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Disney News (3/21), Previewing Disneyland’s World of Color Nighttime Spectacular, and 5 Reasons why Moana was a Groundbreaking Female Lead in a Disney Movie

Episode 13

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Photo (c) Disney Disneyland World of Color Nighttime Spectacular

This week, we discuss 2 spectacular things – the World of Color Nighttime Spectacular at Disneyland, and Moana’s groundbreaking performance as a female lead.

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Show Notes:

Star Wars to release a slew of 70s, 80s, and 2000-era programs

Women now lead all 4 WDW theme parks

Easter Celebrations at WDW

New Chinese Theater Lighting Package

Jungle Cruise Reimagining

New Lighting Package being installed on Spaceship Earth

You can buy a Galaxy’s Edge Spork at HS

Harmonious Testing continues
Disney Union asks DeSantis to open COVID vaccinations to Theme Park employees

World of Color (Disney’s California Adventure)


Chris & Kelli  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  0:43 
Hello out there all of our podcast family. Welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:48 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:49 
And you’re going with the Mexico ears again.

Kelli  0:53 
These are the only ears that aren’t packed.

Chris  0:55 
Oh, right. I forgot that we’ve been packing like crazy.

Kelli  1:00 
All of my ears are packed. These were all my head or tucked away from we were packing it helping us pack him they did not make it in the box.

Chris  1:10 
Good for the Mexico ears.

Kelli  1:12 
Like I thought I wasn’t gonna have any ears to wear and then these were on my tray for the stand that we use. And I was like, well, it’s Mexico years for the win through the end of April.

Chris  1:24 
Maybe longer.

Kelli  1:27 
Maybe longer.

Chris  1:28 
Okay, well, we’ll get used to these years. Yeah.

Kelli  1:31 
They will get a lot of play for the next few weeks.

Chris  1:33 
Oh, that’s good. No worries. Yeah, they’re good. Okay, well, so where do we last week was very was St. Patrick’s Day. Yes. And one of our downloads.

Kelli  1:46 
Yeah. Came from Ireland?

Chris  1:48 
It wasn’t that cool? But this is cool. You’re still gonna like it. Okay. Don’t get don’t get down on don’t get down. Okay. Limerick, Pennsylvania.

Kelli  1:56 
Oh, no, that’s fantastic.

Chris  1:58 
Fantastic. Limerick, Pennsylvania. It’s well downloaded our deal on on St. Patrick’s Day.

Kelli  2:04 
Do you think people in that town walk around speaking only in Limericks. I hope they do. I hope that’s a thing.

Chris  2:11 
Before you move there, you had to pass a Limerick on the spot Limericking test.

Kelli  2:15 
Oh, I love it. That’s fantastic.

Chris  2:17 
Also, we had downloads from aloha Oregon. Oh, which I just loved. It’s made me so happy to see that there was such a place. Yes. Oh, Fort hunt, Virginia. Okay. And Brisbane, Australia. We had a very international week. Okay, I decided to go with Brisbane, Australia.

Kelli  2:37 
Okay, that’s exciting. Hello, Australia.

Chris  2:40 
Welcome to the northern hemisphere.

Kelli  2:45 

Chris  2:48 
I so what is the 21st day? So we’ve got 10 days left in the contest and the contest.

Kelli  2:56 
How many entries did you tell me we had this week?

Chris  2:59 
The entries have blown up. So we’re getting a lot of great engagement. We did get one new iTunes review.

Kelli  3:07 
Oh, thank you.

Chris  3:10 
So you know who you are. If you don’t know if I saw it, I saw it. But we are we’ve had a lot of engagement on the socials. And so we’re up to like 20,000 entries.

Kelli  3:25 
Wow, that’s fantastic.

Chris  3:27 
20,000 entries across like 300 that is so exciting contestants so

Kelli  3:32 
Oh, that’s so exciting.

Chris  3:36 
20,000 entries I hope matter a lot of those. Yeah, but yeah, keep entering. It’s awesome. It’s awesome. So much engagement and very excited.

Kelli  3:44 
We’re not taking this prize pack with us by the way you’re not shipped out before we leave. So somebody needs to win it.

Chris  3:50 
That’s right. midnight on March 31. Yes, this is a 31 month right?

Kelli  3:56 
Yes, I can’t wait 30 days hath September, April, June and November. I’m gonna let you say… all the rest have 31 except February, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Chris  4:08 
Well, well, that’s pretty much the end, I think. Yes, for February. So hey, keep engaging with us on the socials get those entries in, put in an iTunes review to get 20 entries. You ready for Main Street already? All right. So Disney plus has announced entertainment news. Disney plus has announced that they’re gonna release some previously unreleased. That’s not the right way to say it. Some things some Star Wars material that we haven’t seen in a long time. Okay. Specifically, one thing is the story of the faithful wiki. I don’t I don’t know that. It’s actually Chewbacca but it’s an animated short. Okay, that was played in the middle of the live action star wars. holiday special in 1978. Star Wars Holiday Special is famous for being wretched. It is famous for being just a a hot mess money grab by the studio suits who thought we can we can cap really capitalize on the Star Wars thing that’s happening in the world. And it I mean, it’s terrible. You can see the whole thing on YouTube it is it is a hot mess. George Lucas wants to burn every copy he can get his hands on. Wow. But in the middle of that they played this, which is widely considered the best part of the whole thing was this animated short, called the story of the faithful Wookie Do you remember it? I don’t okay, but it apparently introduced the character of Boba Fett, which is now of course, widely known throughout the Star Wars lexicon and is going to be the main character in the next series. Season of the Mandalorian. But both that’s not a Wookie No, but he was in this animated short introduce him as a character as first time we ever saw.

Kelli  6:06 
He’s like a man.

Chris  6:07 
He’s a man. Okay.

Kelli  6:10 
I’m confused with the big guy. That’s the like, kind of looks like the big green slime dude from like, he looks like an overgrown version of Slimer from Ghostbusters?

Chris  6:21 
Jabba the Hutt. You’re literally hurting my ears. Inside these, these headphones, my ears are bleeding. But like if, if listeners knew how many times I answered the question, so he’s like a man like just in our lives in general. General it’s it’s weird how often I have to answer that question.

Kelli  6:49 
Usually in relation to like,

Chris  6:51 
athletic teams.

Kelli  6:52 
What’s the mascot there? Yeah. Oh, it’s the Fighting Illini. I say that’s like a man right?

Chris  6:58 
I know. But they’re also going to release two movies one of these I do remember that was a made for TV movie. It released in the US on I can’t remember CBS maybe called the the walk adventure. And then it released in theaters. Yeah, this is a 1984 called caravan of courage and Ewok adventure.

Kelli  7:25 
Now those are the tiny teddy bears.

Chris  7:27 
They are good job. And then the year after that they released another one called he walks to battle for Endor.

Kelli  7:34 
So they’re going to release some teddy bear flicks.

Chris  7:35 
They’re going to put these from the mid 80s out on Disney plus.

Kelli  7:39 
Awww, now see, I’ll watch the teddy bear flicks.

Chris  7:41 
I bet you won’t but Okay.

Kelli  7:42 
I will, I’ll watch them.

Chris  7:44 
I think you’ll watch the first 10 minutes or so

Kelli  7:46 
And then I’ll be like I don’t get it.

Chris  7:48 
But they these movies are they’re the characters from Star Wars but other than that they these stories have nothing to do with the characters we know and love from Star Wars. Okay. Are these are the ewoks having their own adventures.

Kelli  8:06 
Which they deserve.

Chris  8:07 
I remember the caravan of courage one. I wondered what happened to it now I’m gonna get to see what happened to it.

Kelli  8:12 
They deserve their own adventures. They’re the lead man in their own story. Lead man of their own story.

Chris  8:23 
Hey man, with the promotion of Karthika Rodriguez, who is now the VP over Epcot, all for Disney World parks are led by women.

Kelli  8:36 
Well done Disney.

Chris  8:37 
How about that

Kelli  8:38 
Is she a woman of color?

Chris  8:39 
She is.

Kelli  8:39 
Are any of the others women of color?

Chris  8:41 
I don’t know. I’d have to go back and look.

Kelli  8:47 
Wouldn’t that be great if the all four Disney parks in Walt Disney World were led by women of color? That would be great.

Chris  8:55 
That would be great. That would be great. But I thought it was worth mentioning it.

Kelli  8:58 
It is worth mentioning. Research that, you don’t have time to do it right now you research that come back with it next week. I would like to know more. Maybe I’ll profile those women of color. I’ll do that.

Chris  9:08 
That’d be great. That’d be an excellent Tomorrowland.

Kelli  9:10 
Second, people would love to hear about the women of color leading the Disney Parks into the future.

Chris  9:14 
Make sure you do a right here in Women’s History Month. So this appropriately placed Yes. There’s a number of like Easter celebrations going on right now at Walt Disney World. There’s a scavenger hunt at Epcot. Okay, you can pay like eight bucks to really do the scavenger hunt and get a prize at the end. Or you know, you can just know there’s a scavenger hunt going on and look for the things you’re supposed to look for. Okay, the deal is easter eggs. These are easter eggs planted throughout world showcase that are painted to like Chippendale or Donald Duck or whoever. That’s cute, right? So if you pay a buck, yes, yes. And there are apparently I didn’t know that. They did. There’s their easter egg displays at various resorts. I saw some of those. They’re beautiful. They’re pretty impressive. Yeah, full Yeah. And it’s not just lobbies. Is Like some of the restaurants have them and yeah,

Kelli  10:02 
I think they’re expecting a good size good size crowds coming in for spring break. They

Chris  10:06 
are definitely they’ve actually increased hours again. For the Easter week it’s Yeah, they are definitely packing them in as much as 35% will allow. Yeah.

Kelli  10:17 
The resorts can pack them in. Yes. Right. Even if the parks can only go up to 35% the resorts can be sure for sure.

Chris  10:24 
The Chinese theatre at Hollywood Studios is getting a new lighting package also. 15th it’s gonna it’s primarily the most notable thing where it’s going to be the spotlights that shoot up from behind, okay, the theater, it makes it look like a new movie premiere. Right.

Kelli  10:42 

Chris  10:43 
That’s nice. That’s the that’s the tagline premiere night every night. Okay, which is cool. I like that. The was some information released on the Jungle Cruise reimagining.

Kelli  10:52 
I saw some of that I was so excited about it.

Chris  10:55 
They say strong women. Hello, Alberta falls, Alberta Falls is going to be a focus. That’s right. We’re adding more they said we’re adding more humor, wildlife and Skipper heart to the classic attraction. as and as part of a much larger effort. This updated experience will welcome new characters from around the world. So let’s see what it’s telling more of Alberta’s story for for for those looking to dive deeper. We’re also expanding the attractions backstory centered around Alberta falls. Great. She’s the granddaughter of world renowned Dr. Albert falls as the proprietor of the jungle navigation.

Kelli  11:32 
I do kind of wish she was also a doctor.

Chris  11:35 
Okay, just cannot make you happy.

Kelli  11:38 
I mean, I’m thrilled that she’s kind of you know, feature here, and update her grandfather’s legacy.

Chris  11:45 
Jungle Cruise fans might be familiar with her name, however you would know it we recently uncovered a copy of an interview with Alberta falls in the 1938 issue of the Daily News in us. There’s also a new lighting package being installed on Spaceship Earth, like physically on Spaceship Earth.

Kelli  12:05 
Oh, I saw that, yes, where the things converge. I saw Zach’s video on that.

Chris  12:10 
Yes, that’s gonna be I don’t know what the final result of that is going to be. But it’s going to cover the whole thing and it’s going to be glorious. I know.

Kelli  12:18 
He said the lights can talk to each other left and right. And up and down. Yes. And they can chat in multiple colors and in multiple directions. Yeah, very.

Chris  12:27 
I saw that. Very excited.

Kelli  12:28 
I thought wow.

Chris  12:29 
I cannot wait for that. I’m in the category of Disney just prints money. Official category. Yeah. They are. You can actually buy a galaxy’s edge spork at Hollywood Studios now, like the sports like did you might use it ogas Cantina or docking bay seven. You can buy a galaxy’s edge sport, which of course looks so slightly different than the average sports you might get it.

Kelli  12:59 
Is it a plastic spork? Or is it like a metal?

Chris  13:02 
I don’t know. I didn’t dig in too far. spork up by that, and people will Oh pay people rather money? Absolutely.

Kelli  13:12 
They’ll start decorating them. Yep. bringing their own spork to the park and decorating them.

Chris  13:16 
Harmonious testing continues. We saw movement from the four moving arms of the centerpiece this week. Are they also reticulating? I believe? Yeah, sure. Let’s call them that. And sort of the last thing here is the Disney union has asked Governor desantis in Florida to open COVID vaccination specifically to theme park workers, of course.

Kelli  13:43 
Oh my gosh,

Chris  13:44 
I think so. Yes. A this line. They are frontline. And we I mean, the Florida government, I have nothing to do with them. But I’m gonna say we’ve been touting Florida’s openness for months now. largely on the back of the fact that parks like universal and Walt Disney World are open. Yeah, well, so let’s take care of those people.

Kelli  14:08 
Well, I don’t know where Florida stands on inoculating, like, waiters and waitresses. Yeah, I’ll let if they are doing that that’s a service business. From what

Chris  14:18 
I understand. There are there are there’s more vaccines and people lining up to get the vaccine in Florida, which is a that’s a problem for one thing, because we know that there’s huge senior population down there. But if that’s the case, especially if that’s the case, people are working hard man. Absolutely do everything you can to take care of them because they are taking care of you. Absolutely. Already for many times. You know, if you’re, here’s what I’m excited about is that this is one of the ones that’s on a different kind of paper. So it’s one of our new ones.

Kelli  14:52 
I’m scared a little bit.

Chris  14:55 
Oh no, from a lot of times people say from our dear friend but when I say My dear friend I acts I really do mean it this time from Megan Allen.

Kelli  15:04 
Oh, I know. Hey Meg.

Chris  15:06 
Get yourself together. favorite character to meet in the parks?

Kelli  15:13 
That’s a hard one favorite characters meet in parks. I mean I think I’ve got to go with the one I get the most excited about. Okay, Mary Poppins.

Chris  15:22 
Oh, well you do get you do get excited about Mary Poppins.

Kelli  15:26 
I love Mary Poppins. I love Mary Poppins so much.

Chris  15:29 
We named our podcast after her.

Kelli  15:30 
Our podcast is named after her. She’s part of our logo. I love Mary Poppins. So yeah, I’m gonna say Mary Poppins.

Chris  15:39 
Okay, all right, Mary Poppins. That’s That’s good. You Know Me Man. I just go crazy for all of them. But but I’m gonna say that I was the I’m gonna go with I was the most impressed by airline travel or online is a good one. We do love. We saw her. Just the way she interacted with with us and some other folks that were in line just blew me away. Yeah. So it may just have been that particular Elena. Yeah, but she was she was spectacular. And just I was super impressed. So that’s what I’m gonna go with. Okay, if you get a chance to see Mary Poppins Marlena babble or do it. Alright, I’m ready for much more land. Are you ready?

Kelli  16:24 
I am so ready to go.

Chris  16:27 
So I am I’m gonna go to Las Vegas this week. I’m super vaccinated. My crowd that I’m going with is vaccinated for the most part. And one of my favorite things to do in Las Vegas is to see the fountains in front of the blocks. Yeah, yes, right. I love that. So I realized just sort of thinking about you know, that this weekend getting excited. I realized that that there’s a fountain show and please don’t hate on me for that. I’m coming back around to that. Gosh, called the World of Color at Disneyland Are you familiar with this at all? No. You’re not familiar with the world called

Kelli  17:08 
the World of Color at Disneyland. No, not familiar with Yeah,

Chris  17:12 
this is a nighttime spectacular at Disneyland. And it you know, if you if you just take a quick glimpse at it, you might think well this is a fountain show with light. Okay. This is not a fountain show. It’s on paradise day. And at Disneyland and California Adventure so this is like the nighttime spectacular California Adventure. This thing is so here’s what Disney says watch Disney character soar to life on a vivid veil of mist in this towering nighttime spectacular. The World of Color show the most impressive and fanciful nighttime extravaganza Disney has ever produced. Think about that say wow, that’s from the Disney website is accompanied by momentous music as well as stunning fire. fountains fog and laser effects.

Kelli  18:07 
Wow, that sounds a lot like fantasmic

Chris  18:10 
sounds so dire. That’s what I that’s ultimately where I got to because they create these water canvases where they project

Kelli  18:20 
that’s it. That’s what you called that. You call them a

Chris  18:22 
water I knew was I remember the previous episode. You were like What did you call those things? When I was writing this up, I literally wrote say whatever canvas

Kelli  18:31 
and they call them water curtains.

Chris  18:33 
Yeah, I just want to say or bail or a veil.

Kelli  18:35 
Hello. Canvas is better. Well done, honey. I just want to say Canvas is so much better. Because that’s what they’re doing. They’re painting on these.

Chris  18:44 
They are. They’re painting yes would

Kelli  18:46 
Like Disney. Credit. water canvas, water canvas.

Chris  18:50 
Water Canvas? Yes. Yes. They they created a it’s 165 square meter projection screen out of water. Wow. Yeah. 1200 fountains shoot 69 meters into the air. It’s pretty incredible.

Kelli  19:10 
1200 fountains? I can’t even imagine.

Chris  19:14 
No, you cannot. No, you cannot when this thing goes off. And with the light and the lasers and the fire and the music is I watched it on YouTube. And I always kind of go back and forth to I want to watch this or wait till I see it in person. I don’t know when we’re going to Disneyland, though. People in California don’t know when they’re going to Disneyland. So I watched it on YouTube. They’ve got a great version of it out there in 4k. And you like you feel purple. You know I’m saying you feel the cold like you’re not you just you seeing this color you like you feel what green must feel.

Kelli  19:54 
So like they’re doing a color. So here’s green and everything. About that segment of the show is green.

Chris  20:02 
No not necessarily it’s just the the colors are so vivid colors through the water and on the on the water Canvas

Kelli  20:11 
kind of like the idea just had

Chris  20:12 
it that is not a bad idea if they do that credit right but yeah, just but to call this 1000 shows really an insult you really like you feel music like it’s got you feel this these colors these are this is vivid extravaganza here. It costs $75 million dollars to design and build and it took 15 months to install across paradise Bay. So the idea is it is very similar in in field to how fantasmic works. Okay, you get fast passes to

Kelli  20:49 
like paradise Bay, like rosarium is

Chris  20:51 
exactly so there’s you look across paradise pack day to paradise Pier, which I think is not Pixar Pier.

Kelli  21:00 
Oh, yes. Yeah, I see so many pictures that it does look really cool.

Chris  21:03 
Yeah. And the backdrop of Paradise Bay during this show is Mickey’s fun wheel, the Ferris wheel, you know, and the in credit coaster back there. And they even have portions to play in this show because they light up as a backdrop. And then there’s lasers that go through the water and fireworks and this this thing was originally premiered on June 11 and 2010 as part of the summer night tastic promotional campaign for California Adventure. It was conceived by Steve Davidson, who get this title. Love this. He was the VP of parades and spectaculars

Kelli  21:45 
walked on stage

Chris  21:46 
that’s a great job title. In fact, I think around here

Kelli  21:50 
president afraid and space. I don’t

Chris  21:52 
know. I think around here though, I want to be called the czar of spectacular.

Kelli  21:57 
Bizarre. Spectacular.

Chris  22:00 
It was inspired, of course by Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color television program that aired on NBC from 1961 to 1969. The when it launches when it starts, it starts with who was the guy dick Wesson was the original like, he did the intro for Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color television program. So he would do the intro to this over the loudspeakers. And then the the water Canvas shoots off and you get this quote from Walt Disney. In the middle section that says every child is blessed with vivid imagination. Then the original Walt’s Wonderful World of Color. Theme music from the television show arranged slightly differently for modern times launches. After that you go straight into all of these segments that are dedicated to classic Disney movies and songs. Okay, you know throughout the history, I mean, you’re talking Little Mermaid Finding Nemo Fantasia 2000 wildly toy stories wanted to up a lad married a Pocahontas Bug’s Life baby Pirates of the Caribbean. The Lion King. That’s just the start. Last thing last 30 minutes long. Wow. Is it is a legitimate, spectacular. It works like similar to fantasmic where, although I don’t know that they can fit as many people in. There’s a there’s an area What’s it called? It’s called. It’s on paradise Bay. And it’s across from Mickey’s fun wheel. And it sits it’s there’s this gathering area right in front of Ariel’s undersea adventure. The Little Mermaid Ariel’s undersea adventure attraction at Disneyland. And so you get fast passes to get into this area. Or like with a lot of the nighttime shows at Walt Disney World you can do a dining package to get special seating if you have a reservation for a meal somewhere. So yeah, you night Tom comes you go find your spot there and you wait for this this show to wow you. That’s awesome. Yeah, it’s it’s it’s a it’s it’s super incredible show that the creativity that the vividness of the colors are just crazy. I can’t show Yeah, no. Yeah, yeah, that’s right. Well, those were like they would they would put you know Swiss Family Robinson and things like that or some some animated features would be there was something different every week. It was

Kelli  24:49 
like it wasn’t a regular thing. Exactly. Why is it called the wonderful world of color was that like we’re gonna show color

Chris  24:56 
now that Yeah, yeah, that they did it presented in tech. The color was part of it. Yes. Like

Kelli  25:01 
we’ve relaunched this now and it’s in color was originally in black and white is now in color. Yes, yeah.

Chris  25:06 
Yeah. I mean, I’m not sure why that’s what they came up with for the old show. But this is honoring that old show. There are some. There were some other versions of This World of Color fountain show two. In 20 1314 and 15 holiday season, they changed it for a World of Color winter dreams. It was narrowed hosted by a lof voiced by Josh Gad. That the 2015 winter dreams show actually ran back to back with another New World of Color show called World of Color celebrate the wonderful world of Disney, which celebrated Disneyland’s 60th anniversary. And that show was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse. Patrick Harris. I know winter dreams was replaced by season of light in 2016. World of Color season of light. And there was another World of Color celebrate you was held one day Oh, September the 15th 2016. It was a special private event honoring Disneyland cast members that has served in the parks from between 10 and 60 years. Oh, gosh, it was a special invitation only showing a world of color.

Kelli  26:18 
Do they still play World of colors? Oh, yeah.

Chris  26:21 
I mean, it’s down now. But

Kelli  26:22 
yeah, yes.

Chris  26:24 
They also had one that was dedicated to villains told the story of Shelly Marie.

Kelli  26:30 
You are way over time. You are constantly way over time.

Chris  26:32 
I know, but you’re going to want to hear this. Well it’s getting worse right now. But you want to hear this. Shelly Marie, which is of course the reverse of Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein. Okay, she did tell us the story of her trying to pick out which Disney villain she’s gonna go to Halloween as and then she imagines if she could be as wicked as them.

Kelli  26:49 
Oh, that’s great. You need to cut down on your notes. Honey, I can’t you have to? Well, 10 minute segment.

Chris  26:57 
I guess you’re ready for yours. You need to cut it, you know, make 10 minutes No, no.

Kelli  27:03 
So I wanted in honor of International Women’s month, History Month, where we’ll call it. I want to talk about a strong female character. Okay, before I do that, I wanted to give a shout out you know, we said earlier this season, that we want to give a shout out to other podcast Disney podcast that we love. And so I want to give a shout out to one in particular it’s called Disney assembled. Disney assemble is a father daughter team.

Chris  27:27 
They are father daughter goals is what they are.

Kelli  27:29 
They are father daughter goals. They are fantastic. I mean, one time they debated like who’s the best blue character. I mean, it’s that kind of those kinds of conversations. I love it. These are Disneyland folks. So they talk a lot about stuff off of the West Coast. And I love that about them. They’re also just the great people they are they’re great people, you can tell by listening to them and following them on Instagram. So if y’all haven’t checked out Disney assembled, we highly recommend them. They’re a good time. And it’s fun to listen to them. I think their latest episode was celebrating female led Disney park attraction stories. So a lot of times they’ll post on Instagram, like Hey, who’s your favorite female lead Disney park attraction or whatever. And they sort of incorporate that. So again, if you haven’t had a chance to check them out, do so they’re a lot of fun. So, along those lines, I was inspired by their female lead attraction posts. And I said you know what, shame on me for not doing all female all all March.

Chris  28:28 
So yes, I was thinking the same thing. Shame on me.

Kelli  28:32 
So I thought I would give today the five reasons that I believe Moana was a groundbreaking was groundbreaking as a female lead. Okay, right. We saw Moana and loved it immediately downloaded the soundtrack, literally in our theater parking lot. You know, back when we used to go to movie theaters. We were so into Moana for so many reasons. We were but I want to talk about the five reasons I think she was groundbreaking. Now, we’ve mentioned before that some of the prior Disney Princesses, right Moana does not identify as a Disney Princess. Okay, she’s the daughter of the chief, not a princess, she corrects you in the movie. But prior Disney Princesses, especially in the 90s, in the early 2000s did not talk as much as their male. You know, co leads sure are the men and it’s mostly because the women are constantly singing everything right? So just like me, when I get really pissed off, I run through the house and invent a song. Sure. Discuss my angst. Yeah, that’s not real life. And so one of the reasons we liked marijuana was because it is a musical. Yeah. But she’s still presented as a strong female lead. So here we go. Without further ado, the five reasons I think she was groundbreaking. Number one, she fights the gender restrictions that her family and her tribe placed on her to become the leader that they need.

Chris  29:58 
That’s true,

Kelli  29:58 
right? Absolutely. So as gender restrictions, it’s very heavily you know, women are supposed to be learning how to do the hula dance or whatever. And but one is like, if these crops are diseased, then cut them down and plant over here, right? You know, and they’re saying what she’s going to be a great leader, you know, but she’s also like running around barefoot on the island. And you know, just killing it. She is right she’s not some prissy princess sitting on a throne. She’s not a princess, sorry Moana, daughter of Chief. Right okay but she fights those gender restrictions the both her family and her tribe placed on her. She’s inspired by grandma tala who by the way, let me just say grandma tala his goals for me as an old lady. I want to be grandma tala. Like standing on a beach in Hawaii with a massive tattoo on my back, just dancing to the music in my head. Yeah. I love grandma tala.

Chris  30:51 
You’ve got most of that now, in Hawaii. Well, actually, not Hawaii.

Kelli  30:58 
No, I love grandma tala. But anyway, so she’s inspired by her strong grandmother to do what she feels called to do. Right. So her grandmother, another strong woman in her life, not trying to hold her back not being like you’ve got to do what you’re supposed to be doing. You’ve got to fit into this box that the tribe needs. No Gramma Talla is like, Ocean’s calling to you. You get out there and you wayfind it girl. And so I love that I love that she’s got strong women in her life for once Disney did not kill off her mom didn’t kill off any parents didn’t kill off any other parents. Wow. didn’t kill off any of the female relatives. But I wish mom had had sort of a stronger role but even though she didn’t heads up go grandma tala

Chris  31:44 
grandma tala, but she came back later.

Kelli  31:46 
Oh, yeah. No, they did. But they didn’t kill off her mom knows Disney loves to do. So big fan that she’s inspired by her grandmother. She along those same lines. Number three. She draws inspiration from her family, while defying their wishes. It’s not a like me versus them attitude like Merida or Ariel. Yeah, that’s true, right? Merida and Ariel were very much like, you are stifling me, right. I need to have legs and walk on land or I need to ride a horse and shoot arrows. It’s not a me versus them. It’s a me with and for them. Yeah, that’s true. Like she in her whole, her whole vision is I need to do something, to save them and love them the way they need to be loved,

Chris  32:35 
but not in the way they think.

Kelli  32:37 
Not in the way they think. But everything she does is out of love. Again, it’s not her trying to defy their wishes and go against them. It’s her wanting to love and serve them in the way she feels is best. I love that about her. So she’s drawing inspiration from them, and trying to love them while still going your own way. But she’s not being hateful and defiant. Right? I love that. Number four, her sidekick is a demigod. Now let me just say you got a pretty strong woman to manage that level of power in a sidekick. Right? Most women don’t have a demigod as a psychic. True, but she does manage him. And she manages Maui. Yeah, I mean, you can watch that the entire movie. First of all, she gets on the same boat as him and he didn’t want her to she gets out of that cave. She’s like, you’re taking me with you. You’re gonna teach me how to weigh fine. We’re gonna go do this. We’re gonna return the hardest to fakie and we’re gonna sell we’re gonna wait fine. And you’re gonna teach me all this stuff? And he’s like, nope. And she’s like, yep. And then all right, he has his little temper tantrum, flies office and ego because his hook gets broken. And what happens? He comes back like any man and helps her as she saves the world. He doesn’t come back into the picture and save it himself as the demigod. No, no, she’s a Master wayfinder at this point, she’s one that could move left and right killing it going through little alleys. I mean, she is all over the place. And it’s after she gets into the center of that little island thing. That then he comes down and she’s like, No, you came back. That’s great. You can help me save the world. by God. I’m already here doing it. Put on your seatbelt. I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you this was gonna be female empowerment.

Chris  34:29 
I’m gonna tell you that when you said her sidekick is a demigod. I thought Hei Hei is a demigod?

Ha ha. So she learns a lot from Maui. But she leads him to do the right thing. Yeah, she’s the leader. She’s the clear leader throughout the entire movie. Five. She is very outspoken. But you know, I love a strong woman that’s outspoken but She is very respectful of the land her people and her heritage. Right. She understands the importance of all that. In fact, she wants to honor all three by recommitting to their history and heritage and an honorable way. Right, right. Everything she’s doing is to save the history and heritage of her land. She is outspoken, but she is doing it out of honor and respect. Right again, not out of defiance. When she gets in there she was gramma tala was right, she was the one to return the heart to Te fiti because she was the only one that could understand Te fiti. Right, right. She’s the only one it had to be her. And she brought the land back, bought the heritage back brought the honor in Wayfinding. And, and finding other islands back to her tribe. Right. So those are the five reasons I think she was groundbreaking. here a couple of things I love about Moana. Okay. Hey, I love her relationship with the water in the land. Yeah, I love that. Like I just totally respect that water is very meditative place for me. And I love the water respects her. Yeah, right. I love that. I love that she is not obsessed with ballgowns finding a husband or just men in general. Right. I do love Ana. But come on, on man. She’s all about getting the man. The whole the whole frozen movie is that who is Ana gonna marry the whole sandwich story. I mean, the sandwich song that she sings with horns. So I love that Moana is focus what she thinks is best for her tribe and doing what she needs to be do to be the best leader. And that does not necessarily involve finding a freakin husband and a man to make her life completely.

Finding a demigod and making him bend to her wills. Right.

Kelli  36:57 
Hi, Moana you will follow me for I love it. So overall, I love her spirit, her drive and determination and her respect. I love the example she sets for young women and young girls and women. And I’m glad she’s gonna have a prominent place in the Epcot remodel. I do wish we could see her more in the parks today. Yeah, like we’ve never actually met Moana in the parks.

Chris  37:20 
We saw her one time during a nighttime event.

Kelli  37:23 
I’m excited. She’s going to have a place of prominence at Epcot. So well Moana way to break that glass ceiling.

Chris  37:31 
That Epcot glass ceiling.

Kelli  37:32 
You go girl!

Chris  37:41  
yeah, you all know this 24 hours a day here at my house. And but you’re welcome but I love her for it. I love her for this part of what I love about her and Moana that’s it for this week. case you didn’t get enough just you know jump onto the socials and ask Kelli her thoughts on anything related to female empowerment see what you get. You know what if you enjoyed this show, you know what to do go get yourself some entries in our contest about strong women by giving us a review on iTunes

Kelli  38:23 
Yes, And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. No bonus episodes. Again, our brains are inboxes will hit that once we’re halfway across the country.

Chris  38:39 
That’s right. I mean we, we we got all kinds of bonus material plants. Let us get settled somewhere wherever that happens to be and we will start pumping that stuff out again. But in the meantime, join us for all the conversations on the socials Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at SCFADP, YouTube supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. And with that, we hope to see you real soon

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