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Disney News (1/10), The History of the Matterhorn Bobsleds, and the Joy of La Cava del Tequila

Episode 3

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Tequila and bobsledding! This week’s episode is packed with the best margaritas at EPCOT (hint: they are not outside at the booths in Mexico) and also the BEST queso at Walt Disney World! After you’ve had margaritas and queso, take an imaginary ride down the Matterhorn at Disneyland, one of the classic and most beloved rides on Disney property. And if you’re up for a quick debate, join Chris and Kelli on this week’s Minnie Take discussing the best ride at Hollywood Studios!

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Show Notes:

The Taste of Epcot International Festival of the Arts opens January 8 (runs through Feb 22)
○ Source:
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is ending permanently on Jan. 24th 🙁
○ Source:
Tomorrowland Peoplemover, which has been down for quite a while for refurb, will stay down through the end of Jan (at least)
○ Source:
The Matterhorn Bobsleds
• Sources:
La Cava Del Tequila:


Chris  0:05 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hello to our podcast family. This is Chris.

Kelli  0:49 
I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:50 
And welcome to Episode Two of season three here. Yes. You have got awesome i love anytime you have on ears that have a bow like it’s the ears are so nice that they that you’ll wear a bow. I’m for it. Yes, these

Kelli  1:06 
are my ears from Mexico. They had just put these out the day before we left. Like these were new merch. They replaced all the cocoa ears which I didn’t really care for. With these new mexico ears. And I’m wearing these today intentionally.

Chris  1:23 
Oh, preview. Oh, I

Kelli  1:26 
don’t even try to guess move along.

Chris  1:29 
Move along. There’s nothing to see here. Hey. Shout out to everybody that continues to download. I love seeing new cities on our list. And we’ve been blessed to have new cities every week somehow. So hey, Galesburg, Illinois. Ooh, nice. Part of Illinois. But thank you for downloading. I’m gonna I’m gonna say this next one wrong. I know I am.

Kelli  1:54 
Hopatcong Hills, New Jersey. hopatcong. hills. hobbit Kong Hill. I’m

Chris  1:59 
sure there’s something silent. Maybe the C is silent. I don’t know. Okay. The T is silent hopatcong Hills. I don’t know New Jersey. We love you. Thank you so much. Lumberton North Carolina. I used to do some business in Lumberton, North Carolina loved that town. And so excited to announce this one. And which I’m gonna butcher Urayasu Japan.

Kelli  2:20 
Oh, I don’t know that you butchered that. It sounded very Japanese.

Chris  2:23 
odo yasu Japan.

Kelli  2:25 
That sounded worse.

Chris  2:26 
Okay, so here’s what’s awesome about that little town. It’s the home of Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.

Unknown Speaker  2:34 

Chris  2:35 
right on Tokyo Bay. Yeah, I was so excited when I pulled that up to see where it was. Very cool. Yeah. Hey, just a reminder, we got an awesome giveaway going on. I’m literally looking over at the prize pack sitting on a table picks our prize pack celebrating the opening of Soul in December. And all you have to do is join us on all the social medias and don’t unjoin that’s all you got a bit. And you get entries for joining. You get entries for commenting and liking and all that fun stuff. The rules are in our video on YouTube. Go check that out. It’s awesome. Yeah, we’ve already seen a lot of interaction already.

Kelli  3:15 
We have because it’s a good pack. I mean, we’re talking lounge flies, popcorn buckets. Park exclusive is $200

Chris  3:19 
worth of stuff.

Kelli  3:20 
So check out that giveaway video on YouTube and Enter Enter Enter.

Chris  3:23 
Yep. Awesome. So here we go on to Main Street if you’re ready. Yes. I didn’t know what happened there.

Unknown Speaker  3:28 
Sure. He just knocked over our Mickey popcorn bucket.

Chris  3:32 
Okay, we got really pretty short news week here. But a big one is that starting today, I believe is the eighth the Taste of Epcot International Festival of the Arts starts today officially saw the signage going up Yeah. Anytime they’re gonna bring some tasting and some some more food. I’m all for us redo the menus in those booths. That’s right. That’s right. This runs through February the 22nd. I absolutely foresee a Tomorrowland segment on this, since we’ve never gone to this festival. But you know, any excuses get excuse. I I did spy a Remy’s Ratatouille dish at one of the booths that literally does not look like the one we made. Go to YouTube to see that video.

Kelli  4:23 
doesn’t mean they’re serving a

Chris  4:24 
Ratatouille. They’re serving a Ratatouille that looks identical to the Ratatouille that Remy made in the movie they

Kelli  4:32 
can make like literally 1000s of identical Ratatouille every day. We couldn’t make it

Chris  4:40 
well, when you put it like that, it sounds terrible

Kelli  4:42 
sounds a lot worse.

Chris  4:44 
I you know, I hear there’s art I’m sure that’s good too. Other than just the food.

Kelli  4:48 
Oh, yeah, but the food is supposed to be art right? The food itself is art. That’s true,

Chris  4:53 
right but they actually have not

Kelli  4:55 
art but it did taste good.

Chris  4:56 
There is an art actual element to this particular festival which I don’t mind just, there’s actually a really cool and I’ve done this before, I guess I just not aware of it. Paint by number blank wall and two of them in future world, okay, where you can literally go and help participate in the painting of a piece of art.

Kelli  5:16 
Oh now that’s cool. It’s really cool idea.

Chris  5:19 
This is again, something I’ve not heard of, and I feel bad for never having heard of it. That’s fine. Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah. You’re gonna be really super sad about this. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is ending permanently on January 24.

Kelli  5:32 
No, how did they do that? Because they’ve got so many things all the way throughout the park. We never did it. I wasn’t able to when people have so many cars.

Chris  5:43 
Yes, get it out. Get it out of your system so

Kelli  5:44 
bad for these people that have all the cards.

Chris  5:47 
And you feel terrible for you.

Kelli  5:49 
They sell notebooks on Etsy where you can like keep track of your cards.

Chris  5:53 
Well, those are gonna become collector’s items. Disney says that it’s a shift in how guests are using mobile technology combined with a decreased demand in the game. And we talked about it we went and we didn’t play. So we just didn’t have time part of the decrease in demand. No we spent time eating the sugar taco and

Kelli  6:15 
I have Well yeah, I mean priorities but Oh, I’m so sad.

Chris  6:21 
I know. I knew it was gonna get you. The

Kelli  6:23 
guests are using mobile technology. They’re gonna switch it out with some they’re gonna do like a thing that Star Wars has embed to where they’re scan codes all the way through maybe and they make it or

Chris  6:34 
that phone game or they may do nothing at all.

Kelli  6:37 
Gosh, you’re Debbie Downer today.

Chris  6:42 
more bad news Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover which has been down for for a long time says it’s actually been down since before pandemic started. They have officially spread that through to the end of January.

Kelli  6:59 
being such a Debbie Downer. I think it’s possible that that means they’re doing some really cool stuff to remark. No.

Chris  7:05 
Yeah, I think that I think that is great. And there was reports a couple weeks ago that they were actually testing it while we were there. They’re just they’ve they’ve extended the refurbishing to January jobs and fully behind I just sad for all the people that are in the barn right now that can’t write it like we were three weeks ago.

Kelli  7:24 
This Hello Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow

Chris  7:27 
By the way, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover gets more searches on Google than TomorrowLand Peoplemove. Oh, wow. Like like 10 times as many searches people search for love the name. Love the whole name.

Kelli  7:42 
It’s a fantastic name. I get that

Chris  7:44 
last item. Ever glazed doughnuts and cold brew has opened at Disney Springs.

Kelli  7:51 
I saw that.

Chris  7:54 
I love to talk about like donut places and I never go to them.

Kelli  7:59 
But these are born and glazed in Florida.

Chris  8:03 
I love the name. I love it. Yes. Um, so you know, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

Kelli  8:11 
They have a grilled cheese donut. Oh, I saw the picture of that. It is like two donuts with melted cheese in the middle. Well,

Chris  8:18 
that’d be a grilled cheese donut.

Kelli  8:21 
I just donuts yum. Cheese. Yum.

Chris  8:31 
This is only part of our problem. Okay, so that’s all I got for news items. Okay, great light week. So we’ve got time for let’s

Kelli  8:41 
hit the Minnie take.

Chris  8:42 
Okay, do it. Give up your goods man.

Unknown Speaker  8:48 
All right,

Chris  8:48 
today’s question remember please comment on this. Give us your questions. Your must do attraction at Hollywood Studios. Absolute must do attraction Hollywood Studios.

Kelli  9:00 
Okay, you go first.

Chris  9:01 
I’m not ready. Okay. Well, I didn’t know what question is gonna be okay, I’m going to say obviously there’s a lot of options in the top three for me it’s going to be the Hollywood Tower of Terror, probably Rockin Roller Coaster for me and and Rise of the Resistance or maybe Slinky Dog Slinky Dog Hollywood Tower of Terror or Rise of the Resistance and right now I’m gonna go Rise of the Resistance

Kelli  9:27 
Toy Story mania.

Chris  9:31 
Oh, good. There are but I’ve won at Toy Story mania so many times in a row. That for me Slinky Dog Dash just just but I’m going to Rise of the Resistance  that ride to me takes takes on all the technology and ride elements of so many others whether simulation immersion, drops and all you know dark ride all that all in one ride. I love it.

Kelli  9:58 
I agree. I do think That’s a bit of a bandwagon answer and so I’m not gonna give it so I’m gonna go with the ride that we always do. We have literally never been to Hollywood studios and not done Toy Story mania. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  10:13 
you’re right

Kelli  10:14 
every single time every time ever we love it. We love it and that is the absolute first one that we look at for what is the wait time

Chris  10:22 
we come out of it with dead arm every time

Kelli  10:24 
we have carpal tunnel. If we can get like a fast pass, we always take a fast pass for Toy Story mania. Yes, I love Slinky Dog. Don’t sleep on Slinky Dog. It’s a fantastic coaster. I love Tower of Terror. It’s one of my absolute faves and all the parks rise of resistance. It’s fantastic. But we have been to the parks and I’ve done some of those we do Toy Story mania every single time we do and it’s fun. We laugh the entire time. We come out our face hurts from smiling. We’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome. I mean, it’s it’s a great ride.

Chris  10:58 
We laughed the whole time we’re in it. You’re usually crying when we come out.

Kelli  11:01 
I’m not I’m bitter and angry and bitter and cussing.

Chris  11:05 
You remember the time that we got reservations into this was the Toy Story mania was the new thing. Yeah, we got we got breakfast reservation so that we could be in the park early. We had we ate at Hollywood and Vine for the buffet. We saw Handy Manny. And the waitress gave us fastpasses for Toy Story Mania. It was great.

Unknown Speaker  11:28 
Weather was fantastic. See this? We love

Kelli  11:30 
that. We love that right? Yeah, you cheat on it every time. I

Chris  11:32 
don’t ever cheat. I

Kelli  11:33 
still love it. But I win. And I don’t hate them for giving me carpal tunnel.

Chris  11:37 
I win. Sometimes we do it twice and honestly, are sore the next day. Yes. That’s just this really speaks to our level of competitive it does

Kelli  11:46 
but also how much we’d love the ride.

Chris  11:50 
One Rise of the resistance. Okay, Toy Story Mania and I won gain. All right. So are you ready for TomorrowLand?

Kelli  11:57 
Yes, Tomorrowland please. Let’s hear it.

Chris  12:00 
Okay, so we live in South Carolina and they’re calling forward snow today. Crazy. We had snow on Christmas Day here. I know that was fine. It was fine. So I decided okay, I’m going to honor the fact that South Caolina is gonna get snow by having a snow centric ride something that I’ve never done before and I’ve always just had it on my bucket list. The Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland. Oh, yeah. So when I was little, and my grandma would take me they they still had a station on the Disney World TV hotel room TVs. And they had that station that would just talk about everything at Disney World. Right? It was a predecessor to the Stacey videos. Okay. Okay, and but and when it would get to the end of its show, they would do a couple of commercials of Disney stuff and they go right back into the shows like they do what Stacey did with Stacey. And in those commercials, there was a clip of a ride. Just a really short little clip of a ride. It looked like Space Mountain. But it was outside and it would splash through water. And  little tyke Chris couldn’t understand. I want to ride that ride but it’s not here. I don’t ever… where is that right? Is there a Space Mountain that goes outside? Well grown up Chris now knows that that was a clip of the Matterhorn Bobsleds. And I don’t know that it’s truly the most exciting or thrilling ride anymore. It’s been around since 1959

Kelli  13:33 
Classic right

Chris  13:35 
but it’s a for Disneyland it’s a classic but it’s a classic that they haven’t put in any other Park. So I decided to you know

Kelli  13:44 
really look like Space Mountain.

Chris  13:45 
No, not from the outside but cars are similar tracks. The more I got right so when I see a two three second clip in a commercial of these Space Mountain as cars Okay, going through a little water puddle. Okay. I wonder why can’t I ride that ride? Right? I didn’t realize at that time it was 3000 miles away. Right. So so so what is the Matterhorn Bobsleds it is the on the Disney website for the attraction that says hurdle through snow capped through a snow capped mountain on a speeding Alpine sled while avoiding the clutches of The Abominable Snowman which sounds similar to Yeti. Yeti never. It’s obviously it’s modeled after the famed Matterhorn mountain in the Alps that straddles the border between Switzerland and Italy and it’s also featured in Soarin’ Around the World we actually in that ride at Epcot, we actually fly over the Matterhorn. Okay, peak. You board a six person two cars, bobsled and to me they seem similar to the Space Mountain cars although I’ve watched a video now and maybe not exactly okay like that. But I was six man What do you think? And you’re carried 80 feet into the air where you get a great view of the park and then you plummet down an icy mountain cave and along the way you might encounter The Abominable Snowman intent on protecting his home. Okay, so a little bit of history about how this came to be so when they were building the park, they dug out the moat for Sleeping Beauty Castle. Okay. And they that all that dirt, they piled up on this in this sort of became sort of a hill off to the to the right of Fantasyland between there and Tomorrowland. Okay. It ultimately created like a 20 foot hill that they turned into a grassy area with some trees and walkways. The idea was you were supposed to picnic there. It became sort of a Lover’s Lane kind of thing, which didn’t really excite Walt Disney a lot. Oh, so while he was in they called holiday Hill, and it was pretty right all

Kelli  16:04 
day. So while he got distorted a little bit,

Chris  16:08 
so while he was he, he started having these visions of maybe we can create a toboggan run on that Hill and call it Snow Hill. We put some, some fake snow up there. And we create some toboggan runs down. We call that sleddin and Oh, okay. sled. Not not this is not a toboggan. Right? We would call it sleddin’ places. Okay. Right. So he will turn this into a snow Hill. We’ll give them some sledding places and that’ll be it. But then he’s in Switzerland on an extended stay in Switzerland while they were filming, Disney was filming a movie called The Third Man on the Mountain. And it’s a legit Disney movie. I’d never heard of this thing but seems like it would be it was probably right in line with their Swiss Family Robinson and their live at their live action movies. They were doing a lot of that back then. And he fell in love while he was filming in Switzerland. He fell in love with the Matterhorn. And so he like literally like sends back a postcard is like, let’s take snow Hill. Let’s build it into a mountain. And we’re gonna create this we’re gonna create legit bobsled tracks and all this kind

Kelli  17:18 
of that’s what I was wondering is how is this related to Disney at all? Yeah, I guess part of the movie or whatever.

Chris  17:23 
Well, I actually have a note here like Riviera. The resort is modeled after the things that Walt Disney experienced when he fell in love with the Italian and French Riviera. Right out of a movie. Matterhorn him from his time spent there. Yes, it’s not really related to third man on the mountain. It’s the fact that Walt fell in love with the Matterhorn while he was in Switzerland and that whole idea.

Kelli  17:46 
probably was not in any other Park.

Chris  17:48 
I guess. I guess. So. Yeah, he goes back to 20 foot tall Hill eventually turned into a 147 foot tall mountain, which is exactly 100th the size of the actual metal horn. Oh, wow, that was 14,700 feet.

Kelli  18:06 
Oh, wow. That’s fun.

Chris  18:08 
The scale it’s it’s absolutely to scale. And you know, they use their force. Force perspective. Yeah, look taller and all this kind of stuff. He got a major upgrade in 1978 when the interior of the mountain was prior to that you could literally just, it was wide open and there was there’s two tracks, okay that you can ride on one that faces TomorrowLand one that faces Fantasyland. But and they intertwine on the inside of this mountain and it was just sort of hollow and cavernous for a long time 1978 they sort of closed that up and gave you actually like what feel like icy runs and images of yetis and things like that through there. Well, that’s the the Skyway room the old skyway, which was like a like the Skyliner now, but much smaller. Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, it would actually go through the mountain so they could actually look out over when it was still hollow and see the cars running around.

Kelli  19:05 
That’s one of the best parts about the peoplemover. Yes,

Chris  19:08 
you can get into into into Space Mountain. That’s right. Yeah.

Kelli  19:12 
Buzz Lightyear.

Chris  19:13 
Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, that’s right. You can let’s see what other little it was. Oh, this was the first roller coaster style ride at Disneyland, It was the first tubular steel coaster in the world. Oh, yeah. Pretty cool. The splashdown you kind of go through a little puddle of water at the very end. The the splashdown at the end serves two purposes. It actually does serve as a braking mechanism of sorts, but it also cools down the brakes underneath the the the ride. Oh, wow. You get wet. Uh, you potentially could get a little splash, okay, but it’s not a major that literally splashes through a puddle. You can you can learn about the matter horn even more by watching the Imagineering documentary series on Disney plus. Where they talk about the Imagineers putting that whole ride together and one cool thing is that there is a half court sized basketball court with a hoop in the top of the mountain for what they call climbers which are like cast members that are the climb the mountain. Uh huh.

Unknown Speaker  20:21 
They can play up there.

Chris  20:21 
can go in there and play basketball. Oh, wow. When they they had to they had to move it slightly. Or they had to reposition it slightly when they did for the 50th anniversary celebration for Disneyland when they set up for Tinkerbell to fly from the castle that way so but but the basketball court still there and it’s blocked off from anybody else being able to get in there but cast members. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah. So So yeah, I want to I want to go ride this thing. There’s 100 800 gallons of white paint and glass that make up the side of the matter horn that matches the actual matter horn the direction that it faces got more snow on it than the other side. And so when it when when the sun shines on it, it just looks like gleaming glittering snow up there.

Kelli  21:11 
That’s fantastic. I assume there are like point of view videos there are

Chris  21:16 
there are you can there’s only a one one yeah, there’s a and I don’t know that again. This thing doesn’t go superduper fast. It’s purely gravitational pull. Okay, right. Once you get to the top, you literally cut this down. Yeah, right. But they’ve done a lot to make it the the ambience and the feel Like you’re really going through ice sheets and tunnels and waterfalls and stuff like that. And there’s there’s at least one really great HD video on YouTube that you should go and check out.

Kelli  21:41 
I did not ride that when I went to Disneyland. It’s on my bucket list. So I want to ride it out. Apologize to Disneyland for not riding it.

Chris  21:50 
You should and you should apologize for a lot of what you’ve said about DIsneyland

Kelli  21:56 
it does sound fun.

Chris  21:59 
There you go.

Kelli  22:00 
Well done. Honey. You ready? I’m ready.

Chris  22:02 
All right, here we go world showcase. So

Kelli  22:04 
world showcase y’all we’re recording this morning, and normally we record in the evening. So it’s 10am right now and I will talk about tequila. Okay. We’re gonna go to La Cava De Tequila in the Mexico Pavilion. So La Cava De Tequila website. They describe themselves as a Hacienda themed lounge serving tequila flights, mezcal and snacks in Epcot Mexican Pavilion. The Disney website describes them or says imbibe in the essence of Mexico, Mexico, with over 200 tequilas top shelf cocktails Mexican beer and wine. Take off with a tequila flight or a wild passionfruit Margarita. Light snacks such as guacamole and queso with corn chips are served. Now here’s what I’ll say about La Cava De Tequila. We did not even know it existed. Until what a couple of years ago. They have limited seatings. We have only been there during pandemic during pandemic Yeah, so now it’s a must do for us. It’s a must do the the margaritas outside of Mexico are fantastic, right? And there’s a lot to choose from right you’ve got three different you got several different options to get Margarita in Mexico, Disney food blog actually did a war of guacamole. They serve three different guacamole is in Mexico. Right? So you got a lot of options to get guacamole and chips and queso and margaritas in Mexico. So we had never actually seen La Cava De Tequila when you go into inside the Mexican pavilion, it is at the bottom of the ramp directly on your right. Right right there. It’s very easy to miss honestly, because the ramp sort of pushes you out in the opposite direction. It is small. They only have about 30 seats in there. It’s pretty tiny. Also a small bar. Right. So right now during pandemic, no seating inside their small bar,

Chris  24:10 
but when we were there, they had six bartenders.

Kelli  24:13 
Oh yeah, no, I mean, they’re they’re pumping them out. Right? They’re pumping it out. So it’s a small bar. But if you can get a seat in there, do it. If not, don’t hesitate to grab it to go because there’s plenty of seating outside you can walk around inside of Mexico doing whatever you want. Like there’s there’s things you can do. So Disney food blog says the best time to go is early afternoon right after opening right i mean Hello. Who doesn’t want chips and queso for lunch with a side of three margaritas? Everybody.

Chris  24:39 
They even if they don’t know it?

Kelli  24:41 
Yes, right. That’s right. You do. So the menu that is currently in the my Disney experience app looks very very limited. I pulled it up yesterday and there was only like five margaritas listed. Here’s what I can tell you. They have much more than that. Yes, they do. So again, like you said there’s six bartenders, those six bartenders are not there making five margaritas They had about 10 margaritas listed on their menu board. And they had tequila flights stacked up three feet tall behind the bar. I mean, they probably had four different stacks of three foot tall tequila flights.

Chris  25:11 
Yeah. And we’re not talking. Oh, absolutely.

Kelli  25:13 
Right. It’s like, gosh, I

Unknown Speaker  25:14 
forgot about those, right?

Kelli  25:15 
It’s little shots of tequila on a plate. And so they had those plates stacked up three feet tall, and they probably had four different four different columns.

Chris  25:23 
And then we’re gonna sell them. Oh, they’re selling, we’re not talking these, these folks are not just putting out like these tall, frozen new Margeritas. these are these are drinks. These are cocktails. These

Kelli  25:32 
are handcrafted margaritas, which is what I would call whereas if you get one from outside of the pavilion, they’re just filling up a cup with something that’s been pre mixed. Yes. Those are not bartenders. That’s right. Right. So this is a handcrafted Margarita in there. But also, yeah, the bartenders are great. So get their recommendations. Tell them what you like, tell them what you’ve had, you know, and they’ll they’ll make, you know, they’ll give you ideas for something that they enjoy. So here are a few that we saw that I remember seeing on our last trip. I had two of these, you had two of these, so we’re going to talk a little bit about them. So the first one is the horchata. Now they had the horchata in the the festival booth. Yes, they also sold it inside. Okay, right. So the horchata is tequila horchata. Cream, rum, fireball, cinnamon whiskey, agua de horchata and cinnamon powder. It was so good. It tasted like a cinnamon cream drink. And did you have a sip of that?

Chris  26:33 
I thought I guess no. It was like it tasted like Christmas.

Kelli  26:36 
It was Christmas. It was Christmas in a cup. I loved it so much. Highly recommend the horchata I’ve always looked at the blood orange on the menu, but I’ve never gotten it. So the blood orange is Tequila orange look for a sweet tart mix of blood orange juice, topped with wild berry foam. I’ll always love things that are topped with foam.

Chris  27:00 
I know. I just feel like that’s so beyond me.

Kelli  27:02 
I know. served on the rocks with Tajin chili powder rim. Do you know what tajin chili powder is?

Chris  27:12 
Tajin Yeah, Tajin Yeah, I’ve seen I’ve not sorry I screwed that up. That’s what I was gonna wonder if you got there Yeah, well, so lime and pepper.

Kelli  27:22 
Yes. So I bought some for a recipe one time and it is very strong. Lime.

Chris  27:28 
It’s a very Yeah, I’m flavor. It’s good. Man putting that in a drink?

Kelli  27:33 
Yeah, so it’s a it’s the rim.

Chris  27:35 
Oh my word

Kelli  27:36 
that’s the rim right so that’s the blood orange room and they use that on a couple a couple sorry I screwed that up to him. Okay, the other one that they’re that you see all over the place especially on Insta is the Neil Patrick Harris black magic. I had it you had that did not

Chris  27:50 
on this trip right back in the summer

Kelli  27:52 
back in the summer. So this is Mezcal blackberry puree, cassis liqueur, lime and mint. And this is served frozen. So

Chris  27:59 
what did you think about it? It was it was an acquired taste. Okay, I hope it was sort of dark purple and blackberry puree. And it was it was good. And I listen I did not have any trouble finishing it. Yeah, no. Okay. I did not order it again on this last trip. Right. But it was good. Had a very let’s say an interesting tastes interesting vibes. Yeah,

Kelli  28:20 
I would give that to all of these other hand crafted Margarita. These aren’t coming from you know, a frozen tap. Kind of a situation. Yes, those are handcrafted. So they all have a very unique taste. Yep. Yeah. And I think that’s in touch with the

Chris  28:34 
two you’re gonna get there but the two that I got this time I enjoyed more.

Kelli  28:37 
Yes. Okay, we’re gonna get there. Okay, so the next one is the tomato Margarita. Yeah. Now I saw this one on Insta I don’t remember who posted it but I saw the picture and I actually screenshotted the picture on Insta so that I wouldn’t forget it. I knew I wanted to order the tomato Margarita. I’d never had a savory Margarita. And it was good. I will say you have to like tomatoes. And I don’t but it was good. So the tomato Margarita is termina tequila, tomatoes, a guava nectar, blended lime juice and a smidge of watermelon. And it is served frozen and topped with hibiscus salt. I loved that. I loved loved loved it. I can’t say enough about

Chris  29:20 
it. I’ll say this is a pink drink with the little tomato garnish

Kelli  29:25 
is was cast members were asking me about it. Yeah, like we took it to go and cast members were like is that a tomato Margarita?

Chris  29:33 
Yes, yes. Yes, it is.

Kelli  29:34 
Okay, the El Diablo I think you had this one. I had the El Diablo. This is tequila lime juice, a GABA and a cucumber jalapeno juice with a hibiscus salt Rim. What do you think? Yeah,

Chris  29:44 
I thought it was great. It was it was was sweet enough for me. You definitely got that tequila. But what was the most fascinating was about four seconds after you would take a sip. Your lips and your tongue would just start to tingling. That was actually a really cool sensation. Actually, I was sad when the drink was gone.

Kelli  30:06 
That’s fun. And then the wild one you also had the wild one right?

Chris  30:09 
Yep, I had the wild one.

Kelli  30:10 
Okay, so this is tomato Blanco tequila, mango passion few fruit puree. ancho viraday, chili lacor lime juice, Apple jack and ginger cordial and a black ant salt red.

Chris  30:23 
Yeah, that was weird. Visually weird for the black salt rim for me, but tasted perfectly fine. And obviously, it was a much sweeter drink. Yeah, but a little, like, little tiny spicy kick in there. Yeah, I would absolutely drink that one again.

Kelli  30:39 
Now you went back in and asked the bartenders. Which one you should have recommended the El Diablo. Yes, I

Chris  30:45 
did. I said, you know I had the wild one. What else would you suggest I get? They didn’t even think about it. They said El Diablo

Kelli  30:52 
El Diablo. Then they’ve got one called lacava avocado. I kind of wish I’d gotten this one. Yeah, this is tromba Blanco, tequila melon nicor, fresh avocado and lime juice or frozen with a hibiscus salt rim. I kind of think to fit in it with the tomato in one hand and the avocado and in the other would have been a great idea.

Chris  31:11 
I think that it would have totally looked Christmassy I would have red and green drinks.

Kelli  31:16 
I would have. I mean it’s healthy. Hello, it’s avocado, tomatoes. Tomato. We’re

Chris  31:22 
basically eating bruschetta. For salsa you were

Kelli  31:25 
eating salsa and burning fat all at the same time. Luckily, then they’ve got one called the cucumber and one called the Pina loca. Both of those looked great, but I’ve got a pro tip for everyone. Okay, so everybody says online that their chips and queso in lacava are the best of the park. Here’s a pro tip you can get the same chips and queso at La Cantina de San Angel outside. Oh. You just have to ask. I went up and asked him for the nachos with nothing but k so it’s cheaper for me just to give you chips and queso, would you like that? I said I would like that. And she’s right. It was $3 cheaper. And it was phenomenal. Let’s make a margarita it was I will say they’ve changed their chips during the past year at some point. But I’m hoping they go back to the house made chips post COVID but the queso at La Cantina de San Angel is the exact same as the La Cava De Tequila it to go each case so looking at the water with your Margarita from Margarita is

Chris  32:35 
awesome. Absolutely go give La Cava De Tequila shot Don’t miss it. We never will again. Yeah, when we go. So that’s the show for this week. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, go out to iTunes. leave us a review out there. Rate us any service you use actually for your podcasts leave us a review and rate us. All it does is help bring more people to the podcast

Kelli  33:01 
and you may get an entry in the contest and you might get in and if you’re looking for more things Disney please visit That’s s for Super C for Cali and F fragilistic A for awesome D for Disney and P for podcast. This week. We’re going to post a bonus pod and YouTube video reviewing our brunch at Art Smith’s Homecomin’.

Chris  33:24 
Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to release that. So that’s right. Keep up with that on all of our socials. Right now when you join on our socials anywhere Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Patreon you get entries into our contests don’t let that go by. It’s at SCFADP everywhere. supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast on YouTube.

Kelli  33:46 
Yes, we would love to hear from you. And that’s right, we are on Facebook, the

Chris  33:49 
more the merrier. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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