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Preview of Encanto

Disney News (11/21) – Preview of Encanto, and why we love the Jingle Cruise

Episode 3

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Preview of Encanto

In this week’s episode, Chris gives us a preview of Disney’s Encanto movie coming out this week, and Kelli gives us the details on the overlay for the Jingle Cruise and why Magic Kingdom needs some of the decor at Disneyland!

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Show Notes:

Chris and Kelli discuss updates and new attractions coming to Disney parks, including the Avengers campus in Disneyland Paris, new shows on Disney Cruise Lines and Disney Wish, and a new resort tower at Disneyland. They also discuss the cultural significance of Disney’s new animated film


Disney podcast includes Marvel TV series and animated movie news.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss Disney-related topics and welcome listeners from around the world.
  • Clint Barton (Hawkeye) teams up with Kate Bishop to unravel a dangerous criminal conspiracy in new Marvel TV series.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss Disney Pixar’s upcoming film “Turning Red,” starring Rosalie Chang and Sandra Oh.

Disney news, including new attractions, merchandise, and park updates.

  • Chris is excited about the Avengers campus opening in Disneyland Paris next summer.
  • A new book series, “The Society of Explorers and Adventurers,” will launch on April 5, 2022, exploring the lore behind beloved Disney Parks characters and attractions.
  • Kelli expresses excitement about lightsaber training experience at Star Wars galactic starcruiser, wants to see it happen in person.
  • Chris provides updates on upcoming attractions at Disney parks, including Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic rewind ride and Downtown Disney reimagining project.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss upcoming Disney attractions, including the Magic Band, voice assistant, and new cavalcade.

New Disney movie “Encanto” set in Colombia with Latin American themes and characters.

  • Kelli and Chris discuss Disney animals and a prize pack giveaway.
  • Byron Howard and Jared Bush co-directed Encanto with Byron Howard writing the story and Lin-Manuel Miranda providing lyrics.
  • Disney’s first feature-length film set in Colombia explores Latin American themes.

Disney’s new movie “Encanto” and its themes of family, identity, and cultural heritage.

  • Kelli and Chris discuss the character of Mirabel in the movie, with Kelli highlighting her flaws and awkwardness, and Chris sharing his personal connection to the character.
  • The directors hope the movie will help family members reconnect, with Jared sharing his own experience of realizing he and his sister had different experiences growing up in the same family.
  • Chris: Hope for movie is to challenge viewers to question surface-level appearances.
  • Director: Movie uses magical realism, nodding to Colombian writer Gabrielle Garcia Marquez.

Disney’s Jungle Cruise holiday overlay.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss Disney princesses, with a focus on Mirabelle as the first protagonist with glasses.
  • Kelli and Chris discuss the history and evolution of the Jungle Cruise overlay at Disneyland.
  • Kelli shares updates on Jungle Cruise holiday decorations and changes at Disneyland.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss the lack of Jingle Cruise overlay at Magic Kingdom.

Disneyland and Magic Kingdom holiday decorations and attractions.

  • Kelli and Chris discuss the decorations and activities at the various locations in the jungle, including the use of fruitcakes and Christmas lights.
  • The animals in the jungle, such as the hippos and the Python, are seen interacting with the decorations and gift boxes in creative ways.
  • Kelli and Chris discuss the holiday decorations at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, with Kelli expressing disappointment at the lack of creativity and Chris suggesting ways to add a touch of holiday cheer.
  • Kelli and Chris joke about Santa and his reindeer being eaten by the animals at Magic Kingdom, with Kelli suggesting that adding small details like Christmas cookies or crocodiles chewing on scarves could make the area more festive.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss Disney’s holiday decorations and the need for better quality.
  • Kelli suggests sending a voicemail to a Disney podcast with suggestions for improvement.

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Episode Transcript:

Chris 0:28
Welcome aboard Disney fam. Welcome aboard indeed Disney fam. We are so happy to have you on this week’s show. It is time to get do it.

Kelli 0:43
You are Chris and I’m Kelly. Yes,

Chris 0:44
we are. You are wearing Enchanted Tiki Room ears complete with a hemp headband.

Kelli 0:54
Yeah. So these are

Chris 0:58
I said they were intentional, but not really relevant.

Kelli 1:02
Spot on. Yes. So what else is intentional, but not really relevant, hon.

Chris 1:10
Very relevant. Are the people who download this podcast from all over this little blue marble we call Earth. Okay. Staten Island, New York. We like Staten Island. Mainly we like to take the Staten Island Ferry across the Staten Island and then come straight back because we it’s a cheap way to see the Statue of Liberty. And

Kelli 1:34
they discourage that but I don’t know if they do they do.

Chris 1:37
Salt Lake City, Utah. Okay. Salt Lake City. We see you. We do. Whittier, California.

Kelli 1:46
Okay, where’s that at?

Chris 1:48
It’s suburb sort of of LA. It’s in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County. and Canada. Zala. Japan. Ooh, sounds fun to say in it is Japan, also capital of the Ishikawa prefecture on the west coast of Japan right on the Sea of Japan.

Kelli 2:10
Oh, that’s fantastic. Well done. You see, you

Chris 2:14
can zawa fun to say. You ready for some Main Street Main Street. So most of what I’m going to go through is the destination date. 23 things that were announced this weekend. The D 23. Sort of Expo type thing happened at Walt Disney World this weekend. This first item really isn’t part of that. But whatever. Hawkeye the new Marvel TV series Hawkeye hits Disney plus this Wednesday on November the 24th. is supposed to be a great fun time.

Kelli 2:55
Is he the guy that was like the brother of Scarlett Johansson? Nope.

Chris 3:00
He was really close with Black Widow Natasha Romanoff. So he’s the person you’re thinking oh, person.

Kelli 3:08
Okay, well just say yes. See if in your mind. Yes, they were brother sister. Because they weren’t boyfriend girlfriend. Nope.

Chris 3:16
They were not exactly. He’s married. In fact, this show is inspired in part by the popular Marvel comic series by Matt Fraction from 2012 to 2015. The story begins with Clint as Hawkeye and his kids visiting New York City to see this is great. Rogers the musical as in Steve Rogers, Captain America. Oh, that’s awesome on Broadway, but plans to celebrate Christmas in the Big Apple are quickly canceled after a threat from his past returns. He sends his kids home and reluctantly teams that with Kate Bishop, played by Oscar nominee, Hailee Steinfeld, a skilled Archer and his number one fan to unravel a dangerous criminal conspiracy. The big question Kevin Feige producer at Marvel says is will Clint make it home for Christmas? I love the whole this whole thing sort of has a planes trains and automobiles mixed with Marvel mixed with diehard type vibe that I’m really excited about but

Kelli 4:15
it is Christmas themed apparently. Yeah.

Chris 4:17
All right much is Yep, we’re just like diehard. What are you talking about?

Kelli 4:24
Is this where I tell you? I’ve never actually seen that. Oh my gosh, I

Chris 4:28
can’t take announcements like that right in the middle of the podcast and keep going It’s too hard. You gotta hold those off. It’s

Kelli 4:34
what it’s like it’s the guy that’s in like a

Chris 4:38
whole bunch of oh my gosh, you got to stop and Bruce Willis Willis. Yes. Okay. And Snape.

Kelli 4:43
Okay, I didn’t know that and so they drive cars like really fast or so they do

Chris 4:47
not want there’s barely a car in the thing. So back to the destination date 23 announcements whatever. I

Kelli 4:53
still think it’s word.

Chris 4:58
Days Disney Pixar I will release turning red on March 11 2022. So excited about that. I don’t know if we’ll get to all these news items, but whatever. You heard anything about this? It’s gonna be so good. Growing up as a baby this is this is the Disney Pixar review here. Growing up is a beast. Disney Pixar is turning red introduces Mei Li voiced by Rosalie Chang a confident but dorky 13 year old torn between staying her mother’s dutiful daughter and the chaos of adolescence. Don’t we know that all too well? I don’t want to watch this. strong emotions though. Turn little Mei Li into an enormous red panda which apparently is a secret family bit of magic that she was unaware of.

Kelli 5:51
If that happened in our house that would actually be better how anger management situation would be so much better.

Chris 5:59
It also stars Sandra Oh as me who is my least slightly overbearing mom.

Kelli 6:03

Chris 6:04
we like Sandra.

Kelli 6:05
Yeah, I love Sandra.

Chris 6:07
There is an Avengers campus that will be going that will be opening up to visitors in Disneyland Paris next summer. Oh when we go down I’m sure the when we’re there I’m sure I don’t I did

Kelli 6:19
not feel confidence in that statement.

Chris 6:23
Just gotta get some hurdles to come over but you don’t think we’re gonna go I Do I Do I think that it’s absolutely meant to be Tokyo Disney Sea welcomes a new port in about two years Okay, so that you know the whole Tokyo Disney Sea thing is a series of ports on ports in the sea right so this will be this will be fantasy springs. It will be the eighth port and it will be the largest one yet.

Kelli 6:45
So then we should wait and go until after that’s open. Yes,

Chris 6:49
for sure. And so that we can do Paris next year. Disney Cruise Lines Disney wish will debut two new shows Disney see. It’ll be one is Disney sees the adventure starring Captain Minnie. Okay, and the Little Mermaid, which will be an innovative new take on a young girl learning to use the power of her voice. No, not feeling those aren’t gonna get you on the Disney which may.

Kelli 7:16
Okay, the Disney which has a lot of children.

Chris 7:22
I’m assuming so many children of the Disney way. There’s a new resort tower coming to Disneyland. I think it’s actually DVC resort tower actually at Disneyland, which is pretty cool. It’d be nice. I need some more out there. You know, in my own biased opinion. Here Yeah, this might be my favorite thing I’m excited about here. A new book series is going to launch on April 5, April 5 in 2022. I think it’s April 5 When Shinji Takahashi and the mark of the coat hits book stands everywhere. Okay, written by Julie Kagawa. The series from Disney publishing worldwide will explore the society of explorers and adventurers oh gosh, yes. Behind that and it will explore the lore of this group behind beloved Disney Parks characters attractions, interconnected stories and more across Disney theme parks resorts and cruise ships.

Kelli 8:19

Chris 8:23
You can even get behind you get really excited

Kelli 8:25
about the SCA thing and I mean I’m there for you honey, but my reading list is so backed up right now. Oh, here

Chris 8:33
we go with all the elitism.

Kelli 8:37
Elite, I would just say it like I can’t get caught. Possibly

Chris 8:41
enjoy this childish society of explorers and adventurers lore.

Kelli 8:47
I would love to enjoy it. I’ve just backed up

Chris 8:52
Disney parks and they said during the D 23. Expo this week, Disney Parks experiences and products Chairman Josh tomorrow. It’s quite a title. Josh gave a demonstration of how the lightsaber training experience will look and feel at Star Wars galactic starcruiser

Kelli 9:08
Is that what you were showing me? It was part of what I was showing like the real lightsaber? Yeah.

Chris 9:12
He also demoed the real lights they can’t buy that you can’t get

Kelli 9:16
your hands on it. He show you killing somebody with the real light. So he says it’s real. What’s not real if it can’t split somebody in Hey, out, my

Chris 9:24
gosh. You’re so violent today.

Kelli 9:26
Not real. If it doesn’t actually saber people.

Chris 9:29
He treated it with kid gloves like it would saber the heck out.

Kelli 9:33
I want to see it happen. I wanted to pull out like a crash test dummy and slice that thing in half just so I trust that it’s real. He did.

Chris 9:40
He got inside the training thing inside the galactic starcruiser with whatever they give the guests on board that vessel and did the lightsaber training where they shoot lasers at you and you had to block them. It looked a little bit I mean, I’ve got an Oculus, I think it works just about as well. an Oscar nominated actress Glenn Close will reprise her role as Nova Prime in the Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic rewind ride coming to Epcot. That’s cool. You don’t have any idea who that is

Kelli 10:15
most of what you just said. Yeah.

Chris 10:19
But according to the clip that she was presented yesterday, that will open up in the summer of 2022. We’ve been waiting to know exactly when that thing will open. Oh, yeah. You don’t get to ride it. Because you you just you’re Pooh poohing it.

Kelli 10:36
I’m not Pooh poohing it. You’re disappointed in my knowledge of Nova Prime. There’s nothing I could do about that.

Chris 10:45
Disneyland Resort will launch a multi year project to reimagine Downtown Disney starting in January of 2022. Oh wow. The Magic Band plus wearable technology and the Hey Disney voice assistant that was already announced us coming to Walt Disney World is also going to be showing up at Disneyland where the rooms will have like a little Alexa and you instead of saying hey Alexa you say hey Disney and now that’s good at this it’s

Kelli 11:12
an she can do like Disney thing Yes. Like hey Disney make me a reservation Skipper can’t borrow so

Chris 11:18
I think something like that is going to be available Yeah.

Kelli 11:21
Now that’s something Yeah. Can I do the Utah met the magic plus Man Can I do that on my band too?

Chris 11:28
I don’t think you can quite do that on your band. I think that’s going to be mainly the room things the band will do stuff when you’re it’ll interact with various places in the park. Okay. World of Color and find and Fantasmic are coming back to Disneyland next year along with the Main Street Electrical Parade that was verified at D 23. Okay. In the it will be celebrating its 50th anniversary there.

Kelli 11:55
Let’s see here. Electrical Parade. Yes.

Chris 11:57
Okay. Indiana Jones stock spectacular returns in December. Finding Nemo the musical and Animal Kingdom will be reimagined as Finding Nemo, the big the blue and beyond in 2022. And it’ll take place in the same timeframe as Finding Dory. A new cavalcade is coming to the Magic Kingdom in early 2022 called the Disney adventure friends cavalcade. It’ll be the largest cavalcade yet and it includes Nick Wilde Judy Hopps blue King Louie Miguel Maratha, Milan, him names Clarabelle pen Cheeto and Jose Mallanna.

Kelli 12:33
And more Clara Bell really an adventure. That one was like,

Chris 12:37
which one of these is not like the other? Like,

Kelli 12:40
an adventure or float with Clarabelle? Not so

Chris 12:45
yeah, yeah, I’m gonna skip one more thing here. 90 This is specifically for you. 1970s era Walt Disney World park map as a spirit jersey and or Crocs and other items. is available in 50th anniversary vault collection of merchandise. Yes.

Kelli 13:06
That’s fantastic. Yes. I love that. I don’t need that. Thank

Chris 13:10
you do for sure.

Kelli 13:12
So many compliments on my wishes crop? Yeah, these were some blue glitter clocks around crocs around town and you’re gonna get some some things. I mean, mostly, like, Oh, my five year old daughter would love those. Well, your five year old daughter can’t afford them.

Chris 13:28
Goodness gracious. Hey, so a couple of reminders a mini takes. We need voicemails from folks who have who have a strong or even fleeting loosely held opinion on

Kelli 13:45
which animal you would be in one.

Chris 13:47
Yeah, which animal you’d be in why just go to which Disney animal you would be and why go to our web page, press the voicemail button follow the prompts. And tell us who you would be if you could be any Disney animal. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel Supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast, share it out and get points to to potentially win this awesome prize pack. We’re giving out a laugh lounge fly bag.

Kelli 14:14
I think it’s super just because you know it was like in another video and it’s the holidays and what have you so I’m just gonna go ahead and tell y’all we don’t have a lot of entries into though. And so if you do some of that stuff, then you’ve got a really great chance you’ve got a chance

Chris 14:29
of winning this stuff, man and it is cool stuff. Awesome. Okay, well, so I’ve got Tomorrowland. So let’s hit it right go. Right go. Guess what else besides Hawkeye releases this Wednesday?

Kelli 14:47
in Kanto in Kanto?

Chris 14:51
Yes in Kanto the latest from Walt Disney Animations comes out on this one. His day. This looks like it’s going to be an awesome movie to go see over the Thanksgiving weekend. CO directed by Jared Bush, Brian Howard and Sharif Castro Smith, the Byron, not Brian our Byron Howard. Byron Howard wrote the story. shrieks and Jared did screenplay. Music and lyrics by

Kelli 15:27
Lin Manuel. Yes,

Chris 15:29
when Manuel Miranda did the lyrics, Stephanie Beatrice voices Mirabelle with a huge additional cast. And they did cast it appropriately, which I’ll

Kelli 15:44
just set Yeah, I’m looking at some of the pictures. It does look like they’ve cast it appropriately. Yeah, I wanted to see a picture of Byron, but okay,

Chris 15:52
so real quick summary, as described by Walt Disney Animation Studios in Kanto tells the tale of an extraordinary family the madrigals, who live in a hidden who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house in a vibrant town in a wondrous charmed place called in Kanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal every child except one Mirabel. But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she the only ordinary major goal might just be her exceptional families last hope jarred blossom, Byron Howard worked together on the Oscar winning Zootopia visit W we love to type Yeah. And afterwards, they agreed that they both wanted to do another Disney film together, but we are more traditional musical. Howard had borrowed our Howard had originally done Disney’s tangled. And Bush had worked on marijuana. So he told Howard, how much he enjoyed working on marijuana with Lin Manuel Miranda. So they approached Miranda with the possibility and he said he had been wanting to do a traditional Disney movie musical that celebrated Latin America. Here we go. So here we are. And so here we are. This represents a new milestone for Disney since it’s their first feature length film set in Latin America, specifically Colombia, okay. And Miranda wrote eight songs for this thing. Wow. Technically, it is the fourth film from Disney Animation Studios to explore Latin American cultures. But this is the first feature length movie Saludos Amigos in 1942, the Three Caballeros in 1944. And the Emperor’s New Groove in 2000, all explored Latin American themes and whatnot. Although I guess the Emperor’s New Groove was a feature link. I

Kelli 18:09
would think so was that Yeah,

Chris 18:11
but I don’t know that it was technically set in Latin America. This is actually set in Colombia. Okay.

Kelli 18:17
Colombia, Colombia.

Chris 18:20
So let’s just meet a couple of the family members here. Okay. Mirabelle sister, Louisa, played by Jessica Darrow has super strength. Isabel, who is the thing I read? Describe her as the golden child. Isabel is played by Diane Guerrero. She was also an Orange is the New Black has the ability to make flowers bloom. Oh, yeah. Bruno is played by John Leguizamo, who I love I love him and everything he’s ever in is the family’s estranged uncle and he can predict the future. Let’s cool. That is cool. Although it automatically made me wonder why we even have this movie. He could have just told us what was gonna happen.

Kelli 19:06
He’s estranged. Oh, I

Chris 19:08
guess that’s a good point. I’m not so sure he’s Castro Smith. She’s one of the director co directors and one of the screenplay screenwriters. I guess. She said, as we were crafting the characters. And I really love how they they bought into all this. As we were crafting the characters, we started with an emotional core that could exist without any magic whatsoever. So all these family members would be interesting. Without any magic. Okay, then we were thinking about archetypal family roles. And what happened if those roles were pumped up and made magical. All right, older sister, what is an older sister typically like? Well, let’s imagine Let’s make her magical. And in this case, she’s got super strength. Okay, right. That that weird old uncle, you know that everybody’s got? Well let’s

Kelli 19:59
for some reason, we You said that I imagined that dude in the in the bathtub at a Carousel of Progress or progress.

Chris 20:06
No privacy.

Kelli 20:10
Wow, that victory just popped into my head.

Chris 20:14
It was but but Cerise Castro Smith was got really excited to add the character of Mirabel. Specifically, I was so excited. I was so excited about creating this character who is flawed, awkward, and feels like a real 14 year old struggling to figure out their identity and their self worth. It really resonated with me having been an awkward 14 year old with glasses and curly hair at one point in my life. I mean, Haven’t we all felt?

Kelli 20:42
Have we all been an awkward 14 year old like what 14 year old is not? It’s not

Chris 20:46
awkward and doesn’t automatically have self doubt like that. Right, please? The directors are hoping that this movie will help family members reconnect in some way. And so they’re really happy that it was coming out over Thanksgiving. Especially in this time when half of us hate our family members. For one reason or another. Not us. We love our family. We love our families. Sure. Jared, one of the directors had always assumed that he in this this is really cool. He and his sister shared exactly the same experience of growing up in the same family in the same place. He later found out that they had completely different experiences, which for him is central to Mira Bell’s journey in this movie.

Kelli 21:32
Oh my goodness, yes, maybe Jared was just it’s like my brother and I didn’t even grow up in the same house. The

Chris 21:39
first thing I thought about when I when I read his comments was I mean,

Kelli 21:43
that dude had his head in the sand. How did he not see that his sister was having a totally different lived experience that he was.

Chris 21:50
Another hope for the directors have for this movie is that maybe people will be challenged to question what seems to be on the surface of people around them and in their communities. The world is not what we see on Instagram. Amen to that. So reach that brother. That’s a nice message to come at that comes out of this movie. I will have done a wonderful thing. Yes. The other major character in this movie is the setting the exquisite beauty of Colombia where serves as the crossroads here for Latin America, Disney gathered a team of cultural Colombian experts, and conducted a hugely influential trip to the Columbia mountains, plains and coastlines. The director said it was more of an extensive trip than usual, they took Lin Manuel Miranda, of course, but they also took his dad. They went from town to town trying to get a true sense of the communities at play and in conflict. The sparring that they witnessed among these communities, they felt played a perfect model for a large colorful family. That’s cool. It’s really cool. Very cool. They also try to stay true to traditional Colombian instrumentation and musical tradition. So that’s really cool. They said that we found when when working on this story, Lin Manuel Miranda knows when a song should be there and what it should say. We kept finding these new layers of our characters every time a new song would come in from him nice for this movie. Can this for this movie can only be told through music. They say Oh, that’s fantastic. So excited. So a little bit of trivia here. It is set in Columbia. The film contains several nods and things of magical realism, a literary genre using magical elements in ordinary settings. Typically a typical of the works by Colombian writer Gabrielle Garcia Marquez. An example is in the trailer and I’ve got to go back and look at this where there were the fairy dust sparks in the Disney logo is going to be changed into yellow butterflies. So if you look at the trailer for this and you see the yellow butterflies that’s a recurring theme in Marquez novel 100 Years of Solitude. Okay, which is really cool. Mirabelle is the first Disney protagonist to work glasses.

Kelli 24:06
Oh, now isn’t that interesting? I didn’t realize that Disney was against people with they’re clearly

Chris 24:11
not they now nail the word in Kanto customer Spanish it means charm spell or enchantment and it can also be used as an adjective for sweetheart. And with this film Mirabelle takes the 14th throne of Disney princesses and becomes the first South American princess

Kelli 24:33
that’s interesting.

Chris 24:38
What Can Can you just be nice? Oh, that’s a good point. Was

Kelli 24:44
Elena not a South American or because Avalon is not a real place?

Chris 24:48
Not a real place.

Kelli 24:49
But with a light is a lineup counted as a princess. Is she like 12 or 13?

Chris 24:56
I think she’s officially princess. Although the dead in that to end with her becoming queen, she

Kelli 25:01
becomes queen. But even still, like Elsa would still be in the canon of princesses. Right? I mean,

Chris 25:10
it’s fair.

Kelli 25:11
I mean, just because Elena didn’t get like a feature length. I

Chris 25:14
don’t and well that also but remains judgmental. It’s,

Kelli 25:18
she had like a five season hit show. I mean, she could argue that she sang way more songs and those five seasons, the little Mirabelle is gonna bust out here in 90 minutes.

Chris 25:29
We’re very excited to see in Kanto. We are I just don’t think that Elena was every actually. South American is what I’m getting that.

Kelli 25:38
But was she a princess? Oh, I think yeah, she in the Canada princess.

Chris 25:43
I’m gonna go look while you’re doing your little World Showcase whatever it is. I’m gonna look up the Disney Princesses don’t downplay my World Showcase. I’m excited to hear it

Kelli 25:54
will be. I’m channeling my best Chris today. And we are going to go on the jingle cruise. Oh. So I will say the GIGO Cruise is one of my favorite overlays. Yeah, for sure. I mean, maybe it’d be the most favorite overlay there because I feel like it’s really detailed, right. And

Chris 26:18
at Walt Disney World, we don’t typically get an overlay we get a lot of overlays.

Kelli 26:24
So the first overlay for Jungle Cruise was in 2013. It launched on November the eighth that magic kingdom and November the 12th at Disneyland and during that first year, they only had one major change from the normal ride. The script was modified to tow more holiday related jokes. Okay, and that was really it. And so the premise then, was that the skippers got homesick during the holidays just like the rest of us and to stave off their depression. They decorated some elements of the tour and showed some festive spirits. Some festive spirit. Okay. In 2017 Jingle cruise left Disneyland. Really? Yes, fans expressed outrage when rumors circulated that jingle Cruise was going to be canceled. I would have been such a huge deal. A month later, Disney came out and was like no, no, no, no, no, we’re not canceling the jingle cruise. It’s still gonna still gonna come out. And so naturally, like when they do that, it’s just like with the noodle situation at Kona cafe. Where, you know, everybody’s like, you know, we won, Disney gave us the noodles bag. So it looks like they’re like, you know, acquiescing to popular demand. But the reality was, maybe they were never going to take it from Magic Kingdom. Maybe the only plan was to take it from Disneyland, but I love stuff like that people feel like they protested, we got the Jungle Cruise back. It has developed a lot more over the years. Okay. Okay. And so now it’s much more elaborate. And there’s a full story about finding decorations and gifts that were spread out across the jungle after a cargo plane accidentally dropped them, right the whole thing. Cast members now get these little burlap Santa hats, which I think are really cute. Although the cast members tell you that they are just as itchy and horribly hot as you would think they are really? Yes. And it’s not optional. They have to wear them. The regular Jungle Cruise hats. They don’t have to wear they can wear those on the strap around. Sure, but these but the Santa hat they have to wear and they’re superduper itchy

Chris 28:28
that should be marched though. If it’s not already. Well, yeah, sure.

Kelli 28:32
There are cute decorations and the music in the queue is updated, which I love. Right. They’ll play a little elephants, Gerald and all that. Okay, so here is the summary and thank you to Disney Wikipedia for this. I don’t think that’s the official name of it, but we’ll link to that on the website. Sure. So, the jungle Navigation Company boathouse queues have been decorated for the holidays, creating makeshift holiday decorations from materials on hand or using whatever they’ve been able to recover from the mostly lost shipments. Skipper stockings and letters to Santa are hung with care. A chalkboard message board offers a place to voice New Year’s resolutions and the week’s mess hall menu is nothing but Turkey. Christmas cargo at the magic kingdom’s version of Jingle cruise shows much more restraint than Disneyland with much of the Christmas cargo being limited to areas where nature and civilization meet and generally stay reliant on its script of holiday jokes. So Disneyland really went all out I mean, like they also get an overlay in haunted mansion, which really pisses me off we should get that at Magic Kingdom. Hello, just put that out there can pot rock share it? But so in any case, I’m going to tell you what they do what they did at Disneyland. Okay. And so since Disneyland is no longer running this like what happened?

Chris 29:56
They did they never did bring it back, though. No, that’s

Kelli 29:58
what the website said that they didn’t bring it back. Why didn’t Ken pop rock since some of this stuff to Disney World and let them use it? Makes no sense. We’ve got it to Disney World Okay, so but not like this. Okay, so Disney Land tinsel is scattered around the trees and the banks of the first bend in the river and the two cans are using some of it in their NIST. Okay, at the ancient Cambodian shrine, the tiger and the crocodiles have been chewing up and unraveling scarves and stockings. The Cobras have discovered something much more poisonous than them fruitcake. At the elephant bathing pool the elephants have discovered a shipment of Christmas wreaths with some wearing them around their necks or trunks. That’s good. At the trashed camp. Baboons have found Santa Claus costumes and the gorillas have found ingredients for Christmas cookies. The gorilla reaching for a floating crate is now trying to get a candy cane. The African elephant elephants have found sleigh bells which jingle to their movements cute. At the African Veldt plastic Santa and his reindeer decorations are scattered around with the lions now trying to feast on a plastic deer. I mean I do I feel sorry for that zebra every time we go by. But do I really want them to eat comment?

Chris 31:28
Or keep it or Donner or blue one of the in there one of the deer that’s like really like a lot dumber than the other one don’t

Kelli 31:32
care. Santa can’t fly with all of his deer. Oh my gosh. The trap safaris pole has been partially decorated for the holidays though the star for the tree has become stuck on the rhinos horn. Don’t you want to know how they’re gonna do it this year? Yeah, I do because now that they’ve rescanned it. Okay, yeah, the hippo pool is full of fruitcakes. Some of which can be seen in the mouths of the hippos cute. The native village is decorated with Christmas lights with the dancers dancing to holiday music on a phonograph and some wearing Christmas sweaters. And they’re attacking the natives with fruitcake shields. That’s

Chris 32:08
probably not there anywhere.

Kelli 32:12
On the Amazon River floating gift boxes chewed up by the Puranas can be seen and the Python has found itself wrapped up in gift ribbons. That’s cute. I like that. Trader Sam is dressed up in festive gear offering bottles of holiday champagne instead of head I think that you will definitely bring that as a world

Chris 32:32
I don’t I tried to say it’s not there anymore. Remember his stories stories stories? Right so maybe the the little monkeys that have taken over his store that will be offering up that stuff?

Kelli 32:43
Right? Okay, so here’s what happens at Magic Kingdom. I’ll just tell you like there were like eight bullets under Disneyland Magic Kingdom has five like not as good. Crates dropped across the way from inspiration falls on the outskirts of the pygmy Village. Okay, reflecting their absence in the regular version, it seems that they haven’t discovered and used the cargo. The trash camp has the gorillas discovering the Christmas presents for the absent explorers with one of them wearing a Santa Claus coat. One of the jokes here is the skipper describing them as inlaws visiting for the holidays right? crates and gift boxes are scattered around the base of the trap safaris pole billed as the North Pole. The sunken Cambodian temple has cargo crates and parachutes scattered around its entrance. With a skipper joke calling the complex Santos workshop, we see a candy cane striped decoration in the tiger’s mouth and the temples. monkeys have found themselves wearing elf costumes and playing with gift boxes ribbons and wrapping paper.

Chris 33:45
Right week.

Kelli 33:46
Weeks. This is all week. Chief Nami is dressed in festive red gear as trader Santa offering a special holiday deal of three heads for one of yours, right? That’s it. Right?

Chris 33:59
And we know that’s not going to be there this year. Because right. That’s

Kelli 34:03
it. That’s all they do. And they all up in arms about that we should want the Disney land when

Chris 34:11
they do they do rename the boats.

Kelli 34:13
Well, I’ve got that next. But they did that at Disneyland too. That’s what I’m saying is

Chris 34:16
a special like no, that’s

Kelli 34:18
not special. You see what I’m saying? Like we could have you know Christmas cookies. We could have elephants in the bathing pool with Christmas reads like how hard is that to do? Have crocodiles chewing and unraveling some scarves to cans using some tinsel in their nest? I don’t really I don’t really want Santa and his reindeer to get eaten by the ones that are currently eating the zebra. Right. But I mean it does add a little touch to it. The hippo pole with with fruitcakes in their mouth.

Chris 34:49
See that’s I think that’s that would be cute as that’s what I’m

Kelli 34:53
saying. I’m like this doesn’t look hard. It says look hard Magic Kingdom

Chris 34:56
just like the Python you know, right? angle him up with some ribbon

Kelli 35:01
this look hard Magic Kingdom call up Kampot rock and tell him to ship some of these decorations over

Chris 35:08
we need to figure out what that guy’s name he

Kelli 35:11
is forever Kampot rock my world is forever Kampot rock

Chris 35:17
i mean i but look I don’t want you to I don’t want to ruffle any feathers.

Kelli 35:21
I do or or I need to be better.

Chris 35:23
I don’t want to I don’t want to rock the boat.

Kelli 35:25
Okay, let me do both names. Okay, but I’m running out of time. Eggnog Annie Bertha, was sailing Wanda, yule log Lolly reindeer Ruby? Mistletoe Millie? Candy Cane Connie garland Gertie icicle Irma poinsettia sow Noel Nelly Marino cocoa Ida. Wow, they really got a lot of these Sleigh Ride Sadie, Vixen Val and the infamous fruitcake Zelda

Chris 36:02
but I’m right, you are right. As per usual,

Kelli 36:05
they should do a better job of skinning that I love the jingle cruise but now that I’ve seen what it could be right I’m a little bit pissed. I feel like they’re holding back. If you’re going to scan it, scan it properly scan

Chris 36:19
it properly. Don’t Don’t Don’t skimp on us. Don’t

Kelli 36:21
skimp on it. Call Kampot rock send it

Chris 36:26
out while you’re at it give us give us the holiday haunted mansion. Exactly.

Kelli 36:33
Take that from Kampot rock to he didn’t deserve it.

Chris 36:36
Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. And that’s it for this week show ladies and gentlemen. We hope you enjoyed it. You know what to do if you did run out to wherever you get our podcast and leave us a review give us a rating and it really helps bring more people to the show. Absolutely.

Kelli 37:01
And if you’re looking more, for more things Disney please visit SCF That’s s for Super C for Kelly F for Fred’s annalistic a for awesome D for Disney P for podcasts. And while you’re out there, click on that little button up in the top now that says voicemail and leave us a voicemail, the more votes voicemails we have the more fun that episode is gonna be and I want it to be really, really awesome. So please leave us a voicemail. That’s

Chris 37:25
right. Also join us on all the social medias, Instagram Twitter at SEF ADP we’ll be posting some pictures of the contest prizes out there again because clearly, you guys need a reminder about how cool they are. Exactly. And with that, you know what? We will see you real soon

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