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In our first Supercalifragilistic podcast episode we cover news for the week of 6/22, the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2020, and the magic of WDW fireworks.

Season 1, Episode 1

Magic Kingdom Fireworks, (c) Disney 2017

All music for this episode is available through a creative commons license. The background music for the News segment was created by Kevin Macleod:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

Sources/Show notes for this podcast:

Walt Disney World is opening!! 

WDW is hosting major league sports! 

Food and WIne Festival is happening and will be extended!! It will start on July 15 and go throughout the fall.  

The Castle is getting a facelift! 

Season 1, Episode 1: 6/22 News, EPCOT Food & Wine 2020, and Fireworks Transcript

Chris  0:03 
Welcome, everybody to the supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. This is our first. We’re so excited. We’re so happy that you’re here joining us. My name is Chris. And I’m Kelli. And what we do here is really simple. We love Disney and we talk about Disney. Our show is three segments. We’ve got a mainstream USA segment where we talk about all the news, what’s going on in the world of Disney. We’ve got our Tomorrowland segment where we talk about the things we would love to do that we’ve never done maybe. And we’ve got our world showcase segment, where we talk about the things that we just have done and love about Walt Disney World.

Kelli  0:38 
Yeah, and I just want to say if y’all could just give us a little bit of grace here as we get started. We’re learning new equipment. We’re learning new processes and trying to get this nipped and tucked. But we are hoping to get this really supercalifragilistic Super soon, so hang in there with us.

Chris  0:54 
So with that, let’s get this show on the road.

Unknown Speaker  0:57 
Please stand clear of the doors. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Chris  1:05 
So here we are on our mainstreet USA segment. This is where we’re going to talk about what’s going on in the world of Disney. And this could be our longest news segment ever. Here right in the first episode, because with all this going on in the world, there is a lot of Disney related news every day every day, especially today. Today was a huge day. Today was the day that all of the resorts that Disney’s opening up at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, actually opened up. So we know that Disney Springs, the shopping area and sort of restaurant area at Walt Disney World in Orlando, opened up on May the 20th. huge success there. Disneyland Shanghai actually opened up on May the 11th. And really seen a lot of success in the last month. Disneyland Hong Kong opened up like four days ago. And they seem to be doing really well. And the Disneyland Resort out in California is actually scheduled right now to open up on July the 15th, which is really, really exciting for those folks. But the really big deal for us right now is that Walt Disney World Resort is opening up Magic Kingdom and animal kingdom on July the 11th. And then they open up Epcot and Hollywood Studios on July the 15th. And we found out today we’re gonna be there. That’s right. We are super, super excited. Ready for that? Need some magic? Need some magic, man? That’s right. So the way they’re the way they’ve done it is they’re opening up very select resorts. Today, actually, so there’s about 15 resorts. Most of them are the DVC villas. And with that they actually open up a reservation system today for anyone with resort, a stay already booked. And tickets are annual passes to the parks. You could go And actually get a reservation, a park pass that they’re calling it into the parks, which assumed you did that right? I did that today. Yeah, set up, we’re set man, we will be the Magic Kingdom on the day that it opens officially opens, which is the 11th, which is the 11th. July the 11th. So I do love it. We know there’s a couple of days for the annual pass holders to sort of and cast members to preview on the ninth and the 10th. But officially as a soft opening. It’s like an out of town preview. So on the 11th that officially opens the Magic Kingdom, any animal kingdom will visit the animal kingdom on the 12th. And then we go where to hit the Magic Kingdom we get on 13th and then we’ll be at Epcot the day it opens on the 15th.

Kelli  3:47 
Although I am kind of hoping there’s a little soft opening for Epcot too.

Chris  3:50 
Yeah, that would. That would be great. Well, we booked free day, the day before on the 14th. So if they have a soft opening, we’ll be there. Right, they’ve modified Park hours. So there’s an and they’ve modified some of the activities. So you say for Park hours today like the Magic Kingdom closes at seven o’clock, I believe, for cleaning maybe for Yes, give them extra time for cleaning extra time for all the stuff that they’re going to have to do because they are stepping up the cleanliness steps there. They are requiring face masks. They’re requiring social distancing limited access to the parks, hence the reservation system. So yeah, we’re we’ll be there on the official first days. But yeah, we’re hoping that they’ll they got maybe some soft opening days for Epcot. And so we have Park passes, but there’s no fast passes, no fast passes, because they feel like fastpasses won’t be necessary with the reduction in the parks. And they have no none of the activities that routinely gather people in large crowds like fireworks and parades and things of that nature. They, they they’re incorporating a couple of little things like some, some some character pass throughs and Some boat rides and stuff like that. But about dining reservations, dining reservations have been cut down to 60 days in advance. And as of today, you can actually get more dining reservations in the parks. Okay, until today, it was very limited and mostly just to Disney Springs. We’ve got two reservations at art Smith’s homecoming, which side omg look for a review of that in a bonus episode. Right in the future. So So yeah, very exciting. And some other news is that Disney because it’s so mean their hotel rooms are being unused at this time. Even even with the opening. They’re actually opening up to professional sports leagues. So majorly, the resorts the resorts are the NBA is actually going to be finishing out their 2020 season at Walt Disney World. So The Grand Floridian hotel, the Coronado springs destino resort. A couple of other resorts are hosting the teams, they’re going to stay there well throughout the rest of the season and host the games at Disney’s wild Wartell sports was out there. That’s so that’s pretty cool.

Kelli  6:19 
But no audience,

Chris  6:20 
no audience participation. No, they’re just going to play out the rest of the season. And MLS Major League Soccer is going to finish their season at the Disney’s wild world of sports all saying they’re

Kelli  6:31 
gonna ride the bus transportation probably Yeah,

Chris  6:33 
I’m sure that’s what they’ll do. I’m not sure how many of those NBA guys could even fit fit. Not gonna be comfortable. Yeah. Um, so a couple of other fun things. So about Epcot. We’re super excited to be there on the 15th of July because a lot of questions around what about the festivals that Epcot hosts? Well, the Food and Wine Festival is going on. They’re gonna they’re gonna host it this year. Very excited about that and what they’ve done because of the less crowds in the park. They’re expanding that. So on July 15, the day that have caught opens that also launches the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. If you’ve never been that you should go to Epcot just for the Food and Wine Festival. It’s a good time. So we’ll be sure to to enjoy that while we’re there. Also,

Kelli  7:28 
spoiler alert, that’s my Tomorrowland segment for today. Oh, God. Awesome.

Chris  7:37 
We don’t coordinate No,

by by design. We don’t coordinate these. So So yeah, so a couple other things about some things that people have been asking about the Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party cancel for the year. They went ahead, cancel that. And the Mickey’s very merry christmas party is still up in the air. Not so sure. I saw that too. Yeah. Yeah. candlelight processional. A car isn’t no go for this year most likely. Last thing here is that the castle Cinderella’s castle is getting a facelift. Yes, I’m excited. So there’s some side by side shots online. We’ll try to put some up on the blog. But they’ve made it pink. they’ve they’ve made a lot of the gray, pink. And they’ve they’ve added a lot of gold accents and they’ve made the blues on the castle bluer. And I’m one of these that is like, I don’t know about the change, man. I don’t know about the change. I love it the way it was. It’s perfect. Why mess with it? But every single time I think that when Disney does something they get it right. I mean,

Kelli  8:41 
I think Cindy really should have the last call there. Right? So you might not want her castle to change. I mean, if Cindy wants a facelift, Cindy gets a facelift. She’s big name.

Chris  8:51 
She’s a big name. She’s a big name. And it’s her castle.

Kelli  8:54 
That’s the way

Chris  8:56 
you don’t get that I don’t get to make that call, you know, and they didn’t call me To be shocking, be clear, they didn’t call me about it. I was I’m just always so naturally skeptical about those kinds of changes. But as happens every time when Disney I looked at the side by sides, and they were right, oh, they’re always right. It’s beautiful. And it’s, I can’t wait to see it. Can’t wait to see it in 19 days. It. Okay, that’s it. So that’s the news that I’ve got. Now, if we run across any other news there, we just feel like we got to get out there because it’s fun and exciting. We’ll record something and put it out there. Yeah, absolutely. And with that, us for this week, That’s the news for this week. Excellent. And let’s go hit up tomorrow. All right. You heard a preview. We all know already what what Kelly’s bringing to the party. So the idea here is that we, um, we we never know. I won’t know what she brings to the segment and she won’t know what I’m bringing to the next segment. Right,

Kelli  10:00 
as far as fun of it, so yeah, so this is the segment is meant to be things ee’re looking forward to things we’re looking forward to tomorrow as it were. And so I’m pretty stoked about this Food and Wine Festival. It does start on July the 15th, which is the day we’ll be there. Like you said, it is the longest food Wine Festival ever continuing through the fall. I’ll be honest, I’m mostly there for the drinks, desserts and anything with cheese. But they are going to have over 20 specialty booths, places like Hawaii and the islands of the Caribbean. Now they have had those particular booths before they have both of those in 2019. Hawaii had things like the kalua pork slider, the grilled tuna like ahi tuna, a spam hash, which obviously I none of because I’m vegetarian, but the Alani sunrise, I’m sure we had when we stayed at aulani and the sparkling pineapple wine sounds just delightful islands of the Caribbean 2019 had a puff pastry with a sweet cream cheese and a guava sauce. I mean Can we just say, pastry cheese and guava. Yum. They also had a Caribbean white sangria and a frozen mohito. I’m sure there was other food too, but this is by segments. I haven’t heard of any of the others but I’m hoping for something like Spain which they also had in 2019. And they had a cheese booth in 2019. They had a cheese booth and a chocolate booth. Oh

Chris  11:43 
love all booths just dedicated to cheese and chocolate

Kelli  11:46 
cheese and chocolate because cheese they are combining and what the words that we’ve heard is they are sprinkling in a little of the Flower Festival this sort of got cut short because of COVID So they’re sprinkling in some of the flowers. There’s apparently a new topiary Remy. In the France pavilion from

Chris  12:07 
I mean, famous from Ratatouille

Kelli  12:10 
Ratatouille. Is that right gonna be open when we’re there? I don’t know

Chris  12:13 
it’s supposed to be open in the summer of 2020. But we’ll say summer.

Kelli  12:17 
July is summer it is officially summer. One of the things I’m a little bit bummed about I’m sort of hoping that this rumor is not true is that this launches on July the 15th. But the merge for the third one festival will come later. They said it will not be there, you know, at July 15. Also, Rumi’s hide and squeak scavenger hunt for the kiddos will also not be there on July 15. I’m not concerned with that. But those with kiddos might want to know they can’t hide and squeak on the 15th Apparently, there are no concerts this year. But there is small crowd entertainment like the mariachi colbray Yeah. And you were telling me about the janitors

Chris  13:01 
Yeah, so the janitors hang out in feature road at Epcot. And it’s they it’s kind of like a a steel trash can drum flashmob with so so random randomly janitors cleaning crew who appear to be cleaning crew will just kind of suddenly be cleaning themselves closer and closer together. They’re just sweeping and sweeping. They look, you know, nondescript and then suddenly they’re all together. They flip all their trash cans over and they go straight to town jamming so burst into surges burst into musical awesomeness. That’s fantastic janitors

Kelli  13:46 
Yeah, so it’s supposed to be little things like that, that you know that where people get the the shows, but not the big crowds like we’ve had in previous years. What did they call that the the eat? Eat to the BB D Is it to be Yeah, so there’s no eat to the beat. But hopefully they’re going to have the little things and I would just like to take a moment and say, I really feel like if we can have a roving off kilter.

Chris  14:11 

Kelli  14:12 
can we just that we cannot

Chris  14:13 
just that would be great. Can

Kelli  14:15 
I just be great?

Chris  14:16 
I mean, I miss off kilter.

They also had electric guitars, but you know,

Kelli  14:26 
details and a drum kit details. I’m not into the details. I mean, I was in the marching band, you can march the drum kit. You

Chris  14:33 
can? How about just just have them there and force us to social distance and enjoy them?

Kelli  14:40 
Please, could you just force me to social distance and enjoy off kilter? Oh, I missed them so much. I miss them so much. Um, anyway, so I’ve heard that in the future. There’s rumors that Epcot is going to be adding some new countries. And I’m sort of hoping that they try some of those out this year with the booth with the food with the food I would love to see a Korean booth.

Chris  15:02 
That’s what we go to the countries for anyway, they throw they throw in, you know, little things to buy here and there, but it’s all in a couple of rods, but it’s about the food.

Kelli  15:11 
It’s the food. Yeah, it’s so new. I eat my way around the world, which is how I think God intended, whether it’s the Food and Wine Festival or not exactly, exactly. Always love the drinks in France. So I’m pretty stoked to see what the French are going to bring this year. They actually had a fun do last year. And so can we just take a moment to say, fun do plus froze a, those those two words. Let’s just take a moment to sort of marinate in those two words because I think yes, they roll right off the tongue on do plus for I think so I really do. And honestly, I’m hoping for some more vegetarian and plant based options this year. I know I may be in the minority there but I have to say I love the plant based options that we’ve seen. In the Magic Kingdom, and I haven’t seen as many of those plant based options in the other parks, and I think Epcot is a great place to have some print plant based options. I also think trying those out during food and wine to sort of see what the crowd likes is fantastic. You’ve been surprised by some of the plant based things that I’ve ordered, right?

Chris  16:19 
Very much so

Kelli  16:20 
you remember the meat left from Liberty tavern, the

Chris  16:24 
the meal the holiday meal at Liberty Liberty tavern, in general was amazing. But I would have eaten your meatloaf over what I ordered that day.

Kelli  16:33 
Right and that was a plant based meat love. It was mashed potatoes with no cream.

Chris  16:37 
Yeah, it was incredible.

Kelli  16:38 
It was absolutely is absolutely incredible. And the plant based meals at the skipper canteen, also. Some of my favorites. Yeah. So I love the plant based options they got going to Magic Kingdom, I think they could really introduce a lot of that with the Epcot food and wine and sort of see what the crowd takes up on. So I’m hopeful there’ll be more vegetarian and plant based options. Yeah, if there’s not, and I end up just going with the drinks, the cheese and the chocolate Look, it’s a win. I’m good to win. I’m good. I would just, I would love to see a few more plant based off shirts. Sure. One more thing that I just wanted to bring up, I’m not sure if you knew. But last year, they had an Ireland booth. And this Ireland booth had a Guinness, Bailey’s shake. What? right so let’s just take a moment to say, I don’t drink Guinness. Okay, I have I have tried it. I’ve tried it. But this is an ongoing conversation between Chris and I because I think that when you look at Guinness, it should taste like chocolate. That’s the look that I get from again, it sure is chocolate. Okay, so I do find it. Encouraging. I’ll say that you could mix Guinness with Bailey’s and come up with a shake

Chris  17:58 
up, I have to assume there’s also Put some ice cream in there.

Kelli  18:02 
Hey, um, I’m good with that. Yeah, let’s give it a go. Right? I see a Guinness Bailey shake is the way I personally might have been meant to enjoy Guinness.

Chris  18:13 
I think you’re right.

Kelli  18:14 
So I’m for that. I am for it. Canada always has a fantastic shake the maple popcorn thingy.

Chris  18:23 
Yeah, and made with the Canadian Crown Royal. Sure. Great.

Canada does have some popcorn on top. It’s sounds crazy, but it’s amazing.

Kelli  18:33 
Fantastic. It’s great caramel corn. I like Yes. Yes. Caramel corn. No, it’s good. So anyway, so I am looking forward to the Epcot food Wine Festival. I am hopeful we do have reservations on the 15th but I’m hopeful that we can get in for those soft openings. Also hopeful that there will be March and plenty of cheese, chocolate and yummy beverages. You know sampling some of the world’s best drinks, again, I think is one of the best ways to expose yourself to other cold waters the mind does does broaden the mind. And so I’m hopeful. I’m looking forward to that mind broadening when we’re at Epcot on the 15th, and hopefully the

Chris  19:19 
day before and will bring will bring some of that joy back right back here to the pod,

Kelli  19:23 
straight to the pod and also to the blog. I’m gonna take as many pictures as I possibly can. And I’m pretty stoked about that. So anyways, that’s much Marlon segment for this week. It’s the Food and Wine Festival, and I am, I’m prepping for it. I’m gonna go ahead and carb up and start prepping for for that festival so that my stomach, you know, my heart, and my mind is really ready to embrace all those other cultures.

Chris  19:49 
Looking forward to it. Yes. Ready for World showcase.

Kelli  19:53 
I’m ready for the world showcase. There we go.

Chris  19:58 
All right. That was awesome. Good job. So, so world showcase. This is where we talk about just something that we have experienced in the World of Disney that we love. And so this is the first this is the first show. So I’m this was my job you don’t know what I’m bringing to our session here. So I believe

Kelli  20:25 
is Wait, is this your number one favorite thing ever? Is that how you’re ranking your world check?

Chris  20:29 
I don’t. It’s hard to say. But I will say that no trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando is complete without this. Okay, I’m ready for it. And I and I would say that this thing is what locks in someone who loves Disney, it was because of this thing could be building it up is the fireworks over the castle, the end of the night. That that’s that’s the thing that I’m bringing it. I believe that that is the quintessential Walt Disney World moment for anybody. Yeah, yeah. So, so I can’t remember. So I’ve we’ve obviously been a bunch of times I can remember being a little kid. And you spend your whole day in the park. It’s amazing. You’re having a great time. And and you think this is I’ve never seen rides like this. I’ve never seen characters like this. I’ve never seen so much joy and happiness and it’s the it’s the best thing Park you’ve ever been in. Right? Yeah. And you think that before nine o’clock, and you think that before maybe you were lucky enough to even see one of the light parades at night, the electric light magic or one of those parades right? But then when you think it can’t get any better. You stand in a crowd that is so uncomfortable for like the first for 15 minutes before the show starts very uncomfortable but then you never think about That crowd again once the show starts it is it becomes the greatest firework show you’ve ever seen it immediately ruins any other firework show you’ll ever see ever.

Kelli  22:09 
That’s true.

Chris  22:10 
Right? And and then of course Disney continues to innovate they’ve they’ve spoiled us all with these amazing fireworks over the castle. I remember the year when when they started sending Tink down Tinkerbell down from the top of the castle she started flying over my grandmother would tell me when we go this year the the fireworks over the castle. Tinkerbell is gonna fly out of the top tower and she could literally see the the explosions going off in my brain because it just blew my mind. And then it happened. Really, she really legit flies, Jet flies. So you know, it’s just and then like I said, they continue to innovate. they’ve mastered that projection technology. Now it’s just the most ridiculous thing to see the cast and not just these amazing explosions. The music that is so perfectly timed or draft Yes, it’s they do a great job and now they’ve got these these projections on the castle. I think that’s why they’re repainting it.

Kelli  23:10 
I’m just gonna go ahead spoiler there. Yeah, I think they’re repainting the castle so that they can do more with the projections and have more flexibility there. Maybe

Chris  23:17 
so because it’s definitely going to be a little bit lighter. Yes, I believe Yes. Um, and I think they learned from the castle at Disneyland and Shanghai, a lot of the other castles even the one in Disneyland California has their pink There, there. So I think that there’s probably some method behind the madness. That madness. Sure. But they the projection literally makes the castle move, the top tower turns into a rocket and takes off. Oh, yeah, it’s amazing now. So I just think that that, that experience of those fireworks at the end of the night, after what has already been, you know, maybe an up and down De emotions for the kids especially but maybe for it’s all that show at the end the night just locks it in locks it in now we were there they’re doing the happily ever after show now

Kelli  24:14 
Now during COVID during cover yeah they were

Chris  24:17 
yeah when they’re doing fireworks at this time they’re doing the happily ever after show we were there then I that wishes the previous show into oh my goodness

Kelli  24:26 
I still I still twitch a little bit when I think about that. Yeah, that was a traumatic event

Chris  24:32 
in we try not to be caught off guard when we when we go to Disney that caught us off guard we had no idea no idea why everybody in the park was wearing these farewell to wishes t shirts misery total misery Yeah,

Kelli  24:47 
total misery I’ve never seen Main Street USA that crowded. Right. And I mean, it was we ended up going to adventure land. We did. We were we went to rock You know we like I get it it’s the last night of wishes and I hate to miss this but man we hit it. I can’t take this I mean, because we’re talking two hours before the show was gonna start people were in stand up standing room only in the middle of Main Street USA and there was pushing and shoving and God bless the cast members because it was disastrous. It was it

Chris  25:22 
was a nightmare. But to me that just that just solidifies why this was my quintessential thing. Yeah, because there’s so much to be in all of it the Walt Disney World Resort. But yet these fireworks this firework display at the end of the night, just draw people year after year after year after year. When I was little my this will be a constant theme throughout the pod and my grandparents took me all the time, right. And back then we used to stay in the Disney village This was before Caribbean Beach Resort and Dixie landings. Dixieland is even around anymore. This is before Porter lanes and all these places. You had the Disney village and you had these high rise hotels like the Grosvenor and one of us the palace and all that. And I used to ask my grandparents if we could stay in one of the higher rooms. Because if I happen to be in night that the we weren’t going to stay at the Magic Kingdom until the fireworks. I wanted to be able to go out onto the balcony and see the fireworks because you can see them from far off. Right. So which then blew my mind? Because I remember thinking and they do this every night

Kelli  26:42 
every night. That’s that’s the thing, right? I always wonder when do they practice them right because they launch these shows? How do you practice a firework show without everybody in Florida knowing? I know, it’s a great question. You know, and now obviously they’re closing early for a lot of cleaning But you know prior to that they will stay open until midnight or one you know and then we’re going to launch this firework show the new fireworks show the next day and, you know, they’re open till midnight or one people in the parks until two or three Yeah, for sure right they’re not leaving for sure.

But so when are they planned to think the show? It’s truly magic like, are they practicing a brand new fireworks show underground somewhere? How are they practicing? Is it crazy? I did about I heard perfect on day one. It is.

Chris  27:28 
It is. Now I saw someone recently, like stay, or they were up at like 4am at Polly at Polynesian resort, of course is right across the water. And they said they were watching like a practice performance of fireworks. Ah, that would be fine. That would be wild, at least

Kelli  27:47 
one of my favorite places to watch. Sure, sure. So Polly is just unmatched.

Chris  27:52 
Yeah. And that’s just you. It’s that you can see those fireworks from various places all around the world. Whatever they call it the bay like or the world Seven Seas again. Yeah, yeah and so yeah that’s that’s my thing is that is the fireworks over the castle is I just think that is the thing that if you if you are loving your trip that thing at the end of the night is just going to lock it in and you’re going to be you’re going to be sold on on this place forever.

Kelli  28:24 
Well and you know in today’s age to the last time we saw the fireworks it’s like everybody’s looking at fireworks through their phones. Yeah, you know everybody is recording every second of the fireworks some people are literally capturing a whole video this slick 15 minutes show, right? And they’re capturing this whole video. Some people are taking pictures after pictures after pictures. I was sending some of the photos to one of my friends, you know that’s from Florida and she said Do you realize that you’re doing these and in live mode on your iPhone. So I’m actually seeing the firework show because you’re sending me these photos perfect

Chris  29:00 
Phone. That’s right. But yeah, so people are capturing every second of it because they’re just in all

Yeah. Of how gorgeous and perfect and beautiful it is. And that’s how amazing it is because it even still as widely published it you can watch the entire happily ever after show right now on. We’ve done that on

Kelli  29:19 
YouTube, YouTube’s YouTube you can watch

Chris  29:20 
it right on YouTube. I’ve done that. And it still it alls you when you see it in person. Yeah.

Kelli  29:28 
I totally agree with that. Okay, now so there you go. Okay, so but you’re saying that’s not the number one. I don’t know if

Chris  29:33 
it might be it’s definitely the thing that locked me in though. It’s definitely not Celgene. They’re sold me on Walt Disney World for everything. Okay. Well,

Kelli  29:41 
that’s cool.

Chris  29:42 
Yeah. Um, so alright, so next week, I’ll bring it tomorrow and you’ll bring the world showcase.

Kelli  29:47 
Yes, absolutely. All right. Excited here, but my favorite thing is

you never know.

Chris  29:55 
I don’t ever know what’s coming anyway.

Kelli  30:00 
All right. Well, this has been awesome. I’ve loved all three segments. You know, again, y’all. Thanks for the grace. But I feel like this has been the best we could do in our first ever. It’s awesome.

Chris  30:11 
Yes. All right. So that’s it, folks. That’s our show. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I had a blast. And I hope I hope everybody that listens, has a good time and feels what we feel. And

Kelli  30:30 
we got some fun BONUS stuff coming up to write. So we’ve been cooking our way through some Disney cookbooks that we’ve got, we’re gonna have some videos up on the blog. We’re gonna do some special episodes on specific topics. But this is our weekly format, so we’re just gonna stick this weekly format, but there’s gonna be a lot of bonus things coming in the future. Some as early as this coming week, I’ve got some videos planned to launch this week to sort of flesh out the website a little bit. And honestly, if you’d like to us the best thing we can ask is for you to write and review. We’re on all the major podcasting platforms. But you guys know the apple rules the day when it comes to this. So if you guys could rate and review us on iTunes, that would be fantastic. We’d really appreciate it. Really appreciate it. Yeah. Anything else that you can think of?

Chris  31:16 
No, you’ve got a lot of choices. And we love to have you join us.

Kelli  31:22 
Right? So we appreciate that you gave us this 30 minutes, right? And we can promise if you come back in the future. We’re gonna have fun. We’re gonna talk about Disney, we’ll have some bonus material, we’re gonna have bonus material. And over there in July, we’re gonna make you feel like you’re there with us too. So make sure to follow us on all the social meets, Twitter, Instagram. And we will post as much as possible while we’re there.

Chris & Kelli  31:43 
So with that, see you real soon

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