a little bit crazy when you started talking about the new celebration store at Epcot, because it’s not called that. And so I felt like it would be a great world showcase. For me to further explain and develop my obsession with mouse gear. We can talk about why it’s the best store ever.

Chris  27:03 
You have taken the need to be right to a whole new place. For the record, I don’t disagree with you.

Kelli  27:14 
I know you don’t you love to Mouse Gear as much as I do. And so now I’m going to share some things. So first of all, I actually found the history of the store. I’m going full Chris on this section, and then I’ll break down my five reasons why you know, I love the top five list.

First of all, it is officially the second largest store on Disney property or it was until they got rid of it. I’m gonna speak of it as though it still exists. Okay, so throughout this segment, it is it is it is okay. That’s what we’re gonna go with. So it’s officially the second largest store on Disney property only second to World of Disney at Disney Springs. Okay, that makes it bigger than the Emporium. Right. Okay, so here’s our history history. Let’s go full Chris. So, a few current guests are aware that the store has not always been called mouse gear, but most aren’t with Epcot originally opened in 1983. And I got this from a website that I’ll link to in our show notes. By the way, I didn’t write this. When Epcot originally opened in 1983. The shop was called the centaurian. The centaurian was a two story shop. Do you remember any of this?

Chris  28:20 
Oh, located within an area that was known as community core? Yes, I remember that.

Kelli  28:26 
Community core closed in 1994 and was rebuilt into interventions West and East Yes, for a time the centaurian remained open even after communiquer had become Innoventions. However, in late 1999, it closed and became mouse gear. The current shop is only one level which is phenomenal to me, because it’s some acid. The upper level is now used for meetings and offices for the leaders and staff at mouse care.

So let’s talk about five reasons why I think it is the best store on Disney property. Okay. Okay. Number one. It is so easy to navigate. This store is open and airy, high ceilings, great air conditioning, huge doors, this matters in Florida. This matters, you got to have a solid AC unit. Unlike the Emporium, right, which kind of feels like five stores test together. Yeah. And you can get really kind of crowded in the Emporium. I mean, at the end of the day.

Chris  29:32 
That’s a good point. I’ve never felt crowded in mouse gear like I do at the Emporium.

Kelli  29:36 
I’ve never felt crowded at mouse gear. And I feel like I have more time to browse. Whereas at the Emporium, I feel sort of like herded from one area to the next. And I find myself walking back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, like five times, whereas it mouse gear it’s more of a leisurely, airy open spot. Where I’m not shoulder to shoulder with a million people.

Chris  29:58 
Yeah, at Emporium you feel like you’ve got to find your way into a current and then follow that current and they get off.

Kelli  30:03 
Yes. So I love the vibe of the Emporium, but I love the spaciness of mouse gear. Right. And I’m not dogging the Emporium people, okay, don’t at me. It’s fun. I love the Emporium. Okay, but I’m just saying mouse gears best. Okay, I could walk around mouse gear for hours, hours. So we often talk on the show about my love of food at Disney, Disney. My second love at Disney is shopping. Yes. I mean, we have come back with just an embarrassing an embarrassing amount of bags.

Chris  30:40 
The last time we left it was just embarrassing.

Kelli  30:45 
For you. I was like, winning. Okay, number two, I think they always have great purchase with purchase options. So these are the things you see at the register that it’s like if you spend $20 you can buy this backpack for $9.99. Okay, right. So there was one particular backpack mouse gear that I remember like it was yesterday. It’s a black pack a black backpack with like fluorescent and Mickey’s all over it. Okay. Yeah, yeah, agree. Mickey’s all over? Yeah, this is Walt Disney World, across the front pocket of that backpack. We see that every time every time. And I remember when we saw that as a purchase for purchase in the store. And we thought about getting it. Do we need that? Do we? backpack. Right. Right. And so

Chris  31:31 
that’s when you say we see it, we see it on somebody

Kelli  31:35 
on somebody every single time. That was a huge, hugely successful purchase with purchase. So I think they do a good job there. Okay, number three, they have an excellent selection of headwear. I mean, a phenomenal selection of headwear. I see your face I want you to know, I see your face is very patronizing. But it’s a good selection of Hey, headwear. I’ve gotten a visor there. I’ve gotten hats. They’re like on a day when I end up at the bar, and it’s super sunny and I need you know, to cover my head or whatever. I was unprepared. And I needed a hat. I’ve gotten hats there. You know, my affinity for headwear. I have an affinity for headwear. In college I was voted most likely to wear a hat. So my affinity for hardware runs fairly deep. In any case, they have tons of ears, the in the squishy hats like the goofy years, Pluto hats and stuff. They have those right if you don’t find those just to any store, right, they have those because they have a huge selection of headwear. Lots of caps, visors, etc. I would go ahead and bet that this is the best headwear section at Walt Disney World. I’m gonna draw that line in the sand. It’s way better than the Caperee. Is that what it’s called the Caperee?

Chris  32:54 
Caperee? No.

Kelli  32:58 
On Main Street USA, the store with the caps.

Chris  33:02 
I would be able to tell you if you hadn’t asked.

Kelli  33:03 
It’s a remarkably sad selection I think in that store of yours hats I think it’s the cap rate. I’m gonna start calling it the Caperee. I know you’re dying to google it right now.

Okay, number four. They have a fitting room. This is a big deal it is locked you have to ask cast member that’s a big deal. It’s a huge deal because it’s very difficult to find fitting rooms at Disney and I’m not I don’t know that it was open you’re in COVID but in any case, that stuff that merge is expensive and I find myself often stand there like is this size or this size? And it’s like a phenom like every t shirts not cut same every sweatshirts not cut the same and you’re guessing at sizes this past time we had to return stuff on day two that we bought on day one walk off man wants to return things that dizzy that’s such a sad experience. But so yes, they have a fitting room. Yeah, that’s a that’s a big deal.

Chris  34:00 
Does in I don’t know of the others have a fitting room?

Kelli  34:04 
I’ve never seen another fitting room anywhere.

Chris  34:06 
I’ve never seen the fit shop. Oh, by the way. Chapeau!

Kelli  34:10 
I think the Caperee it’s a better word. No, number five. All right. Okay. And I guess I should have said these in reverse order. Because I think this is actually number one. Okay, maybe 234 is all really a blur. But this is really the best reason. They have store specific items that you can’t find at like the Emporium or World of Disney. I see your face you’re questioning that they do. They have store specific items have a very good loungefly collection. We went one time and there was one particular lounge fly that was needed by a member of our party. And we couldn’t find it anywhere other than mouse gear and we kept thinking we’ll see that we’ll see that loungefly tons of places we’re gonna see it so many places, please let’s don’t buy anything today. And oh my goodness, if we could not find it any way. eltz so annoying. I mean in like a good way. I think they also have more pajamas than World of Disney and World of Disney does not have like a true pajama section. And mask your does. Wow. Which is needed. I mean, we need more Disney jammies. Hello. And they have an excellent what I want to call other section. Like they have more little things than World of Disney, like antenna toppers and random stuff like that. But this was the first store where you and I bought Disney soundtracks on vinyl, vinyl. Yeah, we ran across that vinyl selection. And I was like,

Chris  35:38 
we bought all of them.

Kelli  35:39 
We did. I was like mouse gear. I love you.

Chris  35:42 
Yeah, that’s what it was. It was that trip that experience of running across all that vinyl.

Kelli  35:48 
All the vinyl because like at Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, you know, you can find the beauty and the beast vinyl and the beauty in the beast store and fantasy, right. But mouse gear had all of them and I was like I need them all. Yeah, I need them all. And easily one of our best purchases. They also have an excellent pin collection. We aren’t pin people, but they have specific trading opportunities throughout the day. Yeah. So apparently it’s a pin lover’s dream. So okay, okay. Hold the pin leverage right now. Go ahead. That’s it. Those are my five reasons. And I think they’re very solid.

Chris  36:26 
What’s to say that those five reasons won’t still be in place at the creations shop?

Kelli  36:33 
No, because they’ve definitely given up a significant amount of real estate to the coke tasting stuff.

Chris  36:40 
No, I don’t think so.

Kelli  36:41 
They have to. For all the cokes in the world?? That takes up a lot of space that was really that was I have not but that was already there.

Chris  36:53 
That was there it just had been shut down for a while but that was there.

Kelli  37:02 
Why are you trying to poopoo my my WorldShare section?

Chris  37:05 
I’m just trying to you know, it was a good section, relevant and on point it was it was a little bit prideful.

Kelli  37:15 
I don’t own the store. I’m just saying that I think it’s the best store on Disney property and I made that statement last week and people were probably like what she’s there’s tons of good stores on Disney property. Blah, blah, blah. Okay, here you go. five reasons. It’s the best store.

Chris  37:30 
It has been the best store on Disney property. Yes.

And I believe that the new store probably will be too for all the same reasons.

Kelli  37:38 
You’re so optimistic

Chris  37:40 
I am. Man that is a is a truism about me, okay. I’m nothing if not Pollyanna.

Kelli  37:50 
There’s a difference between optimistic and Pollyanna. I love you.

Chris  37:53 
Thanks. So that’s our show for this week. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed it next week show will be on location next week and forever from Lincoln, Nebraska!

Kelli  38:08 
That’s right!

Chris  38:10 
Go leave us reviews we’ll make a super happy to see new reviews will be great like he said we got the highest number of downloads this month I mean we’re on track that I know it’s the reviews.

And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. The only bonus content we got this week is us driving across the country and I’m gonna try my best Instagram some things okay cuz I’ve been off Instagram for a bit.

Follow us on all the socials instagram twitter facebook at SCFADP, follow us and subscribe on YouTube supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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