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Disney News (4/4), Reviewing the Jungle Cruise’s New Characters, and 5 Reasons Why France is the Best Pavilion at World Showcase

Episode 15

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This week we’re on location at the beach (waves in the background), discussing the new background story and all of the fun new characters on The Jungle Cruise, and the 5 reasons why France is the best pavilion at EPCOT’s World Showcase.

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Show Notes:

Disney has filed work permits for what appears to be “Mechanical Work” at the Grand Flo

Boardwalk Joes Marvelous Margarita’s booth is now open

Rise of the Resistance and other “longer” attractions may have to remain closed under California’s laws

Dude arrested after refusing a temperature check at Disney Springs and then sneaking through the entrance.

Disney releases official back stories for new Jungle Cruise characters

Disney to begin selling Reusable Bamboo Utensils

Blue Bayou will join Oga’s Cantina as the second restaurant at Disneyland to offer alcohol including beer, wine, and the ubiquitous New Orleans staple, the Hurricane cocktail.

EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival launches July 15th

Tomorrowland PeopleMover refurbishment extended to the end of May 2021

Magic Mobile through the My Disney Experience App officially launched

Disney will pay cast members 4 hours to get vaccinated between Jan 1 and Sept 30 this year

Disney has posted an job listing for Principal Fireworks Designer

Disneyland plans a Theme Park expansion

The Jungle Cruise

France Pavilion at EPCOT


Chris & Kelli  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:50 
Hello out there to all of our podcast family. This is Chris.

Kelli  0:53 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:54 
And we are on location this week. Yes, you might be able to hear the waves in the background. We are recording from the very southern tip of South Carolina’s beautiful Grand Strand.

Kelli  1:05 
Because we decided to leave the house that is in complete disarray. And pretend like we don’t have packing left to do just something beautiful for a while.

Chris  1:15 
Yeah, right. I mean, we’re just you know, putting off a weeks, two weeks worth of backing and we’ll try to get it done in one week when we get back there.

Kelli  1:22 
Yeah, putting it off as much as possible.

Chris  1:24 
One thing that we try are trying desperately not to put off is this podcast.

Kelli  1:29 
No, no, this is the highlight still every week. I love it.

Chris  1:33 
I’m super excited to see if we can just maintain this all the way through. That’ll be a huge goal. That’d be awesome. So, so your ears are delightful.

Kelli  1:43 
Still wearing my Mexico ears. Yeah. You know, for the win, it’s April!

Chris  1:47 
And who knows how long because I don’t know when will have a house.

Kelli  1:51 
I clearly labeled a box “ears.” Which I would love to see what the movers think of that. But I clearly labeled a big box “ears.”

Chris  1:58 
They will want desperately to open it, but there’ll be terrified of what they might see inside.

Kelli  2:03 
I clearly labeled a huge box ears. And when they lift it up, they’re gonna think this is really light. What kind of ears are these, real ears?

So I’m gonna be able to put my fingers on them fairly quickly once we get to where we’re going.

Chris  2:18 
Okay. All right. That’s great. That’s great. So we saw downloads this week from Livermore, California. Yeah, right outside of the Bay Area just east of the Bay Area. Or more Livermore, California, just just east of the Bay Area, San Francisco, which is awesome. And Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska. I want to believe that that’s my good buddy. It’s in the FBI. Ah, I don’t know.

Kelli  2:43 
Let’s hope so.

Chris  2:44 
Yeah. Let’s say hello to whoever it is. If it’s my good buddy. Call me. Mobile, Alabama. Okay, which I believe is like the actual home of Mardi Gras in the States but could be wrong.

Kelli  3:00 
It’s on the coast, I know that much.

Chris  3:03 
And Osset, England. Osset England, just south of Leeds. We had a recent download from Leeds. So I’m wondering, maybe somebody downloaded from work maybe.

Kelli  3:13 
Okay. All right. Well, that’s great. Awesome. Welcome.

Chris  3:16 
Welcome, Osset. By the way, you’re gonna hear the dogs barking because we’re on a balcony overlooking the beautiful sand. And if there’s any other dogs walking by, they, they give them the business. They had to tell them that they’re on their beach. So we apologize for that. Yes, but it’s real over here. Hey, hugeness, we if you didn’t see it on social media, we named a winner for our strong woman prize pack. We did Karla farga. Awesome job for everybody that participated. We had huge participation. huge number of entries, huge. Contestants, it was great.

Kelli  3:55 
It was fantastic. And we know that the next one is going to be the next one should blow up massive. Like we know what we’re giving away and we know how popular it is. And it’s going to be it’s gonna be massive. Massive. It’s gonna be great. Yeah. So thanks for all the engagement. We’re excited. The next one will be in May.

Chris  4:12 
Yeah. So keep your eyes open.

Kelli  4:15 
Yes, yes.

Chris  4:17 
Okay, so on to main street Main Street.

So Disney has filed work permits for what appears to be quote unquote mechanical work at the Grand Floridian. So, the big question is, are they going to IP of the Grand Floridian intellectual property like they’re doing at poly with Moana and contemporary with The Incredibles.

Kelli  4:46 
That’s interesting.

Chris  4:48 
There’s no word that’s what’s happening but they’ve never really confirmed that they’re, they’re putting an incredible cover on contemporary either.

Kelli  4:56 
But we did hear that they were going to be doing refurb on the Grand Flo.

Chris  4:59 
We did, so it’s in it’s in the address for it is the the main lobby area there. So we’ll see what happens that’s gonna be interesting. This is really a sort of a really small item but I know it’s near and dear to your heart so I’ll put it on here. Boardwalk Joe’s marvelous Margarita booth is now open.

Kelli  5:19 
Joe! Welcome back Joe. I’m telling you margaritas, chips and queso…Like what else do we need on the boardwalk?

Chris  5:29 
Very little frankly.

Kelli  5:31 
Ice cream. Maybe a cake or two, a pizza window? Gosh, I could literally just sit right there. Boardwalk, I love you.

Chris  5:39 
Yeah. So happy for boardwalk.

Kelli  5:41 
So happy to have you back in the place Joe.

Chris  5:46 
Disneyland Rise of the resistance and other attractions that are longer attraction, you know may have to remain close under California’s laws around COVID because of the tight the proximity and time on on the ride Yeah. So nothing for sure yet but there’s some speculation out there around that. Some knucklehead at Disney Springs got arrested because he refused to have his temperature checked.

Kelli  6:17 
Oh my gosh.

Chris  6:18 
I’m totally in Myrtle Beach right now. He refused to have his temp checked at Disney Springs entrance and then he tried to sneak in. So they arrested him. People man, Come on. I mean, if he had if he had a temperature and he had reservations at homecoming then I get it.

Kelli  6:43 
Otherwise dude,

Chris  6:44 
otherwise just find some other way. I have an item here but I can’t go over this one because this is my Tomorrowland and I forgot that I did that. Disney is going to start selling reusable bamboo utensils.

Kelli  7:01 
I like that. I would buy those totes at animal kingdom because I hate all that paper crap. Their paper straws Animal Kingdom are not good. And I’ve been saying that for a long time. You can be environmentally friendly and still have a good straw. Hello Art Smith homecoming. Nails it. Disney take note from Art Smith. He has amazing environmentally friendly straws.

Chris  7:23 
Blue Bayou at Disneyland will join Olgas Cantina as only the second restaurant at Disneyland to offer alcohol including beer wine, and the ubiquitous New Orleans staple a hurricane.

Kelli  7:36 
Well, nach.

Chris  7:37 
Yeah, so and I’ll be honest, I’ve never really seen much about the Blue Bayou until we made that Monte Cristo that time. But I saw some photos and read up on it a little bit for this one. And I want to go there. I want to go to their inner the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival launches on July the 15th. Is goes through November the 20th. It’s our favorite festival and are biased. Yes, we are. And they taken the taste of naming convention off of the festival. So rumor is that it’s sort of getting back to normal. Maybe a little event. We’ll see. I didn’t really miss much last time we were there. The okay. I’m sorry. But it’s a news item. It’s the thing now. The Tomorrowland peoplemover Gosh, refurbishment has now been extended to the end of May of this year. You It was supposed to open back up last week.

Kelli  8:39 
Shut up.

Chris  8:39 
It was supposed to the schedule was supposed to open up back last week.

Kelli  8:43 
I mean, frankly, if you’re one of those people that keep getting trained, you got to be like just keep me on furlough.

Chris  8:49 
So the deal is they installed some sensors to try to prevent the cars from crashing into each other as regularly as they have been, which have been resulting in lawsuits and things of that nature from a very litigious public. I’m sure. It’s so they tried to they tried to curb some of that. But last night it is making the cars run at each other.

Well, or they’re making them not run at all, I think is a bigger issue. Considering that about four days before was supposed to open this time. There was they caught video of cast members pushing the carts down the track. So you know,

Kelli  9:24 
Why were the cast members doing that?

Chris  9:26 
Because I think it stopped. I think that the sensors had said oh gosh, I’m about to crash into so the whole thing stuck, the whole thing stopped.

Kelli  9:33 
So then that’s the extra training, the cast members need to know how to push the cars down the track.

Chris  9:40 
The new magic mobile tool This allows you to replace the magic bands you can just use your phone right is now officially launched on the My Disney experience app. Okay. Early return says that it’s very seamless in entering the parks. But there’s other places where it’s a little bit clunky maybe Trying to get onto some of the rides or whatever. I’m actually not sure where else you use it at this point, unless it’s maybe to get into your room.

Kelli  10:11 
But they were already doing that to the room, you could unlock your door with your phone.

Chris  10:16 
Soon you’ll be able to use it to bill purchases to your room.

Kelli  10:21 
Oh, like touchless payment? Yeah, yeah, I think that’s great.

Chris  10:25 
This is cool. Disney is going to pay cast members for hours to get vaccinated. Excellent. Yeah, I think that’s great between January 1, and well, of course, January 1 is long term and gone. But up till September 30. Yeah. This year, and no. And they don’t restrict your time. If you have to take time off to go get vaccinated. They don’t restrict your pay for that either. They don’t dock that against you. I guess. As long as you let your manager know ahead of time. Yeah, that you scheduled that. So I think that’s cool. That’s great. Um, this is cool. Disney has posted a job listing for a principal fireworks designer.

Kelli  11:07 
Oh, yeah, that’s not already a postion?

Chris  11:10 
I mean, they probably did. But you know, he’s been out of work for a little while.

Kelli  11:14  
And they’re not gonna hire her back.

Chris  11:17 
Well, maybe. Maybe they tried and she found another job. She’s obviously very qualified. The fireworks and special effects principal designer serves as the creative leader and overall representative for the Disney live entertainment fireworks and special effects design department. Wow.

Kelli  11:36 
Fun job. Sounds great.

Chris  11:38 
I want that on my card.

Kelli  11:39 

Chris  11:42 
Another really fun item. Disneyland is planning a theme park expansion. A big one.

Kelli  11:50 
I saw that. Yes. It is a big one.

Chris  11:54 
A big one. Now. The question originally was are they planning a third park? Is this another because it’s pretty sick? Another heat right? But apparently no, this is going to be an expansion maybe to California Adventure. By but speculation is there is an immersive world like galaxy’s edge. That’s immersive. Right? Where the the, the the employees are the characters.

Kelli  12:17 

Chris  12:18 
There’s some concept art that has been released. And eagle eyed people who have looked at this concept art believed it’ll be Wakanda Oh, yeah.

Kelli  12:30 
Oh my goodness.

Chris  12:32 
I looked at the concept art and I know exactly why they think it’s, it’s gonna be Wakanda you can sort of see it’s like an aerial view of the area that they’re looking to expand into. And it legitimately looks like you’re looking down on that Panther at the top of a mountain in the movie. Wow.

Kelli  12:51 
That would be amazing.

Chris  12:52 
I hope that comes true. I want to see that what happens.

Kelli  12:58 
So fantastic.

Chris  13:00 
Oh, man. So the next is I forgot.

Kelli  13:04 
We forgot the Minnie Takes?

Chris  13:05 
Well, we don’t it’s I actually meant that I’ve got them on my laptop. Well, okay, but I think I can remember one.

Kelli  13:12 
Pull one out of your head.

Chris  13:13 
I’ll pull one out of my forehead. Okay. And what is what is your favorite festival or pay for event at Walt Disney World? So the so the festivals that have caught are like the food Wine Festival the the holiday festival.

Kelli  13:34 
Right, or like ones you pay for.

Chris  13:36 
For like making Mickey’s not so scary Halloween or very merry christmas party? Or even those will say those DVC moonlight magic things?

Kelli  13:46 
Yeah, I mean, I’m just gonna go with what you said earlier, which is the Food and Wine Festival Wine Festival. I love the food Wine Festival. I love the atmosphere of the food Wine Festival. I love the food. I love the drinks. It’s a long festival you can usually get there when it’s not blazing hot. Yeah. I love it. I love food ones my favorite for sure.

Chris  14:07 
Okay, well then just for the sake of being different. I’m going to say Mickey’s very merry christmas party. Okay, I love the Magic Kingdom at Christmas time. It just it is absolute quintessential Christmas. And I love that the park is like, less full.

Kelli  14:24 
I do love those reindeer.

Chris  14:25 
And those 10 reindeer man do love they are they are world class. I’m gonna go with the very merry christmas party. Okay, cuz it’s, it is it’s very Christmas sound like Christmas time. So absolutely. Absolutely speaks to me. Okay. Okay. Ready for Tomorrowland is Marlene All right, it’s my turn for tomorrowland. And here we go. So I saw that Disney released the the more full backstories of the new Jungle Cruise characters. So I am going to dig into the new Jungle Cruise characters.

Kelli  15:03 
Oh, nice.

Chris  15:05 
And given your penchant for, you know all things equity. I’m going to see what you feel about it. Okay and I’m really desperately trying to stop Miles from knocking all the podcasting equipment off the balcony.

Kelli  15:19 
He’s going to wag these tables right off the balcony.

Chris  15:23 
It’s so real so much fun. Okay, so why why the change to Jungle Cruise at all right? So in the summer 2020, highlighted in the wake of all the social shift following the death of George Floyd, our, you know, social summer really is what we had there.

Kelli  15:39 
Let’s call it an awakening.

Chris  15:40 
Yeah, Disney announced the creation of a fifth key to their acclaimed four keys member cast training. So safety courtesy show and efficiency are historically Disney’s four keys to castmember training. It is now joined by inclusion. Right? It’s it’s clear that Disney was already moving in that direction. Before last year’s unrest. By the way, 2020 What do you hear? Yeah. They had already announced that we’re going to reimagine Splash Mountain and right into something focused on differences in the frog Tiana, the Jungle Cruise rewrite is part of that same inclusion initiative. The Jungle Cruise had already By the way, people are gonna say, Well, what about the tradition of the Jungle Cruise and you’re just, you know, long overdue? Well, not only that, but the Jungle Cruise. People don’t realize it has changed significantly over time. Anyway, Originally, it was a very serious it was not very serious. Nothing’s very serious at Disney. But it was a it was intended to be a real look at the rivers of the world. Ah, the skippers were giving you real information, as opposed to just being you know, clowns and jokesters and all this kind of things on artists. So it changed some some you know longtime Disney executives and said the main be no ride has ever changed as much as Jungle Cruise over the years. And they they actually credit the skippers with that over the course of time really skippers started doing this stuff. This pond, this pond stuff, which is really kind of cool. Yeah, that is cool. Um, so in an interview with the D 23. Fan Club, which I’m a proud member of. Walt Disney Imagineering creative portfolio executive, another wonderful title. Chris Beatty, talks about the upcoming changes. We’re constantly evaluating ways to enhance the attractions and experiences in our parks. We want to make sure that everyone has the best time that guests from all over the world can connect with the stories we share and how to bring those to life are respectful of the diverse world we live in. And when they get off the attraction, they know that we’ve done our homework because these details matter. And we know that Disney is all about the details. When you look at the Jungle Cruise as it is today, there are just a couple of scenes that don’t do that and needed a refresh. Yeah. He also knows that it’s not a complete overhaul or reimagining of the Jungle Cruise, it’ll be the same ride with just some refresh scenes. And that is supported by the information that Zack Ridley put out this week that the rides not going to go down at all. reefer. Right. So that’s pretty cool. You see different characters, you just got new characters with new backstories. And as I go through these characters, which I’m about to do, I cannot help but think there’s bits of information in here that we don’t know the whole backstory on. And I can’t help but think that this is going to tie very closely to that new television universe. Yes, yeah. It’s gonna be written, bringing in the society of explorers and adventurers with adventure land and all this fun stuff. Right, right. Okay, so the new characters in the first one’s not really a new character, just taking on a much more prominent role. Alberta falls herself. Okay. She’s the proprietor of the jungle navigation company, Alberta, and I love how they just go into the details on all these stories and everything. Alberto was born in 1911. Her mother, her mother’s snake, snake, I don’t know how to pronounce it, I’m sorry. was a world renowned artist from India and her British father Albert falls Jr. was an art scholar. Young Alberta was always considered rambunctious, free spirit who, who had, who was most at home during the family summer visits to grandma and grandpa falls in Adventureland. She climbed trees swim in the river and enjoyed a special bond with her explorer grandfather and her adopted family of skippers, who enjoyed the fearless little girl’s adventurous nature. She began to accompany her father on his trips around the world, where she was introduced to renowned botanist Dr. Leonard moss in Nova Scotia, and then a budding artist Rosa Rosa Santo Domingo as in Mexico City. One other wild of interest in New Zealand. Alberta picked up a new travel companion, a Kakapo, flightless parrot. When it’s a this is a Kakapo actually who heard is pronounced on a nother podcast recently. Okay, I would have gotten that totally wrong. When Dr. Albert falls vanished in 1930 1930. Berta, who clearly is only 19 at this point, took control of the company and vowed to preserve the reputation of the jungle navigation company. To ensure that her grandfather’s legacy would be remembered by people all over the world, she began to promote guided tours that we know today is the Jungle Cruise.

Kelli  20:25 

Chris  20:26 
So in the on the Jungle Cruise on the scene where the rhino has chased the group. Yes, this a refreshed scene where we actually get to see all of the new characters except for Alberta herself, right. So at the bottom of the pole, at the point of the spear as it were, we meet Felix peckmon, the 13th recently left his home in Silver Springs, Florida and landed a position as Skipper in the jungle navigation company. In an in an unexpected turn of events Alberta had no choice but to ask him to lead his very first boat tour with her VIP guests. Unfortunately, his trademark bad luck followed him into the jungle. I’m sure somewhere we learn what his bad luck is. Next up the pole is Dr. Leonard moss, who we know is a good friend of Alberta’s from way back right above Skipper Felix is Dr. Leonard moss on the pole and acclaimed Canadian botanist having successfully photographed and cataloged every plant and in frigid Nova Scotia peninsula. Dr. Moss decided his next photo session will be the warmer climate. Rosa Santo Domingo is celebrated Mexican artist known, known in the art world as larosa. She was on her way back to Mexico City from her latest gallery opening in Paris when she received especially a material invitation from her close friend Alberto Rosso look forward to their reunion in Adventureland when she would also get to paint some exotic wildlife. Okay, as luck would have he end up a little too close to one of them. Dr. Dr. Khan, China souk a Japan’s preeminent entomologist a member of the famed SCA. He traveled to the jungle on a mission to find new species for his world class collection of insects. As an admirer of Dr. Paul’s legacy, he hoped he was hopeful that the younger falls proprietor would be able to lead the way to the legendary Mere mokoia, also referred to as the Lion of ants, unfortunately, has been able to find only butterflies mosquitoes in a rhino. And lastly, shavon Puffin Murphy, who traveled all the way from a small island of Dingle Ireland, to pay a surprise visit to her distant cousin twice removed on her father’s side, Alberta. She is nicknamed Puffin before because of her love of the Puffin birds that nest on the rocks of her seaside hometown back in Ireland. So the demographics of our new cast are three women, three men, two Caucasians, three people of color, black, Asian and Latin x. Two scientists, an artist and a birdwatcher. One from Canada, one from Mexico, one from Japan, and a couple from the States.

Kelli  23:13 
Nice. So here’s what I want to know, is Are those the same people that are in our Jungle Cruise board game?

Chris  23:23 
Now I want to bust out that board.

Kelli  23:25 
I know it’s totally packed away, but I want to go look at it to to see like, were they? Did they really have that much forethought? Right? Because that’s amazing If they did.

Chris  23:35 
I know. That’s freaking amazing if they did. So yeah, that’s our new Jungle Cruise cast. And I imagine that we’re gonna dig into all of these characters as part of that TV show they’re putting together I hope so that would be really cool.

Kelli  23:50 
Absolutely. That’d be fantastic.

Chris  23:51 
You want you eventually one day you have kids that are watching this TV show this, this new Magic Kingdom universe that Disney plus is talking about putting together and then you go to the parks and you see the characters in them.

Kelli  24:03 
So is that one seen on the pole? The only one that’s getting the…

No, no, no, there’s some updates throughout. There’s some there’s some updates that include some more rambunctious monkeys and some other things. And just some we’re taking it a little easy on people who might be native to the areas that we’re exploring. Right. Okay, not to put too fine a point on it.

So they’re introducing them. They’re in that same, but we may see them in other places. Yeah, it’s possible. Yeah.

Yeah, I’m for it. I like that. I think that’s, you know, definitely a strong effort toward diversification.

Chris  24:37 
I think we believe in building a good storyline. That’s the idea. And I love that somebody walks into a room when they’re doing something like this and says, let’s just start with the story.

Kelli  24:47 
Yeah. What’s our story? Yes. And Disney’s great at that.

Yeah, absolutely. Okay. You ready? I’m ready. All right. Let’s hit up world showcase.

So I was thinking today, what would I like to talk about? And naturally food came to mind. But I decided what I wanted to focus on is France specifically, you would have been talking a lot about the Remy ride that’s coming and the expansion to the France Pavilion. And I thought, you know what, I’m going to draw a line in the sand and I’m gonna say France is my favorite Pavilion.

Chris  25:22 
Yeah. I feel like that’s fair.

Kelli  25:24 
And here’s why. Okay, okay. So we’re going to talk about these are my five reasons that France is my favorite pavilion that I like, and I’m going to sit there and say, these are my five reasons that France is the best pavilion Epcot. Like, if you want to debate that with me, then bring it okay. Because I think France is amazing. Are you with me? Are you with me, please? I love that. But also this is before anything has been done to UK. I would like to reserve the right to say that if they bring Mary Poppins to the UK pavilion, I can reevaluate at that time.

Chris  25:54 
Okay. That’s I think that’s fair. I think so. Walt said the parks will always be changing.

Kelli  25:58 
Yes. Right.

Chris  25:59 
I think his very favorites can change.

Kelli  26:00 
Okay. So here’s the five reasons. I think it’s the best pavilion at Epcot showcase. Okay, number one, the Eiffel Tower?

Chris  26:08 

Kelli  26:09 
I mean, here’s the thing. It’s both nostalgic and hopeful for me. So when we turn that corner, and I see the Eiffel Tower, it reminds me of our trip to Paris. But it also makes me want to go to Paris. Okay.

Chris  26:23 
nostalgic, it’s both of those things.

Kelli  26:26 
Both of those things and the like the depth perception the tricks that they’re doing there. I don’t want to think about them right now of course like it’s it feels surreal. I just want it to be real. But Eiffel Tower that’s my number one reason that I love the prints pavilion it’s a fair reason why. Would you believe that? I ranked that over food.

Chris  26:48 
I mean, I remember when we actually saw the Eiffel Tower in person and so knowing what that does inside when you see it there. Yeah, I believe that.

Kelli  26:58 
Okay. All right. Well, number two is food.

Chris  27:00 

Kelli  27:02 
So first of all the bakery is a must do for us. Usually it’s a must do several to several times for us. And then this goes back to before it had that expansion. Yeah, right when it was just like sort of a walk through.

Chris  27:14 
Yeah, that’s right. Yeah.

Kelli  27:16 
Yeah. So I mean, we’re talking French patisserie, croissants, baguettes, macaroons, Eclair savory sandwiches, salads, coffee, tea, etc. This is heaven for me. Yeah. This is heaven. This food is heaven for me. It’s everything that makes me happy under one roof.

Chris  27:33 
Yeah. Like I think the eclairs.

Kelli  27:37 
Macaroons, croissants, baguettes, coffee, tea wine. I think this is my favorite restaurant in the world. You know, I appreciate that they have expanded in recent years.

Chris  27:51 
It’s still counter service, but it’s your favorite in the world?

Kelli  27:55 
I think so. You know, I appreciate that. they’ve expanded I kind of wish they hadn’t. I liked the quaintness of the walkthrough. And I will say I don’t enjoy the expansion. I think it’s it’s loud. It feels like an add on. There’s never enough seats. It’s like attached to the store, which I don’t care for. And so here’s what I’m gonna say. Forget that it’s there. Like do not sit or stand in that area. It’s going to detract.

Chris  28:20 
Okay. And then go do what you would have done before when it was just a walk through find a spot.

Kelli  28:23 
Somewhere to sit on a bench, a patch of grass, whatever, find somewhere to sit and just watch people in the front area while you while you eat whatever it was that you just bought. It’s delicious. Yes. Okay, but so the bakery is fantastic. But don’t miss the ice cream shop. No. Yeah, right. We miss it. We miss it. But here’s something I’m just going to say. Right forwards. macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich. Ice Cream Sandwich. These things are massive. Yeah. So it’s miles agrees with me. Yeah, he does. They’re as big as the years. Yes, the macaroon ears.

If we had been at home and you know, regular time. I would have worn those tonight. Even though they weigh 10 pounds. They also have two great sit down restaurants. Monseiur Paul and Les Chefs to France. Yeah. Amazing reviews.

Chris  29:24 
Those are really amazing. It’s like upstairs from the chef’s I think.

Kelli  29:30 
Yes, yes. And crepes, that crepe stand.

Chris  29:34 
Yeah, which is not as soon is going to be a whole restaurant.

Kelli  29:37 
That was my next thing they’re gonna say and they’re turning that into a crepe restaurant, right? The food in France. You have so many food options. I love it.

Chris  29:45 
I know. And none of that includes the booth is almost always…

Kelli  29:49 
Hello. That’s my next bullet. And naturally, they always have the best booth at the festivals. It’s like the food France is unparalleled.

It really is. I was gonna say that. I’m going to put that stake In the ground and say it’s the best food is the most variety of food. It at any pavilion at World Showcase.

Chris  30:08 
Yes, and I can support that.

Kelli  30:10 

Chris  30:12 
The crepes also by the way we don’t we don’t spend enough time on we don’t them.

Kelli  30:15 
We don’t. Next drinks. Okay, so bullet number one we’re just gonna say Froze.

Chris  30:21 

Kelli  30:21 
Like do I need to say more than froze for bullet one?

Chris  30:24 
I hope not.

Kelli  30:25 
I don’t think so. Inside the bakery, don’t sleep on that. Okay, you can get hot cocoa, tea, coffee lattes. And hello Froze. You can also get wine in there. Alright, so inside the bakery. They really advertise that as like a lunch place where you can get sandwiches and things.

Chris  30:43 
In there, right?

Kelli  30:44 
Yeah. Back to the ice cream shop. You can get two scoops with a shot of Grand Marnier, vanilla creme vodka or rum. They sell that as an ice cream Martini.

Chris  30:55 

Kelli  30:56 
We do not spend enough time in there!

Chris  31:00 
We do not.

Kelli  31:01 
Have an ice cream Martini. Then across the way you’ve got vins de France, which is their wine shop slash wine bar. Right? You can go in there and get wine. Well, they sell three different slushes. Oh, right. So they’ve got the orange which is the Grand Marnier, rum, Grey Goose orange and orange juice. Then they have the Citron which is Grey Goose Citron vodka and lemonade. And they have the I’m going to screw this up Le Geant Slush.

Chris  31:33 
You nailed it.

Kelli  31:38 
Geant Slush, which is Grand Marnier or a Grey Goose Citron shot. So they’ve got three slashes in there that I’ve actually never tried.

Chris  31:49 
Oh, well.

Kelli  31:50 
So, I know right?

Chris  31:53 
But we we’ve got we’ve got some. We’ve got some, some moles at Disney this week. I think maybe they should give us a preview.

Kelli  32:00 
They should but that’s what I’m saying. So you’ve got the bakery. You’ve got the ice cream shop. You’ve got two amazing sit down restaurants. You’ve got the booth that always kills the festivals. You’ve got the crepes. You’ve got the wine shop. Yeah, like I mean, come on man, France is bringing it.

Chris  32:15 
They really are bringing in it they are bringing it. We need to say it out loud like that.

Kelli  32:21 
Okay, so number four, the beauty and the beast sing along. You know, I just want to say I’m here for all sing alongs.

Chris  32:28 
I know you are. Because you think I mean this because you sound like whoever you’re trying to sing like, right?

Kelli  32:36 
But also like there’s something about sitting in a room with hundreds of people you don’t know. Yeah, and they’re all grown adults. And we’re all singing like belting at the top of our lungs. The frozen songs are the beauty and the beast songs or whatever. I love to sing along.

Chris  32:51 
It’s underrated. Fine, there they are. They are fun. They’re just fun.

Kelli  32:56 
They’re fun like you go in there knowing I’m gonna belt this out man and so is the person next to me.

Chris  33:00 
There we all are, right here we are all in our you know, we’re all in our midlife crises. Just belting out Disney songs.

Kelli  33:09 
I love this thing. I’m totally here for the sing alongs. So yeah, so it just makes my heart happy to sit in a room with my Disney Fam, belting my lungs out to beauty in the beast and frozen and things like that. Number five, okay, it’s expanding.

Chris  33:27 
Right right

Kelli  33:27 
More France is always better.

Chris  33:30 
More France is better.

Kelli  33:31 
I’m super pumped for the new restrooms. I haven’t tried those yet but I hear good things.

Chris  33:37 
We’ll get some feedback on those two after these friends of ours get back.

Kelli  33:42 
I’m super pumped for the Remy ride yes like really pumped for that there’s also a store right after the ride and again like the store in France it’s attached to the bakery is just not big enough for me. Right. More France Merch.

Chris  33:55 
French stuff they have in theirs is pretty decent stuff.

Kelli  33:58 
It’s great. It’s just not enough of it. More French merch more French Merch is what I need. New crepe restaurant.

Chris  34:07 
Oh, very excited.

Kelli  34:08 
So just expand, expand, expand. Let’s make that side of the world showcase. The UK in the France side. Let’s just make it my area. Like bring Mary Poppins to cherry tree lane. Right and I can do a day in UK and…

Chris  34:25 
cross the channel…

Kelli  34:26 
across the channel and do a day in France. Okay, two full day. I think I think that’s all I need. You know,

Chris  34:34 
maybe maybe a Tomorrowland segment one day is a full Epcot day just in France, because you could go there and legitimately like let’s do breakfast.

Kelli  34:47 
That is brilliant. I’m going to do that.

Chris  34:49 
Would you kill some time they’re just in France or maybe maybe he’s you know, jump out over to Japan a little bit maybe but but that is barely done lunch and then how what would you do for dinner?

Kelli  35:00 
I’m gonna do it. Okay, that is a brilliant idea and I’m gonna do it a day in France and then when they bring me cherry tree lane I’ll do a day in the UK. That is brilliant.

Chris  35:17 
It’s hard to spend a full day in one little Pavilion.

Kelli  35:21 
You’ve met me right?

Chris  35:26 
I have. Awesome. Good job. So that is this week show. overcoming challenges far and wide left and right here. If you watch the YouTube you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Kelli  35:39 
Yes, the Big Red Dog is ready for a W-A-L-K. He is watching other puppies on the beach and going crazy so…

Chris  35:45 
you know what to do? Go subscribe to us on iTunes. That way you automatically get the downloads leave us a rating and a review it helps bring more people to us.

Kelli  35:52 
It really does, and if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. no special episodes but we’re regular we’re sticking with this right Hang in there. You’re super

Chris  36:07 
get through a pain for hanging in there. That’s right go follow us on all those social medias. You can find us at SCFADP on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, go download or subscribe to our channel on YouTube supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcasts. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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