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Disney News (3/14), Frontera Cocina at Disney Springs, and Revisiting The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Episode 12

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Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios

This week, we daydream about visiting Frontera Cocina at Disney Springs to check out the amazing menu by 7-time James Beard Award-Winning Chef Rick Bayless and then discuss the possible plans to overhaul/update the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios.

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Show Notes:

The Making of Wanda Vision is available on D+ (“Assembled”)

All Star Movies Resort set to open on March 22
Source: @BrookeGMcDonald on Twitter

Disneyland set to open in late April

Parks at Capacity

Disneyland Paris will not open on April 2nd, as previously scheduled

Blue Turrets on Cindy’s castle have faded to purple, getting touched up before 50th celebration

Magic Kingdom loading all rows of the coasters (Big Thunder, Seven Dwarfs, Barnstormer) except Space Mountain

Main Street Confectionary is closing later this month for a long refurb.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure set to open Oct. 1 with the launch of the 50th celebration
Lots of HarmonioUS testing

Disney announced the launch of Magic Mobile, allowing guests to enter the parks with their phones
Source: @ScottGustin on Twitter

Disney CEO hopes to reinstate the Disney College Program by the end of this year

The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular!


Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hello out there podcast family. Welcome to this week’s show. Welcome to week two of awesome women month. Shall we call it officially?

Kelli  0:56 

Chris  0:56 
My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:58 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:59 
And we’re now I don’t know what week this is. I’ll be honest. For for this week’s episode. We’re just asking for some grace. The fact that we’re putting out an episode while we’re trying to move literally halfway across the country

Kelli  1:12 
and list our house and all that. And I’m pretty sure I packed my brain in a box yesterday.

Chris  1:18 
I think you did.

Kelli  1:23 
Oh, here we are. Man. We hate to move.

Chris  1:26 
We do. Here we are, though. It’s week 11 of season three and we’re marching on

Kelli  1:33 
I am really excited about my Tomorrowland.

Chris  1:36 
Well I’m excited about your Tomorrowland too, and I don’t even know what it is. I’m also excited about your ear here. I think they’re Coco.

Kelli  1:42 
No, no no no. I actually don’t like the CoCo ears. These are just Mexico years.

Chris  1:48 

Kelli  1:48 
I am wearing my Ernesto de la Cruz shirt. I know I’ve worn the Mexico ears before. But I’ve really gotten into the whole intentional ear wearing thing. Okay. So there’s a reason I’m dressed in my Ernesto de la Cruz shirt with my Mexico pavilion ears.

Chris  2:06 
Okay, awesome. Is it gonna be food?

Kelli  2:08 
Yep. I am nothing if not own brand tonight.

Chris  2:12 
I left the food stuff in the tags just because I thought you might. There’s always half a chance of that.

Kelli  2:18 
Always pretty solid chance.

Chris  2:21 
So where do we see downloads from this week? Well Pompano Beach Florida whose little ways north of Miami beautiful area white oak, Ohio. Ah, Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is lovely.

Kelli  2:35 

Chris  2:36 
Leeds England. Oh, so excited yesterday on Premier League Soccer, Leeds United was playing Chelsea maybe. And I was so excited because Leeds. We got to download from Leeds.

Kelli  2:51 
So exciting.

Chris  2:52 
Yep. It is exciting.

Kelli  2:54 
Is that where the the apparel manufacturer is based?

Chris  2:58 
I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Kelli  3:00 
Leeds apparel.

Chris  3:02 
Yeah, you know? Nope. Okay.

Kelli  3:06 
It’s like, it’s like the kind of stuff you can always have like your company brand embroidered on or whatever.

Chris  3:14 
Yeah. Okay. No,no, no. No. All right. Hey, so we’re still celebrating strong women around here. We have got this little bit of contest where we’re giving away allowance five Captain Marvel and a clue game and Minnie Mouse in Jungle Cruise gear. Yes. Mulan mug and Spaceship Earth Sipper. Yes. And we got tons of people taking part. It was awesome. We’re about to do we’re gonna do Minnie Takes after the news. We got tons of great Minnie Takes.

Kelli  3:44 
I was so excited that everybody responded to our post!

Chris  3:47 
If you gave us more than one we multiplied that times five.

Kelli  3:50 
Yes, so great. Thank y’all, thank y’all.

Chris  3:53 
We really appreciate that. Yes. But also, if you go out and give us an iTunes review, you get 20 entries!

Kelli  4:01 
I feel like you’ve said that before? Yeah.

Chris  4:03 
Well, come on people. Is it because you want them to want more iTunes reviews? Do I just say that? Yeah. Okay, just say just say I did. Okay, you ready for mainstreet?

Kelli  4:15 
Let’s hit it.

Chris  4:15 
Alright. So the making one division is now available on Disney plus. That ought to be a fun time. There’s you know, we saw regular vision in the show is red and gray glory. should call him regular regular vision.

Kelli  4:39 
So, regular vision well, is to read animatronic man with a gold thing in his forehead. Well, and we saw white vision.

Chris  4:48 
Right? But when they were doing the gray scale episodes,

Kelli  4:52 
Uh huh.

Chris  4:53  
He was blue in real life IRL. They had called because that showed up better and right skyscale than Red Dead? Yeah, so there we are in the making of you get to see blue vision.

Kelli  5:05 
So a little behind the scenes blue vision that doesn’t exist IRL. That’s right.

Chris  5:11 
So any vision actually exists IRL. All Star movie resorts are gonna open up on March 22. Okay, so that’s just, you know, another resort that’s about to open up. Fantastic. You know, it’s the spring break season. Speaking of which, there’s a lot of chatter on the interwebs about Park being parks being capacity. Park capacity in general is a lot of chatter about that. People like home parks are all the way back to their normal now, there’s still a 35% Disney did issue a statement about it basically saying, Look, man, we’re, we’ve been open now for nine months here, we’re 35% capacity. And it’s bad to be Spring Break season, we’ve opened up 100 extra hours per, you know, our you know, for the season. So it it’s just more crowded than it has been for the last eight months. Right? You know, I can only assume that the people that are going in are complaining or people that get to go all the time and realize right there blessed so get over yourselves and remember those people that never get to go right. Um, Disney Land set to open in late April vague dating I thought it was supposed to be allowed to open April first, but there they are actually opening late April, vaguely in late April. They didn’t give an actual date yet.

Kelli  6:36 
Oh, you know, that’s just gonna make the California people nervous while they tell us if we’ve been through this.

Chris  6:40 
Yeah, but they have recalled 10,000 people from furlough already. Okay, so that’s good. Okay, really good. And I mean, Disney will open now that they can, okay, because they’ve been pushing for so hard. I can’t imagine that. They’re gonna be like, Oh, you know, we probably ought to just wait. So that’s all very exciting. What’s not exciting is that Disneyland Paris was set to reopen April 2. Ah, they’re not.

Kelli  7:05 
Oh, Paris. Mmm, man. Um, they don’t want us to come this year. Well, it’s like they don’t realize it’s our 15th wedding anniversary.

Chris  7:16 
It’s almost just like that.

Kelli  7:17 
I should send him an email and be like, Look, it’s our 15th wedding anniversary. Do you think maybe you could just speed things up a smidge. Help us out? Help us. Help us help.

Chris  7:29 
So those big blue turrets on Cindy’s castle, the new paint job and everything? Well, they faded like crazy, since they really yeah, so they’re repainting them again, right now to make them bright blue again. They’ve turned into sort of a purple or cotton candy ish kind of color. So they’re repainting it getting it. They’re doing a lot of work to the castle to spruce it up for the 50 Yeah,

Kelli  7:52 
She needs to be picture perfect for the 50th

Chris  7:54 
Yes, she needs to be picture perfect. So that that’s all happening. Yeah, she’s getting a lot of other little accoutrements, too.

Kelli  8:06 
I saw some bows and ribbons, things of that nature.

Yes, it is. very girly, frilly stuff. Frilly girly stuff for Cindy.

Chris  8:16 
Um, so exciting. Magic Kingdom is now loading all rows on all the roller coasters except for Space Mountain. For some reason. There’s still social distancing on Space Mountain Space Mountain, but like Big Thunder Mountain, Barnstormer, seven dwarfs, they’re loading all the rows on the trains.

I feel like Space Mountain already lends itself pretty well to…

Kelli  8:40 
maybe if like you hit the water and you’ve got COVID the COVID gets in the water and it’s easier to transfer to the person behind you or something if it like splashes off of you and onto them. There’s got to be somebody did that math.

Chris  8:53 
But there’s no water on Space Mountain. Splash Mountain. See what we got the whole packing up our brains think, man, this could this could go off the rails.

Kelli  9:06 
This could go off the rails very quickly.

Chris  9:08 
The main street confectionary is closing later this month for a long refurbishment. Ooh, yeah. So someone’s funny is that they’re moving all those sweets that they’re selling and they’re to the Main Street theater where they normally sell a bunch of art while the art from Main Street theater is moving to the bunny jury village gift shop which has been closed since COVID. Started so they’re just shifting we’re shifting everything down the street a little bit so that we can redo the confectionery and I bet they do something wonderful with that…

Kelli  9:41 
I bet it reopens on October the first

Chris  9:45 
I think everything that we’re hearing about is going to be open dedicated October the first because they’re thinking we’re all going to be a lot healthier by the into. Speaking of October, the verse remains rata to adventure. I will officially open on October the first I feel like it’s Do you want to do a song? I think they’ve already done a soft out of town preview. Yeah,

Kelli  10:03 
I feel like that too. I mean, why would you open up that whole little area just so people could use the bathroom?

Chris  10:08 
Yeah. Because the creperie the new creperie restaurant is also open.

Kelli  10:14 
So you’ve opened up that whole area just to essentially give another bathroom and another gift shop, which, I mean, that’s fine. sell some gifts. Sure. But yeah,

Chris  10:23 
I think that there’s there’s definitely people who have had the pleasure of riding it already. Yeah. So but officially open. October the first okay. Lots of harmonious testing has been going on. Oh, gosh reticulating arms in the air.

Kelli  10:41 

Chris  10:42 
Yeah. And then with with water shooting out of them in all directions. Yeah. Lots of nighttime testing.

Kelli  10:52  
I’m gonna have to Google that.

Chris  10:54 
Similar to the space shuttle.

Kelli  10:57 
Similar to the space shuttle?

Chris  10:59 
The space shuttles got an arm that comes out the top of it. We’re in danger of going off. Bring it back in. Yeah, the Canadian barge. So the barge closest to Canada was seen with its arm up in the air.

Kelli  11:17 

Chris  11:19 
Disney has announced this is very exciting. Okay, Disney has announced the launch of magic mobile. Do you see this? This allows guests to enter the parks with their phones.

Kelli  11:30 
Yeah, I knew they’re gonna do this is why they’re starting to get rid of the bands.

Chris  11:33 
But you’ll you’ll still have used the bands.

Kelli  11:35 
Yeah, but it’s not gonna come standard. People are using their phones everywhere.

Chris  11:40 
This is part of the my Disney experience app, you’ll you’ll you’ll get your mobile magic pass through the my Disney experience app. you’ll add that to your digital wallet. Right. And what I’m excited about is that it will also work through your once you have in your wallet through your watch your Apple Watch. Oh, wow. So since I always put that against the thing anyway, before I realized what I’ve done now to work. Wow. So it’s, uh, they’re rolling it out in phases, but I think that just means like, it’s gonna be on iPhone before it’s gonna be on Android. I think we’ll see what they mean by phases. Wow. It definitely will be hit iPhones first. Yeah. But my thing I’m most excited about I read this week was the Disney CEO hopes to reinstate the Disney College Program by the end of this year. Oh, I’m really excited about that.

Kelli  12:33 
Yeah, that is exciting. Yeah, I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize they had shut that down. But it makes sense.

Chris  12:37 
Oh, yeah. They shut it down very early in the pandemic. And I love to see the name tags. And when I see it over wherever, yeah, I love that. I wanted to do that. 20 years ago.

Kelli  12:52 
25 years ago.

Chris  12:57 
25 years ago. Hey, hey, how about a Minnie Take?

Kelli  13:00 
Okay, how about it? I would just like to remind everybody about my brain situation and the fact that it is in a box somewhere in the garage.

Chris  13:12 
It could be okay. Favorite land at the Magic Kingdom? Let’s review the lands real quick. Okay, because there’s one that is controversial. If you ask our dear friends Connor and Caroline.

Kelli  13:27 
Poor unfortunate podcast. What land is controversial?

Chris  13:30 
Is Main Street a land?

Kelli  13:33 
Yes. Main Street is a land according to and you know what I’m using to determine that that’s the land okay? It’s the sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

Chris  13:42 
All right, okay, which doesn’t exist.

Kelli  13:44 
It doesn’t exist anymore. But when it did exist, they had that categorized as land. And so that means Disney recognizes it as a land. Okay. Tomorrowland, Fantasy land, Adventure land. Main Street USA, and Frontier land. And there’s a fifth…

Chris  14:04 
Liberty Square.

Kelli  14:06 
Liberty square’s a land? I didn’t realize Liberty Square was a land.

Chris  14:09 
It is totally different than frontier land.

Kelli  14:13 

Chris  14:14 
So which is your favorite land?

Kelli  14:16 
My favorite land? I’m gonna say Liberty Square. Liberty square just because this it has my favorite ride.

Chris  14:25 
Okay, good.

Kelli  14:26 
Okay, what’s your favorite?

Chris  14:28 
Main street USA. Just for nostalgia. I love walking into the park on Main Street USA. either direction good vibe. Yeah. I just I love to sit on the sidewalk and watch the world go by. Yeah, I’m with you on that.

Kelli  14:43 
I enjoy Main Street USA as well. But I prefer Haunted Mansion.

Chris  14:50 
Okay. Well, it’s well, I think that’s a very valid and I like the meatless meatloaf at Liberty tavern. Okay, so I can’t wait for Columbia harbor house. Come back.

Kelli  14:59 
So there we go. But win win for everybody. Yeah. Okay. All right.

Chris  15:03 
So you’ve got tomorrowland you’re very excited.

Kelli  15:06 
I am very excited and let’s just hope I make it through it. Yeah.

Chris  15:08 
Okay. Okay,

Kelli  15:09 
So we’re gonna hit Disney Springs today. And we’re gonna go to Frontera Cocina. Okay, which roughly translates as border kitchen, meaning like the Mexico border like kitchen at the border kind of a that’s kind of a situation. All right. So there are so many great restaurants at Disney Springs. Like how are we supposed to eat them all?

Chris  15:28 
How are we? I know.

Kelli  15:31 
I don’t know how we’re supposed to eat them all. But this is a great one that honestly I’ve never even considered and now I feel so bad about having never considered it really know how much I love a Mexican restaurant. Sure. You know I do. So this one open in 2016. Chef Rick Bayless is a seven times James Beard award winner Oh my word right. So there’s that. Now he owns the restaurant and he you know, obviously designed the menu and what have you but the day to day operations are run by the same people that run the Mexico Pavilion. Okay. Okay. But everybody says that it’s so much better than the Mexican. I think it is a different level up.

Chris  16:11 
No, most restaurants outside the parks are another level.

Kelli  16:14 
Yeah, well, I mean from a price perspective, too. So the Orlando Sentinel has called this Mexican magnificence. So magnificence, did I pronounce that correctly? Okay. And reviewers say it’s the best Mexican food on Disney property, including the Mexico pavilion like it’s that much better than the Mexico Pavilion. Reservations are suggested. And you get they have some specials they have $5 Margarita Monday $5 tequila shot Tuesday and $5 mezcal shots for wild Wednesday. They have a mixologist on staff. Oh, nice. Isn’t that exciting? Yes. And you know they have you know, just to give you an ideal price range there taco entrees are about $20 there are other regular entrees are about $30 and desserts are nine.

Chris  17:01 
Okay, so it’s it’s better than your average Mexican fare, but still doable.

Kelli  17:06 
Yeah, very, it’s doable. Okay, so I’m gonna run through some of the things I saw on the menu it I am looking at a pared down COVID menu, but it’s still got so many good things on here. I can’t read the whole menu. So for starters, they have Chipotle a chicken Flauta. I love a flauta man. I love a flauta. And so these flautas are crispy chipolte like chicken tortilla flowers, roasted tomato, avocado, salsa crema and cotija cheese nice. with fresh herbs nice. They also have a Queso fundido I mean, can you go wrong with that and that is served with roasted poblanos caramelized onions and warm corn tortillas. They have three different types of guacamole. And so their salsa is is described as a smoky Chipotle Herby salsa. Is that interesting? So that the guacamole and chips comes with the smoky chipotle herby salsa. And you get one of these three they have the Verde which is roasted poblanos roasted tomatillo roasted peppers, cilantro and onions. Then they have the bacon. guacamole bacon was bacon tomatillo toasted Pepitas, cilantro and onions.

Chris  18:22 
Proving yet again everything is better with bacon.

Kelli  18:25 
They also have the harvest which is fresh pomegranate, toasted walnuts, cilantro and onions. So three different guacamole is these are not tableside guacs. These are these come out of the kitchen. Okay, they got a couple of soups too. They also have what looks like a lovely salad that I could get. taqueria insalata with Arcadian lettuce poblado raw has now hang on to that one for a second. We’ll come back to that carrot radish, avocado crunchy tortilla strips cotija cheese, avocado lime vinegar, right let me just say radish is a very underrated veggie. I love a radish especially in a salad like super crunch. But the poblado raw has. These are creamy strips of pavano peppers, tomato peppers that are sauteed in a cream sauce like a heavy cream sauce on a salad. Um, so for this you can add protein like if that’s your thing. And so then let’s look at the the tacos. Okay, they’ve got some really cool tacos. They have grilled chipotle chicken tacos. Choriso con Papa’s tacos, Carne Asada tacos. They have Hello, garlicky mushroom and eggplant tacos.

Chris  19:35 

Kelli  19:36 
You see what I’m saying, like there’s some stuff on here for me. Roasted portobello mushrooms and eggplant and slow cooked garlic mezcal, mojo goat cheese, garlicky red bean refritos with poblano Rojas and chipotle salsa, again with the poblano rajas.

Chris  19:52 
There’s just there’s just a waterfall of words coming out of your mouth that are delicious.

Kelli  19:58 
Cheese and cheese. And cheese, cheese. Those poblano rajas I’ve got to have those. Okay, must have must have. Okay, so let’s get down to the main entrees.

Chris  20:11 
Oh gosh.

Kelli  20:12 
That’s that was just the taco entree. You got the shrimp mojo de ajo, which is pan roasted Florida pink shrimp with mojo de ajo which is slow cooked garlic, olive oil, lime and Chipotle, plaintain rice, grilled calabasitas, and warm corn tortillas. That sounds fun, right?

Chris  20:35 
Sounds delicious.

Kelli  20:36 
So this next word I had to pronounce this is Oxacan. Oxacan mole chicken.

Chris  20:43 
Oh yes, this is it.

Kelli  20:46 
You know what this is? crispy half chicken. Oxacan red mole, plantain rice and warm corn tortillas? I feel like that’s got your name on it.

Chris  20:55 
It’s that’s got to be awesome.

Kelli  20:57 
cochinita the bill? I know I’d screwed that up. I’m so sorry. That did not my Spanish didn’t go that deep. That’s a pork dish. Oxacan green Mole grilled snapper? Oh, this has got your herby grilled snapper Oxacan green mole tomatillo and herbs, white beans, plantain rice, spicy salad greens and warm corn tortillas. I googled this Oxacan stuff, that is a region in Mexico. Yes. That is widely known for their gastronomical prowess. Oh, yeah.

Chris  21:35 

Kelli  21:36 
right. So this is like, elevated right to a different level Carne Asada. Right with your Black Angus steak, black bean gray freak those with case of fresco carmelize plantains and Crema de cotija Cheese. That sounds fantastic, right?

Chris  21:52 
It does.

Kelli  21:53 
Red chili, chicken enchiladas and carnitas. Nice. Right. So again, this is a pared down menu.

Chris  22:02 
Yeah. A lot of things. Yes.

Kelli  22:04 
So they normally have more tacos. And they normally have a section of tortillas, which is sandwiches like a grilled sandwich. Yeah. But so this is a pared down menu. They’ve got some really interesting sides. garlicky red bean refritos, fried plantains and arroz con plantains.

Chris  22:21 
yeah, nice.

Kelli  22:22 
I’m loving the plantain thing. That’s not something you normally see it or at a you know, traditional Mexican restaurant.

Chris  22:27 
Yeah, sure.

Kelli  22:28 
This many plaintain options. Okay, so let’s we’re going to hit the drinks before I get to the desserts with one dessert that is going to just put you right over the top. Even though we’ve already eaten pie on Pi Day. This is gonna put you right over the top. So first of all, they have a lot of different tequila options. They have tequila flights. They have a lot of different mezcal options. But so let’s talk about a couple of the margaritas. The smoky pineapple. Ginger, pineapple juice. Illegal espardine mezcal. Oh wow. ancho reeze chili lacor and a black and salt rim. Do you think that’s really illegal or do you think that’s the name of the liquor? illegal? Yeah. Okay.

Chris  23:11 
They use it over at La Cava de Tequila too.

Kelli  23:14 
Okay. They also have a margarita called Frida. And again, this is going to be your Frida Khalo. Right? Who I love right? Um, so for all these things, Frida references, Casa dragones Blanco tequila. rosae petal lacouture rs probably rose petal core lemon juice, pomegranate cordial surf they rose petals, salt rim nice. I want the rose petals. Salt rim?

Chris  23:40 
Yeah, I bet you do.

Kelli  23:42 
Play with fire. fresh lime juice, gavai nectar, cucumber, jalapeno juice, hibiscus salt, Ram and your choice of oho de t gray mezcal, or trumba Blanco tequila.

Chris  23:53 
Yeah, I think these folks and the folks over at la cava are swimming in the same pool.

Kelli  23:58 
Yeah, yeah. Sounds they are And they’ve got one particular cocktail that I think looks cool. It’s the Mexican coffee Nick Ronnie. grassy, grassy has a deal’s? 100% they got a gin aperol sweet vermouth, barking irons. Applejack and coffee liqour. Gracias a dias 100% de agave gin, I’m for that. And beverages. They serve topo Chico. My love for topo Chico runs deep does and they got it at this restaurant.

Chris  24:29 
That’s true.

Kelli  24:32 
Their mezcals are served with grasshoppers in an orange wedge in a traditional Villa Dora. I don’t even want to…

Chris  24:40 
Yeah, I know.

Kelli  24:40 
Here’s your desert. Quatro leches

Chris  24:44 
Oh my word

Kelli  24:46 
Sponge cake soaked with four milks, three whipped cream, toasted coconut, fresh blackberries and a lime zest.

Chris  24:55 
Do we know what the fourth milk is?

Kelli  24:57 
I don’t Gosh, they also have a flan de queso So, which is a cheesecake flan. And an ancho chili chocolate cake.

Chris  25:10 
How do we how do we get off of homecoming?

Kelli  25:13 
That’s the hard part, right? You basically have to roll me out of homecoming because I eat so much. And then we walk past that, and I always think Ooh, Mexican, but like, what are the chances I could ever shove that down?

Chris  25:25 
Next time. Next time we go, we don’t do how we somehow we avoid homecomin? Oh, no, no, no, we go to the shinebar. Just get our tea and walk over to this place.

Kelli  25:37 
You know that it’s not going to happen. We’re gonna do homecoming. We’re gonna do frontera cocina and we’re gonna do Gideon’s. We’re going to be miserable.

Chris  25:49 
Miserable. Oh, boy. Sounds like a good time. We’re gonna make a turn and go to world showcase. See my hat?

Kelli  26:00 
I did see your hat. Snakes. Why does it have to be snake snakes?

Chris  26:04 
Why does it have to be snakes? Okay, so I was listening to a one of my favorite podcasts in the world. It’s called movie crush. With host Chuck Bryant, I recommend it. And they their most recent episode was on Raiders of the Lost Ark. Have you ever actually seen Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Kelli  26:25 
definitely seen parts of it? Yeah,

Chris  26:26 
I have a feeling you never seen the whole thing. And we might have to remedy that saying, gosh,

Kelli  26:31 
you say that about so many movies?

Chris  26:34 
This one is great.

Kelli  26:36 
I think I’ve seen great movie.

Chris  26:37 
I’m pretty sure well, I think it’s time to say it again. So and then.

Kelli  26:43 
That sounds so exhausting. And so sit down and watch a movie right now with the to do list being so long.

Chris  26:49 
Well, here’s what it is. So also, there’s a fifth Indiana Jones coming out? I can’t even believe Yes. Harrison Ford with Harrison Ford. Wow, Summer of 2022 is the current expected day. It’ll be the last entry in Indiana Jones. There had been some talk Steven Spielberg sort of wanted to do a James Bond kind of thing where it just runs forever. You just find new actors. But they decided you know what? Here the only Indiana Jones is going to be Harrison Ford. He’s, he’ll be almost at when this next one comes out. And I mean, even in the first one, which was, what 40 years ago.

Kelli  27:34 
Oh my goodness. He must’ve been an infant.

Chris  27:37 
But the thing is, he was playing like an old broke down guy then.

Kelli  27:41 
I mean, he wasn’t broke down. He was a college professor.

Chris  27:44 
But he but to me, he had to run some of that and he didn’t run like a Spry young and as all I’m saying.

Kelli  27:49 
I don’t know that most college professors run like a Spry Youngin.

Chris  27:52 
Well, he wasn’t he wasn’t Spry anyway. So yeah, so there, it’ll be the last one. It’s got to be better than that last one. They made the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull thing everybody wants to forget. So listening to this podcast that I love, and reading up on the new movie just made me super nostalgic for the Indiana Jones epic stunt spectacular Hollywood studio. Okay, I really have a soft place in my heart for that thing. I feel like I don’t I don’t can’t remember, if you and I have actually ever done that.

Kelli  28:28 
We have Yeah, we have for sure.

Chris  28:31 
But it seems to be either down or when we’re there or it’s definitely been down during pandemic. Yeah. And so there’s constantly rumors that this thing is going to go away altogether. It’s been around since October 25 1989. So this show is 32 years old. Wow. Yeah, they only shut it down for like six months in the year 2000 to do some like maintenance and a few adjustments to it. Otherwise, it’s, it’s, it’s never changed at all.

Kelli  29:01 

Chris  29:03 
And so it sort of popped back up in the Disney conversation here recently because Disney has filed permits with like one of his construction company who does a lot of the work for Disney to go in there and start doing some work in the theater. And so there’s Does this mean that they’re, you know, they’re just doing maintenance getting it ready to open back up? Or are they overhauling overhauling it?

Kelli  29:31 
Last time we were in there? Like it didn’t work? Right,

Chris  29:34 
if I remember correctly, they had definitely taken some elements of the show out there early. There’s some of those early scenes of the show. They didn’t they just didn’t do I remember

Kelli  29:42 
you saying all the ball is supposed to do exactly.

Chris  29:45 
Yeah, exactly. And it didn’t. Right. Yeah. So So yeah. So there’s there’s some question about the devil into some work in there. But what are they doing? Are they just getting it ready? I find it hard to believe that they would Be shuttering, shuttering it this close to the 50th. Right. When halfway through the 50th celebration, which is going to go 18 months, a new Indiana Jones movie is going to come out. Right. So that that doesn’t really make sense to me. What I would love to see them do is update it. Yeah. What’s the new scenes and storylines and things of that nature, which don’t have to work that hard. This is basically Raiders of the Lost Ark that they’re doing. Right? So So what is it for anybody that hasn’t had the pleasure, there is a spoiler situation that I’m not going to touch at all. Anybody did, by chance, if somebody hasn’t been to this thing. This so this is our 2000 seat, outdoor theater, they could definitely open this up and physical distance, right? super easy. In fact, they’re they recently opened it up as another restaurants rest location, or where you can take your mass interest, which is a great idea. Yeah. This incorporates a massive 100 ton moving set. So it makes it one of the largest mobile time Yeah, 100 times, it makes it one of the largest if not the largest mobile stage set in the world. Okay, and so it is pretty incredible. When you first go in there and you feel the ambience of the theater. It feels like you’re almost it’s open air, but all covered all indoor. And then the first scene sort of happened and they roll the whole stage away. Yeah. And now you’re outside again. Yeah, it’s wild to me. And incorporates acrobatics, choreographed fights, legit explosions. Yeah, sound effects that make you jump which I totally appreciate. Because one of the unsung awesomeness about the original Raiders of the Lost Art was the Foley artists that did all the sound they created these great sounds for landing punches in the movie that nobody had ever sort of done before Okay, and they they incorporate that into this show, a 12 foot diameter 440 pound giant rolling ball that is intent on crushing in the in this show. And so the idea is that you get a backstage look at the making of making the stunts performance on the most iconic scenes from the Anam Jones Raiders The Lost Ark, Disney describes it as watch live as the daring duo Indian Marian then leads from the first movie. Dodge deadly traps battle the bad guys leap from tall buildings and make thrilling escape straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The edge of your seat suspense ends with a Dinah de dynamite finale. And along the way, you see how the stunts are performed. So it’s a lot of fun that the the scenes from the movie that they they reenact first of all were introduced to nd right at the beginning of the show because he literally falls down out of the rafters right which is like you hear this crack. You see this like boards or something fall out of the rafters and then here comes this guy literally free falling right guy. It’s absolutely crazy. And then he winds his way through we’re in we’re in a temple obviously. And he winds his way through all the booby traps that spring up out of the floor and axes and finally the ball chases him and literally looks like it crushes them right the director runs in and like you’re right you’re right right because these are all stunt doubles for the actual characters. Right? They they pull volunteers from the audience to play as extras Yeah. There’s a there’s they’re running from there’s another scene where they’re the street scene in in Cairo in the movie where indies running around trying to rescue made. I Keep wanting to call her Maid Marian. That’s Robin Hood. We mentioned we’re moving which boxes your brain

Kelli  34:03 
Our brains are in the same box.

Chris  34:07 
So the street fight scene is a lot of fun because there’s tons of choreographed fighting, there’s guys falling off of rooftops. He’s using his whip to to latch on the rails and swing from platform to platform. Then there’s the iconic airplane scene where this basically and I’m stealing verbage from movie crows here where there’s this this Series of Unfortunate Events while Indy is fighting this big huge German guy and Marian is stuck inside of the plane. This plane of full size plane is rolling through the theater. She’s firing guns, setting off fireworks, and then there’s this ultimately ends in this explosion. There’s a scene in there where we see this Jeep driving across the stage, and it explodes and flips over onto its roof. It’s a thrilling show, and you can literally feel the heat from the flames and all. And all along the way they’re stopping to sort of tell you how they do all these things in the movies, right? I, I hope that they don’t decide to close it. And if they do, I want them to put something noisy in there. Because there’s actually a an ambience element in the rest of the park. When you hear what’s going on inside the theater over there.

Kelli  35:37 
Maybe they’ll redo it to feature Marian.

Chris  35:45 
We’re in we’re in the they make it

Kelli  35:47 
a strong woman. We’re not. We’re celebrating Marian. Yeah.

Chris  35:52 
I mean, if it was Tomb Raider, then we could absolutely do that. But it’s not. It’s Indiana Jones.

Kelli  35:59 
Marian is good. Marion’s Great. Great. She’s great. Why wouldn’t you want it to feature Marian? Why do you hate women?

Chris  36:09 
It does feature. But it’s in big, bold letters across the front of the theater. Indiana Jones,

Kelli  36:15 
Indiana Jones get saved by Marian.

Chris  36:19 
It’s not a thing that happens. Let’s you know another wonderful thing about keeping the amphitheater as an amphitheater is that it absorbs crowd if there’s anything that Hollywood Studios needs right now it’s crowd absorbing. So what do you think they ought to do with the show?

Kelli  36:37 
Just keep talking, your music is played. This is a 10 minute segment,

Chris  36:40 
what’s your favorite part? through like, you can just take up as much. I can do what I want. But with that cue, that’s it for this week. We We hope you enjoyed this week’s show. We’re gonna try to keep it together and do another one next week. And the week after that. Who knows what’s gonna happen, but hey, go out to iTunes earn 20 points in our contest, or 20 entries in our contest by leaving us a rating and a review.

Kelli  37:12 
Yes, and if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast.  We are not going to have a bonus episode this week. I’m not even gonna try to promise it did I mentioned we’re moving.

Chris  37:28 
We tried to we promised that we would try last week and we didn’t even do that. So I’m sorry. So it’ll happen eventually. But look, stay engaged with us on social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. We’re at SCFADP on the first three and we’re supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcasts on YouTube. The more the merrier out there, man. Yes, we would love to hear from you. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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