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Journey of Water, Moana, Epcot

Disney News (5/22) – The new Moana Attraction at EPCOT, and how to celebrate your Birthday at Disney

Episode 24

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Journey of Water, Moana, Epcot

In this week’s episode, Kelli reviews what we know about the new “Moana inspired” Journey of Water in EPCOT’s new World of Nature. Then we daydream a little bit about what we’d like to see Disney magic do with that water at EPCOT. On the eve of Chris’ birthday, he reviews the best way to celebrate your birthday at Walt Disney World.

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Show Notes:

Chris and Kelli discuss their experiences and ideas for celebrating birthdays at Disney World, including free birthday buttons, room upgrades, and custom cakes. They also share their thoughts on various updates and rumors surrounding Disney parks, such as a new ride system, a roller coaster in development, and Epcot’s upcoming events and attractions. Kelli is excited for the immersive ‘Journey of Water’ attraction, while Chris supports her vision for a water-themed area in Epcot.


Disney-related topics, including new merchandise and LGBTQ+ inclusion.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss Disney-related topics, including their love for fluffy bangs and ears.
  • They mention a local in California called Y Rica, which is pronounced differently than expected.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss Disney’s 2022 Pride Collection, with 100% of profits going to LGBTQIA+ organizations.
  • They mention a new branding for the collection and the inclusion of language about limited supply.

Disney theme park news, including new rides, shows, and events.

  • Kelli and Chris discuss a patent for a ride system that allows for collaborative guest steering, potentially for a roller coaster.
  • Chris mentions that more Kanto content could be coming to Disney parks, including Bruno projections on Disneyland’s Small World.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss various Disney-related topics, including Tarzan, Splash Mountain, and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.
  • Chris shares his memories of the Harmony Barbershop and the prices for the June 23 Return of Hoopty show.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss the upcoming Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, rhinos wearing fitness trackers at Animal Kingdom, and more.

New Epcot attraction, Journey of Water, inspired by Moana.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss new drinks and a marijuana-inspired area at Epcot.
  • Kelli and Chris discuss Journey of Water, an immersive experience at Epcot that teaches guests about the global water cycle through interactive and educational elements.
  • The updated concept art for Journey of Water features massive rock formations, waterfalls, and lush vegetation, with a massive heart-shaped area in the middle.
  • Kelli wants the water arches in the Journey of Water attraction to move to the beat of the ambient music and change location regularly.
  • Kelli wants to feel like water is everywhere all at once, but not necessarily on her.

Water-themed area in Epcot, including interactive elements and conservation education.

  • Kelli wants to experience water in all its stages and control its shape, size, and movement.
  • Kelli wants to educate children about the power of water and its impact on life and ecosystems.
  • Kelli envisions a water-themed attraction with interactive elements, including splashing and personalized interactions with the water.
  • Chris is impressed with Kelli’s creativity and offers to help with patent filings and profits.

Birthday celebrations at Disney World.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss birthday celebrations at Walt Disney World, including free birthday buttons and random cast members saying “Happy Birthday.”
  • Chris shares his experience of feeling special after receiving multiple “Happy Birthday” wishes throughout his stay at Disney World.
  • Chris shares tips for making a Disney birthday special, including room upgrades, photo opportunities, and a birthday phone call.
  • Guests can order a custom birthday cake from a Disney bakery for a special dining experience.

Disney birthday ideas, including pixie dust and autographs.

  • Chris wants to get pixie dusted at Disney Springs or Magic Kingdom for his birthday.
  • Chris and Kelli suggest buying blank birthday cards for Meet and Greet characters to sign, as an alternative to autographed books.
  • Kelli and Chris plan a surprise birthday trip to Disney with breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe and a non-Park Day at the Polynesian Village Resort.
  • They discuss their favorite things to do at Disney, including riding the boats around Seven Seas Lagoon and watching the fireworks on the beach.

Journey of Water at EPCOT:

Episode Transcript:

Chris 0:28
Welcome aboard Disney fam. Welcome aboard Disney fam. Indeed. We are so happy to have you with us for this week show. My name is Chris and

Kelli 0:39
I’m Kelly.

Chris 0:40
Jeff some trouble

Kelli 0:41
that was going on with my mic. I suddenly decided to move it closer to me just in the middle of the intro and it wouldn’t move at all.

Chris 0:48
It looks like it’s been sitting in that one spot on the table for about 150 years. So your ears this week are just glorious sound duck, but is it Donald Duck? But here’s Donald Duck bunny ears. Pretty sure you wearing them backwards? Because it’s not yours. I do me. There’s nothing in this life in this world that Kelly loves more than a fluffy butt or a fluffy set of bangs.

Kelli 1:18
I love the bangs Man movie last night and that Dale’s bangs are just too much for me. No, this is this is Donald Ducks, but on your head

Chris 1:30
and feet are sticking up like where the ears are straight up.

Kelli 1:33
And you can see his little tail. We technically I guess this could be daisies but yes. But in any case, I like to wear it tell front as opposed to tail.

Chris 1:45
It looks like you got a set of little fluffy bangs.

Kelli 1:47
Yeah. Because it’s it’s cuter. But anyway, these are topics adjacent for me. Okay,

Chris 1:52
the whole band is fuzzy to this and those are good ears. Hey, we had some awesome locales that we saw downloads from this week and we are thrilled about it. This first one I literally looked up to make sure I was pronouncing it correctly because I would have said it wrong. This is why rica California. Why rica spelled y r e ke I would have said Eureka for sure. Absolutely. But it’s y Rica. Y Rica. According to the Googles? Yep. This these these places east of the Pacific Coast mountain ranges home of the Siskiyou County Museum. Right on i Five as you head north into Oregon from California. Okay, well, welcome.

Kelli 2:35
Why Rick?

Chris 2:36
Yep. Bear Delaware. Just south of Wilmington, Delaware. Yeah, like that. I want to live in Bear Bear Delaware. Hemlock, Michigan. Okay. Well unincorporated community not far from Saginaw Bay. And I’m so excited about this one. We are huge here. Oh, gosh. Bordeaux, France. Oh, no. I know, the famed wine producing region in southwestern France. Oh,

Kelli 3:02
my goodness, y’all. I will send you some stickers. If you reach out to us, and we can make a trade.

Chris 3:11
We are not above bribery.

Kelli 3:14
I’m not above bribery. And I can send you stickers,

Chris 3:17
Bordeaux, France.

Kelli 3:22
We’re huge in France. We can we can do live shows

Chris 3:25
we can just want to throw from the vineyards. Just

Kelli 3:29
want to throw that out there ready for Main Street? Main Street. Let’s hear it. Alright.

Chris 3:34
So Disney announced their 2022 Prod collection. It has been released and the list of organizations that will benefit from the profits. So between now and June 30. Eight major LGBTQIA plus community organizations will benefit from 100% of the profits garnered

Kelli 3:55
I think that’s a big deal. 100% of the profits J Peck. Honestly, you maybe ought to give 125% But I just I think that’s a great decision. If they wanted to sell any of that merch. The profit goes somewhere else.

Chris 4:10
Yeah, that’s true. It’s got a new branding the pride collection. A new brand nice. It’s cool. It was dreamed up quote by members and allies of the community for members and allies of the community.

Kelli 4:22
Okay. Like that’s okay. I like it. Yep.

Chris 4:25
Jeannie plus will not be offered for pre arrival purchase starting June the eighth switch weird to me that so many people were upset because I honestly didn’t realize it was an option pre arrival. So we had some friends that were Yeah. And they bought it and that was like, I was like, I didn’t know you could do that. I didn’t know you could buy it ahead of time. Right.

Kelli 4:45
Because we bought it every morning at seven. Yeah. So yeah. Or before, right. So yeah, that’s not fair that they were buying theirs earlier. Well,

Chris 4:52
so the one big shift is they did include some language that makes it sound like that there could be a limited supply. Now I think they’re getting ready for summer. It’s interesting. So so now it’s okay. I can’t buy it. So the they have already

Kelli 5:09
there was they were limiting how many you could get a day? How many lightnings? You

Chris 5:16
could have any lightning lanes? You could do? Yes. But now it’s gonna be limiting how many people by Jamie plus plus at all. Wow. Come out and said that but there’s a little shift in the language there that applies their supply. Okay, so that’s a

Kelli 5:34
big drop demand like limited supply.

Chris 5:37
Well, you know, when you when you can’t buy it till the day of right right now, do people just stay up till midnight? Like I did like you did? Or but then you’ve also got to get up at seven to get those individual lightning lanes.

Kelli 5:52
Yeah, I mean, basically what we’re getting to is if you go to Disney, you just don’t get to sleep. It’s it’s a sleep deprivation, which is the really the best thing for all children,

Chris 6:01
and anybody on a vacation. So this is interesting. Some patent information came out for Disney. This this week, Disney filed for a patent that had the ability to make, allow them to make changes or maintenance to ride vehicles and digital systems on an attraction between the unload and reload areas

Kelli 6:26
saw that. Like, that’s interesting. I don’t

Chris 6:30
have the imagination to know like exactly what to do with that. Right.

Kelli 6:33
But we know what they’re working on. Right. So this is not for Tron. This is not for Remy, this is not for

Chris 6:40
they’ve got out there that they need this for they

Kelli 6:43
need this for a roller coaster that maybe we don’t even know about. Right?

Chris 6:47
Or you know, there’s another patent that they released on a ride system that allows for collaborative guest steering. So So imagine that I looked at the drawing for that one too and imagine like a trackless car like you have in Mickey and Minnie except instead of it knowing where it’s going in the trackless environment. What if we told it where to go? Right? Wow, I don’t know. I want to know what they’re dreaming.

Kelli 7:17
Yeah, cuz that’s the thing is, this would have to be like pre building permits. Yeah, right. This is just a patent. We’re just coming up with this could be years away. In order

Chris 7:27
to build this ride that we have dreamed up, we would need this sort of a ride vehicle and so we need to go ahead and patent that because I don’t think anybody has done that. Right. That’s the mindset. I guess it’s crazy.

Kelli 7:38

Chris 7:39
I love it so much, though.

Unknown Speaker 7:40
Well, that kind of stuff. Go get them Zack. Yes.

Chris 7:42
So more in Kanto stuff could be coming to Disney parks along with the Bruno projections that are on Disneyland small world. Okay. There’s a Mirabel Meet and Greet at Disneyland. Nice. There could be some new things that they described as potentially transitory or more permanent. I’m thinking that they need to turn the Tarzan treehouse in the century houses just call into in. Who was the kids Antonia? Is that his name her? Her little cousin that

Kelli 8:17
Antonio gets his gift today? Yes. Yes. Yes. You know, while you’re at it, let’s just go ahead and turn it Splash Mountain into Tiana’s area. Just put all of that into one building permit Sure.

Chris 8:31
Okay. That you turn into yourself at the Reedy Creek improvement district because nobody’s ever going to get rid of that. Many vans have been seen on the roads and haven’t officially launched yet but they’ve been seen around okay and seen around town. Okay, just take all my money because I liked the bands than any other ride service in the world ever. But whatever, Mayor when you have to get to Hollywood studios at 615 in the morning so that you guys

Kelli 9:05
rise, and they don’t just have chargers in the car. They have cords in those chargers so that you don’t even have to pull out a comb or dig into your bag man. It’s a service people to service supply and demand. Got a special

Chris 9:18
place in my heart for the fact that the harmony barbershop will reopen on July 31

Unknown Speaker 9:25
stories I love I

Chris 9:28
actually got my hair cut there twice when I was a little youngster wasn’t the safest place it is now though. That’s awesome. The Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party tickets are on sale to the general public. So that’s good before it was just like the DVC or people who

Kelli 9:46
had and the prices are the same. Yeah, okay. Yeah.

Chris 9:51
Speaking of pricing, though, pricing and showtimes have been revealed for the June 23 Return of hoopty. Do music review. Oh, wow. Yeah. three categories of seating main floor, you’ve got category two, which is like a balcony, level that straight onto the stage and then category three, which is balcony off to the side of the stage $74 for 10 and up category 140 $4 for three to nine years old and category one. Okay, and it goes down from there. Um, Rumi’s rides going from May 31 to August 6, Rumi’s ratatouille adventure, whatever it’s called, will be included in Ginny Plus, you’re not not an individual. So when you pay for Genie plus through the summer, yeah, nine through the summer. You know, cosmic rewind is launching at Epcot on May the 27th officially we were written it but officially so so I think this is we got we got to make sure people can write can go do roomies while we’ve got people that are on cosmic rewind now after August 6, it’s cosmic rewind. Roomies and I think the frozen Ever After are all going to be really

Unknown Speaker 11:09
individuals in Yeah, I mean,

Kelli 11:13
I don’t know. Surprise I pull people I’m always surprised by how long that line is. Skinned matter horn and for a while there a lof had like completely freaked out. He

Chris 11:25
had. Yeah. And you know, I think he also had her own issues in there too. But they love they love those girls. They love their sister’s kids, man. Remember that time we saw that girl stretch and she was literally like pulling her claws out. I know stretching.

Kelli 11:43
Never seen such a thing. Grown Woman two grown women grown women watching their quads before.

Chris 11:49
It was either they were getting ready for the New York City Marathon or they were going to they were rope dropping reps and they

Kelli 11:57
were stretching their quads for rope drop.

Chris 12:02
Oh, gosh. So we’re getting pretty close to the start of what I think we all can agree is the greatest time of the year. The Food and Wine Festival? Yes, yes. Which basically is the whole last half of the year. They’ve released the details for the Eat to the beat concert series lineup and the food booths hadn’t been announced. So you know, heads up for a bonus episode.

Kelli 12:27
Yes, yes. Yes, I’m ready for it.

Chris 12:30
I love this story at Animal Kingdom all the rhinos have gotten fitness trackers. For real real, like on their little room. They’re on their little on there. Oh, huge.

Kelli 12:44
That is fantastic.

Chris 12:46
These activity trackers will help us better understand the activity levels of the rhinos in our care throughout the day and when they settle in for the evening. Because of the built in accelerometer. We can track the distance they cover running and walking around the savanna we can also better track their sleeping and napping schedules.

Unknown Speaker 13:02
Oh my goodness, that is so good.

Chris 13:06
Apparently and McCain is not the only only like zoological enterprises that is doing this with rhinos. But I love it. There’s a picture of he’s got his over at the Polynesian Tambu lounge they released a new Tiki mug special dream souvenir mug it is it looks like a tiki mug with surfboards all over it. And my favorite thing it’s called the Papa ha pipeline. My favorite thing about it is that it is basically alcoholic pug juice. Tog use love it golf Kahal love that We Need we say more or less. Let’s marry these babies up. I like it. Although it is 32 bucks. Well,

Kelli 13:47
I mean, all those drinks are fairly expensive. But it’s because the souvenir mugs are so nice. They are really nice. Souvenir mugs are fantastic. And people will stand in line for those things. So just

Chris 14:01
to get the mug yes, no

Kelli 14:03
judgement at all.

Chris 14:04
Never. Never here. Okay, you ready for tomorrow? I’m

Kelli 14:07
ready. All right. So I think I feel like we’re gonna do a special episode this week on the food wine. So I thought I would go a little bit off brand. Because the interwebs have also been blowing up about the new marijuana section and I cannot wait. Now here’s the thing. Everybody keeps calling this the marijuana section of Epcot. But I believe it’s more accurate to say that it’s inspired by I think that’s more appropriate, right. Okay. So this is the journey of water. Yes, attraction, not a ride, right? Which is going to be in the world of nature area. Okay, and so this is how it’s described. This new neighborhood is dedicated to learning and supporting humanity’s relationship with our planets. It will be a lush exploration trail that allows guests to meet and play with magic Coal living water, come on. Through this experience, guests will get to play and interact with water as it travels from the skies to the ocean and back again. The water is described as having a personality. And it’s saying it will help guests learn how to protect the natural water cycle in a fun and engaging way, showing us the role we play in preserving water for years to come. So this is going to be in between Spaceship Earth and Nemo in France. Okay, and they are making progress. What everybody’s talking about are sort of the the rock areas, the boulder type things that we see going up. The rock structures are literally getting higher every day. And so everybody’s like, Oh my goodness, you can see the rock structure level blah, blah, blah. Okay, so Zach, our favorite Imagineer course at Epcot posted this, this is his description of it, journey and this is two weeks ago. Okay, on Instagram. Journey of water will immerse guests in a lush environment. And it is here that the story of the global cycle of water we brought to life. In a story completely unique to Epcot, we’re creating an outdoor attraction for all ages, where you will be invited to play and interact with water as it travels from our skies to our ocean and back the spaces and experiences within. We’re inspired by marijuana’s friendship with water and her devotion to protecting the nature around her. Now when I read that, I’ll be honest, like, it sounds like the land 2.0 Right, like this whole like water traveling through the cycle. And

Chris 16:41
because we did we talked about that a little bit at the beginning of the land. Sure, yes,

Kelli 16:45
it sounds like the land 2.0 Now if you look at the original concept are there are these these bolder areas with like a massive heart of 250 Sure, right in the middle and it looks like sort of waterfalls and you’re walking through like palm trees, very lush, very like Pandora s but shady or not like sketchy shady, or like

Chris 17:09
actual shade from the sun right.

Kelli 17:12
Now, they released updated concept art two weeks ago. So this was with Zach’s post, and in this updated concept art, it’s like from the top. And so you can see how green this area is. And I gotta say, that’s needed. Because I’ve always thought that future world was very concrete, hideous, right? Like really concrete and hot and just like sizzling on asphalt all afternoon. So it is superduper green. Like that’s really all that you see. And then you see sort of like these pools of water surrounded by stone with the water sort of jumping from one pool to the next. So I’m going to call those water archways. Okay, now, do you remember when we were in Peru, and we went to that park that essentially had a bunch of these water interactive water fountains, water archways, it was really cool. It was a really cool, it was cool, and it was a lot of fun. So I’m expecting that to be like a sandbox compared to what we’re gonna get with Disney, I would expect the same. So Zach also went on to Gizmodo, which I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what that is. And he said, For journey of water, the idea is celebrating the cycle, you get to meet water, the same way marijuana meets her friend water in the film, and have some really fun experience as we move through the trail that are totally unique and invented just for this. Okay, so the idea of needing water, okay, so I’m thinking through this and I’m like, Okay, so here is what I want to see in the journey of water attraction. Okay, I’ve got a list these are my needs. Right? Number one, this is fairly obvious and basic, but I need to put it out there but so it doesn’t get overlooked. You want to overload you don’t want to you know, in a meet my expectations before you exceed them. Okay, so first of all the water arches need to move to the beat of the ambient music, and they need to regularly change where they’re arching to and also to the beat of the music so faster, slower, higher, lower at nighttime. I need to see colors in arches. Yeah. And I want to feel like water is everywhere all at once, but not necessarily on me. Okay,

Chris 19:28
you don’t want to get wet? No, no. Well,

Kelli 19:30
I mean, I want those opportunities to exist, I just don’t want to take part in them. But I want to feel almost like I’m underwater, you know, with the arches going over my head. I never really know where the arches going to come from. Like it’s not a super predictable pattern. And they change you know, speed and height and all that kind of stuff like I need that. I got this is just the most amazing water arches.

Chris 19:55
Think about what Mallanna how she interacted with water. It’s pretty amazing. Thank

Kelli 20:00
you for that segue. That leads me to number two, okay, I need to be able to control this water with my hands.

Chris 20:09
But not like like say like, I can cut water out of a bowl today in my hands. No, you mean, like I want to talk to it,

Kelli 20:15
I want to talk to I want to be able to push it away from me, I want to draw it to me, I want to direct it left or right to splash

Chris 20:21
on another guest. Like Like, like your conductor conductor, I

Kelli 20:25
want to conduct this stuff. I want to be able to control this water on my hands and make it do whatever.

Chris 20:30
It’s good that you’re you know, setting your expectations along the basics so that you don’t get disappointed. So

Kelli 20:36
the basic was just number one. Oh, okay, we’ve moved past the basic now number two, I want to control it my hands. Number three, this is an education area. That’s the idea with Epcot. So there needs to be some type of conservation learning experience. Similar to the energy conservation games over in the imagination area, you know, after you get off of spaceship Earth, and you’re

Chris 20:58
there that need a lot of work

Kelli 21:00
they do, right. But I want this to be hands on interactive, like if then scenario where I can see how conservation impacts the world around me. I like that. Okay. Number four, I want to be able to experience water in all of its stages, rain, ice, snow, Steam, puddles, etc. And I want to be able to make it change shapes. So say it’s like regular water. And I’ll be like, we’re into water, yes, or ice or snow or whatever, right? Like Zach says, I love this, right? So this is I want to be able to do that. I want to control the water.

Chris 21:37
Along with them. We’re learning a lot about you. Number

Kelli 21:39
five, okay, I want you I want you know, the kids to be able to discover the power of water, okay, the life that it gives to us to plants to animals and our general ecosystem. So think about this as like a scavenger hunt, where we have to find these unique ways that water impacts our lives that we don’t even know. And it would be super awesome. Like if this scavenger hunt were tied into the heart of Tahiti. And like maybe at the end, I can replace the heart of two feet at work and the water goes back like calm Alright,

Chris 22:13
the it goes clean, like you know, had that black stuff in the movie that

Kelli 22:18
was yes, destroying things start growing. It’s green and lush. Because I have completed the scavenger hunt and returned.

Chris 22:25
I turned tech cob back into DVD.

Kelli 22:29
I think that’s very doable.

Chris 22:30
I think you’re really onto something.

Kelli 22:32
Okay, it’s getting better. Number six, I need for this area to feel cooler. Like legitimately, I want the temperature to be decreased. I want it to feel amazing. Like you’re walking through a shaded jungle filled with air conditioning in Florida. So like, you know, that area that side of the park miles of concrete. But you know how when you walk into Pandora, like the ambient music changes, and you just feel like you’re suddenly in a jungle? Yeah, I need that times 10. Zack, because I want the temperature to actually decrease. Okay. Wow, I want it to feel like I’m no longer in Florida. Right. Okay. So I also need a really awesome show where the water interacts with the audience, similar to Mike Wazowski in the last floor, you know how they can pick out people in the audience and actually talk back to him. Yes, I need the water to be able to do that. And to like splash people. You know how Right? Like it would do that. Like if now we said something it’d be like, like just splashed all over.

Chris 23:41
Like, like, and also like when you go through the end of the Haunted Mansion and your ghost is in your car. And he does dance with you.

Kelli 23:47
Yes. But for real, like I wanted

Chris 23:51
to get away.

Kelli 23:53
I wanted to actually swage people. So that’s it. So I want like a show. You

Chris 23:58
know, I’m not sure this place can hold with your imagination

Kelli 24:02
where the water is my friend and I’ve met the personality that is the water.

Chris 24:06
And a little bit of a jokester.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
It is.

Kelli 24:10
I think I’ve nailed this. In Zach. You’re welcome. And if you need to fill out file for any patents for any of these items, I’m happy to cosign on that and also take some of the profits. You’re welcome.

Chris 24:26
Used to have the jumping water, it may still do outside attorney to imagination. And that’s not enough and avatar of the Navi river ride. Why not

Kelli 24:35
enough for you? Not enough, there may

Chris 24:37
be more. So guess what tomorrow is?

Kelli 24:40
You know, I was thinking and I feel like it’s a special day. I just can’t quite place my finger on it.

Chris 24:47
That’s triggering for me because I’ve had that in my life. Today, it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday.

Kelli 24:53
And I love it just as much as I live, you

Chris 24:55
know? Yeah, so tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my 47th birthday. I’ll be going toe work, and then getting off work

Kelli 25:04

  1. And that’s something you are just robbing the Christ, Robert

Chris 25:08
Moore every year. So I thought, you know, if I were lucky enough to spend my birthday at Walt Disney World, what are some things we could do to just celebrate my special day? Okay, all right, want to shout out to undercover tourist, they always do a really wonderful job. They’ve got great count, crowd calendars, and all sorts of tools out there to make planning your Disney trip easier and better. So shout out to them because they had this great article out there. So first and foremost, birthday buttons, I titled this little section, birthday buttons and word of your mouth. So wherever you are at Walt Disney World, if it’s your birthday, go talk to somebody and see if you can get one of their free birthday buttons. They’ll say happy birthday. Oh, it’s big. You’ll say happy birthday. Put your name on it. It seems silly and hokey and whatever. But the cast members have been trained to be super observant for any of the special buttons that people are wearing, celebrating. There’s something I’m celebrating and you put your anniversary on there. In this case, it’s actually a happy birthday button. And it really feels nice to have random people. single you out and say happy birthday. Yes. Over and over and over and over. You feel so special. It’s a little thing free. But you it really does make you feel special. And you know, what were the entirety of your stay? Whether it’s your actual birthday or not. Yes, we didn’t. We didn’t want for our anniversary and all week. Yes. Celebrate us the whole week. Yep. So tell people by the way, did it your birthday? Right. Tell the cast members that check in or when you’re making dinner reservations? Yep. You might get a room upgrade or confetti at your dinner or a birthday cupcake at dinner for free. Or even or even like, you go out that morning to the park. She come back that night and you’ll have a birthday card maybe in your room signed by Mickey Mouse. Right? Right.

Unknown Speaker 27:22

Chris 27:23
Tell the photo fat PhotoPass photographers. You know before you have some pictures made, they might add some celebration pixie dust to your photo. There’s near the town center in Magic Kingdom. A lot of times there’s actually a specific spot where you can go have your picture made with a happy birthday prop. Oh right. So you know like during the parades, those folks will come with the photons that come around, and they’ll have the sign that says festival fantasy or whatever. You there’s a place for like Happy Birthday pictures, oftentimes right there in the town center. All

Unknown Speaker 27:55
that’s all.

Chris 27:59
A birthday phone call in your room. So you can actually if you tell the front desk at your resort, you can get a phone call from a Disney character. They’ll leave a voicemail that says like, say from goofy or Daisy or whomever wishing you a happy birthday. Oh, that’s

Kelli 28:16

Chris 28:17
I think that’s cool. Um, you can call ahead and order a special pre check in delivery. Yep. Yep, so Disney offers a huge variety of gift baskets and packages to be delivered to your room before you arrive. You just go to Disney World dot Disney floral and and you can select a whole slew of things and it will connect you with your room reservations and all that fun stuff. Right? So I think you tried to do something like that. It wasn’t my birthday but you had ordered me some of the you know you actually got those macadamia nuts from

Kelli 28:54
a lot ordered the macadamia nuts from Hawaii and had shipped to the

Speaker 1 28:57
hotel Wow, you really went over to the guy did over the top there. Wanted to make sure they were the real thing. Yeah,

Chris 29:04
I’m kick. What Yeah, what is a what is a birthday without cake? I think my wife is making me a yellow cake with chocolate icing because I’m nothing if not basic.

Kelli 29:16
Not basic.

Chris 29:21
So let’s say you already have your dining reservations set you know the whole way ahead of time you’re on it. You’re planning your trip. You’ve got your dining reservations set right at some great restaurant on a birthday that you’re celebrating for specific table service restaurants and there’s a whole slew of them or you can call ahead. We’ll have the number and the website for this in the show notes. But call ahead to that restaurant or note to this to the phone number that will be in the show notes 72 hours before your reservation time to order a special birthday cake now this is not the free cupcake that you get. This is this is a legit next level birthday cake that you can design and made from scratch by the Disney bakery chefs. I’ve seen pictures of those. They do a good job and it it takes that whatever whatever special dining event you’ve planned to have on your birthday at Disney. Do this and it’ll take that to the very next level

Kelli 30:20
next level for

Chris 30:21
sure. They do they do such a wonderful job. Okay. Get pixie dusted literally. I don’t know if this is still a thing. But you’ve already heard a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Yes. Right. So apparently, you don’t have to have a reservation in there to get dolled up or anything. You just go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique either Disney Springs, I think there’s also one at Magic Kingdom. And you just tell them hey, it’s my birthday. And they will literally sprinkle you with pixie dust so that you have like little glitter on you for the rest of the day.

Kelli 30:53
So even a grown man I guess even a grown ass man

Chris 31:02
and I kinda want to do it for that very reason

Can you see me 47 years old? Gosh, I would pay. Hey, Ma’am, I’m here. Somebody told me. He told me that you would sprinkle me with pixie pixie dust if

Kelli 31:23
Can I please get pixie dusted. It’s the first day. That is fantastic.

Chris 31:30
And then and then the whole rest of the day your pixie dust your pixie dust like our house was that time when you did the Christmas decorations? Yep.

Kelli 31:37
That time. That one time I’d use fake stuff

Chris 31:40
that we were still cleaning up when we moved out of that house. 12 years later. Okay, I love this idea. And again, I think this goes two ways. So autographs are back right? For the Disney meet and greets you can get autographs again. Yes. All right. So if it’s if it’s your birthday, every time I say that I want to I want to sing the song. Say it’s your birthday. No, not that one. A ship birthday.

Speaker 1 32:08
Go show it to birthday. Not holiday shaky birthday. Yeah, that was the other one.

Chris 32:17
So go buy a blank birthday card. Instead of carrying an autographed book around Oh, go buy a blank birthday card or to still do the autograph thing. They don’t have to sign autographed books they can sign ever you give them this.

Kelli 32:31
Oh, now see, that’s a good,

Chris 32:33
that’s a good idea.

Kelli 32:34
That really is

Chris 32:36
so you go get some blank birthday cards enough to get however many you know Meet and Greet characters they want to get and have them all sign your birthday card. Now that’s a good idea. And you know, like I think so like let’s say that your it is it’s not your birthday. But there’s somebody in your life that’s a Disney fanatic, right? Do that still get all the Disney characters to sign a birthday card? You know are a whole bunch of design birthday cards and then give that to your Disney love and friend on their birthday.

Kelli 33:07
Oh wow.

Chris 33:08
That’s a pretty good idea. It’s

Kelli 33:09
fantastic. Yes,

Chris 33:11
I like that That’s great. So yeah, so that’s that’s now if I was going to on my actual birthday I mean other than the go get pixie dusted thing

Kelli 33:22
I think that’s a must do Yeah,

Chris 33:24
I think other than that I think that my my birthday day is get up a little later than normal.

Kelli 33:30
You may not get up at six not get

Chris 33:32
up at six get up a little later than I know. Crazy. I did get up a little later than normal.

Kelli 33:38
I want to go to Disney with birthday you

Chris 33:42
Oh, what do you mean? Yeah, and then and then go somewhere amazing for breakfast. Breakfast tomorrow. There you go. Perfect. Get up a little late. Go to art Smith’s for breakfast for sure that yes,

Kelli 33:59
although I did just post it I think whispering Canyon Cafe has a new flight of mimosas that could be very

Chris 34:06
tent well and it’s pretty close to the Polynesian too Right.

Kelli 34:10
But in any case, leave the big breakfast

Chris 34:12
go back to the poly hang by the pool having some some spiked whips and things of that nature the new drink and literally just chill by the pool a non Park Day and then you really do want to go with burden that you know and then maybe maybe just ride the boats around Seven Seas Lagoon you know just ride across to the Magic Kingdom and just stay on the boat ride back. Next time we go I’m just gonna be like honey, it’s your birthday. And then and then in the night on the beach. They’re watching the fireworks. Yes, I

Kelli 34:46
want to go with birthday you

Chris 34:51
anything close to anything we’ve ever done. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 34:52
it’s not.

Chris 34:54
I was dreaming. just dreaming a little bit. That’s dreaming. All right, folks, that That’s the show for this week. Hey if you’ve got any ideas on what you would like to do for your birthday if you are spending your birthday Disney, pop them over to us through the Instagram and Twitter and all that stuff or any cool ideas what you want to see in the mawatha Any cool Mallanna ideas let us know what those are we’d love to hear it. You know what to do now though, go out there and leave us a rating leave us a review subscribe to the show so that you don’t have to actively download the podcast by the way. We have like surpassed all monthly download expectations ever.

Kelli 35:30
Oh he’s so excited about that. I love data download. He gets so excited. If you’re looking for more things Disney please visit SCF That’s s for superseed for Kelly F for Fragile iStick eight for awesome D for Disney Pete for podcast. We are going to do a virtual tour of the food wine.

Chris 35:46
I can’t wait This week our favorite thing to do super excited. Keep an eye out for that follow us on the socials at SCF, ADP on Twitter and Instagram. And folks with that we will see you real soon.

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