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Disney News (3/7), The awesome Teddy Roosevelt Lounge at Tokyo’s DisneySea, and why you should never skip the Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea carts at WDW

Episode 11

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Photo (c) Tokyo DisneySea

This week we travel to Tokyo DisneySea to explore the Teddy Roosevelt lounge – an amazing tribute to the 26th President of the United States. This lounge includes 10 pages of wall-to-wall cocktails and specialty drinks, as well as some yummy snacks and appetizers. Enjoy the leather chairs and dark mahogany walls as you take a break from the theme parks. After that quick trip overseas, we’ll give you several awesome reasons not to skip the Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea carts at Walt Disney World! All that and more, on this week’s show.

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Show notes:

Moana-Themed Rooms at Poly Revealed! OMG I love them.

Disneyland is free to open on April 1st!!!!

Tron Lightcycle Canopy is nearly complete

Police Reports Point to Abuse of Cast Members Attempting to Enforce COVID-19 Safety Protocols at WDW

Entrance Plaza at Epcot is done and it is FABULOUS!

The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea:


Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hello out there podcast family Welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:51 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:52 
Kelli you are wearing United Kingdom glory from head to toe.

Kelli  1:02 
Glory from head to toe. This is my Her Ladyship mug I’ve got on my United Kingdom ears United Kingdom Brilliant tank with a with a with matching ears t shirt cardigan. I also have a brilliant coffee tumbler but I didn’t bring that because I wanted the Her Ladyship glass.

Chris  1:20 
Well, that’s how we view you around here anyway.

Kelli  1:22 
Right? So I went full United Kingdom today.

Chris  1:25 
Is that forecasting anything?

Kelli  1:27 
It’s not really United Kingdom related. Okay. But you’ll get the gist once we get there.

Chris  1:33 
Fair enough. Hey, so just like every week I like to talk about where we got downloads from this week. Bryant, Arkansas. Oh, and I’m gonna butcher this next one. hockessin Delaware. Hi. hockessin. How do you spell that? h o ck. hotrock. quite clearly Harley. e s s i n? I mean definitely ends in hockessin. hockessin hockessin. Delaware?

Kelli  1:59 
Yes. Sorry, Delaware. If we screwed that up. We tried.

Chris  2:03 
Hialeah Gardens, Florida.

Kelli  2:05 

Chris  2:06 
I love that. That’s the name of that little Township. And going back to Spain, Madrid, Spain.

Kelli  2:13 
Madrid tonight. Excellent.

Chris  2:16 
We’ve been very Spanish the last two weeks. Nice.

Kelli  2:19 
I love it. Madrid Spain. Yes.

Chris  2:23 
So hey, when we launched our contest last week.

Kelli  2:26 
We did Yes.

Chris  2:27 
And people have jumped right in.

Kelli  2:28 
Didn’t you say after like two days? We had 4000 entries? Yeah.

Chris  2:31 
So we I think we ended the we ended the last contest with like 3000, or maybe just a little bit more than that entries. We wiped out all the likes and the comments and all that those entries bring allowed people to keep their points for following us on Twitter, following us on Facebook, etc,

Kelli  2:50 
leaving reviews and things of that nature.

Chris  2:54 
leaving those entries carried over, but we’re already to 4000 or plus entries. So

Kelli  3:02 
awesome. I’m so excited about that. Yeah, we’ve

Chris  3:04 
got like 250 people that are now in the contest. 4000 entries. That sounds great.

Kelli  3:10 
And a lot of new names that I didn’t see last time.

Chris  3:12 
Yeah. Sure. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

Yep, absolutely. Keep playing. love to see some reviews out there on iTunes. That would be awesome. It’s a win win for everybody. It is a win win for everybody. Okay, you ready for Main Street? I’m ready. Awesome. So okay. I’m actually going to do those two things last year. Actually, the entertainment news. We’re gonna do last resort news. We got some sneak peeks into the Moana themed Polynesia.

Kelli  3:39 
I loved it. I loved it.

Chris  3:42 
Really? Oh, beautiful. They’re beautiful. Beautiful. It’s not It’s not catified like no, no pirates and princesses rooms over great. These are really beautiful.

Kelli  3:54 
Nice. I mean, I didn’t think the poly was that outdated. I didn’t either. But then when you see these updates, gorgeous. Yeah.

Chris  4:00 
Gorgeous. They’ve done a great yeah. I hope they do this eventually with the DVC rooms. Oh,

Kelli  4:06 
yeah, absolutely.

Chris  4:09 
Park news. Sort of a bummer article in the Orlando Sentinel came out that talked about how a cast members have dealt with such abuse from guests in the parks while trying to enforce COVID restrictions. I mean, being spit on pushed obviously berated sometime yet on it on a one on one guest actually got so upset. He tried to take the gun out of the holster of a of an Orlando cop. Oh my god. Yes. So just I mean it especially like now at this point. You know, what do we expect if you’re gonna change?

Kelli  4:53 
Yeah, no, you know what to expect last fall. But still Yeah. If you’re not willing to

Chris  4:57 
deal with the don’t go to dance.

Kelli  4:59 
Don’t go. Yes stay at home if you don’t want to mask stay at home. Yeah, I don’t get that

Chris  5:04 
any you know and that goes for any time you’re in the parks whether it’s pandemic or not chose to go to Disney World they have rules right all the rules man a Disney Land opens April the first

Kelli  5:19 
I saw that so happy for the California

Chris  5:21 
so happy for them mean along with like other event venues and universal also opens out there. Obviously some caveats masks and other measures are still gonna be required, like physical distancing. And the county that those those parks are located as venues are located in have to have achieved a certain level of progress in terms of new cases and that sort of thing. So they had to be out of the most urgent here of that or they can open okay. And probably attendance no more than 15% to 35% last saw Walt Disney World in Florida is 30 to 35%. So yeah, I’m Tron lightcycle which is coming to Magic Kingdom the canopy this amazing beautiful light show lightshow of a canopy right is almost finished. It’s freestanding now and you can see what it’s gonna be. It’s like a cool it’s really cool. Yeah.

Kelli  6:23 

Chris  6:24 
really cool looking. also really cool looking is the entrance Plaza at Epcot has been finished. Yes,

there are so photos.

Kelli  6:32 
Great job.

Chris  6:33 
Yeah, there’s seriously the there are some photos out there of it at night because it debuted just this past week. And the the new lighting packages like around the outer exterior of the entry Plaza, the fountain The music is really, really well done and really beautiful.

Kelli  6:55 
Did you see the lady that compose the music? No. Like they have composed new music for all the worlds at Epcot.

Chris  7:04 
Oh, that’s awesome. So

Kelli  7:05 
it does. I think it was Zach posted a picture this past week of if you’re wondering who develops the music for the world, and it was her and she was sitting in front of her computer like composing. Oh, how cool is that? Cool.

Chris  7:18 
Great job.

Kelli  7:19 
Yes. Obviously she didn’t do it by herself. But still Yeah, like that’s a cool gig.

Chris  7:24 
That’s a really cool.

Kelli  7:25 
What are you working on today? Oh, I’m just composing some new intro music to Epcot. Nothing major, just everybody in the free world is gonna hear it when they come to Epcot over the next 10 years.

Chris  7:35 
Exactly right. They also last week we talked about how they installed new flagpoles in the entry Plaza. They raised the flags, these are flags that fly the symbols that were that were created years ago for the different Pavilion. Yeah, so world showcase flag is up the land, the seas, Spaceship Earth, imagination and world emotion. Okay, so those are, I remember, like, going down to Epcot, one of those first times after it opened and trying to memorize those logos, all those Oh, wow pavilions and so sort of threw me back to see all of them up on those flags. Okay, so entertainment, huh? Raya? Raya came out on Friday. I loved it.

Kelli  8:23 
I loved it so much. No spoilers.

Chris  8:25 
No, no, no spoilers.

Kelli  8:27 
But I can say what I loved about it without spoilers. Okay, so I loved that the dragons and the humans work together right in the world, not just in the movie, like in the world, they work together. So it’s not like the humans riding the dragon, or the Romans conquering the dragons or whatever. No, they work together. Everybody lives independently in harmony. And I loved that.

Chris  8:49 

Kelli  8:51 
I also loved that Raya was raised as a strong woman by her dad. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, naturally, they didn’t even wait until the movie to kill the mom, the mom and mom’s mom doesn’t even exist. In true Disney fashion, let’s just don’t even cast her. But so. But I love that he raised her to be a strong woman.

Chris  9:12 
Yeah, absolutely. It was. It was great. It was great. It’s not a musical musical. But I’ll be honest, I didn’t. I didn’t feel that until the end of the movie, and the music with the credits. And I’m realizing Oh, wait, this is like the first one. We’ve heard other than the score, which is I mean, it was perfectly fine. It was great. Yes. Fantastic. It was a lag. Maybe there were some good one liners. Yeah, yeah. really got the you got the message. Probably got to see it twice to catch all the lines. Yeah, it was. Yeah, those kids really pop out some one liners really fast. So it was great. It was a great movie. I loved it.

Kelli  9:51 
Yep. Big fan.

Chris  9:52 
Big fan. Classic. Yeah, we’re classic in our house, I’m sure. And also the one division finale loved it. I love all things Marvel anyway.

Kelli  10:04 
You know, I’m not as Marvel as you are, right? I mean, like, I enjoy the Marvel movies, but I can also you know not go. Sure, right? I know enough about the Marvel Universe honestly just to piss you off because I get all my facts wrong. But this one like I didn’t have to know all the details to still enjoy it. You probably enjoyed it more than I did. Because you got all the low references. But I loved I loved the series.

Chris  10:32 
Yeah, so I loved the series such an original idea. So fun allows me to do some things that I know they need. People like to see happen in comic books a lot. And, and I think that they did a really good job of setting up what the future holds for these characters. So I thought I loved it so much. I thought it honest, honestly, I thought it was genius. I thought I thought the whole the whole thing. Yeah, genius genius level writing acting’s just general storytelling.

Kelli  11:03 
Absolutely was great. pure genius. Yes.

Chris  11:06 
So okay, well, that’s our that’s our main street, and we highly recommend RIAA. And yes, and then I’ve got a friend that’s going to now binge all of one division at one time, and now I’m jealous of him. Well, you can go back and back and binge on it, but I know what’s gonna happen.

Kelli  11:24 
You might catch more, though. Am I now that you know what’s gonna happen?

Chris  11:28 
There’s definitely lots of Easter eggs in there.

Kelli  11:30 
yes, absolutely. I loved

Chris  11:32 
Okay. All right. Well, let’s see what Mickey’s forehead is holding for. Me.

Kelli  11:40 
All right, come on. Mickey. What question you got for us this week, man.

Chris  11:43 
Gosh, we got another bathroom.

Kelli  11:44 
You know what? I think our bathroom segments are probably you know, one for the books.

Chris  11:48 
But don’t think we were gonna know as much about this one. Okay, best bathroom at Hollywood Studios.

Kelli  11:55 
Best bathroom at Hollywood Studios. Okay, this is interesting. Best bathroom at Hollywood Studios. Do you have one right off the top of your head?

Chris  12:08 
Not really quite. I’m gonna go with I’m gonna go with this is so they’re all. I’m gonna go with the ones in in galaxies edge.

Kelli  12:20 
I thought you would. Okay. Yeah. So go ahead. I’ll let you have that one.

Chris  12:22 
It could have mainly because they’re the newest.

Kelli  12:25 
Yeah, but the details.

Chris  12:26 
Right. They look like they’re part of it. The deed. I love how much Disney will put into details even for a bathroom. Yeah, right. These bathrooms just like the rest of galaxy says our little are made to look like they are broke down and beat up and tore up and dirty. The bathroom is designed to look dirty. If you design a bathroom to look dirty. You work overtime to make sure people know it’s not.

Kelli  12:54 
Well, it’s got top of the line technology. Everybody gets their own Dyson dryer.

Chris  13:00 
That’s Yes. Yes. That’s right. That’s right. So you go overboard to make sure that it is not actually dirty. Because if people look at it, they’re gonna think, Oh, this is dirty. Yeah.

Kelli  13:09 
So I’m gonna go with the bathrooms that are as you’re walking down. I know it’s not called Main Street but

Chris  13:16 
the main drag all the way down to

Kelli  13:19 
Yes. On your

Chris  13:20 
right Hollywood Tower on your right. There are some bathrooms they’re sort of off the side. They’re very popular bathrooms. But it’s like right across from Rosie’s cafe right? Almost said those. Yeah, we use those a lot.

Kelli  13:31 
We do. It’s kind of like the restrooms near the Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom. Yeah,

Chris  13:35 

Kelli  13:35 
They’re popular bathrooms, but they keep them very clean. Yeah, absolutely right. And therefore convenient.

Chris  13:41 
I was I was gonna go with I was the one I said or that one. Yeah. Although there’s only it’s only I can only tell that it’s a women’s bathroom like there’s a new waterworks type building over near where the Muppets are.

Kelli  13:53 
Yes. Yes. It looks good, right. Yeah, we’re getting there. Right? Yeah. I’m gonna go with those off of the main drag.

Chris  14:00 
Okay. All right. Well,

Kelli  14:02 
yeah, we hope everybody’s enjoying our bathroom opinions. Mickey’s gonna ask us something different eventually.

Chris  14:08 
It’s a popular discussion on the interwebs

Kelli  14:11 
Is it really?

Chris  14:12 
Yeah. People love to talk about which bathrooms.

Kelli  14:14 
Well, I’m happy to share my opinions on bathrooms.

Chris  14:16 
I know you are. Okay. I’m excited about my tomorrowland. You ready? Okay.

Kelli  14:20 
Let’s hear it.

Chris  14:23 
Okay, I gotta go fast because there’s a lot to cover here because laying the foundation for this is important. Okay. I am going to Tokyo DisneySea. Oh, I know. Because you know how much I love a lounge. And the best lounge on planet Earth is apparently at Tokyo DisneySea.

Kelli  14:44 
I’m not gonna say anything during your segment.

Chris  14:46 
Is the teddy roosevelt lounge.

Kelli  14:49 
Yes. Yes.

Chris  14:51 
Teddy Roosevelt lounge, took his DisneySea. Here’s what they say about it on their official website raise a glass in this lounge name for an American president. On the sea deck, that’s the second floor of the SS Columbia. Is the lounge inspired by President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt, one of America’s great adventurers and leaders. The lounge serves meals cocktails and other drinks in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort that does not do it justice. Relax and enjoy the ambiance with your drink and meal. So before digging in, this absolutely is on my bucket list. Now we got to take a brief look into who Teddy Roosevelt was. This this guy was the chuck norris of the early 20th century.

Kelli  15:33 
Is it Roosevelt or Roosevelt?

Chris  15:35 
I’ve always heard Roosevelt, Roosevelt. But like, you’ve heard those jokes, like Chuck Norris doesn’t do push ups. He just pushes the whole earth down. Right? That’s this Teddy Roosevelt was that of his time, right? He was intensely curious for knowledge. Even at a young age. He’d been described as sickly, a sickly child, do you have a weak heart and asthma when he was young? A college doctor told him that he needed to live a more sedentary life, or possibly endure fatal consequences. Oh, God because of his weak heart. This is the kind of person he was he says, Doctor, I’m gonna do all the things you tell me not to do. If I’ve got to live the sort of life you described. I really don’t care how short it is. Wow. Yeah. So he led a strenuous life, which was also the title of a book he wrote in 1991. You gain major prominence nationally as a war hero for his bravery and leadership of his roughriders fighting in Cuba during the Spanish American War. Okay, my 1898. And he became the 26th, President of the United States in 1901. And he was president till 1909. He was the youngest president to ever take that office at that time. And he did so because William McKinley, the president at the time was assassinated, actually, oh, well, he was a naturalist at press for the creation of the National Park System. There’s a scene of him. Yes, American adventure. He was the first US president to win the Nobel Peace Prize because he mediated the end of the Russo Japanese war. He was the father of the modern US Navy. He would he probably he pushed for help select the site for and began the engineering for the Panama Canal, which completely changed shipping in the Western Hemisphere. He was blinded in one eye while boxing the White House. Boxing was a hobby of his. And so after that, he switched to jujitsu, because that’s what he did is he he’s the guy that he’s the reason we call the White House, the white house after he took out took office. He renamed the presidential mansion and the White House and through its doors open to people like Cowboys, prizefighters, explorers, writers, artists. He was an avid hunter, but he refused to shoot a bear cub in 1902, which inspired a toy maker to create the first stuffed bear named after him. Teddy bear, teddy bear. Teddy bear was born. He gave a campaign This is my favorite, maybe little known fact about Teddy Roosevelt. He gave a campaign speech in 1912. Immediately after having been shot in the chest by a coat revolver from five feet away.

Kelli  18:13 
Oh, my goodness.

Chris  18:14 
They tried to take directly to the hospital, but he said no, no, I’m going to give this speech. He literally like he’s sitting in whatever they were carrying him and he coughed in his hands to check to see if he was coughing up board. And he didn’t so he assumed he wasn’t hurt all that badly. Although he gave the speech with a bloody shirt and a bullet lodged in his chest. Oh my goodness, the speech he was going to give was on on paper in his jacket and that helped to deaden the impact of the bullet.

Kelli  18:44 
Oh my goodness.

Chris  18:45 
So this guy was the was the absolute personification of grit and effort and sweat combined with mahogany hardwoods, fine Corinthian leather, cigars and good brandy by a fireplace. Okay, and that’s what this lounge celebrates. Yes. Okay. It’s dark. It’s all hard woods. With with the floors are actually pinch dried with thinner scenes of lighter hardwood. It’s beautiful. It looks a little bit naval which is why I’m sure they put this on a boat right on a ship because he was the father of the Navy. It’s got little images to him all over the place. Little and Diego Mars is to Teddy Roosevelt. The it’s got this beautiful classic bar. But the top of it is supported by four handcarved grizzly bears that are standing upright, holding up the top of the bar were like the glasses and stuff hanging down. There are paintings of Rosario around the entire place depicting him at various times of his life as a boxer as a cowboy, a soldier and a president. There are Oh all the all the seats that are the boots and the chairs of these Oh Stuff highly textured leather seats. You know, like, just like you can imagine seeing in a dark, like a speakeasy bar, you know,

Kelli  20:09 
Why don’t we do stuff like that in the states?

Chris  20:12 
Why don’t we? you know what I got? I got a lot of this from the awesome people at Disney tourists blog, obviously. Okay, yeah. And they literally went on a tangent in the blog talking about how, you know, we all love Disney but when you go to one of these places like this, you feel gypped out of out of this kind of stuff for the states. Yeah, yeah. So the tables are all hardwood, you know, thick, nice hardwood tables. There are busts of different game animals around the bar around the outside. Gosh, yes. Well, that was him, you know, libraries in the era of hardbound books on the walls. The centerpiece of this thing is is a is this ornate hearth fireplace. And around the fire sitting out in front of the fireplace are these big overstuffed leather couches. And above that is a rotunda with a mural in it celebrating the life and legacy of Teddy Roosevelt. It’s it’s, it is one of those beautiful bars and lounges I’ve ever seen in pictures.

Kelli  21:24 
Like do you think when Teddy Roosevelt was alive that he thought you know, one day the restaurant that memorializes me will be in Tokyo?

Chris  21:32 
I’m sure he did not. He was the first president though to leave the United States while he was president. I don’t know that he went down. I can’t remember where he went. But you can get food here. Although it’s really a place for like adults to come and take a load off with a nice cocktail. The menu features 10 full stuffed pages of cocktails, the bartenders know how to make everyone hilarious. for food. It really only features three main like entree items, and they’re in two of those are sandwiches and honestly it’s it’s priced like counter service out in the park. Okay, yeah, right. But um, it’s great, though, the most, the most exciting one of those. None of them are vegetarian friendly. And it’s a bummer but I mean,

Kelli  22:23 
He was not vegetarian.

Chris  22:27 
Certainly not gonna be there. But the most exciting one to me is the fried prawn sandwich. Which looks like a like a small lobster frankly. Oh my gosh, looks like amazing. They do have a number of small plates or appetizers though they’ve got a smoked salmon and shrimp. spring roll, which looked amazing. peshitta salami and dried fruit dish. There’s a hot vegetable salad with anchovy sauce.

Kelli  22:56 
Oh anchovy sauce.

Chris  22:58 
With at least pescatarian but Caesar salad with soft boiled eggs. cheese fondue baguette.

Kelli  23:06 
There you go. That’s vegetarian. Boom. We see you Teddy Roosevelt.

Chris  23:11 
The very nice thing is beef jerky, which is such a teddy roosevelt thing. assorted olives you get a you need a tray of assorted olives or mixed nuts or clam chowder.

Kelli  23:19 

Chris  23:20 
they also have a cheesecake with frozen Casees smilk, which is a popular new thing and bars, a tea chiffon cake with vanilla ice cream mousse and a seasonal parfait that will also serve as a souvenir glass. This parfait is that under sells it. This is like the most awesome Sunday ice cream sundae you’ve ever seen there? It is the spaghetti Sundae.

Kelli  23:45 
Yes, that’s the spaghetti sundae I talked about.

Chris  23:49 
This place is amazing. It looks it looks like if if Teddy Roosevelt and Ricardo montalban had had a bar baby and this is what it produced. And this is where you know dos exes, the most interesting man in the world hangs out every night.

Kelli  24:09 
Oh yeah. No, that’s a great way to describe. You know why I love Teddy Roosevelt?

Chris  24:14 
Why? Don’t say Teddy Ruxpin.

Kelli  24:17 
Oh, no, no, no, because Brene brown uses his quote, daring his Daring Greatly quote in her book Daring Greatly, like her whole book is built off of Teddy Roosevelt’s quote.

Chris  24:28 
As with everybody, because people are complicated, right? There’s, there are some complicated things about Teddy Roosevelt that would not be seen as appropriate today. Sure.

Kelli  24:41 
Well, he’s human.

Chris  24:43 
And this was, this was literally the late 1800s. Early 1900s was when his prominence but I gotta say, I gotta read some more about this guy, he seems incredible.

Kelli  24:52 
You are way over time here. This is a 10 minute segment.

Chris  24:54 
I’m sorry. I got really excited about Teddy Roosevelt. Okay, you ready for World Showcase?

Kelli  25:01 
We’re doing a hard left. Talk about the Joffrey’s carts.

Just bringing it down. Bring it down about 2000 degrees here you are just on fire for Teddy Roosevelt. And I would like to talk about the job freeze cards. So first of all, there’s at least one Joffrey’s carts in everything Park. Yeah. Okay. And we’re gonna visit a few of my favorites. At least one.

Chris  25:30 
It feels like there’s a dozen in every part.

Kelli  25:33 
There’s not, there’s actually not. We’re gonna talk about some of my favorite Joffrey’s carts. Okay, and then their specialty drinks. So first of all, a lot of them offer specialty beverages unique to that location.

Chris  25:44 
Yeah. Okay,

Kelli  25:44 
So you can’t get the same beverages like at every Joffrey’s cart. I like that. Yes. They also have specialty doughnuts that are specific to the location. And when I say donuts, I want you to think about like donuts as big as your hand.

Chris  26:00 
Yeah, these things are massive donut and as thick as an encyclopedia.

Kelli  26:05 
Oh, my goodness, these things are huge. And they don’t skimp on the toppings. Like they’re given Everglades, a run for their money. And during the flowering garden or not the flowering garden the the art festival festival, the arts, they were doing latte donut pairings, so Wow, that’s some of the Yep. So you know, Joffrey is really does kick it up. So a lot of times people think oh, the Joffrey’s cart is just a drink cart. And you go on. You love their iced tea. Right? I mean, so we don’t pass that many Joffrey’s carts. Right? We normally stop at the Joffrey’s carts, but I wanted to talk specifically about a few. So number one, Magic Kingdom. Yeah. So I think when everybody comes into Magic Kingdom, a court based on the line that I see they hit Starbucks,

Chris  26:50 
yes. Right? No.

Kelli  26:52 
It’s Starbucks Magic Kingdom is stretched down Main Street USA from early early morning. Yes. So let me just say something there about the Starbucks First of all, yes, we all love a Starbucks. There’s nothing wrong with Starbucks. I’m for it. Okay. Starbucks will not add vodka to your coffee drink.

Chris  27:11 
Okay, valid, valid, valid, valid.

Kelli  27:15 
Starbucks also does not have these massive doughnuts. Okay. They don’t they don’t have them. So Joffrey is I believe has an edge. Not only does it have an edge there, but specifically the Joffrey is at Magic Kingdom is over in Tomorrowland right now, you always say go to Tomorrowland first go right. Everybody else go straight up to the castle, and then they turn left. Or they go straight to the Fantasyland. Yes, go right and go to Tomorrowland, this Joffrey’s cart is the revive Joffrey’s cart right in front of the Tomorrowland stage. While you’re over there, you can go ahead and hit those good bathrooms that I told you about last week. Okay? So avoid the Starbucks at all costs. So I’m having some ear issues here. My headset is sliding. So this Joffrey’s cart has two things that I think you need to pay attention to naturally, they’ve got the coffee, the tea, the lattes, cappuccinos, blah, blah, blah. They have what they call the mission to smores latte with marshmallows. You can only get this at the revive Joffrey’s in Tomorrowland. They posted on Twitter today that it’s like the fifth anniversary of this drink.

Chris  28:27 
No kidding.

Kelli  28:28 
Yes, because that Joffrey’s cart just opened a few years ago. Right. So they it has marshmallows, graham cracker cookies, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It looks amazing. So it’s on a latte. You know, and people they stop by Starbucks because they’re used to doing that, you know, in their regular lives before they enter into this world.

You’re killing an hour. Yeah. Well, instead just pop over to the revive cart, your doughnuts and a latte and go stand in line for going for Space Mountain.

Keep going and then use the good restrooms and Yes, right. So they also have an incredible frozen flame with strawberry and it’s a strawberry and passion fruit slushy. So it looks like a flame. But it’s frozen. It’s not like frozen the movie. It’s frozen like ice ice is actually frozen actually frozen. It’s only $5.49 you can add spirits to that. Hey, you do what you feel led to do at nine o’clock in the morning. I’m not judging you. Neither. Neither will Joffrey’s. Let me just say. So that one I think is the best one Magic Kingdom. I think it’s actually the only Joffrey’s cart.

Chris  29:37 
There might be another one. If there’s another one let us know.

Kelli  29:39 
Yeah, I searched I couldn’t find another one. I think Starbucks really has the market on everything to the left of main street. But that one in Tomorrowland is great. This one is one of my favorites. There are several in Hollywood Studios. Okay, my favorite Joffrey’s cart in Hollywood Studios is at the tower of terror exit. Yes. So when you come out a tower tear, it’s right there.

Chris  30:05 

Kelli  30:05 
there’s another one that’s over in front of Aerosmith, which is great too. But the one outside of tower terror is where it is.

And it’s also sneaky, good. Sneaky, good.

Chris  30:16 
There’s one back there. Totally Yes.

Kelli  30:18 
Which is why it’s one of my favorites. I can normally just walk right up in order. And so what I get there is called the kalua Tini, and this is going to be your chilled coffee, coffee with kalua Grey Goose vodka and light cream for 1199. Now, here’s the beauty of Joffrey’s cart. First of all, not only are they judging you that you’re ordering this type of a drink like an 11 not judging you not judging you. But when I walk up and say kalua teeny, the first word out of their mouth is you want to make it double. I love Joffrey’s. I love Joffrey. It’s like you people get me a Tower of Terror. Yes, I would like to make that double. Yes.

Chris  31:05 
I love that.

Kelli  31:07 
Who says no to that? I’ve asked him that before. So they also have at that cart a frozen strawberry lemon sunset, which is frozen strawberry and lemonade taught with Grey Goose vodka. That’s that when they also sell outside of Aerosmith. I think you’ve had the frozen lemonade. Yeah. They also have here at this cart the frozen shaken Jamaican. Now they have the shaking Jamaican at some of the other cards, but this one it’s frozen. And so it’s frozen cappuccino blended with Bailey’s Irish cream for 1199 That’s good. Do not sleep on the job freeze outside a Tower of Terror. Oh, I love those people. I love those people. Okay, Epcot. Okay, my favorite Joffrey’s in Epcot is between the United Kingdom and Canada. I knew you were gonna say he knew I was gonna say that. I always hit that Joffrey. Always hit that Joffrey’s cart. So right now they have some specials for they play along with all the festivals. And they have some specials for the Flower and Garden Festival. So at all of the different Joffrey’s in Epcot, because there’s four Joffrey’s at Epcot. They each have their own specials. You can hit all four Joffrey’s carts. My favorite Joffrey’s cart has the spring flurry which is frozen lemonade with fiery twist cinnamon whiskey.

Chris  32:21 
Wow, that sounds good.

Kelli  32:23 
Sounds so interesting. excited about that? over an American adventure. You get the bubbly brew, which is Jamison cold brew whiskey and coffee with a splash of coke.

Chris  32:35 
Yeah, that sounds good. Right?

Kelli  32:37 
Then go over towards Disney traders and get yourself the citrus sunrise. Which is frozen lemonade and frozen passionfruit with Mandarin vodka. Oh, man. See? Don’t sleep on Joffrey. Do not sleep on Joffrey’s. Okay, future world east.

Yes, bloomin Berry, a berry licious blend of frozen lemonade, Blackberry syrup and a splash of vodka. That one I always see the donuts.

Chris  33:11 
Yeah, no. Yeah. Yeah, your world a huge, massive, massive donut. And like things that are covered in pecans and sweet stuff.

Kelli  33:21 
Yes. But now I don’t want y’all to think that I just love Joffrey because of the alcohol. Right? Don’t get me wrong here. I also appreciate a good cup of tea. So my favorite jofra is Animal Kingdom. So at Animal Kingdom, you’ve got Joffrey’s at the entrance, and then you’ve got Joffrey’s over near Everest. And so this is the Royal Anandupur Tea Company. So it’s not a massive Joffrey sign. It’s like a cart that’s a Tea Company, you know, and the signs are all like weathered or whatever. So if you’re a tea drinker, this cart is a must do a must do. So they have so many cool specialty teas, and they use loose leaf so they scoop out the loose leaf and put it in a bag for you to put into the teeth. Isn’t that nice? I’m gonna read a couple. They have a cincher Saga, which is a delicately herbaceous Japan green, one of the world’s most extraordinary teas. A green dragon oolong, a Formosa oolong this tea stands out with its unique aroma, taste and dark cream appearance. This is my new favorite. I have to have this a psalm. TGF o p. From the maker hills, an extension of the great Himalayan range in Rong Shu. The blackish tea leaves with golden tips brew to a bright copper liqueur with a sweet musty smell and a bold musty taste.

Chris  34:48 
Oh boy, that sounds great.

Kelli  34:50 
They also serve a tart and tangy which is iced tea lemonade and a splash of sweet mandarin orange.

Chris  34:57 
Classiest Arnold Palmer ever.

Kelli  34:58 
Right, So something maybe you didn’t know about Joffrey’s. They have also created special blends for each of the higher end restaurants at Disney and and a lot of the resorts you can order this on their website at jaffery calm so you can get the Polynesian Kona blend the Vicky and Al’s Blend, the Aulani blend tusker house. The organic Peru Alto mio. I’ve seen that at Epcot. You can order all those you can also get their signature inroom French roast incured k cups Oh, that’s

Chris  35:33 
nice on their website cuz you drink that like crazy while we’re there.

Kelli  35:36 
I do. Yes, but I don’t have a Keurig anymore, I have a Nespresso, so maybe Joffrey’s You should also sell Nespresso. Yeah. Nespresso is recyclable.

Chris  35:50 
That’s awesome. Nice job Joffrey’s.

Kelli  35:53 
Don’t sleep on the Joffrey’s cart.

They’re not just there for their looks. It’s not a Bobo Starbucks.

Chris  35:59 
No, and they are bringing it.

Kelli  36:00 
Yes. Jeffrey’s really works hard.

Chris  36:02 
I like the Joffrey folks. Awesome. Okay, folks, that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the show. If you did do us a favor run out to iTunes. leave us a review out there rate us can’t tell you what that does to get the word out and bring new listeners to the show.

Kelli  36:22 
It does it really really helps you and you get entries

Chris  36:27 
or entries for iTunes reviews

Kelli  36:29 
And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. We are going to try our best to get a bonus episode out this week y’all we got some big life change happening here. So we’re gonna do our best but if we can, it’ll be on one of the resorts. Yep.

Chris  36:50 
So be on the lookout. Yeah, we’re really working hard to try to get something out for Polly was at Polly

Kelli  36:55 
I think one of the resort tours maybe we’ll post and see what anybody wants

Chris  36:58 
to say Polly or animal kingdom. Yeah, one of those two. So keep an eye out for that. Join us on all the social medias at SCFADP and go subscribe to our channel on YouTube supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Yes, we would love to hear you. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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