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BONUS Review: The Best Disney World Vegan Food! If you’re Vegan, you will eat WELL at Walt Disney World

Episode 7

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In this video, we discuss the best Disney vegan options at all Walt Disney World Parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Our favorite vegan foods in Magic Kingdom are the meatless sloppy joe at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, the Curried Vegetable Crew Stew at Skipper Canteen, the Impossible Meatloaf from Liberty Tree Tavern, and the Veggie Rice Bowl at Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe.

At EPCOT we highly recommend eating Vegan at Le Cellier and trying the Steamed Asian Dumplings, or ANYTHING at the Earth Eats Booth at the Food and Wine Festival.

At Hollywood Studios, there’s vegan food at the Brown Derby and vegan meals at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. The vegan dish at the Hollywood Brown Derby is Ginger-Lemongrass Pho. AMAZING. However, the best vegan at Hollywood Studios (IMO) is the Felucian Kefta and Hummus Garden Spread. So flavorful, so filling, and mind-blowing for a vegan counter service meal at Disney.

At Animal Kingdom be sure to hit up Satu’li Canteen to build your own bowl with fried tofu. There are also vegan food options at Tiffins, Tusker House, Harambe Market, Flame Tree Barbecue, and even Restaurantosaurus.

For a list of full vegan options for 2020 at Walt Disney World, visit this site:

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Chris  0:02 
Hey everybody, welcome to a bonus episode of supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. This is Chris.

Kelli  0:07 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:09 
And in this special episode tonight, I’m turning the reins over to Kelli, because she is super on brand. She’s not just talking about food, she’s talking about vegan food. So go for it.

That’s right, so you’ve got very little things to offer here.

Kelli  0:23 
So we’ve been hinting at this since July. And finally, it’s here. We’re talking vegan. Yay. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m vegetarian, not vegan. But what I’ve noticed is that a lot of restaurants especially at Disney will offer vegan options as a way to have food that both vegetarians and vegans can eat right, so sort of kill two birds with one stone. Also, I can tell you as a vegetarian, I was thrilled with all this food. I didn’t miss the dairy or the eggs. Okay, so let’s get this plant based party started. I’m going to go park by Park telling you my favorite vegan options at Walt Disney World. Many of these items Chris has also tried. So he says he’s not vegan, but I’ve made him try some of these that were awesome.

Chris  1:04 
I’m not scared of it.

Kelli  1:04 
You’re not scared of it, you’re not scared of it. And you’ll chime in whenever you’ve got some color to ad. Now, these items come from several of our trips, and some may not be available during COVID. So just keep that in mind. But they are all recent trips, right? I just started eating plant based food in the parks a couple years ago. So many of them are still available. This is also not a comprehensive list. I will link to that in the show notes. This is just a list of what I consider to be the best vegan options at each Park. I’m also going to mention a fail that we’ve tried. But honestly, that’s the only one I can think of right? I was gonna say there’s very few fails. But really there’s just the one. And so I’m going to mention that. What I will say is if you want to find the best plant based options when you’re at the park, the best thing to do is to search on the Disney experience app. These options change regularly, it seems like there’s new ones there every time we go or some things change in and out. So while there may be lists available online, I would say the best thing to still do is going to be to search on the My Disney experience app. So first, let’s hit Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom. We’re gonna stop first at one of Chris’s favorite restaurants. This is the cosmic ray starlight cafe.

Chris  1:30 
I love cosmic rays.

Kelli  2:16 
When we go to Magic Kingdom, we have to stop at cosmic rays. It’s a favorite for all of us. I love sunny. So it’s something that we need to see, they have a plant based sloppy joe at cosmic rays. I’m going to say if you didn’t know this was plant based, I don’t think you’d be able to tell. They use the beyond meat crumbles, which I gotta say I’ve snuck into several of our meals at home. And they’ve been you know, met with wide acclaim and they serve it with a mustard slaw. It’s a very hearty meal. I mean, sometimes I haven’t eaten the whole sandwich. It’s pretty hearty and also very messy just like a sloppy joe should be. And it has a nice kick of acidity from that slaw. You haven’t tried this sloppy Joe right.

Chris  3:03 
I have actually I have like with a fork I’ve tried the the inside Yeah, the meat part of the Sloppy Joe.

Kelli  3:11 
Okay, and what did you remember talking about?

Chris  3:12 
I remember thinking it tastes like a sloppy joe.

Kelli  3:14 
Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so our next stop is going to be Pecos Bill’s tall tail Inn and cafe This is their veggie rice bowl. You know, pick us bills or build your own situation. Yeah. So you could go vegan or vegetarian depending on if you want to toss in cheese and sour cream. But in either case, this is a hearty filling dish and very similar to what I might get at a local Mexican restaurant if I were doing a bowl so that’s always a good option. Skipper canteen, if y’all have seen our Skipper canteen review from season one, you all you’ve already heard me wax poetic about this meal. I love this dish, it is a phenomenal dish. I’m talking about the curried vegetable crew stew. It has rice, vegan bread, and amazing curry sauce and excellent veggies and fried tofu. I’m telling you nobody fries tofu like Disney, I could make myself sick on this. They also have the Perkins Thai noodles, which I haven’t tried because I love the veggie crew stew so much. But it looks awesome. They have a picture of it on the menu. And they usually have a vegan option for an appetizer and dessert. So if you’re using the dining plan, you can get your money’s worth off of the appetizer and dessert option. Love Skipper canteen, love, love, love. Can’t say enough good things about Skipper Canteen.

The impossible meatloaf from Liberty tree tavern.

Chris  4:32 
Yeah, buddy.

Kelli  4:33 
We’ve only been there once. And I was worried you know because Liberty tree Tavern is like an all you can eat situation. And I thought you know, well I’ll get a salad. Family style. I’ll get a salad, some veggies. And we went in and saw that they had a plant based option for the meatloaf and I snatched it right up, the meatloaf is amazing. Yeah, I’ve never had plant based meatloaf. And this is made with the impossible meat. It has amazing flavor great texture and I would swear that meat eaters can’t tell the difference. I forced you to eat this, what did you think?

Chris  5:08 
That night I had I remember having like the the traditional turkey dinner type deal, but I tried the meatloaf, the meatless meatloaf and found myself wishing I had gotten that.

Kelli  5:21 
Yeah, no, it was that good. Yes. And they served it with perfectly seasoned green beans and vegan mashed potatoes. Now look, I’m from the south. Mashed potatoes have cream. That’s a serious business. Mashed potatoes have cream and there’s a lot of different types of cream that you can put in a mashed potato. I’m personally partial to a few. But in any case mashed potatoes have cream. But these were awesome. And if you got a bite with potato meat, love and green beans man you were in vegan heaven. Yeah,

Chris  5:51 
You were also in deep south heaven.

Kelli  5:52 
That was an amazing dish. They also have a vegan appetizer and dessert option. So again, if you’re vegan plant based vegetarian, don’t hesitate to do the dining plan because they really do have some good options. Remember, these are my favorites. They’re also vegan options at be our guest, Plaza restaurant, Tony’s Town Square. So those are not the only vegan options at Magic Kingdom. Those are just my favorites. One thing that I tried that I wasn’t crazy about and ended up throwing away. Yikes. Was the cheese pizza at Pinocchio village house.

Chris  6:24 
Not good.

Kelli  6:26 
Blah. It tasted like fake cheese on cardboard. Zero stars do not recommend.

Chris  6:31 
Yeah, don’t do it.

Kelli  6:32 
It was not good.

Chris  6:33 
Go somewhere else. Go across the way get some ice cream.

Kelli  6:37 
Ice cream’s not vegan honey. That was not good. Okay, so let’s move over to Epcot. Okay. Steamed Asian dumplings at Le Cellier. Now let’s sell you as a steakhouse man. But don’t sleep on that. I mean, what we’ve seen is a lot of the table service restaurants have vegan options, mostly because the dining plan, right, you’ve got people in your party with dietary needs, you still want be able to go to these amazing restaurants. These were perfectly cooked perfect texture and very, very tasty. I would also like to mention that their brussel sprouts are vegan, as well as their watermelon salad and Black Forest trifle. So don’t sleep on Le Cellier. That Steakhouse in Canada is amazing. If you’re vegan or vegetarian if you’re vegetarian beer cheese soup, you know. There are also plenty of other vegan options at the garden grill, coral reef, beer garden and Akershush. Did I get it?

Chris  7:35 
That’s the closest you’ve ever been.

Kelli  7:37 
But honestly, when we’re in Epcot, we eat mostly from the booths. Yeah, right the booths are out year round now they’re typically event themed right so right now their food and wine but once that’s over the booth, a lot of the booths will still be out and they’re still have special foods. So look for the vegan stuff right now. They’ve got a vegan booth Earth, Earth eats booth with that impossible slider which I dream about honestly, that asian law on that impossible slider burger. So good.

Chris  8:05 
I dream about the actual meat on the Impossible burger.

Kelli  8:10 
That Asian slaw put it right over the top. Mac and cheese booth has a lovely plant based sausage, mac and cheese. Oh, yeah, there were plenty. Yeah, there are plenty of other vegan options. Again, these are just my favorites. Let’s hit over at Hollywood Studios. Hollywood Brown Derby again, one of the nicest restaurants in the parks definitely the nicest Hollywood Studios. They have a ginger lemon grass pho. so flavorful and frankly fun to eat. It came with two little veggie spring rolls that were just nothing short of delightful. I love those little veggie spring rolls. I recommend pairing this with the Margarita flight. And again, just like..

Chris  8:48 
You are so on brand.

Kelli  8:49 
Like many of the table service places. They also have vegan appetizers and desserts. My favorite vegan meal however in Hollywood Studios is at cargo bay. Or docking bay 7. Yes, this is the Felucia Kefta and hummus garden spread. Now don’t sleep on docking bay 7. No, we’ve had had amazing breakfast in their amazing lunch in there and you can go right next door and get your little ronto wrap. Yep. And I just sit down in docking bay and I am just happy as a lark in that place. plant based meat laws, meatballs, Herb hummus, tomato, cucumber relish and a pita. I cannot say enough great things about these meatballs. Yeah. I probably was making some sounds that I shouldn’t have made in public while I was eating these things. The amount of flavor packed into this little counter service meal is unbelievable. And I’ve said this 1000 times but I eat way better as a as a vegetarian and a vegan at Disney than I ever do at home. I would give $12.99 for that meal any day of the week.

Chris  9:53 
Yeah, I remember joining you I had gone to get the ronto wrap I met you in docking bay seven and there you were with that that tray of meatballs and I was like…

Kelli  10:03 
Having a blast.

Chris  10:04 
I am jealous.

Kelli  10:05 
So good. So good. Again, they have vegan options at almost every restaurant at Hollywood studios, so you’re not gonna have any issues finding something to eat even like pizza. Pizzafari Right, right. I mean they’ve got that’s not Hollywood.

Chris  10:19 
Yeah. Is that Hollywood? Well, I think thats Pizza Rizzos.

Kelli  10:26 
So speaking of animal kingdom, let’s hit that. Now. Honestly, shouldn’t we all be eating vegan animal kingdom? I mean, what do the animals think? When they see you chowing down on their buddies? Just take a moment.

Chris  10:41 
Don’t yuck our yum.

Kelli  10:43 
At Satu’li canteen, they have a build your own bowl option which can be easily made vegan with their fried tofu. I already mentioned that Disney fries tofu like nobody else.

Chris  10:52 
They do a good job with fried tofu.

Kelli  10:54 
They do. But so you’ve also got vegan, vegan options at tiffins, tusker house, harambe  market, flame free barbecue, Restaurantosaurus. Everybody’s got vegan options. They’re awesome. We don’t usually eat meals in Animal Kingdom, we sort of snack our way through as we’ve mentioned in season one, but I’m going to rectify that on our next trip. Just as a reminder, if you want to find plant based options when you’re at the park, it is super easy to search on the My Disney experience app you’re looking for the little leaf symbol, that’s the best way to find it. And in the future. I’m going to do bonus videos especially for vegetarians, vegan options at Disney Springs, which I’m super excited to put together and a vegan video just on Magic Kingdom. So great. So stay tuned. I’m excited about that.

Chris  11:43 
Awesome, way to go.

Kelli  11:45 
Yes. And be sure to check us out on the socials Twitter Instagram at SCFADP in both places for more things Disney This will also be a video with photos on YouTube if you haven’t seen our YouTube channel yet, so be sure to check us out there. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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