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Disney News (3/28), Mary Poppins and the Cherry Tree Lane Attraction at Epcot, and we celebrate Mickey Mouse

Episode 14

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Mary Poppins Cherry Tree Lane Concept Art (c) Disney

This week, we discuss some Disney Classics – Mary Poppins and Mickey Mouse! Kelli gives all of the details about what should’ve been Cherry Tree Lane in the UK Pavillion and what would’ve made it EVEN COOLER, and Chris shares the history of our favorite mouse – Mickey. All that and more, on this week’s show!

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Show Notes:

People Mover Cast Member Training Begins (again)

Facial Recognition Park Entry Testing at MK Hunt

Magic Mobile Testing has begun at WDW with Cast Member Pilot

Bob Chapek comments on the future of the park pass reservation system

Back story details in by Brooke Geiger McDonald for Jungle Cruise

Mickey Mouse

Mary Poppins & Cherry Tree Lane at EPCOT:


Chris & Kelli  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:52 
Hello out there podcast family. Welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:59 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  1:00 
And hey, some really big news in our world. We posted that we’re moving we sold the house we sold the house man. There were a lot of you that like commented on the socials and we’re like, I hope you get so many offers and it’s in everything goes super easy and quick. We got one offer. It blew our minds and we said you can have it.

Kelli  1:23 
Well, we got the offer before we listed the house. Yes. Like we never actually had a chance to list the house.

Chris  1:27  
It’s an it’s an amazing offer. And we give our podcast family at least some credit for that for sending us all those good vibes. So say we are so excited. We just sold Yes. It’s awesome. Hey, so where do we get downloads from this week? Thank you for asking. Lafayette Louisiana is the home of the raging Cajuns, I think. Yes, I think so.

Kelli  1:52 
U La La.

Chris  1:52 
Yes. That’s exactly who that is. Mapleshade New Jersey.

Kelli  1:59 
Maple shade. Now that sounds beautiful.

Chris  2:01 
Sounds beautiful. It sounds like Canadian trash talk.

Kelli  2:08 
Oh, does a little bit.

Chris  2:14 
is very close to Philadelphia. Norfolk Virginia.

Kelli  2:17 
Oh, Norfolk. Okay.

Chris  2:19 
And Bucharest, Romania, the capital city of Romania. Romania. No, I love that beautiful, beautiful city, at least according to the Google Images I saw.

Kelli  2:30 
You should start learning how to say hello in whatever language.

Chris  2:34 

Kelli  2:34 
Olive branch. That would be a nice touch.

Chris  2:36 
It would it would be wonderful. I’m not gonna do that.

Kelli  2:39 
I think that will be a nice to welcome them to the podcast.

Chris  2:42 
My face is an olive branch. So Hey, folks, get your entries in. The contest ends on Wednesday. Stroke of midnight on Wednesday if you want this three days people! Sweet Captain Marvel loungefly or the clue game if you want this stuff in the strong woman prize pack you need to get your entries in yes stroke of midnight no more count after that. And then I guess the next show will announce the winner.

Kelli  3:22 
We’ll contact the winner will contact the winner and then post it on the socials.

Chris  3:26 
Get your entries in. Keep up with us on the socials. Subscribe to our podcast and give us a rating. Well you ready for Main Street?

Kelli  3:36 
I am. Yeah, you know should we mention the fact that you didn’t say anything about my ears?

Chris  3:42 
Well, they’re the same ears.

Kelli  3:43 
I know. But I mean you always are like “your ears.”

Chris  3:47 
Ok, “your ears!”

Kelli  3:50 
Like you should just acknowledge the fact that I am wearing ears. Mexico ears for the win.

Chris  3:55 

Kelli  3:56 
Right. I think they should be acknowledged I mean these years have now special prominence on the podcast they’re the only ears I’ve worn for like eight weeks.

Chris  4:05 
Eight weeks but you get out there years out of storage right so I think we should acknowledge that acknowledge they’re beautiful. Okay, all right, I love that you’ve worn a bow more in the last three weeks and you have in all of your other life combined.

Kelli  4:21 
That’s the truth.

Chris  4:23 
So we watched the first episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier finally.

Kelli  4:28 
Not you know what I just want to say that the tone that you used with finally felt very accusatory.

Chris  4:34 
That’s a you problem that is not me that to you. Are you feeling guilty?

Kelli  4:40 
No, it’s just the tone that you were also using around the house in regards to how long it takes to get to the episode was also very accusatory. And now you brought it up here on the podcast.

Chris  4:51 
I didn’t bring up anything. We watched it.

Kelli  4:54 
Finally, it was the way you said finally.

Chris  4:56 
Well, we we could have watched it I believe before we Did our last episode and we didn’t. So finally we watched it.

Kelli  5:04 
Y’all can’t see his eyes. And I just want to say it was accusatory.

Chris  5:09 
And frankly, by the time this episode comes out, there will have been another episode. Winter soldier and right. Okay, and is it gonna be my fault that we haven’t watched? No, no, it’ll be my fault. I’ll be out of town. Okay. What do you think about it?

Kelli  5:23 
I loved it. I mean, I don’t I don’t honestly get that storyline as much as you do. I mean, I didn’t get the Scarlet Witch storyline either Really? It’s good. This is very much not wandavision.

Chris  5:41 
Yeah, right. Wanda vivision was more like fun in the beginning, you know, sort of eased into the action, whereas this is pretty much Boom, boom, boom, up.

I jumped right into it straight away. Yeah. Yeah, we’re gonna learn a lot about these characters. We’re gonna develop these characters more than we did in the movies. And I’m, I’m here for it. I think it’s gonna be really good. Yeah.

Kelli  6:05 
Do we need to pick a favorite? Like the Winter Soldier or the Falcon?

Chris  6:09 
I don’t think so. Although Anthony Mackie who plays Falcon has got this. This ritual he does on the set where every time the director says cut, or cut, and they nail it like they get the same like they want it. He just looks at the whole crew says cut the check.

Kelli  6:31 
I think it’s great. I was gonna say he’s my favorite. Falcons. My favorite Falcon. Falcon. He’s He’s an everyday man. Yeah, that is like risking his life and doing a great job at that. I mean, like, with with the flying thing. But he doesn’t have like actual powers.

Chris  6:52 
Right? He’s just a man.

Kelli  6:53 
Just like a man. I like that. He can look like your average man in a suit at Smithsonian. Or, you know, a superhero? Sure. With little red bike. Flying airplane sidekick thing. They can totally kick butt. You’re hurting a little bit on the inside. Well, I like him. I think the Winter Soldier just comes off as angry.

Chris  7:20 
Well, he is he is he’s very brooding. He’s had a lot to overcome and he basically explains it in this first episode.

Kelli  7:27 
I get that but whatever. I’m just saying I like Falcon best I’m gonna pick and I like Falcon best don’t care for specific or not. That’s what I’m doing.

Chris  7:36 
Good for you.

Kelli  7:38 
Are you gonna pick? Falcon or Winter soldier?

Chris  7:40 
I’m not. I’m rooting for both of them. They’re both good guys. Not rooting for that guy with the mask in the hand on his face that there’s a bad guy for sure.

Kelli  7:51 
Yeah, he was weird.

Chris  7:54 
Black Widow finally. See that’s true exhaustion. That’s a true exhaustion….finally. Right there. Okay. blackwidow is finally set to release on July the ninth.

Kelli  8:09 
Should I tell you what? You’re looking at my face like I don’t think I want her to open her mouth. Should I tell you what I thought when I saw that announcement because they showed it was like a movie poster announcement. She’s wearing like a white outfit. You want to know what I thought or no?

Chris  8:26 
You thought they sexualized her?

Kelli  8:28 
Well, I mean, they do but that’s what Marvel does to the women. But no, that’s not what I thought. Oh, I thought oh, that’s why they had the Wanda Vision TV show because she was about to have a movie to come out. Oh, gosh. And, and I didn’t get the white outfit?

Chris  8:52 
I guess not.

Kelli  8:53 
But honestly now that you’ve said the words Black Widow out loud, I realized that those are two different characters.

Chris  8:58 
They are very much two different characters. Yes. She was supposed to release in spring of last year. And just I don’t know if you’ve heard that there’s been a pandemic. I have heard that it shut down the movie theaters. Wow. So they have now they’ve moved her around a ton of times as going to release her in the fall and Disney premiere and all this that the other and they now decided to go July 9 in theaters and does Disney plus. The word on the street is that Disney wanted to gauge the interest of Falcon in the winter soldier before making a final decision on the Black Widow release. And with the show they feel like being a huge success. They teach success after one week. They felt like okay, there’s a market for this type of Marvel character on the big screen. So let’s go. So like let’s see if we can make her into like a summer tentpole type movie. Okay, that means that they moved Cruella to May the 28th in okay. In theaters and on Disney plus premiere access, and the Luca, Luca, their Disney and Pixar movie, yes, he’s adorable. Yes. They’re going to stream that directly to Disney plus without premiere access on June 18.

Kelli  9:36 
I’m very excited about that, he’s super cute.

Chris  10:21 
Some partners. Hey, the peoplemover cast training has started up again.

Kelli  10:26 
Just shut up. I don’t even wanna. I don’t believe you for one second.

Chris  10:32 
The training has definitely started up again. What I don’t believe that the rod is no

Kelli  10:37 
the rods not gonna launch into October the first and why are we still training these people? They’ve had. Please watch your step.

Chris  10:46 
Don’t don’t? Don’t.

Kelli  10:48 
How much training Do we need for the people movers? What did they do to this ride to make it so complicated?

Chris  10:54 
You just wait. It’s gonna be awesome. Magic Kingdom Park is testing facial recognition.

Kelli  11:03 
And I did see that

Chris  11:04 
I’ll call this outlook.

Kelli  11:05 
It’s a little bit big brother.

Chris  11:08 
Come on.

Kelli  11:09 
I mean, I’ve been saying I know you have that the bands, the magic bands. We were on the part that I swear Mickey knows exactly which stall I use in the restrooms. I think they actually know which restaurants are getting used most often they send cleaners. Like I think they use the data in real time. Yes, on a daily basis. And so with the facial recognition software, I mean, doesn’t that just feel a little bit like, was that movie with Val Kilmer?

Chris  11:36 
Oh, man.

Kelli  11:37 
I don’t know. Yeah, you do that the one where he’s like in Russia, or something. Anyway, and movies to where like, they’re constantly using facial recognition software to find people and train stations and stuff. I mean, don’t you feel like we’re just a month away from that? Yeah. That they’re gonna know immediately. Without the bands. Yep.

Chris  12:06 
Exactly where you were they do honey, they can phone but they know that.

Kelli  12:12 
They can send the people after you. I mean,

Chris  12:16 
I get I get ads on my phone now for stuff that you just talk about. I know. It’s so creepy. So you know, I think we should go off the grid. Okay. We’ll be able to do that a little bit easier in Nebraska. Magic mobile testing has begun. cast members are serving as pilot testers for the magic mobile service on your phones so that you do everything with your phone that you would do with a Magic Band.

Kelli  12:43 
Okay, right.

Chris  12:44 
Okay. And Bob Chapek, he’s the CEO. He. So Josh, Tamara, who’s the sort of President of Disney Parks sort of said last year that you know, we like this park reservation system is probably here to say, Bob JPEG sort of reiterated the same thing with some calls. I think he was on. He was on a interview with Bloomberg this week.

It has to be an easy way for them to crowd manage.

Exactly. It’s I think that they were like, oh, man, we know exactly. Like weeks ahead of time. Exactly how many people are going to be in the parks and we can staff up perfectly helps our labor labor model. Yeah. So they’ve also found that guest satisfaction surveys are higher, right during this time since they’ve been open during COVID. I’ve loved it. Yep. Often, anything with less people around

Kelli  13:36 
less people less waiting. Mass covering most of our face, so we don’t have to actually like

Chris  13:42 
interact or write or smile or smile.

Kelli  13:46 
That’s great.

Chris  13:47 
Oh, so look, Brooke Geiger McDonald wrote an article for attractions magazine calm that really digs into the new backstory for Jungle Cruise. So just go out there and check it out. Attractions magazine calm, okay. she interviewed some folks that are in the know, tons of new characters all related to the Society for explorers and adventures. You know, backstory Okay, universe. They’re really leaning into that. Really cool new characters. So all around Alberta falls.

Kelli  14:25 
I’m excited about that. Let’s call it I’m just gonna start calling her Dr. Alberta falls.

Chris  14:28 
Okay. That’s fine. Showing got a bias there towards doctors, but whatever.

Kelli  14:34 
I just I think she should be a doctor. If Albert Falls is the doctor and she’s taking over I feel like she should also have the same credentials. Oil use otherwise she’s just going to be oppressed and marginalized. You

Chris  14:45 
are you’re over our time.

Kelli  14:49 
If you had thought about the name of that Val Kilmer movie I wouldn’t.

Chris  14:51 
The Saint?

Kelli  14:52 

Chris  14:54 
It’s got nothing to do with facial recognition.

Kelli  14:57 
He’s walking around in like Russia. That’s no no is no space it was the Saint in Russia.

Chris  15:03 
part of it a very small part of and

Kelli  15:05 
I think they can see his face on the cameras and stuff and he changes his face or whatever.

Chris  15:10 
No, different movie. On the inside every time we have these conversations Oh man, I’ve got a by the way, we’re about to do a Minnie Take I just pulled, pulled right out of Mickey’s forehead. Take so this is another just amazing, delightful friend that we have met through the show. Okay, this is from Jessica Caruthers.

Kelli  15:34 
Oh, hey Jessica.

Chris  15:39 
Favorite, or most interesting, hidden Mickey, that you found?

Kelli  15:46 
Oh, good question.

Chris  15:48 
It’s a good one. It’s a good question.

Kelli  15:50 
Okay, I’ve got an answer. Okay. When you are on the Haunted Mansion ride, okay. And you’re going through the dining room scene. Okay, there’s several hidden Mickeys on the Haunted Mansion. Right? And there’s another one that I like it’s like a potted plant near the broad okay, but the one that’s my favorite cuz I love that dining room scene where there’s ghosts like dance around the table or whatever. There is a hidden Mickey in the plates.

Chris  16:19 
I’ve never seen it. You’ve seen it. You got it. You found it? Yes. I mean, I would I would certainly claim that you found it. 

Kelli  16:24 
I’ve also seen it in pictures like the people that posted that here’s a hidden that’s a good one.

Chris  16:28 
Let’s go right there in the middle there. I think there’s there’s one or there’s some in the graveyard scene. Oh, yeah.

Kelli  16:32 
There’s several hidden Mickey’s on Haunted Mansion.

Chris  16:34 
So I think the neatest hidden Mickey in my opinion is at Hollywood Studios. The whole area are in front of the courtyard. Yeah. And really the whole area there in front of the Chinese Theater that you’re walking around in is a big, huge hidden Mickey. Yeah, if you look at an aerial view, the way they’ve got the sidewalk colored there, it clearly makes a hidden echo like is actually shaped like one of his ears. Yep, that’s a really cool, isn’t it? I think that’s that’s what I’m gonna go with as my favorite. Technically, I’ve only ever seen the whole thing and pictures, right. But I’ve made a point of looking at the different colorations of the ground as we walked around.

Kelli  17:23 
Great question Jessica. Just for the record, that is one of my favorite things to do at Disney. Yes, we were walking around to say hidden Mickey’s and I’ve seen people holding the book, there’s a book that tells you where a lot of the hidden keys are. I’ve seen them reading that in line before, but I love to just randomly see a hidden make sure

Chris  17:41 
it is absolutely. One of my favorite things to do today.

Kelli  17:43 
Yeah, good question.

Chris  17:44 
Are you ready for tomorrowland?

Kelli  17:46 
I’m so ready for Tomorrowland.

Chris  17:47 

Kelli  17:48 
Okay, so sticking with my strong woman thing. Today we’re gonna talk about Mary Poppins. Okay, now the reason this is Tomorrowland is because we’re going to talk specifically about what should have been cherry tree lane at Epcot. Oh, okay. So this was originally announced at the D23 Fan Expo. And with Dick Van Dyck like he made a surprise appearance for the announcement deal was a big deal. And then they postponed it as of July 15, 2020. Now, unfortunately, they never had a lot of details attached to it. And, you know, they released the statement say it is officially postponed, it’s not canceled, but when they don’t have a lot of details surrounding it, and then it’s postponed it sort of makes you think it’s been postponed indefinitely. Yeah, yeah, for sure. But here’s what we were supposed to get. Okay, before it was postponed. Okay, so we were supposed to get an entirely new neighborhood that joined into the UK Pavilion. So originally I thought you know, there’s a lot of these buildings that sort of lead back to the courtyard in UK that they could have just repurposed and made that cherry tree lane honestly. But they said no is supposed to be an entirely new neighborhood joining the UK Pavilion. We were going to have a chance to walk down cherry tree lane now this is the original cherry tree lane from the 1964 Mary Poppins right not that the you know, the most recent Mary Poppins changed cherry tree lane, right but this one was supposed to look like the 1964 sure cherry tree lane. This would have been complete with cherry trees in bloom and flickering gas lamps. Okay, so that’s nice. Okay, I don’t know how you’re gonna make cherry trees be in bloom all year round, but that’s a nice feature. And cherry tree Lane was going to be the entrance to a new Mary Poppins inspired attraction. Yeah. Now, Disney called this Disney said guess would walk into number 17 cherry tree lane to quote, begin a new adventure. And so people really went all over with that some people were like, oh, we’re going to Mary Poppins ride Oh, it’s an attraction and UK blah, blah, blah. They never said attraction. They said and it didn’t. Several Disney blockers did describe it as a ride. But I could only find the word adventure in the official Disney statements. Okay. Okay. The mock ups that I saw sort of looked like the square in front of cherry tree lane also saw some mock ups with like balloons and umbrellas in the air. But the reality is Disney was leaving it super vague and I think that’s because they wanted to sort of further develop it as it went. But right after they made the announcement, you and I were at Disney World and they were already selling cherry tree lane merge. So I sort of wish that they had done that, but that’s where we’re supposed to get okay, but tomorrow land. I’m gonna tell you what I want to get. But first of all, let’s talk about why Mary Poppins is awesome. Okay. Okay. So strong woman month, and I’m discussing Mary Poppins as the character. I’m not talking specifically about Julie Andrews or Emily Blunt. Okay. Mary Poppins is a person. Yeah, right. Yeah. Number one. She has her own woman. She comes and goes, it will. She’s brilliant. And she is fully in charge of every situation.

Chris  21:03 
She is.

Kelli  21:04 
Right. This is a strong woman ever explained anything never has to explain anything. love that about her to animals love her. And she can talk to dogs. I mean, that’s got to be one of my biggest dreams.

Chris  21:22 
You are constantly asking ours to use their words.

Kelli  21:26 
I mean, like ongoing conversation, you would think these dogs could tell back to me? They can’t. But in my head, they do. We fully communicate.

Chris  21:34 
You got lots of voices in your head.

Kelli  21:36 
I do. So anyway, animals love her and she can talk to dogs. That’s a big one. I probably should have made that. Number one, you’re number three. She has the most amazing friends and family, Bert, Uncle Albert taapsee. And one of these days, I’m going to do a world showcase on the Mary Poppins books from PL Travers. Okay, I almost finished them and they’re packed up. Frankly, I don’t care for the third, the last book. But and so I’m sort of struggling in my way through it. But in any case, those are just the three friends that we’ve seen in the movies. She has even more really amazing friends just in the books. Okay, number four. She is magical in the best way. Right? There’s no definable style of magic, right? Really, other than making whatever happened that I want to happen.

Chris  22:25 
Yeah, that’s pretty much

Kelli  22:26 
And frankly, like, if somebody says, What’s your superpower? Who doesn’t want to say, I can make happen, whatever I want to happen? Yeah. It’s got to be the best superpower. Right?

Chris  22:36 
Right. I can do anything I want to do, especially when you don’t use it in a super creepy way.

Kelli  22:41 
Right now. It just happens. Right? So yes, she’s magical in the best way. Number five. She is an amazing singer and dancer. And she knows it. She also knows she’s beautiful. And I love that confidence. Okay, she does. Number six. In essence, she is practically perfect in every way. Period. hard stuff. Yes. Right. Yes. Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins?

Chris  23:08 
Well, I mean, our podcasts is named after her.

Kelli  23:11 
That’s what I’m saying. Y’all. My love Mary Poppins runs very deep. Yes. The podcast is named after her. She’s in our logo. A freak out every time I see her in the parks.

Chris  23:21 
You do freak out every time you see her in the parks.

Kelli  23:23 
I freak out. I’ve seen her near the carousel at Magic Kingdom. I’ve seen her in UK several times. We took a socially distance COVID photo with her wearing her supercalifragilistic awesome dizzy podcast shirts. And then she she called it out. Oh, yeah. She was so excited.

Chris  23:37 
We’ve seen her in town square or near Main Street also.

Kelli  23:40 
Yeah. I love Mary Poppins. Okay, so that’s why she’s awesome. And that’s what we were supposed to get. Yeah, Tomorrowland. Yeah. Here’s what I think we should get. Okay. Right. Here’s what should come to the UK Pavilion. We’re really going to do Mary Poppins right. Okay. This is what I think we should see. Number one, no ride. You cannot reduce Mary Poppins to a mere ride word. Okay, Mary would find that very insulting. Okay. You cannot reduce Mary Poppins to a mere ride. That is ridiculous. No ride. Don’t even think about it. Okay. I want it to be some kind of an experience that makes you feel like you have seen magic in real life. And I’m going to give you some examples. Okay. So first of all, I would love to interact with the bank’s house, right? So you go in number 17 cherry tree lane. You could slide down the stair rail or even better slide up the stair rail. Right? snap my fingers and make things happen. Like if I snap them in the kids rooms, everything folds and goes into the chest. Right? I could just snap things and it picks up the fix a broken plate. Sure. Yeah, Disney can do that. These are Imagineers you to give you Mary Poppins make me feel like Mary Poppins. Zack, are you listening? Zack Ridley, listen, this is what I want snap my fingers and things can happen. I would stand there and snap my fingers in that house all day, you would have to drag me out. rescue the dustables from Admiral booms hourly chime.

Chris  25:18 
I don’t know that everybody knows what dustables are.

Kelli  25:25 
For those of you that don’t call them dustables, I have a real problem with things that just sit on a shelf and need to be dusted right?

Chris  25:31 
Things gathering dust.

Kelli  25:32 
They’re just sitting there, sitting there collecting dust, we call them dustables. That is a dustable, right? I don’t like dust. And those are the things that keep falling off the platforms whenever. Yes, cannon goes off. So an admiral boom booms all the dustables come falling off everything and you have to pick them back up with your ears. Right. So being able to do that in the banks house after I’ve been snapping in the kids room for like you until I’ve got blisters on my thumb and my middle finger. That would be a lot of fun. What if we could learn the dance moves from the chimney sweeps?

Chris  26:05 
Yeah, that’d be that’d be fun.

Kelli  26:07 
Right? Like a group dance thing like a group. A group dance where we learn the chimney sweep move. Yeah, sure.

Chris  26:13 
That’d be fine. And to get there to them. You had to zoom up the chimney. Oh, there we go.

Kelli  26:20 
I like you’re in it. You’re, you’re with me now. Okay. What about what about a tea room? Where we’re served afternoon tea on the ceiling?

Chris  26:31 
Yeah, I like it.

Kelli  26:33 
Right? Yes. I’m telling you right now, if they sold Andrew, the little dog that could talk. Andrew would go like hotcakes. I buy an Andrew, are you? Okay, whatever it is. Whatever happens in this experience, right? Like we can call an adventure. I refuse to call it a ride. Although some of the bloggers were saying maybe it’s a carousel. That makes sense. It does make sense. Some set a ferris wheel. I don’t get that. A carousel. Like if if I can hop off the carousel. And yeah, like if your horse jumped off the carousel and right rode around. Yeah, but whatever it is, it needs to end with each of us selecting our own balloon and flying away.

Chris  27:17 
Yes. Last. Yeah, like at the end of the from the balloon lady. Yeah.

Kelli  27:22 
Careful which one you pick? It’s not the right balloon you’re not gonna fly away.

Chris  27:27 
I think maybe we all should get to fly on an umbrella.

Kelli  27:31 
Yeah, but only Mary flies on the umbrella. And so you’re stepping on some toes there.

Chris  27:34 
A little bit. But you’re you’re already giving us some of our powers and everything.

Kelli  27:38 
I think it’s got to be a balloon, honey. But in any case, I mean, it could be a show like within them. Lin Manuel Miranda, there could be shows back there. There’s so much we could do.

Chris  27:48 
There’s so much we could do.

Kelli  27:49 
So much we could do as a Mary Poppins experience for us to interact with things.

Chris  27:54 
Part of me never wants anything like this to happen because we would never leave the England never leave UK.

Kelli  28:00 
I would walk in with my brilliant tank and my brilliant mug and brilliant ears.

Chris  28:04 
But my bigger part of me wants this for you.

Kelli  28:08 
I would love it so much. I would love it so much.

I can leave you there. I’ll go eat a pastry in France and come back and get you

And bring me a pastry back. Sure. Sure. I would love that. So tomorrow land Zack Ridley Hope you’re listening.

Chris  28:21 
I hope he’s listening.

Kelli  28:23 
Make it happen.

Chris  28:24 
Just for good measure. I hope he’s listening to. Alright, I’m gonna jump over to the world showcase. And I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get to this. And really should have done it last November, but I couldn’t wait till next November. And so I’m wearing this is classic Mickey because talk about Mickey Mouse.

Kelli  28:47 
Why should you have done it last November because

Chris  28:48 
this is when his birthdays and

Kelli  28:50 
Oh, okay. Okay. You start up Mickey in general. Just Just the mouse.

Chris  28:55 
I love Mickey Mouse.

Kelli  28:56 
Y’all started with the mouse. I love it. Well,

Chris  28:59 
yes, as a matter of fact, Walt’s quote about Mickey Mouse. When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it’s because he’s so human. And that is the secret of his popularity. I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing that it was all started by a mouse. You know,

Kelli  29:15 
for International Women’s month, he probably should have gone with Minnie. This Okay, go with go with Mickey probably.

Chris  29:23 
But I didn’t go with Mickey. So, you know, if you listen to this podcast, or especially regulator, you probably are an expert on Mickey. But hopefully there’s something in here that you’ll be like, Oh, I did not know that about Mickey Mouse. So I got a lot of this from the wiki fandom, the Disney fandom wiki online, but also got some of this from in 2008 when 2018 rather when Mickey turned 90 years old. Life magazine did a special edition and so I pulled some And I still have pulled some of this out of there too. So, Walt also said this on on the development of Mickey Mouse, and we’re going to get into some of the details of this, but he said, he popped it. This was in his 1948 essay what Mickey means to me. He popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad 20 years ago on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood. At a time when the business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at lowest ebb and disaster scene right around the corner. So, on March 4 1927, Walt Disney signed the contract with Universal Pictures to produce a series of cartoons starring his character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, right? Under producer Charles Mintz. Well, lead animator and longtime Disney collaborator of AI works or UBI works. I’m going to be calling him I works from here going forward. He’s a Disney legend, okay. With those two together, the Oswald series was huge success. I worked found so but I works learned that Charles mitts assistant a guy named George Winkler had been hiring Disney animators away behind their backs to work at Universal. Disney traveled to New York to negotiate a more profitable contract with the universal but ments instead proposed a 20% decrease in their rates. Disney’s response was to quit the Oswald series altogether, which meant losing his rights to the character to Universal. On the train back this is the train ride what was referring to was desperately brainstorm for ideas for a new character as I’m Anna mouse was the result, a mouse named Mickey Mortimer Mortimer but Disney’s wife Lillian did not like the name and suggested Mickey instead, a woman saved the downtime

Kelli  32:00 
Well done Lillian.

Chris  32:02 
while completing other contracts while obligations to complete the final Oswald Cartoon for universal Walt. I worked in a few other Disney loyalists worked in secret to develop to Disney short cartoons. Playing crazy and the galloping Gaucho. Playing crazy, was a more animalistic version of Mickey Mouse. He was much more brash and arrogant, and their test audiences they never released this. This time. Their test audiences hated it. Yeah, gallop and Gaucho, Mickey was much more of a hero. He also wore shoes for the first time. And he was much more heroic, but they still didn’t like they didn’t like him. That’s when Walt took the hugely ambitious step of leaping into talkies. Because at this point in time, the sound had been an animated movies before but never on the scale that Mickey brought to Steamboat Willie. Ah, so while it was really the third movie that they had made for Mickey, it was the first one to get released to the general public. Okay? Steamboat Willie was a parody of Buster Keaton’s steamboat bill Jr. character, okay. It was released on November 18 1928, to critical acclaim. This is recognized as as Mickey’s official birthday. Walt wrote it and voiced both Mickey and Minnie and then continued to voice Mickey for decades after that.

Kelli  33:33 
Oh, I didn’t realize Yeah, yep.

Chris  33:37 
The success of that one actually allowed for a later release of the first two plane crazy and the galloping Gaucho, although they had now added more sound and all this stuff to make it a little bit better. So a couple of other key points in Mickey’s movie, The Carnival kid, which released in 1929. On my birthday, may 23. Nikki spoke his first words. His first words were

Kelli  34:00 
Hi, folks. Hot Dog, hot dog. I think that was one of your questions.

Chris  34:05 
And Mickey’s movie the Opera House, Mickey first received his trademark gloves. It made him easier to animate. Yeah, he needed the glass. In 1929, Disney was offered $300 in cash to feature Mickey on a children’s pencil tablet, which was his very first foray into merchandising that has paid off. He’s appeared in more than 130 films. In 1932, Walt Disney was presented an honorary Academy Award for the creation of Mickey Mouse the same year that Mickey was nominated for the first time, in animated short called Mickey’s orphans. In 1934, Mickey made his way and made made his debut at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And he was only the third pop culture personality to receive a license to balloon in 1935 in 1935, Mickey was in his first color cartoon called the band concert. Oh, then Mickey sort of faced a little bit of like, like, honestly, like canceled culture. After Mickey he was seen by the, you know, sensibilities of the time is sort of roguish and and a little bit you know hat dash and and just not gentlemanly. So, Walt hired an animator named Fred Moore to give Mickey’s look a redesign that would allow for more expression and emotion 1939 Mickey’s surprise party and the pointer were the first to show his new look. And then he received another Oscar nomination for the pointer. Now this year on the podcast we’ll be able to see it but this Mickey I’m wearing on my sweatshirt is pre Fred Moore design. He’s his eyes don’t have like whites of his eyes with people’s right so they actually changed his eyes and made his face a little puffier. Yeah, a little cuter okay. And, and he sort of got back into the good graces of everyone. Mickey finally won his first kiss his only Academy Award in 1941. Best Animated Short for Linda Paul. He was with his new look at that time. Then Mickey sort of died down for like decades, because he was too big. He was huge. And you couldn’t do anything with them. Like, like, like make him be bad or make him get the rough and tumble experiences. And the animators would be like, every time we want to do something when Mickey eventually someone says, that’s really more of a Donald Duck thing. Right? He became larger than life, he was too big to put in things anymore. In 1978, Mickey became the first animated character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So just some more fun facts here are going to run through these as fast as I can. His full name is mackell mouse. Oh, Mickey for sure. He’s got a sister named Felicity field mouse and she’s got two sons named Morty and 30. Awesome. Mickey has cared for them a couple times. According to Walt Disney, IRL in real life, and Mickey Minnie are married. They only are depicted as dating on screen. April 1 1975, Elvis Presley closed a pre encore portion of his set in the Las Vegas Hilton with him I see K. And then he and the whole crowd sing the whole song together. Andy Warhol famous for painting ubiquitous icons like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and the Campbell scoops and she can also paint in a version of Mickey Eartha Kitt famous singer and actress yeah once met Albert Einstein when she met Albert he was wearing a Mickey Mouse t shirt. Freddie Mercury front man for Queen took the stage at Wembley Stadium in England wearing a Mickey t along with other icons like john lennon, Brian Wilson, Axl Rose. Oh my goodness. He’s the most popular writing vote in American election history. That’s fantastic. One poll deemed him more recognizable than Santa Claus. Wow. And an oversized Mickey Mouse watch hangs on the wall of Andy’s bedroom and Toy Story forever stuck at 1205 while Disney was born on December 5 12

Kelli  38:26 
I didn’t see that watch now makes want to go back and watch Toy Story.

Chris  38:30 
I know. So in the magazine in the Life magazine, I highly recommend y’all pull it up. Look it up. It’s a wonderful magazine. They describe Mickey this way. Almost since his creation, he has held the world in the palm of his white glove four fingered hand. He’s a sorcerer, or at least a sorcerer’s apprentice. Keeping an audience spellbound for nine decades and counting.

Kelli  38:54 
Congrats Mickey.

Chris  38:57 
So random. It’s a random March. You know, but whatever. It’s always time for making sure. All right, folks, that’s this week’s show. We hope you enjoyed it. And if you did you know what to do. Go out to iTunes, Apple podcasts, subscribe to our stations so that you don’t have to worry about automatic downloads. You’ll just get them and leave us a rating leave us a review. It helps bring more like minded people to the show.

Kelli  39:27 
Absolutely. Please, please please do that. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. Again. No bonus episodes. We’re running around here with our heads on fire. Yes.

Chris  39:48 
We’re doing our best. We’re absolutely trying very hard here to still put out even a show every week. We’re killing that we are. Hey, keep up with us on the socials, Instagram, Twitter. I spoke at SCFADP on YouTube, subscribe to that channel supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast and just the more the merrier. Absolutely, we would love to hear from you and with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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