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Disney News (5/30), Disney Pixar – Luca, and Breakfast at The Wave

Episode 23

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This week we make a SPLASH with a preview of the new film by Disney Pixar – Luca, releasing on Disney+ June 18th. Then, we head over to The Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort for Breakfast! Two words here – bottomless Mimosas! All that and more, on this week’s show.

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Show Notes:

Disney CEO (Bob Chapek): suggested this week that the Park Pass Reservation system and virtual queues would likely stick around for a while.
A New Commercial was released on Thursday hyping the 50th anniversary celebration. It’s quick but really good.
Out of State visitors welcome back to Disneyland June 15
Reimagined Jungle Cruise to open at Disneyland on July 16
Cast Member Previews have begun for Avengers Campus at California Adevnture
Physical Distancing markers have been removed on transportation (monorial and ferry boats)
Work has begun at the “Theater of the Stars” at Hollywood Studios
WDW is hiring new full-time food and beverage cast members
“Shirt Crawling” Remy Buddy to debut for the launch of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure


Chris & Kelli  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:43 
Hello out there podcast family. Welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:48 
And I’m Kelli. Did you forget your name there for a second?

Chris  0:51 
Well, I had a frog in my throat and I didn’t know what was about to happen.

Kelli  0:55 
Just like Grogu. But, he doesn’t talk, so…

Chris  1:03 
And I don’t actually eat frogs.

Kelli  1:06 
So maybe y’all are not, it’s not maybe not just like Grogu.

Chris  1:09 
Maybe not just like Grogu. Hey, I dig in your ears.

Kelli  1:13 
These are my Chewy ears. And I would swear that I’ve worn these before. These are more your traditional ear. Yeah. And I’m using the chin strap and everything.

Chris  1:21 
I see that.

Kelli  1:23 
You know, I would say they’re not quite large enough to actually sit on my head. So they’re sort of on top of my head and the headphones are holding them on. And so from a park logistics perspective, you couldn’t wear these around the park.

Chris  1:38 
Yeah, I think they are you couldn’t wear them around the park. You think they’re for kids?

Kelli  1:43 
Maybe? I mean, they make adult versions of the traditional ears.

Chris  1:46 
 That makes the top of my head sweat just looking at them.

Kelli  1:50 
Oh, they’re not hot. No, actually, it is surprisingly with my glasses in the headphones. These are some of the most comfortable ears I’ve worn for podcasting.

Chris  1:58 
Okay, well, they look awesome.

Kelli  2:03 
Well, this is my last set of ears for the contest.

Chris  2:06 
which, by the way, ends on Tuesday ends on Monday, Monday night at midnight

Kelli  2:11 
On Monday night at midnight. So this is my last set of Star Wars years that I said I was gonna wear. It’s not my last set of Star Wars years. It’s, you know, I said I was gonna wear years I’d never won before for the podcast. So this is my last set because it’s our last week. Yeah. So enter, enter, enter, enter, enter…

Chris  2:27 
into the contest. Because this stuff goes out, what next week?

Kelli  2:32 
Yes, yes, yes. Yes. So we are still unpacking boxes, y’all. And I’m trying to get things out of this house. Yes. This one’s going out.

Chris  2:45 
So this week, we saw downloads in some awesome places. Okay. Shout out to our new hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Kelli  2:55 
We had downloads from Lincoln?

Chris  2:57 
We had more downloads from Lincoln than any other town.

Kelli  3:00 
Oh, gotcha. Our neighbor, that’s our neighbors.

Chris  3:05 
The guy that I’m seeing from my foot doctor that I’m seeing you told him I told him awesome and, and he said he told some folks. So Lincoln, Nebraska is leading the way this weekend just makes us feel super welcome.

Kelli  3:20 
That’s awesome. Well, let me just say y’all, we’ve got stickers and if this is your first time listening, we’ve got stickers for y’all. You know, just if you’re the neighbors, then just pop right over. I’ll give you a sticker. Maybe you should carry some to your foot doctor.

Chris  3:32 
I should for sure. Yes. We also saw downloads from Shenandoah, Louisiana, which is just it’s actually part of Baton Rouge, Metro Plex there but it’s just east of Baton Rouge, Shaw, Washington.

Kelli  3:47 
Shaw, like Air Force Base?

Chris  3:50 
Spelled that way. Yeah. This is like literally a little tiny island is part of the San Juan Islands between in the sound between Seattle and the Canadian border.

Kelli  4:00 
Wow. That’s really interesting.

Chris  4:03 
Okay. Okay. That’s a fun place. It is. It did look like a fun place. And then here we go. I apologize to the people that live in this town. Hyderabad, India.

Kelli  4:13 
I think you killed it, honey.

Chris  4:15 
I think so too. This is this is an hour and a half flight east of Mumbai. So it’s right in the middle of of India. I wonder how they found us?

Kelli  4:25 
Is that why you had the chicken satay for dinner tonight?

Chris  4:31 
You know, it’s a happy accident. That’s cool. So and by the way, we are on pace for another record download month. So I think we will we will absolutely break it. It’s there’s no question. We’ll break it down with record again this month. I can’t believe it is humbling, honestly. And we’re coming up on season four, coming up on a year.

Kelli  4:50 
We are, a year on June 19. We will have some special announcements then. Yep. And season four starts right next month. That’s just crazy.

Chris  4:58 
New things in the works for that. So okay, so ready for some Main Street?

Kelli  5:03 
Main Street. Alright.

Chris  5:05 
So this week is Disney CEO Bob Chapek suggested that the park reservation system and the virtual queues are likely going to be around for a while. Yeah, for the virtual queues in particular, where people out, I can kind of get that the park reservation system people are not super happy about all the time, but that’s just on the socials. From a business perspective, I totally,

Kelli  5:30 
totally help some crowd manage. Why do people not like the virtual queues?

Chris  5:34 
Because they feel like they can’t get in?

Kelli  5:37 
Oh, I’m so for the virtual queue. The reduction of crowds is always good and not standing in line is always something I’m for. Bob do not get rid of the virtual queue even if we had to wait to like, a certain time of day.

Chris  5:51 
Yeah, for it.

Kelli  5:51 
I saw that they’re gonna use virtual queues when webslinger opens. Yep. And I was like, praise God.

Chris  5:57 
Yes, I know.

Kelli  5:59 
Yeah, that’s fantastic.

Chris  6:00 
I like it. I love the virtual anything that helps them plan is going to ultimately make our lives better in the park.

Kelli  6:06 
It’s gonna it’s Yeah, they’re going to be able to manage crowds better. And so, in essence, it makes our lives better. That’s what I think.

Chris  6:13 
I’m for it. So new commercial was released on Thursday hyping the 50th anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World, go to the Disney Parks YouTube channel. You can check out that that commercial it’s really really good. It’s the the idea is there’s a special drawer and a special room inside of Cinderella’s castle that holds all the 50th anniversary magic. And it explodes out and all the parks. Yeah. It’s really precious. In the entertainment world, as of the time of this recording, Cruella has just released and we haven’t seen it yet.

Kelli  6:50 
We haven’t but we’re going to tonight!

Chris  6:52 
Going to watch it tonight. so that by the time this releases, we will have seen it and we would love to hear what you all think about Cruella. Yes, I read a review from variety today. They loved it. And super excited to watch it. Yes. Um, another interesting thing Disney plus in July will release a series based on the Turner and hooch movie.

Kelli  7:15 
Oh gosh,

Chris  7:16 
yeah. Turner and hooch was a touchdown picture, which it was. It was right in your wheelhouse man.

Kelli  7:22 
I loved Turner and hooch. Is Tom Hanks going to be in it?

Chris  7:25 
No. Scott Turner was the character Tom Hanks played Scott Turner Jr. is the character in this one.

Kelli  7:34 
So it’s not gonna be like Turner and hooch 30 years later,

Chris  7:37 
no, it’s not. This is this is but it’s very Turner and hooch esque. Okay. So okay. should be should be.

Kelli  7:46 
That would be that sounds fine. Yeah for that.

Chris  7:49 
Um, so Disney along with the rest of Broadway is coming back to Broadway. So excited. I know. Lion King will kick off on September the 14th at the Minskoff Theatre, September 14. My impression is the is like maybe the official or unofficial launching of all of the great white way Broadway. Okay, right. Hamilton Lion King, we could all launch that. September 14, my brother’s birthday, so Oh, God, he should take credit for that. But Latin is launching on September 28. Two weeks later at the New Amsterdam theater we’ve seen so much. We have we saw I think we saw we saw Mary Poppins for sure that

Kelli  8:28 
Mary Poppins there for sure. I loved it so much. Yeah.

Chris  8:31 
So to encourage people to buy in and go Disney’s doing some really cool stuff. They’re gonna pay 100% of your Ticketmaster fees, up through August the seventh of next year. 2022. Wow. And you can cancel or exchange tickets with no surcharge right up to the date of the show. Okay, that’s fantastic. Yeah, that’s great. Also through July 1 of this year, you can purchase both the Aladdin and Lion King show for 150 bucks. great deal. Yep. For that whenever we find in New York. Just don’t tease me.

So exciting news for us. Disneyland is welcoming out of state visitors starting June the 15th.

Kelli  9:19 
And we’re booked!

Chris  9:19 
We are booked we are booked we’ve got our tickets. We’ve got our park reservations. So excited. We are very excited. Yes. I’ve never been to Disneyland so..

Kelli  9:29 
…and I’ve never been to California Adventure.

Chris  9:31 
So right so so

Kelli  9:32 
we’re gonna do both we are and honestly the trip that I went to Disneyland was very, very budget trip. So I enjoyed it because I was there with girlfriends but I’m excited to do it with you.

Chris  9:44 
Yeah, that’s gonna be great. They also Disneyland hours are set to increase on July the first sweet Yep. And the Jungle Cruise is going to open up the new reimagined Jungle Cruise will open up there on July the 16th.

Kelli  9:59 
I saw that they delivered trader Sam’s hut this week.

Chris  10:02 
To the Magic Kingdom. Trader Sam’s gift shop, which is actually the last round for the Jungle Cruise. It’s really good. Um, cast member previews have begun for Avengers campus at California Adventure. Yep, that’s set to open to the public next Friday,

Kelli  10:20 
June 4.

Chris  10:21 
Yeah. Like you said, webslinger web slingers will be on the virtual Queue System mainly to limit guests to one ride per visit. Yeah,

Kelli  10:31 
But also Hello again, we don’t have to stand in line.

Chris  10:35 
That’s gonna benefit all of us. They also released a guide map for Avengers campus and I pulled out an image of that we’ll try to put that out there have fun it was good. Lots of returning to normalcy The Magic Kingdom by the way. Physical distancing markers have been removed from the monorail system.

Kelli  10:57 

Chris  10:57 
They’ve been removed from the ferry boats the ferry boats have already increased capacity.

Kelli  11:01 
They really pack them in on that monorail.

Chris  11:03 
They do well, they’re about expected they will increase capacity on the monorail.

Kelli  11:09 
I hope they leave the dividers up.

Chris  11:13 
That would be nice between the

Kelli  11:14 
the benches so that when you’re sitting like your hair is not touching the hair of the person. These things you think about things I think about people don’t know people don’t know.

Chris  11:22 
You’re gonna hate this, skyliners now allowing separate parties.

Kelli  11:27 
I do hate that. Yeah. Because literally we’ve never been on skyliner when we had to sit with somebody and I am a little bit worried that that’s going to make me not like it as much there’s still a nice breeze but with the breeze like if you know somebody is all stinky or what have you I stopped smelling. The things I worry about. People don’t know.

Chris  11:46 
Slinky Dog, Muppet vision and Toy Story mania have all removed their physical distancing markers. In all relaxation stations, Hollywood studios are now gone. We just mean I mean, we

Kelli  11:58 
we are ripping the band aid off!

Chris  12:00 
right back in. Work has begun on the theater of the stars at Hollywood Studios. That’s where beauty the beast is probably just maintenance work getting things back to Ship Shape there. Walt Disney World is hiring full time food and beverage castmembers. Nice. So starting pay is $14 an hour. Fantastic. Good,

Kelli  12:24 
Not 15. But it’ll be better, right?

Chris  12:26 
But at least it’s not better than seven and a quarter is not an average. It’s the starting pay. So the average pay is probably higher. It also means that they’ve actually offered those positions to people who were laid off previously. And so those people have either come back or they’ve found other gainful employment, which will be great. You’re gonna love this. Okay. Not exactly sure when it’s gonna launch. But to celebrate the Ratatouille adventure Remy’s Ratatouille adventure. At some point in time, Epcot is likely to release a Remy shoulder buddy. How cute that crawls around. You control it with a block a remote control block of cheese.

Kelli  13:14 
Ah. Oh, that’s fantastic.

Chris  13:17 
I don’t know how this thing works. Exactly. But it supposedly literally just crawls around all over your shirt.

Kelli  13:24 
I have no idea how that would work. But that’s fantastic. Yeah.

Chris  13:28 
Yeah. Um, so for our we’ve got to get her hands on one of those as soon as they come out. Yes. Okay, you ready for a Minnie segment?

Kelli  13:35 
Minnie take, lets do it. Yes.

Chris  13:38 
Oh, gosh. Easy.

Kelli  13:39 
Don’t knock down Mando monopoly.

Chris  13:42 
 Okay, here we go.

Alright, is it for question? Yes. Oh, okay. This is really, really for you more than me. Okay. This is for my other question. No, this is from our friend, Johanna Crothers. Oh, okay. Your favorite Mickey or Minnie ears.

Kelli  14:03 
Oh, gosh. Okay. My favorite Mickey or Minnie ears. So for the record I like Mickey are many years based on comfort and lack of bedazzledness. So I don’t like massive bows, tons of flowers and things of that nature. It’s just not me. But comfort rates even higher. So my number one favorite set of Mickey Minnie ears are my pizza ears from the Italy pavilion in Epcot. Okay. They like all the dazzle meant a very tiny gangam bow that is very reasonable. And they are super comfortable. You can wear them all day and you don’t even know they’re there.

Chris  14:44 
Alright, well, that’s all that all seems fair. Yes, that’s fair. I think my favorite set of ears on I don’t actually have yours. I’ve got my one. Has yours. I love it. I’ve actually worn it throughout an entire day at the park multiple times. But on you I think my favorite years are the actual Minnie Mouse ears with the hat and the flower that comes out with that

Kelli  15:10 
you’re gonna say sorcerer, Mickey. No, because you love…

Chris  15:16 
That’s probably my second favorite when you take

Kelli  15:18 
all kinds of pictures of me. Like walk around me five more. Five more feet actually. Stop, stop.

Chris  15:24 
Stop. now. I’ll take a picture. Now.

Kelli  15:27 
You do that all the time.

Chris  15:30 
Well, I think the ones I liked the most our Yeah, are the Minnie Mouse ears. Yeah,

Kelli  15:34 
pizza all day for me. Tomorrowland here we go.

Chris  15:38 
Okay, so releasing to Disney. Plus on June the 18th. So it’s really right around the corner. Is Disney Pixar is Luca. Yeah. Okay.

Kelli  15:53 
I’m so excited about Luca.

Chris  15:55 
So what do you know about Luca?

Kelli  15:57 
I know he turns into a mermaid when he hits the water.

Chris  16:01 
So close. Man,

Kelli  16:05 
is that a thing?

Chris  16:05 
We are? He’s actually a sea monster.

Kelli  16:08 
Oh, okay.

Chris  16:09 
Yes, he’s a sea monster.

Kelli  16:10 

Chris  16:11 
His name is Luca euro.

Kelli  16:13  
Is he from Greece? He’s from Italy. Italy. Okay.

Chris  16:17 
Yes. Right. Okay, he’s voiced by Jacob Tremblay, who is a 14 year old actor who made his debut as I’m assuming one of the Smurfs in Smurf too. And he’s, I think he’s Canadian, actually. There he is he

Kelli  16:36 
Does he identify as a sea monster? I just want to make sure they cast it properly.

Chris  16:40 
 Okay. Um, and he made his breakout in the movie room was a dark drama. Maybe. So and let’s see it also, he has a fateful encounter with Alberto score Fano, who’s voiced by jack Dylan grazer. He played Freddy Freeman. And she’s I am and was in both of the movies that recently were released.

Kelli  17:04 
Okay. Also creepy.

Chris  17:08 
A little bit. So anyway, so here’s here’s the summary. Summary. Yeah. Luca is us a monster super shy, super timid. Okay. With a pretty sheltered life. Through happenstance, one day he runs across Alberto also a sea monster. Alberto is everything Luca is not he’s a free spirit. He’s he’s he’s not scared of anything. He’s sort of brash and talks a lot knows everything. You know? He’s everything that Luca wants to be okay. Or at least he thinks he wants to be. Alberta invites Luca to explore life on land. And takes a little bit convincing, obviously, but he gets them to do it. And Luca and Alberto take these little ventures up to land. And when they do they turn into humans. And there’s, there’s a whole thing about how they transform themselves into humans from the inside comes from the heart. Right? Um, and they can stay that way as long as they don’t get wet. So do you remember splash?

Kelli  18:30 
I do remember splash also loved splash. That was the whole thing. There was a mess.

Chris  18:34 
She couldn’t get wet. If she got wet while she was on land, she would turn back into him right right. Okay, so of course, so they truly bombed AlBerto and Luca over their love of Vespers know how Italian and and so they love it so much. They even sort of build one themselves back at home and imagine it. Like if they could ride around the countryside on the vessel that they built. Well, Lucas mom finds out that he’s doing this and she’s just not for that at all.

Kelli  19:15 
Not for him going out on land and being human.

Chris  19:18 
No, no, no, no. Daniela is her name played by Maya Rudolph.

Kelli  19:22 
Okay. Oh, love Maya Rudolph.

Chris  19:24 
Yes. And she says that the world is a very dangerous place, and that she will send him to the bottom of the ocean to keep him safe if she has to. Well, she threatens to send him to his weird uncle. And Luke is like, Nah, I’m not having that. He’s now super bold, right? He’s always right, or Luca. He’s super bold. So he decides and convinces Alberto to go with him back to land, and they venture farther into town than they’ve ever ventured before. And it’s interesting because the town’s folk for generations have been afraid See monsters? Okay, okay. But while they’re they, they’re just they’re floored by things like the language that’s spoken. They are floored by gelato. I can really get behind that.

Kelli  20:13 
I can on that. Right. So they don’t speak Italian.

Chris  20:18 
You know? I guess not, you know? I don’t know. Okay. Yeah, I just know that they say they’re they’re, they’re floored by the language the way these people speak. Um, they also run into a little girl who is very adventurous Her name is Julia, Julia Julia and she is very adventurous, not timid very much in your face. Right? And the three of them bond and have an adventure is my understanding. Okay. So how did this story came to be? The director Enrico kesar, kessa Rossa, okay, he spent his formative years in the having idyllic summers in northwest Italy. And there he had a best friend that he met when he was 12 named Alberto. Oh, Alberto was very outgoing, very not timid and totally like, influenced Enrico casserole carosa to take risks and and be bolder. And he actually says here that Alberto got me out of my comfort zone, he pushed me off so many cliffs metaphor metaphorical and not. He says he inspired him to take risks later in life. That led to his career he has today might not be here right now had I not learned to chase my dreams from him. Oh, isn’t that great? I love how he honored him with naming the character Albert. The movies producer Andrea Warren Warren as the themes in the film around friendship are so beautiful, especially with how differences can bridge things and can make us better love it Come on loving, you know, there’s a lot to be made of the transformation from sea monster to, to human. The the animators originally were gonna like put them in like a mechanical human seat of some kind. But they decided none of this has to come from within because everything that happens has requires courage from within. But it allowed them to do things as animators transitioning the sea monsters in humans that they’ve never done before. They literally control every scale on these animals bodies, individually through the animation. Oh, that’s insane. So it’s, it’s there. Like they literally said, this is something we’ve never been able to do before.

Kelli  22:51 
This is not a musical.

Chris  22:53 
I don’t get the impression that it is and you know, most Pixar is or not Delta. This is Disney and Pixar collaboration. But anyway. So let’s see here. other cast members include Marco Barrett Celli as masimo. Julia’s dad, okay. Jim gaffigan as Lorenzo Lucas, dad, okay, Sandy Martin as grandma euro. It’s always that grandma in there.

Kelli  23:19 
I’m glad to hear that Luca has got a mom and a dad.

Chris  23:21 
Yeah, yeah, that’s true. That’s a good point. 1200 Kids auditioned for the voice roles of Luca, Alberto and Julia. Wow. Well, 100 kids, they said when it came to casting, we wanted acting skills. Of course, we also want to actors who will be willing to play, to improvise, to make mistakes and to have fun. We really wanted to capture the nature of kids, which isn’t overly polished. This Yeah, the setting takes place in the Italian Riviera. And this also was a challenge for the animators because Enrico Testarossa did not want overly realistic images. He wanted this entire thing to look like a storybook. Oh, Pixar is like I want you know, I want the hero from The Incredibles to fall into the ocean. It looks like real water. She’s like she’s soaked with water. That’s not the look he wanted with where they would normally use 50 strokes. He wanted three strokes. Right? Right. Right. These characters are not realistic looking necessarily. They’re really cute. They’re really cute. Oh, they’re very storybooks. Yes, you’re right. And to describe them. Yeah. And so it’s like Luca is an observer of the world. He takes it all in. So he’s got a small chin and big eyes, your slumpy shoulders, whereas Alberto and Julia are much more bombastic and in your face, so they’ve got strong chins and big mouths, and they’re always sort of leaning forward on the page. Oh, that’s cute. Yeah. So he asked them to do things that Pixar had never done before. He was much more involved with it. reframe of the of the animation. And they were like, we’re not used to this. We’re used to you tell us, this world you want us to create and we make it look real. Instead, he wanted us to create my story for the day for the for the film, which is great. That’s fine. I’m most of it was done during pandemic which obviously creates its own challenges. And everyone is super excited for the launch quotes here from the director. I’m just excited for everyone to be able to meet this trio to see their chemistry and be taken on an emotional ride. He hopes the film says he hopes the film tells makes people want to reach out to their childhood friends. Just call them up and say, Hey, that was amazing when we were growing up together, wasn’t it? Oh, that’s good. That’s really good.

Kelli  25:50 
When did you say that is launching?

Chris  25:52 
June 18. Just a couple of weeks Really? About three weeks ago Disney plus on Disney plus Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So look out for Luca.

Kelli  26:01 
That’s awesome. Yes, I’ve seen some previews. I’m very excited about that.

Chris  26:04 
All right, World showcase?

Kelli  26:05 
Yep. I’m on brand this week, food. We’re gonna go to breakfast at the Wave. Now for those of you that are not familiar with the wave, that’s because it is a very underrated.

Chris  26:20 
I think so.

Kelli  26:20 
Yeah, very underrated dining experience is at the contemporary resort. And so I think it’s one of those things where like, if you’re staying at the contemporary, you think about eating there, if you’re not staying at the contemporary, you sort of have to think about how to get there and then out to the park. And so it’s like this extra step but I just want to say I don’t know if we would have ever gone there if it weren’t mentioned by a friend, a friend recommended it. And specifically, she recommended two menu items which we’re going to get into in a little bit here. But I am so glad we went so glad we went so all First of all, let me just say all breakfast buffets at Disney are not created equal. The wave has both a buffet and a menu that you can order off of I don’t know if they’re doing the buffet right now. I will say because of COVID I will also say they are closed right now for refurb for the 50th anniversary, they’re going to reopen on July the 15th. Okay, and I will tell you they needed the refurb is straight out in 1980s the decor was very very outdated. And I think you know if you walked by you might from the outside it looks like an expensive restaurant because the entrance Yeah,

Chris  27:28  
The entrance is very modern and looks very high end.

Kelli  27:32 
And the dinner By the way, dinner is fairly expensive, okay. But when you get inside the restaurant, it doesn’t match that at all the inside does not match that what you thought you were gonna see on the outside, and it’s windowless. And it’s just kind of feel like you’re almost eating in a basement. Yeah, when you eat the food, you don’t care because the food’s amazing. But that’s the field so it needed the update. So I’m thrilled it’s getting an update. And I want to tell you guys about some of the food this week, so that you don’t miss it on your next trip to Disney. This is an easy one to sleep on, for sure, because you’ve never heard about it. But you need to go here. So like I mentioned, all breakfasts are not created equal. All breakfast buffets at Disney are not created equal. So for example, if you go to Askerhaus at Norway. Did I say that wrong?

Chris  28:23 
No, no, no.

Kelli  28:24 
Okay. If you go to Askerhaus at Norway, then you’ll see more of our European type breakfast. That’s true, right? A lot of cold cuts and things of that nature. If you go to tusker house Animal Kingdom, you’re going to get that amazing bread that we talked about the other week. So breakfast buffets have signature items. And the wave has some signature breakfast items you don’t want to miss. So first of all, the breakfast menu is $15 to $35 depending on what you get. And the buffet is about $22 that’s what it was in 2019 you know, you never know what the refurb what they’re going to come back with. But here’s how Disney describes it on their website. Surround yourself in casual elegance at this feel good eatery, dine on new American cuisine inspired by passion for locally and regionally sourced ingredients accompanied by New World wines and tasty craft beers. I’m assuming they’re talking about dinner here. Start your day with a classic ala carte American breakfast such as Eggs Benedict or dive into our signature sweet potato pancakes served with pecan honey butter and a side of sausage or bacon. At lunch up for robust sandwiches our signature burgers or an assortment of fresh salads. Dinner offers such distinctive dishes as grilled beef tenderloin and seared potato gnocchi. I would love to have their see your potato and then cap off your meal with a crimper lay and divine dessert selection. So we’re going to focus on breakfast. Yeah,

Chris  29:54 
That’s what we ate there.

Kelli  29:55 
That’s what we ate there. And that’s what I think is the most overlooked at the wave. Don’t think people consider the wave for breakfast unless they’re staying at the contemporary so don’t sleep on the way that breakfast here is here’s what you’re going to get one of the another…

Especially considering that chef Mickey’s is right upstairs yeah chef Mickey’s is right upstairs gets all the attention and contemporary from

so that’s what I will say is the wave is really probably for people who are not looking for a character breakfast experience and maybe who want a quieter breakfast.

Chris  30:29 
Good point.

Kelli  30:30 
There was a family in there that had you know, tons of children across from us and they did the buffet I think so that they could get in and out really quickly.

Chris  30:39 
They did get in that really fast man did

Kelli  30:41 
they get in I was I was blown away but what you know, whatever that’s that we’re talking about. So let me go through the menu. Okay, so first of all entrees, you’ve got amazing selection of eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon sausage, Hollandaise, grits, waffles, fruits, all mixed together in an assortment of entrees. Right? Those are your traditional offerings. Here are your signature offerings one, the wave signature sweet potato pancakes. I just mentioned them. Served with that pecan honey butter and your choice of bacon pork sausage or chicken sausage. There’s a $14 there also available on the buffet. Avocado toasts plant based and it is to die for y’all. I love this avocado toast avocado toasted multigrain bread and caramelized onion jam. This is $12 it is gorgeous. It looks like it was done by an amazing chef at a really top restaurant. Not that I’m saying the waves not either of those, but it’s $12. So what you get for $12 just blows your mind from a visual perspective. It was beautiful. And the Floridian Eggs Benedict. This is two poached eggs a crab cake with Hollandaise atop toasted English muffins served with breakfast potatoes. Now they have kids options too as I’m not going to go through those, they’re traditional. The other thing that the wave is known for are there Wake Up Calls. Oh, right. That’s what they that’s what they’re titled. So number one you got the bay like Bloody Mary. Oh, St. Augustine, Florida cane vodka and bloody mary mix garnish with Teresa cheddar and olives. No, but here you go people. This is why people go to the WAV, the avocado toast and the bottomless Mimosa.

Chris  32:32 
That’s, that’s true. You actually talked about that for like a month before we ever even got there and then it totally lived up to your expectations.

Kelli  32:41 
I’m gonna screw this pronunciation up. framenet block two blocks Brut sparkling wine and orange juice. This is $19 for the bottomless version, or $12 for one Yeah,

Chris  33:00 
why would you get why would you keep just one not when it’s seven bucks more to have all you want. Oh, you want me to stumble right out of the way.

Kelli  33:07 
The refillable Mimosa. They also have the seasonal spiked latte. And this is the waves signature Joffrey is coffee I’ve already done a special on Joffrey’s blend of organic coffee and spirits with flavors influenced by the season. So like you might have you know, an autumn no seasonal spike latte or a summer one or a winter one or what have you. Seasonal sangria, red wine and fresh seasonal fruit. So they’ve got four Wake Up Calls that I think are all very worthy. Sure. But if you don’t go to the wave and get that avocado toast and the bottomless Mimosa, I just don’t know if we can be friends. They also have some non alcoholic beverages, smoothies, tea, juice, milk, etc. And then here’s a cool one. alter Mio protected forest cafe, forest coffee roasted by Jeffrey’s coffee this serves to so we’ve seen this before at Epcot, Disney supports conservation International’s ultra mile protected forest project in Peru, which promotes sustainable coffee growing and economic growth. Yeah, that’s awesome. Isn’t that fantastic? They’re gonna bring you a little small pot for two or I mean, it serves two What does that mean? Does that mean two cups a cup? Or I’m not sure how that breaks down. But any case that’s non alcoholic it supports conservation internationals, as we mentioned, in Peru, which were totally for. They also have allergy friendly appetizers. They’ve got gluten free muffins and things of that nature. I looked at some of the stuff on the buffet and they’ve got like egg white frittatas. They also they have the sweet potato pancakes on the buffet. Sure it is. They do not have an omelet station there. But you can build your own omelet on the menu. But if you pay for the buffet, just tell your server what you want. They’ll get you an omelet from the back. Yeah, that’s right. Right. So So even though there’s not a build your own omelet station, if you want an omelet and you get the buffet, tell the server and get yourself the omelet. They’ll hook you up that way. But again, don’t sleep on the wave.

Chris  35:11 
No, absolutely not. It’s a I had the sweet potato pancakes along with a whole bunch of other stuff. I specifically remember that their grits there. If you’re from the south, and you love your grits. They were they were next level.

Kelli  35:26 
grits matter

Chris  35:27 
they do to me in any case,

Kelli  35:29 
they also had like an apple spiced Quinoa. On the buffet. Yes. I looked at some pictures online and I thought now that I would enjoy Yeah,

Chris  35:37 
I just remembered the sweet potato pancakes with the pecan butter syrup. And the chicken sausage that they have was just

Kelli  35:44 
next level. Yeah. Yeah, we were really blown away by the food again. It looks like a very unassuming restaurant. Yeah. I’m so excited that it’s getting a refurb.

Chris  35:54 
Yep, don’t sleep it deserves it.

Kelli  35:56 
It deserves it. It deserves it. Don’t sleep on it and if you go or if when you go get those bottomless mimosas for $19 seriously and make that trip wait.

Chris  36:06 
Because we know what you’re doing when you’re going there before you get to the Magic Kingdom. So do the Magic Kingdom right and go with just a small champagne induced by

Kelli  36:19 
you need the bottomless mimosas. And you know I think the way to go is to one person order the avocado toast and the other get those p campaign cakes and then split or not. But again, all breakfasts are not created equal. And they do have signature items that the way they did sleep on it. Yep,

Chris  36:39 
absolutely get there. Okay, folks, that is it for this week’s show. You know what to do now? Go out to your favorite platform for downloading podcasts and subscribe to ours. That way you don’t have to worry about going out there each week and downloading it’ll download automatically.

Kelli  36:59 
And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast.  Are we going to have a bonus episode this week, honey?

Chris  37:13 
Yes, we are. We’re gonna add a bonus episode. It’s my job to put it together. And I’m just killing it.

Kelli  37:20 
You’re killing it.

Chris  37:22 
Keep an eye out for that. hold me accountable. You can also follow us on all the other socials at SCF ADP or you can go to YouTube and subscribe to our channel. You’re really gonna want to do that now. supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast is the name of that channel, the more the merrier.

Kelli  37:40 
Yes. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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