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Disney News (1/17), Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew at Disney Springs, and The American Adventure at EPCOT

Episode 4

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If you haven’t heard about the new Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew at Disney Springs (or if you have and you’re just as excited as us), join us as we run through the menu and what makes Everglazed a MUST DO on your next trip. They’re “Born and Glazed in Florida”! Chris also takes us behind the screens of The American Adventure at EPCOT to explain how the show works (it’s a technological marvel)! This week’s show is sure to get you in the American spirit and daydreaming of donuts!

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Show Notes:

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew at Disney Springs:


Chris  0:05 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, folks, welcome to this week’s show. We are so glad you joined us. I’m Chris.

Kelli  0:48 
I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:48 
And you are wearing more new ears.

Kelli  0:51 
I am i said i racked up. Fantasia I was calling Mickey sorcerer ears.

Chris  0:58 
Wanting sorcerer’s apprentice ears.

Kelli  1:00 
Yeah, okay. Yeah.

Chris  1:01 
I think that would that actually work? There’s some of them my favorites that you got

Kelli  1:06 
love these. There’s no Bow. They’re hardcore Mickey. There’s no Bow and the little sorcerer hat is totes adorbs

Chris  1:12 
Yeah. And as we’re walking through the parks, I enjoy taking pictures of you like in front of me with your perspective. Hey, stop. Let me let me get a picture of this. Yeah, these are some of my favorites. Yeah. Okay, so as we do every week, I look through I see where we’re downloading and we’re just taking a virtual trip around the world honestly, so excited. Love it. So this week we saw downloads from Calabasas, California which is just north of LA outside of Malibu looks like a beautiful area. Corinth, Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth. Brighton New York, which is beach. Its beaches England. It is actually close to like Ontario. It’s right. Opposite. Rochester New York is right between it and the like. Okay. Yeah, it’s basically Rochester. I bet they’re super excited about their Buffalo Bills right now because they are killing it and looking great. Brussels Belgium, one of the most beautiful cities and underrated I think cities in Europe. I think that it’s awesome. So hopefully we’ll get there one day. So hey, thank you all too for down everybody that downloads. I’m always blown away that anybody wants to download this and listen to it. So we are super appreciative. Thank you so much. And hey, at us on social media. And we’ll send you a sticker. Absolutely. Yeah. Hey, don’t forget, we are giving away this awesome prize pack.

Kelli  2:47 
Yes. And for those of you just listening to the podcast, he’s pointing to a lovely selection. lounge fly bag, Pixar ears, a little green man popcorn bucket and some soul merch. This is a Pixar themed prize pack that we’re giving away out on YouTube. In honor of the soul launch.

Chris  3:04 
That’s right, you got two weeks left to to enter. Go to YouTube, check out the giveaway rules. It tells you all the ways to get entries. We’ve got hundreds of entries already so excited. Some people had dozens of entries because they are commenting and liking and everything like crazy. It’s awesome. It’s very fun to watch all that happen every day. Definitely. So take part in that. Okay, we’re ready. Let’s hit the news, Main Street. Politically, Walt Disney join the long list of companies there has decided to suspend any kind of political contributions to candidates that voted to reject the certification of electoral college votes.

Kelli  3:43 
I think that’s fantastic. Yeah.

Chris  3:45 
I think that that’s good.

Kelli  3:46 
Hopefully you need any more civil unrest.

Chris  3:49 
That’s what it takes hit them where it hurts. That’s right. And, you know, they sit there for 2021. There’s just spending all that losing really elections in 2021. So we’ll see how that if it really matters, people will really be fundraising next year. But we’ll see the threat of it alone should dislodge some things. Disneyland sadly has canceled all annual pass on and suspended their program for annual passes indefinitely. They’re coming up with something new maybe but they called

Kelli  4:20 
it new membership options, right? They’re interesting the word

Chris  4:24 
Yeah. Agreed. And so that will also start seeing some refunds coming for people who are on a premier annual pass program which shoot both Walt Disney World and Disneyland I didn’t realize that. Yeah. So you know, it’s a hopefully it doesn’t it’s not a harbinger of things to come for Walt Disney World is they’re coming up with whole new programs, but we’ll see. See how it goes. So since the parks reopened back in the middle of the summer in Florida, they know they’ve never really reinstituted the extra Magic hours, right? for, you know, hotel on property resorts. But what they are about to do is they’re gonna launch a program that allows anyone staying at a Disney or Disney friendly resort 30 minutes access into the parks ahead of normal Park opening. We were talking about this. Not sure that’s enough time, right? maybe an hour would have been better

Kelli  5:23 
use your head start to some of the rides with long waits

Chris  5:27 
for anybody that’s not already staying on property. Right. But unlike the extra magic hours, this is every Park every day. So

Kelli  5:35 
it’s a little that’s so interesting. It’s such an interesting decision. I mean, I know they’re tracking everything so they know what they’re doing.

Chris  5:42 
That’s an interesting decision. Exactly. The Disney Magic Express has being retired at the end of 2021 amen? Yeah. I mean, there’s a lot of Felicia. I know we moved away from it a little while back. But I was actually very surprised on social media, the conversations, people are mad.

Kelli  6:03 
At transportation, yeah. And the airport to the resort. There were a

Chris  6:06 
lot of people really upset about it.

Kelli  6:08 
Well, they didn’t say that they’re not going to launch something different. They just said they’re getting rid of the magical Express,

Chris  6:13 
right? There’s a train coming, right. They’re building a train, high speed train that’s going to go from the airport to Disney Springs. Not necessarily to one of the resorts but then

Kelli  6:25 
at Disney Springs that you could hop a bus to anywhere. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. So we’ll

Chris  6:29 
see what they come up with. If anything else specifically to replace the buses, Mears will still offer an option. That’s who ran the bus.

Unknown Speaker  6:36 
Okay. Sure.

Chris  6:37 
Sure. Yeah. So super exciting. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover has started testing in earnest people have you actually witnessed it moving?

Kelli  6:50 
No. Absolutely.

Chris  6:51 
Right now it’s just an air mover.

Kelli  6:52 
So excited about this. I almost wore my peoplemover t shirt tonight in honor of this news. I’m so excited about it. The people mover is one of my favorite writers.

Chris  7:00 
I was listening to another podcast recently and they had four guests on and all four guests that the People Mover into our Lane was their favorite ride. I love it. There’s so there’s something about it. It’s classic classic. And you know it’s not the it’s not the excitement, it’s just the nostalgia. It’s perfect

Kelli  7:16 
and you get to see into ride I love it.

Chris  7:19 
Yeah offers views of the castle that are really great. It’s a it’s a wonderful breeze on a hot day.

Kelli  7:25 
There’s nothing nothing bad about the People Mover.

Chris  7:27 
Exactly. Gideons Bakehouse opened its official grand opening was yesterday in Disney Springs. Just watching the socials talk about the wait.

Kelli  7:40 
I can’t wait looking at their Instagram stories. I’m not gonna lie I gained weight watching the Instagram Stories yeah

Chris  7:47 
11 hours was the was the longest wait time I saw yesterday.

Unknown Speaker  7:53 
God bless somehow love it.

Kelli  7:55 
I love it. It is pure sorcery and they deserve everyday.

Chris  7:58 
They deserve everything. I just had to seeing that that startup store I just loved I wanted to have all the I’m so excited for all the success for them

Kelli  8:06 
all the good things for getting in.

Chris  8:08 
Second Harmonious barge has now been moved out on to world showcase lagoon there’s ultimately going to be five of these things. And so I remember when we there was one on the water when we were big. They’re enormous.

Kelli  8:21 
These things are not like I’ve seen some of the artists renderings. Yeah,

Chris  8:25 
and I think Yeah, no. I’ve seen one barge to think that there’s gonna be four more of these things. Massive. Yeah, it’s massive. It’s it’s gonna be the lagoon it is. Let’s imagine this show. It’s the remember the baby Rhino. The little boy that was born a little while back. He’s got a name. No, his name is Ranger.

Kelli  8:53 
Oh, that’s a cute little.

Chris  8:56 
That’s a cute name for what is undoubtedly hundreds of pounds worth of rhinoceros.

Kelli  9:03 
The cute little named little Ranger. So pop

Chris  9:05 
quiz. What is a group of rhinos called?

Kelli  9:10 
Rhino? a crash? Is it really a crash? So

Chris  9:15 
Ranger will be joining the crash of rhinos on the Savannah Oh,

Kelli  9:18 
now that’s precious. I really like that too. I

Chris  9:21 
like that. Disney is they say they’re considering moving some of their operations to from California to Orlando. It could just be posturing. I think this is part of their fight with the state of California over Coronavirus restrictions and all that. But hey, Disney is going to be a mass testing site. So that’s

Unknown Speaker  9:45 
the parking lots.

Chris  9:47 
Yeah. new exhibit is coming to Epcot in the American adventure. It’s going to be called the soul of jazz an American Adventure. Oh, yes.

Kelli  9:57 
I saw that. I’m

Chris  9:58 
excited about it. So Joe Gardner Yes. From soul will walk us through the colorful and surprising history of jazz in the united in America, which is a uniquely American musical genre. Yeah, we visit New Orleans, Chicago, New York, LA and San Juan, Puerto Rico on our journey through jazz. That’s fantastic.

Kelli  10:18 
And I will say the soul soundtrack is phenomenal.

Chris  10:22 
Yeah, it’s Yeah, it’s great. It’s great. One division.

Kelli  10:27 
I loved it.

Chris  10:28 
I loved it, too. It’s quirky. It’s crazy. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. They’re like, what

Kelli  10:32 
is gonna happen? What are they gonna do? It feels like almost, you know, one of those little endings at the end of a movie that you stay to watch.

Chris  10:40 
Yeah, that’s the whole thing feels like that. Like, and you’re like,

Kelli  10:46 
you see that? And then you spend like days trying to think it through. I loved it.

Chris  10:50 
Yeah, I thought it was really cute. I can’t wait to watch the next episode. So my main take if I can’t wait to see the next episodes, and I’m,

Kelli  10:58 
yeah, I’m into it.

Chris  11:00 
Ready for a mini mini take? Let’s hit it. I had I had Mickey go ahead and pre select one here, but I select question yet. Okay, this or that? Okay, sci fi dining theater or 50s? primetime cafe

Kelli  11:12 
sci fi?

Chris  11:13 
sci fi Me too.

Kelli  11:15 
No question about it.

Chris  11:15 
No question for me.

Kelli  11:16 
50s. primetime is fine. It’s fine. Yeah,

Chris  11:19 
it’s fine. Sometimes I’m not I don’t want to be shamed into eating my green beans.

Kelli  11:24 
Yeah, but it’s the atmosphere of sci fi. I know where you get to sit in the car. And it’s all the big movies and, and frankly, after you did your little, you know, world showcase episode on sci fi. I think I fell even more in love with it. Oh,

Chris  11:39 
that’s nice of you to say,

Kelli  11:40 
I love that stuff on the menu. I didn’t even realize you explained the whole B movie thing that I didn’t even know was a real thing.

Chris  11:49 
Right? Well, I love anything. For some reason. I am just drawn to these locations at Disney where they make the inside like outside. I love that environment that they can pull off so well. And also just like, like, outdoor, like theater food, like yeah, like burgers and fries and onion rings and milkshakes. I like that kind of

Kelli  12:09 
they make an awesome milkshake.

Chris  12:11 
They do.

Kelli  12:12 
You know? And it’s like old school where it’s they give you the whole thing that they blend in and you essentially get two shakes out.

Chris  12:20 
So true.

Kelli  12:21 
No, it’s good. I find not even not even a question.

Chris  12:24 
Nothing against primetime. I’m just for fun. I’m

Kelli  12:26 
for Sci-Fi. 100% if we can get a reservation at sci fi almost always want to do it. Yeah, I do that more than the Hollywood Brown Derby. Me too. Yeah.

Chris  12:34 
Yeah. Why be so you know, I had to be so nice.

Kelli  12:40 
We were just looking for good food. Yeah, Sci-Fi has Got it. Absolutely.

Chris  12:43 
Are you are you ready for TomorrowLand?

Kelli  12:45 
I am so excited. Well, let’s go. So you hinted at this a little bit in the last episode, and I’ve decided just to take a deep dive. Oh boy. We’re gonna go through Everglades Donuts and Cold Brew at Disney Springs. So this is on the west side of Disney Springs. Okay, they’ve recently opened Everglades donuts. Florida glazed and grown i think is what they call themselves. They are hashtag blazing happily, happiness daily. Okay, so I’m going to read you the write up on the Disney website. Okay. Discover handcrafted confections featuring mouthwatering yeast and cake donuts with an assortment of cold brew pick me ups and a few sweet yet savory sandwiches. Immerse yourself in a complete donut experience as you gaze through the windows that ever glazed working show Kitchen, where the humble donut is fried, glazed and piled high with a rainbow of toppings.

Unknown Speaker  13:42 
The humble donut whoever wrote this gets a raise. I love it so much.

Kelli  13:45 
So they refer to them as made from scratch rings of happiness. And you can’t put that down coffee centric drinks. Okay, here’s cool, they have a vegan option and people on the socials are already asking for more vegan options. It’s the purple ube. If I’m mispronouncing that, I’m sorry. It’s U.B.E.

Chris  14:07 
I wouldn’t know what else is.

Kelli  14:09 
That’s what I’m going with. It’s made with sweet potatoes. And everybody says, tastes exactly like a glazed doughnut. Yeah, sweet

Chris  14:17 

Kelli  14:18 
is a bright purple doughnut. There’s no other way to describe it. So I would totally have that on the inside too.

Unknown Speaker  14:26 
It’s purple.

Unknown Speaker  14:26 
It’s purple.

Kelli  14:29 
It’s purple. It’s not a purple glaze. It is a purple. The purple cube. They also have a really cool patio, which they call the donut garden. So I think it’s meant to look like a beer garden. Oh, nice. donut garden. Okay, so I mean, like, you know, patio with strong lights and picnic tables and fake grass. I mean, it’s really it’s cute. Thank you, okay. So they have the classics that you expect, right? They’ve got the glaze, the chocolate ice, the vanilla. cake with or without sprinkles, blueberry cake strawberry iced with sprinkles and fruity pebbles. I do love that the

Unknown Speaker  15:07 

Kelli  15:08 
I do love that the Fruity Pebbles as part of their classics line. I have never seen a fruity pebble donut. But it’s a classic, classic. Okay. And so then you get into what they call their funky bunch.

Chris  15:24 
Now, the Fruity Pebbles dinner isn’t

Kelli  15:26 
I gotta say, I didn’t mention this. But if you go on to their Insta, and you look at some of the stories they’ve posted, the window where you watch them ice and glaze the donuts. If you’ve ever found yourself mesmerized by a Krispy Kreme store,

Chris  15:45 
this and boy have

Kelli  15:47 
this takes that up 10,000 notches seriously, because it’s not just the original glaze that’s going through. They’re putting a lot of stuff through that and it’s not, I mean, you’ve got the waterfall of of melted sugar. Okay, so we’ve got that, but it’s controlled by human so they’re not just go on a conveyor belt. It doesn’t look nearly as mechanical as the Krispy Kreme does. Okay, so imagine you’ve got a tray of Apple fritters in front of you. And you take this thing by the handles, and you push it back and forth through

Unknown Speaker  16:27 

Kelli  16:28 
end and it glazes the donut it creates. It’s the it’s a waterfall glaze in your hands, the sugar glaze, and you push it back and forth to ice this thing until you

Unknown Speaker  16:39 
feel like you’ve when

Kelli  16:40 
I was watching I said This is why I will never be skinny. This right here. This is why and you know what I don’t want to be if that means I can’t eat stuff at Everglazed. I don’t want it because man I’m going to live. That’s right. That’s right. I’m going to live. So let me go over some of the funky bunch. Okay, okay, so this is the ones that you’re seeing pictured on the socials. Okay, so the first one is called the Nutella Bella. This is Nutella cream filled chocolate iced donut with crushed hazelnuts. Peanut Butter explosion is a chocolate iced donut peanut butter chips, crushed Reese’s cup and chocolate peanut butter frosting. Now here’s something I want to make sure you hear chocolate peanut butter frosting. They’re not talking about the icing that’s on top of the doughnut. They’re squirting what looks like buttercream frosting into the hole in the middle of the doughnut so that you can have toppings all across the top. There’s no hole where the toppings can’t be

Chris  17:44 
good, but you’ve got toppings. Sitting on frosting

Kelli  17:47 
you got you got an ice donut with toppings on the ice donut it is properly glazed properly ice with frosting squirted into the hole and toppings all across

Chris  17:59 
i think i think i just got diabeetus

Kelli  18:03 
Oreo surprise vanilla iced donut crushed Oreos and vanilla frosting. So this is a squishy vanilla frosting into the hole and they put an entire Oreo right on top of that

Unknown Speaker  18:13 
middle frosting.

Kelli  18:15 
God bless them. Cinnamon Toast Crunch cinnamon ice donut crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch cream cheese frosting and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Honey this one. I’m telling you this has your name all over it. The the maple double bacon. Now this is a maple iced doughnut loaded with crispy bacon. So when I say bacon, I’m talking about slices I’m talking about full bacon slices that are like two or three inches long. And they layer them around the top of the doughnut

Chris  18:57 
was listening to this right after watching the video that I don’t know that’s terrible.

Kelli  19:05 
The mounds coconut dream This is a coconut almond ice doughnut. It’s toasted coconut chopped mounds cream cheese frosting and a vanilla icing drizzle I could watch them make that thing all day. So those are your that’s your funky bunch. Okay, that’s it is on the socials. But they also have sandwiches breakfast and lunch sandwiches. And these come on a sweet bun, which looks kinda like a Hawaiian like a Hawaiian sweet roll. You can substitute a glazed doughnut for $1 more and that’s what you’re seeing on the social well why wouldn’t it so let’s talk about the donut burger. Two patties American cheese, ketchup, Mayo lettuce, tomato, and bread and butter pickles

Unknown Speaker  19:48 
on a donut.

Unknown Speaker  19:49 
You can get on it on it for $1 extra Yes.

Chris  19:52 
I’m assuming that on a donut.

Kelli  19:53 
What did you see on a donut all over the socials is grilled cheese. There’s like seven, Es

Chris  20:02 
I thought maybe you had a stroke there but no you were

Kelli  20:04 
just reading the grilled cheese oodles of cheeses served on a griddled sweet bond but everybody’s getting that on the donut. I haven’t seen anybody on the socials not get that on the donut. But this one’s getting a lot of love online. The funky chicken okay fried chicken ranch slaw barbecue and spicy Mayo with bread and butter pickles. It is getting a lot of love. They’re saying it is the best fried chicken sandwich on Disney property.

Unknown Speaker  20:27 

Kelli  20:29 
They have a classic egg and cheese and a breakfast sandwich with bacon or sausage right so they’re their breakfast and lunch man. They got you hooked. They have waffle fries. Spicy regular waffle fries. They also have spicy fries with buffalo seasoning, scallions and spicy Mayo or loaded fries with chili queso bacon, scallions, tomato cilantro and sour cream. I love Everglazed

Unknown Speaker  20:57 
who’s never been there and they have

Kelli  21:00 
zero shame and I want to hug them. That’s right. I want to be like You know what? Yes, we can all be keto next week. I need to hug you for this menu. So they have their their Everglazed Donuts and Cold brew. So naturally they have some cold brews just a few peppermint mocha, salted caramel and cinnamon right so you know your average average. They have what they call cold brew pairs. So to have their cold brews come with a doughnut properly paired to it. Oh my word. So one of them is called the five oh, this is cold brew cream, vanilla coffee syrup topped with strawberry iced sprinkles donut. The other one is a Reese’s Nitro and Nitro cold brew peanut butter and vanilla syrups. Chocolate drizzle, crushed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups topped with a peanut butter explosion.

Fantastic. So in addition to that, they also have spiked coffees, cold beers, and

Chris  22:07 

Kelli  22:09 
So the strawberry mocha for example is cold brew creme, rum, cordial, chocolate cordial chocolate syrup, strawberry puree and whipped cream,

Unknown Speaker  22:19 

Kelli  22:20 
the Mocha Latte mudslide with cold brew cream chocolate syrup, coffee, rum and chocolate cordials Pina Colada mix in whipped cream.

Chris  22:28 
They just don’t care what they do to people. I

Kelli  22:30 
love these people. Little Italy, cold brew sweet cream, amoretto cordial whipped cream and a wedding cookie crumble. God bless EVerglazed Donuts born and glazed in Florida. They are just printing money. And they should be

Chris  22:48 
again six and a half pounds. And

Kelli  22:50 
you’re welcome.

Unknown Speaker  22:52 
You’re welcome.

Chris  22:54 
That was awesome. That was awesome. It was delicious. too. Delicious.

Kelli  23:00 
I want that grilled cheese.

Chris  23:03 
I don’t even know how to make a turn to something else. But here we go to world showcase. There we go. World showcase actually, specifically. Hey, so maybe you’ve heard but there’s been a little bit of, you know, historical events lately. In in the United States. Yeah, can get you down? Could you get too depressed, maybe a little bit about the state of our nation. But Wednesday, we have an inauguration, we’re gonna bring in new administration. And inaugurations are almost always a day of hope and renewal and all that for the country. And so I’m excited about that. It got me sort of thinking, I’m gonna do the American adventure in world showcase. So the American adventure is the name of the US pavilion at the world showcase. But it’s also the name of the show. You’d love this. I love this show. I’ve got an maybe an unnatural love for this show. I think a lot of people treat it like Epcot version of the Hall of Presidents where it’s a good place to go nap because I know it’s what,

Kelli  24:10 
like a solid power nap. It’s like a 15 minute show.

Chris  24:12 
Yeah. And for those who want to take a nap, air conditioned, it’s a big theater. Optimal seat. Yep. And it’s a you know, for those of us though, who actually enjoy the show, it is incredible. This is a not just a great historical recount, but it’s also a technological marvel of a show. So, so as I said, it’s the name of the actual show that’s inside the main building in the American Pavilion. There at Epcot world showcase. It recounts America’s often tumultuous history through a stage show in a 1024 seat theater, and it employs a rear projected 72 foot movie screen, moving sets, patriotic songs and 35 Audio animatronic figures including Mark Twain and Ben Franklin, who serve as the hosts and narrators of America’s historical timeline. One of the Ben Franklin’s walks during the show and at the time it was it was the most advanced technological animatronic ever created. nobody had ever made one walk before. Randy Brice, the producer of the show, said that the final show was the result of over 600 failures. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. He worked closely with Dr. Alan Darnell, who was a historical consultant and professor at UCLA at the time on the project. And they said that there were two things they wanted to really kind of make sure they they honored. One that the American adventure is about overcoming adversity. Hello, we’re sort of in that today. And they didn’t, and I really appreciate this for the late 70s, when they were actually developing the show. They didn’t want to whitewash the American adventure, while also realizing that people are on vacation, they they’re there to be entertained. They didn’t want and they did so they want to be too heavy handed. But they didn’t want to ignore the things that weren’t so attractive about American history. Okay. So they, they sort of tackle slavery and those kinds of things head on. Okay, right. You’ve seen it right. Literally, I know you’ve been in there with me a few times.

Kelli  26:31 
I think I’ve seen the curtains open

Chris  26:33 
once or twice. Good. That’s good. So the show recreates events, but not limited to the like the landing of the Mayflower or the Boston Tea Party, winter at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War Two. You hear actual comments from the luminaries in American history like Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Jefferson, Native American Chief Joseph and Teddy Roosevelt and a whole bunch of others. It took five years for Imagineers to bring this thing to life. Yeah, the the moment in US history are all part of a single computerized machine that lives below the stage floor. There’s actually no stage floor. It’s all open. We just can’t tell from the seats. And all of the sets are built into this machine. And they move up and down and left and right. Wow. However they’re needed to to create the scenes on stage. Okay,

Unknown Speaker  27:42 
wow, that is impressive.

Chris  27:44 
Yeah, very much. So the music was created by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, okay. And then it was they recorded it in Philadelphia. And then they mixed it at the Imagineering headquarters in California. They were really, really thoughtful about how they produce things. So like, on the on the movie screen, and the sets work in coordination with each other. So like, for example, at one of the world’s fairs, there’s a scene where they have people like Carnegie and, and Susan B, Anthony, and Mark Twain, all in booths at the World Fair. Oh, and you don’t see anything on the stage. But on the movie screen, you see the ceiling of the World’s Fair headquarters. And as the movie screen pans down, the sets rise up out of the stage. So by the time that the camera gets all the way down to level, the sets have risen, and it actually looks like you’re painting down like you’re panning down to them. I should totally

Kelli  28:51 
watch this, you shouldn’t

Chris  28:52 
have you should totally see this. Eventually, everyone should see this eventually. And so but also like, if those if what they sowed on the movie screen wasn’t around at that point in history that they’re retelling, then they don’t use it. So for example, photography, they won’t use photography, like photographic style images at a time in US history when photograph. Photography wasn’t a thing yet.

Kelli  29:16 
Oh, wow.

Chris  29:17 
Right. So just very detail oriented. So I’m just going to kind of recount a segment of the show, just try to this is sort of what it’s like so and once particularly powerful segment. We actually see winter in Valley Forge during the American Revolutionary War. And we’re there with George Washington on horseback and he’s looking very George Washington, Washington esque, larger than life on his horse, right. While a couple of frostbitten and hungry and exhausted soldiers are standing across the way on the other side of the stage, and you literally can feel their, their suffering. I mean, they just they look so realistic, and they’re sort of complaining about suffering for watching. Washington’s war. Well, Ben Franklin comes along he narrates, you know, that we want eventually won that war. And then the sets just transition, they moved down below the stage, the background changes to sort of a swampy scene on the Mississippi River. And we see Frederick Douglas on a raft sort of float out onto the stage because he’s riding down the Mississippi River. And he then recounts so now we’re talking about Mark Twain takes over the narration. And we hear Douglas comment on Harriet Beecher Stowe, her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, how it has inspired an anti slavery movement that will not be stopped. And so it just transitions from one scene to another where you actually feel like you’re seeing Frederick Douglass on a raft. And this machinery the technology literally makes the raft list like it’s on water. Yeah, it’s

Kelli  30:55 
and these are animatronic

Chris  30:57 
keys. They’re purely animatronic. There’s no live people in this thing. This for me is just one of those shows where I find myself saying over and over again. Oh, I love this part. I love this part. And so many of the moments made me feel like you know, pretty emotional. Sometimes there’s that, you know, you can get a little misty sometimes a little verklempt. Get the vapors. Yeah. There’s a story about that they play. There’s a family whose two sons been on opposite sides of the Civil War. That’s how they choose to depict the Civil War, like the impact it had on the American family on the American society. The brother Can you spare a dime segment of the Great Depression is really powerful to me. There’s a world war two segment that they choose to depict at Christmas time. And but also of all the ways they could have depicted World War Two they depict it from the Rosie the Riveter, right? The women who were working on the ships that got attacked during World War Two and they you know, one of the character says to the other Don’t worry, maybe our boys will be home by next Christmas. I love that I love it. And then of course, there is the ultimate ending the golden golden dream

Kelli  32:07 
you walk out singing

Chris  32:08 
that I do and I sing it for the rest of the day. No

Kelli  32:10 
you tearing up right a little bit maybe I love this.

Chris  32:15 
So Randy Brice the guy that produced this show actually wrote the lyrics to golden dream.

Kelli  32:22 
Oh, man, these are some talented they

Chris  32:24 
are super talented people. And and basically golden dream is a is a video montage. Npbody does a montage like Disney? And it? It catches it picks up at World War Two, and shows us all these great American luminaries and moments since World War Two Muhammad Ali Marilyn Monroe. Steve Jobs Jim Henson, Fred Astaire, the crew pf the Space Shuttle Challenger 911. Evenrts.

Kelli  32:50 

Chris  32:51 
All right. Randy Brice stated that ultimately the story conveys that the American adventure is one of struggle Hello, and probably always will be. He says, in fact, he said in 1983 when they film this thing, that they were going through hell right now, right is what he said. But that with the American spirit, we will always overcome struggle and that’s what this story is supposed to recount for us. I love it. I love it and

Kelli  33:21 
you do love it honey, and I’ll say I mean I’m for American history, obviously non whitewashed version. But it really is a comfy seat in there

Chris  33:33 
and it gets dark and puts you in a comfy seat in the air conditioned on a hot day. And then they start

Kelli  33:39 
after I’ve had a margarita Mexico. Right?

Chris  33:42 
I can understand our stand hard.

Unknown Speaker  33:45 
I’m a good napper.

Chris  33:46 
You are a good napper hon so that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the show. If you did you know what to do jump out to whatever service that you downloaded this podcast from and write us give us a review and we will watch all the other listeners come in.

Kelli  34:02 
Yes, please. And if you’re looking for more things Disney, please visit That’s s for Super C for Cali F for fragilistic A for awesome D for Disney P podcast. We just released the homecoming brunch video on YouTube which is droolworthy so check that out. And in case you need other reasons to draw we’re also working on a special festival the arts foodie episode. Yeah, so

Chris  34:28 
watch out for that. Join us on all the social medias go out to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast on YouTube. Share that giveaway video. Join us for all conversations at SCFADP on all the other socials. The more the merrier.

Kelli  34:44 
Yes, we would love to hear from you.

Chris  34:46 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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