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Disney News (4/11), Why Elena of Avalor Should Have Her Own Land at WDW, and the DVC Lounges of Walt Disney World

Episode 16

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This week, we discuss why Elena of Avalor should have her own land on Disney property, and two of our favorite perks of being Disney Vacation Club members – the DVC lounges at EPCOT and Bay Lake Towers. All that and more on this week’s show!

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Show Notes:

Resort Construction

Rare tour of College Program new accomodations at Flamingo Crossings Village

Storms ROCK Orlando knocking out a number of attractions at all four parks

Disney begins offering COVID vaccines to Cast Members

Mayor: Orange County could lift mask mandate by June

Don Muchow becomes first person to run from Disneyland to WDW

Creations Shop (Permits filed for new wall)

Work begins to “alter” the “popular structure” in Morroco

Disneyland “soft opening” for Cast Members

Avengers Campus opening June 4 at California Adventure

Fantasmic Character Banners Refreshed

Magic Mobile set to roll out to Andoid devices this month

Trader Sam officially removed from Jungle Cruise

Elena of Avalor

DVC Lounges at Journey into Imagination


Chris & Kelli  0:05 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:53 
Hello out there podcast family. I’m literally just starting this week with a laugh because we’re slinging this thing together with duct tape and baling wire.

Kelli  1:01 
That’s just about all we’ve got left in this house.

Chris  1:03 
You can probably hear a bit of an echo.

Kelli  1:06 
I hear that a bit. Because we’re in a house with no furniture.

Chris  1:09 
We’ve got nothing to deaden the echo in this house. So I think this episode and next week’s episode are gonna sound very similar.

Kelli  1:17 
Very similar. You’re Chris and I’m Kelli.

Chris  1:18 
Oh, yes. Right. I’m Chris. She’s Kelli. And we are flying around with our heads on fire. We are. So, I love your ears.

Kelli  1:31 
You can’t even say it anymore. Actually, I’m wearing these yours intentionally today.

Chris  1:37 
Oh, no.

Kelli  1:40 
Not just because the Mexico ears are the only ones I have left. But it goes along with what I’m talking about in Tomorrowland?

Chris  1:47 
Okay. Well, that’s awesome.

Kelli  1:49 
All right.

Chris  1:49 
Good job. Nice planning.

Kelli  1:51 
I thought so.

Chris  1:53 
Hey, so this week we had downloads from awesome cities across the United States. This first one I cannot believe we’ve never mentioned Columbia, South Carolina. Oh wow. Download from Columbia a lot. And it’s fantastic. Columbia is very near and dear to our hearts. Yeah. So glad to shout them out. Delray Beach, Florida. sounds lovely does Rockford Michigan, which sounds very rugged. Sure, everybody. There’s super rugged to climb.

Kelli  2:24 
Rocks and such. Yeah. Okay.

Chris  2:26 
I’m gonna butcher this one. So I’m so sorry to the folks that call this place home. And I practiced over and over.

Kelli  2:33 
Okay, let’s hear it.

Chris  2:36 
Santa Rosa J√°uregui.

Kelli  2:40 

Chris  2:44 
Jáuregui. In Querétaro, Mexico.

Kelli  2:47 
How do you spell that?

Chris  2:49 
Which one?

Kelli  2:50 

Chris  2:52 
j okay. A u. r, e. g UI. Okay, okay. Yeah, we go. Give it to you. Of course, I had I had the Google’s pronounce it for me and everything. And I still can barely, barely say it’s alright. GRI while reg? center. Oh, sorry, Santa Rosa. But we love you. We are so grateful that you and everybody else has downloaded our show.

Kelli  3:22 
Yes. And I think you will enjoy my segment and I’m wearing Mexico years. So let’s just call that all an olive branch and a win-win?

Chris  3:31 
Okay, so, by the way, congratulations again to Karla Lafarga who won our strong woman contest. Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s coming in May. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s gonna be awesome. All right, Main Street?

Kelli  3:44 
Main Street. Let’s do it.

Chris  3:45 
Alright So a couple of reports on some resort construction. They’ve officially started redoing the contemporary for Incredibles.

Kelli  3:57 
Oh, yes. I saw those pictures like with the curtain

Chris  3:59 
They’ve curtained up the whole interior of the concourse there.

Kelli  4:03 
I saw that.

Chris  4:04 
to change things out because it’s gonna hit the doors and everything. Yeah, yeah. And the monorail station at poly. The trusses went up so they’re very, very vertical. Okay, over over the monorail station. How exciting which I think is probably fun. If you’re on the monorail and you ride through that construction.

Kelli  4:20 
When is that supposed to be done? Do we know?

Chris  4:22 
I don’t know.

Kelli  4:22 

Chris  4:23 
I don’t know. Okay, maybe it’s gonna go on forever.

Kelli  4:26 
No. You mean like the people mover?

Chris  4:32 
I don’t have any peoplemover news today.

Kelli  4:34 
Okay, so they’re, they’re still just pushing the cars around.

Chris  4:37 
So that’s what the ride is gonna end up being. Okay, so this was really cool. The fine folks blog Mickey who I lean on all the time for sourcing. They got a tour of the new cast member housing, but really it was designed for the college program. Okay, a common Flamingo crossings village. I gotta tell you, man, I want to do this this is what I want to do when I grow up is to be a cast member that lives in these accommodations.

Kelli  5:11 
You know you would actually need a younger fake ID to get in?

Chris  5:16 
Why? I’ll I need to be as a cast member and say that I want to live there.

Kelli  5:20 
Yeah, but this is for college students.

Chris  5:22 
Not right now, right now they’re opening it up to everyday cast members that would like to take to live there.

Kelli  5:30 
Okay, and this is like an apartment.

Chris  5:32 
Oh, yeah. It’s really really cool as apartment complex. It’s got east and west campus.

Kelli  5:37 
You gonna bring the family, dogs?

Chris  5:41 
It’s, we’ll say, Okay,

Kelli  5:44 
This is like some new bachelor pad.

Chris  5:46 
This place is awesome. They got this amazing, huge open atriums common spaces with gaming and, but then also like classroom space and creative workspace. That’s all the tip top of technology. They’ve got basketball courts, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts. Okay, indoor cornhole? It’s, it is done. It is this is the coolest college dorm setup I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s what it looks like. Yeah. I mean, it’ll I’m sure it’ll look like that for at least a year. Until the student was the college kids actually kick us out. So I don’t know so we’re recording on Monday morning this week just logistically needed to store storms absolutely rocked Orlando yesterday, like there was hail and saw. Trees falling down. It knocked out like rise at all four parks just it was a crazy crazy storm, but it looks like things are

Kelli  6:45 
Yeah, I saw trees fell down like in animal kingdom and stop the safari ride for a bit.

Chris  6:51 
Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s scary for the animals.

Kelli  6:54 
Yeah, sure.

Chris  6:56 
I’m sure they’ve dealt with storms before. Disney began COVID vaccine delivery to cast members which is really, really awesome. And the mayor in Orlando city, Orange County could lift their mask mandate by June, which is also exciting. Just more science of light at the end of the tunnel there doesn’t necessarily mean that businesses will lift their mask mandates, but still make progress. Yeah, a guy named Don moochie cow Moo cow. I don’t know. Not Moo cow.

Kelli  7:27 
It’s probably not Moo cow.

Chris  7:29 
Probably not.

Kelli  7:29 
Sorry, Don. Probably not Moo cow. Gosh.

Chris  7:35 
I’m a wretched person. He became the first person to ever he became the first person to ever run from Disney Land to Walt Disney World.

Kelli  7:48 
Don Moo cow.

Chris  7:52 
You’re just as bad as I am. This guy’s a type one diabetic. Wow. Don. I know and he’s in..that shouldn’t have caused this reaction.

Kelli  8:10 
Podasting in this environment, our mental state is very questionable.

Chris  8:19 
Okay, this one this news item was really sad for you. The creations shop…

Kelli  8:26 
I’m against it.

Chris  8:28 
I know you are they they filed some permits for this new wall. They’re building up in there. There’s going to be amazing, I’m sure. Here’s the statement from Disney creations sharp features a bold, sleek design that creates a perfect showcase for the rich variety of items you’ll find as part of your Epcot experience. It’ll be an open, bright, welcoming environment with huge class walls that allow sunlight to pour in and make you feel like you’re in touch with nature even while indoors. We’re using color materials and light in new ways. With some new unique Epcot touches that connect back to the park storied past while looking to the future it also connects to the new club cool where you can sample Coca Cola from all over the world.

Kelli  9:11 
Right which is I’ll be honest, that’s a little bit overrated. I’ve done that at the coke museum. I’m just saying number one. You don’t have to get rid of mouse gear to do this. Why did you get mouse gear is the best store on Disney property. It’s better than World of Disney. Mouse Gear is the best store on Disney property. Period. hard stop. Period hard stop. Okay, I’m not just bring it argue with me on that. I’m open to it. Why do you have to get rid of mouse gear to introduce this new fandangled celebration store where…

Chris  9:45 
you know you are you’re usually the last one that’s that’s like, against change.

Kelli  9:51 
I’m for change. I’m not for getting rid of mouse gear. I’m for I’m for the celebration store. I’m in addition to mouse gear. Hashtag, we can do both.

Chris  10:12 
Apparently not. So. You got you’ve got about, oh, gosh, how many months? Is it till January?

Kelli  10:19 
I don’t even. Eight.

Chris  10:20 
You’ve got about eight months to get your head wrapped around it. So work begins to alter using air quotes twice here, the popular structure in Morocco.

Kelli  10:37 
Okay, yeah,

Chris  10:38 
I’m talking about really altering it. You know what I’m talking about the popular structure in Morocco.

Kelli  10:45 
I don’t know what…

Chris  10:46 
There’s a building highly, highly photographed.

Kelli  10:50 
Oh, it looks like male genitalia.

Chris  10:53 
Yes, it looks like a penis. And it’s it’s part of a wall in Morocco. And Disney decided they’ve seen it enough on the social medias.

Now it looks like a 12 foot tall stone erection.

Kelli  11:12 
I do love this made it into the news section.

Chris  11:20 
They’re taking that thing down. Okay.

Kelli  11:24 
And so it’s gonna blow up on social media for the next month.

Chris  11:28 
It’s gonna absolutely ensure that it is all over the place for a little while. Disneyland. I’m gonna give you a second here to say what you are bound to say here. Disneyland is having a soft opening.

Kelli  11:42 
Like an out of town preview.

Chris  11:43 
Yeah. For cast members. So that’s cool. Okay, you guys are starting to get into the park out there. It’s very exciting for it’s April 30.

Kelli  11:53 
I’m so excited for the Disneyland folks.

Chris  11:55 
I am to me, and that is just great prices have been revealed. They’re online. The blackout date calendar goes live this week. I think maybe so it is jumping into action out there. Exciting. Also, they’ve announced that the New Avengers campus will open on June 4, that California Adventure that looks easy. It looks so bonkers. It’s totally immersive, which I’d love to they’re doing these now. And they showed costumes for Iron Man and Spider Man and Black Widow and all these people that you’ll see feel like…

Kelli  12:29 
You’re gonna have to do a Tomorrowland segment.

Chris  12:30 
Oh, I’ve already got it in my notes.

Kelli  12:33 
Are you working on that?

Chris  12:33 
Yeah. Got it in the list here for sure. You know those character banners at fantasmic that like you’re like,

Kelli  12:42 
oh, like you’re in Jafar section or whatever. Yeah,

Chris  12:44 
they’ve refreshed all those, which is, you know, that’s not huge news, except for the fact that that means they’re going to relaunch as fantasmic does on the way

Kelli  12:52 
Okay, all right.

Chris  12:55 
Magic mobile is set the rollout to Android devices this month, no dragging along and day lighting but are short as per usual. I shouldn’t say that. There’s probably people who love Android that listen to this show. And now they want anymore.

Kelli  13:12 
Who else can you offend today?

Chris  13:14 
so far? It’s just dawn Moo cow and Android users. Trader Sam has been removed officially from the Jungle Cruise. That’s all that we’re all saying. But we there’s no changes expected for the trader Sam’s bar and Polly okay. So that’s good. Hey, you want to do a Minnie, Minnie take segment?

Kelli  13:43 
Okay, let’s give it a go. Let’s give it a go. what’s what’s Mickey gotten his psyche for us.

Chris  13:48  
All right, ready? I’m ready. If you are. Okay, the one thing you must eat or drink at Hollywood Studios.

Kelli  13:58 
Hmm. must eat or drink Hollywood Studios. I mean, it’s got to be the Joffrey’s cart.

Chris  14:06 
Hollywood Studios. I mean over that tower terror

Kelli  14:09 
that’s got to be the Joffrey’s cart

Chris  14:11 
for you. Yeah,

Kelli  14:12 
I can’t think of anything else that I guess must have must have that Khalua Tini at the Joffreys cart. Is is a must do for me is a must.

Chris  14:22 
It’s hard. It’s hard for me. I mean, there’s nothing that just blows my mind. I mean, I’m gonna also..

Kelli  14:26 
Also the frozen coke with rum over near echo lake.

Chris  14:31 
there’s a theme with you. at Hollywood Studios.

Kelli  14:33 
There sure is.

Chris  14:35 
I’m surprised you didn’t say the the kefta thing it docking bay seven.

Kelli  14:41 
Oh gosh, I totally forgot that.

Chris  14:44 
Galaxy’s edge feels like its own thing.

Kelli  14:47 
You know that kefta hummus thing is I mean docking bay seven is sleep on that. Don’t I love docking bay seven? Mmm hmm. Gosh. That’s hard. Then Those plant based meatballs are pretty amazing.

Chris  15:03 
They are they are

Kelli  15:04 
I’m glad I’m glad you brought that up in fact I want to change can I change my answer, can I?

Chris  15:10 
I do what I can to help.

Kelli  15:11 
I want to change my answer to say all of docking bay seven.

Chris  15:15 
You don’t like all of docking bay seven.

Kelli  15:17 
All of the vegan items at Docking Bay seven you can say that cuz they really got an amazing like cinnamon roll thing too.

Chris  15:26 
I would have said the key lime pie on a stick

Kelli  15:29 
You do love that.

Chris  15:30 
I love it so much. I love it so much and it wasn’t there last time we were i know i know really sad. Really sad. But I’m gonna go with i’m gonna i’m just gonna go with either anything at sci fi? Because I love sci fi. Or the Ronto Wrap.

Kelli  15:55 
Speaking of things shaped like male genitalia. You love you do love the ronto wrap and it is just a massive weenie in a pita.

Chris  16:04 
Also surrounded by other meats.

Kelli  16:10 
The ronto wrap is not instagrammable unless you are in the fifth grade.

Chris  16:17 
Fifth grade sensibilities. Are you ready? You’re way past time, Alright, are you good?

Kelli  16:24 
I’m sure. Tomorrowland. I’m excited about this one. Okay, so we’re going to talk about today Elena of Avalor.

Chris  16:33 

Kelli  16:34 
The reason this is tomorrowland is because I believe there should be an Avalor on Disney property. Okay, so I’m going to take a step back and talk a little bit about Elena of Avalor because it’s a Disney Jr. Show that people may not be familiar with. Okay. You’ve mentioned that Elena is one of your favorite princesses to meet.

Chris  16:53 
Absolutely. In the park.

Kelli  16:54 
Absolutely. She’s fantastic. So I’m just going to give a little bit of background on Elena and then talk about what why I think Avalor belongs in the parks. Okay, so first of all, the show launched on Disney Jr. July 22, of 2016, which the dates there are fairly amazing, as far as our family is concerned is pretty impressive. And unfortunately, it ended on August the 23rd of 2020. Now I say unfortunately, and we’ll get into that a little bit more, but the story arc was completed. Okay, so it was it was it was a pretty clear, it was a clear story arc. Yes. And so that was completed. The show wasn’t really canceled. But it ended with a primetime special, which we didn’t watch. And now I want to go back and see it for sure. Our girls sort of grew out of Elena and I hated that because I love Elena. But anyway, so Elena is voiced by Aimee Carrero. Oh, and she is a Dominican American actress who also voices She Ra on Netflix.

Chris  17:52 
Oh, come on.

Kelli  17:53 
Right? It’s so great. So the cast is Latina x, right? So the cast is is they cast really well there. But the show was created in the executive producer is Craig Gerber, who also produced Sophia the First. Now I went and tried to look up Craig and see how he identifies. And all I could find is he identifies as American like I didn’t see his race identified anywhere. So I just want to say I think Craig did an excellent job. I think they cast it well. I think they paid good tribute to, you know, the Latin American traditions. We’re gonna go through some of that. But I kind of wish it wasn’t executive produced by white man. But anyway, so this is what Craig says. He says everyone involved with the line of apple or from the creative team to the unbelievable cast and crew felt the responsibility to get this right. We created the character of Alina with the hope that she will be a role model, not just for young Latina girls watching but for all children to be able to see what a true leader looks like.

Chris  18:55 
It’s great that I think they hit that.

Kelli  18:57 
I think they absolutely hit it. So for those of you that are unfamiliar, the series centers around Elena, she’s a 16 year old princess when the series begins, who is ruling her kingdom with a collection of trusted advisors. These are friends and families that she friends and family members that she picked. Right? And by the way, love elena, she decided to make her trusted advisors, gender equal. Right? So she’s got the same number of men and women on there. And she has these trusted advisors until she’s old enough to become queen. Right? So she’s 16 she can’t be queen. She’s the reigning princess. Naturally, her parents are dead. It is Disney. But her little sister and her grandparents survived the The Sorcerer’s magic who killed her parents. Okay, so essentially, Elena was trapped by an evil sorceress for 41 years instead of magical amulet. Her grandparents and sister were protected by a magical painting. All totes normal.

Chris  19:49 
I’m sure.

Kelli  19:50 
Avalor is a very magical place and Elena has a chief magician, Mateo, right, who was also a teenager with some self esteem issues. Elena does a great job ruling the kingdom. She makes teenage-level mistakes. But she does such with a big heart. And she learns valuable life lessons along the way. And so spoiler alert in the series finale, Elena becomes queen. So the series finale is her coronation day, and she becomes queen. So here are some things that I love about Elena of Avalor number one, it’s bilingual, teaching kids, Spanish and Latin American traditions and about the culture without spoon feeding them, Like Dora the Explorer, right? Sure, right. It’s also a musical, which I love. Sure. So there’s songs in every show. And the music is very catchy. Like we have the Elena soundtrack.

Chris  20:44 
Yeah. And we played it regularly.

Kelli  20:46 
Love. Love it. It’s really great. And it does have good, good, you know, messages in the soundtrack for sure. And the producer said all of the songs were written in an effort to advance the show. So whatever’s happening in the show in the beginning, has moved along its timeline by the time the song ends. Elena also plays the guitar, which I think is nice. Friends and family always come first with leyna. Yep, a lot of times she struggles between the right decision for her friends and family or the right decision for Avalor. And I think that’s a very interesting tension for a 16 year old to have. Right? I’ve got to pick what’s best for the masses are best for my country over what is best for me or my family? Sure.

Chris  21:31 
I mean, in our world, it would be you know, do kids choose what’s best for their family? Right? over what’s best for them personally,

Kelli  21:41 
Right. But in any case, that’s a pretty big life lesson for a cartoon.

Chris  21:45 
Yeah, you’re right.

Kelli  21:46 
And I think you know, we’ve had conversations with our kids about this, but sometimes As parents, we have to pick what’s best for the masses, yes, as opposed to what’s best for them in the moment. So I think that’s I think that’s a big life lesson. avemar is multi ethnic, which I love about Abba lore has influences from the Caribbean, Spanish colonial and Mexican architecture. Elena’s clothing is Peruvian and incan inspired. And the music is also multi ethnic with influences from mariachi Latin pop sauces, bonda and Chilean hip hop. Each episode features at least one new song and if you think about these, a lot of work. It’s a lot of work. These episodes are 30 minutes long, and they’re writing songs they’re producing songs. Amiee who voices Elena also does the singing. It’s it’s this is a big deal. It’s a big deal. I love her grandparents. Yes. Love them. Grandma especially absolutely adore her. They are fun and feisty. And her sister is an amazing inventor who regularly saves the day with her inventions.

Chris  22:57 
That’s right. Right.

Kelli  22:58 
So there’s no stereotypes. There’s no Latin American stereotypes. There’s no gender stereotypes, right? Elena do kind of wish she didn’t constantly wear a ball gown to save the world. But you know, whatever. It’s Peruvian inspired. Bu she prefers dresses. That’s cool. I get it. I mean, I don’t get it. But whatever. You know, I see you Elena. You do you. Also, she’s a teenager, right? She’s 16 and we’ve talked about this before with Ana being so obsessed with finding a man Yeah, sure. It’s probably because you know her sister Elsa kept her at such an emotional distance for all those years.

Chris  23:42 
We don’t need to psychoanalyze Frozen.

Kelli  23:47 
But I’m just saying, like, Elena has a lot of 16 year old friends and some of them are girlfriends, but no love interests. And that was intentional. They said Elena is her own hero. Plenty of love interest, but they remain platonic. Throughout the entire series. She focuses on her job and her own personal growth. Like she is very focused about becoming the best queen. She can be sure, right. She’s super focused about that. And I love that about a lineup. Okay, so here is why there should be an Avalor on Disney property. Okay, okay, we ready for this? Number one, it’s a magical land. So hello. rides Merch, whatever. It’s a magical land set up for it. It’s magical land. It’s gorgeous. There’s water.

Chris  24:31 
Those winged cat things.

Kelli  24:34 
Yes. Elena is now queen. And frankly, we need a Disney Latina queen.

Chris  24:41 
Well, there’s something to that.

Kelli  24:43 
Amen. to that. Let’s just say amen to that. And I did love her coronation gown. So Elena is now a queen. We needed his new Latina queen. There are magical animals like you just mentioned the cats that fly. Yes. And some of them shape shift. There’s also one that is Like a big rock, dude, there’s like a whole area friends with him and rock people. Yes. So a lot of a lot of spaces where you could have fun adventures with friends and family. I’m even open to this being like a Disney Jr. area. You know where it’s interactive for smaller kids a lot like dyno land. Yes. You know, where they can dig for the bones and things like that. I think you could do something like that in a Disney Jr. esque fashion. That would be fun. But here is my number one reason we need an avatar on Disney property. Are you ready for this? It would be an immersive bilingual experience. Yeah,

Chris  25:42 
that’s good. Yeah.

Kelli  25:43 
Would that be fantastic?

Chris  25:46 
And if you think bigger than the Mexican pavilion?

Kelli  25:48  
Well, and that’s not a bilingual experience. Yeah.

Chris  25:51 
It’s not it’s not immersive.

Kelli  25:53 
It’s not immersive. And it’s not a true bilingual experience. Right. I think Disney needs that. I mean, literally a bilingual place. Can you think of a bilingual area of Disney? I mean, I can’t.

Chris  26:09 
I mean, in the Mexican pavilion in normal times, they try to have actual folks from Mexico they’re working, who would be bilingual? No, that’s not the same.

Kelli  26:19 
I’m talking about a bilingual experience.

Chris  26:23 
When I go into where they speak nothing but yes, Spanish.

Kelli  26:27 
Well, no Spanglish. That’s what they speak on the show, they speak Spanglish, right, a true bilingual experience, not, you know, Americans walking around in the same room as Mexicans, right? That’s not a bilingual experience. Right? No, I want a truly immersive bilingual experience. Where if you think Disney Jr, the kids could go up and like touch things that were labeled in Spanish or whatever, Spanish merch? I think I think that’s what we need. Okay, and, and the world in Disney World. And I’m not saying like Florida, I mean, like Disney, as a world needs, I think a Latina queen.

Chris  27:11 
I can’t argue with that.

Kelli  27:12 
I know you can’t, because it’s a perfect idea.

Chris  27:17 
Okay, we’re gonna shift now, to the world showcase. Okay, not quite. So mine’s not quite so important.

Kelli  27:28 
That was important. Thank you for noticing. Thank you for noticing the importance of it.

Chris  27:35 
So I’m going to talk about so we talked about doing some bonus episodes on things like this, and we’re going to one day, but I’m going to talk about the DVC lounges at Walt Disney World. Okay. All right. So there are there are two lounges to DVC lounges, Disney Vacation Club, Disney Vacation Club. So what is the Disney Vacation Club you asked? Thank you for asking. So this is effectively Walt Disney’s timeshare. Okay, yeah, but timeshare has such a negative connotation. So many times negative. This, so let me just put it as simply as I can a number one. It doesn’t feel like your average timeshare. Secondly, we joined in 2016. Now, before now, when we join, I think we just tell me, tell me where we joined in 2017 17. All right, yes. Close enough. So since 2017, we would not have gone to Disney or Disney properties nearly as many times as we have without DVC. Right? I agree. Okay. I guess yours. You can just shut it down since do Tomorrowland.

Kelli  28:51 
But I would like to point out that I have not had coffee. Okay, so my response could be slightly delayed.

Chris  28:56 
Good on you. And also, no matter how many times we would have gone to Disney our accommodations would not have been anywhere near well. No, we’ve explained that’s a big deal for DVC Yes, that’s a big deal for you. So the idea of staying your Polly’s staying at bay Lake tower Grand Floridian Animal Kingdom lives these places I would not have been able to achieve true without our DVC membership. So yes, so that alone has made it over and above. aces for us. Yes. So lots of little perks that are never guaranteed as part of DVC. What I just mentioned to you are the biggest things that come with DVC in my view, but there’s lots of little perks. One of the little perks are these two lounges. So they’re very, very different from each other. One is a lounge that is on the second floor above journey into imagination at Epcot. The other is the top of the world Lounge at on top of Bay Lake tower at the contemporaries right. So one is truly A nighttime lounge, and the other is sort of like a restful Oasis kind of

Kelli  30:06 
relaxation station with free sodas. Exactly.

Chris  30:09 
So, so let’s talk about the DVC lounge in Epcot. I said it’s a rest stop. It’s a place for you to go and either get out of some rain, maybe it gets really popular. Yeah. So if it’s about to rain, you better get there fast, or you won’t get there, there is a capacity limit. And every most of these benefits, we’re going to talk about our pre COVID benefit, right, we hope we’ll come back eventually. The one at Epcot is open from 10am to 6pm. I didn’t realize that. Yep. And like I said, it’s above the journey to imagination. So you there’s a gift shop at the end of the journey into imagination ride that has the there’s a desk there with a DVC cast member that you can check in and your walk up the stairs to the second floor or take the elevator up there. And when you get up there, your senses are sort of especially your visual is just blasted with bright colors, colorful seating, lots of swirly shapes in the carpet and then sunlight.

Kelli  31:13 
But the swirly shapes in the carpet is that your official review.

Chris  31:16 
Lots of blue and bright orange surely carpet shapes, swirly shapes. And then you’ve seen your journey to imagination is a big glass pyramid. Yes thing, right. So you’re basically sitting at the top of this glass pyramid. It is really cool.

Kelli  31:36 
It’s really cool.

Chris  31:37 
It’s bright, you can see out to the rest of the park. Even like we were in there in the middle of a ridiculous her inator one time and saw some lightning strikes. That was crazy. So it’s a really cool space. Pre COVID they could fit a lot more people in there, but it was still very comfortable. overstuffed seating, couches, chairs. There’s recharging stations for your phones at the tables. There’s unlimited soda at these freestyle coke machines where you can make your own coke flavors. Which is a really big deal when you bought drinks in the park. Yeah. Okay, so that’s a huge deal. They’ve also got coffee, Jeffrey’s coffee, and like little Jeffries k cups that you can make. They’ve got a bank of two or three computers. If you want to get online to do anything there. You can get onto my Disney experience there or you can send an email if you’re one of those types that wants to do a little work from journey into imagination. There’s a DVC cast members that are there to be helpful. I know. read a story about one guy who had lost his blue DVC membership card and so they they ordered him another one right there in a lounge. Yeah. So there’s a gaming station for the kids to play video games. Okay, normally,

Kelli  32:59 

Chris  33:00 
We went up there during COVID we met ginger. We’ve talked about ginger before she was a blast. She was hilarious. Kelly had worn some blisters out on her feet. And so I went to one of the cast members they said just go downstairs to the gift shop and they’ll give you some band aid. So it was a it’s a really nice, peaceful experience up there away from the hustle and bustle of the park.

Kelli  33:23 
Yeah, it is.

Chris  33:25 
Moving on to the top of the world lounge, totally 180 degrees, sort of different experience here. This is like a this is open from 6pm to midnight usually. And it’s this sort of like a nightcap type place somewhere where you might go after dinner or after a relaxing day maybe. And this is a true nighttime lounge. You access it in the bay Lake tower. At the contemporary in the lobby, there’s a DVC stand you go and check in there with the with the person that works there. And they will give put you on an elevator with direct access straight up to the 16th floor where you find the by like tower lounge on top of the world lounge. And this is a legit elegant bar lounge. They’ve got the most amazing chandelier in here that looks like fireworks. They’ve got a bar that in and of itself is a masterpiece with a professional bartenders that are making any drinks that you want. Although they have a menu of specialty cocktails that they’ll also make. There’s a menu of small plates, appetizers,

Kelli  34:36 
they also had some of the drinks from the part like I was able to get that great fruit journey beer at Germany. bless you for that

Chris  34:44 
And we also got the big huge pretzel from from Germany from Germany. Yeah.

Kelli  34:51 
So they had some cool snacks and cold drinks.

Chris  34:53 
They’ve got nachos, just a whole, you know, I’d say eight to 10 appetizer s snacks. They’ve got a whole range of cocktails and desserts, they had a seven layer chocolate and caramel cake that was crazy delicious. Like I said, comfy couches, high top tables, they even got a semi private room that if you want to have sort of a private event up there, you can, you can, yeah, you can do that. And then they’ve so opposite the room from the bar is like wall to wall floor to ceiling windows. They’re over these amazing views of the Magic Kingdom Park and seven seas again. And then out beyond that outside is just massive, massive terrace outdoors, where it just allows for the most amazing view of the firework show at Magic Kingdom, complete with the music from the show piped in Yeah, in there. So it was just a, that’s a really great experience for the DVC members. Now you do want to check ahead of time to make sure that these places are going to be open at those times. For example, the blackout dates for the top of the World Tower on July 3, and fourth because they’re doing specialty shows of the Magic Kingdom, and December 30 and 31st. Those are usually blocked out for a private party. Well, those are additional for pay events that DVC members can pay for. Yeah, and get in there. So just want to check ahead of time and you never know when the lounge at Epcot might be closed for refurbishment or whatever. So just you know, those are the stated hours.

Kelli  36:42 
But there’s also capacity restrictions for both of them. Right?

Chris  36:46 
Yeah, yeah. The world. Yeah. Even even COVID Yeah, don’t let it get chock a block full. No, that’s right. That’s right. You can experience Yeah, exactly. Yeah, there are capacity limits for about them even pre COVID. Yeah, capacity limits. Yeah. Yeah. So just check in with DVC. Folks, and, you know, in any of the parks, I can probably tell you if it’s open or, or what the hours of it are gonna be. Yeah, it’s a it’s a wonderful experience. We had a great time at the boat lounges. But the top of the world lounges really feels very special,

Kelli  37:20 
you know, and they gave us that little sign to put on our table that said this, this guest is currently enjoying the fireworks. Tables reserved.

Chris  37:29 
Yeah, for them. And if you’re non DVC, you can get in there as long as you go if you’re on the same reservation party at Walt Disney World as a DVC. member you You do not have to be a bay Lake tower. person saying that we use the tablet, right? Yeah, except for those specific days. Yeah.

Kelli  37:47 
Yeah. Yeah. Now we have loved both of those lounge experience.

Chris  37:51 
Yeah. Highly recommend. Yeah. That was good one. I’m on time.

Kelli  37:58 
Good Job.

Chris  38:00 
That is our show for this week. We hope you enjoy. Thank you very much. And if you did you know what to do. Run out to the socials, tag us and everything. You can tag us and tell everybody how much you love us, even when we’re on caffeinated and go out to iTunes. subscribe so that you automatically get those downloads leave us a review leave us a rating and it helps to promote our show to so many other people.

Kelli  38:29 
Yes, absolutely. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast.  We are caught up we’re caught up on transcripts and show notes and videos out there on that website. Worked our tails off last week. So excited about.

Chris  38:50 
this. It’s awesome. Join us out there on the socials. You can find us in all the places twitter instagram facebook at SCFADP. Go to YouTube, subscribe to us out there supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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