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Disney News (9/10) – Disneyland Paris: What we loved and what we wish we had known

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On this week’s podcast, we recap our recent visit to Disneyland Paris – what we LOVED and what we wish we had known before we went. Welcome to Season 8!

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Show Notes:

  • Main Street
  • General
    • Disney General
      • We side with the actors and writers currently on strike – which pits us against Disney in this case.
        • Pay people what they are worth – especially if we are going to pay executives 1000x more than the average.
          • Not everyone in the entertainment business is a A-list star. The vast majority are people you’ve never heard of just trying to make a living.
      • Lots legal wrangling back and forth as parts of the various lawsuits, and countersuits, have entered the discovery phase.
        • But I think one tidbit from back in August that really speaks to who these people are:
        • Back in August the new Reedy Creek Board of DeSantis Sycophants decided to remove Disney Theme Park passes from Reedy Creek Employees. Think Fire Fighters, First Responders Etc.
          • So Some of those employees attended a meeting to ask that this policy change be reconsidered.
          • Aaron Clark, a firefighter with the Reedy Creek Fire Department, spoke about the generational benefits and memories that he made with his dad in the theme parks and the dream to work as a firefighter to make memories with his children in the theme parks.
  • D23 Expo
    • So much news, and things are still happening but just some big announcements that are exciting:
      • First, and absolutely MOST IMPORTANTLY: The country Bears are getting a new show with new songs!! It’s gonna be great and I know we are all just as excited as I am!! So let’s take a small break to bring our emotions back down to normal levels.
      • The MOST important announcement is that the new EPCOT nighttime spectacular is launching Dec. 5 and is called Luminous: The Symphony of US.
      • Figment started doing meet/greets at Epcot this weekend.
      • D23 Expo is rebranding and expanding.
        • D23 The Ultimate Disney Fan Event
        • Next Aug. 9-11 at Anaheim Convention Center but the biggest events will be held at the Honda Center
      • Soaring Over California returning to EPCOT
      • Animal Kingdon:
        • A zootopia attraction will replace It’s Tough To Be A Bug – so it sounds like they decided against a full Zootopia land at AK
        • Instead will turn Dinoland into a ‘Tropical Americas Land’ that will feature an Encanto attraction, and Indiana Jones themed attraction: Artists renderings absolutely feature Casita.
        • I expect the Dinosaur ride will be reskinned to be similar to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland in California – basically the same ride system.
          • Please do not bring the IJ ride from Disneyland Paris.
      • Test track to be reimagined – WDI working with Chevrolet to look at the future but also pay homage to the original World of Motion ride.
      • Journey of Water opening officially Oct. 16
        • World celebration officially opening in Dec.
      • Hatbox Ghost is finally coming to the Haunted Mansion in MK – late November debut
      • New Pirates of the Caribbean themed Tavern coming to MK
      • Ahsoka is coming to Star Tours: maybe the most underrated attraction in any Disney park
        • Need an entire segment for the new Ahsoka series on D+
  • Tomorrowland
    • What We Loved About Disneyland Paris
  • Gardens of Wonder
    • I couldn’t believe how much I loved these metal art statues scattered around the hub.  So creative and beautiful. I have to put these well ahead of the Golden Statues at WDW.
    • Merida I think was my favorite but they were all so creative and wonderful.
  • Main Street
    • The Walkways behind the Shops on Main Street USA
    • Town Square feels bigger the streets feel wider, and entering through the Disneyland Hotel jiust feels right. So much anticipation as you approach the gates, and it all pays off.
  • The Thrill Rides
    • Big Thunder Mountain
      • I saw a few rankings online that put this version at #1. I haven’t been on them all, but it certainly is the best I’ve ridden.
      • The dark sections (which happen as you travel under the water on your way to and from the island that most of the ride takes place on) are truly phenomenal. Truly feels like a runaway train.
      • Generally feels longer.
    • Phantom Manor
      • Super creepy – especially the loading area. Also – why are brides so creepy in general?
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
      • Feels longer, and the beginning, that goes through the restaurant feels like travelling through Tia Dalma’s swamp in the movies
    • Hyperspace Mountain
      • Frankly – Pumping awesome music directly into my ears on a dark rollercoaster ride is a winning idea. Making me feel like Im in the middle of a Star Wars space battle while pumping John Williams soundtrack into my ears – OVER THE TOP.
    • Tower of Terror
      • Again… creepier… and bouncier.
    • Avengers Assemble: Flight Force
      • We NEED this at a US park. So much fun helping IRON MAN and Capt. Marvel save the galaxy, or the world, or whatever… and she needs no help knowing how to blow things up.
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle
    • So beautiful, and like a storybook.
  • The World of Pixar Area at WD Studios
    • Specifically the area around Remy’s Adventure – it was sort of the last thing we did there. Had I known about it earlier that’s where we would have eaten
  • The Shows!
    • Mickey and the Magician
      • So dang cute and the special effects are incredible.
    • Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands – including Shadowlands from the Stage Play
      • The location was weird, but honestly put that show anywhere you can. It’s glorious.
  • Bottom Line: We loved it so much and it felt SO DISNEY that we changed out Paris plans altogether to spend another day in Disneyland
  • World Showcase ©
    • What We Would Do Differently
    • The Dragon under the castle was in hibernation.
    • I’d go for a longer stretch so that I increased my chances to see the drone shows.
      • Disney Delight, and the Incredible Avengers Power the Night
    • Be intentional and proactive about planning meals – but don’t expect things that are going to blow your mind.
      • The table service meals we got were good, but there really aren’t a lot that you can make that claim about.
      • Getting into the hotel restaurants is hard if you aren’t prepared.
    • Really have to WANT IT if you plan to di Disney Paris and Paris Proper in the same trip.
      • Generally it’s convenient. But I’d recommend splitting your stay between Disney and Paris proper and have accommodations specific to each.
      • You will kill a lot of time and energy going back and forth – not to mention cash if you choose UBER
    • I’d buy more 30th Anniversary Magnets to sell on Ebay. 🙂

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