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Disney News (5/9), A Preview of Alfresco Tasting Terrace at Disney’s California Adventure, and Remembering the Hilarious World Showcase Players at Epcot

Episode 20

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In this week’s episode, we discuss the secret wine list at Alfresco Tasting Terrace above Wine Country Trattoria at Disney’s California Adventure. This Terrace is a Disney Legacy Passholder exclusive location, and it is the ONLY place on Disney property where you can try all of the Disney Family of Wines. After discussing all things wine, we revisit one of the best impromptu shows in Disney history, the World Showcase Players that played in EPCOT until 2014.  All that and more, on this week’s show.

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Chris & Kelli  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:48 
Hello out there, our podcast family. Welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:53 
And I’m Kelli.

And if you are watching on YouTube, I highly recommend going and listening to at least the intros on the podcast because they’re great given our Star Wars giveaway. Yes, they are. And you’re celebrating Star Wars.

Star Wars ears every week this month in honor of the giveaway and Grogu is going to be on my shoulder in every episode. So I think I’ve got enough Star Wars ears so that I do not have to repeat any that I’ve previously worn. It’s good. If I don’t, I’ll have to repeat like just one.

Chris  1:25 
Wow. So that’s pretty impressive.

Kelli  1:28 
This is my R2D2 years. I will say it’s not quite as comfortable as the BB-8 version. I felt weird a tighter feeling a little bit. You know, like my head’s in a bit of a vise right now. It’s what it is.

Chris  1:44 
Do they both talk?

Kelli  1:46 
I think they’re supposed to, but I haven’t heard R2D2 to say anything yet.

Chris  1:50 
At all ever?

Kelli  1:52 
I’ve never warned him. I just took the tag off tonight.

Chris  1:55 
Oh, I’m shocked.

Kelli  1:56 
Yeah, no, I just took the tag off tonight.

Chris  1:58 
I’ve never worn him so I don’t know. It’s just celebrating the contest or…

Kelli  2:02 
yeah, no, no, no, it has exactly zero to do with my tomorrowland it is only related to the contest.

Chris  2:09 
Okay, all right, fair enough. So we got some cool places this week that we got downloads from. This first one sounds like a place right out of the Star Wars universe. It’s Yorba Linda, California.

Kelli  2:23 
Your Belinda like Y-O-U-R Belinda?

Chris  2:26 
No. Y-O-R-B-A. Yorba Linda.

Kelli  2:37 
Wow. Okay.

Chris  2:39 
Can you see that’d be a plan like a solar system, or how that got its name.

Kelli  2:43 
It’s definitely somebody named Linda.

Chris  2:45 
I made the corellian run to Yorba Linda.

Kelli  2:47 
Yeah, no, that’s great. That’s fantastic. Whoever you are, Linda, I’m for it.

Chris  2:54 
South East of LA is where Yorba Linda is about 37 miles south. Okay. miles do not rip. Minnie take Mickey down, please. Dekalb Illinois, west of Chicago.

Kelli  3:05 
Okay. I’ve always said Dekalb.

Chris  3:10 
Fort Bragg North Carolina. Fort Bragg huge military army installation there. 57,000 military personnel.

Kelli  3:19 
I thought you’re gonna say 57,000 downloads and I was about to be like, Hello, Fort Bragg live show.

Chris  3:24 
We’re on our way to 57,000 fans in Fort Bragg North Carolina I’m sure. And this place I’m 100% sure that I’m going to say wrong. But Cluj napoca in Romania. That’s in Northwestern Romania.

Kelli  3:42 
Cluj napoca?

Chris  3:45 
Also sounds like a place in the Star Wars universe.

Kelli  3:48 
I think it sounds like a polka song.

Chris  3:53 
This is actually the unofficial capital of the Transylvania region of Romania.

Kelli  3:59 
Wait, is that where Dracula lives?

Chris  4:03 
That’s right.

Kelli  4:04 
Oh, wow.

Chris  4:07 
That’s right. Home of Dracula.

Kelli  4:10 
Okay. Yeah, so creepy, but okay, I can get on that Dracula. Hey, clues. ubu man. Oh, Judge, the judge for free.

Chris  4:19 
I went to I made the Castle Run to Yorba Linda after stopping off at Cluj napoca we’re not making fun. We’re so grateful for all these folks that don’t have to. There’s so many options.

Kelli  4:34 
Yes. And Dracula.

Chris  4:37 
We see you Dracula.

Kelli  4:39 
I’d love to send you a sticker.

Chris  4:43 
So we mentioned the contest, but it is rocking and rolling. The best prize pack yet I think.

Kelli  4:50 
Oh it is yeah. And I posted a little short video on Instagram. I guess today. Have a close up with the Millennium Falcon popcorn purse. That thing makes noise I had no idea yeah, and I don’t want to pull the little battery thing too because it belongs…

Chris  5:06 
To someone else.

Kelli  5:07 
For the winner, right? But I’m dying to know what noises it makes so if anybody out there has a millennium falcon popcorn purse and you can tell us what noises it makes.

Chris  5:16 
Send it to us.

Kelli  5:16 
Please I would love to hear what kind of noises it makes I’m hoping for pew pew but you said it’s not gonna be…

Chris  5:22 
That’s a laser.

Kelli  5:23 
That’s a handgun. Right? No, it wouldn’t be that for sure.

Chris  5:28 
Yeah. So you’re ready for mainstreet?

Kelli  5:32 

Chris  5:34 
Okay, so very exciting news for the folks out in California and hopefully the rest of us pretty soon but Disney’s paradise pier resort has announced that they’re going to open up on June the 15th.

Kelli  5:47 
So that would that be considered their value resort?

Chris  5:50 
There’s really just three of them out there and of the three this is definitely the the one that is the lower price point. But this is not like the value you know

Kelli  6:01 
You know what I’m gonna ask, Do the doors open to the outside or the inside?

Chris  6:06 
I don’t think so. I think that this is still inner inner hallways, I think okay, but you know, the value resorts like the All Stars and things of that Walt Disney World are probably still a third the cost of this.

Kelli  6:21 
Oh, wow. Okay, yeah, just because California,

Chris  6:23 
I guess. And still there’s there’s not 40 resorts like there are in Orlando there’s three right right. The Star Wars galactic star cruiser has had a little bit of news and information pop up out there. You know, this is Yeah, Star cruiser, right. This is the the two day thing the two day experience. you board the star cruiser, you’re you are on the star cruiser, which effectively you’re inside the hotel for two days.

Kelli  6:53 
Don’t ruin it for everybody. That’s the magic.

Chris  6:56 
It’s been it’s been day, the debut has been delayed until 2022.

Kelli  7:02 
What do you think?

Chris  7:04 
I don’t know. I don’t know.

Kelli  7:05 
Maybe they don’t want to debut it during COVID.

Chris  7:08 
They’re hoping for normal. So maybe, yeah. Maybe they’re hoping it’s sort of like,

Kelli  7:13 
well, I could see how that would like ruin the experience. Aren’t you supposed to interact with the people? Like you run into chewy in the hallways?

Chris  7:19 
Yeah, in fact, the one of the other announcements was that they posted jobs for actors and musicians and right get this stunt performers.

Kelli  7:28 
Oh, geez. But yeah, like that’s part of it. And if you’ve got to be socially distanced, then you know yeah,

Chris  7:33 
that’s gonna be pretty hard while…

Kelli  7:35 
People can’t like effectively sneak up on you. What do you call them….clone wars.

Chris  7:39 
I want there to be people that respond to this. In the social medias, explaining what the white soldier people are.

Kelli  7:45 
Would just tell me what their real names are?

Chris  7:56 

Kelli  7:58 
Right. I knew that. I knew that. I would just say I think for the name Stormtrooper, they should be like gray or black. Okay, storm. Yeah, these are, some of them are desert snow troopers.

Chris  8:12 
And in now, like, if you go to the digital maps, like in my Disney experience, you can now see the location of starcruiser Resort.

Kelli  8:18 
Well, doesn’t that just ruin the magic? If you can see the location on a map is supposed to be boarding on earth and then getting off in space. And it’s, it’s on the Disney map, maybe it’s just showing you where the starcruiser Resort lands? Does it say that?

Chris  8:34 
I don’t know. I haven’t actually looked at it.

Kelli  8:36 
That’s what I want it to do. I don’t want to ruin the whole experience for me if I’m gonna pay 1000s of dollars for two day vacation.

Chris  8:42 
That is true. So Scott gustan, one of our favorite people to follow on Twitter, reported that Walt Disney World is relaxing some of their requirements around cast member face shields, you remember they were wearing masks and face shields?

Kelli  9:01 
I remember that.

Chris  9:02 
Now, it’s optional for certain cast member certain roles. Okay. So if you are, if you’re working outside, and you’re not going to be in close proximity for 15 minutes, this kind of thing you can you still have to wear a mask, but you don’t have to wear the face shield. That’s nice, I think optional.

Kelli  9:20 
I think that’s nice. I mean, we’re about to get into the Florida summer and man.

Chris  9:25 
Yep. And in fact, Walt Disney World, put out a statement on masks and said that they expect masks to stay in place until November, which is a little bit different than throughout 2021, which is what the previous comments were.

Kelli  9:42 
It is interesting. Okay, so they’re, I’m sure they’re projecting.

Chris  9:47 
I’m sure. They’re watching vaccinations just like the rest of us. So get vaccinated. Yep, please do go get vaccinated. It’s not giving you an implant. Plan of freedom celebration of festival of The Lion King which is the new physically distance show, okay? That sort of as it says celebrates the Festival of The Lion King.

Kelli  10:17 
Celebrates the previous show?

Chris  10:18 

Kelli  10:19 
So probably shows portions of it.

Chris  10:21 
They have a lot of the same songs but it’s set up in a way that all the performers can be physically distance is what I’ve read so far. Officially opens on May the 15th. But it appears to have had a soft opening.

Kelli  10:37 
Like an out of town preview.

Chris  10:40 
I gave you a little pause there and always will. May 8. So yesterday, people went they had the show yesterday, which I love. I love that and you can go online and official showtimes have been published. The Magic Kingdom has announced that Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party is not going to be happening this year. But what will be happening is an after hours boo bash. Okay, which is similar to the Not so Scary.

Kelli  11:15 
Yes, Halloween party a different a bit. They’re not handing out candy.

Chris  11:19 
There are places where there are candy stops and plenty of sweet surprises, but I don’t think it’s the same as they had before. They probably don’t have the the is probably more like cavalcades not the parade or the the firework show was a big part of it. Right. hit that big firework show with the villain.

Kelli  11:38 
Yeah, yeah. And the villain show? Yes. Oh the Sanderson sisters right.

Chris  11:43 
Then all that is, huh? Yep. Next August the 10th through October the 31st.

Kelli  11:50 
Sanderson sisters will not be pleased if that is next. I’ll just say I would not want to be the one pissing off the Sanderson sisters Disney. Whoever made that decision. Don’t tell Winnie.

Chris  12:02 
Tickets go on sale next month. Halloween themed cavalcades. So again, no big parade. Candy stops character sightings throughout the park. Okay. Again, character sightings, including, like Dr. Forcilia and Captain barbossa. In particular.

Kelli  12:20 
Dr. Forcilia?

Chris  12:21 
He’s the bad guy in princess in the frog.

Kelli  12:25 
Wow. Wow.

Chris  12:31 
Special performances by the cadaver Dans which is the yeah as the dead zombie. It’s always fun. Um, yeah, I mean, they’ll have attractions including the Haunted Mansion. Yes. themed food.

Kelli  12:48 
What was it? Oh, no, that was on Disney. Plus, you’re telling me about Donald Duck in the Haunted Mansion.

Chris  12:53 
Yes. No. Muppets, the Muppets, the Muppets and the Haunted Mansion. Yeah. That was fun. That was a good segue. So yeah, they’re obviously planning a lot of Halloween stuff now, which is great. And we will be treated to the Muppets in the Haunted Mansion on Disney plus in October.

Kelli  13:14 
Okay. I’m super excited about my Halloween costume this year. It was gonna be… I’m not telling.

Chris  13:19 
I thought we thought it was something I already knew and just forgot.

Kelli  13:22 
Yes, but clearly you’ve forgotten but in any case, it’s a surprise for the show because we dressed for the show.

Chris  13:28 
I remember.

Kelli  13:29 
you remember it you remember you totes remember, I’m gonna let my hair go out for it.

Chris  13:32 
I think I’m even more excited for it. Walt Disney zero has announced that a few more restaurants are opening or expanding their service. So chef Mickey’s of contemporary resort, is they’re going to be doing all you can eat dinner now with the Fab Five there. Okay, so that’s exciting. Cape May…

Kelli  13:53 
Still not a buffet, they bring it to your table?

Chris  13:55 
It’s all you care to eat, but they bring it to your table.

Kelli  13:57 
Let’s just keep it that way. Man. Let’s keep it that way. I hate buffets. I do enjoy a salad bar. I enjoy a salad bar. But I really hate a buffet, right?

Chris  14:09 
Anything that needs a sneeze guard really is

Kelli  14:11 
a sneeze guard. It’s a bad idea. Yeah.

Chris  14:13 
Cape may cafe Beach Resort has opened up okay. And the tusker house was wonderful. I’m sure not buffet breakfast

Kelli  14:24 
again. That would be lovely as an all you can eat situation.

Chris  14:27 
I agree.

Kelli  14:29 
I don’t like that buffet, specifically because it has like an island in the middle of the area. And people just circle around that island and they waiting for those specific buns to come out. They come out and it is like vultures.

Chris  14:40 

Kelli  14:42 
And I’m like, I’ll just have some fruit. Like give me the fresh fruit.

Chris  14:45 
I remember the bread pudding.

Kelli  14:50 
Oh my gosh. Tusker house is traumatic as a buffet. I’m not gonna lie. That is a traumatic experience as a buffet for someone like me. And I think I think An all you can eat situation is way better.

Chris  15:03 
Oh, one other big huge thing while Disney World college program set to open up next month.

Kelli  15:08 
Oh, good for college students.

Chris  15:09 
That is awesome. I’m so excited about that. And the whole announcement on the website you can go find it. That’s awesome. Yep. They’ve got two other the culinary experience in the international program that they’re still working on. Awesome. Super excited for the college kids.

Kelli  15:24 

Chris  15:25 
All right. You’re ready for a mini take?

Kelli  15:27 
I mean, I’ll say I’m ready. I don’t know. Really. Okay, so

Chris  15:29 
Jade Dragon 118 asked what I thought that was the question. This is the person the what is an absolute must have for you. For a day in the park must have with you for a day in the parks. Oh, it must have with me must have this with you for a day in the park

Kelli  15:53 
must have with me for a day in the parks. I’m looking at your face. I feel like you’ve already got an answer. So

Chris  15:57 
I know your answer.

Kelli  15:59 
Do you really? Yeah. And Burt’s Bees chapstick.

Chris  16:02 
That’s right. If you if you’re watching it’s right there. never more than a foot away.

Kelli  16:08 
That’s a must have for me all the time for a day at home. I’m just like it’s not Park specific. Do they want a park specifically?

Chris  16:16 
Well sure if you’ve got one

Kelli  16:19 
a must have for me for a day in the park. Why don’t you go?

Chris  16:22 
I’m gonna think about it. I have no idea what…

Kelli  16:24 
For me for a day in the parks hmm I mean I think it depends on the season. Yeah. The last time we were there in the summertime we had these like neck fans that I got on Amazon. Oh those things were golden That’s true. Golden and I or say for any summer trip

Chris  16:47 
DXL you better be paying us

Kelli  16:49 
for you watching on YouTube huge DXL Ad right behind is that for a summertime trip those neck fans and

Chris  16:57 
that’s what I’m going with summertime trip those neck those neck

Kelli  16:59 
fans were phenomenal. And we’re standing there in all these lines. Everybody kept saying where did you get that fan? Where’d you get that fan? Like if they had been selling those at the park? Yeah, they could have made a million dollars yes yes.

Chris  17:10 
I say a million dollars like that’s a lot of money to Disney but and I want

Kelli  17:13 
to say there were like 15 bucks each.

Chris  17:14 
Yeah, that’s there if you’re going in the summertime, anytime when it’s gonna be warm

Kelli  17:19 
neck fans neck fans, man Oh, it was a god send a godsend and ours had like multiple speeds. So the faster the speed the quicker it would use the battery so you could self manage that. And it was just it was gold. Yeah, absolute go into here’s the ticket. If you get one of those neck fans, don’t take it off. When you walk inside. just lower the speed lower the speed because

Chris  17:43 
it uses the air conditioner.

Kelli  17:46 
So nice. So like for example, say you’re standing outside in line for Haunted Mansion, which is brutal. And then you walk inside into the air conditioned area. just lower the speed a smidge. Keep it on throughout the entire ride. Yeah, I mean, you walk out of that ride just feeling like you got a new lease on life. It’s true.

Chris  18:01 
It’s very true. Those those neck fans were game changers for us honestly, they really weren’t. I think that’s sorry.

Kelli  18:07 
Yeah, I will say for in general packing. I always pack two pair of tennis shoes. Yes. Okay. Some days you’ll get one pair that just gets soaked to the core from rain and it’s nice to have a perfectly dry pair the next day. Also if it if one pair rubs blisters, then you switch to the other pair and they’re not rubbing the exact same spots for the entire week. So I think from a packing perspective to parish tennis shoes is a must do. I’ve heard people say that an extra pair of socks and the park that the park is a must do being able to change out of sweaty socks. midday they say is

Chris  18:45 
lovely are your feet.

Kelli  18:46 
Yes. And during COVID packing multiple masks. Yes has been great as well because they’ll get sweaty or you know, whatever. Being able to switch out mask is great.

Chris  18:57 
Yep. And you you always carry a fanny pack with with some stuff in it. You love a fanny pack

Kelli  19:04 
a fanny pack? Those are back in I mean now they’re being called crossbody bag.

Chris  19:11 

Kelli  19:12 
We’re so old. Not a fanny pack anymore. It’s a crossbody bags. They sell those in the parks – crossbody bags. No, I carry a fanny pack. In fact, I tried to carry the least amount possible so that I don’t have to go through security.

Chris  19:28 
Yeah, so I think you’ve hit on a lot of great things here that are worthy. The the neck fans, you can find them on Amazon. They’re worth every penny and then some multiple pairs of shoes, pack multiple pairs of shoes. Take socks or socks, take some extra masks. And beyond that burden yourself with as little as little

Kelli  19:48 
as possible. Yes, the bag gets heavier as the day goes. Just let it go. Let it go. I am so ready for tomorrowland. So we’re gonna go back to California this time okay to a place called Alfresco tasting terrace. Have you ever heard of that? No, this lovely, so excited you haven’t heard of it. This is exclusive exclusively for Disneyland legacy pass holders As of early 2020. And their guests you can bring a guest and they don’t have to be a passholder. This is a Disney’s California Adventure. And it is on a terrace above the wine country Trattoria. So it’s like a, you know, a little terrace above a restaurant kind of a situation exclusively for passholders. This has been closed because of COVID. It just announced this week they’re going to reopen may 20. They have not launched their menu yet. But it still is slated to be exclusively for legacy passholders. They have this is a true lounge, sofas, tables, wooden pergolas with lights, they sell Italian appetizers like cheeseboards flat breads per shatta meatballs, etc. specialty cocktails, beer, all of that, okay, but what we’re going to be talking about today is the wine.

Chris  21:04 
Oh, boy.

Kelli  21:05 
Specifically because the wine menu at Alfresco tasting terrorists may look fairly innocuous and normal. But it is the only place on all of Disney property where you can try all of the Disney family of wines.

Chris  21:23 
Disney has a family of wines?

Kelli  21:24 
I’m gonna explain, you’re gonna love this. This is so right up your alley. So you will go to some restaurants on multiple Disney properties. And they might serve one of these wines. We’ve seen some of these wines at the Epcot food Wine Festival. But very rarely can you get them all in one place. Okay. And so this is what’s cool. So the Disney family of wines and this is an all caps, Disney family of wines. If you Google it, you’ll find this stuff is the wine list celebrates Disney in a different way. So each of the California Wine estates that are on the list is owned by someone who figures prominently into Disney sematic, his cinematic history and who is considered to be part of the Disney family.

Chris  22:11 
Oh, that’s awesome.

Kelli  22:12 
So these are vineyards that are owned by people who worked for Disney or had been in close relationship.

Chris  22:20 
I think Kurt Russell owns…

Kelli  22:22 
No spoilers. No spoilers. We’re going to go through these and I’m going to tell you what each one does. No spoilers. Okay, so the first one that I’m going to go through what’s on the menu or what was on the menu As of early 2020 when it closed, but there have been others as well that have been on the menu that are still part of the Disney family. So the first one is Fess Parker Rodneys, then your Serah Fess Parker, the winery’s founder who is now deceased, you know, was also an actor who portrayed Davy Crockett in the Disney mini series and went on to work as a contract actor for Disney starring in movies like The Great locomotive, Chase and westward ho. The Santa Ynez Valley estates still owned by the Parker family is known largely for its Pinot Noir is in Suras. Okay, okay. So it was also in that movie, the wine was featured in that movie sideways.

Chris  23:17 
Oh, no kidding.

Kelli  23:18 
Which is an hour and a half I’ll never ger back.

Chris  23:19 
You did not like that movie.

Kelli  23:22 
It was Fred mcmurry estate vineyards Pinot Noir. Now the beauty about this is this is what sort of listed on the menu but the bar they call this a secret menu. Okay, the bar actually has more versions, like some of them might have a Pinot Noir and a Serah. They only list the Serah on the menu but they might have the Pinot Noir behind the bar. But also it’s sort of a secret menu in plain sight right nobody knows this is the Disney family of why not that’s not on the menu in any way. This this type of connection to Disney is not on the menu.

Chris  23:57 
It doesn’t show that, just happens to be….

Kelli  23:59 
Just happens to be. That’s just how they chose. Yes. MacMurray estate vineyards Pinot Noir Fred MacMurray, who played the father in my three sons for 12 years from 1960 to 1972 also starred in seven Disney movies, including the shaggy dog, the happiest millionaire, and was the first person to be named a Disney legend. Oh, MacMurray ranch in cinemas Russian River Valley didn’t start producing wines too after he died. But the family legacy continues and his daughter Kate MacMurray oversees the winemaking

Chris  24:28 
That’s awesome. I think he might have been in Herbie the lovebug.

Kelli  24:31 
Okay, he was in seven it says. Okay, the Frank family vineyards Chardonnay, Richard Frank was the president of Disney Studios from 1985 to 1994. overseeing Disney’s movie releases. His Frank family vineyards is located in Kelis. stoeger and it’s tasting room is filled with Disney movie memorabilia. This would be a fun one. This would be like a fun wine tour.

Chris  24:57 
Wine Country tour today is the Disney vinyards.

Kelli  25:01 
I’ve got an idea that I’m gonna propose at the end of my segment. Okay. I’m gonna screw this one up, so I apologize. I’m gonna call it Chappellet signature Cabernet Sauvignon. Molly Chappellet who owns the winery is the sister of Frank G. Wells, who was the president and CEO of the Walt Disney Company from 1984 to 1994.

Chris  25:24 
I love this.

Kelli  25:25 
Okay, here we go. Here we go any Kurt Russell’s Gogi wine, Chardonnay, Goldie. They have the Goldie in stock. So Kurt Russell purchased the land in the Santa Rita hills that would become goji wines. After filming Quentin Tarantino’s deathwish which is definitely not a Disney movie, Quentin Tarantino at a location nearby, the actor has named the wines at goji after his loved ones. Goldie Chardonnay is obviously named for his longtime love Goldie Hawn and Lulu version here is for his mother. Each years vintage of Pinot Noir gets a nickname from another family member. So like 2015 is Southpaw for his son Oliver Hudson. 2016 was 29 for his son Wyatt Russell and 2014 was birdie for his daughter, Kate Hudson.

Chris  26:14 
That’s awesome.

Kelli  26:14 
That great. That’s fun. And we’ve seen Kurt Russell at some of the food wine stuff.

Chris  26:19 
Oh stuff. Oh, yeah,

Kelli  26:21 
We’ve seen the Kurt Russell around there. Okay. Lasseter family winery in Jwi. I’m so sorry Lasseter family rosae Okay, okay, john Lester. JOHN, Lasseter, a chief executive Chief Creative Officer for Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney tunes studios. JOHN Lasseter has amassed a staggering number of awards and nominations for directing and producing films such as tin toy, Toy Story and cars. Right. So those were on the on the menu when it closed in 2020. There are two more wines that are part of the Disney family of wines that were not on the menu that may make a return so I’m gonna give them a shout out. One is Skywalker vineyards. Like if you can’t see that connection, I’m sorry. Okay, so George Lucas planted the first vines that would become Skywalker vineyards in Marin County in 1991. And since then, it launched a second label, and they these grapes are grown at the highest elevation of the estates property. Silverado vineyards, was started by Diane Disney Miller, daughter of Walt Disney and husband Ron Miller, who was president and CEO of the Walt Disney Company from 1978 to 1984. Diane also founded the Walt Disney family Museum in San Francisco. This winery is in the stag’s leap area of Napa Oh, interesting. And it adds a Disney themed wine to the Disney family of wines list. Its name is Fantasia which is a Cabernet Sauvignon blin nice

Chris  28:00 
That is fun, love this.

Kelli  28:01 
So Disney does not like market these as being their wines. In most of the resorts, like if you go into the the general store to buy wine, you’re going to see the once upon once upon a vine offering.

Oh, yeah, right. Yeah, yes, yeah.

And you’ll see some of these on some of the menus at the restaurants. But again, this is sort of a secret menu of known vineyards associated with Disney. Yeah, sure. That is only at in completion at this place. It’s great. So here’s what I think we need to do throw this out as an idea. I think we need to order a bottle from each of these vineyards, okay. And put together a composite video of us taste test each one. Not like all in one night, because I don’t want to open up.

But like we sort of set it up. Here’s the Disney family a wine. Yeah, I love this. And we taste test each one and we film it as we taste tested. I love that and then sort of put them all together.

Chris  29:08 
Yeah. Oh, I love this idea.

Kelli  29:10 
How do you feel about that?

Chris  29:10 
I love it. Let’s do it.

Kelli  29:11 
I think that would be fun. Right? Yeah, yeah. So for those of you go into Disneyland if your legacy pass holder, check this out. Yeah, you know, let us know what the menu looks like. I would love to go here. We’re not a legacy pass holder for Disneyland. We’re passholders at Disney World. So this is a Tomorrowland aspirationally never gonna go here unless somebody invites us.

Chris  29:34 
Right. So invite us.

Kelli  29:36 
Yes, invite us. But if you’re going I could also see this being like a fun trip around California here to some of these Disney vineyards.

Chris  29:45 
Great. That’s like an awesome spot. No fun with a bit how many people go there and have no idea that connection?

Kelli  29:53 
Oh, sure. I’m sure plenty, because it’s not on the menu. Yeah, they don’t mention it on the menu at all. This is totally A secret unknown fun thing. Fun fact. That’s wild. Yes. Like they should offer flights they Disney family of wines.

Chris  30:09 
Offer me a flight to Disneyland to try this. Alright, you ready? Yeah. Okay. So my world showcase is actually about something in the world showcase. But you could say why not? Not this time? We weren’t like that. Okay? No. Um, so I’ve been listening to a podcast recently has nothing to do with Disney or anything. But they, for whatever reason, they’ve mentioned improv actors a lot on this other podcast. I’ve listened to them. And it just keeps sticking in my mind improv actors. These, these folks are special and improvisation artists. Oh, yeah. And it reminded me of something that I just loved at Epcot, especially when I was younger. And it’s the street performers at Epcot. Right. So we’ve talked about and these aren’t really strict report performers. Mary machiko. Bray. Oh, right. You’ve talked about off kilter before. There are other groups that perform at specific times or even places like the geometers voices of liberty. Born to Polka. Really? In Germany? Yeah.

Kelli  31:20 
Oh, Germany. Yes. No, I’ve Yes. I’ve seen the trash cans and stuff too, right.

Chris  31:26 
That’s the jamitors.

Kelli  31:28 
No, it’s in Germany. Oh, in Germany. Okay. Yeah, like under under thing.

They have a tent. Yeah. And you’ve got the jewel dragon acrobats and China.


Chris  31:41 
British revolution in England. We’ve seen them cover band. They’re also known as the British airwaves when they’re not at Disney. Okay, good for them. There are actually five different acts that are rotating in that Canada stage. Oh, gosh, they’re all the nail sound great. Honestly,

Kelli  31:57 
they don’t bring back off kilter. Don’t even try.

Chris  32:02 
But my favorite types of performers at Epcot are what always feel like pop up shows. And so and I’m sure that the pop up performers have very specific times they’re supposed to go out there and do their thing. But to the guests at the park, it always feels like sort of an impromptu pop up show. So an example of these really live in Italy, France in the UK. Okay. And really there’s nothing in the UK right now. But in Italy, you have Sergio right now who and none of these are running right now because right pandemic, but hopefully they’ll come back. Sergio in Italy. Disney describes him this way. laugh along with a master juggler and mime Sergio as he delights you with his lighthearted Old World act. You know, we love watching him. Yes, exactly. And he’s, he’s dressed in a red and white striped shirt looks very famous. Mine is very, very Italian mine. Yeah, very and he’s and he is. He is truly an amazing juggle artists and you know if you are loud enough and boisterous enough, he might involve you in his show, which is fun. And that’s always part of these street performers. There’s there’s there’s always the chance that you might get involved some Right. Right. Italy Baba used to have a statue performer when I was little I remember this statue performer, which was a live person who looked like a solid white stone. marble statue. Yes. And I have never not been blown away by those

Kelli  33:52 
performers. Right?

Chris  33:54 
I love how they’ll just stand there. So still, it’s someone who can take a picture and then they’ll move and like lift their head or something. I love it. I’m also today non pandemic today in France, you’ve got Seva I musel. So, here’s how we’ve been working on your French like, three years in high school. Disney describes it as, as you stroll the charming boulevards of the French pavilion, you may come across some unusual Parisian waiters performing feats you won’t believe. And that’s true. These are balancing Acts where these waiters are dressed like French waiters, and they will stack chairs on top of each other and as they stack chairs, they climb to the top of the chair, very

Kelli  34:44 
Cirque du Soleil.

Chris  34:44 
think it’s very stark to silay and then usually when they get to the top, they will have like an oversized champagne bottle that they put at the very top that they will eat, you know, balance on top of that even with their hand or something right. It It’s amazing. Yeah. It’s the kind of thing that I can’t watch without watch the fingers or something. But my all time all time favorite. Is the world showcase players? And then sadly, they haven’t been around in a while. I don’t know if you remember that. Yeah, where I

Kelli  35:23 
would have seen them.

Chris  35:24 
So they were Showcase players. They were there in 1982. And they were part of this. Disney went to theater troupe in Orlando and said, Hey, we’re looking for a group of street performers like the this old style English street performing improvisation group. And so this, this theater troupe in Orlando, put, put a team together and sent them over to Epcot. And they were called oldie globe players. And then they perform that way until, like 1989. And then they changed their name to the world showcase players. They played in the world showcase until September 25 2014.

Kelli  36:05 
Where at in the world showcase?

Chris  36:06 
I’m glad you asked. They, when they first started out, they were in the UK and in Italy. And then eventually, they just limited their shows to in the UK. So in the UK pavilion, you know, outside of rose and crown, there’s sort of that central square, there’s like a statue in the middle. Just beyond that, as you start walking down that street towards the garden, that is usually where they would perform. Okay. And so what what these folks were, they were like three or four improv actors, true, talented improv actors dressed in Old English Renaissance style guard, okay, they would roll this trolley out and that trolley would serve as their costume been their prop been, it would have a sign on it saying world showcase players and whatever show they were performing, okay. And they will also serve as sort of a central stage set, sometimes also, okay, and so they would come out they’re super boisterous. The thing I’ve loved about these shows was that it never seen planned or scheduled, right? He just sort of always came upon it. Right, right, either, either, as they were coming out when they’re shouting, free beer, free beer, right? Because that gets everybody’s attention. And then they get the whole crowd to start chanting that to build the crowd up, okay. And then they would perform shows like in a very Monty Python style, right? Where they would perform a show called a Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They were performed Romeo and Edna, which is their take on Romeo and Juliet. Okay, Romeo, and then they would in a Christmas time, they will perform A Christmas Carol. Oh, and so they would they these people were hilarious. And no show was the same because that’s the nature of an improv show. Right? So they would get people out of the crowd to beat some of the characters. And so they might say, answer gala had hop skipped and skit addled across the countryside. And then whoever they picked out of the crowd to be, Sir Galahad would have to write, he would have to hop and then they would stop and wait for Galahad to hop, skip, and then go ahead, we had to skip and then skate. And it was always fun to see what someone would come up with to skate at any event, you know, a lot of times they would have people from the audience who are not in, you know, professional improv players. And so if they got stuck, these pros would help them out of the jam. But it usually meant the whole crowd was about to laugh at you anyway. Right? So, um, so yeah, these these folks played for like 33 years. Yeah. And so their last show was unlike every show, they taught the crowd, like they would sign off every show was something along the lines of Thank you for watching our show. Tell us what you thought about it. And the whole crowd yells, it was rubbish, rubbish. So much fun. Usually the there was always some dad that they would get out of the crowd who was probably leading his family and then he just gets humiliated. You know, there’s always a little kid involved. Some some woman out of the crowd. Their last show on September the 25th. was money was King Arthur and the Holy Grail. I think I said Monty Python and the Holy Grail earlier, King Arthur and the Holy Grail was their last last show, okay, and they pulled their one of their largest crowds ever. And there were former members of the troupe in the crowd. Wow. Which is really cool. You can actually go see this performance on YouTube. Okay. Go to YouTube and search Epcot world showcase. performers will link to it I’m assuming a shirt. Yeah, absolutely. And you can see lots of their performances, but specifically, it’s labeled their last show. And the guy, literally the leader talks about what the show has meant to him. And how he saw that show in 1984 when he was a kid, and told his mom that he hoped he got to do that one. Oh, my goodness is great, because

Kelli  40:26 
Did they get rid of them at the same time they got rid of off kilter? I mean, was that just a bad year of decisions?

Chris  40:34 
I think off kilter lasted longer than 2014.

Kelli  40:38 
I think they brought in that lager in 2015, that was something that was later mash.

Chris  40:44 
I hate it that chain. Well, maybe it was just a year of horrible decisions.

Kelli  40:48 
A year of horrible decisions. That sounds like why would you get rid of that? That sounds like such an iconic thing.

Chris  40:52 
I love improv performers in Hollywood Studios. If the hopefully they’ll bring them back. They shut them down because of the pandemic. They’ve got a group called the citizens of Hollywood. Oh, yes, they are great. Yeah. So hopefully they’ll bring them back and bring back the world showcase performance.

Kelli  41:05 
Come on, man. Call them something different. We’re cool with that.

Chris  41:07 
I know I’m fine with that.

Kelli  41:09 
Bring back off kilter.

Chris  41:13 
Okay, folks, that’s our show for this week. We hope you enjoyed it. As always go out to whatever platform that you download our podcast from and set it up to subscribe so that you get it automatically give us a rating and review so that other people can find their way to our show.

Kelli  41:31 
Yes, absolutely. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast.  If you haven’t already go out Watch the YouTube video on how to enter the contest and do that do that do that do that man this is gonna blow up.

Chris  41:52 
Don’t wait to the last minute here that YouTube video man. We will give out extra points for that. Keep up with us on all the social medias By the way, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram at SCFADP on YouTube, subscribe to our channel supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. As always, the more the merrier.

Chris & Kelli  42:13 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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